16 Best Places to Find Online Typing Jobs (Up to $45/hr)

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If you’re a fast typer and looking for a way to make money from home, typing may be a good option. There are lots of places you can find work-from-home typing jobs. Some focus on transcription and others are geared toward data entry.

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typing jobs online work from home

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If you’re a fast typer and looking for a way to make money from home, typing may be a good option.

You can get paid to type or transcribe documents without a fancy degree or a ton of experience, and you can do it on your own schedule from wherever you live.

As long as you have a reliable computer, high-speed internet, and access to programs like Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, you can earn some cash typing from home.

Work-from-home typing jobs are a good way to use a common skill to earn extra income for short or long-term financial goals.

Types of Online Typing Jobs

There are two primary types of online typing jobs. The first involves transcribing audio from dictation, phone calls, videos, lectures, and podcasts to text.

The second, data entry, requires you to take written information on forms, files, or applications and type them into computer databases.

While transcription jobs typically pay between $15 and $45 per hour, data entry jobs are in the $5 to $20 per hour range. A certification or training program could allow you to charge more for your transcription services.

Transcribe Anywhere Free Course

If you’re interested in a career or side hustle in transcription, check out Transcribe Anywhere’s free online mini-course for tips on how to get clients for your services. Transcribe Anywhere offers educational resources and certifications for transcriptionists.

16 Places to Find Online Typing Jobs

You can find work-from-home typing jobs in a number of places. Some focus on transcription and others are geared toward data entry.

1. Clickworker

Clickworker  began in 2005 and distributes micro tasks in data entry and other fields to “Clickworkers” across the globe. If you become a Clickworker, you’ll work as an independent contractor and use your own equipment to complete data entry tasks.

While the amount you’ll earn on Clickworker depends on the type of project or task, you’ll know your pay rate before you begin. You’ll receive payment via PayPal every week or month.

2. Lionbridge Smart Crowd

For over 20 years, Lionbridge Smart Crowd has offered work-from-home opportunities to people from around the world. To sign up, you’ll need to provide details on your education, language skills, and areas of expertise. Once accepted, you’ll receive tasks related to your skillset.

You’ll work as an independent contractor to complete transcription or data entry jobs , and you’ll receive payment once a month. The rate for each task is based on the expected productivity to complete it.

3. AccuTran Global

Established in 2002 AccuTran Global , provides transcription services to clients worldwide. The Canada-based company hires U.S.-based transcription contractors to help them meet the demands of their clients. To work for AccuTran Global, you should be deadline-driven and have the ability to closely follow guidelines.

If you’re hired by AccuTran, you’ll get the chance to transcribe press conferences, focus groups, business meetings, panel descriptions, and more.

4. Data Plus+

Headquartered in Atlanta, Data Plus+ has offered custom data entry services for almost 30 years. They specialize in data entry from all formats including handwritten originals, type copy, scanned images, or online sources.

As a freelance data entry clerk for Data Plus+, you may type data for vehicle accident reports, membership applications, warranty cards, professional certifications, law enforcement reports, and mailing lists.

Rev hires over 50,000 English-speaking transcriptionists that support over 170,000 of its clients. As a freelance transcriptionist for Rev, you can choose from hundreds of projects each day.

To land this job, you’ll need to take a grammar test and complete a transcription sample. Once approved, you’ll be able to work as much or as little as you’d like and receive weekly payments via PayPal. On average, Rev transcriptionists earn $245 per month.

6. Microworkers

Microworkers connects employers and workers from around the world. If you become a “Microworker,” you work as a freelancer with access to hundreds of tasks each day. Each task will include detailed directions, a deadline, and pay rate. You can accept any transcription task you’d like to complete and get paid twice a week, every Sunday and Wednesday.

7. Axion Data Entry Services

Established in 1996, Axion Data Entry Services provides data entry outsourcing, data verification, and Internet data research to clients in various industries.

If you’d like to work as a data entry contractor for Axion, you’ll need at least 2 to 3 years of data entry experience. You should also be able to type 50 words per minute without errors. You’ll earn a flat rate per entry or document, which depends on your skills and efficiency.

8. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe offers fast, affordable, and accurate audio and video transcription services. To work as a TranscribeMe transcriptionist, you’ll need to pass an English test and set up a WorkHub account.

After you’ve done both, you can start working and earn anywhere between $15 and $22, paid via PayPal, for every hour of audio you transcribe. If you have a specialized background in medical or legal transcription, you’ll earn a higher rate.

9. SigTrack

SigTrack is a database platform you can use to land data entry jobs. Each project on the platform features a base rate that is split between you as the data entry freelancer and someone else who checks your work. The share you’ll receive will depend on your accuracy. You’ll receive payment via PayPal every Friday.

10. Capital Typing

Capital Typing provides its clients with time-saving solutions through data entry, transcription, translation, market research, and office administration.

To apply for a part-time or full-time job at Capital Typing, you’ll need to complete a test transcription sample. If you’re hired, you’ll receive a competitive salary and a flexible schedule.

In addition to selling print and digital documents and products, Xerox hires more than 8,000 remote employees to perform tasks like data entry, quality control, and software programming. If you secure a work-from-home data entry job at Xerox, you’ll be a part-time or full-time employee and can earn around $14 per hour or $30,000 per year.

12. Quicktate

Quicktate transcribes legal and medical files, voicemails, conference calls, phone calls, letters, and memos. Their clients include big-name brands like CNN, Ford, Wells Fargo, and Coca Cola. To become a Quicktate contractor, you’ll need to pay for and pass a background check and complete a typing quiz.

Your rate depends on the type of transcription you’re doing, with medical transcription having a higher rate ($0.01 per two words) than general transcription ($0.01 per four words). You’ll get paid weekly through PayPal.

13. Working Solutions

Working Solutions provides jobs to people who would like to work from home and on occasion, they offer freelance data entry opportunities. The company pays anywhere between $9 to $30 per hour, depending on the project.

To apply to be a “Working Solutions Agent,” you’ll need to pass a few assessments and wait for an acceptance email. Once you find out you’re accepted, you can search for data entry gigs, complete them, and collect payment via direct deposit or check in the mail.

14. DionData Solutions

DionData Solutions offers freelance data entry jobs. You’ll type data from scanned images, hard copies, handwritten originals, typed copies, and online sources.

To receive work as a freelance data entry clerk, you’ll need to pass a test and prove that you can type at least 60 words per minute. If you work for this company, you’ll get paid per piece.

Note: At the time of this publishing, DionData Solutions is not currently hiring new contracted workers.

15. OneSpace

OneSpace helps the owners of ecommerce stores earn more money by improving their search engine rankings. You can find English and international language transcription jobs through its freelance platform. If you land a freelance transcriptionist position, you’ll transcribe audio files that range from less than 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

16. SpeakWrite

Founded in 1997, SpeakWrite offers transcription and dictation services. It promises its clients 24/7 access to an unlimited pool of typists and transcribed documents in hours. The company hires freelance remote transcriptionists with experience in legal, general, and Spanish transcription. As a transcriptionist for SpeakWrite, you can earn an average of $450 per month.

You Can Make a Full-Time Income by Getting Paid to Type

Whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom, college student, or anyone else who is looking for a flexible way to make money, typing jobs may be a great fit. They offer a side hustle that can give you the chance to earn an income from home and on your own schedule.

If you’d like to get started, take a typing class at a community college to increase the number of words you can type per minute. Then, consider earning a typing certification so that you stand out from the crowd. Lastly, apply for typing jobs and start building your resume and experience.

If you’re in search of a new career that offers flexibility and the chance to work from home , a typing job is a great option. Even if you type slowly, you can practice and become fast enough to earn income through typing.

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Legitimate work-from-home typing jobs (that pay more than data entry jobs)

typing jobs online work from home

If you’re good at typing, there are a lot of work-from-home jobs that pay more than data entry. This guide will help you secure those jobs so you can start earning good money quickly.

Preparing for these jobs

typing jobs online work from home

A good thing about most work from home typing jobs is that you don’t need any specific qualifications to land them, just some experience and preparation.

Test your typing speed and accuracy

In the typing world, speed and accuracy are key qualifications. Luckily, there are many tests you can take online such as:

  • Typing.com Test
  • Typing Academy Test
  • LiveChat Typing Test

The average speed for professional typists range from 50 WPM (words per minute) to 80 WPM. If your score falls short of these averages, keep practicing. It’s also important to note that speed isn’t everything—aim for accuracy as well.

Build a portfolio

A portfolio can be as simple as a bunch of links you keep privately, and then send out when you’re pitching work. It can also be more detailed like Caitlin Reid on Clippings or Jake Bleiberg on Clippings .

To start a portfolio, gather examples of the best work you’ve done and get them into a document or spreadsheet. You can liven it up with pictures or art if you’d like, but the important part is the work. If you haven’t written anything online yet, you can start for free by writing posts on LinkedIn blogging and Medium , or posting on your own social media accounts.

Build a presence online

Make sure you’re easy to find online. In specific, you need:

  • A personal website : Tools like WordPress or Carrd streamline the process for you.
  • Active social media profiles : Platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter are well-built for writing.

Make sure your profiles are filled out properly so people know what kind of work you offer.

19 different kinds of work-from-home typing jobs

typing jobs online work from home

Not sure what kind of typing job you might be suited for? Here are 19 different kinds of roles you can take on with typing skills.

For each job, we’ve highlighted:

  • What kind of work it is.
  • The pay range.
  • Additional skills or experience you’ll need beyond just typing quickly and accurately.

1 - Ghostwriting

What it is : Ghostwriting involves writing a variety of content (usually blogs or press releases) for executives, companies, or public figures. An important thing to note is that this kind of content doesn’t get published under your name, hence the name “ghost” writing.

Pay range : From $15 to $45+ per hour.

Additional skills beyond typing : Ghostwriting gigs require you to write things as if you were someone else, so make sure you know how to embody someone else’s tone and style.

2 - Blogging

What it is : Blogging is an interesting work-from-home writing gig because it allows you to write on a wide range of topics. You can pitch to write for someone else’s blog, or start your own and monetize it through sponsored posts or advertisements.

Pay range : Anywhere from $50 to $1,000+ per article depending on length and required expertise.

Additional skills beyond typing : Blogging requires subject matter expertise or research skills. You’ll also have to be familiar with content management systems (CMS).

3 - Newsletter writing

What it is : Like blogs, you can write content on someone else’s behalf—this time in newsletter format. You’ll also have to find engaging ways to interact with the community you build.

Pay range : Similar rates to blogging.

Additional skills beyond typing : Ideally, you’ll know how to use various newsletter platforms (like Mailchimp or Substack ), and how to write for a specific audience.

4 - Social media copywriter

What it is : As a social media copywriter, you’ll write posts for various social media platforms on your client’s behalf.

Pay range : Anywhere from $15 to $100+ per hour.

Additional skills beyond typing : It helps to know how to write across different social media platforms, and the unique intricacies of each. You’ll also have to know different ways people like to engage on different platforms (for example: conversations on LinkedIn or hashtags on Twitter).

5 - Ad copywriter

What it is : An ad copywriter is responsible for writing out words, slogans, and scripts a company uses for advertising.

Pay range : Anywhere from $20 to $100+ per hour depending on experience and past results.

Additional skills beyond typing : You need to have incredibly concise writing and motivate people with as few words as possible. These skills can translate into many other copywriting jobs.

6 - Landing page copywriter

What it is : A landing page copywriter will focus on writing out copy for landing pages that brands will use to advertise specific offerings, products, webinars, or any other services.

Pay range : Typically $20 to $35 per hour to start. Experienced copywriters can charge anywhere from $250 to $750+ per landing page.

Additional skills beyond typing : You’ll need to know how to write in a way that motivates people to take action (usually buying something).

7 - Email marketing copywriter

What it is : This job involves writing emails for your clients, whether transactional emails like purchase confirmations or a drip campaign to keep customers engaged and drive purchases.

Pay range : Similar to an ad copywriter.

Additional skills beyond typing : You need to be capable of writing different styles of emails that catch people’s attention.

8 - Script writing

What it is : Script writers will write scripts for all kinds of things—commercials, video content, shows, films, and even video games.

Pay range : Anywhere from $15 to $75+ per hour.

Additional skills beyond typing : You’ll need to know how to structure a story, since scripts need to pull the reader through and keep them engaged.

9 - Podcast transcription

What it is : As a podcast transcriber, you’ll be transcribing full podcasts and interviews for your clients.

Pay range : Usually around $30 to $45 per hour.

Additional skills beyond typing : Ideally, you’re a good listener that’s able to process information quickly and efficiently.

Did you know? Working remotely can increase productivity up to 77%. - ApolloTechnical

10 - Proofreading and editing

What it is : A proofreader or editor will look over someone’s work for any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, and clean it up so it can be published.

Pay range : Usually around $25 to $85+ per hour (or $50 to $200+ per 1,000 words).

Additional skills beyond typing : You’re able to quickly pick up on any grammar, spelling, and prose errors. It also helps to know different writing style books like AP or CP .

11 - Virtual assistant

What it is : A virtual assistant is a worker who offers various services to businesses and entrepreneurs remotely. They help cover tasks that business owners don’t have the time for, so they can focus on other work. This can include various online typing jobs.

Pay range : $20 to $30 an hour for general tasks, and higher for specialized tasks.

Additional skills beyond typing : It depends on the work you are assigned, but it helps to know how to write for things like social media, emails, and ads.

12 - Captioning or subtitle writing

What it is : Writing out subtitles or captions for videos that will be available for watchers.

Additional skills beyond typing : This writing gig requires you to be a good listener. It also helps to know how to incorporate captions using video editing software (for example, YouTube’s closed captioning tool).

13 - Customer support live chat agent

What it is : Customer support chat agents quickly help customers with any basic questions they have about a product or purchase through an online chat.

Pay range : $15 to $25 per hour.

Additional skills beyond typing : You need a deep understanding of your client’s products and services so you can help customers in an efficient and friendly way.

14 - Medical transcription

What it is : A medical transcriber will transcribe medical reports that are dictated by healthcare professionals.

Pay range : $20 to $50+ per hour depending on experience.

Additional skills beyond typing : It can be helpful to come in with some background or experience related to healthcare. Knowing how to write in a style catered to healthcare professionals is also a bonus.

15 - Scopist

What it is : A scopist will write and edit court transcripts for lawyers, judges, and other people involved in the legal process.

Pay range : $15 to $35+ per hour depending on experience.

Additional skills beyond typing : You’ll likely need some basic legal knowledge, and have to be comfortable listening under pressure.

Fast fact: Employees working from home spent 15%less time avoiding work. - ApolloTechnical

16 - Research report production

What it is : Typing jobs within research report production will have you process research and turn them into reports so that people can better understand the data.

Pay range : Anywhere from $100 to $1,000+ per research report depending on length.

Additional skills beyond typing : You need to be able to simplify complicated ideas. This writing gig will have you skim large amounts of research to find the most important bits.

17 - Market research data collector

What it is : A market research data collector takes survey or interview data and compresses that information into a report. It’s another writing job that requires you to make larger amounts of research more digestible for others (research reporters).

Pay range : $20 to $40+ per hour.

Additional skills beyond typing : Organizational and structural skills are the most important part of this job. You need to be able to structure large amounts of data so they can be easily understood.

18 - Translator

What it is : If you know another language, translation is a great money making opportunity. You’ll be translating scripts from different kinds of work into another language for clients.

Pay range : $25 to $50+ per hour depending on client needs and your fluency levels in different languages.

Additional skills beyond typing : A high level written fluency in at least two languages, including common euphemisms or turns of phrase in each language.

19 - Community manager or moderator

What it is : A community manager or moderator will manage and moderate a private online community so that things run smoothly.

Pay range : $30 to $100+ per hour depending on your experience and past results.

Additional skills beyond typing : You need to be able to supervise a group of people, and find the right ways to engage them. It can also help if you’re already an active member of that community.

Where (and how) to find work-from-home typing jobs

typing jobs online work from home

Although there are plenty of jobs available, it takes some work to find them. Start by choosing your focus, then look for roles in the right places, and don’t forget to tell your network.

1. Choose your focus

Think about what work you enjoy doing, particularly any additional skills on top of typing. This can help narrow down your options, so you can find typing jobs more tailored to you. It can also help you when you pitch because you can be more specific about the things you're strongest at and showcase skills that differentiate you from other candidates.

2. Look in the right places:

After choosing a focus, there are multiple freelance marketplaces, managed services, and job boards you can use to find gigs.


  • Freelance Writing Gigs : Freelance Writing Gigs rounds up job postings each week and sends one big email. They also provide guides for building your online portfolio.
  • Contenta : Contenta helps find freelance writing gigs and offers a writer training course to help you up your game.
  • Guru : Guru offers one of the larger marketplaces for online writing jobs.
  • Problogger : Problogger only focuses on blog-related work from home freelance gigs.
  • Copify : Copify will let you offer your services for different kinds of content.
  • The Writer Finder : The Writer Finder offers a more personalized approach to finding you matches for work. You fill out a survey, and they’ll come to you with the best matches that you can pitch.

When you start a profile on a marketplace, make sure it’s comprehensive. Name every kind of typing service you want to offer and provide examples of your work. This process gets easier as you collect more work and get reviews.

Managed services

If you don’t like managing clients, freelance managed services might be a good fit. These platforms will find you gigs, place you for work, and handle all the administrative tasks so you can focus on getting the job done. In return, they take a small percentage of your pay.

  • Magic : Magic will take into account the work you want to focus on, and assign you to the best fit clients.
  • Virtual Gurus : If you’ve built up a decent portfolio of work, Virtual Gurus is worth applying to for more experienced typists.
  • Marketer Hire : A managed service exclusively for marketers, you can sign up as a writer on the platform and get placed with clients almost immediately.

Many companies post work-from-home typing gigs on job boards.

  • FlexJobs : FlexJobs looks over every job that’s posted on the platform to ensure you’re getting the safest remote listings.
  • Remote OK : Remote OK offers one of the most intuitive UIs for job searches so you can browse hundreds of potential typing jobs quickly.
  • WeWorkRemotely : If you like a straightforward search, We Work Remotely has one of the most simplistic and easy-to-use search engines on the job board market.
  • Dynamite Jobs : On certain postings, Dynamite Jobs allows you to connect directly with hiring managers so you can connect to them faster.
  • Custom LinkedIn search: Many hiring managers will share their job postings on LinkedIn, and a custom search can help direct you to many of those posts.

3 - Tell your network

Make it clear on your LinkedIn or social media pages that you’re offering writing services, but don’t be too pushy with your network. Even if people don’t have an immediate need for your services, at the very least they’ll know they have someone they can go to if the opportunity presents itself.

Did you know? 30% of telecommuters save upward of $5,000 per year. - Review42

Crafting your pitch to get the gig

Once you’ve found the opportunity (or opportunities!) you want, here are some tips on crafting the perfect pitch to help you land the job:

If you got an inbound lead : Ask about the individual’s goals and needs. This will help you tailor your proposal so it best fits what they want.

If you saw the opportunity on a freelance marketplace : Follow all the rules for applying that the marketplace sets out. Also, make sure you follow any instructions laid out by the person posting the gig.

If you got the opportunity from a managed service : Take the same approach as a marketplace, but follow the rules of the managed service. Each platform will likely have its own process for taking on new work, so be prepared to make the necessary adjustments across different outlets.

If you saw the opportunity on a job board : Apply like you would if it was a full time job. This could include writing out a cover letter, and adding a short introduction note to the hiring manager before you apply. Some job boards have their own instructions, so be sure to follow those as well.

Managing clients

typing jobs online work from home

Once you get the gig, it’s important to prioritize client management. This will help you get the best outcome from your projects and ensure you are paid on time. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

Project scoping : Make sure the project outcome is clear before you start work. Ask what a successful outcome looks like and what metrics you’re expected to hit.

Communication : Be transparent about timelines and delivery dates. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you aren’t clear on anything. Communication is a big key to making sure everybody is on the same page.

Invoicing and payments : Make sure you have a good payment system that allows you to create professional invoices quickly and accept payments efficiently. If you accept work through a marketplace or managed service, make sure you’re aware of their rules when it comes to payments (including fees).

Thinking long term : Think ahead about your client’s bigger business goals (and don’t be afraid to ask your clients what they’re planning). This will help you figure out ways you can improve how you work with them or to provide add-on services. Additionally, if you do a great job for a client, and they’re happy about the work you did, don’t be afraid to ask them for a referral.

Making money working from home

If you want to make money working from home, remember, you’re not just limited to just data entry. If you can type, there’s a huge opportunity to make money. There are tons of marketplaces and niches you focus on, and you can start building up a portfolio in no time. Work from home typing jobs can be the start of a beneficial side gig - or even a thriving full-time freelance business.

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typing jobs online work from home


Get Paid to Type: 15 Sites To Find Online Typing Jobs

I n this digital age, it’s natural to build up a certain amount of typing skills. If you are looking to score some extra money and find it easy to make your fingers fly over a keyboard, then it should be a breeze to earn cash typing. 

Many typing jobs are available part-time or full-time. These jobs involve various tasks such as medical transcription , courtroom transcription, telephone dictation for the hearing impaired or other typing duties.

15 Websites That Pay You To Type

Here are 15 websites to search for online typing jobs and the kind of work you’ll do on each site:

  • Fiverr: Varied
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk: Data entry and processing
  • AccuTran Global: Voice transcription and stenography
  • 2Captcha: Captcha solving
  • TranscribeMe: Transcription
  • GoTranscript: Transcription
  • Babbletype: Transcription
  • Scribie: Transcription
  • OneSpace: Transcription
  • Rev: Transcription and captioning
  • GMR Transcription: Transcription, translation
  • FlexJobs : Data entry
  • Upwork : Varied
  • Amberscript : Transcription, captioning, translation
  • Freelancer : Transcription
  • Hourly pay range: Set your price

You can begin getting paid to type with Fiverr in just three easy steps:

  • Set up a job . It’s free to sign up. Simply specify your typing gig and showcase your work to potential buyers worldwide.
  • Do the job . You’ll receive an email when a customer orders your services.
  • Get paid . Fiverr payments are always on time and immediately available for withdrawal.

2. Amazon Mechanical Turk

  • Average hourly pay: Less than minimum wage

Workers on Amazon Mechanical Turk, also known as MTurk, provide data processing services to customers. Compensation is paid through the MTurk marketplace, but don’t expect significant payouts. To find typing work on MTurk:

  • Create an MTurk account.
  • Search the Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) for jobs that interest you.
  • Accept and submit your work per the work instructions.
  • You’ll receive payment for your work after it’s approved by the requestor.

3. AccuTran Global

  • Average hourly pay: $75 per conference call

The company is always looking for new typists with skills in real-time captioning, real-time stenography, voice writing and transcription. You must be able to work independently, meet client deadlines, type at least 75 words per minute and follow precise guidelines. However, Accutran Global only hires State Board level CART certified contractors, such as CRR, CCP, CRC, RMR or CSR. 

4. 2Captcha

  • Average pay range: $0.50 for 1-2 hours

Captchas are used to help restrict bots from using websites. You can get paid to type by captcha solving, which is editing or correcting the text shown in captcha images. To earn money with 2Captcha, sign up on the website, confirm your email address and solve captchas. 

5. TranscribeMe

  • Hourly pay range: $15 to $22 per audio hour

TranscribeMe pays for accurate audio and video transcription services at competitive rates. The company offers freelance transcribers career growth opportunities and flexible schedules. You’ll transcribe as many two- to four-minute clips as you’d like, rather than long interviews. When you finish one clip, another is immediately sent to you. You can sign up to start freelancing on TranscribeMe’s website.

6. GoTranscipt

  • Hourly pay range: $0.60 per audio minute

GoTranscript provides high-quality professional transcription, translation and subtitling services to global clients. The company hires transcribers who are fluent in English, German, Spanish and French. You must submit a resume for their open positions to be considered for hiring. 

7. Babbletype

  • Hourly pay range: $23

You can earn extra cash with exclusive audio-to-text transcription for market research through Babbletype. The company offers three types of transcription services — PureSpeech, PureText and PureResponse. You must apply to join Babbletype’s transcription team and need to have high language, listening and transcription skills.

  • Hourly pay range: $5 to $20 per audio hour

Scribie provides audio-to-text transcription services. The four-step human transcription process consists of transcribing, reviewing, proofreading and quality checking. It’s simple to join the Scribie transcription team. Sign up on the website, add your PayPal account and take a transcription test.

9. OneSpace

  • Average pay range: $0.10 per audio task

With OneSpace, you’ll transcribe a variety of audio files, such as interviews, phone calls and focus groups. The company pays per task and not per hour, which offers flexibility. OneSpace career opportunities are listed on their website.

  • Average pay range: $0.30 to $1.10 per minute for audio and video

As a freelancer with Rev, you’ll provide fast and accurate transcription services of audio and video files. You’ll get paid to transcribe, caption or subtitle content from anywhere you are, and you can choose from hundreds of jobs that interest you. Rev transcribers are paid weekly.

11. GMR Transcription

  • Average pay range: $1,000-$3,000 monthly

GMR Transcription currently has job openings for general transcriptionists and translators. The company claims transcriptionists will earn more if they take more difficult projects or projects with quicker turnaround times. They also increase pay as workers gain experience. To apply for a position, you must take a one-minute typing test.

12. FlexJobs

  • Average pay range: Set by each employer

You can find remote, work-from-home , hybrid and flexible data entry jobs on the FlexJobs website. The company researches databases to find companies for you to apply to career-oriented part-time jobs. The site provides some free job-related information, but you’ll have to become a paid member to access full job listings.

  • Average pay range: Varies; hourly or fixed-price

Upwork currently lists over 600 transcriptionist jobs on its website. You can set your price by the hour or by project. To get paid to type with Upwork:

  • Create your profile.
  • Search for typing jobs.
  • Submit a job proposal.
  • Accept a contract.
  • Complete the work.
  • Get paid for your work.

14. Amberscript

  • Hourly pay range: Varied per audio/video minute

Amberscript has freelance opportunities available for transcribers, captioners, and even translators. Work hours are flexible and freelancers can choose from projects available to them on the company’s platform. The company requires you to complete an online transcription course before you can apply for open positions.

15. Freelancer

  • Average pay range: Up to $1,000 based on bid

Freelancer transcription jobs involve converting video and audio files into text documents. Projects include translating interviews into multiple languages, proofreading previously transcribed texts and writing academic articles from recordings.

Getting paid to type is a good way to earn extra income online. How much you earn depends on your typing skill level and experience. If you have a laptop and a reliable internet connection, you can be on your way to making money to type.

Caitlyn Moorhead contributed to the reporting for this article.

Information is accurate as of Aug. 23, 2023, and is subject to change.

This article originally appeared on GOBankingRates.com : Get Paid to Type: 15 Sites To Find Online Typing Jobs

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The Work at Home Wife

Helping you work at home and make money online

5 Legit Typing From Home Jobs in 2024 (No Scams. No “Systems.”)

By Angie Nelson

Last Updated January 22, 2024 . Disclosure: We may receive compensation if you sign up for or purchase products linked below. Details on offers may change, and you should confirm them with the company prior to taking action.

INSIDE: If you enjoy typing and you’d like to work from home, typing from home jobs are the perfect fit. Fortunately, there are several options with varying skill sets.

Are you looking for an easy way to break into working from home? Are you a good typist? If you answered yes to both of those questions, consider a work-from-home typing job!

During my initial foray into the work-from-home journey, online typing jobs were a source of income that guided my path. Regardless of whether you’re a great typist or just beginning, this avenue could prove to be a profitable venture for you as well. Speaking from my personal journey, I can assure you that even if your typing speed is currently less than stellar, there are tons of free resources you can practice with to improve your typing skills . These same resources can certainly help boost your skill level and thereby, your earning potential in typing jobs.

And as long as you have good hearing or can handle data entry, there’s a typing job out there you can do as a freelancer, whether it’s general transcription, virtual assistance, or microtasks. Read on for my guide to online typing jobs and where to apply.

1. Data Entry Jobs

Data entry work is an incredibly easy work-from-home job  that’s largely open to beginners.

You shouldn’t need any special training or experience for an online data entry job. You just need to be able to type and have basic computer skills , such as entering information into an application as directed.

That could involve adding data to a spreadsheet or entering data into a company’s system. You may be expected to verify and/or edit the data, and some forms of data entry involve research.

There are also specialized forms of data entry that require more training and even certification, such as medical coding or scopistry ( editing and reviewing the transcription of a court reporter ).

Data entry is a highly repetitive job, so you need to make sure that won’t get to you over long periods.

Equipment Needed

A private desktop or laptop computer you can work on from home, with high-speed internet access, is required.

You should also have a keyboard with a number pad (or a separate number pad you can plug in via USB).

A data entry clerk may also need access to various data processing programs, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and other Microsoft Office and G Suite applications.

How Much Can You Make?

Most data entry jobs don’t pay well because they’re easy, and almost anyone can do them. This also means competition for a remote job tends to be very fierce.

You’ll find the better-paying data entry jobs are the specialized ones mentioned above.

Companies to Work For

  • AccuTran Global
  • Axion Data Entry Services
  • DionData Solutions

Get a more in-depth look at data entry and find more companies hiring in my post, “ Legit Data Entry Jobs From Home .”

2. Captioning Jobs

With a captioning job, you listen to an audio file and transcribe what you hear. But instead of making simple transcription documents, you create captions on videos for people who are hard of hearing or who want to watch a video with the sound off.

Captioning tends to be more complete and more demanding than transcription, including notation of background noises, for example.

Closed captioning involves a prerecorded video file, from recorded lectures to TV programs.

A real-time captioner has a more intense job because they caption a live program, such as a sports broadcast or news show. There may only be a short delay in airtime, requiring you to be fast and accurate with your captions.

For most professional captioning jobs, you’ll need some kind of certification. Working with stenographic shorthand is often required, especially due to the demand for high typing speeds.

A computer or laptop you can work on from home with high-speed internet access is required, plus headphones to make listening to the audio easier.

You will also probably need a stenotype machine.

From my personal journey, I’ve found that captioning, a specialized form of transcription, is indeed a more demanding sector, but it also pays off better than general transcription. When I became adept at it, I was even able to turn it into a full-time gig. So, based on my first-hand experience, I can assure you that once you gain enough experience and establish your reputation, you can definitely make a steady income out of captioning.

  • National Captioning Institute

Learn more about captioning and where to find gigs here .

3. Transcription Jobs

This is probably what you think of first when you think of work-from-home typing jobs. As a transcriptionist, you listen to audio recordings and type what you hear. It really is that simple!

You need a good sense of hearing to do a transcription job , including the ability to understand various accents and untangle multiple sources of sound – from multiple voices to background noise competing with the speaker.

You should also be a good typist, with a high typing speed and low error rate. Transcription is not an industry that tolerates much in the way of typos or other mistakes!

Some online transcription jobs, such as those serving the legal or medical industries, may require certification, which you can complete online.

Equipment Needed  

To be a transcriptionist, you need a computer you can work from at home with high-speed internet access (of course).

You also need headphones to listen to audio files, and sometimes you may need specific transcription software and/or a foot pedal .

To be quite honest, entry-level transcription doesn’t pay that much, reflecting the simplicity of the job. However, experience can earn you better rates of pay, and so can specializing in medical transcription or legal transcription.

Much of the industry pay per audio hour completed, so you can also increase your rate of pay by being an incredibly quick and efficient transcriptionist.

  • GMR Transcription
  • TranscribeMe

Find more jobs in my post “ Online Transcription Jobs: Work-at-Home Beginners Welcome .”

4. Virtual Assistant Jobs

With a home virtual assistant job, you can make money online by doing many things for your client, including data entry.

Some clients may want spreadsheets created from raw data they’ve collected, or they may want you to do some research – finding companies that fit certain criteria and filling out contact details in the client’s computer system, for example.

The great thing about virtual assisting is the sheer variety of tasks you might be asked to do, and research and data collection keep the data entry part of the job from being too monotonous.

Plus, if you can offer various other services, such as social media management, ghostwriting, customer service, or mailing list optimization, you can earn more than you might in more traditional data entry-only roles.

This depends on exactly what you’ll be doing for your clients, but a home computer with high-speed internet access is the default requirement.

You should also have a comfortable place to work undisturbed for extended periods, along with access to common software programs, from Microsoft Office suite to G Suite.

It depends on how you find your virtual assistant clients, but you can make a decent wage with most VA companies (better than or comparable to the minimum wage in most states).

You can charge more if you have your own virtual assistant business and you find your own clients.

  • Vicky Virtual
  • Worldwide101

Learn more about starting your own VA business here .

5. Micro Task Jobs

A microtask is just what it sounds like: a small task that doesn’t take long to complete but can’t be automated.

Micro tasks which require a human to complete include identifying objects in a photograph or transcribing a small audio file. Or you may be asked to write a brief paragraph or update a spreadsheet with the latest prices of a series of items.

You can find these short tasks on a variety of microtask job sites, and because they often don’t take much brain power to complete, you can knock them out while doing something more pleasant (like watching TV) or in whatever brief snatches of downtime you have throughout your day.

As with any typing-from-home job, you must have a computer to work on with high-speed internet access.

Beyond that, it’s always a good idea to have access to as many programs as possible so that you can accept a wide variety of jobs. Make sure you’re familiar with and have access to the G Suite of programs (Google Docs, Sheets) and Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Excel).

One of the gigs I tried when starting out was micro tasks. They do come with smaller pay, typically a few cents to a few dollars per task. But remember, these are my personal experiences, and yours could differ. Occasionally, I stumbled upon opportunities that paid substantially more than the average micro task, so there’s potential there if you keep your eyes peeled.

  • Amazon mTurk
  • ClickWorker

Dive deeper into the microtask world with my post “ Micro Jobs: Easy Cash for Completing Simple Short Tasks .”

Now that you’ve read this, I think your typing fingers have been resting long enough. Get out there and earn some extra income with a home typing job!

Are online typing jobs legit?

While there are a lot of scams in any work-from-home opportunity, there are many legitimate companies offering online typing jobs that have been around for a long time.

Some of the red flags to look out for include being asked for too much personal information or high starting wages. Learn more in my article about spotting work-from-home scams .

Can I make money typing at home?

Making money by typing at home will vary depending on factors such as experience, difficulty of the job, speed, and accuracy, in addition to whether you are working for a company or freelancing.

Basic word processing tends to pay the lowest, whereas transcription services can pay much more.

About Angie Nelson

Angie Nelson began working from home in 2007 when she figured out how to take her future into her own hands and escape the corporate cubicle farm. Angie’s goal is sharing her passion for home business, personal finance, telecommuting, and entrepreneurship, and her work has been featured on Recruiter, FlexJobs and Business News Daily..

Angie Nelson began working from home in 2007 when she figured out how to take her future into her own hands and escape the corporate cubicle farm. Angie’s goal is sharing her passion for home business, personal finance, telecommuting, and entrepreneurship, and her work has been featured on Recruiter, FlexJobs and Business News Daily.

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typing jobs online work from home

These 15 Websites Actually Pay You To Type Online (Up To $50/hour)

Online social media jobs that pay $30/hour, no experience necessary, availability to start this week, no experience required, make $25-$35 testing new apps, just need access to phone/tablet, completely remote, 5+ hours per week available.

Are you looking to get paid to type?

If you’re a fast and accurate typer, you can use those skills to make money with a data entry or live chat job.

While these jobs aren’t normally the highest paying , they are readily available and can still pay up to $25 an hour.

My current three favorite methods for getting paid to type however, are these three.

  • Writing social media posts.
  • Writing app reviews
  •  Live chat support

Still looking for more options? No worries we have 15 more below.

If you’re ready to turn your typing skills into cash, you should check out these top sites where you get paid just to type.

Sites that Pay You to Type

1.WriteApps 2. Aberdeen 2. MicroWorkers 3. Quicktate 4. SpeakWrite 5. TranscribeMe! 6. Accutran Global 7. Xerox 8. SigTrack 9. Lionbridge 10. mTurk 11. Babbletype 12. Casting Words 13. ClickWorker 14. WeLocalize 15. Rev.com

1. WriteAppReviews

Write apps is my favorite way to get paid to type for two reasons.

First and foremost it’s fun.

Second it can make more money than most of the others.

WriteApps reviews mobile apps.

Since hundreds of apps go live every day, they hire you to do this for them.

All you do is download the app, play with it for a bit, then write about your experience.

You get to review all kinds of fun apps and can make good money still.

You can sign up for WriteAppReviews here.

1. Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a company that offers closed captioning, subtitling, and translation services to broadcasting companies.

To do this, Aberdeen hires and pays people to type these up for them.

Captioners must be able to type at least 180 WPM and caption in real-time. To work as a captioner, you must also have real-time captioning software, three phone lines, and backup internet.

Aberdeen has a fully remote position for real-time broadcast captioners and on-site positions for Junior Closed Captioners. The on-site positions come with competitive pay and a 401k option.

  • Hourly Pay: Not Listed
  • Hours : Sunday – Monday, 4 pm to 2 am

2. MicroWorkers

Microworkers.com is a site that allows users to register and complete jobs for money. These jobs are usually on the smaller side (hence the name “Microworkers”) and can include jobs where you get paid to type.

Typical typing jobs you’ll find on Microworkers include collecting data and entering it into spreadsheets, translating robot commands to natural conversation, and transcription.

I found an older Reddit thread where users were discussing MicroWorkers strategy and pay. Unfortunately, it looked like the average pay was in the $5-$7 per hour range. Payment will vary, though, depending on the jobs you take, your skill level, and how quick you are.

  • Hourly Pay: All jobs pay a different amount 
  • Hours: Flexible

3. Quicktate

Get Paid To Type - Quicktate

Quicktate hires contractors to transcribe phone calls, videos, and audio clips for their clients. 

These contractors get paid to type exactly what they hear.

To qualify to work with Quicktate, you’ll need to pass a test to demonstrate your typing abilities. If you pass the quiz, you’ll also need to pass a background check. (There’s a $20 fee for the background check.)

  • Hourly Pay: Pay ranges from $0.0025 – $0.0050 per word

4. SpeakWrite

SpeakWrite hires contractors to transcribe audio from police departments, law offices, protective services, and more.

To qualify as a transcriptionist with SpeakWrite, you need to accurately type at least 60 words per minute. You’ll also need a Windows-based PC, Microsoft Word, and a foot pedal.

The application process consists of passing a quiz and completing training.

  • Hourly Pay: Pay is $0.0050 per word
  • Hours: Flexible, at least 15 scheduled hours per month

5. TranscribeMe!


TranscribeMe! Hires contractors to transcribe short, 2-4 minute audio clips. They also claim to offer some of the highest pay in the industry and 100% flexible jobs.

To qualify, you’ll need to have a computer, access to stable internet, and be able to pass their entrance exam. You do not need to have special equipment or prior experience.

  • Hourly Pay: $15-$22 per audio hour 
  • Hours : Flexible

(Note: audio hour is the amount you earn for transcribing one hour of audio – your actual pay will come out to much less.)

6. Accutran Global

Accutran Global hires experienced contractors to help with the transcription of conference calls from professions including medical, legal, financial, and more.

This company currently hires State Board Levels CARTs. Besides this certification, you’ll also need voice writing software and equipment, Windows 10, and a quality pair of headphones.

  • Hourly Pay: Pay is based on the length of the conference call, starting at $75 for up to an hour conference call
  • Hours: Not specified


Xerox has a virtual office program in which they hire qualified military spouses and veterans to work from home. One of the work-at-home jobs they offer is data entry and verification.

To find a job you’re interested in, you’ll need to use their website’s job search feature. (Data entry jobs are not always available.)

  • Hourly Pay: Varies
  • Hours: Varies – Part Time to Full Time

8. SigTrack

SigTrack occasionally hires contractors to help input voter registration information into their database.

To qualify, you must be a United States resident, have Windows 10 or higher, MACOS 10.13 or higher, and reliable internet.

This is one of the more legit jobs where you get paid to type because you are working for the government.

Getting signed on tends to be a little harder because of the secure nature of the information.

  • Hourly Pay: Depends upon speed and accuracy

9. Lionbridge

Get Paid To Type - Lionbridge

Lionbridge hires contractors to fill many work-at-home jobs, including their online data analyst positions. Online data analysts research and verify information.

To qualify for a position that pays you to type, you will need to pass an entrance exam.

Pay is said to be around $12-$14 per hour with hours up to 20 per week.

  • Hourly Pay: Not listed
  • Hours: Flexible, up to 20 hours per week

mTurk is a company run by Amazon that pays its users for completing tasks called “HITs.” HIT stands for Human Intelligence Task and is a small virtual task that needs to be completed by a human.

Many different HITs are available on mTurk, with some of the most popular being categorization research and data entry,  image processing, and data verification. The pay at mTurk varies by job, but since most jobs are small, the payment is also small.

The good thing about mTurk is you can work when you want, as much as you want. So, if your regular work has dried up, you can use mTurk as a backup for now.

I browsed some Reddit threads to see what avid mTurk workers were making, and it seems like $6-$12 is the norm, with workers occasionally (not consistently) earning up to $20/hr.

  • Hourly Pay: Varies by task and your speed

11. Babbletype


Babblytype hires freelancers to transcribe documents used for market research projects. Because Babblytype values accuracy so much, they’re only willing to work with transcribers who are committed and focused.

To become a transcriber for Babbletype, you’ll have to watch their introduction video, take a transcribing test, complete an assessment, and then make it past the interview.

Candidates must be able to work at least one hour per day, four days per week. Sometimes there are bulk loads of work, and transcribers are expected to help complete it.

  • Hourly Pay: depends upon your speed and accuracy
  • Hours: 1 hour per day, four days per week

12. Casting Words

Casting Words hires freelancers to transcribe all kinds of audio and video clips. These freelancers get paid to type everything they see and hear. Signing up is very easy, and they don’t seem to have as many requirements as the other sites. In fact, if you’re over 18 and live in a supported country, you’re pretty much good to go. 

Some users will receive short assessments they have to take after filling out their profiles.

The pay you receive depends on your rating. If your work is rated a 0-4, your job will be rejected, and you won’t receive payment. Work rated a 5 gets the base pay for the job, and everything above a 5 qualifies for extra pay.

  • Hourly Pay: 0.085 – $1.00 per audio minute
  • Hours : 100% Flexible

13. ClickWorker


Clickworker is very similar to mTurk. This company hires workers to complete micro-tasks, including correcting text, verifying data, and categorizing data.

The main benefit of Clickworker is that it has an app. So, if you’re looking for work you can do off of your phone, this is about as good as it gets.

  • Hourly Pay: Dependent on the job

14. WeLocalize

If you’re looking for a unique or fun way to get paid to type, you’ll like this company. WeLocalize hires freelancers to transcribe song lyrics. 

To qualify, you must be fluent in English, able to transcribe 50 songs per week and have the ability to understand song lyrics and jargon. You must also sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Pay is rumored to be $4 per song. This means if you’re an accurate transcriber, you could earn a decent hourly wage through this company.

  • Hourly Pay : Per song, hourly pay depends on your skill and speed
  • Hours: Flexible, but must transcribe at least 50 songs per week

15. Rev.com


Rev.com is one of the most popular sites that pay freelancers for typing-based jobs. Rev has two job openings for typists: transcriber and captioner.

Rev pays transcribers $0.30 – $1.10 per audio/video minute, and pays captioners $0.54-$1.10 per audio/video minute. Work is completely flexible. You can pick up jobs whenever you want.

To get started, you’ll need to sign up, take an English and grammar quiz, and then submit a sample of your work. If approved, you’ll start working right away.

  • Hourly Pay: Varies; pay is $0.30-$1.10 per audio/video minute

Top Questions About Online Typing and Data Entry Jobs

How much money can i expect to earn typing online.

Online typing and data entry jobs are not high-paying. You can expect to earn anywhere from $6 to $12 per hour from most of the jobs on this list. More experienced transcribers with fast and accurate typing speeds may be able to earn more.

It’s essential to understand that the pay per audio or video minute will not be your hourly pay. 

Let’s say, for example, pay per audio minute is $1.00. It takes you 4 minutes to transcribe that one minute of audio. This makes your pay $0.25 per minute or the equivalent of $15 per hour.

Are These Jobs Only for Freelancers?

You can find data entry jobs that will hire you as a W-2 employee. However, most on this list won’t. (The exception is Xerox and Aberdeen.)

Most online typing jobs hire freelancers as independent contractors. This means you’ll receive a 1099 at the end of the year for income tax purposes and will be responsible for paying self-employment taxes. 

If you’re worried about the tax aspect of freelancing, consult an accountant. An accountant can advise you on how much money to hold back for taxes and how to send in and report self-employment taxes.

Can Students Apply for Work from Home Typing Jobs?

Yes. If you’re a college student and are looking for flexible work you can do anywhere, you can absolutely sign up for work from home typing jobs.

Most of these jobs only require you to be 18, a US resident, and an accurate typer. Other than that, you’ll need a Paypal account to receive payment.

If you’re looking for more jobs you can do as a college student, check out our list of 97 side hustles.

How Can I Earn More From Typing Jobs?

Since most typing or transcription jobs are paid per project, the best way to increase your income is to become a faster and more accurate typer. Luckily, the more practice you get, the more your typing skills will improve.

You can also look into transcription certification programs, but you need to be very selective when doing so. There are many scams, so be sure to check on the legitimacy of any company you sign up with.

Get Paid to Type: What You Should Know

If you want to get paid to type, there are many transcription and data entry jobs you can apply for. It’s good to remember, though, that these jobs aren’t always high-paying and may not be suitable as full-time income sources.

If you want to give these jobs a go, sign up for a few places so that you always have work available to you. This way, you can see if you’ll be able to pull in a liveable income on data entry jobs.

And remember, the faster and more accurate you type, the more money you’ll be able to earn.

Looking for more ways to earn money?

Check out the video below to learn how I went from $0 to $3,000,000:

Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.

Spencer Mecham

Spencer Mecham

Online Marketplaces to Sell

Clear Out Your Clutter: The Top Online Marketplaces to Sell Your Stuff

get paid to lose weight

Get Paid To Lose Weight (Sites That Pay You to Be Healthy)

save on taxes

Savings Tips: Tricks to Save on Taxes this Year

Upwork Alternatives

Upwork Alternatives to Skyrocket Your Freelancing Career

Amazon Work From Home Jobs

Amazon work from home jobs.

Work from home

More Americans are experimenting with freelancing, either as a side hustle or a full-time career. 

The number of professionals freelancing in the U.S. hit an all-time high in 2023, increasing to 64 million people, or 38% of the U.S. workforce, from 60 million the year earlier, according to recent research from Upwork. 

Businesses are increasingly relying on freelancers to save on headcount and real estate expenses, Yoav Hornung, head of verticals and innovation at Fiverr, tells CNBC Make It . 

But the services businesses are hiring independent contractors for are constantly changing, Hornung says. For example: In recent months, Fiverr has seen a marked increase in requests for AI professionals, including video editors and prompt engineers, who can help businesses leverage AI technologies to be more efficient or profitable. 

In addition to AI services, here are three of the most in-demand freelance services for 2024, according to Fiverr , including what professionals on the platform are charging for them. All of these gigs can be done from home and pay over $100 per project:

Video editing 

Video editors work in post-production, assembling raw footage into finished packages using different software applications. Two kinds of video editing have seen "huge demand" as of late, according to Hornung: AI video editing and social media video editing. 

Between January and July 2023, searches for AI video editors increased by more than 625% on Fiverr. These creators leverage AI to customize video backgrounds, generate voiceovers and enhance audio and visual elements, among other services.

Video editing for short-form content is another in-demand skill. "The increasing popularity of 'snackable' content in the form of Reels, Shorts and TikTok has spiked demand for freelancers who can make snappy, engaging content for brands," Hornung says.

Video editors on Fiverr typically charge at least $100 per project. 

Social media management and content creation

Social media managers and specialists develop, edit and promote content across different channels for a client or organization to engage with and grow their audience.

The value of a strong online presence for brands and businesses has "never been higher," says Hornung, as more people — especially younger consumers — shop on social media platforms. 

One skill that will be "especially valuable" for freelance social media managers to possess in 2024, he adds, is the ability to create content that feels "authentic and genuine" for clients as more consumers demand authenticity and transparency from the brands they support.

Social media managers and specialists charge at least $150 per project.

Mobile app development 

Mobile app developers are software engineers who create apps for smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices. These professionals typically work alongside graphic designers and data scientists. 

Globally, people recorded nearly 77 billion mobile app downloads during the first half of 2023, up 3% from 2022, according to data.ai , a data analytics tool. 

Hornung points out that, on Fiverr, searches for "app development" have seen a consistent increase since the start of 2023. He explains that more brands are adopting mobile-first strategies to meet consumers' growing preference for interacting with businesses through their phones versus computers or in person.

Mobile app developers charge at least $500 per project. 

If you're considering a freelance career or side hustle in any of these fields, it's not enough to learn the technical skills you'll need to do the job — what sets the most successful freelancers apart, says Hornung, is their soft skills and endorsements. 

"Trust is king," he says. "Investing in soft skills such as communication and organization, and proof of how you've used these skills, can go a long way in establishing trust between freelance professionals and their clientele base."

Clarification: This story has been updated to reflect project-based payments for each freelance role.

Want to land your dream job in 2024?  Take  CNBC's new online course How to Ace Your Job Interview  to learn what hiring managers are really looking for, body language techniques, what to say and not to say, and the best way to talk about pay.

My side hustle brings in $400K a year—how I spend my money

Typing Jobs From Home - No Experience (REMOTE JOBS)

Remote Work From Home Customer Service - Typing Job

We're looking for folks who want to earn weekly using your data entry clerk skills, using your customer service representative skills or warehouse skills to do something strictly online.

* You must apply online only. We offer a unique opportunity for anyone looking to start working from home doing micro jobs, traditional work from home jobs and gigs - all from home.

  • Work when you want.
  • Earn serious cash working part time or full time.
  • Learn new skills that you can take anywhere.
  • Ditch the commute & the high gas prices
  • No degree required

Supplement your existing job. No need to quit your current job, unless you really hate it.

We provide training and tools to help you succeed in this industry

Excellent gig for Stay at home moms, retired folks, disabled people and anyone looking to learn how to make income online.

Remote work from home skills may include: Typing 25+ words per minute

You enjoy data entry work and can perform the work from your home or location of choosing (remote work from home job) Computer with internet access

It is crucial that you be self-motivated and able to follow explicit directions to begin working from home

Self Motivated - you must be 100% able to commit to working with little supervision

Work from home jobs of this nature require Internet and one of the following: Laptop or PC, MAC, or Smart Device - Android or IOS

Ready to get started? Start today and get paid next week. Thanks for checking us out and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

  • Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh.
  • Opens in a new window.

Visa House Logo

  • How to get a Russian Visa
  • Getting started and what's the price
  • About Visa House
  • Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa
  • For a HQ Specialist
  • Private Visa
  • For a member of the family
  • Transit Visa
  • Visa-free entry
  • Contact the Consulate
  • Documents to be submitted
  • Consular Questionnaire
  • Consular Fee
  • Check your Visa
  • How to register your visa
  • Migration Card
  • Arrival Notification
  • Before entering Russia
  • Crossing the border
  • Useful Hints
  • Russian Visa News
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  • Business Visa Invitation
  • Travel Insurance
  • Delivery of documents
  • Flight tickets booking
  • Hotel booking
  • Notarized translation
  • Additional Visa Services
  • All about Russian visas
  • General Info
  • At the Consulate
  • Visa Registration
  • Russian Visa FAQs
  • Russian Visa Types
  • Russian Work Visa
  • Procedure for obtaining

The procedure for receiving the work visa for foreign citizens

The procedure for receiving the work visa for foreign citizens

Obtaining a work visa for the foreign citizen is a multistage and long process. For example, it will take on the average 100 days and 15900 ₽ (only to pay the state fee) for the Company-employer registered in Moscow to hire a foreign worker. Since a work permit is valid maximum for 1 year, it is necessary to start processing a new work visa 6 months after receiving the current work visa.

Citizens of the CIS do not need a visa to enter Russia, and Work permit is issued for them in the simplified order for 10 working days and 4000 ₽ approximately.

Company – member of AmCham can process the documents in Moscow in “one window” mode for its foreign colleagues working not only in Moscow, but also in any other region of Russia.

Steps of the work visa getting procedure:

  • Annual electronic application for foreign manpower need submitted to the Migration quotas automated information system.
  • Placement of vacancy in the administration of Civil service of the employment of population.
  • Permission to involve the foreign labor force in the Migration police.
  • Work permit for foreigner (Plastic Card) in the Migration police.
  • Accreditation at the local department of the Migration police.
  • Work visa Invitation for foreigner.
  • Receiving a single-entry work visa for 90 days at the Russian Consulate.
  • Visa registration with the local department of the Migration police.
  • Notification of the beginning of work of a foreigner submitted to the Migration Police.
  • Re-issue of a single-entry work visa into a multiple-entry visa with the extension of its validity period.

Samples of documents

Front side of the application to the Government Employment Services

Detailed description of stages for the Company registered in Moscow and hiring foreign citizen to work in Moscow:

  • Every year a Company is obliged to submit the application for foreign manpower need for the next year, so that the needs of the concrete company would be taken into account while the formation of quotas for the Russian Federation subjects and of all-Russian quota. Application includes a compulsory registration with the quick information center “Migration quota” at www.migrakvota.gov.ru . This rule does not apply to non-quota positions which list is renewed every year.

Required documents:

  • Application form (PDF file, 48 KB) about the assignment to the employer of the state service of assistance in the selection of the required workers (1 copy);
  • Information about the need of workers (PDF file, 50 KB), the presence of the unfilled vacancies (2 copies);
  • Certificate from the Russian Federal Tax Service of “State registration of legal entities” and the introduction of record into the United state list of legal entities (1 notarized copy);
  • Certificate from the Russian Federal Tax Service of “Registration of the legal entity with the Tax Authorities” (1 notarized copy);
  • Codes of statistics (1 notarized copy);
  • License to carry out activities (if needed) (1 notarized copy);
  • Power of attorney (PDF file, 52 KB) to the authorized representative to submit and obtain statements of the Administration of civil service of the employment of population (UGSZN) of Moscow (1 copy).
  • Conclusion of the Administration of civil service of the employment of population (UGSZN) of Moscow (copy with the assignment of the original);
  • Request to the Administration of civil service of the employment of population (UGSZN) (PDF file, 73 KB) (2 copies);
  • Application (PDF file, 44 KB) to the Migration police of Russia (3 copies);
  • Application form of the organization (PDF file, 37 KB) (1 copy);
  • Application (PDF file, 42 KB) to the Russian Migration police of Moscow (2 copies);
  • Project of a labour contract or other documents confirming the preliminary agreement with foreign citizens or foreign partners about intention and conditions of employment of foreign workers (1 copy, signed and stamped by the employer);
  • Certificate from the Russian Federal Tax Service of “The introduction of a record into the United state list of legal entities on the state registration of changes into the constitutive documents of a legal entity” (if changes were occurred) (2 notarized copies);
  • Certificate from the Russian Federal Tax Service of “The introduction of a record into the United state list of legal entities on the state registration of changes which are not connected with constitutive documents of legal entity” (if changes were occurred) (2 notarized copies);
  • Original of a billing document (stamped by bank) proving the payment of the state fee of 10000 ₽ for giving the company a “Permit to involve foreign labour force” for each foreign worker (properties).
  • Copy of a “Permit to involve foreign labour force” (with the presentation of the original);
  • Application (file PDF, 42 KB) to the Russian Migration police of Moscow (2 copies);
  • Warrant to the authorized representative (file PDF, 52 KB) for the right to supply and obtain a work permit (plastic card) (2 copies);
  • Application (file PDF, 102 KB) about issuing to foreign citizen or person without citizenship of work permit (1 copy);
  • Letter of guarantee (file PDF, 55 KB) for the return of foreign worker (1 copy);
  • Examination certificate for knowledge of Russian language;
  • Form A30 – about absence of disease of Hansen (leprosy);
  • Form A15-A19 – about absence of tuberculosis;
  • Form A50-A53.9, A55, A57 – about absence of sexually transmitted infections (syphilis, lymphogranuloma (venereal), chancre);
  • Form 086 – for the workers connected with physical labor;
  • about absence of addiction;
  • Notarized translation of passport of foreign citizen (1 copy);
  • Colored photo of foreign citizen on the mat paper – 2 pieces;
  • Copy of document with apostille about the vocational education with the translation into Russian (1 notarized copy); or a certificate of equivalency of such document to the Russian school certificate or diploma of professional education;
  • Original of billing document (stamped by bank) about the payment of the state duty of 3500 ₽ for obtaining a “work permit for a foreign citizen or a person without citizenship” (properties).
  • Application form (PDF file, 75 KB);
  • Extract from the “United state list of legal entities” (remoteness of an extract should not exceed one month; 1 notarized copy);
  • If the head (Director-General) is not Russian citizen, copies of Permit to involve foreign labour force and Work permit for foreign citizen (both notarized copies) are also required;
  • Non-residential Lease Agreement (in case of sublease, copies of sublease agreement and non-residential lease agreement should be presented; 1 notarized copy);
  • Certificate of “State registration of the property rights” of the non-residential premises (at owner of premises) occupied by organization (1 notarized copy);
  • Letter of guarantee (file PDF, 41 КB).
  • Organization Registration card in the Russian Migration police of Moscow;
  • Application letter for invitation (file PDF, 116 KB) for Russian visa (1 copy);
  • Letter of guarantee (file PDF, 45 KB) from organization (1 copy);
  • Copy of “permit to employ foreign workers” (Permission) (1 copy);
  • Copy of both sides of “Work permit of foreign citizen” (Plastic card) with the presentation of original;
  • Copy of the page of passport of foreign citizen, which contains photo and specifications (1 copy);
  • Copy of labor contract;
  • Receipt for state fee payment.
  • Application of foreign citizen to the Russian consulate with purpose of obtaining single work visa for 90 days.
  • Notification of the beginning of work of the foreign national in the organization. After obtaining a work permit and a work visa, signing a labor contract with a foreign worker (or extending the existing labor contract for the new period), the Company- employer is obligated to send the notification of conclusion of the employment agreement with a foreign worker to the Migration police of Moscow in 3 days. Similar notification should be sent in case of cancellation of an employment agreement with a foreign worker.
  • Registration of the work visa with the local department of the Migration police.
  • Notification of arrival (Visa registration) (file XLSX, 130 KB) of foreign citizen to the place of stay (1 copy);
  • Letter of guarantee (file PDF, 52 KB) from the inviting organization with the request to obtain a multiple entree work visa for foreign citizen (1 copy);
  • Application with request to obtain a multiple entree work visa (file PDF, 55 KB) from a foreign citizen (1 copy);
  • Passport copies of foreign citizen with the visa and migratory card, with the presentation of originals;
  • Two photos (colored, mat paper, size of 3×4);
  • Copy of “permit to employ foreign workers” (permission), with presentation of original;
  • Copy of “work permit of foreign citizen” (Plastic card), with presentation of original.
  • Russian Tourist Visa
  • Russian Business Visa
  • Russian Visa for Highly Qualified Specialists
  • Russian Private Visa
  • Russian Transit Visa
  • Russian Visa for a family member
  • Russian Consulates
  • Russian Visa Centres
  • Our Services
  • Air tickets
  • Clients Feedback
  • Terms and Conditions

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Technical Writing

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19th Edition of Global Conference on Catalysis, Chemical Engineering & Technology

  • Victor Mukhin

Victor Mukhin, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences

Victor M. Mukhin was born in 1946 in the town of Orsk, Russia. In 1970 he graduated the Technological Institute in Leningrad. Victor M. Mukhin was directed to work to the scientific-industrial organization "Neorganika" (Elektrostal, Moscow region) where he is working during 47 years, at present as the head of the laboratory of carbon sorbents.     Victor M. Mukhin defended a Ph. D. thesis and a doctoral thesis at the Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia (in 1979 and 1997 accordingly). Professor of Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. Scientific interests: production, investigation and application of active carbons, technological and ecological carbon-adsorptive processes, environmental protection, production of ecologically clean food.   

Title : Active carbons as nanoporous materials for solving of environmental problems

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    Copy of the page of passport of foreign citizen, which contains photo and specifications (1 copy); Copy of labor contract; Receipt for state fee payment. Application of foreign citizen to the Russian consulate with purpose of obtaining single work visa for 90 days. Notification of the beginning of work of the foreign national in the organization.

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    Heads up! This course may be archived and/or unavailable. This course is a part of English for Research Publication Purposes, a 5-course Specialization series from Coursera. The course develops technical writing skills necessary to communicate information gained through a process of technical or experimental work.

  26. Active carbons as nanoporous materials for solving of environmental

    Biography: Victor M. Mukhin was born in 1946 in the town of Orsk, Russia. In 1970 he graduated the Technological Institute in Leningrad. Victor M. Mukhin was directed to work to the scientific-industrial organization "Neorganika" (Elektrostal, Moscow region) where he is working during 47 years, at present as the head of the laboratory of carbon sorbents.

  27. Victor Mukhin

    Biography: Victor M. Mukhin was born in 1946 in the town of Orsk, Russia. In 1970 he graduated the Technological Institute in Leningrad. Victor M. Mukhin was directed to work to the scientific-industrial organization "Neorganika" (Elektrostal, Moscow region) where he is working during 47 years, at present as the head of the laboratory of carbon sorbents.