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7 Invaluable Spanish Homework Help Resources for Succeeding in Your Class

Homework is extremely important for reviewing the day’s work, preparing for upcoming classwork, practicing grammar and simple regular reading .

And it doesn’t have to be a drag, especially when it comes to Spanish learning.

There’s help for the Spanish Homework Blues—and I’m going to show you exactly where to find it.

Best for Homework Questions: Course Hero

Best multimedia dictionary: fluentu, best for tutoring with detailed feedback: verbalplanet, best for personalized online tutoring: live lingua, best for talking to native speakers: hinative, best for crowdsourced study resources: chegg, best for in-person tutoring: wyzant.

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Course Hero

Summary: Course Hero is a superb option if you only have a quick question about an assignment or need clarification on one subject.


Course Hero puts hundreds of potential tutors from all across the globe at your fingertips in their “Spanish Homework Help” section . Some speak only Spanish while some speak English and other languages, too. On this site, they’re here to help answer specific tricky questions you might have.

I know what you’re wondering. With so many tutors, how can you choose the “right” one?

Luckily, the site makes the process a snap. Just type your homework question into the box on the page (there’s even an FAQ section , so if you’re not sure how to form a question or complete any of the other steps, just peek there), assign a price you’re willing to pay for the help and wait.

Generally, the response time is just a few minutes , and you may get more than one reply. Choose your tutor, come to terms and begin! Course Hero guarantees satisfaction with the exchange, so if you’re not totally content with how things are going, you can contact them for help.

need help with spanish homework

Summary: FluentU helps you practice Spanish through advanced tools like a multimedia dictionary and comprehensive flashcards. 

need help with spanish homework

FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons .

Other sites use scripted content. FluentU uses a natural approach that helps you ease into the Spanish language and culture over time. You’ll learn Spanish as it’s actually spoken by real people.

FluentU has a wide variety of videos topics, as you can see here:


FluentU brings native videos within reach with interactive transcripts. You can tap on any word to look it up instantly. Every definition has examples that have been written to help you understand how the word is used.

Plus, if you see an interesting word you don’t know, you can add it to a vocab list.


Review a complete interactive transcript under the Dialogue tab, and find words and phrases listed under Vocab.


Learn all the vocabulary in any video with FluentU’s robust learning engine. Swipe left or right to see more examples of the word you’re on.


The best part is that FluentU keeps track of the vocabulary that you’re learning, and gives you extra practice with difficult words. It'll even remind you when it’s time to review what you’ve learned. Every learner has a truly personalized experience, even if they’re studying with the same video.

Start using the FluentU website on your computer or tablet or, better yet, download the FluentU app from the iTunes or Google Play store. Click here to take advantage of our current sale! (Expires at the end of this month.)

Live Lingua Screenshot

Summary: Verbalplanet is an online tutoring platform that gives you feedback about your speaking, listening, writing and reading skills.

Verbalplanet Logo

Verbalplanet offers interactive Spanish language classes through video call . It’s free to sign up and create a profile.

You can look through several pages of tutors . Each tutor profile is personalized with a photograph, number of lessons taught, student ratings and per-session prices.

There’s a good range of pricing options, so if that’s important (and it definitely is!), take the time to look at multiple tutors before deciding on an initial contact. Most tutors offer discounts for trial sessions, so keep that in mind, too.

To set up a tutorial arrangement, send a message to the tutor you’ve chosen and book your sessions. It’s that easy!

Again, if you’re looking to get grammar details down or clarification on a particular topic, this might be a way to untangle those homework issues.

Live Lingua Screenshot

Summary: Live Lingua offers personalized one-on-one language lessons online with native Spanish tutors.

Live Lingua Logo

With teachers from around the world, Live Lingua is a super way to get pronunciation subtleties nailed down. When you sign up, you’re able to participate in a free class , so choosing a tutor who’s compatible with your learning style or someone you feel is competent to address your homework issues is more possible than ever.

The tutors on here have teaching credentials and are able to customize learning to suit individual needs. Choosing a tutor is just a matter of checking into each tutor’s experience, degrees and teaching philosophy—and since each tutor has a personalized introduction page, this is much less time-consuming than it sounds.

I was able to check out several tutors, compare their strengths and assess my personal criteria to locate a tutor in less than an hour. Live Lingua provides enough options that it’s not hard to find someone who’s able to provide the help you need.

This resource may be appealing to those who don’t want to wait for a particular homework snag to come up. Rather, you can start on a personalized program geared towards addressing individual issues as they arise, which definitely should make homework less stressful!

HiNative Screenshot

Summary: HiNative allows you to ask questions about a language and get replies from native speakers.  


HiNative doesn’t provide one-on-one tutorial assistance but it does offer individualized Spanish language support. This is a global Q&A forum where native speakers are available to assist with almost any language issue and correct or assess material. They’re able to give feedback on writing assignments , including blog posts and creative writing.

From the simplest of questions to the most complicated grammar snafus, your homework issues are solvable here if you just wait for the right person to come along.

Ask the question, get your answer. All homework help should be so clear-cut, right?

One of the best parts is that this global homework help is completely free!

So no need to wonder if you’ll ever understand how to conjugate irregular verbs. There’s an answer for every question here, and most are from very reliable sources.

For more on HiNative, here’s an in-depth review .

Chegg Screenshot

Summary:  Chegg features comprehensive resources made by students, such as flashcards, notes and study guides. 

need help with spanish homework

Chegg is a crowdsourced study library .

The first time I read that I wondered what exactly constitutes a “crowdsourced study library” and, more importantly, how such a thing could be applied to the homework grind.

I’m so glad I found out! Chegg is a resource made by and for students, with materials like exam prep materials and textbook explanations . Millions of students know about Chegg and are using the materials to learn not only languages like Spanish but other subjects as well.

This is an efficient resource for researching your homework problem to find an answer from someone who at one time probably had the same exact question you’re dealing with now! Researching to find homework help is also a great way to discover other Spanish cultural or language interests.

Honestly, every time I research one topic I find tangents that inspire or teach me. Expanding your inspiration for Spanish learning while getting your homework done? What’s not to love?

Wyzant Screenshot

Summary: Wyzant allows you to connect with in-person Spanish tutors near your area along with online tutors. 


Look for local resources to get the job done. You can leave a “Spanish tutor wanted” flyer on message boards near your home, but you can also try out Wyzant, where you can find hundreds of Spanish language tutors .

The process is simple: Indicate your Spanish language needs, make a match with a tutor and schedule a lesson. You can even search for Spanish tutors near you by zip code and check their educational background, how much they charge and see reviews by other students.

The largest community of professional tutors is at your fingertips, and in many cases they’re in your neighborhood!

There are so many resources to help turn your homework woes into successes that singing the homework blues isn’t necessary.

Explore your options, choose the ones that fit your needs and do the work.

Be a Spanish homework winner!

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need help with spanish homework

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need help with spanish homework

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Your Spanish Tutor is Waiting!

Perfect your Spanish skills online with our expert Spanish tutors. Learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs (even the irregular ones!) and master Spanish vocabulary and grammar with ease anytime, anywhere. Our Spanish tutors will help you feel confident going into class and getting a top score on your next Spanish quiz or test.

Spanish Homework Help

Personalized, one-to-one Spanish homework help is at your fingertips with You’ll work with your Spanish tutor in our online classroom, and focus on the areas you need extra help with. Translating compound sentences or trying to find the right vocabulary for idioms? Just need a refresher on something you didn’t understand in Spanish class? Our Spanish tutors can help.

Learning Spanish in our Online Classroom

Our online classroom has all the tools you need to perfect your Spanish skills. Your Spanish tutor can help you fully understand sentence structure in Spanish using the interactive white board. As well as how to conjugate Spanish verbs and understand why the verb comes before the subject sometimes! You can access your previous sessions at any time to review previous Spanish learnings.

Spanish Tutoring Around Your Schedule

Online Spanish tutoring gives you flexibility to master your Spanish skills (and get your Spanish homework done) around your schedule. Our online Spanish tutors are available 24/7 and you can get help from anywhere as long as you can get online!

Spanish Tutors Online Now

Stop stressing out last minute. Our online Spanish tutors are ready to help whenever you need it, from wherever you are. Don’t let your Spanish homework ruin your night— find a Spanish tutor online!

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need help with spanish homework

Homework Help & Tutoring


Our name 24HourAnswers means you can submit work 24 hours a day - it doesn't mean we can help you master what you need to know in 24 hours. If you make arrangements in advance, and if you are a very fast learner, then yes, we may be able to help you achieve your goals in 24 hours. Remember, high quality, customized help that's tailored around the needs of each individual student takes time to achieve. You deserve nothing less than the best, so give us the time we need to give you the best.

If you need assistance with old exams in order to prepare for an upcoming test, we can definitely help. We can't work with you on current exams, quizzes, or tests unless you tell us in writing that you have permission to do so. This is not usually the case, however.

We do not have monthly fees or minimum payments, and there are no hidden costs. Instead, the price is unique for every work order you submit. For tutoring and homework help, the price depends on many factors that include the length of the session, level of work difficulty, level of expertise of the tutor, and amount of time available before the deadline. You will be given a price up front and there is no obligation for you to pay. Homework library items have individual set prices.

We accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, ApplePay, and GooglePay.

Because Spanish is one of the fastest-growing languages in the U.S., your college or university might require you to familiarize yourself with it. Whether you're in an advanced Spanish class or you're learning the basics of the language, you could encounter a lesson that you'll need additional help understanding at some point. 

As with most languages, each concept in Spanish is important, as you must build on a firm foundation to become proficient. If you become unsure about certain concepts or lessons, you'll need to seek extra help or find a Spanish tutor online to get the clarity you need. 

Get Help With Spanish Homework

At 24HourAnswers, we strive to be the most reliable and trustworthy source for Spanish help with college-level courses and homework. We have a team of certified Spanish tutors online who are available to help you with any issue you've encountered in Spanish. 

When it comes to education, we'll provide assistance with anything that will enhance your learning experience — from simple questions to concept explanations. Our versatile Spanish instructors can:

  • Help you understand Spanish basics.
  • Break down advanced grammatical structures.
  • Review vocabulary terms and uses.
  • Assist in test or exam preparation.
  • Provide step-by-step instruction.
  • Help with Spanish homework and assignments

Because of the wide range of tutors we work with, we have someone who can help you overcome any concept you're unsure about, no matter what level of Spanish you're currently studying. Using our Spanish tutors online for help with homework or other assignments will also ensure that you can continue to take Spanish classes in the future, as we can help you develop a strong understanding of fundamental and grammatical concepts.

Online Spanish Tutors

If you need homework or assignment help in Spanish, you can rely on us to provide accurate, helpful answers and explanations. Most of our Spanish tutors have advanced degrees and all of them are certified and highly credentialed, enabling them to give you the most effective Spanish instruction possible. 

Because of their experienced background, they can provide one-of-a-kind instruction to facilitate optimal learning and make the most of every session. To give you the assistance you need, our sessions are individual, allowing our tutors to tailor their instruction to your specific learning style. 

Whether you need help with Spanish homework or a thorough explanation of a grammatical rule, our certified tutors can make you feel more confident in your Spanish and improve your in-class performance.

Contact Us to Work With a Spanish Tutor Online

At 24HourAnswers, we care about your grades and quality of education as much as you do. To make your learning experience even better, we ensure that our Spanish homework helpers are accessible for everyone at any time. 

Instead of trying to find a Spanish tutor in your area and coordinating schedules every time you want to meet, you can use our Spanish tutors online around the clock. Day or night, you can reach out to our team with questions and expect to receive straightforward help with homework.

To learn more about our services, contact us today and schedule your first Spanish tutoring session. You can also submit your homework assignments for extra help with your Spanish homework. Our tutors are standing by to give you the assistance and learning resources you need! 

To fulfill our tutoring mission of online education, our college Spanish homework help and online tutoring centers are standing by 24/7, ready to assist college students who need homework help with all aspects of Spanish. Our Spanish tutors can help with all your projects and homework, large or small, and we challenge you to find better online Spanish tutoring anywhere.

College spanish homework help.

Since we have tutors in all Spanish related topics, we can provide a range of different services. Our online Spanish tutors will:

  • Provide specific insight for homework assignments.
  • Review broad conceptual ideas and chapters.
  • Simplify complex topics into digestible pieces of information.
  • Answer any Spanish related questions.
  • Tailor instruction to fit your style of learning.

With these capabilities, our college Spanish tutors will give you the tools you need to gain a comprehensive knowledge of Spanish you can use in future courses.

24HourAnswers Online Spanish Tutors

Our tutors are just as dedicated to your success in class as you are, so they are available around the clock to assist you with questions, homework, exam preparation and any Spanish related assignments you need extra help completing.

In addition to gaining access to highly qualified tutors, you'll also strengthen your confidence level in the classroom when you work with us. This newfound confidence will allow you to apply your Spanish knowledge in future courses and keep your education progressing smoothly.

Because our college Spanish tutors are fully remote, seeking their help is easy. Rather than spend valuable time trying to find a local Spanish tutor you can trust, just call on our tutors whenever you need them without any conflicting schedules getting in the way.

855-997-4652 Login Try a Free Class

10 Websites That Will Be Your Spanish Homework Helper

Spanish homework helper websites will ensure your Spanish learning experience is smoother and more enjoyable than ever before. 

We live in an age where information is readily available—all you need is an internet connection and the desire to find what you need. However, the huge amount of information overwhelms lots of users. 

That’s why we’re here to curate the best Spanish learning information and resources to help you make the most of your valuable study time. 

10 Spanish Homework Helper Websites

This list features 10 Spanish homework helper sites that’ll bump up your grades and enhance your Spanish speaking skills!

Quizlet has personally saved me on more than one occasion. This website is great for when you need to practice vocabulary for an upcoming test. It allows you to make custom flashcards—or use pre-existing ones made by other users. 

The website displays the flashcards you create and quizzes you on them, reinforcing the cards you get wrong and breezing through the ones you get right. The best part is you can share these with friends and teachers. 

Creating an account is free, or a premium option offers personalized learning and offline support.

Reddit has a little something for everybody, and it makes for a great Spanish homework helper. With sites such as r/Spanish you’ll find lists of resources, YouTube channels, books, and much more. 

And if that’s not enough, the Spanish-speaking community in the subreddit is helpful and always eager to show how much they know about Spanish. Just write a post and ask a question related to Spanish, and a kind stranger will answer to the best of their ability. 

See also: The Best Way to Learn Spanish According to Users on Reddit

Chegg is probably the weirdest named site on this list, and maybe the whole Spanish-speaking community on the internet. But don’t let the silly name fool you; this site is no joke. 

From flashcards to a plagiarism checker to Spanish textbook discounts, there are many benefits to this site that are sure to make your learning experience easier. It focuses on math and science, but if you need to buy a textbook, or if you want some pre-made flashcards, Chegg is a great place to look.

The Real Academia Española, or RAE, is where most Spanish speakers go when they want to settle a grammar dispute. This group of literature connoisseurs has dedicated themselves to recording and updating the “correct” way to speak Spanish for centuries. 

Language is fluid and always changing, and RAE is dedicated to keeping a record of Spanish trends and rules. If you’re ever in doubt regarding a rule or word, RAE will have a great research-based answer.

YouTube is full of math tutors, science geeks, and Spanish experts. It’s a great place to go if you’re an auditory learner like myself. Videos are short and easy to grasp. 

Let me recommend to you three excellent Spanish learning channels to serve as your Spanish homework helper. 

Spanish Academy TV

Spanish Academy TV is Homeschool Spanish Academy’s very own Spanish learning YouTube Channel! You’ll find focused Spanish lessons, cultural videos, and fun songs.

Hola Soy German / Juega German

One of the biggest Spanish YouTube channels, Hola Soy German is a fast speaker; great for intermediate or advanced learners.

Wikiseba offers educational videos on various topics with great visuals that will help you with more than just Spanish homework.

For more, check our list of 25 YouTube channels to learn Spanish !

The Discord app offers multiple chat rooms based on different topics. Think of it as a faster, chat-based Reddit. 

Many young people use this app to chat with their friends while playing video games, but it can also be used to talk with focused communities such as Spanish learners. Pop into a channel to ask a question, and a helpful stranger may jump onto a voice chat to help you out. 

Channels such as Cozy Spanish Group Chat or Español e Inglés are good places to start. The smaller size of these communities means you will get slower answers, but your questions won’t get lost in a sea of messages.

7. 24 Hour Answers

24 Hour Answers is a great place for advanced speakers to turn to when they need a Spanish homework helper. This is a paid site, but unlike many of its competitors, you pay on an as-needed basis. 

Use this site for any subject you like, including Spanish. If you have a paper that needs to be proofread, or any kind of Spanish homework that’s a bigger challenge than you anticipated, this site is a great place to turn to. 

Just write your question, attach any relevant files, and wait for someone to help you out! The pricing varies depending on the complexity and length of your query, so make sure you exhaust any other options before turning to this Spanish homework helper site.

Linguee has a dictionary like no other. Using information from all over the internet, this dictionary helps you translate words and phrases that many regular translators won’t be able to tackle. 

It’s a fantastic way to learn about regional speech differences and technical language translations, so check it out if your average translator falls short of your expectations.

Lang-8 is a chatroom with a learning twist. You can have conversations with native Spanish speakers that want to learn English, and have each other proofread what you wrote. 

This is a brilliant way to connect with a native speaker and get insights you wouldn’t otherwise have, such as false cognates or regionally specific words. By using this service as your Spanish homework helper you might even find a new friend!

10. Spanish Academy

Finally, Spanish Academy is a great Spanish homework helper! Our blog has hundreds of posts designed to help you learn Spanish and make your homework easier. From vocabulary lists to specific subjects, all of our posts are made to make your life—and homework—easier. 

Some of the great Spanish homework helpers we have available are our list of false cognates , and high frequency Spanish words . 

Check our site frequently to keep up with our multiple daily posts. Remember to use the search bar to find the topic you’d like to learn about!

Get The Spanish Help You Deserve!

Many resources on the internet serve as great Spanish homework helper sites. However, the best resource for language learning is other people! Speaking Spanish is the fastest way to learn it, and if you have a professional teacher talking to you, learning Spanish will be as easy as having a chat over coffee. With over 20,000 active students, Homeschool Spanish Academy offers effective, fun Spanish lessons and tutoring at a reasonable cost. To check it out for yourself, take a free class with us and start your Spanish learning journey today!

Want more free Spanish lessons, fun content, and easy learning strategies? Check these out!

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need help with spanish homework


Your personal ai spanish tutor.

Learn Smarter, Not Harder with Spanish AI

Introducing StudyMonkey, your AI-powered Spanish tutor .

StudyMonkey AI can tutor complex Spanish homework questions, enhance your essay writing and assess your work—all in seconds.

No more long all-nighters

24/7 solutions to Spanish questions you're stumped on and essays you procrastinated on.

No more stress and anxiety

Get all your Spanish assignments done with helpful answers in 10 seconds or less.

No more asking friends for Spanish help

StudyMonkey is your new smart bestie that will never ghost you.

No more staying after school

AI Spanish tutoring is available 24/7, on-demand when you need it most.

Spanish, or Castilian, is a Romance language that originated in the Iberian Peninsula of Europe and today is a global language with more than 483 million native speakers, mainly in Spain and the Americas. It is the world’s second-most spoken native language after Mandarin Chinese.

AI Tutor for any subject

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Receive step-by-step guidance & homework help for any homework problem & any subject 24/7

Ask any Spanish question

StudyMonkey supports every subject and every level of education from 1st grade to masters level.

Get an answer

StudyMonkey will give you an answer in seconds—multiple choice questions, short answers, and even an essays are supported!

Review your history

See your past questions and answers so you can review for tests and improve your grades.

It's not cheating...

You're just learning smarter than everyone else

How Can StudyMonkey Help You?

Hear from our happy students.

"The AI tutor is available 24/7, making it a convenient and accessible resource for students who need help with their homework at any time."

"Overall, StudyMonkey is an excellent tool for students looking to improve their understanding of homework topics and boost their academic success."

Upgrade to StudyMonkey Premium!

You have used all of your answers for today!

Why not upgrade to StudyMonkey Premium and get access to all features?

Take advantage of our 14 day free trial and try it out for yourself!

need help with spanish homework

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SPANISH TUTOR In-home & Online Spanish Tutoring

Need a tutor in spanish .

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need help with spanish homework

Tutorax offers in-home and online homework help as well as private tutoring in Spanish, available seven days a week!

During the lessons, the student will practice  speaking,   writing texts, reading comprehension and grammar . Whether  online or at home , the student benefits from one-on-one and personalized Spanish tutoring sessions. A qualified Spanish native tutor  will guide your child throughout the process.

LEARN Spanish

Tutorax’s Spanish tutors have helped thousands of students learn to write and speak Spanish. As one of the leading tutoring companies, there are several reasons why students enjoy our services:

  • Our services are affordable ;
  • We offer school support regardless of your location ;
  • Our team is made up of qualified and certified  Spanish  tutors , eager to offer your child a teaching of quality;
  • Our efficiency allows us to offer you quick help when you need our services.


With our highly qualified team of Spanish tutors, we are able to help students successfully complete Spanish courses from elementary, high school and higher level education. Whether you’re just starting to learn Spanish or you simply want to improve your grammar and spelling skills, our Spanish tutors will adapt the tutoring sessions to your very own needs.

My son was having difficulty with Spanish. Since he started having tutoring sessions with Tutorax, he has been more confident and able to understand the language better. Highly recommended!

need help with spanish homework

Jennifer Patrick

The process, make a request online, receive our call (24h), get your tutoring lesson, do we have tutors in your area.

Check with your postal code now!


Spanish tutoring.

need help with spanish homework


At Tutorax, we understand that a struggling student needs efficient and outstanding support. This is why we take care in finding you a committed Spanish tutor as soon as possible. Your child will be able to review concepts he or she didn’t understand, summarize the lessons, catch up on the delay or perform additional exercises. Whether on a weekly basis or on particular occasions, tutoring lessons can take place at your home or online.


Our efficient pairing process allows us to provide each student with academic support tailored to their needs and personality. In addition, in order to simplify the flow of your tutoring lessons, our Spanish tutors can meet with you at the place of your choice, in all neighbourhoods. Whether it’s for tutoring, exam preparation, summer classes or homework help, Tutorax is your child’s best ally to thrive in school!

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Rigorous tutoring lessons follow-up.

To ensure that the match between the student and the Spanish tutor is adequate, a follow-up is done with the parents after the first lesson. Subsequently, other follow-ups are carried out during the school year, which allows us to check on the progress of the student’s learning. Thanks to the cooperation between the tutor, the teachers and the parents, we are able to provide the best learning environment for your child’s academic development.


Since its foundation, Tutorax has helped thousands of students improve their academic performances, pass their summer courses, get accepted into their dream school and increase their academic motivation. Giving your child the chance to benefit from the help of a tutor   is therefore an investment that, in the long run, will pay back!

need help with spanish homework

Our Tutor Match Guarantee

Our Tutor Match Guarantee assures you that we paired you with the right tutor right from the start . We have a wonderful team who takes care of picking the right tutor according to every tutee’s needs and learning style. In the case that you are not satisfied with the first tutor we match you with, we will assign you a new tutor and your next tutoring hour will be on us!

Need more answers about Spanish tutoring?

Tutorax is made up of a large team of spanish tutors with various personalities.

Great diversity allows us to match students with a Spanish tutor that will fit with their temperament. A good match is key to the success of the courses, as it creates a pleasant and favorable climate for learning.

Our Spanish tutors also act as motivators

Our tutors give encouragement, enjoyment and satisfaction, which helps the student feel more at ease during tutoring sessions. Also, notable improvements gives the student a feeling of pride, resulting in a big gain of self-confidence!

need help with spanish homework


Thanks to our large team of Spanish tutors , we have helped  thousands of students  improve their academic performance and self-esteem.

  • 95% of Tutorax students notice an improvement in their academic performance.
  • We have helped more than 10 000 students .
  • We work hand in hand with your child’s teacher.
  • We guarantee to find you a tutor in less than 7 days .
  • More than 1000 qualified tutors.
  • 99% of parents would recommend us to a relative and use Tutorax again if the need arises.

Questions & Answers

How often and for how long are the lessons held with a private tutor in spanish.

At Tutorax, there are no contracts which means you don’t have an obligation to take a certain number of tutoring hours. Each student has different needs so you are free to adapt the frequency and duration according to what is best for your child.

How does billing work regarding private sessions in Spanish?

Payments are made via credit card. Invoices are sent on a weekly basis, every Thursday.

Are the tutoring services in Spanish eligible for tax deduction?

Yes, tutoring services are eligible for tax deductions. In addition, a portion of the costs related to our services may be reimbursed by some insurance plans.  We suggest that you contact your insurer or accountant for more information.

How long does it take before I get assigned with my private tutor in Spanish?

Tutorax undertakes to find you a tutor within 5-7 days after the date on which you have completed your request.

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Help with Spanish Homework

Do you need help with your Spanish homework? Don’t worry; we got you covered. We offer online support to students in all Spanish topics and levels of knowledge.

Use the calculator on the right to calculate the price and order your Spanish homework confidentially!

Do you need help with your Spanish homework from a Spanish tutor? Don’t worry; we got you covered. We offer online support to students in all Spanish topics and levels of knowledge. You can get answers to any questions through our live chat feature or by emailing us at We can work with you on any Spanish topic such as:

Spanish for Beginners

Spanish class discussion

  • Basic Questions (Subject/Verb Agreement, Telling Time, Colors and Numbers)
  • How to form basic sentences  (Hobbies, Likes, and Dislikes)  and   use adjectives
  • Ways of introducing yourself
  • How to ask for directions

Spanish Grammar and Vocabulary

Grammar and composition books

  • How do I form a plural?  What is the difference between ser and estar? When do you use haber or tener?
  • The Perfect Tense: what’s that? How can I form it?
  • Ways of forming negative sentences in Spanish
  • Ways of asking ‘Do you speak English?’ in Spanish

Spanish Conversation

  • Basic questions and answers (Weather, time, hobbies) and how to use adjectives in conversations.

Spanish Vocabulary

  • Food: How to ask for menu item in Spanish and learn the names of some everyday dishes? How to talk about food?
  • Ways of forming questions in Spanish and irregular verbs
  • Discussing the weather
  • How to talk about yourself and family members. How do I form possessive adjectives?

Spanish for Advanced Students

Students completing assignments

  • We offer lessons for advanced students preparing to take college entrance examinations or seek admission into the university and also college students. You can get help with your essays, research papers, or homework assignments.

Can I Pay Someone to Do My Spanish Homework?

A question mark

Nowadays you can pay people to do your Spanish homework. However, we would like to recommend that you try to do it on your own first and use our online Spanish helpers who will make your homework easier, we have got other resources such as ours (, Google, or YouTube before asking someone else for help. Asking for help will not make you less of a person; it is just a way of making progress and adding some practice thinking.

Student writing homework

I Need to Hire a Spanish Tutor for My Spanish Homework Help

A Spanish Tutor

Being in high school or university is challenging, and sometimes, students need a little help with their homework to practice thinking. We got your back, and we will provide you with Spanish homework help that can ease the process and put your mind at ease. We are the right people to contact when you need Spanish homework help. There are many services out there that claim they can get your work done for you, but be careful about which one to choose.

Do You Provide Academic Writing Services?

Academic class

Yes. We write essays , research papers, term papers , course works , reviews, theses, and more, so our primary mission is to help you succeed academically. Most of all, we are proud of our dedicated team, who have both the creativity and understanding of our clients’ needs. Our writers always follow your instructions and bring fresh ideas to the table, which remains a huge part of writing an essay. If you need any assistance with your order, do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Our friendly support team is always ready to help you solve any problems regarding our services.

Where Can I get Answers to Spanish Subject?

If you are having difficulties with Spanish, whether it be homework or tests, you should first ask the teacher for help. If it is a homework assignment, there might be multiple parts of your assignment that need clarification or corrections.

Different Spanish books

Instructors do not have enough time to answer all these questions, so if they can’t answer something during class, it is highly advisable to use Spanish tutoring services. If you have trouble understanding your instructor or don’t have time to complete an assignment independently, then this type of service can be beneficial.

What’s even better is that these services are not expensive at all, so more students should consider using them when they require help.

If you have issues understanding Spanish overall, these services can help polish your skills and ensure that you are on the right track before moving on to another language or lesson plan.


Spanish Homework Help FAQs

Can i get help with spanish homework from spanish speakers.

Student doing homework on pc

Yes, we have Spanish tutors who are fluent in the Spanish language. They will give you personalized help for your online Spanish class. Contact us and get a free quote customized for you and a Spanish tutor assigned to you to make your homework easier.

Do you Provide Custom Editing Services?

Yes, we essay editing services for students who need academic writing help. These services include proofreading, plagiarism check, correction, and formatting your paper to be ready to submit it on time. Your work will be edited by a Spanish tutor.

Even better about this service is that it can be used on all types of documents, so if you are having difficulties with something else, perhaps essay writing and other assignments, we can help.

Are There Any Websites That Can Help Me With Spanish Homework?

Many sites offer homework help to students, but not all of them are reliable or worth your time. If you are looking for private tutoring online, look no further than our site for a native Spanish speaker to make your homework easier. Our Spanish tutors have worked at various educational institutions and have been tutoring students of all ages for many years through Spanish assignment. We are committed to excellence, and using our resources, we can provide you with a complete Spanish tutors learning experience from the comfort of your own home.

Learn How to Speak Spanish Today!

We offer affordable homework help online where you can receive customized assistance on how to learn Spanish from experienced professionals who care about their students. Our Online Spanish homework helper tutors are well vetted and qualified in this foreign language, Spanish is the second most spoken language. We welcome you to our website, and we hope you find what you are looking for here in our online tutoring !

A student learning Spanish

Can You Provide Help With My College Homework?

Yes. We have professional college Spanish homework writers who know how to deal with complex assignments and deliver them on time to our college students, they also answer any homework questions. You can order any writing assistance there, and they will provide you with original papers written from scratch. The prices are affordable so that everyone can benefit from this resource and make your homework easier too.

Students learning Spanish on a laptop

At Tutorsploit, we provide Spanish homework help to students who need assistance to succeed in their classes. We hire only experienced tutors who have already worked as teachers at some point in their lives so that they can address Spanish classes smoothly. We know how important it is to stay ahead of the class, and we can help you do it!

How Much Does it Cost to Get Spanish Language Help?

One thing that sets us apart from other companies is our affordable prices . You can choose your level of Spanish and order a paper according to your preferences.

Different Euro notes currencies

Our writers are Spanish speakers, and they will assist and support you until you are delighted with the result. We know how important it is to help our customers understand how to improve their grades using our services.

We at believe that every student deserves a chance to succeed in class, whether in high school, college, or university. It is why we provide affordable online Spanish help, allowing everyone to improve their Spanish language skills.

Our Spanish tutors are always available to help with your school assignments, homework, and exam papers, both spoken and written.

How Can I Learn Spanish Quickly?

There are many methods to learn Spanish quickly. I would recommend getting an app and start learning right away. Focus on the basics, and you will see a difference in no time.

We have a more specific online learning Spanish course that will teach you everything about the language and help you improve as much as possible.

English words

You can choose between different options and find one that suits your needs the most. If you’d like to learn Spanish independently, you can download an app and take your first steps.

What is the Best App to Help With Homework?

Google store is an excellent place to start looking for apps. We recommend Duolingo because it has an easy and fun approach to learning languages. You can download it free of charge, available for both iOS and Android users. Other similarly good apps include Memrise, Lingoda, and Busuu.

Learn Spanish for Less with!

Most of our clients have achieved their goals successfully, letting them spend more time on other activities! You could be next! Sign up and receive the first assignment immediately.

A Tutor class

If you want to be a step ahead of everyone else, make sure to stay with us, and we will help you improve your Spanish skills as much as possible during our time spent together and learning Spanish will be very comfortable. We shall also help with Spanish vocabulary which will make everything easy to comprehend. Spanish assignments are regular after a Spanish class to help in upgrading Spanish vocabulary.

We don’t just do Spanish homework, but we also provide exceptional tutoring that can be used for many different subjects. Not only that, but we also offer homework help and tools you can use to achieve success in your classes.

Check our webpage for all the areas we cover. If you have any comments, questions, or inquiries about this site, please let us know.

5 Steps on How to Get Your Spanish Homework Done in Next to No Time

  • Fill in the form on our website with your assignment.

You can contact us directly through email or wait for a response from one of our tutors by using the Live Chat feature that is available 24/7.

  • You will get a customized quote from us

Our prices are very competitive and affordable for anyone. Don’t forget to check our student discounts! We accept payment by debit and credit card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express PayPal, or bank wire transfer.

Our secure payment system is PCI compliant with high encryption standards to ensure your transactions are safe from fraudsters on the Internet. All sensitive data are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security protocol, so you don’t have to worry about exposing any of your private information when making a purchase.

  • You will be assigned a tutor to handle your task. We guarantee quality
  • You will get your complete homework-well researched and written from scratch. We use plagiarism tools like Turnitin to check for plagiarism before we hand over your tasks. We guarantee quality results.
  • Review your work. If it needs corrections, we offer free revisions (2 revisions).

We hope that the information provided on this page was helpful to you. Please remember to bookmark this page in your web browser for future reference. We are available to answer any questions you might have about Spanish homework help!

Muchas gracias. 

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Finding a Spanish Homework Helper (Tips & Advice)

need help with spanish homework

There’ll be times in your Spanish-learning journey you may require the assistance of certain studying tools or trained professionals. Having Spanish homework help would greatly improve your chances to be successful in your studies.

These days, it has become widely recognized how valuable it is to study Spanish as a second language . Nearly 500 million people worldwide use Spanish as their mother tongue, and that figure is steadily increasing. Spanish is recognized as an official language in 21 different nations.

According to the Cervantes Institute Yearbook: Spanish in The World , in 2021, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the planet, just behind Chinese Mandarin and ahead of English. Though, in practical terms, Spanish is the most relevant language to learn after English.

Some prominent economic data and the global need for trained professionals with the ability to communicate in various languages have led to an accelerated increase in the number of people seeking to learn Spanish, surpassing 24 million people today.

Sometimes those who are in the process of learning Spanish experience moments where they feel they are not performing well enough, and even think that becoming fluent in Spanish is something very difficult, but nothing could be further from the truth.

That’s why it’s very important to have the guidance and advice of an effective Spanish homework help to push you in the process.

In this article, you will learn what Spanish homework help is and how it can help you increase your fluency level .

What is a Spanish homework helper?

Learning Spanish correctly requires time, dedication, and above all, specialized tutoring with an effective method that allows a better understanding of the lessons. In some cases, during the learning process, it’s common you’re asked to do some Spanish homework: the typical assignments sent by schools of all levels to assess your progress.

A Spanish homework helper is that figure, which could be a digital tool, a face-to-face tutor, or an online academy that allows you to have continuous assistance while you undertake your Spanish lessons, achieving full compliance with required homework, and improve your fluency to a college-like level.

Some of the features that a good Spanish homework help should provide you with are:

  • Effective study and solving-problem method.
  • Proper pedagogy approach
  • Adjust to your pace
  • Have the ability to connect from anywhere.
  • Accessible price.
  • Effective method to assess your progress.
  • And most of all, to be empathic.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced student, having a prominent resource such as Spanish homework help will allow you to stand out from the crowd and would allow you to advance faster in your learning path.

More and more students require help with their Spanish homework, and fortunately, in this article we’re going to present you some options for you to choose from.

Why should I have Spanish homework help?

need help with spanish homework

A Spanish homework helper provides focus, and a strategic approach for students to overcome any language-skills-related problems. When a student has difficulty with practice assignments, loses motivation, giving way to frustration and reluctance to learn. 

Students with even great potential might simply give up on their goal of learning Spanish because they lack the necessary homework help to do so.

DID YOU KNOW…?   One of the most common reasons people stop learning a foreign language is the lack of motivation. In our Online Spanish Conversation Group Classes , you can find impulse, experiences, cooperation, and fellowship to reach your language-learning goals.

3 Best Options For Finding The Right Spanish Homework Help

Regardless of your budget or level of fluency, there are tons of alternatives suitable to every need.

Online Spanish Academies

Online Spanish language academies have proven to be a genuinely effective and widely used alternative for thousands of students all over the world looking for a skilled online tutor to help them improve their Spanish communication skills.

Online Spanish academies are adaptable and can accommodate any budget or schedule. They also provide an excellent service with Spanish tutors who will assist you in resolving any issues that may arise.

An academy offers expert service as well as a wide range of resources. Top-level academies don’t focus only on grammar structures but how to communicate effectively in real-life situations.

This is an online platform with innovative features at your disposal. Their site has a wide catalog of resources such as homework, videos, and multimedia content in Spanish. It also allows you to take a personalized live class with Spanish tutors who will help you improve your academic performance.

It’s an option to consider if you’re looking for assistance; it has thousands of users who have proven its success.

It connects qualified Spanish tutors with students from all over the world who need help learning Spanish, and it has relatively affordable plans that make it a very appealing option.

Those who use this online Spanish academy on a daily basis rely on its method to improve their skills in the language and, of course, to complete any assignment.

You can book a trial lesson where you can get to know the tutor and their teaching experience right away.

This online academy located in Canada has managed to capture the attention of both locals and foreigners looking to get help with their homework in Spanish. 

It has implemented a novel and qualified scientific method that has been approved by linguistic specialists. Its Spanish tutors are professionaly trained native speakers, which gives this academy an undeniable advantage among other institutions

SpanishVIP is the online academy for Spanish homework help that hasn’t disappointed so far. They are so confident in the effectiveness of their teaching method that they allow you to take a series of free classes before purchasing any of their affordable plans. 

SpanishVIP has been concerned with providing the student with a large number of resources that seek to make their learning process an enjoyable experience.

Want to see how SpanishVIP compares to courses like these? Check out our quick comparison guides !

Online Spanish Tutors

You could opt for a private online tutor if you don’t want to enroll in an online Spanish school. 

One of the most well-known risks of looking for a Spanish tutor on the Internet on your own is that you won’t have the backing and assurance that a legitimate platform can offer.

However, there are thousands of trained and very efficient online Spanish tutors capable of solving your Spanish fluency problems and helping you to complete any assignment.

Hiring a Spanish tutor has its advantages, and they are compelling. A Spanish tutor dedicated to helping you with your homework should maintain direct and continuous contact with the student, no matter where or when they are. Communication can be done online without any inconvenience.

need help with spanish homework

Mobile Apps

Currently, there are thousands of free and low-price mobile applications capable of helping you advance with your Spanish language studies. There is something for every taste and every need. 

Here are some of the best mobile apps to learn Spanish with useful resources to improve your skills:

It is a top online tool with several functions to strengthen vocabulary and help you with your Spanish homework. With this App, you will be able to practice listening, reading, and writing in Spanish. And, it’s available 24/7.

With the free version, you have almost no limitations to studying Spanish. It makes you work on every language skill by setting goals you have to reach.

Available 24/7, too. Its teaching method is based on entertainment, in this online platform, you can watch videos and play games while you work on increasing your vocabulary level gradually. Some people doubt the effectiveness of this method.

This one is free at the beginner levels but it then asks for a subscription. Homework will get easier as you get more vocabulary.

With this application, you can interact online with native Spanish speakers from different countries . It’s not always available 24/7 (given the schedules) but this free online platform intends to help you work on your fluency level with everyday and sporadic conversations.

If you’re a doctor, a nurse, a medical assistant, or a receptionist working for the healthcare community, learning medical Spanish would be most beneficial to expanding your career opportunities and providing quality care for Spanish-speaking patients. Check out our guide on the best Medical Spanish Apps for Healthcare Professionals .

6 Benefits Of Having Spanish Homework Help

If you strive for excellence in every goal you set for yourself, you will have a much better chance of success than the rest. Having a genuinely efficient homework assistant is an undeniable advantage.

Here are some of the benefits of having Spanish homework help:

Get better grades on your homework

Homework help is an ideal alternative to make learning easy and get the most out of your Spanish classes and achieve the level you want in the shortest time possible as well.

Improve your vocabulary and the quality of your expressions

As you perfect your fluency in Spanish, you will be able to expand your vocabulary and improve the quality of your interaction in everyday conversations on different topics.

Surpass Spanish fluency levels in less time

Without the right kind of college-level assignment, learning Spanish to the expert tier often takes longer than it should, fortunately, with the right tutoring you will be able to do it in no time.

Plan the hours you want to study with online tutoring

It is common that due to daily obligations, learning Spanish takes a back seat, but thanks to online Spanish academies and dedicated Spanish tutors you can adapt your time to meet your goals.

Solve specific issues with personalized tutoring

This is perfectly normal, but without the right help, it can become a painful waste of money and time. The idea of having homework is for you to keep practicing what you learned in class and improve your skills.

Stand out from the rest of the students and have a better chance of interacting with native speakers

Homework help is the ideal alternative to get the most out of your Spanish classes and achieve the level you want in the shortest possible time.

While looking for a suitable homework helper, it’s always recommended to pay attention to their service features and compare it with other options. On the Internet, some free options fail to meet the expectations of quality and service.

need help with spanish homework

The Rest is Up to You!

Having homework help has proven to be highly effective in language learning in general. Many of the most popular Spanish online academies worldwide have based their success on the experience of highly qualified native teachers who make your lessons and practices an enlightening process that will improve your skills in this language.

Regardless of the option you choose, you should keep in mind that learning a new language requires a lot of practice, dedication, and discipline, but with the proper guidance, you will be able to speak Spanish fluently in a short time.

If you don’t have anyone to practice with, we invite you to try a free class or sign up for a free 7-day trial of our group classes. Try us out and see why thousands of students trust SpanishVIP !

See you next time!

Want to learn Spanish, fast?

Download our e-book, Easy Spanish Shortcuts, and learn your first 1,000 Spanish words in under a day!

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Essential Spanish Books for Advanced Learners

need help with spanish homework

need help with spanish homework

Spanish Homework Help Guide for All Levels

People who can speak more than one language are admirable, no doubt. Learning and being able to speak a language that isn’t your own is difficult. Spanish is one of the most fun, yet one of the hardest languages to learn. So, if you’re taking a Spanish class in school, you need all the help you can get.

Spanish classes are divided into levels, much like the English language, going from the simplest to the hardest parts. At whatever level you are, these Spanish homework guides and tips can help you answer the questions correctly.

Do you need help with Spanish homework?

Many students, especially those under pressure to make straight A’s, believe that requesting help shows weakness. On the contrary, those who make straight A’s are those who employed the help of those more knowledgeable than they are. As you must already know, Spanish is a hard language to understand – especially since it’s foreign to you. Who better to help you than someone well-versed in the language?

You need help with Spanish homework if:

  • You want to be able to speak Spanish fluently – which is the essence of learning the language in the first place;
  • You want to get good grades in the homework and excellent results in exams, as we are sure you do;
  • You want to understand the difficult aspects of the Spanish language;
  • You want to be a point of call for Spanish help among your colleagues;
  • You want to gain your Spanish professor’s respect and admiration.

Can a Spanish tutor “help me with my Spanish homework?”

Hiring the help of a Spanish tutor is a very effective way to gain mastery of the Spanish language. For one, they are fluent in the language, with years of experience speaking it. Also, Spanish tutors have years of teaching experience in the language. So, yes, a Spanish tutor can help with Spanish homework. But, more than that, they can train you to a point where you can teach others also.

Where to get Spanish homework answers?

Technology has made it such that you can find practically anything and get answers to any questions online. Therefore, the internet is replete with Spanish resources that can supply answers to Spanish homework. Some places you can get Spanish homework answers include:

  • YouTube : YouTube has millions of expert tutors in different aspects, and that includes Spanish. YouTube is a good place to go if you’re an auditory Spanish learner with its short and understandable videos.
  • Reddit : Practically every student knows about Reddit; the website is a great homework help Spanish. You can find resources such as books, videos, and lots more.
  • Spanish Apps : You can also take advantage of learning apps and homework help websites to get MySpanishLab answers here .

Tips for Spanish homework help

Below are five great suggestions to help you deal with Spanish homework more efficiently:

  • Keep a Spanish dictionary on hand to tackle trick words you don’t know or aren’t sure of;
  • Have a notepad near you to pen down Spanish words and phrases you pick up daily;
  • Look for and work with native Spanish speakers, whether you want to learn to speak fluently or you only need help with homework;
  • Watch Spanish TV shows and pay rapt attention to how they speak and sound;
  • Take advantage of Q&A websites; seek help for answers, especially when the homework is urgent.

Who can do my Spanish homework?

There is an endless supply of Spanish tutors on the internet and in the physical world. But, you can’t jump on any tutor you find; there are factors to consider and things to look out for. Therefore, before choosing a Spanish tutor, look out for the following:

  • Spanish-speaking experience : It goes without saying that the Spanish tutor should have a fluent mastery of the language. You’re a learner yourself, so you need someone who knows better than you do.
  • Spanish-teaching experience : Not every Spanish speaker can teach someone else to speak and write. Therefore, beyond the speaking skill, the tutor should be someone who can teach Spanish effectively. Teaching is a skill not everyone has; thus, you want to ensure the Spanish tutor has that skill.
  • Budget : Spanish homework help don’t do the work for free; you’ll be required to pay a token. Thus, you budget is one factor you may want to consider before setting out to employ homework help in Spanish.

In conclusion, Spanish can be hard, but it is not impossible to master. You only need the right hand to guide you, and you may even one day be a Spanish tutor yourself.

need help with spanish homework

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Studying Spanish in Spain

Spanish Examples

Help with Spanish homework

If you’re having trouble keeping up with your Spanish class, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many students find Spanish to be a difficult language to learn. But don’t despair! There are a few things you can do to make studying Spanish easier and to help with your Spanish homework.

Get organized

The most important way to succeed in any class is to get organized. This means that you must actively keep track of your assignments, know when they’re due, and have a regular study schedule. Getting into a good organizational routine will make learning Spanish (or any other subject) much easier.

Ask for help

Make sure you understand the assignments. If you’re not sure what’s being asked of you, ask your teacher or a tutor for clarification. Don’t be afraid to ask your Spanish teacher for help. They’re there to help you succeed in the class, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of their knowledge! Once you know what’s expected, take some time to gather any materials you’ll need to complete the assignment. You should already have a Spanish to English dictionary and grammar book on hand, but what about other reference materials that are relevant to this particular assignment?

A young woman having trouble with her Spanish homework

Set a schedule

Draw up a study schedule that fits in with your other commitments, and stick to it. Regularly spending some time on your Spanish homework will help you stay on top of things and keep your skills improving. Studying consistently will help you retain information better than if you try to cram everything in at the last minute. If you ever get stuck on a particular problem or don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are plenty of resources available, both online and offline, that can give you the assistance you need.

Find a tutor. Sometimes, one-on-one help is the best way to help you learn Spanish. If you’re really struggling with Spanish, consider finding a tutor who can help you outside of class. There are many online tutoring services available, or you can ask your teacher for recommendations. With a little extra help, you’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll do in your Spanish class!

need help with spanish homework

Study buddies

A cheaper alternative to a tutor is a study buddy who is also taking the class. This way, you can help each other out when you’re stuck on a Spanish concept. Another option is to join a study group. This can be a great way to meet other students who are also taking Spanish and to get some extra practice and support. Additionally, there are often forums where you can ask questions and get help from other Spanish learners. You might not know them, but there are thousands of other people going through exactly the same difficulties as you and you can pick their brains for tips and helpful links. Maybe they’re studying exactly the same course materials.


A pro-tip (which helped me a lot) is to find an intercambio . That link explains all the ways in which they can help you, but essentially they are a native Spanish speaker who wants to improve their English, and you spend time talking in the two languages to give each other practice.

Finally, and obviously, make sure you attend all of your classes and take good notes. It’s important to participate in class and do all of your Spanish homework assignments. The more you practice, the better you will be at speaking Spanish.

FAQs about bossing your Spanish homework

How can i make studying spanish easier and improve my performance in the class.

Getting organized is key. Keep track of assignments, know their due dates, and establish a regular study schedule. This will make learning Spanish more manageable and efficient.

What should I do if I don’t understand a Spanish assignment or concept?

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Consult your teacher or a tutor for clarification on the assignments or any doubts you may have. Utilize reference materials like Spanish-English dictionaries and grammar books to aid your understanding.

Are there additional resources to enhance my Spanish learning beyond the classroom?

Yes, there are various options. Consider finding a tutor for one-on-one assistance outside of class. Alternatively, you can team up with a study buddy from your class or join a study group for extra practice and support. Another effective option is engaging in intercambios, where you converse with a native Spanish speaker to practice both languages.

Spanish Homework Help

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spanish homework help

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To accomplish college Spanish homework or entry level Spanish homework, it is essential to have the skill to write a sentence in Spanish. Students who haven't Spanish as their native language and learning Spanish as a fresher, struggle to understand the Spanish terms and consequently, face problems to accomplish Spanish homework. In the USA, many students do part-time jobs after their college session. For them, it is also challenging to find time for learning Spanish in detail and finally accomplish an assignment.

It is important to have a Spanish tutor to learn the language. Because globally, apart from reading, writing, and speaking in English, having Spanish vocabulary knowledge is also essential. To score the ultimate marks in a Spanish Assignment, it is necessary to write the assignment flawlessly without any mistakes in grammar and pronunciation. Our Spanish expert writers and Spanish tutors are having in-depth knowledge of the Spanish language. We have already helped many to get the perfect Spanish assignment.

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need help with spanish homework

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need help with spanish homework

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Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, after English and French. There is an increasing number of Spanish-inspired movies that are becoming popular. Some people even learn how to communicate in Spanish just from watching movies and shows in Spanish. Many students also choose to go to Spain for their foreign exchange program. Learning Spanish can be helpful in making the experience more memorable. If you need help with Spanish homework and you are looking for Spanish hw help, this service is for you. Spanish homework help will be useful in your studies.

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How do I cite an article?

Hi, when do you know if a planarian has finished regenerating?

hi how am I supposed to remember all of the equations that go with moles in chemistry. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

How can I learn front end fastest and be efficient?

HI, CAN YOU REALLY PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS GERMAN HOMEWORK, IT NEEDS TO ME DONE BY MIDNIGHT AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DO IT....ASSIGNMENT: prepare the attached copy, complete the forms of the subjunctive,vypracuj přiloženou kopii, doplň tvary konjunktivu: Der Fuchs und der Storch (nach H. Sachs)

1) Einmal lud der Fuchs den Storch zum Essen ein.

2) Der Storch freute sich über die Einladung und erschien zur vereinbarten Zeit.

3) Doch die Enttäuschung des Gastes war sehr groß, denn der Fuchs servierte alle Speisen auf

flachen Tellern.

4) Der Gastgeber aß mit großem Appetit; der Storch dagegen konnte mit seinem spitzen Schnabel

nur wenige Brocken nehmen und ging hungrig wieder nach Hause.

5) Einige Zeit später begegneten sich die beiden wieder.

6) Der Storch wollte sich für die erlittene Beleidigung rächen und sagte zum Fuchs: „Komm doch

morgen zu mir zum Essen!“

7) Der Fuchs folgte der Einladung gern.

8) Als jedoch das Essen aufgetragen wurde, ahnte er, dass diesmal er selbst hungrig bleiben würde.

9) Alle Speisen befanden sich nämlich in hohen, engen Gefäßen.

Es wird erzählt,

1) der Fuchs __________ den Storch einmal zum Essen _______________________________ .

2) Der Storch __________ sich über die Einladung ____________________ und __________

zur vereinbarten Zeit ___________________________________________________________ .

3) Doch die Enttäuschung des Gastes __________ sehr groß ___________________________,

denn der Fuchs __________ alle Speisen auf flachen Tellern __________________________.

4) Der Gastgeber __________ mit großem Appetit ____________________________________;

der Storch dagegen __________ mit seinem spitzen Schnabel nur wenige Brocken

_____________________________________und __________ hungrig wieder nach Hause


5) Einige Zeit später __________ sich die beiden wieder _______________________________ .

6) Der Storch __________ sich für die erlittene Beleidigung ____________________________

und zum Fuchs _______________, ____ __________ am nächsten Tag zu _____ zum Essen

______________________ .

7) Der Fuchs __________ der Einladung gern _______________________________________ .

8) Als jedoch das Essen __________________________________________ , __________ er

________________, dass diesmal er selbst hungrig bleiben würde .

9) Alle Speisen _____________ sich nämlich in hohen, engen Gefäßen __________________.

What does BED stand for?

During the 1995 Olympics, the ______ team refused to stand on the award podium alongside the Serbian team.

If you had a country what would you name it and why

Include two program code segments. 

The first program code segment must include one of your functions and the following:

The function's name

At least one parameter

The sequence programming construct

The second program code segment must show where the function is called in the program.

Describe what the function does and how it contributes to the overall program.

Explain in detail, line by line, the way your function works. Your description must have enough detail that someone else could recreate it. 

(m^4-101m^2+18m-88) / (m-10)

What are other options for travel in Mexico?

I really am trying to teach myself Spanish because I don't have access to a Spanish class or lessons, but after a few weeks my dedication steadily decreased because I'm not seeing any real results or actually learning the language. What should I do?

What tense of the verb am I supposed to use? 'Yo voy a compara una videograbadora para que mi hermana ___ (poder) ver películas en español.'

Spanish help: Complete the sentences replacing the ____ with the correct present perfect form of the verb in parentheses.

Yo le __ una buena propina a la camarera (dar) *, yo __ con toda la tarea de español. (preocuparse) *, yo __ un abrigo porque hace fresco. (ponerse) *, nosotros __ las manos para ser sanos. (lavarse) *.

What is the future tense for I am going to go somewhere? Like "I am going to take this prescription to the pharmacy" "________ tomar la receta a la farmacia"

"Cuando la clase no es interesante, yo estoy..." How would I finish this sentence (nervioso, aburrido, preocupado, alegre)?

Which word (acuerdo, recuerdo) is correct for this sentence? ¿Conoces a ese actor? Pues, no me ___ de él

What should be in the blank? Por fin, el zorro _____ que las uvas estaban agrias. (At last, the fox decided that the grapes were sour.)

How do you say “mismatch” in Spanish?

What's the difference between phyla, order and family?

What causes hurricanes in the Southern Hemisphere to spin in the opposite direction from ones in the Northern Hemisphere?

How can coral reefs and estuaries support high levels of biological diversity?

What is the purpose of “end” in Python?

Can the Python dictionary have duplicate keys?

Help with scholorship essay

The cheerleading team was raising money for a local charity by running a concession stand at the soccer game. They used a markup rate of 300%. If it cost the cheerleaders $0.50 to purchase a bag of chips, what was their selling price?

The sum of a number and negative three

what is the volume of a cylinder with the formula v=3.14*r^2*h with the raduis be 12 and height 6

"I’m thinking of 5 numbers such that their mean is equal to their median. If 4 of the numbers are 14, 8, 16, and 14, what is the 5th number?" What is the 5th number Ms. Hernandez is thinking of?

Taher plans to cut the 3 pieces of lumber for the flower bed border from a single piece of lumber. Each cut takes 1/8 inch of wood off the length of the piece of lumber. Among the following lengths, in inches, of pieces of lumber, which is the shortest piece that he can use to cut the pieces for the flower bed border?

What is the degree measure of the acute angle formed by the hands of a 12-hour clock that reads exactly 1 o’clock?

"The balcony is fenced with a balustrade, a stone railing supported by a row of waist-high, vase-shaped pillars." Is this sentence correct?

" naval officer paid out eight miles of rope..." What does 'paid out' mean?

If x:y = 5:2 and y:z = 3:2, what is the ratio of x:z?

What is the Photoshop update feature?

How do I take something out of a picture on Photoshop?

How does apply image work in Photoshop?

How do lines work in Photoshop?

How do I crop a picture into another picture?

In Photoshop, what is the best canvas size?

I would like to start up a trade school for 7th -12th graders and I need directions to funding

What art historian was the champion of the Impressionists, particularly Renoir?

What is the translation of “happy birthday” in German?

How do I say “happy birthday” in German?

How can we combat stereotype threat?

Pretend you're an -psychologist, and you have been given the job of redesigning the recruitment and training processes for a police departmentHow would you change these processes to ensure equal treatment of all races and ethnicities?

Briefly describe the trait theorists’ approach to personality.

  • Specifically, how did Gordon Allport, Raymond Cattell, and Hans Eysenck study traits?

I need help with finding sources that r peer-reviewed, academic journals, or sources that have academic backing for the attached discussion topic. I am new at having to find sources and having trouble this week

What type of memory is for automatic activities, such as bike riding and handwriting?

The Browns have experienced digital adaption in each of the different social structures. Explain how the Brown family has adapted. ***The Brown's Family Scenario***- The lives of the Brown family are entirely dependent on technology. In their lives, it can be seen how we can evaluate society's structural adaption to digital growth, analyze how identities are developed in the digital world, evaluate social theories impacting the digital world, evaluate changes in society's organizations through additional theories, evaluate the evolution of language within online environments and through digital technology, and analyze the development of deviance in the digital world. 

Ross and Kristina met on a  dating  website. Ross is from Florida, and Kristina is from Connecticut. They met on average once a month in person and used video calls almost every day for six months before getting married. Most of their friends also had profiles on dating websites and found their spouses in the same way. Online dating apps have brought about a revolution in how we choose our partners.

Together, Ross and Kristina have two kids - Samantha, who is twelve years old, and eight-year-old Nate. The Brown Family exemplifies how the digital world has become part of almost every aspect of society. Increasingly, all members of the family are  connected with technology . 

Ross works from home and wakes up to the phone alarm, and quickly looks through his Google calendar to see the different meetings he has throughout the day. 

Kristina wakes up and grabs her phone to ask what the weather is going to be like. The answer will help her decide if she will go to work or work from home. Her workplace has made changes to how the business will run, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. A few of the departments have completely gone remote. Going remote has saved the company on office space as well. 

Kristina decides to work from home. However, she must also oversee the kids who are attending  school online . The kids use e-books and use online technology for tests and assignments. Often, she has to help Nate and Samantha with their homework assignments as well. For lunch, she usually orders on Grubhub or UberEats for food to be delivered. She often thinks that the food industry has essentially turned into an online business, putting the livelihoods of a significant number of food industry workers, primarily waiters and waitresses, at risk of losing jobs.

Ross and Kristina's family typifies an increasingly digital economy, rapidly creating groups of digital haves and have nots. The Brown family is able to keep pace with the digital economy as opposed to being on the other side of the digital divide. 

Since the onset of Covid-19, Ross and Kristina have been purchasing nearly everything online. Every store they buy a product from, be it grocery, food, garments, beddings, to mattresses, all give a discount for signing up for their reward programs. Kristina enjoys receiving these discounts. Her  usernames and passwords  have become her new cyber identity in the digital world. Cyber identity can be in the form of user names and passwords or even just a phone number. In fact, Kristina and others reliant on this digital world have cyber identities that bring a new set of realities and consequences.

When Kristina's computer broke, she had difficulty remembering all the usernames and passwords for the various websites. Fortunately, by using each site's login assistance function and with some help from customer care when needed, she was able to retrieve her usernames and passwords. She did so by authenticating her identity using a set of identifying features such as her date of birth, social security number, and other personal details. The digital world has created and confined the identity of Kristina and users like her into a complex digital persona that serves as her cyber identity and fingerprint. 

Ross, Kristina, Samantha, and Nate all have Facebook accounts. Samantha and Kristina have Instagram accounts as well. This helps them stay connected with family out of state and friends that they do not see every day. 

Samantha , who likes to be popular, has been regularly posting on  Tik-Tok . She keeps adding to her Tik-Tok content to remain popular, and in the process, appears to have moved away from her past identity. The real Samantha has been overtaken by identity she worked upon based on followers' interests and expectations. Samantha's followers are from all over the world. Samantha and Nate have been texting each other using internet slang and abbreviations that Ross or Kristina cannot understand. However, Kristina has started using emojis in her emails and texting to be trendier with digital communication .  

Samantha's friend, Alex, has been following a celebrity using a fake ID and writes demeaning comments using slang on her Instagram page as he does not like her. Alex has access to celebrities and the ability to comment only because of digital anonymity. He would have never been able to do this in person. 

What is an example of the displacement defense mechanism?

What is an example of "argument by evidence"?

Who is Maslow and what is his theory?

Wilhelm Wundt used the research method known as what?

Which lines from “Robin Hood” best support the idea that Robin Hood and his companions feel a strong connection with nature?

What is the capital of ethiopian

How do you write a research paper?

6. In paragraph 9, the narrator thinks about the time he spent hunting for eggs and playing games as a reflection of which of the following?

A) his limited ability as a student, b) his realization that he should have been studying more, c) his secret pleasures in life, d) his joy at having adventures.

If You are able to help it would be graciously accepted... thank you for considering helping!!!!!! *****Is John Proctor a good puritan? ***use Act 2 page 57, line 18 to page 67, line 3 *** this is an argument essay **This is all from The Crucible ********Link to read is below

Who would the antagonist be in the Pixar short "Purl"?

Use details (at least three) from the text to explain what sort of town the author describes in the first two paragraphs. Why does the author describe this town in such detail for readers?

Read the sentences and choose the correct word that goes with the sentence

Consider Pasteur's speech in conjunction with the Essential Question for this unit (What responsibility do people have when developing new technology?) What responsibility does Pasteur seem to think scientists have for what they create? Explain using details from the last two paragraphs that support your answer.

javier purchased a jacket at a discount of x% off the original price. IF he paid w dollars which expression shows the original price of the jacket (a) 100w / 100 + x (b) 100 + 2 / 100 - x (c) 100w / 100 - x (d) 100w / x

Need Help fast!

Describe the transformation (X+4.5,Y+2)

What is the answer?

What is 5 + 5

can anyone help??

Need help! ASAP!

Emiliano went shopping and purchased a shirt and jeans. He spent a total of $39. The jeans were exactly twice the price of the shirt. How much did the shirt cost?

The sum of two numbers is 190. One number is 20 bigger than the other. What are the two numbers?

if you're good at anatomy and physiology I could use help studying for a test about reproductive system

What formula would I use In excel to get the average of high and low temperatures

Use Excel functions to find the mean, median and mode of the height data. Label these on your spreadsheet.

1.    Journalize the following transactions for Central Jump Park, Inc.

a.    Start Microsoft Excel, and open the BUS114_02_06.xlsx file from C:\ACTT2\Data\Unit_02.

b.    Click the File tab, and click Save As. Save the file to C:\ACTT2\Student\Unit_02.

c.    Central Jump Park, Inc. received its charter on August 1. Journalize the following transactions associated with starting a corporation, issuing stock subscriptions, and declaring and paying dividends.

                                             i.       August 4. Ten incorporators pay for 50,000 shares of $5.00 value common stock. Receipt No. 1-10.

                                            ii.       August 4. Peter O’Donnelly was reimbursed for organization costs, $6,500.00. Check No. 1.

                                           iii.       August 6. Adina Lee subscribed to purchase 500 shares of $5.00 value common stock. Memorandum No. 1.

                                           iv.       September 16. Adina Lee made a full payment on the stock subscription. Receipt No. 11.

                                            v.       September 16. Issued stock certificate to Adina Lee for 500 shares. Memorandum No. 3.

                                           vi.       November 1. Central Jump Park, Inc.’s board of directors declared an annual dividend of $40,000.00. Preferred stock issued is $100,000.00 of 10%, $100.00 value. Common stock issued is $400,000.00 of $5.00 value. Memorandum No. 151.

                                          vii.       December 1. Paid cash for annual dividend declared November 1. Check No. 381.

d.     Save and close the spreadsheet.

e.     Submit your file to your instructor for grading.

What are rows and columns?

What is syntax of Vlookup in excel?

What does * mean in Excel formula?

How do you add shadow to text in Excel cells?

A boat travels due north across a river at 22 m/s, while the river flows west at 7 m/s. What is the boat's resultant velocity as it crosses the river?

Which of the following materials create a a force of friction of 519.4 N when the mass of the object is 100 Kg?

A force of 40 Newtons applied horizontally is required to push a 20 kg box at a constant velocity across the floor. Find the acceleration of the box. Calculate the Net Force. Calculate the weight of the box. Calculate the coefficient of friction between the box and the floor.

An 80 kg person slides along the ground. Assuming the coefficient of friction is 0.3, find the force of gravity acting of the ground.

Calculate the frictional force acting on the person.

Find the net force acting on the person.

Find the acceleration rate of the person.

A horizontal force of 15 N pulls a 5kg block along a horizontal surface. If the force produces an acceleration of 2 m/s^2, what is the net force acting on the object? Calculate the frictional force on the block. calculate the weight of the block. Calculate the coefficient of friction.

how do I bring all of my grades in my classes up except for my algebra 2 class?

A force of 50 N is used to drag a 10 kg box across a horizontal table. If a frictional force of 15 N is present on the box, calculate the unbalanced (net) force on the box. 

N Calculate the acceleration of the box. 

ms2 Calculate the force of gravity acting on the box.

N Calculate the coefficient of friction.

Starting from rest, a car travels 18 meters as it accelerates uniformly for 3.0 seconds. What is the magnitude of the car's acceleration?

How much work is done pushing a 15 kg crate a distance of 2.5 m at constant speed across a wooden floor ? The coefficient of kinetic friction between the crate and the floor is 0.40. (a.) 0J (b.) 15 J (c.) 368 J (d.) 147 J

how much work is done pushing a 15 kg crate a distance of 2.5 m at constant speed across a wooden floor ? The coefficient of kinetic friction between the crate and floor is 0.40. (a.) 0 J (b.) 15 J (c.) 368 J (d.) 147 J

Read the following passages and answer the following questions for each one:

1. What is the phenomenon being explained?

2. What theories are advanced to explain the phenomenon? (Some theories may be unstated.)

3. Which theory seems the most plausible and why? (Use the criteria of ad-equacy.)

4. Regarding the most credible theory, is there a test implication men-tioned? If so, what is it? If not, what would be a good test implication for the theory?

5. What test results would convince you to change your mind about your preferred theory?

"In the past several years, a researcher named David Oates has been advocating his discovery of a most interesting phenomenon. Oates claims that backward messages are hidden unintentionally in all human speech. The messages can be understood by recording normal speech and playing it in reverse…. [According to Oates] 'Any thought, any emotion, any motive that any person has can appear backwards in human speech. The implications are mind boggling because reverse speech opens up the Truth’.... To our knowledge there is not one em-pirical investigation of reverse speech in any peer-reviewed journal. If reverse speech did exist it would be, at the very least, a noteworthy scientific discovery. However, there are no data to support the existence of reverse speech or Oates's theories about its implications.”

Rhetorically analyze the poem "Voyage to the Moon" by Archibald MacLeish. How does the poet establish ethos, pathos, and logos? Discuss the subject, speaker, audience, and purpose of the poem. How does the intersection between the subject, speaker, and audience affects the poem?

What is a good topic for a persuasive essay?

Create  a flowchart to help fellow teachers evaluate the complexity of authentic texts that could be used in your  Signature Assignment: Content Area Literacy Unit *. Your flowchart must contain a minimum of 6 steps or components.

For f(x) = 1/(x^2 - 2x + k) and k= -8, what is the integral of f(x) dx over [0, 1]?

what is the best format for a debate 2 AC paper

How should I end a speech?

How can I improve my speech and debate?

What are some fun debate topics?

How many words are in a 3-minute speech?

How do you change this sentence into indirect speech, “She said to me, ‘I have a pen’”?

What are some examples of frozen speech style?

What are some tips to write a speech about yourself?

What effect does high Co2 and thus carbonate level on marine organisms

I need help to bring my Adv. graphic designs grade up from 59. do you like have any advice for me on how to bring my grade back up?

What is Computer Aided Design with examples?

What should be a designer's priority while creating a design?

What is the importance of computer-aided design?

What are examples of some aesthetic things?

On which factors should design be rated?

What does approach to design mean?

How and where can I learn graphic design?

I am taking a Cambridge end-of-year exam on pre-calculus in a few months, what should I study?

To solve the equation f(x) = 6x^3 - 48, I took the GCF first. Now, I am left with 6(x^3 - 8) = 0. Instead of using the a^3 - b^3 formula, I solved it like this. (x^3 - 8) = 0, x^3 = 8, x = 2. I took the cube root of both sides, and I got only one solution. The other two solutions are complex, but I can't find them if I use this method. So what is wrong with using this method? If 8 was not a perfect cube, we could have used this method. Why is that?

I don’t understand

Write a quadratic function  h whose only zero is −10

Carlos and Shawn are selling fruit for a school fundraiser. Customers can buy small boxes of oranges and large boxes of oranges. Carlos sold 13 small boxes of oranges and 5 large boxes of oranges for a total of $133. Shawn sold 10 small boxes of oranges and 8 large boxes of oranges for a total of $148. Find the cost of each of one small box of oranges and one large box of oranges.

Can you please help me? Thank you!

Can you please help me?

What is the most effective way to study for unit tests in APUSH?

Was slavery the main engine of American economic growth? 

What was slavery main role in the u.s economic growth that lead to the civil war 

How did slavery play a role in American’s capitalism.

 how/ why did slavery play a big role in building thye

 American economy system and how it impacted it.

What was the cause and effect of slavery in the American economy world and how did it affect the economy in this generation.

In what way did the end of slavery affect us 

What were the positive effects of slavery in the United States economy in 2020?  

what was the ideal of “homespun virtue” and how did it appeal to different groups in the colonies

How do i study for the AP exam when its this friday?

How did Japanese Americans use the loyalty questionnaire to resist or critique their incarceration?

I need help studying for my Chapter 17 AP US History test.

Was the election of 1960 an easy victory for Kennedy? Why?

What were causes for the Seven Years War?

What was similar between the New Deal and Great Society programs?

How can I prepare for the AP Physics 1 exam? I am not doing good in the class and I want to try to do better on the AP Exam in May.

A compact car has a maximum acceleration of 2.0 m/s(^2) when it carries only the driver and has a total mass of 1200 kg. What is its maximum acceleration after picking up four passengers and their luggage, adding an additional 400 kg of mass? (Express the answer to two significant figures and include appropriate units). (The question is mainly pertaining to using Newton's second law, since this was recently discussed and introduced to us by our teacher. It's been giving me a bit of trouble, so I appreciate answers! Thank you!)

A force F is applied perpendicular to the top of a box of mass m sitting on an incline of angle θ. What is the magnitude of F such that the normal force of the incline on the box is equal to the weight of the box?

Where's a great place or site y'all recommend in learning the likes of coding, Adobe, Microsoft, and whatnot with this computer stuff? I'm not really a STEM person and really don't know much about comp sci tbh but was curious to see!

ystems Kai Edmonds is a manager of client support services for BizNet Computer Systems, a vendor that sells networks to small organizations. She is aware that a number of BizNet's customers have very little experience with the tasks associated with keeping a network system up and running. Kai spends considerable time on the telephone answering questions. Most of the questions she gets relate to the following three topics: - Security threats - Media backups - Disk performance Kai thinks BizNet needs a document to provide to its customers when they take delivery of their office network. The document Kai has in mind would address the trhee concerns she hears most often from customers. Assume that BizNet sells Windows desktop workstations that are attached to a Windows server. First, develop a preventive maintenance checklist of tasks that a small business organization could use to manage their systems for maximum performance and reliability. The checklist you provide should address the three primary areas of concern Kai has listed above. Next, expand one of the categories of tasks on the checklist to provide clients with a brief explanation of how to perform each step on that portion of the checklist. As you write the checklist and explanation of how to perform each step, remember that BizNet's clients are not computer professionals.

Geo-Habitus is a company that sells kits used to build vacation cabins shaped like geodesic domes. The company has identified a need for a local area network (LAN) to facilitate communication among workers and permit collaboration on tasks. Bridgette Petrang, the technology supervisor at GeoHabitus, has asked you to develop a project plan with Microsoft Project 2010. To learn the basic features of project management software, you will input the tasks for a LAN acquisition project at Geo-Habitus, shown in the outline below. The goal of the project is to select a new LAN for the company.

Project Plan: Geo-Habitus LAN Selection Project

Step Task                                                                                                                                                Time Estimate              

1 Conduct a user needs analysis among the Geo-Habitus managers and employees for a new LAN system.                                                                                                                                             8 days

2 Develop a specification of the required LAN features. 4 days

 Define the selection criteria based on mandatory and desirable features, vendor

3. support, costs, and compatibility with existing equipment; decide on a weight for each criterion.

4 Write a Request For Proposal (RFP) document for vendors that describes LAN operating requirements, bidding procedures, and decision criteria.

5 Send RFP document to LAN vendors. 1 day

6 Allow time for vendors to prepare written responses to RFP. 14 days

7 Analyze vendor responses to RFP and evaluate bids. 5 days

8 Select a vendor and award the contract for the LAN installation. 1 day

" Help Desk Performance at Virtual-SoftBeth Goldman, supervisor of Virtual-Soft’s Help Desk service gets weekly data from a helpdesk software application on her support specialists' performance. She wants to use the data to measure her staff members' productivity. Use a spreadsheet program to enter the data for Beth’s staff from last week shown in the table below."Beth thinks that productivity should be measured as the amount of work accomplished divided by the effort expended. Think about this definition of productivity. Use your spreadsheet to calculate the measure of productivity you think would be appropriate for these workers. Who is the most productive agent on Beth’s staff? Is there more than one right way to approach this problem? Print your spreadsheet, and explain your results."SupportSpecialistCalls Handledper WeekAvailable Hoursper WeekAverage Minutesper CallSusan11231.514.2Jose12731.011.3Sue00.00.0Barbara8725.115.9Ekaterina15130.09.2Shere-Kahn6324.213.6Dennis7729.611.9Kristen6327.110.6"

"You are a user support specialist at Les Deux Vaches, an organization that publishes a trade publication for the dairy industry. Several managers have approached you about a problem they need help with. Each of the managers has a laptop computer they use to connect to the company's intranet and to the Internet. They use their laptops to access email and certain accounting information in the evenings and on weekends. They are concerned about the possibility of accidentally downloading spyware that could be used to obtain proprietary corporate information or slow the speed of their laptop. Investigate some free antispyware utility programs that are available for download from the web, and make a recommendation to the managers about which program to use. Complete the following tasks:1. Create an evaluation criteria checklist for an antispyware utility. Develop as complete a list as you can, keeping in mind the problem the managers want you to help them solve. You can also consider any software support issues or other factors you think arerelevant.2.Develop specific evaluation criteria for an antispyware utility"

"Locate the technology support standards for your workplace or school, or find another organization’s technology product support standards online. Write a short comparison between those you find and the support standards at the University of Texas Arlington described in this chapter. How are they similar? How are they different?"

I have never presented or experienced a PowerPoint presentation before or any type of presentation. Not sure how to answer this discussion topic

Design a backtracking algorithm to solve the m-coloring problem using  the general framework discussed in class.  All other solutions will not receive credit.

//define variables used

coloring(m, G)

// add your pseudocode here

r-coloring(k, m, G)

//add your pseudocode here

color_ok(k, G)

(8 pts) Write the pseudo-code

(2 pts) Analyze the worst-case running time of your algorithm.

I'm working on probability and struggling with the binomial process. Is there a way to calculate the amount of success trials without counting them out? For example, a six faced die gets rolled five times and gets only two 6s. What is the probability of that? And how many success trials are there?

How many megabytes are there in a gigabyte?

When the lionesses give birth? She gives birth to their cubs.

How does the nervous system keep blood carbon dioxide and oxygen levels stable

If the concentration of a solution in test tube #1 is 200 mg / mL and a serial dilution is performed with a tube dilution of 1/4 for subsequent tube #1, a tube dilution of 1/3 for subsequent tube #2 and a tube dilution of 1/8 for subsequent tube #3 what is the final concentration of the solution in test tube #4?

If the concentration of a solution in test tube #1 is 16 mg / mL and a serial dilution is performed with a tube dilution of 1/4 for all subsequent tubes, what is the final concentration of the solution in test tube #3?

Can someone help me with this question? In a population of Pennsylvanians, only 18% of individuals express the recessive trait of Syndactyly or webbed fingers ( if using F's = ff) .  What percentage of the population are not webbed?

Explanation of how the carbon cycle occurs Explanation of why the carbon cycle is important to life on earth

How does energy move through the ecosystem?

sweep - In french passe compose form

We went to - In french passe compose form

was- in french imparfaire form

In the French language, what would be the difference between using leur and les in a sentence if both mean "them". If I said, "We speak to them often, so we known them well." where would the leur and les go and why. Give another example if possible please and thank you.

What is a good way to practice my French without it being boring? I wish I could talk to a french speaking person but I do not know any. Also any tips on helping to remember words?

In french, how can I tell when to use "ce" "cet" and "cette" when describing "this"

Find the words!! in french

find the french words pls screenshot the answers thanks

hello I have a question my teacher told me to type a "minimum length: 3/4 page". what does that mean. how many words should i type? please help!

Apa citations

Does anyone think they could help me with getting this essay done, I have absolutely no idea where to start with it, was absent for 2 weeks and came back to this :(

I need a good example of a reply to this statement Smartphones, smart t.vs , Bluetooth speakers, blue tooth lights, computers and security cameras are IoT that me and my family and friends use.  

Advantages we can look things up either on our phones computers and t.vs. 

Disadvantage is they all can get hacked into.


advice for personal statement essays

  • Administrative agencies may create rules substantive rules, which are commonly referred to as regulations.
  •  False

Which is NOT a stage or activity that exists in the civil legal process 

A.Determination of personal and subject matter jurisdiction.

B.Post-conviction sentencing

C.Filing the complaint in the appropriate jurisdiction

D.Service of process


F.Motions before and after trial

G.Alternative Dispute Resolution


I.Voir dire

When it comes to the topic of free enterprise, there is often debate. For example, some people will say that free enterprise is an ethical economic system. Others will argue that it is unethical. Write a two paragraph essay discussing whether you think the free enterprise system is ethical or unethical and why.

This discussion board has three (3) parts.

Part I  - It’s time to tell me and your classmates a little about yourself. Tell us where you work, what type of work you do your major, and other information you’re comfortable sharing with us, such as your hobbies, unique life experiences, future career plans, etc. Share some information about yourself so that we can get to know one another.

Part II  - Use the most current Occupational Outlook Handbook ( U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (Links to an external site.)

) to research three (3) different categories of managers. For each, prepare a bulleted list in your own words (not copy-and-paste) that describes the following:

  • The nature of the work
  • Training and qualifications needed
  • Job outlook
  • Projections data

Your initial posting should be substantive (at least 200 words) and is  due no later than 11:59 PM on THURSDAY of this module .

Part III  – To complete the discussion board portion of this assignment, your responses to a minimum of  TWO  (2) classmates is required  no later than SUNDAY at 11:59 PM.   These responses should be substantive (at least 50 words each) and add significantly to the discussion by building on your classmates’ comments, noting similarities or differences, suggesting alternative solutions, pointing out problems, and even at times, constructively disagreeing. When responding to classmates, please include their first names (i.e., Rebecca, I think you hit the nail on the head!)

Please note : You must post to the discussion board before you can view classmates' responses.

Please also note : Late postings and/or responses will  not  be accepted for grading. For further guidance, refer to the discussion board rubric.

This assignment is worth up to 30 points: up to 20 points for your initial posting, and up to 10 points for your responses to classmates. 

In his book, The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton Christensen describes companies that do everything right, yet still fail. The external environment changes and destroys or radically changes existing business models. Is disruptive innovation real, and how do we as managers anticipate it.

What is debt ceiling?

What is the difference between public investment and government expenditure?

Hi what's the center of earth?

How do you create a loop?

I currently have a D in my computer coding class because I am having trouble understanding and remembering the material dose any one know an easy way to remember things?

Why is JavaScript not working with my HTML?

How can I import JQuery into my js file?

Is ‘list’ and ‘array’ different in Javascript?

I can't get application to submit

how do i make a flyer using google slides

Can people know or see who else is invited to view or edit a Google Doc?

How can I save a video from Google drive?

How do I rotate text in Google Docs?

write each expression as a multiple of a power of 10

I really need help on this question? I can't seem to find k

A sum of money is compounded at a yearly interest rate of 9%. After 7 years it is worth $4,000. What is the original amount of money to the nearest dollar

need help step by step

Why is it that the result of joining (or removing) a sizeless object to anything is no change at all, and that the “thing” added (or removed) is literally nothing?

The questions is below…

Marlene wants to determine which podcast adults prefer. She surveys 30 adults entering a park one morning. Which type of sample does this represent?

Why might a provider like to see a graphic representation of a patient's results or vitals over time? provide examples. 

What is the output from the following code? String s = "Computer Science is fun!"; String s1 = s.substring(0,8); String s2 = s1.substring(1); String s3 = s2.substring(1,3); System.out.println(s3);

"Cat has a speak method that returns ""Meow"" Bird has a speak method that returns ""Tweet"" Dog has a speak method that returns ""Woof"" Pig doesn’t have a speak method Cow has a speak method that returns ""Moo"" What is the output from looping through this array of animals and asking each to speak()? Animal[] a = { new Cat(), new Cow(), new Dog(), new Pig(), new Bird() }"

public void f(int a, int b) { if (a/b != 0) f(a/b,b); System.out.print(a % b); } Given the method above, what is printed by the call f(4,2) ?


We are stuck on a,b,c, and d

A nine-mile stretch of beachfront is bounded by trees. Along the beachfront, the density of the trees is 250 per square mile. The density increases linearly until it reaches 2,650 per square mile eight miles from the beachfront. Find the total tree population in this stretch of land that is nine miles long and eight miles wide.

What are the points of inflection for y = xe^x?

What is the equation of the tangent line to the curve f(x) = x^2 - 10 passing through the point (5,1)?

#7& 8a -b

Please help verify we got the correct answers to these problems 3-4-5

Question 3 a&b&c

Question 1 a&b

what is 4+1

3 ways magma forms

Why do you think earth is round?

How long would a human survive on each planet according to the video?

In 3-4 sentences, explain all of the phases of the moon based off of the video

What human impact led to the “Love Canal Disaster?”

1.What are symptoms?

1.What are symptoms?

2.What are the treatment options?

1.What are the causes of fetal alcohol syndrome?

How do I get my assignments done on time?

1. Why do you think the author chose to call Buddhism as a "certain way of thinking" rather than a religion?

2. What do you believe was the justification of representing the Buddha through a lotus, a horse with out a rider, or a tree when the Buddha said never to worship idols or idolize himself? 

3. Do you think the adding of the 5th and 6th virtues of Buddhism is what the original practicers of the religion would have ever wanted? A wide open religion that would become accessible to all? 

4. How do you believe the original followers of Buddhism would react to expansion like Zen Buddhism or images of Greco Buddhist Art?

5. Why would the Kushans change their complete lifestyle and live between the Roman and Chinese empires rather than attempts to expand their boarders?

6. Why is it the Kushans decided to represent all of their peoples religions on their currency?

7. Traditionally donations had no purpose in Buddhism, yet the Kushans were so worried about happiness after life so they added donations into traditions...why would this not correct late to traditional Buddhism?

8. How would Stupas be view by a traditional buddhist? 

9. What were the other two major ways of thinking when buddhism expanded into china? 

10. Buddhism is a true combination of eastern and western thinking, why? This is evident at the end of the documentary when it shows Japanese celebrations of the arrival of spring.

How to find hieght of a triangle

Solve for a = b/c*2 for b

A city currently has 3.07 thousand residents. Each year the city's population grows by around 310 persons.

After 16 years what will the approximate population of the city be? Round to three significant digits.

Inflation causes things to cost more, and for our money to buy less (hence your grandparents saying "In my day, you could buy a cup of coffee for a nickel"). Suppose inflation decreases the value of money by 5% each year. In other words, if you have $1 this year, next year it will only buy you $0.95 worth of stuff. How much will $100 buy you in 15 years?

Diseases tend to spread according to the exponential growth model. In the early days of AIDS, the growth factor (i.e. common ratio; growth multiplier) was around 1.9. In 1983, about 1600 people in the U.S. died of AIDS. If the trend had continued unchecked, how many people would have died from AIDS in 2005?

A city currently has 2.37 thousand residents. Each year the city's population grows by around 480 persons.

After 20 years what will the approximate population of the city be? Round to three significant digits.

Create a different histogram of the data using a different bin size. Similarly, be sure to label your axes and add a title.

under what conditions would the ussr leave afghanistan

what led to the placing military detachments in afghanistan.

What effect did private and government institutions have on People and businesses during the Great Depression?

What were some of the effects of World War I? 

Also what part of the land includes the city of Rome?

Who is the leader of the Haitian Revolution?

How were Chartists eventually able to democratize Great Britain?

How do you think Durham's report affected French speaking Canadians? 

How did the colonial settlement of Australia and New Zealand differ?

Drag the ruler into the box next to his nationality.

Which of the following are characteristics of nation-states?

Why is chromium +3 more stable?

What aldehyde is the most easily oxidized?

I have a fear of speaking, how can I get that problem adressed?

What is the best font for a PowerPoint?

How do you save a PowerPoint as a high quality PDF?

What’s a good number of slides for a 1-hour presentation?

How can you convert text to a table in PowerPoint?

Predict Suppose you were given an element that has a boiling point around -185°C and a melting point around -190°C. Determine if you were given an element from a group that you already considered in this activity, or a different element. Explain your reasoning.


Use dimensional analysis to solve all of the following for 2 questions:

Use Dimensional Analysis to solve all of the following:

Is the cobalt system always the same color when it is at equilibrium, meaning a steady ratio of products to reactants? 

in Figure 1. Which bond has the highest bond energy? Which has the lowest?

The Haber Process is used to make ammonia on an industrial scale. If you want to produce 10 metric tons of ammonia, how would you calculate the mass of the reactants needed?

Can you guys check my answer and correct the one that need to be correct!!

I don’t know how to study for my TSI do you know any good websites?

Does anyone have really good advice, or various ideas on how to improve on the SAT ELA portion? I feel stuck.

In a right triangle,  a  and  b  are the lengths of the legs and  c  is the length of the hypotenuse. If  a =3 inches and  b =1 inch, what is  c ? If necessary, round to the nearest tenth.

Succession plans generally cover a time frame of (1,2,or 3) year and human resources professionals often use software specifically designed for succession planning

What are the different saving vehicles?

What is the significance of saving for emergencies?

What are the cost benefits associated with different investing methods?

How do spending habits change through an average person’s life?

How should saving habits change through an average person’s life?

How do commercial banks and credit unions differ?

What are the various types of credit that can be used to borrow money?

What are the three credit score reporting agencies?

What are the factors that influence credit scores? What are the different types and causes of bankruptcy?

What are different investment options, other than savings accounts?

What political or social events in history have impacted the stock market?

Why should beginning investors choose low-risk investments?

What are the common types of consumer fraud in today’s society?

What laws have been recently created to address consumer fraud?

How does a person know they need credit/debt counseling?

Where can a person go to receive credit/debt counseling?

What steps need to be taken to restore a person’s identity once it has been stolen?

What are the various types of insurance?

Why is it important to carry an insurance policy? Who can be identified as a beneficiary?

What insurance companies offer the best coverage and prices?

Any good study tip for the SAT?🥲🥲

Hi! I need help improving my SAT score from 1080 to 1510< can anyone share tips and sources?

"There is a growing feeling, as expressed by several of our focus group participants, that the news media should be “informative rather than authoritative”; the job of journalists should be to “give the news as raw as it is, without putting their slant on it”; and people should be given “sufficient information” from which “we would be able to form opinions of our own." What does 'raw' mean in this sentence?

The diameter of a circle is increased by 80%. By what percent is the area increased?

"Watching such a film, one will likely notice that many cubicles (still a workplace staple) have unwieldy computers and an equally unwieldy office phone." Is this sentence correct?

what is a good paper topic? bc i need one for the last paper i am doing.

12. Which lines from “Robin Hood” best support the idea that Robin Hood and his companions feel a strong connection with nature?

If there is nothing else you can write about a subject, what can you write instead?

I wrote a somewhat big essay for a program if anyone can read through it and give some suggestions or where I should put the paragraph splits (not finalized) that would be great. Here it is:

    In the third grade, my school introduced the honor roll, a list of the top kids with the highest grades and all, and it was a new concept to me at the time. When I went, after a while I started feeling somber during the time, because it was a long showing and my name hadn’t been called yet and I thought I didnt make the honor roll. But after a while I got called last and I was the number one student in my grade. Before in my school, I was a good kid and had good grades in my other classes and in my other grades, but I never really took realization of the work that I did and how I felt about it. Before I didnt really know what to think about school because I always worked hard and did good, but I didnt really appreciate it though.

 After the honor roll though, I started to really appreciate the work I had done and how it affected me. After the honor roll, I started to feel more confident about me and my work, and I worked harder to try and keep my position. In the years following, I kept on getting top 3 in the honor roll, and it encouraged me to work harder to get to the first place spot. But during sixth grade, when COVID happened and everything when online, the school felt really different because nothing really felt the same and the things just werent as motivating as they were before, and we didnt even get a honor roll until the end of the year, and even after that it didnt feel the same as it did before.

    After, during the summer, I felt determined again so that when the school year reinstated I would try my hardest to stay in the top three in the honor roll. When seventh grade came and we were doing part online and part in-person, I felt somewhat motivated during the online portion to go and make  the honor roll as we didnt have one, but once we went in-person I tried hard to make the honor roll, and I got number 2, it made me feel happy and like all of my work had paid off.” If anyone reads this and gives some suggestions, thank you.

Can someone read over this, I’m trying to get into a program to help me with stuff, but I’m not sure if it’s good so far. Here it is “I believe I would be a good candidate for the “Program” program because I feel it could help me with my future. My goal for the future is to get into a specialized high school this year, and after that, I want to go to a college like MIT or Harvard, work in I.T or something technology related, and own my own business. This program can help because it can help me learn more about important subjects, like ELA, Math, and Science that can help me get into an excellent specialized high school, and getting into a program like this could help me in the future as it is not easy to get into. From this program, I expect to get extra and harder work in subjects like ELA, Science, and advanced Algebra, and being able to learn material past my grade, and get help studying for the SHSAT test, but also do more independent endeavors in things, for example, projects, more hands-on work for things like science, and get help with more extracurricular stuff like coding and learning different coding languages, learning how to use the things we learn in school to help us build our future, and learn different languages. I plan to contribute to the program by being a good kid. I am always respectful and listen, one example I have never gotten detention. I can also bring diversity, as my parents migrated from Sierra Leone, in west Africa, so I am a first-generation American. Overall, I think I would be a good candidate for the program because it helps me with my goals, and I can help contribute to the program.” If anyone has any suggestions on how to make it better please respond,

Before you begin writing, you must choose a topic. You will be writing 4-5 paragraphs, so your topic must be important and interesting enough for you to hit that length. At the same time, the topic must be narrow and focused enough so that you aren't tempted to stray off topic. Here are some ideas to consider:

1. What is the best (or worst) profession that a person can pursue? Jot down some ideas that make this job good (or bad).

Correct punctuation sentences

rule for dropping the silent "e" when adding a suffix.

Are there any profile websites for Ph.D. students like Plexuss?

In 3-4 sentences, explain how coal made us rich, and why it needs to go?

1. What did the miners Dad teach him about land?

1. What did the miners Dad teach him about land?

2. The goal of a miner is to make money. Reclamation projects are very expensive, so why do miners end their excavations with a reclamation project?

3. What does the miner describe to be in the topsoil used in the reclamation project?

4. How long did the miner project the land to return to its original form?

In 2-3 sentences explain where oil comes from

In 3-4 sentences, explain what would happen if Vesuvius Volcano Erupted in 2020?

In 2-3 sentences, explain how the Hawaiian Islands were formed thru volcanic activity.

If the DNA sequence is TAC how do I know what amino acid it translates to?

1.      In cats, the allele for black fur (B) is dominant over the allele for brown fur (b). A heterozygous female cat mated with a homozygous recessive male cat.

a.      What is the genotype of the female cat?

b.      What is the phenotype of the female cat?

c.      What is the genotype of the male cat?

d.      What is the phenotype of the male cat?

Trying to understand AP Statistics. Just the entire course in general. Any tips?

I need math help

Can you please help me answer this questions

This is the question:

In a recent random sample of 100 students, 14 reported that they had texted while driving in the past month.

  • Assumptions and Conditions  - Make a check-list of assumptions and conditions.
  • Raw data, computations, and resulting confidence   interval  - Present the data that you were given, and show the computations for the confidence interval by showing the key-strokes on your TI-84 or Excel.

A monthly plan cost $1 per month plus 0.35 per text message. Find the monthly cost for x text message

For your first news analysis, you will need to find an article of your choosing. The article must contain a discussion of some data using summary statistics.

1) Identify the following. The first three items are crucial. The rest should be reported if they are mentioned in the article:

A. The things or people being examined.

B. What is being examined with respect to those things or people?

C. Where it is being examined?

D. When it was examined?

E. Why it's being examined?

F. How it's being examined? 

2) List at least one summary statistic given in the article. If you'd like to list more than one, that's ok.

3) Give a short analysis of why you agree or disagree with the article. This analysis can be based on anything which the article states or anything that you're aware of.

4) Include a copy of the article in your submission. You may do this by copying and pasting the article into your document, or by copying and pasting a url address for that article.

A space probe on the surface of Mars sends a radio signal back to the Earth, a distance of 8.27  ✕  10 7  km. Radio waves travel at the speed of light (3.00  ✕  10 8  m/s). How many seconds does it take for the signal to reach the Earth?  

Is gravity always 9.8m/s^2

If a government is willing to sacrifice human life in favor of the private accumulation of profit, it is in violation, most directly of which of Dussel's principles?

What is the wavelength of an electromagnetic wave that has a frequency of 5x10-5m/s?

Create a different histogram of the data using a different bin size. Similarly, be sure to label your axes and add a title

If you test the difference between three groups in ANOVA and you get a significant F test, you must

Suppose that a  random sample  of nineteen recently sold houses in a certain city has a  mean  sales price of $

, with a  standard deviation  of $

. Under the assumption that house prices are  normally distributed , find a 95

  confidence interval  for the  mean  sales price of all houses in this community. Then find the lower limit and upper limit of the 95

 confidence interval. 

Carry your intermediate computations to at least three decimal places. Round your answers to the nearest whole number. (If necessary, consult a  list of formulas .)

Lower limit: $

Upper limit: $

How do you calculate standard deviation?

Spring Languages Logo

Essential Chunks and Phrases to Ask for HELP in Spanish in ANY Situation

Essential Phrases to Ask for HELP in Spanish in ANY Situation [SPANISH LESSON 24]

Welcome to Spring Spanish! In this article, te voy a enseñar cómo pedir ayuda en español (I am going to teach you how to ask for help in Spanish). Entonces, ¿me ayudas? (So, can you help me?) You will learn some of the most useful chunks que te ayudarán (that will help you) to ask for help in any situation!

1. Useful phrases to ask for help in Spanish

¡ayúdame a ayudarte.

This literally means “HELP ME TO HELP YOU”

Disculpe, ¿podría ayudarme? or Disculpa, ¿podrías ayudarme? (Excuse me, could you help me?)

We use Disculpe in formal situations, when we use usted , while in informal situations, we use  Disculpa , when we use tú .

If you are in doubt about when to use Usted or Tú , then check out the video that Paulisima, another Spring Spanish teacher, made to teach you the difference.

Necesito ayuda, por favor . (I need help, please.)

This phrase is usually accompanied by a preposition, like para (to).

Necesito ayuda para … (I need help to…)

  • … encontrar (to find something), e.g. un hotel (a hotel), el aeropuerto (the airport), un taxi (a taxi), una tienda (a store), un parque (a park), la estación de tren (the train station), la estación de policía (the police station) .
  • … marcar un número telefónico internacional (to dial an international phone number)
  • … enamorar a un chico (to make a boy fall for me). —And once you are in love, then check Cory’s video about the Language of love and seduce him or her in Spanish 🤭

¿Puede(s) o podría(s)? (Can you? or Could you?)

This question will be used with complementary verbs such as:

  • ¿Puedes pasarme la pluma? (Can you give me the pen?) 
  • ¿Podrías despertarme mañana? (Could you wake me up tomorrow?)
  • ¿Puede ayudarme con mi tarea? (Can you help me with my homework?)
  • ¿Podría manejar más lento? (Could you drive more slowly?) — Please use this one when you are on a taxi in Mexico City. It would be really useful!

¿Me ayudas? (Could you help me?) or ¡Ayúdame, por favor ! (Help me, please!)

  • ¿Me ayudas a hacer el desayuno? (Can you help me to make breakfast?)
  • Ayúdame a cargar esto, por favor. (Help me to carry this, please.)

¿Te importaría? (Would you mind?)

  • ¿Te importaría traerme una botella con agua? (Would you mind bringing me a water bottle?)
  • ¿Te importaría llamar a tu mamá? (Would you mind calling your mother?)
  • ¿Te importaría llevarme al aeropuerto? (Would you mind driving me to the airport?)

¿Me echas una mano? (Can you give me a hand?)

  • ¿Me echas una mano con las bolsas? (Can you give me a hand with the bags?)

¿Puedo pedirte un favor? (Can I ask you for a favor?) or ¿Me podrías hacer un favor? (Could you do me a favor?)

By the way, in Mexico we love sarcasm, so Mexican moms will use a typical phrase that sounds similar to this one, but without the question marks:

  • ¿Me podrías hacer EL favor de recoger tu cuarto? (Could you do me THE favor of picking up your bedroom?) 

So, in this case, she is not asking, she is demanding you to do it.

2. Bonus phrases to ask for help in Spanish in emergency situations

Well guys, now you have lots of chunks to use on your next trip or to impress your Spanish speaker friends. However, I have some bonus phrases if you ever find yourself in an undesirable situation (I hope you don’t), but just in case then please bear in mind the following phrases:

  • You are getting robbed or need someone to help: ¡Auxilio! Socorro! Ayúdenme!
  • You need to call the ER: ¿Podrías llamar al 911, por favor?
  • You need an ambulance: ¿Puedes pedir una ambulancia?
  • You need a pharmacy: Necesito ayuda para encontrar una farmacia .
  • You need to go to the police station: ¿Te importaría llevarme a la estación de policía?

And if you ever need help to ask where to find something, you could use any of these:

  • ¿Dónde está _______? (when asking for specific places) or ¿Dónde hay _______? (when asking for any place)
  • ¿Dónde está el hotel “Las Maravillas” / la embajada Americana (the US Embassy) / la estación de policía (the police station)?   
  • ¿Dónde hay un hotel (a hotel) / una farmacia (a drug store) / un hospital (a hospital) ? 

3. Learn Spanish with FREE Spanish Training

Ahora que ya sabes cómo pedir ayuda (now that you know how to ask for help), ¿por qué no te ayudas a aprender español? (Why don’t you help yourself in learning Spanish? ) We have a whole series of Spanish beginner videos, so feel free to check them out on our channel! 

And if you want to learn more chunks and to understand how our chunk method works to improve your Spanish in less time, then sign up to the free training we are offering on our website. By doing so, you will have access to free sample Spanish lessons straight from our Academy!

Spring Spanish Teacher Maria Fernanda

Traveler, Dog Lover and Creative, are just a few characteristics of María-Fernanda. She is from the beautiful South East Coast in Mexico where "La Bamba" song was born: Veracruz. María Fernanda is a great company if you want to spend your days laughing, learning fun facts and dancing salsa, merengue, bachata or whatever that makes you shake it! She considers herself an ambassador of her country and Spanish Language, as she loves sharing about her culture to the people of the places she has been, so far more than 50 countries in the world and lived in 5 of them while studying abroad.

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