Legal Memo Format Basics

March 2, 2023


What is the legal memo assignment?

What’s the difference between a closed legal memo and an open legal memo, what’s the standard legal memo format, how to write a legal memo.

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The legal memo is an objective memorandum that provides you the opportunity to review and research relevant case law, investigate relevant facts using available resources, analyze those facts under that law, and impartially assess the potential outcome of a matter. The legal memo is an assignment that law firm associates are frequently asked to provide to senior attorneys.

Far too often, however, the assigning attorney takes one look at the result and replies, “I knew this already.” To prevent this outcome, it’s important to write a legal memo with sufficient understanding of audience, scope, purpose, and format. With proper planning, law firm associates can maximize the odds of favorable reception at the outset.

Bloomberg Law can help you understand and apply legal issues to your legal memo assignment, so your final product addresses all relevant points right out of the gate.

A closed legal memo is an assignment where you are given the case law or other primary law to be used in your writing. Far more challenging is an open legal memo, where you will need to research and identify the relevant law, investigate and analyze the most legally significant facts involving a particular client, and provide a critical assessment of how the court may apply the law to the matter.

By extension, unlike a court brief, the legal memo is not the place to wager a legal opinion or argue facts. The legal memorandum serves as an objective standalone document and identifies the risks and any unknown facts that need investigation. It should maintain an impartial tone, with no implied preference for one side or the other.

How to conduct legal research

Learn about the best practices in legal research, including where to start, familiarizing yourself with an issue, and tips for searching documents.

Generally, a legal memorandum comprises six sections, with the following information:

1. Heading or caption

A section, titled, “Memorandum,” identifies the recipient (To: _______), the author (From: ____), the assignment submission date (typically in MMMM DD YYYY format), and subject of the memo (Re: __________).

2. Question presented

A brief one-sentence statement that defines how the law applies to the legal question at hand, and the jurisdiction where the matter will be decided. The question presented is specific and impartial and doesn’t assume a legal conclusion.

3. Brief answer

A quick-hit legal prediction to the question presented, based on a short (four to five sentences) explanation that references relevant law and facts.

4. Statement of facts

A concise, impartial statement of the facts that captures the heart of the legal matter, as well as current and past legal proceedings related to the issue. The facts can be chronological or grouped thematically, whichever format presents the facts in the clearest manner.

5. Discussion

Restates the main facts and delineates the overarching legal rule. Several paragraphs outline the various legal topics to be addressed in the case and provide an analysis of the legal issues, usually ordered in subsections.

6. Conclusion

The assigning attorney will likely read this section first. It predicts how the court will apply the law, and how confident you are in your prediction based on the data. With an impartial advisory tone, you identify next steps and propose a legal strategy to proceed.

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Legal research memos can come in many forms—from broad 50-state surveys to more nuanced research on a particular point of law—but whatever the format, it’s important that you fully understand the task entrusted to you before you start typing.

If you tackle your assignment by following the recommended approaches in the legal memo example below, you’ll be more likely to find an appreciative supervising attorney, deliver better work product, cut down on the number of drafts required to arrive at a final product, and, most importantly, please the client.

Learn the essentials of litigation writing, research, and document review with our Core Litigation Skills Practical Guidance Toolkit , available to Bloomberg Law subscribers.

Legal memorandum sample assignment

Assignment:  Prepare an open legal memo on whether, under the Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process Clause, there is personal jurisdiction over a foreign car manufacturer involving a products liability case.

Step 1: Understand the legal issues

Review legal memo assignment materials.

In an open legal memo, you will be tasked with researching relevant primary and secondary resources, such as from national, single, or multiple state entities, as well as appeals circuits, to include in your analysis.

Locate secondary sources

Secondary sources, such as books, treatises, law reviews, legal analysis publications, and Practical Guidance are a great starting point to assist with your legal memo research. Although secondary sources are not binding on courts, meaning courts are not required to follow these sources, they are still helpful tools to use when you know little about a topic.

However, remember that while you may know little about a topic, the same may not hold true for your audience. Readers like law partners and assigning attorneys will already know general law. Identify your audience’s presumed level of knowledge, then the most mission-critical questions to address. These identified gaps will inform your fact-finding and research.

Use secondary resources to better fill in the main legal topics and issues as they relate to the facts in the legal memo assignment. Your legal research should help frame the issue and lead to other relevant materials, including cases and statutes.

Throughout, utilize legal memo space wisely. Remember, legal memo length varies by subject. Some topics require only a short summary, while others compel long-form treatment. For guidance, search your firm’s office document management system for previous legal memos.

Sample assignment – Step 1

Understand the legal issues:  Legal research depends on the right search terms. In the case, for example, you can use the keywords: (“personal jurisdiction” and manufacture!)) to locate relevant resources on the Bloomberg Law platform.

More broadly, while your search into secondary sources may span books and treatises, law review articles, and other legal analysis publications, make sure to vet all legal authorities for relevance.

[Research tip: It can be challenging to know all relevant keywords. Bloomberg Law provides a convenient search results page, where relevant article blurbs showcase additional keywords to explore. Based on targeted keywords, you can better gather the most relevant background information to assist with your analysis.]

Step 2: Develop a research plan

Identify primary law.

Primary sources can often be identified with research tools, such as court opinions searches for relevant case law. However, primary sources are not always apparent. In such cases, work your way backward. Reviewing secondary sources can help you identify a list of relevant primary law resources, like case law and related statutes. Keep your research organized and create a research plan to identify key resources. The research plan will list the relevant primary law and how the case or statute relates to your comprehensive legal analysis.

Stay organized

Save the relevant cases and statutes to a designated workspace. Bloomberg Law provides a streamlined and secure digital working area where you can add your notes as well as upload and store your drafts to keep organized.

Sample assignment – Step 2

Develop a research plan:  In the  assignment, some legal research may mention cases on what contacts a foreign defendant must have for the court to have personal jurisdiction over it, such as Ford Motor Co. v. Montana Eighth Judicial District Court .  Read through these articles to reveal additional relevant cases and statutes to support your analysis.

Step 3: Confirm your legal memo research

Once you have your research plan, you want to verify all your research to make sure you’re relying on the most current case law available. Bloomberg Law’s litigation tools like the BCite citator tool help you work smarter and faster to validate your case law research—specifically, to determine whether a citation still represents good law and can be relied upon—and helps you to conduct additional research to find more cases and resources that support your legal memo’s findings and conclusions.

Robust verification should ensure you know the following information:

Sample assignment – Step 3

Confirm your research:  To see whether  Ford Motor Co. v. Montana Eighth Judicial District Court  is still good law, you will of course need to pull up and review the case status. As part of this verification, you should review how other courts have treated the case. Once you have verified case status, you can better find additional secondary cases and other sources that cite to your case.

[Research tip: Carefully review whether case law citation can be relied on in your legal memo. While a legal memo is written for internal stakeholders like the assigning attorney, and not for the court system, it may nonetheless serve as a primer for future material.]

Attorneys may later incorporate any case law citations within the legal memo into court filings in support of their arguments. Given this broad potential reach, it’s imperative to verify all case law within your legal memo. Any unverified case law that later makes its way into public documents will result in an admonition from the court.

It is also important not to cherry-pick case citations. Remember the legal memo’s purpose is to inform, not to argue the facts. The legal memo must therefore provide an objective summary of all relevant case law and how it applies to the facts at hand. The omission of negative case law only compromises future legal strategy and heightens client legal exposure.

Step 4: Write an objective analysis

The legal memo showcases your critical legal thinking skills. Use your research plan and research materials to help organize your analysis. Remember to clearly state the law and the facts, in the active voice, and present your analysis in a logical manner.

Even with the IRAC legal memo format (Issue, Rule, Application, and Conclusion), it can be a challenge to write with precision. For example, it may not be clear which details to include in the statement of facts. Skilled legal memo writers often begin with the discussion. With complementary considerations of legal authority and factual criteria, this section clarifies the most legally significant facts and informs other earlier sections like the question presented and brief answer.

Across all stages, Bloomberg Law provides a vast trove of articles and resources to assist you in preparing your legal memo. Whether this is your first or fiftieth legal memo assignment, you can showcase clear and impartial legal analysis in your legal memo and other writing assignments in ways that establish you as a strong legal mind.

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how to write a business law assignment

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Five Tips for a Great Legal Writing Assignment

September 25, 2012 By Lee Burgess 2 Comments

how to write a business law assignment

Legal writing, like most things, gets easier the more that you do it. So do every practice assignment assigned and get as much feedback as you can. This will help you become an excellent legal writer, which is a critical skill in our profession.

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how to write a business law assignment

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Lee Burgess, Esq. is the co-founder of the Law School Toolbox , a resource for law students that demystifies the law school experience and the Bar Exam Toolbox , a resource for students getting ready for the bar exam. Lee has been adjunct faculty at two bay area law schools teaching classes on law school and bar exam preparation. You can find Lee on Twitter at @leefburgess , @lawschooltools , & @barexamtools .

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Business Law Assignment: Everything You Need to Know

A business law assignment is generally a legal case study about a dispute which law students are given to resolve through a legal means. 4 min read

A business law assignment is generally a legal case study about a dispute which law students are given to resolve through a legal means.

Business Law

Business law disputes arise between two parties over matters such as a sale, contract, merger, and others.

What Is an Example of a Business Case?

Tiffany got a mailer from Glam Girl Hair Salon. The salon's adverts claimed people could get manicures and any hairstyle of their choice for $15. A surprised Tiffany couldn't resist such a mouthwatering opportunity. She believed the salon was trying to woo new customers with the giveaway price. On getting to the salon, the manager informed Tiffany that there was a typo in the message she received and that the actual price was $100.

It's still a great price, said the manager as it costs about $200 for such service under normal circumstances. An exasperated Tiffany flared up in anger because of the fuel she used to get herself to the salon. Advise Tiffany as a lawyer. What advice would you give her if she was only informed of the real price after getting her hair styled and the manicure?

What Is the Solution to the Sample Business Case?

When a seller advertises his or her products inviting the public to buy, such information is referred to as an "invitation to treat" under contract law. If a buyer offers to buy the product and the seller agrees to sell, an enforceable agreement can be established. In Tiffany's case, she can't claim any travel expense because she only responded to an advert, which in this case is an "invitation to treat". If she had used the service without knowing the actual price, she would be forced to pay $100 and thus be able to establish an enforceable contract .

What Is the Purpose of a Business Law Assignment Report?

The purpose of the business law assignment report is to provide foreign clients with the fundamentals of English law. The report is divided into two parts. The first part details the various sources of English law as well as specific laws which apply to every type of organization.

The second part explains the role of government in legislation and common laws used in the court of justice. The role of government assesses the superiority of the parliament, bill formation, passage of laws, and royal assent. Also, the common law and its application in court use case law and the doctrine of precedent as its legal structure. The report also includes statutory law and its application in legal processes and related legislation.

What Is the Purpose of Law?

The fundamental concept of law holds that laws are formed to maintain basic societal structure through specific behaviors. Violating these behaviors may lead to sanctions on the violator. The court of law or justice is responsible for identifying and measuring rules violations.

What Does the English Law Deal with?

The English law system deals with the following:

What Is the Jurisdiction of the English Law?

The jurisdiction of English law is restricted to England and Wales. England and Wales's legal structure has primary and secondary legislative divisions.

What Is the Primary Legislation of The English Law?

The primary legislation of English law refers to laws created by the delegates of the English Parliament. These laws are similar to legislation created in the Scottish parliament or Ireland's assembly. Also, parliamentary delegates are empowered to create secondary legislation.

What Does Primary Legislation Include?

The primary legislation includes the following:

What Is the Secondary Legislation of The English Law?

Secondary legislation are laws created by delegates of primary legislative authority. They include national laws such as the Ireland Act of 1973, National Assembly of Wales Act, Warranty and Regulation Acts and so on.

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60 Amazing Business Law Paper Topics For Students

Table of Contents

Business law is the set of predefined legal rules that govern the business of different countries. However, the business law of each country is different from the other. These days, with technological advancements, international trading, and business arrangements have come together. But, some business organizations consciously violate these laws to gain higher profit. To safeguard the interest of the business organization, business law has now been included in academic education. Apart from being an invaluable part of the law curriculum, business law has also been introduced in many accounting, business management, and economics curriculum. Hence students pursuing their graduate studies on the subject must write papers on it. However, most students struggle to find distinct business law paper topics to craft excellent documents. If you need help selecting a topic, then be with us. Read this blog to get unique business law paper ideas.

What Are The Common Types Of Business Laws?

You can categorize business law into the following types:

How to Write a Business Law Paper ?

Once you know the types of business laws you must handle, writing a paper on them becomes quite easy. To write on business law paper topics, follow these simple steps:

By now, you know that topic selection is a primary and one of the most significant tasks of writing a business law paper. Learn the tricks to choose excellent business law paper topics.

How to Choose Appropriate Business Law Paper Topics?

As you can see, one of the most challenging parts of writing a business law assignment is choosing appropriate business law assignment topics. While you choose a topic ensure that the subject seems interesting to you and your audience. Moreover, it must be well-defined, manageable, unique, and worthy of publishing in law journals. If none of these criteria match with a topic, consider the following options:

List of Amazing Business Law Topics

Are you stressed about finding remarkable business law paper topics? Take a deep breath and run through the list of 60 amazing business law topics shared below. From the list, choose the one that you find most interesting.

Easy Business Law Paper Topics for High School Students

Are you a high school student? Do you have to write papers on business law? Find simple yet intriguing ideas here:

Business Law Paper Topics

Business Law Paper Topics On The Established Business Laws

Here is some handpicked topic on existing business laws:

Read more: Top Unique Law Research Topics For Academic Writing

Controversial Business Law Paper Topics For Research

Are you a research scholar? Do you want to write your research paper on controversial business law topics? Find distinctive ideas here:

Wrapping Up

From the list of 60 business law paper topics presented in this blog, choose the one that meets your assignment requirements best. Still, if you have difficulty choosing the right topic or you lack the proficiency to develop a paper on business ethics, do not hesitate to connect with our experts. At, we have skilled business law assignment helpers . They can develop the best solutions to all your business law paper requirements at a marginal price.

Until now, our experts have served numerous high-quality papers on business law to help students excel in their academics. If you want to enjoy their unequaled services for your business law topic selection, fill out our order form with complete details and submit them. Our subject experts will handle everything for you.

how to write a business law assignment

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4. Dissertations 

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What is the importance of business law assignment writing?

The prime purpose of business law is to understand how to maintain order, resolve disputes, and protect rights and liberties in business. And our business law assignment help online service is designated to make students understand the purpose of writing business law assignments. We try to enlighten students with the following factors about studying business law:

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Why do students need business law essay assignment help?

Given below are some of the common reasons students need business law essay assignment help from experts:

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Why should you choose for a business law assignment?

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Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students:

Q1. what are some business law topics for assignment.

Ans. Here are three business law topics for assignment:

Q2. How do you write a business law assignment?

Ans. Here are five tips for writing business law assignments impeccably:

Q3. How do you write a case analysis?

Q4. What Are the Rules For Writing Law Assignment?

Ans. Here are five rules for writing law assignments:

Q5. Do you Provide Quality Assignments on business Law?

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ASSIGNMENT: Business Law (example of answer)

Rofidah Azman

I got quite good mark for this assignment. I'd like to share with other fellow students the example of answers for the questions. There are of course rooms for improvement. Good luck!


Sale of goods

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How to write Business Law and Legal System Assignment

Unit 07 business law and legal system.

How to write business law and legal system assignment sample

This HND assignment sample will help students how to write Business law and legal system assignments for their Higher National Diploma. Business law is the broad branch of law and legislation that helps regular business administration. Business law sets the frameworks for businesses to follow.  It incorporates a wide range of legal disciplines and addresses various challenges that may arise from the interaction of current firms with other corporations, representatives of public opinion and the government ( Slorach  and Ellis, 2017). Business law comprises diverse essential fields such as; contract law, employment law, intellectual property rights, company law, and consumer protection rights. This report addresses the relevance and influence on enterprises, contracts and jobs of different business laws.  

The diverse sources of law and the legal system’s efficiency as regards current reforms and development. (P1)  

Legislation is a set of regulations that regulate the behaviour of human beings to maintain social order, defend justice and protect against harm to human beings and property. Unlike other countries, the United Kingdom has no specific constitutional document. The Constitution contains numerous documented and some unwritten origins (Marson and Ferris, 2020).  

UK law is mainly sourced by common law, commonly regarded as the precedent for justice, by legislation: UK parliamentary law and EU law.  

Judicial Precedent  

In common law, the idea of the precedent of justice plays a significant role. Its strong coercive character is unique in the English theory of precedence. English judges are often obliged to follow an earlier case, even if they may not have solid reasons. The method has the effect of typically restricting English judges’ capacity to create new legislation.  

The Statute is Parliament’s legislation. Public legislation impacts the entire public while private legislation affects specific persons and groups. The parent law which was passed by Parliament refers to the delegated legislation (Stark, 2018).  

European Law  

In 1973 the United Kingdom became a member of the EU. Member States have a legal obligation to take measures to guarantee that EU legislation is adhered to. The United Kingdom is obligated to respect European law, even if it is not a constitution. Regulations and directives are the two most frequent kinds of EU legislation.  

The law that applies to England and Wales is referred to as English law. There are separate legal systems in place in Northern Ireland and Scotland (James, 2016). Three major categories of the English legal system are;   

Public and private law   

Common legislation and equity  

In the English legal system, private and public law are two different kinds of law. Private law is the law applied to individuals. Public law regulates the relationship between a citizen and the state.  

Until the Judicature Acts of 1870, common law and equity were governed by separate courts. The Act granted the judge the liberty of the same court to apply both common and equitable law. Equity takes priority over common law in the case of a conflict between the two. In England and the United States, the common-law system is implemented (Berry and Parry, 2015). The equity system created by the Court of Chancery was not a common law alternative but supplementary to the common law.  

Criminal and Civil Law  

To comprehend English law, it is necessary to distinguish between two forms of law. Criminal law is a public law type that pertains to behaviour that the State rejects to control behaviour in society through fear of incarceration. Civil law is a kind of private law, it includes links between individual citizens that regulate disputes over the rights and obligations of individuals involved (Jenkins and Moe, 2008).  

The function of government in the legislative process and the enforcement of statutory and common law in the courts.  (P2)  

It is the government’s responsibility to implement new legislation proposals. All laws, excluding European laws and international treaties, are made by the parliament. the Parliament may refuse to apply an act that is in breach of EU law. Consultation or discussion with voluntary organizations and pressure groups typically takes place before the introduction of legislation proposals, known as bills, in parliament.  

The parliamentary legislative process has two categories: Parliamentary acts, often known as statutes, and delegated legislation.   

Parliament’s Act  introduces new legislation or alters current legislation. A bill is a law draft that is submitted to Parliament. The Act of Parliament becomes a law after the vote on the Bill by the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and the reigning monarch publicly approves it (Donnell, 2015).  

Delegated acts  are made by outside Parliament bodies, such as government agencies, to save parliamentary time. An example of delegated legislation is the Communication Act 2003, which provides a regulatory framework for practitioners of communications.  

Implementation by the judiciary of the statute and common law  

Legal judgements are essential because they fill in the gaps when no statute law exists and the meaning of the law has to be understood. Every possible way of defining and explaining each phrase cannot be set forth by Parliament in legislation, and so the judge fills the gaps.  

Statutory Interpretation.  Statutory laws must be clear and plain to be understood. Many instances come to court because under a legislative definition there is a dispute about the meaning of a term. A variety of rules have been created by the judiciary for the interpretation of legislation, such as the literal rule, the golden rule and the misfit rule.  

Common law . Before considering the new case, judges will look to determine if a comparable case has been heard by a higher court. If there is a precedent, the court should follow the rule of law set down in the preceding case in the current one. A court hierarchy establishes which courts are bound by the judgments (Howard, 2015). Overruling and differentiating prior instances are the two main methods in which courts modify or avoid precedents.  

The company, employment, and contract laws’ possible influence on business. (P3)  

Impact of Law of Contract on business  

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more persons or companies. Businesses must guarantee that the contracts they sign are legally binding and enforceable. The most prevalent concerns in contract law are contract validity and breach of contractual conditions. To demonstrate the existence of a legal contract, five contract components must be established.  

A breach of contract happens when one party fails to fulfil their contractual duties (Slorach and Ellis, 2017). A violation of a contract can have a financial impact on a business, which can further harm its reputation. A contract can also be breached when performance becomes impossible owing to an unforeseen occurrence.  

Impact of Company Law on business  

People who want to set up a business can select between an unlimited and a limited corporation. A business limited by shares might be either public or private. For both types of business, the company name is legally required to end with ‘Plc.’ or ‘Ltd.’ To function as a limited business. Some documentation must be presented to the Registrar of Companies for registration. such as;  

Impact of employment law on business  

Employment is often a relation between two parties based on a contract, where one party may be an employer, the other is an employee. To prevent disciplinary action taken against the involved parties, Employers should be informed of the employment law (Stark, 2018). For a thriving economy, employment factors are very significant. The core employment laws and regulations;  

Different types of legally formed business organizations and their advantages and disadvantages. (P4)   

English law classifies four major business types.  

Sole Proprietorship  

These are the most basic and common business structures that are owned and controlled by someone for generating business and economic growth. The existence of the firm depends totally on the decision of the owner.  


A partnership is an agreement between two or more individuals or entities coming to terms to conduct business together. There are different forms of partnership. While some partnerships don’t require a written agreement, in a Limited partnership, they are required to provide a certificate of partnership with the State.  


A company is a separate and distinct legal entity from its owners. Corporations have much of the same rights and duties as an individual. They are allowed to establish contracts, loans and borrowings may be finalized, lawsuits and sue, hire workers, possess assets, and pay taxes as a “legal person.”  

Limited Liability Company (LLC)  

A limited liability corporation (LLC) is a corporate structure in which the owners are not individually responsible for the debts or obligations of the firm. Limited liability corporations incorporate the best of a corporation with those of a partnership or sole proprietorship.  

The management and funding process of different business organisations. (P5)  

Financing for organizational operation and management is a crucial element. Even if the business is a profit-generating or non-profit generating business,  organisations require sufficient financing to function.   

Sole proprietorship  

The majority of funds are accumulated via personal savings, friends and family loans as well as bank loans charged against personal credit scores. A sole proprietor business is mostly managed and operated by the owner himself (James, 2016).  

Funding for partnership is comparatively easier and widely sourced. Partners can contribute to the partnership business, also under varied circumstances, Commercial mortgages, Business competitions, Venture capital, Business Angels, Crowdfunding, and many other diverse options are available to receive financing from.  

By employing net revenue from trades, credit, or capital issues, the corporation may gain capital. Debt and equity are typically bought from foreign investors and they both have their benefits and constraints (J D, 2012). The management board of a company controls the corporation, which helps to make the main business decisions. A manager may or may not be a shareholder or a corporation official.  

LLCs are typical types of business structures favoured by hedge funds and other investment management organizations. Two layers of LLCs are commonly used in hedge funds: one owner is the Foundation’s investor and the other the Fund’s management (Howard, 2015). Since the profits produced are transferable to investors, the structure removes the problem of double taxation  

Recommendation of legal solutions for resolving a range of disputes. (P6)  

Legal issues are often settled by a court. Alternative legal systems and conflict settlements are becoming more and more common. Alternative solutions for issues can be faster, cheaper and more targeted than conventional courts.  


Tribunals concern a variety of topics that impact everyday life. Some tribunals are handled by public officials, while others are administered by the government and the Ministry of Justice (Harris, 2011). In the context of employment law, tribunals are popular in the UK.  

Collective Conciliation  

Collective conciliation is utilized whenever an employer and their employees are disputed about a problem and cannot reach a solution, generally represented by a union. In many situations, unbiased third parties can listen to the facts and recommend the strengths and flaws of each case and enable them to establish a common ground.  

Collective Mediation  

Mediation may be utilized in a disagreement at any point but is most efficient before opinions are solidified. Mediation is strictly voluntary and private in the conversation with both parties. There is no legal requirement to participate.  


For business contract problems, Arbitration is a preferred alternative to court. Arbitration includes an impartial expert or expert panel that fully understands the legal implications while ensuring secrecy between parties.  

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)  

Other procedures, including mediation, judgment, judicial evaluations and ombudsman resolution, are referred to in the ADR. It involves negotiations and out-of-court agreements too (Donnell, 2015).  


Business has a significant part in every dimension of life in today’s society. For those who understand how business works, the path to success is easier. Business law operates under the limits of government legislation and ethical regulations. Business legislation provides the norms and procedures for disciplined control and management of enterprises. There are several types of legal entities, from the sole trader to the limited liability corporations (Berry and Parry, 2015). Partners form a group with all of the members of the organization in a partnership. With new domains of law in the realms of consumer safety, competition and the Internet, business law continues to develop.  


Berry, E. and Parry, R., 2015.  Law of Insolvent Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships . London, United Kingdom: Wildy, Simmonds and Hill Publishing.  

Donnell, V., 2015.  An Introduction to Business Law . 2nd ed. Dublin, Ireland: Chartered Accountants Ireland.  

Harris, R., 2011.  Industrializing English Law: Entrepreneurship and Business Organization, 1720-1844 . Cambridge, United Kingdom: CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS.  

Howard, P., 2015.  Business and Company Law: Legal English Dictionary and Exercise Book . Createspace Independent Publishing Platform.  

J D, T., 2012.  Business Legal Structures: An Entrepreneur’s Handbook . Createspace Independent Publishing Platform.  

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Jenkins, C. and Moe, H., 2008.  English Law for Business Students . London: New Generation Publishing.  

Marson, J. and Ferris, K., 2020.  Business Law . 6th ed. Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press.  

Minnesota, 2011.  Laws and Legal Forms . Charleston SC, United States: Nabu Press.  

Slorach, J. and Ellis, J., 2017.  Business Law 2017-2018 . 25th ed. Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press.  

Stark, C., 2018.  Organizational Integrity: Individual Misconduct and the Legal Structure of Society . 1st ed. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing AG.  

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Business Law Writing Assignment

The William Smith Company’s strategy, direction and growth (including adding other team members); Identification and securing of advisors, contractors, vendors, endorsements and strategic alliances, including distributors of Compass products; d. Identification of and helping to secure new business opportunities; e. Structuring of Company and relationships for proper incentives for all The William Smith Company’s participants and stakeholders; and f. Other matters mutually and specifically agreed upon. 2.

The term of this Agreement will run for an initial period of twelve (12) months, and shall automatically extend for additional six (6) month periods, unless tie her Capital Edge or Company cancel the Term as permitted in accord dance with the contract to paragraph 8 of this Agreement by notice levered no more than 90 days and no fewer than 30 days prior to the end of the Initial Term or the tincture Extension Term. 3. A. Capital Edge shall receive a nine percent (9%) nondeductible interest in The Will am Smith Company upon execution of this Agreement.

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If the Term of this Agree meet shall be properly terminated pursuant to paragraph 8 of this Agreement t, The William Smith Company shall have the right to purchase from Capital Edge e, at a purchase price of one dollar ($1. 00), a monthly diminishing portion of up o two thirds (or six percent (6%)) of the Capital Edge Interests such that over the month period from March 1, 2013 through November 30, 2013 the portion Offs such six percent (6%) of the Capital Edge Interests possibly subject to purchase by The William Smith Company shall diminish at the rate of 0. 667% per month. De spite any other provision of this Agreement, on and after the date that is nine (9) months following the Effective Date there shall be no purchase right afforded Co many with respect to the Capital Edge Interests, and the entirety of the Capital Edge Interests shall be and remain Capital Edge’ property despite the expiration or earlier termination of this Agreement. B.

Promptly following the execution of this Agreement, The William Smith Company shall revise and restate its governing documents, agreement s and value and option plans as necessary or desirable (in a manner as discomfort to Capital Edge) to reflect the Capital Edge Interests in The William Smith Company described by this paragraph and the other provisions of this Agreement. All interests of The William Smith Company held by Capital Edge pursuant to this paragraph 3 shall have (and/ r shall gain) the maximum preferences, powers and ranking of any class of me membership or other interests or loans to The William Smith Company.

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150+ Top Business Law Paper Topics For Students To Consider

Table of Contents

If you are a law student, then for your academic assignments, you can very well work on business law paper topics. Basically, business law is one of the common kinds of law that has a wide scope of discussion. In general, the rights, relationships, and conduct of businesses and individuals engaged in sales, merchandising, and commerce are governed by business law.

Have your professor asked you to submit a business law research paper? Are you searching for the best business law paper topics for your academic work? If yes, then this blog will be helpful to you. For your convenience, here, we have shared a list of 150+ outstanding business law paper topic ideas and have also provided the essential tips for selecting a good topic for the business law paper.

Business Law Paper Topics

Business Law Paper Topic Selection Tips

To write a successful academic paper, a powerful topic is necessary. For your law assignments, you can choose one ideal topic associated with any business law concept. Since business law is a broad subject with plenty of research ideas; it might be confusing for you to pick the best one. If you experience any difficulties in choosing a topic for your business law paper, follow the below-mentioned topic selection tips. It would aid you in picking a great topic.

1- Meet all the requirements

Select a topic that would fulfill all the criteria of the given paper as you can score good marks. Ensure to work minutely with your professor, if you want to choose a good topic for your research. Seeking the support of your professor will provide you with confidence that you are working on the right track.

2- Choose a topic that sounds interesting to you

Always, select a topic that is interesting for you, then only you can make it interesting for the audience you are trying to target. Business research topics should be alluring and be able to encourage you to do the required research to fetch the required resources.

3- Select a topic that is not very broad or very narrow

Be extra cautious to select a topic that is not too broad, because you will face difficulties covering all the elements of the topic. However, if you choose a narrow topic, it would be difficult for you to find sufficient data for your research.


List of Outstanding Business Law Paper Topics and Ideas

On the internet, you can find several law research topics . But in specific, below we have suggested a list of interesting business law paper topics on different concepts such as political models, contracts, taxes, data protection policies, copyrights, business ideologies, and so on. Go through the entire list of ideas and pick the one that is convenient for you to research and write about.

Top Business Law Paper Topics

Top Business Law Paper Topics for Exam

Best Business Law Paper Topics

Best Business Law Paper Topics for Assignments

Highlighted Business Law Paper Topics

Exclusive Business Law Paper Topics

Good Business Law Paper Topics

High-Quality Business Law Paper Topics

Business Law Paper Topics you can’t Avoid

Some more Business Law Paper Topics Ideas

Final List of Business Law Paper Topics

List of Trending Business Law Paper Topics

Final Words

From the list of 150+ business law paper topics and ideas presented in this blog post, select any topic that syncs with your requirements. In case, you are dissatisfied with the list of topics shared above or if you need an expert to help you in composing your business law research paper, approach us immediately.

In our platform, we have numerous business law experts to offer you assignment writing help online. Right from research paper topic selection to proofreading, our specialists will provide the best assistance. Moreover, by availing of our law assignment help service, you can complete your business law assignment papers on time without plagiarism and achieve an A+ grade.


how to write a business law assignment

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how to write a business law assignment

eBook- Exams and Studying

how to write a business law assignment

Throughout your law studies , you will need to complete a variety of different assignments. See below to explore four different forms of assignments ​​​​​​.

how to write a business law assignment

A case note is a summary or a summary and critical analysis of a case.

 A case note will usually include:

You usually have a strict word count for your case note, because of this limit the detail that you have for the background information and focus on the analysis.  

Tip:  Always read through your assignment instructions for specific information that will apply to your assessment task.  

Read advice from other law students on how to survive law school. These links come from the  Survive Law Blog .

how to write a business law assignment

This resource uses a visual approach to take students through the process of essay writing for University. Although not law specific this resource will demonstrate formulating, refining and expressing academic essay writing:

how to write a business law assignment

One of the best ways to develop your writing skills is to read. Reading will expose you to different styles of writing and through reading you will form your own style. Think about the reports and cases that you read that frustrated you in finding out what the main ratio was. Compare that to this recent well written coroners report: 

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This is a list of CDU student papers that were submitted for the Honours Research Papers. These are excellent examples of legal writing. 

how to write a business law assignment

how to write a business law assignment

Exams come in different formats, they can be:

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Locus Assignments

Business Law Sample Assignment

Business Law Sample Assignment


There are various laid down in this Business Law Sample Assignment related to the sale of good contract in which buyer and seller remedy is laid down. The provision which is related to the transfer and passion of property is mentioned.  The role of competition commission also helps the prohibition of the abuse of dominant position and anti-competitive agreements.

P1. Be able to apply the main principles affecting the legal relationship between business organisations and their consumers

P1.1 analyse and advice mr adam on the legal rules on implied terms relating to the sale of goods and supply of services.

Mr. Adam purchases the television from the departmental store. After the three weeks the screen of the television flash and puffs of smoke is come. Before purchasing the television set the manager told him that television is very goods in quality and very long durability. So Adam can claim for the damage which is suffered by him.

Any person who enters in to the contract for selling of goods then sale of good is applied on the sale of good contract. The sale of good contract is applied on the offer, acceptance, consideration etc. Under the sale of good the individual is agree to sell the goods to the other party for consideration price.

  • Offer is made by the Adam and departmental store accept the offer.
  • The price of the television set has to be given to the departmental store.
  • Both parties have intent to sell and purchase the goods.
  • Both are not minor.

So according this the sale of good contract is made between the parties, and he have right to claim damages.

When any person enter in to agreement under the sale of good contract there are implied terms is exist which is not necessary to stated in the contract.

  • Section 12:   This section is applied to all the sale of good contract. It deals with the title of the goods.  It covers the contract which is made by the individual by purchasing the goods online, through shops. The seller can only sell the goods on which he has the title. The stolen goods cannot sell by the seller. The good which is sold by the seller it must free from any charge like stolen. If any burden is on the good then it is the duty of the seller to disclose the burden.
  • Section 13:  The goods must be in according with the descriptions. If any good which is inquired and seen by the purchaser then he cannot claim under this section.
  • Section 14:   when the seller sells the good it must be in good quality and fit for the purpose. If the goods are not satisfactory then the plaintiff can claim under this section.
  • Section 15: The goods which are sold by the seller must be in according with the sample of the goods which was sent in bulk, like good must be free from any defect, unsatisfactory quality.

So Mr. Adam file suit against the defendant on the above implied term under section 14.  [Austen-Baker', R. (2015)]

P1.2 Analyse and advice Mr Adam on the statutory provisions on the transfer of property and possession

 Mr. Adam can apply these statutory provisions when he transfers the property and possession.

The contract is made by the parties for exchanging the goods in money. The buyer has to give the return the price money to the seller under the contract.

The SGA 79 laid down the rules which is helps in examined that which property is passed. The rule of SGA 79 is depending on the property which is passes.

  • Specific goods
  • Ascertained goods

Section 16 to 20 which is helps the Mr. Adam to solve his query when he transfers the property and possession.

Section 16: If the goods are ascertained then ownership of the good is transferred,

Section 17 :  if parties have intention to passing the goods then the good will be passing. It does not affect whether the goods are certained or ascertained.

Section 18: the goods will be passed at the intent of both parties.

RULE 1:- Specific good will not passes if the thing is done for the specific good and until it is not done.

RULE 2:- The property will pass which is related to the specific good in the unconditional contract.

RULE 3:- The specific good has been weighed and measured before the transfer of ownership.

RULE 4:- If the specific good is sold on the approval or return basis then it is needed that done the approval or return basis or show ant act which believe that approval or return basis is done.

RULE 5:- The ownership of the property will be transferred to the buyer where goods are unascertained or unconditional.

Section 19:   The seller has the right under this section in which he can exercise his right by disposing the good title.

Section 20: The risk is also transfer from the seller when the good is purchased by the buyer.

P1.3 evaluate the statutory provisions on buyer’s and seller’s remedies in sale of goods contracts

Buyer remedy

  • Rejection of goods: buyer can reject the product which is not in the satisfactory quality or not delivered on certain date and time.
  • Cancel: He has the right to cancel the order.
  • Damages:   He has the right to recover the damages from the seller for non- delivery of goods.
  • Recover: he has right to take the identified goods.
  • He has right to recover the liquidated damages.
  • He has right to claim the damages which is suffered by buyer in any manner.

Seller remedy

  • Seller can stop the good in transits if he get information that buyer is insolvent.
  • Seller cam claim for the damages if buyer did not accept the goods.
  • Seller has to right to claim damages if buyer did not make payment on time.
  • He has right to resell the goods.

P1.4 apply product liability statutory provisions for faulty goods

Defective product

Product is the goods, electricity, and any part of the goods, raw material etc. if any raw material, any component of the finished good is defective then manufacturer of the finished goods and raw material will be responsible for any bodily injury, damages, economic loss is suffered by the individual.

The injured party can file suit against the party which are mentioned below.

  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor

Under these three laws injured party can file suit.

Under the consumer protection act 1987: if any person suffers any damages then under this act he can claim the damages against the defendant. The person has no need to proved that damages has been suffered by him due to the negligence or breach of his duty but he has to proved that product which he buys is the defective in nature. If it proved under the court of law then he get the damages.

Under the contract law: The parties who are entering in to the contract also claim the damages which he suffered. If any person buys the goods then under the sale of good contract they binding with each other and it includes implied term in which seller has to provide the goods according to this. If goods is not according to them then he will sued by the buyer.

Under the tort law:   under the tort law the third party has also right to claim the damages against the person who breach the contract. In this there is no need of contractual relationship is exists.

 P2 be able to apply the legal rules on consumer credit agreements and agency   

P2.1 differentiate between types of credit agreements which claire could use to obtain the new car..

In this individual borrow the money from the business for the specific time period. The borrower has to pay the interest. The debtor interest has been protected by the consumer credit act 2006.

Hire purchase : In hire purchase credit agreement the consumer is real owner when he takes the possession of the good. The good cannot transfer to the third party. [Saharay', D. (2015)]

Conditional sale : The consumer can pass the goods to the third party. the buyer purchase teh goods after fulfilling the certain condition. [, (2015)]

Credit sale : In this the ownership and possession has been transferred to the third party. The ownership and possession of the good is transfer when the contact is start. [, (2015)]

Bank loan: The consumer can also take the bank loan. He has overdraft facility is available, in which they have to pay the interest. Ordinary loan is also can taken by the consumer but at the certain interest rate. [, (2015)]

Credit card : The consumer can also sued their credit card when they have need of loan. [, (2015)]

Shop budget accounts : Claire can also take the loan from the shop budget account. In which they spend the amount with the certain limit which is mentioned along with they have to pay the interest rate. [, (2015)]

Debtor- creditor – supplier agreement : In this the creditor made the contractual relationship between the supplier and himself or which is basis on the past and future arrangements. In which they have the transaction of financing the money between the debtor and creditor. In this both have business connection. [, (2015)]

Debtor- creditor agreement : In this the creditor is not made the contractual relationship between the supplier and himself or which is basis on the past and future arrangements. In which they have the transaction of financing the money between the debtor and creditor. In this creditor and supplier has no business connection. [, (2015)]

Restricted and unrestricted use : In restricted use the debtor can use the credit money in the specified purpose. [, (2015)]

Unrestricted money is that in which the debtor can use the credit in any other purpose.

So Claire can use the above credit agreement which is best suited to him when she purchases the car on loan. (, 2015)

P2.2 Analyze the rules on termination rights and default notices for Claire to be informed in case she subsequently has trouble paying the debts as required in the contract.

If Claire has any problem with the payment of debts then she has the right to terminate the contract.

Rules regarding the termination right

  • The termination right has been given to both buyer and seller; they can terminate the contract if they face any problem with the payment of credit.
  • The debtor can file the early settlement under section- 94 to 97
  • When termination has been made by the debtor then debtor has to return the goods to creditor under section 98 to 101.
  • The minimum amount which has to be paid by the debtor if it is outstanding.
  • Termination can also be made if debtor breaches the contract.

Default by debtor

  • If breach has been made by the debtor then creditor has to give the default notice to the debtor before taking further action against him.
  • The agreement can be terminated on the demand for the early settlement 
  • The creditor can recover the property or any goods from the debtor.
  • The rights of the debtor have been terminated with the termination of the contract.
  • The time period which is allowed is 7 days.
  • Under section 127 the country court has also power to give enforcement order.

P2.3 analyse the general features of Agency and differentiate between the different types of agent.

 Agency is that in which the relationship of the principal and agent has been exists. The agent is act upon the principal and he is not enters in the contract with the third party.

The three general feature of the agency are:

  • The agent is not liable of any breach of contract.
  • Agent is not enters in the contract.
  • He acts within the limits of the power.
  • The sources and time of the principal is saved.
  • The relationship between the principal and the agent is not under the contract.

Types of agents

  • The person who deals with the tangible property on the owner behalf is the estate agents.
  • The individual who handle the tangible property is known as the factors and with the intangible property are the Brokers.
  • The person who auctions the property of the individual is the auctioneers.
  • The contractor who is independent and have power to sell and buy the good for the principal is the commercial agent.
  • The companies I handle by the directors and the partner in the company are the agents for each other.

P2.4 Evaluate the rights and duties of an agent to assist Claire understand her position once she becomes an Estate Agent.

The rights and duties of an agent are

  • She has to act honestly without taking any secret profit.
  • She has to take the reasonable precaution which is necessary.
  • She should show the accounts of profit honestly.
  • She has to perform according to the guidance of the principal.
  • She has to obey the principal.
  • She has right to take the remuneration and any other expenses which is made by the agent.
  • She get the salary and allowances.

I choose the case of United Brands v Commission of the European Communities court of justice of the European Communities Case 27/ 76 [1978]

LO3 Understand the legal rules relating to monopolies, mergers and anti-competitive practices. Students should be able to;

P 3.1 outlines the monopolies and anti- competitive practices legislations in the uk.

The competition helps the customer by providing the lower price product in good quality. The company who covers the larger part of the market leads to monopoly or the dominant position of the firm.

Monopoly is that in which the one single supplier has the control over the market by 25% or more it is known as scale monopolies and complex monopolies.  The company who is provided by the government monopoly right are the royal mail, postal services. [, 2015]

The main objective of the competition legislation in UK

  • The anti-competitive agreements are prohibited which have effect upon the free trade and competition in the market.
  • Abuse of dominant position is also prohibited by the legislation of Uk, which abuse the consumer by imposing the unfair trade conditions. Etc.
  • It also gives guidance for the merger and acquisition. [, 2015]

Competition Act 1998: This legislation introduced the new provision which is established for the prohibitions of the anti- competitive practice and abuse of dominant position. If any person files appeal in the competition appeal tribunal can claim damages and enforcement body has the power to imposed fines on the competitor for 10%.

It laid down prohibition with the treaty of Rome in articles 81 and 82 now they are 101 and 102 in the treaty of Lisbon in 2009.

Enterprise Act 2002: This act is also making a number of changes in the CA 1998. They introduced various legislation which gives strength to the competition law of the Uk . The function of office of fair trading is regulated by the competition and market authority in 2014. [, (2015)]

Under article 82 of the EU the United Brand which is stated in the EC competition laws that the company is in the dominant position. It covers the different kind of abuse which is stated under article 82. [, 2015]

P 3.2 Explain the Role of competition commission within the context of monopolies and anti- competitive practices and UK office of fair trading.

Role of competition commission

  • Competition is the main body which is responsible for the regulation of the competition legislation in Uk.
  • Form 2014 April this body is known as the competition ad market authority.
  • They provide remedy to the individual.
  • Treaty of Rome 1957 is the main source of the competition commission which is amended by the treaty of Lisbon 2009.
  • Competition commission prohibited the anti- competitive agreement which is in the article 101 in the treaty of Lisbon, and also prohibited the abuse of monopoly or the dominant position in the market in article 102 in the treaty of the Lisbon.

Office of fair trading: They take decision making which was enforced by the court and they also published their advice and information which is necessary. The office of fair trading has the power to take enforcement. [, 2015]

The court of justice held that the company is in the dominant position; they abuse their dominant position by refusing that they will not supply the goods, and also charging the different price from the different customer. They also defeated the decision of the competition commission that firm exploit the abuse for deficiency of reason and limits. [, 2015]

P 3.4 Define dominant position with the EU common market

The firm is in the strength position in the market which has control 50% over the market. In UK and EU if any person abuses the dominant position will be illegal business strategy in the market. The dominant firm exploits their customer by imposing the unfair trade conditions on the consumer when they buy the goods.

According to the EU common market of article 82 the trade interest is protected by the European treaty. But this treaty protects those who are the member of the European treaty. The European treaty prohibited the unfair trade practice which has the negative impact on the trade. The dominant position is also prohibited by this treaty. [, 2015]

Under the EU treaty there are few instruments which stated that the firm is in the dominant position.

  • If any dominant firm imposed the certain restriction on the trade of the goods.
  • They sell their goods below the cost of the goods.
  • The firm imposes certain which are fulfilled by the customer for purchasing the goods.
  • Charging different price from different customer. [, 2015]

The United Brand is in the dominant position, they imported the American Bananas. They supplied the unripe bananas to the distributor for selling in the various EC countries. The distributor sell the green bananas to the seller and the bananas which are ripening used for their own purpose. In 1975 EC found that the united Brands abuse their dominant position. Company argued that they did not infringe the article 102 of EU. [, 2015]

P3.4 consider the application of EU exemptions to potentially anti-competitive practices

  • Individual exemption -The firm who practice the anti-competitive practice proved that these practice helps in the economical development and have no effect upon the competition in the market. This exemption is applies on the firm which have individual transaction.
  • Block exemption  - Block exemption is that which is applied on the agreements which is meet the individual exemption conditions.
  • Parallel exemption - This exemption is applied on the firm which includes both individual and blocks exemption, and also has the involvement in the member states.

The United Brand has no exemption. The court held that they are in dominant position and also exploit their position by price discrimination, refused by the company for supplying the bananas. [, 2015]

Get assignment help from full time dedicated experts of Locus assignments.

BTEC HND Assignment Experts

I choose the Ceres Power is the company of the alternative energy which develops the fuel cell technology for the residential sector

LO4 Know key provisions relating to intellectual property rights: Students should be able to;

P4.1 identify differing forms of intellectual property.

Intellectual property is that in which the new creative work is protected, which in the form of physical appearance. The intangible property is protected by the laws and statutes. The owner gets protection through the laws which are regulated by the EU laws and also with the international law. Intellectual property falls in these four main categories. [, (2015) (a)]

  • Patent: The invention must have industrial use. It is regulated by the patent act 1977. The time period of the patent protection has been given for the period of 20 years. The person who has the right can sell; make copy of the patented invention.
  • Copyright:   Copyright is the work which is recorded in any manner. The exclusive right is given to the owner of the work. When any person get the copyright then he automatically get the international right.
  • Designs:   Designs rights are given for the new 3D functional designs. The time period is given for the protection is the 15 years.
  • Trademark: Trademark can be any name, slogan, colour, symbol or any other unique device which distinguish the goods from one to another person. (, 2015)

The professor of Imperial college of London Brain Steele has worked over the fuel cell technology which helps the society. He get an idea in which they use the Ceramic, Ceryiagadalin Oxide, electrolyte which is corporate in the fuel cell technology which helps in reducing the temperature without the use of hydrogen and precious metals. [, 2015]

P4.2 Outline the principles relating to the protection of inventions through patent rights and their infringement

 Invention can be protected by the patent in which the unauthorized use of the patent is prohibited. The patent act 1977 regulated the patent in Uk. The laws and statute gives the protection to the invention which is invented by the creator. The exclusive right is given to the inventor. He has right to sell, manufacture, or make copy of their patented invention. Patent is protected by the laws and statue. The time period for the protection of the patent is 20 years. The inventor has the right to enjoy his right without any interruption. The patent is registered by the inventor from the patented office. The regulation is laid down under the section 1 to 4. The first essential condition is that the patent must be inventive step; the second is it must be new. Third is the patent is capable for the industrial use. If any invention not fulfils the above requirements then the patent protection is not given the invention. [, (2015) (b)]

The patent has been given to the certain period of time which involved the application. The patent fees has been given for the taking the patent to the patent office. The patent office makes inquiry about the invention and after the inquiry the patent has been given to the invention. When any person gets the patent protection then the invention is become the personal property of the inventor. Any person who wants to use the invention have to take the permission from the inventor otherwise it will be infringement of the patent. If any person infringed the patent invention then civil action has been taken against the infringer. (, 2015)

He filed patent for the system he developed for injecting the fuel and air. He makes a plan with his colleagues form the imperial college. They realized that they have to spend more on the launch of the fuel cell for taking the protection of IP. The prospectus of the company was launched £ 4.25 million. The patent was given to the imperial college. [, 2015]

P4.3 Describe the principles relating to copyright protection and their infringement in a given business scenario

 Copyright is the right which is given for the new creative work, which is recorded in any work. The laws and statues have given the protection of the original work through copyright. The copyright owner can also sell, produced the copy of the work. Copyright prohibited the unauthorized use of the work. The people who get the copyright protection get automatically international copyright. The works which are protected by the copyright laws are the literary, artistic, musical, films. Sound recording, dramatic work. Etc. Copyright can be obtained by the owner under the section 9 to 11. The copyright protection can be obtained by the copyright owner for the lifetime of the author for 70 years from the author is died.

The copyright owners have the exclusive right to copy, to make changes or sell to the public, make publicly the work. The person who makes use or sells the work without the authority of the owner of copyright is the direct infringement. Any person who makes use the copyright work in commercial purpose, the owner of the copyright take civil action against the infringer.

The person who make use of the copyright work can make such defenses that he make used in the library, personal use, research, for the review. (, 2014)

They also take copyright protection over the drawing of the boiler on the wall. [, 2015]

P4.4 Compare and contrast the protection of trademarks and business names.

  • Trademark is the mark, symbol, and colour, slogan which make difference from the goods and service of another while business name is used by the company for trading.
  • Trademark is registered by the trademark owner while business name is not registered.
  • Trademark is protected under the trademark act 1994 business law name is regulated under the business name act 1985.
  • Any person who uses the trademark without permission then it will be infringement while any person can use the business name without permission.
  • In trademark the owner can take civil action towards the infringer. The person who uses the business name has no protection against the use but in tort the party can file suit against the infringer. (, 2014)(a)

They get the 40 patent and the trademark protection over their name in the international market. [, 2015]

This Business law Sample Assignment analysis all the provisions which are related to the anti-competitive practice and competition commission help in prohibiting the anti-competitive practice. It also examined the concept of the dominant position and anti-competitive agreements.

Austen-Baker', R. (2015). Implied Terms in English Contract Law. Edward Elgar publishing limited., (2015). Different Types of Credit - Credit Advice | aqua. [Accessed 11 July 2015]. Available at:, 2015 Anti-competitive practices - The importance of competition policy - Office of Fair Trading | Office of Fair Trading case studies and information | Business Case Studies. [Accessed 16 July 2015].

Business Law Sample Assignment is provided by the industry's top most qualified writers with the guaranteed good marks, We are posting free units solutions so scholars can explore the our  assignment help and get review the quality of our work

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  • Level: level 4 in business

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Top 3 Business Law Assignment Questions with Answers

Business Law Assignment Questions

Table of Contents

  • What Is a Business Law Assignment?

3 Business Law Assignment Questions and Their Solutions

Need help with business law assignment turn to experts, what is business law assignment.

Business law is a subject that deals with the legal perspective of a business. This is a branch of law where the students gain knowledge about dealing with the legal scenario of business. This is one of the most commonly pursued courses for students; thus, they are assigned to write an assignment on this. To draft a perfect business law assignment, you need to do in-depth research. But, if you do not know, ‘ how to do effective research on case law ?’ you can turn to professionals. The subject complexity often persuades students to rely on a service provider for business law assignment help .

Are you also a legal student worried about business law assignment?

Are you struggling to answer questions in your assignment?

Are you looking for some good samples to refer to for your assignment?

Read this blog to find out 3 most popular questions in a business law assignment along with their respective answers.

Here are some top examples of business law that can help you get an insight into writing a business law assignment. 

Question 1:

Suppose Mark and his brother John started a company, ABC. Though John has no work to do related to the company, he is provided some company shares due to his contribution. After a period of time, Mark employs Jessica as a web developer who is working on his company website at low pay. One day suddenly, there comes out the news that Mark has sold the company ABC to another big company, XYZ, at an undisclosed pay. 

  • Jessica tried to contact Mark for her pay for the work she completed but didn’t get any response.
  • John was left empty-handed, for there was nothing mentioned about him during the deal with XYZ.

Explain what legal actions can Jessica and John take against Mark, and if they can do anything to get their right back.


The members of the company who are responsible for its working are known as directors. Here, in the company ABC, Mark is the director. 

At many times and due to various reasons, the director of a company receives information that needs to be maintained confidential. But, this doesn’t give him the right to violate the rules or misuse his power or position.

Failing to perform a director’s duties carefully can lead to:

  • A civil penalty of some amount and imprisonment.
  • Personal liability to the losses the company has suffered because of him.

Thus, Jessica can sue Mark for breach of contract, and John can sue Mark for violation of his duties.

Question 2:

Suppose a divorced couple has three children, Adam, Bella, and Clare. Their father had left them an equal share of a movie theatre that he used to run in his times. The three children are well-settled in their respective careers and have never failed in anything. But, at the same time, they have zero experience in operating a movie theatre. But, for the first year, they succeed well and decide to expand their business into two more sectors and then divide them equally. They seek your advice from a list of given options:

  • Discretionary trust
  • Fixed/ unit trust
  • Partnership
  • Proprietary limited company

The first step of this process is to understand the working of these four options. 

In a discretionary trust, a discretion is allowed to decide who will receive distributions from the trust. In a fixed trust, the shares of beneficiaries are already decided, and there are no variations in the income distribution by the trustee. In a partnership, one or more businesses come together to work as partners with an intent to earn profits. Proprietary limited is business incorporation that creates an artificial legal person in the eyes of the law.

And, for this question, the right advice to be given for the children regarding the expansion of their company is to choose a limited liability company.

Question 3:

Robert received an advertising message on his phone that there is a sale of 75% off at a store. He was first shocked to see that as it was a collection of top brands, yet he thought it was a new branch, so maybe they are trying to attract some customers. He reached the store to realize there was a mistake in the advertisement and the discount was only 25% off. The manager insisted it was still a good price. But, Robert drove one hour to get there, and meeting up the gas expenses, it was not that fair deal for him. What would your advice be for Robert?

When such advertisements are made, it is considered as an ‘invitation to treat.’ In legal terms, it means that a person is willing to negotiate the deal. Here, the customer has the freedom to compare the options and choose the one he finds reasonable.

And in the case of Robert, as he has already discussed with the manager, without making any purchases or processing the deal, there is no legal violation.

These are 3 top questions from a business law assignment along with their answers. You can find more such interesting questions from our ‘ Answer ’ and ‘ Sample ’ section.

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Thesis Statement Writing: How Crucial is it? How to Write? & More

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How to Write a Letter of Reference with Templates?

Experts' Guidance on How to Conduct Nike’s SWOT Analysis

Experts' Guidance on How to Conduct Nike’s SWOT Analysis

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Business Law Assignments

Business / commercial law is the section of code that dictates how to build and run a company. These laws aim to protect liberties and rights, resolve various disputes, maintain order, and set standards for businesses and corporations, and their relationships with individuals and government agencies.

The aim of business law studies  as a course taken by law students is to help them focus on the key legal principles and factors associated with the practical business areas.

No wonder, college and university professors want their students to focus on writing business law assignments. These tasks enable the latter to advance their business law writing skills and it can help them succeed in the field of commercial law study. Still, such valuable skills are not acquired quickly and students often require a helping hand plus the guidance of experienced writers to succeed. Thus, in this article, you will find some tips from professionals on how to improve your writing abilities. In addition, you will get to know where and how to hire a reliable writing partner.

How to Improve the Skills of Writing in the Field of Business Law

Know your main message.

Before you start writing the outline for the future paper, think of the goals you are trying to achieve. Maybe your main purpose is to share some valuable information? Or do you need to explain a complex concept? It is possible that your main task is to make a call to action. So, what is your central idea?

Having answered these questions, try to shorten your message to an ad slogan. This will help you to clearly understand the purpose of your writing.

Know Your Reader

As the saying goes, if you address the message to everyone, it will appeal to no one. Thus, you should understand who your readers are. Are they young or old? Are they highly educated or not? Are they familiar with the topic you are to discuss? Try to imagine your reader. The answers to these questions will determine your writing style, tone, and level of detail.

Think Like a Professional Journalist

This is a piece of simple advice, but it is effective. Make sure your text has the answers to the following questions: who, where, what, when, why, how.

As you read through tons of materials to get ready to write the paper you can easily overlook some simple and obvious details. For instance, you might have noticed that the websites of many hostels and cafes are missing such important information as the address. Thus, do not hesitate to ask your relatives to read your business law essay to check if the core info is in place.

Get Rid of the Jargon

We all know about the existence of legal jargon. And you can make use of these words if your audience knows the lingo. Still, if your business law writing assignment is aimed at those outside your field, legal jargon can create confusion and mislead your reader. 

Down with cliches and buzzwords!

Over-used words are in fact at least two-word expressions that you often come across when reading adverts, posts, and newspaper articles. Do such statements as win-win solutions, value-added products, or low-hanging fruit influence your decisions? No? Exactly. These words will not inspire your readers.

Today, business websites and ads are packed with cliches. People are already tired of reading about solution-oriented services and service-oriented firms. Thus, try to use simple words or fresh metaphors, where appropriate.

Short documents, brief statements, and expressions capture the readers’ attention better than long ones. Thus, express your ideas clearly and concisely. For instance, get rid of redundant adjectives. Think logically: all disasters are serious so, no need to state this. Avoid unnecessary verbs. No need to say “we have carried out an improvement” instead of “we have improved.” Cut out unnecessary expressions. In case you are upgrading the company’s IT system, why should you say that you are “in the process of” upgrading it? Check every sentence in your essay. Ask yourself, would you shorten it if you had to send it in an SMS?

Use Active Voice Where Possible

No matter if you are to discuss some corporate law cases, or if you are answering the question of why is business law important, try to use active voice where possible. Statements in active voice are clearer and often shorter than those in passive voice. This will allow you to win your reader’s attention and trust. It will make your writing brighter. Your audience wants to know who is doing what, while statements in passive voice do not indicate the doer of the action.

Edit and Proofread Your Paper

Of course, MS Word will check your document highlighting any typos, but this will not make your paper perfect. You should read your document aloud to find any mistakes. Still, the best way out is to ask professional editors and writers to edit your essay. Professional business law assignment help includes not only writing a perfect essay for you but also editing and proofreading services, provided by a legit online writing company.

Be Attentive and Grasp the Knowledge Everywhere

Law students cannot become highly qualified experts in the field of business law if the only efforts they exert take place at the university lectures. It is essential for them to grasp the knowledge not only from the professors’ notes but also from all relevant sources. If a law student wants to be fully aware of all aspects of commercial law and gain extensive legal knowledge about the relationship between entrepreneurship and legislation , it is important for them to try to cope with all kinds of academic writings, including research papers, essays, and even dissertations to gain the desired proficiency.

Boost Intellectually

One more essential thing for business law students is to boost their intellectual abilities and improve their approach to academic studies and professional activity; it implies a profound analysis of the corresponding legal rationalities to be discussed in the papers. Academic writing is an excellent method of motivating students to evaluate legal matters and examine various business law cases, as it will be important for them in the further professional activity of corporate lawyers.

Here, business law assignment help from professional writers will come in handy. If you buy a business law essay of high quality, you will be able to analyze it and use it as an example of a perfectly written work.

Trust Us in Business Law Writing

It is not a simple task to be excellent in business law assignment writing. Thus, offers valuable solutions to all law students. Our credible assistance will make it possible for them to be successful in their legal education and career.

One of our advantages is that our experts can write exclusive high-quality essays, research papers, dissertations, and other academic papers that guarantee that the professors will praise the students’ proficiency in business law.

Business Law Assignment Writing

Any business law assignment is written to cover some certain aspect of business law. For example, the topic can relate to business partnerships or the financial management of associations. Students can be asked to write a contract or agreement, or any other type of corporate law documentation.

Today, business law courses are more popular than ever. Various colleges invite students to become corporate lawyers. Reasons for such popularity are self-evident. Entrepreneurship is a rapidly advancing field of human activity. The number of small and large businesses constantly increases. Companies need proficient legal experts to manage their relationships with competitors and partners. Writing a business law assignment is just one of the many aspects of creating a brilliant corporate lawyer – a task that will address the diverse dimensions of business law in practice.

Being an entrepreneur is a challenge, but it is also a blessing. Businesses can operate in different forms, including but not limited to associations, partnerships, independent enterprises, self-employed individuals, and even joint ventures. For example, several talented individuals may come together in an effort to create a joint venture and capture the advantages of competition in the clothing and apparel sector. But regardless of the type of company, any firm needs the assistance of competent corporate lawyers.  This profession is now in great demand. Still,  students who are pursuing relevant degrees and those just starting out in their careers often need business law writing help.  If you need help with your business law assignment, you are most welcome to request our services.

Our mission is to help struggling students improve the quality of legal writing. It means that everyone who has problems writing a business law task can rely on our helping hand. We will start working on your order immediately. You will love our affordable prices. You will be impressed with our non-plagiarized papers. We are professionals. We are experts in what we do.

  • We have enough experts in our team to provide a business law assignment written according to your instructions. It is a perfect way to complete your academic tasks!
  • We do not tolerate plagiarism. It is an axiom. You do not need to be here to copy and paste writing from the Internet. However, you certainly need to be here if you need an original paper that was run through plagiarism checkers to impress your tutor.
  • We guarantee that each paper and project we write will match the 2:1 ideal. We also guarantee that you will work with one of our most distinguished legal professionals with a legal background and solid practical experience.

Write Your Business Law Project Now

You can find plenty of services and companies offering help with business law assignments and projects online. In this regard, college and university students have a wide variety of options to choose from. However, you will hardly find business law writers and specialists better than ours. Also, you will hardly find a business law writing service that compares to ours in terms of extensive experience and levels of customer satisfaction. We are the best, and we know it!

So, if you are here, pay an affordable price and have our experts carry out your academic project . You only need to fill out the order form, and we will do the rest. One of our experts will take your order and create a brilliant paper, providing much-needed business law assignment help. You are most welcome to use our communication and messaging systems to keep in touch with our writers. Talk to them, and see what they are apt to. It is your chance to graduate magna cum laude!

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The assignment is the piece of work that is assigned to you to bridge the gap between learning in school and at home. A particular task or topic is assigned to you to provide awareness and knowledge about the subject. Writing assignments will help you to boost your writing skills. Besides, there are a lot more advantages of writing an assignment. The assignment is proved to be an advantage for students. These assignments carry enough marks to lift your grade, whether it is your statics assignment or accounting assignment. A student starts to gather instructions about the business assignment sample if a business assignment is assigned to him. While writing a business assignment, there is an array of tips you should be aware of. In this blog on business assignment, our assignments experts will provide you with a guideline on writing an engaging business assignment. Let’s begin with tips for writing a competitive business assignment.


Format the matter:.

Create a simple list of details with different sections. Add goals, requirements, case studies, and reports or any other data you need to tell in your business assignment writing. This is the first big step because you have to seek the attention of the reader in this section. Give an overview of all topics; you will be discussing in the assignment.


For explaining your concepts or plans, you must know every minor detail of your project or ideas. Understanding the concepts, you are going to write in your assignment will make a positive impact on assignment, and it will provide you with a rise of confidence.


Researching content, comparing, matching the reports, and the article makes the best of your assignment. You have to dig deep to find the content that covers your business assignment writing. The more you research the material, the more you will be able to write.


Include an assessment of different types of strategies directions available to business or organization. This helps you to define, include, or excludes the organization. Our assignments experts have a keen knowledge of writing strategies.

This could be a very assignment expert formulation of understanding about the fundamentals of strategy-based business management.


The purpose of any organization is to achieve goals. These goals are to be completed most efficiently and professionally. Describe the goals/performance of any business in business assignment writing that will lead your assignment to be on top of others.

Define the role of your organization, adding points to be focused on the development of an organization would be a significant step to support your business assignment writing.


Using business law case studies will analyze your assignment in such a way that a well-documented business assignment sample looks like. Adding business law case studies will make your paper a piece of work with evidence.

You will have to deal with real-life evaluation and imaginary situations of a particular organization. Exploring the theoretical base of business and management will be focused in this section.


Add graphs to reports and facts to give a better impression to the grader, as diagrams help in understanding the story more appropriately. Charts help you in summarizing the report. You can easily define data more accurately with setting-up tables in your assignment.


Do as much research you want to do. It will significantly help assistance to help, but provide references at the end of your assignment. Adding recommendations meant to credit the information to the writer, from whom you borrowed the content or idea.

Our  assignment expert ‘s priority is to avoid plagiarism. They provide you with plagiarism-free content. There are different plagiarism checkers available to cop up with plagiarism. Use citation methods according to your teacher preferences to get high grades.


Make an appropriate structure to show your assignment in such a way that it covers all the aspects and explanations. Comparing different reports on the same topic concerning different times would be a plus point in your assignment.

Comparing will lead you to define the development and changes that are caused in previous years. To make a better impression on the grader, you should know how to link up the reports, data, and information. Business Assignment Writing data is linked up to each other in a sequence. Aligned and linked information will attract the eye of the reader.


Before submitting your assignment, it is essential to check the content you have written. The longer time you spent in reviewing, the better it is for your assignment. Things you should check are typical spelling and grammar mistakes, word count, sentence structure, references used in the paper, facts, and figures.

Break longer sentences into smaller ones. Your marks can increase by up to 20% if you recheck your assignment multiple times.


Writing an assignment with proper alignment of details which covers all the report and aspect of the given topic is the primary step and for writing a well-documented business assignment, make sure you follow all the guidelines provided above.

Summarizing your content and defining or describing your content must be done with proper explanation and proper timings to provide a synthesized assignment. Provide a sense of closure to your piece. You can also use our assignment writing service provided by our assignment experts.

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How to write a law assignment

Last updated on April 19th, 2018 at 01:20 pm

Is it really all that difficult to write a good law assignment?

writing law assignment

Sometimes, a verbal contract just doesn’t cut it…

Law assignments are an important part of reading Law at the graduate level. But writing a law assignment is not as difficult as they would have you believe. It is simple enough actually, if you follow a few simple pointers, as we have explained.However, if you are currently stuck with you Law essay and would love to use some assistance, do not hesitate to place an order for our professional writing service to help you out.

The purpose of a law assignment is basically to test the concepts and knowledge of different laws you have acquired during the course of your lessons. There are different kinds of law assignments you may encounter during the course of your studies. These include commercial law, contract law, business law, family and personal laws amongst other things.

To give an example: contract law assignments need the students to be familiar with the contract laws and their applications. Contracts take place between parties when one party asks the other to complete certain tasks- and thus imposes obligations and benefits on the other. Such assignments involve cases of possible contractual breaches. The student has to use her knowledge to identify the possible breaches and what portion of the law is breached. The student may also have to suggest possible methods of resolution.

Formatting and Language

Some points to remember when writing a law assignment. The use of English language and structure becomes important. You need to have very good control over the English language- grammar, structure, spelling, and punctuations. You have to be very clear in the structure and phrasing used. There should be no cause for ambiguity. Choose correct and appropriate words. Avoid verbosity. The structure of thoughts in your text should be orderly and methodical with each argument leading up to the next. The more structured your argument, the better would your advocacy be.

In addition, using legal language can be very tricky and confusing for the legal student at the beginning of his course. Legal assignments may involve the use of heavy legal language, vocabulary and complex sentences, which may intimidate a student. Students may feel spurred to use an overdose of “legal” language in their writing to create an effect; however, that is not necessarily wise. Using simple language to make your point with use of necessary and unavoidable legal terms can make your essay or assignment meaningful.

Another part of writing legal assignments is the format. You need to pay careful attention to the format used. The lecturer would usually provide you with instructions regarding the kind of format to be used, so please ensure that you stick to it. Try not to use interpretations of your own in this regard; standard formats are the norm. Even when you are a practicing lawyer, you may have to follow a format requested by your superiors.

Arguments must be supported by valid evidence

write law assignment

A Law essay requires you to be extremely critical of everything. In essence, it requires you to be a cat.

Central to all legal writing is the use of well-reasoned and structured arguments. So , you must do a lot of preparation and in-depth reading and research work, before setting out on writing the essay. Determine the stand you are going to take and find out the evidence to support it. The evidence should be strong and reliable and as far as possible, beyond doubt. Any views or opinions presented should be backed up by a support. Your argument should have the least possible number of holes, which can be attacked by a combative opposition.

The premises and the conclusion should match each other. The premises are the reasons which you give for supporting a particular conclusion. A wrong argument or invalid argument is one in which the wrong kind of premises is used to justify a particular conclusion. Sometimes it may be difficult to really dissect an issue but even in that case, it is better to present what can be reasonably proved beyond doubt.

At the beginning of the essay or the assignment, it is good to introduce the key terms which may be used throughout the essay. This would help the reader understand the thread of the discourse.

Re-read the essay/assignment to ensure that you are on track and you have written all your arguments lucidly, briefly and with the factual evidence to support them. Also, proofread your paper thoroughly.

How to use references and footnotes in legal essays

There are different standards used for the citation of papers and other resources used as sources of information in legal studies. OSCOLA (The Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities) is the legal standard recommended to be followed for reference in some of the law schools in Britain as well as outside UK.

There are two kinds of sources used for deriving information to support arguments in legal assignments- primary sources and secondary sources. Primary sources are the sources of direct information. These include statutes, reports, legal publications. Secondary sources are based on information obtained from primary sources. Law teachers encourage students to primarily use information from primary sources for their research as that information would be more detailed, elaborate and precise. Use secondary sources where primary sources of information are not available. Overuse of secondary sources may lead to the danger of quoting inaccurate statements, and insubstantial discussions. Hence, assessors prefer that students use primary sources as much as possible.

Referencing is required to be done when you use external sources of information such as authorities for the preparation of the essay and especially for making specific statements. The incorporation of a bibliography at the end of an essay fulfills the former purpose. The use of footnotes at the bottom of every page fulfils the latter purpose.

Footnotes are a very important part of the OSCOLA system of reference as they provide linkage to the evidence which is used to support statements that you make as part of your arguments. Hence, they can be used as a reference by the reader as to the veracity/authority of the statement you are making. Footnotes refer to the inserted numbers, placed as superscripts, at the end of a sentence in the body of a text.

The number contains a reference to a piece of text from which information in the sentence is quoted. The full reference is expanded at the bottom of the page in the notes section. Footnotes may also be used to present additional information, which is not directly required in the main text but provides support to the argument.

Use of valid footnotes would increase the reliability and quality of the essay. Footnotes need to be ended with a full stop. The OSCOLA system does not depend on the extensive use of punctuation. Footnotes can also be placed next to a term or phrase used in the text if required.

References, when repeated, can be abbreviated. But it should be mentioned in the first use of the citation that it would be referred to in the particular shortened form later on.

Quotations from legal texts/statements when used in the text, need to be cited in full. In fact, even if there are errors in the original documents, those errors should be retained in the quoted text. The use of quotations come for special attention under the OSCOLA as legal arguments may involve the necessity of quoting extensively from previous judgments/statutes/laws/rulings. Hence, there are many rules in this direction.

All the Best with your law assignment! By the way, we do editing too. So, if you are still not sure of your essay, let us help you.

how to write a business law assignment

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how to write a business law assignment

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111 Business Law Paper Topics And Ideas To Use

Business Law Paper Topics

Business research papers are common assignments for college and university students. However, the process of crafting tip-top business research papers is an uphill task that few manage to accomplish. Some give up on the way, while others opt to copy and paste online research papers. For scholars who want to impress their professors with quality papers, this article is your secret ingredient. Read every line to end with a hawk eye.

What Is A Business Law Paper?

These laws may come from local, national, or international laws that guide how business people and employees execute their mandate. There are times when business laws come from the constitution of a country. In such a case, the respective governing authority of that country may step in when one violates a particular rule.

How To Write Business Law Papers

The procedure of compiling such tasks is easy once you’ve mastered the essential elements involved. Most students struggle because they take the approach of recent papers in approaching business law assignments. However, we will see the peculiarity of such tasks and how you can craft them painstakingly in a moment.

When writing a professional business law paper, follow the guidelines below:

Have an outline: It is a skeleton of what you will write and how you will approach your subject. As such, It helps you organize the data you find during your research process logically. You can break down your outline into sections that will comprise your whole paper. Select a brilliant business law topic: A great topic will act as bait and a hook to your readers. Therefore, you should develop a topic that will feed the readers’ interests and needs. We will provide top business law research paper topics in a few. Stay tuned. Write your paper: You will get down to the writing process, determining whether you score a pass or a distinction. Emphasize the structure, grammar, punctuation, and logic of your paper.

Scroll down for some inspirational business law paper topics:

Easy Business Law Research Topics

  • Discuss the relationship between business and law as a profession
  • What is the nature of business law as compared to other sectors?
  • Why should organizations and institutions have business laws?
  • Discuss the classification of business law in terms of the source
  • How does business law relate to morality in a given society?
  • Why is the constitution important in making business laws?
  • Discuss the legislation process of business laws in parliament
  • Evaluate the substance of business law doctrines of equity
  • How does the African customary law shape business laws?
  • Discuss the relevance of Islamic law in formulating business laws

Current Business Law Essay Topics

  • State and explain some of the general rules of ratified treaties
  • How does administrative law relate to business law?
  • Discuss the differences between business laws in governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • Describe the application of the doctrine of separation of powers in business law
  • The role of the principles of natural justice in business laws
  • How the judicial control of the Executive influences business laws
  • Discuss the part of the Employment and Labour Court in upholding business laws
  • Evaluate the handling of business malpractices in the High Court and Court of Appeal
  • What is the nature of alternative dispute resolutions in business?
  • Evaluate the general principles of ADR in business legal battles

Original Topic Ideas For Term Papers In Business Law

  • Describe how business laws apply to natural persons
  • How do nationality, citizenship, and domicile affect business laws?
  • Discuss the place of unincorporated associations in business laws
  • How do incorporated associations fit in business laws?
  • The role of cooperative societies in formulating business laws?
  • Do we have enough business lawyers in the United States?
  • Evaluate the general defenses in violation of business laws
  • Discuss what it means by vicarious liability in business
  • Discuss the law of defamation in the business industry
  • Are business laws sufficient enough to cover cyber espionage?

Controversial Business Law Research Paper Topics

  • Should foreign investors have specific business laws for themselves?
  • Are business laws undermining the empowerment of women?
  • The role of business laws in curbing malicious competition
  • Are business laws more employee-oriented than on the team member’s side?
  • Why should employees have a role in the formulation of business laws
  • The impact of coronavirus on the effectiveness of business laws
  • How technology is affecting the viability of business laws
  • The role of trade unions in championing for employees’ rights
  • Are there more female business lawyers than there are men?
  • How to improve the effectiveness of business laws in developing nations

Practical Business Law Term Paper Topics

  • What is the legal process of formulating a business contract?
  • The role of the government in ensure fair practices in the business sector
  • The role of business laws in curbing hoarding of products
  • Should employees also determine the terms of the contract?
  • Vitiating factors in maintaining business laws
  • What s the leading cause of illegal business contracts?
  • Factors that may affect the effective discharge of a business contract
  • Discuss some of the remedies for breach of a business contract
  • What are some of the limitations of actions when it comes to business contracts?
  • What are the rights and duties of employees in any formal organization?

Interesting Business Law Topics To Write About

  • Discuss the peculiarities of a hire purchase contract
  • Compare and contrast between hire purchase and conditional sale/credit sale
  • Who is to blame in the case of a breach of contract?
  • What steps should employees take to abide by business laws?
  • The role of technology in shaping business laws
  • Steps involved in the termination and completion of the business contracts
  • Effects of employing casual works on upholding business laws
  • Does the government have a responsibility to utilize its people?
  • Who is responsible for ensuring a smooth running of business laws?
  • Should business laws stipulate for special law enforcement agencies?

International Business Law Topics

  • The role of international law in shaping local business laws
  • Discuss how international business laws shape securities markets law
  • Analyze competition law and intellectual property law in the international arena
  • Elements of the European law used in international business law
  • Discuss the function of the international tax law
  • How the global trade and transport law affects the nature of business
  • Compare and contrast between the Chinese and Russian business laws
  • How a moot court helps to shape international business lawyers
  • The effect of COVID-19 on international business laws
  • How globalization is reshaping international business laws

Business Law Essay Questions

  • Role of business laws to the global economy
  • How business laws shape the fortunes of different individuals
  • Analyze bodies that regulate international business
  • How business laws shape the distribution of products
  • Evaluate the effect of varying taxation mechanisms
  • How business laws shape the manner employers treat their employees
  • Analyze business laws that deal with compensation
  • Business laws that determine working hours and rates of employees
  • Sources of the international business law
  • Business laws that determine partnerships

Legal Topics For Research Paper

  • How the law of property affects business organizations
  • Business laws that deal with cheques, promissory notes, and bills of exchange
  • Intellectual property rights and business laws
  • Laws that deal with industrial designs
  • Discuss the law of tort in business
  • Emerging issues and trends in business laws
  • Impact of legal positivism in business laws
  • How legal realism affects the practice of business laws
  • Effects of legal interpretivism in upholding business laws
  • Impact of uniformity in business laws globally

Impactful Business Law Project Ideas

  • Relationship between business laws and recession
  • How governments can inhibit effective business laws
  • Relationship between literacy levels and understanding business laws
  • Why you should know current trends in business laws
  • Discuss the effects of hacking on business laws
  • Why countries should develop better business laws
  • How to prevent sabotage of business laws
  • The role of business laws on enhancing gender equality
  • The relationship between business laws and SDGs
  • Innovative ways of developing business laws

Productive legal research paper topics

  • Business laws and peaceful coexistence at the workplace
  • The sovereignty of business laws
  • Business laws and employer’s responsibility
  • Relationship between criminal law and business laws
  • How the laws of succession affect businesses
  • The Penal Code and business laws
  • Amendment of business laws
  • Personas with disabilities and business laws
  • Statutory bodies involved in business laws
  • Powers of trade unions and societies

Get quality research paper help today from top minds and score a first-class painstakingly. Try our affordable writing services now!

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    how to write a business law assignment

  2. Business Law Assignment Sample

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    how to write a business law assignment

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