Laundry Shop Business Plan: Complete Guide

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  • January 31, 2023

laundry shop business

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Whether you’re looking to raise funding from private investors or to get a loan from a bank (like a SBA loan) for your laundry shop, you will need to prepare a solid business plan.

In this article we go through, step-by-step, all the different sections you need in your business plan for a laundromat or a dry cleaning business. Use this template to create a complete, clear and solid business plan that get you funded.

1. Executive Summary

The executive summary is one of the most important elements of your laundry shop business plan. It gives everyone an overview of your business, including the potential lenders and investors, so it’s important to get all the details right.

An executive summary is simply a summary of your business plan, highlighting all the important sections and the funding ask.

Why you need a business plan for a laundry shop

The only reason you would want a business plan is to get a clear roadmap when executing your business strategies from start to finish. This is important when considering a business as competitive as a laundromat, where a lack of attention to minor detail could have a massive impact on the revenue potential. Ideally, your business plan should help you achieve one of the following objectives;

  • Help secure funding from banks or other lenders (think about a SBA loan ).
  • Get financing from private investors (angel investors, private funds, etc.)
  • Obtain a public or private grant

How to write an executive summary for a laundry shop

The structure of any executive summary is always the same, same goes for laundry shops.

Business Overview

What’s your business name? What is your business model? Do you operate a dry cleaning or a laundromat? This section should contain the answers to all these questions and more.

Note that entrepreneurs have 2 business models to choose from when starting a laundry shop. You may want to purchase a franchise or instead open an independent shop. This needs to be crystal clear from the outset in this section.

Other important elements to consider here include the services you plan to offer, the location of your shop and the legal structure of your company.

Market analysis

In this section, you should summarise the market research you would have conducted as part of your business plan. Indeed, conducting a proper market analysis will give you an accurate estimation of the total number of customers that may visit your shop every month.

For example, do you have a clear picture of the exact number of laundry shops in your area? If you are launching a laundry shop within a busy neighborhood, then what’s the competition like?

Other important elements that will come up at this point include the region’s demography and the demand for laundry services, ultimately determining your pricing strategy. 

Management & People

Expand here on the management team and their experience in the industry. Also, make sure you have a clear organizational structure with the different teams and their reporting lines.

Financial Plan

How much profit and revenue do you expect in the next 5 years? When will you reach the break-even point and start making profits ? It is ideal to include a chart depicting your key financials such as revenue, gross profits, and net profit

Funding Ask

There’s no better way to conclude the executive summary than by laying out the objective of your business plan: to raise funding from investors, banks or to obtain a grant.

Therefore, answer the following questions here: What loan/investment/grant are you seeking? How much do you need? How long will this last?

laundry business plan sample

2. Laundry Shop Business Overview

A business overview is exactly what it sounds like: a description of your company and what it offers to your target customers. For a laundry shop, the focus will be on your specific services, how every product is priced, and who your target market is.

Here are the different sub-sections you should cover here:

As part of the business overview section, describe the history of your laundry shop, covering your interest and reason for starting the business today. Explaining the rationale and the “why you” to investors goes a long way.

For example, if your analysis showed that most laundry shops in the region welcome customers to come in for their cleaning services, you could offer pickup and delivery services instead, to stand out from the crowd.

Business Model

The business model answers specific questions about your laundry shop. For instance, will you purchase an already established franchise or start from scratch? Also, are you opening an independent store or opting for a partnership?  

Laundry Services and Products 

There’s no limit to the number of services and products you can offer at your laundry shop. However, you need a clear strategy to truly stand out from the crowd and target the desired market base. Most importantly, you need to show the potential investors why they should trust your business model and nothing else. 

A standard laundry shop in the US will almost certainly focus on washing, drying, and folding services. However, you can take it a notch higher by offering additional services like dry cleaning, ironing, and stain treatment. Be clear if you cater to a specific target market like colleges, toddlers (diaper services), restaurants, animal shelters, inns, or hospitals. 

laundry business plan sample

Pricing Strategy

What’s a fair price for laundry services? Such questions are best answered after assessing your target audience and other important details related to the laundry shop business. Of course, you don’t have to go overboard when setting your prices for a new start-up. 

On average, laundry services cost about $2.00 per load in most US states. So, this could be a good starting point as you continue to explore the market to determine the most reasonable prices for your audience. 

Generally, the cost of laundry services depend on the location and quality of services. While most laundry services that allow clients to drop off their laundry for cleaning charge by weight, some will help customers pick the desired services from the menu.

Target Audience

For a laundry shop business, it’s important to find out if the local area even needs your services in the first place. And even after identifying an obvious market gap, you will want to dig deeper to find out what the customers will appreciate most about your business and why they need laundry services. 

Knowing your target market not only helps you attract and retain new clients but also shows the lenders the viability of your business model. 

laundry business plan sample

Legal Structure

The legal structure is the last element you may want to include in your laundry shop’s business overview section. Most laundry shops in the US are operating as a limited liability company (LLC). 

But as you may already know, the legal structure is never a one-size-fits-all affair. So choose a structure that matches your needs between a corporation or a partnership.

laundry business plan sample

Laundromat + Dry Cleaning Financial Model

Download an expert-built 5-year Excel financial model for your business plan

3. Laundry Shop Market Analysis

A proper market analysis is another very important section in your laundry shop business plan, helping you showcase your wealth of knowledge about the market. And that’s exactly what many investors will want to see. 

For a laundry business, setting up your shop in a busy location with lots of apartments might be a goldmine, helping you reach out to a large audience in little to no time. Unless you want to spend a couple of hours on the road traveling to offer your pick and delivery services, you will want your laundry shop to be as close to the target market as possible. 

Laundry Shop Market Trends

As part of a comprehensive market analysis, ensure you understand the market trends before jumping on the laundry shop train. An overview of the current market size and a prediction of the future growth opportunities should help you make clear business decisions. 

How big is the laundry industry in the US?

It’s always good to present a few numbers for the US market. For example, you could use the US market size of $10 billion in 2020, expected to grow by 4% annually from 2021 to 2028.

laundry business plan sample

How big is the laundry industry in your area?

However, there are good chances you will want to be as specific as possible by restricting your analysis where you plan to operate instead. Indeed, whilst the US market for laundry facilities might be growing overall for certain reasons, it might not be the case at all in your area.

This can be as easy as listing all the different laundry shops (laundromats, online on-demand delivery / pickup laundry, dry cleaners) in your area.

How fast is the laundry industry growing in your city?

Now let’s look at growth.

Here, you can use the number of laundry shops in your city. For example, assuming there were 20 shops in your city in 2020 and 24 in 2022, we can assume your market is growing at +10% per year.

Laundry Shop Competitor Analysis

A healthy competition puts you on your toes, ensuring you work hard to improve your services and never stay in your comfort zone. However, competition only makes sense if you are smart enough to understand your competitors’ biggest deficiencies.

After finding out the number of laundry shops in the area, some of your biggest competitors in the field, and the services they offer, you will want to go a step higher to evaluate other vital elements. 

For example, you may want to know how much your competitors charge for the same laundry services, the average number of employees and their salaries, and the estimated number of customers they serve every month. The data you obtain from such analyses should help you make smart decisions, fully motivated to meet your clients’ expectations. 

Laundry Shop Customer Analysis

Now that you know the market trends and the level of competition, who exactly are you selling to? This is more or less the same as the target audience, and everything still hinges on the nature of the individuals you intend to serve. 

You can deduce this information from the competitive analysis, taking note of the need for laundry services in the area and the region’s demographic pattern. Find out if the local community appreciates online booking because that will force you to design a reliable website with a user-friendly booking section. 

laundry business plan sample

4. Sales & Marketing Strategy

The sales and marketing strategy section of your business plan should include information on how you will attract new customers to your laundry shop.

Keep it simple by answering specific questions about your business. For example, what marketing channels are best suited to your target audience? How will you know that your marketing strategy is working? What’s the estimated marketing budget? And do you plan to include incentives like bonuses and offers to attract new clients within the first few days/weeks of operation? 

Laundry Shop Marketing Channels

You will never run out of options when it comes to the marketing channels for a laundry shop business. The only question is whether the chosen strategy suits your target market.

Ideally, the chosen marketing channel should be creatively designed to deliver results while helping you outshine some of your biggest competitors in the field. And there are numerous options, including;

  • Social media ads (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Local pay-per-click campaigns (e.g. Google Ads )
  • Website 
  • Partnerships (with corporates, hotels, fitness clubs, etc.)

What Are Your Unique Selling Points (USP)?

A unique selling point explains how you stand out from the competition. This section includes a specific feature that customers can only find in your business and should be communicated concisely. 

Your USPs separate your business from competitors, and help customers make a decision between one laundry shop and another.

Of course, a unique selling point varies from one company to another, but some of the key factors that should guide your decision include;

  • Price : you may be cheaper vs. your competitors
  • Location : your laundry shop might be closer to your target customers
  • Quality : you offer higher-quality services and/or faster turnaround
  • Services : you might offer an online booking service with the ability for customers to order pickup and delivery so they don’t have to leave the comfort of their home

5. Management & Organizational Structure

The 5th section of your laundry shop business plan should be about people. It should include 2 main elements:

  • The management team and their experience / track record
  • The organizational structure: what are the different teams and who reports to whom?

Here you should list all the management roles in your company. Of course, the amount of details you need to include here varies depending on the size of your company. A franchise business with a number of laundromats would need more detail vs. an independent laundromat.

If you plan on running your business independently, you may write a short paragraph explaining who are the co-founders and/or senior managers (if there are any in addition to yourself). It’s important to highlight their experience in the industry and previous relevant professional experiences.

laundry business plan sample

Organizational structure for a laundry shop

No matter how many leadership roles there are, you should now explain how you intend to run the company from a management standpoint.

What are the different teams (management, operations, marketing, etc.)? Note that you should include these details even if you haven’t hired anyone yet. It will show lenders and investors that you have a solid hiring and management plan to run the business successfully.

A great addition here is to add an organizational chart that list all the roles, from Directors to managers, key supervisory roles, employees and contractors. Make sure to highlight with reporting lines who manages/supervises whom.

laundry business plan sample

6. Laundry Shop Financial Plan

The financial plan is perhaps, with the executive summary, the most important section of any business plan.

Indeed, a solid financial plan tells lenders that your business is viable and can repay the loan you need from them. If you’re looking to raise equity from private investors, a solid financial plan will prove them your laundry shop is an attractive investment.

There should be 3 sections to your financial plan section:

  • Your historical financials (only if you already operate the business and have financial accounts to show)
  • The startup costs of your project (if you plan to open a new laundromat , purchase new washing machines, renovate your facilities, etc.)
  • The 5-year financial projections

Historical Financials (if any)

In the scenario where you already have some historical financials (a few quarters or a few years), include them. A summary of your financial statements in the form of charts e.g. revenue, gross profit and net profit is enough, save the rest for the appendix.

If you don’t have any, don’t worry, most new businesses don’t have any historical financials and that’s ok. If so, jump to Startup Costs instead.

Startup Costs

Before we expand on 5-year financial projections in the following section, it’s always best practice to start with listing the startup costs of your project. For a laundry shop, startup costs are all the expenses you incur before you open the space to your customers.

These expenses typically are:

  • The lease deposit for the space you rent (if your decide to rent)
  • The loan downpayment for the purchase price of the building (if you decide to buy with a mortgage)
  • The design and renovation of the existing facilities
  • The equipment (washers, dryers, coin machine, etc.)

The total startup costs depend on a number of factors, such as the type of business model (laundromat vs. dry cleaning), the quality of the building (whether there is a lot or remodeling to do or not), the number and quality of the machines, etc.

As an example, it costs on average $151,000 to $490,000 to start a laundromat with 15 front-loaders and 10 dryers. For more information on how much it costs to open and run a laundry shop, read our complete guide here .

Laundry Shop 5-Year Financial Projections

In addition to startup costs, you will now need to build a solid 5-year financial model as part of your laundry shop business plan.

Your financial projections should be built using a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel or Google Sheets) and presented in the form of tables and charts in your business plan.

As usual, keep it concise here and save details (for example detailed financial statements, financial metrics, key assumptions and benchmarks used for the projections) for the appendix instead.

Your financial projections should answer at least the following questions:

  • How much revenue do you expect to generate over the next 5 years?
  • When do you expect to break even ?
  • How much cash will you burn until you get there?
  • What’s the impact of a change in pricing (say 20%) on your margins?
  • What is your average customer acquisition cost (CAC) ?

You should include here your 3 financial statements (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement). This means you must forecast:

  • The number of customers over time ;
  • Your expected revenue ;
  • Operating costs to run the business ;
  • Any other cash flow items (e.g. capex, debt repayment, etc.).

When projecting your revenue, make sure to sensitize pricing and the number of customers as a small change in these assumptions will have a big impact on your revenues.

When it comes to the costs, consider both startup and operating costs . For more information, read our complete guide here .

laundry business plan sample

7. Funding Ask

This is the last section of your laundry shop business plan. Now that we have explained what your laundry shop is about, what’s your strategy, where you go and how you get there, this section must answer the following questions:

  • How much funding do you need?
  • What financial instrument(s) do you need: is this equity or debt, or even a free-money public grant?
  • How long will this funding last?
  • Where else does the money come from? If you apply for a SBA loan for example, where does the other part of the investment come from (your own capital, private investors?)

If you raise debt:

  • What percentage of the total funding the loan represents?
  • What is the corresponding Debt Service Coverage Ratio ?

If you raise equity

  • What percentage ownership are you selling as part of this funding round?
  • What is the corresponding valuation of your business?

Use of Funds

Any laundry shop business plan should include a clear use of funds section. This is where you explain how the money will be spent.

Will you spend most of the loan / investment in buying the real estate? Or will it cover mostly the cost for the acquisition of the machines?

Those are very important financial questions you should be able to answer in the blink of an eye. Don’t worry, this should come straight from your financial projections. If you’ve built solid projections like in our laundry shop financial model template , you won’t have any issues answering these questions.

For the use of funds, we recommend using a pie chart like the one we have in our financial model template where we outline the main expenses categories as shown below.

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Top 10 Laundry Business Plan Templates With Examples and Samples

Top 10 Laundry Business Plan Templates With Examples and Samples

Samradni Pradhan


The idea of laundry service is a product of Western culture, where customers go to a store and wash their clothes using a washing machine and detergent. When a single washer doesn't work, laundry services clean the fabric on a larger scale. Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other locations that need regular fabric cleaning extensively use these services.

Like any other business, a laundry service needs a thorough business plan that includes the objectives and a strategy for achieving them. This plan will encompass operational details, staffing needs, financial evaluation, market analysis, customer assessment, and more. It aims to assess the firm's feasibility comprehensively. A well-executed business plan ppt will aid entrepreneurs in securing capital and loans for maintenance, expansion, and growth.

This blog will discuss the best laundry business plan templates for your company.

Best Laundry Business Plan Templates

Table of contents, 1. executive summary, 2. company overview, 3. industry analysis, 4. customer analysis, 5. competitor analysis, 6. swot analysis, 7. porter's framework, 8. marketing plan, 9. operational plan, 10. financial plan.

Getting clean clothes is only one aspect of laundry – the other is improving the overall service. Furthermore, when launching a laundry business, many possibilities are challenging to track. Our templates are helpful in this situation.

Using our comprehensive business plan template gives your business ideas a canvas and a notebook. These templates were created explicitly with the needs of a laundry and dry-cleaning business plan in mind. This blog will cover details on the top 10 pages of the complete deck. After downloading, you will get 65-page Doc, PDF, and XLS files.

An executive summary should highlight your laundry business's distinctive value proposition, mission, and vision. Investors can swiftly determine the organization's viability by viewing your fundamental goals and essential tactics.

In our Executive Summary section, you will get templates for:

1.1 The Quick Pitch: Provide an impressive and brief introduction, highlighting the key characteristics and value propositions that make your laundry business stand out.

1.2 The Entity Profile: Create an easy-to-understand visual representation of your business structure and unique brand strategically designed to capture the attention of investors and partners.

Executive Summary

Download this business plan

(Looking for a specific commercial business plan for your laundry services, look no further than our business plan ! Commercialize your services the right way)

Commercial Laundry Business Plan

Download this presentation

You may inspire trust in potential investors by clearly representing your company's objectives, culture, and long-term goals. This section is an opportunity to demonstrate your enthusiasm and dedication, an aspect that lures investors who share your values and vision.

In our Company Overview section, you will get templates for:

2.1 Vision and Mission: Create a compelling mission and vision statement to lead your laundry business to success.

2.2 Company Goals and Objectives: Understand exactly what you want to accomplish with your laundry business, creating a transparent and inspirational roadmap to success.

2.3 Start-up Summary: Provide a glimpse into your laundry business’s history, revealing how it started, how it has been structured, the use of coin-operated machines , and fundamental elements forming the foundation for your creative process.

2.4 Market Gap Analysis and Business Statement: Unlock untold potential in the laundry industry and showcase your unique business brand identity, positioning your brand as a leader.

2.5 Services Portfolio: Showcase a wide range of high-end laundry services .

2.6 Key Success Factors: Identify the key elements defining your laundry business strategy, paving the way to success in design and aesthetics.

Company Overview

(Given the growth of on-demand laundry services, your interest may be piqued to explore our business plan designed especially for those needs, download it right away)

On-Demand Laundry Business Plan

The Industry Analysis section provides an in-depth analysis of the laundry industry’s current state and trends. Investors are looking for high-growth businesses to invest in. This section provides insights into the market size, key industry trends, and new opportunities. It places your laundry business in a position to understand the dynamics of the industry, making it more appealing to investors looking for growth industries to invest in.

In our Industry Analysis section, you will get templates for:

3.1 Market Analysis: Dig deep into the world of laundry, discovering hidden gems and uncovering industry leaders that will shape your business for years.

3.2 Market Trends Tracking: Stay ahead of the rest by keeping an eye on the latest trends to capture the attention of today’s customers.

3.3 Major Challenges and Solutions: Fearlessly take on industry challenges, creating cutting-edge solutions that ensure continuous growth for your laundry business.

3.4 Growth Drivers Identification: Develop strategic plans and identify the crucial factors that will drive your laundry brand to rapid growth and long-term success.

3.5 Geographical Market Analysis: Customise your strategy to the regions in your target market, allowing for smooth growth that aligns with regional preferences and meets unique needs.

Industry Analysis

(If your business caters to fresh laundry services, we have just the apt resource for you to explore! Download our fresh laundry services business plan template today!)

Fresh Laundry Service Business Plan

Understanding your customers is crucial to attracting investors to your business. In this section, demonstrate your understanding of your customers, including their needs, preferences, and characteristics. Investors want to know that you've figured out what kind of market you're in and develop strategies to attract and retain customers.

Our Customer Analysis section offers comprehensive templates for:

4.1 Target Market Definition: Create a crystal clear view of the customer or business segments in which your laundry services excel, ensuring a precise and measurable market approach.

4.2 Buyer Persona Development: Build a detailed profile of your perfect customer, from age and gender to preferences and behaviour. This will help you personalize your services precisely, skillfully meeting your customer’s needs.

4.3 Market Sizing Analysis: Understand the size of your laundry market, calculate the market share that your brand can grab, and paint a picture of the opportunities that are waiting for you in your business environment.

Customer Analysis

Investors love businesses well-versed in competition and know laundry care growth statistics . This section will give you insights into your competition's strengths and weaknesses. This will help investors evaluate your business’s competitive edge. 

In our Competitor Analysis section, we provide templates for:

5.1 Major Players: Identify and analyze the top competitors and key players driving the laundry market in your area.

5.2 Attributes Comparison: Conduct in-depth research, creating meaningful comparisons of the key characteristics and features that distinguish different laundry products and services on the market, allowing you to position your products strategically.

Competitor Analysis

A SWOT, short for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats- Analysis is a must-have tool if you’re looking to self-assess your business. It helps investors understand your laundry business’s strong suits and weak spots and its external opportunities and threats. On this page, you’ll see how to identify and mitigate your business’s risks while taking advantage of its strengths. This will make your business more attractive to risk-averse investors.

SWOT Analysis

Porter’s Framework looks at the competitive forces in your industry. Investors want to know how your laundry business is positioned in the market and its resilience to competitive pressures. Showcasing your competitive strategies and market positioning can draw in investors looking for businesses with a strong market presence and a long-term competitive advantage.

Porter's Framework

The Marketing Plan includes information about how to attract and engage customers. Investors are looking for a comprehensive marketing plan that can aid with brand development and building a customer base. A successful marketing plan appeals to individuals and investors who recognize the importance of effective marketing for business growth.

In our Marketing Plan section, we provide templates for:

8.1 Sales Strategy: Create a custom sales plan carefully crafted to exceed your laundry business’s financial goals and aspirations.

8.2 Promotional Strategy: Shine a bright light on your marketing and promotion strategies, creating excitement and a lasting legacy for your laundry brand.

8.3 Pricing Strategy: Discover the secret to your pricing strategy that seamlessly combines profitability and unmatched competitiveness, setting the benchmark in the laundry industry.

8.4 Sales Funnel Optimization: Navigate the captivating experience from discovery to customer satisfaction with the laundromat's business growth . Optimize every sales funnel stage to maximize efficiency and delight in your laundry experience.

Marketing Plan

On the Operational Plan page, you can outline your business’s daily operations, including personnel, operations, and technology. Having a well-thought-out operational plan helps investors trust that your business will meet its goals and continue to grow.

In our Operational Plan section, we provide templates for:

9.1 Retail Selling Strategy: Lead the way to retail success with a strategic plan for selling your laundry refurbishment, demonstrating your sales skills and tactical thinking.

9.2 E-commerce Sales Strategy: Get ahead of the competition with a comprehensive plan and budget to take over the online market with your unique laundry services.

9.3 Milestones and Achievements: Brighten up your laundry business’s journey by highlighting the critical turning points and impressive successes.

Operational Plan

The Financial Plan is essential for investors as it gives them a better understanding of your laundry project management finances. This section guides them in estimating their potential returns on investment. 

In our Financial Plan section, we provide templates for:

10.1 Financial Assumptions: Turn your business goals into a plan that will help shape the financials of your laundry business with professional ironing and folding .

10.2 Revenue Model and Sales Forecast: Show off how your laundry business makes money and how it can grow.

10.3 Break-Even Analysis: Getting to the bottom of what's holding your laundry business back from breaking even is a big step to making money.

10.4 Projected Profit and Loss Account: Draw a clear picture of what your laundry business can do financially, how much money you can make, how much you need to spend, and how much you can expect to make.

10.5 Projected Cash Flow Statement: Make sure your laundry business runs smoothly by observing how much money you expect to make.

10.6 Projected Balance Sheet: Get a complete picture of what your laundry business is expected to make, what it will owe, and what it's worth. That way, you can ensure your finances are as transparent as possible.

10.7 Scenario Analysis: Explore different scenarios to see how different conditions and risks could affect the financial strength of your laundry business.

10.8 DCF Valuation: Using discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, you can determine how much your business is worth today in the laundry industry.

Financial Plan

We have so much more to offer

We hope this blog has given you an idea of the amazing content you could gain from this business plan. But this is just the beginning. Upon downloading this business plan, you'll receive all 65 pages and all the valuable content it contains. Starting a laundry business is no easy feat, but we can simplify it. You can download the entire business plan in an easy-to-edit PowerPoint to modify it per your business’s requirements.

FAQs on Laundry Business Plan

1. what is a laundry business plan.

A laundry business plan is a thorough document outlining the plans and goals for starting and running a profitable business. It includes essential elements, including market analysis, financial estimates, marketing plans, and operational strategies. It acts as a road map for business owners, guiding them through the difficulties of the laundry sector and, if necessary, obtaining capital.

2. How profitable is a laundry business?

A laundry business's profitability can vary significantly based on variables including location, pricing, and services provided. A successful laundry operation can make a profit, but success demands careful planning, effective management, and efficient operations.

3. How do I start a laundry business plan?

A laundry business strategy contains the following steps:

  • Examine the market and rivalries.
  • Identify your offerings and target market.
  • Construct a thorough financial plan.
  • Create operational and marketing plans.
  • Describe your objectives and goals.
  • Seek for expert guidance if required.

4. What are the 3 types of laundry business?

There are three primary categories of launderettes:

  • Coin-operated machines are used by patrons in self-service launderettes to wash and dry their clothing.
  • Laundries that provide complete service, including washing, drying, folding, and ironing.
  • Commercial laundry services: Taking care of significant volumes of uniforms and linens for corporations, hotels, and healthcare facilities.

5. What are the risks in the laundry business?

The following are typical risks in the laundry industry: - Equipment failures and maintenance expenditures.

  • Variable utility costs.
  • The opposition from competing launderettes.
  • Changes in market demand.
  • Adherence to regulations and environmental issues.
  • Difficulties in managing and training employees.
  • Economic downturns impact consumer spending.

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Laundry is an essential part of life for most people. As long as clean clothes are in demand, a laundry business will be too. After all, not everyone has their own washer and dryer, or the time (or desire) to wash their clothes themselves. This makes starting a business in the laundry industry a great option for budding entrepreneurs.

Of course, this all sounds good in theory, but what does it take to launch a business of your own? If you’re wondering how to start a laundry business, this guide is here to help.

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How to start a laundry business in 10 steps

We’re going to cover all of the crucial first steps you need to take to get your laundry business started. You may be eager to open your doors as soon as possible, but taking the time to plan and set up your business through the proper channels can help ensure a successful start.

1. Decide what kind of laundry business you want to start

If you’re already thinking about starting a laundry business, you might know exactly what kind you want to open. But if you’re still exploring your options, we’ll go through a few of the laundry business formats you should consider before deciding.

Laundry businesses are most popular in areas with lots of apartment buildings or where people don’t necessarily have their own washing machines. You may choose to open a laundry business that allows customers to come in and do their laundry using your machines, or you can also offer wash and fold services, where customers can drop off their laundry, and then pick it up once it’s done (some laundry businesses also offer pickup and delivery.)

You might also decide to offer all of these services to your customers. Whichever you choose, you’ll need washing and drying machines and a location for the business. You'll want to keep all of this in mind, therefore, before you continue learning how to start a laundry business.

You also have the option of buying into a laundromat franchise , rather than building a new business from the ground up. There are pros and con s to this type of business model, but if this is your first business endeavor, it can be helpful to work within an already existing — and successful — framework that a franchise provides.

Ultimately, with all of these options, you’ll want to take the time to do your research before you decide which idea to move forward with. See what other types of laundry businesses are in the area, conduct a survey of local people, or see what type of demand there is for your possible business.

This information will help you decide if there is a need for a laundry business in the first place, as well as what type of laundromat would best serve your area.

How much do you need?

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We’ll start with a brief questionnaire to better understand the unique needs of your business.

Once we uncover your personalized matches, our team will consult you on the process moving forward.

2. Choose a business name

One of the most fun parts of learning how to start a laundry business is choosing the business name. Think of all the clever, catchy, and memorable names you can come up with — but make sure it’s also describing your business and is memorable and easy to pronounce.

Once you have some ideas, you can look up whether your business name is available online in most states. The secretary of state website will likely be the best resource for checking business name availability, though some states have a different agency handling this business process, such as the chamber of commerce department.

If your business name is available, you will likely have the option to reserve it for a set amount of time. Although this step isn’t required, you may choose to do so if you aren’t ready to register your business but want to ensure no other business takes your name.

3. Choose a business entity

Another decision about your laundry business that you’ll have to make early on is which business entity you’ll choose to legally structure your business. Choosing the right business entity is crucial, as it affects how you pay taxes, how much risk you’ll be exposed to, how you’ll organize your business, and more.

For example, if you decide to start your laundry business as a limited liability company, you’ll have liability protection for yourself and other business members. On the other hand, if you opt for something like a general partnership or sole proprietorship, you won’t have liability protection, but you also won’t have to register your business with the state.

There are several factors to consider in this step, so we recommend consulting a business attorney or tax professional to walk you through the process and help you choose the best entity for your unique business needs.

4. Write a business plan

Now that you have your business entity, business name and business idea in mind, you can get down to writing your business plan . Your business plan will be on the longer side, think 30 to 50 pages, and it will provide a comprehensive overview and actionable plan for taking your laundry business to a profitable endeavor.

You can either write your business plan on your own or you can use a business plan template to help streamline the process, but either way, there is some key information you should make sure to include in the plan.

Your business plan should include a summary and information about the type of business you want to start, including your structure and any other key employees (besides yourself). It should also include a market analysis. This analysis should show that there is a high demand in your area for a laundry business, as well as outline any competitors, who your target customer is, and more.

Your plan should also include financial information, detail where you’re getting your startup capital, whether or not you’ll be seeking any extra funding, and projections for when you think you’ll actually start making money with your new laundry business.

5. Register your business and get an EIN

The next step involved in learning how to start a laundry business? Although not all businesses have to register with the state (sole proprietorships and general partnerships likely will not), most will need to take this step in order to legally operate. Some states allow businesses to register online, typically through the secretary of state or chamber of commerce website, but other states require businesses to register in person with paper documents. It’s always wise to consult a business lawyer who can help you keep track of the documents and registrations your business needs to file.

One thing to keep in mind if you choose a business entity that doesn't require you to register with the state, you may still want to file a DBA or “doing business as” to operate your business under a name other than your legal name (which is the default).

In addition, it's also a good idea for most businesses to apply for an employer identification number or an EIN. This number is helpful for businesses when applying for a bank account, filing taxes, and more. It’s sometimes referred to as a business tax ID number.

If you plan to hire employees, this is a required step, but even if you’re not at that stage yet, obtaining an EIN has several business benefits. You can apply for your EIN through the IRS website.

6. Get the proper permits and licenses

The licenses and permits you need to run your laundry business will vary depending on the state where you’ll be operating. You may need to get a more general business license in addition to more specific licenses, such as a health department license or water pollution control permit .

Some states and cities even have specific laws around laundry facilities and businesses that provide laundry services. If you plan to do pickup and delivery services too, there are other licenses you’ll need, pertaining to your business vehicles.

Overall, this is another step where it would highly benefit you to consult a business attorney, as licensing rules vary largely depending on the state, city, or county.

7. Find a location

At this point, you've completed much of the behind-the-scenes work required in learning how to start a laundry business. And, in doing so, you’ve likely done some preliminary work on this next step, especially during your market analysis.

This being said, however, it’s now time to get serious about finding the location for your laundry business. Although some smaller operations may be able to be run out of a home (if you’re only doing drop-off/pickup service, for instance), you’ll likely want to find a commercial space.

Keep in mind, a laundry business will require specific plumbing and water line hookups — or the structural bones for these to be added — which will come at a cost. Just how much it costs to start up a laundry business will vary depending on several factors, but know that your physical space will likely be a large investment.

When it comes down to it, though, finding the right space is important, but equally as important is making sure it’s in the right location. In fact, finding a location with a demonstrated need for a laundromat business is probably the most important step of them all.

Renters, for example, generally represent a large portion of laundromat clients, so you might want to consider a location near rental units that do not have washers and dryers built into them, or college students living off-campus. You also want to make sure you’re conveniently located near your target audience. In fact, the closer you are to your customers, the better. Depending on the location, this could mean within walking distance.

Security should also be taken into account. Laundromats are susceptible to robberies and other types of crime, which is why ideally your laundromat should be located in a highly visible, safe area.

8. Get the proper equipment

With your space secured, you next need to turn your attention to buying the equipment to make your laundry business operational. Depending on the size of your business, you may need over 20 washing machines and 20 dryers.

Some other essential laundromat equipment (besides the washers and dryers themselves) to get are:

Change machines.

Credit card payment system.

Laundry carts.

Oversized washing machines.

Security cameras.

Soap dispensers.

Vending machines.

Although most of these things on the list speak for themselves, it's important to remember to have plenty of change machines, as not all of your customers will be carrying credit or debit cards with them.

In addition, you'll want to keep in mind that laundry equipment will most likely be your biggest expense, aside from rent. On average, laundry machines can cost you anywhere from $100,000 to $400,000. While writing your business plan, therefore, you should have done some calculations for how much you expect to spend on these initial startup costs, and now it’s time to find a way to finance them.

Although new businesses have a more difficult time qualifying for traditional business loans, one type of funding that can be particularly useful for laundry businesses is equipment financing . You’ll take your quote for the machines you need directly to a lender who then funds the purchase. You pay off the loan with regular payments, and the machines serve as collateral for the loan, making lenders more willing to work with less-qualified borrowers.

9. Open a business bank account

You’re nearly ready to open the doors of your laundry business, but before you do, one more crucial step is to set up your business’s financial accounts. First, you’ll need to open a business checking account so you can separate your business and personal finances. This is important for many reasons, including simplifying your taxes and helping to protect your personal assets if your business is the recipient of legal action.

Having this account completely separate from your personal bank account can also help establish and boost your business credit score, which will help you qualify for more attractive funding options if and when you decide to expand your business in the future.

You’ll also want a business credit card to help keep your spending separate. Although there are many great options out there, a 0% introductory APR business card can be especially useful for startup businesses, as the intro period can serve as an interest-free loan of sorts. Just make sure your balance is paid off before the offer period ends and a variable APR sets in.


Start Your Dream Business

10. Market your laundromat

Finally, you've reached the last step in learning how to start a laundry business. At this point, you're ready to welcome customers and start drawing people to your business.

A great way to get people coming through your doors is by marketing your business around areas where your target customers like to frequent. For instance, if a sizable portion of your customers is college students, you may want to pass out flyers at popular coffee shops or college bars.

Following SEO best practices is also a definite must, as nowadays many people search online to find new businesses. Make sure your business is easy to find online by creating a user-friendly website, which should list basic business information like your business hours, your business address, and contact information.

You'll also want to ensure that your business develops a strong reputation. Respond to all of your customer reviews on sites such as Yelp and Google Business, no matter how positive or negative the feedback is, as this will only serve to boost your reputation.

Once you've gotten the word out there, you can think about different ways to retain customers. Some laundromats offer free WiFi or install televisions to keep customers entertained while they wait for their laundry to finish.

On a similar note...

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Laundromat Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Laundromat Business Plan

You’ve come to the right place to create your laundromat business plan.

We have helped over 10,000 entrepreneurs and business owners create business plans and many have used them to start or grow their laundromats.

Below is a template to help you create each section of your Laundromat business plan.

Executive Summary

Business overview.

Jean’s Clean Laundromat is a startup laundromat located in Manhattan, New York. The company is founded by Jean Smith, an experienced business manager with a master’s degree in Business Administration. With over ten years of experience as the General Manager for a boutique retail chain, Jean has garnered a positive reputation as a dedicated leader. She is confident that her ability to effectively manage people, finances, and operations will allow her to start her own profitable laundromat. Jean plans on managing the day-to-day operations of the laundromat herself and hiring highly qualified staff for essential positions of laundry attendants,  security guards, an accountant, and a sales and marketing professional.

Jean’s Clean Laundromat will provide general card-operated washing machines and dryers for customers to use on their own as well as a wash and fold service station for customers who want to drop their clothes off to be cleaned by Jean’s staff and picked up later. Jean’s Clean Laundromat will be a comfortable and convenient stop for busy people in the Manhattan area.

Product Offering

The following are the products and services that Jean’s Clean Laundromat will provide:

  • Self-service card-operated washing machines and dryers
  • Laundry supplies (detergent, dryer sheets, laundry bags, etc.)
  • Dry cleaning service
  • Wash and fold service
  • Laundry pickup and delivery service

Customer Focus

Jean’s Clean Laundromat will target all individuals in the Manhattan area that need laundry service. Specifically, it will target men and women living in the area, busy parents, and people who do not have the time or facilities to do their laundry at home. The laundromat will also target tourists or business professionals in the city who need a quick laundry service. No matter the customer, Jean’s Clean Laundromat will deliver the best service, security, and convenience.

Management Team

Jean’s Clean Laundromat will be owned and operated by Jean Smith. She has recruited fellow New York University graduate, Elizabeth Clark, who has a bachelor’s degree in finance to come on board as her accountant and bookkeeper.

Jean Smith is a graduate of New York University with a master’s degree in Business Administration. She has been working as the General Manager for a boutique retail chain for over a decade. Jean’s organizational and leadership skills have allowed her to establish and grow a large network of business professionals that are supportive of her new venture, Jean’s Clean Laundromat.

Elizabeth Clark has worked as an accountant and bookkeeper at a local bakery for over five years and has established herself as a detail-oriented and methodical financial expert. Jean relies strongly on Elizabeth’s diligence, attention to detail, and focus when it comes to keeping the laundromat’s finances in order.

Success Factors

Jean’s Clean Laundromat will be able to achieve success by offering the following competitive advantages:

  • Friendly, efficient laundry attendants that strive to go above and beyond for each customer.
  • All laundry products and services are delivered with the customers’ comfort and convenience in mind.
  • Jean’s Clean Laundromat offers its customers quick pickup and delivery seven days per week.

Financial Highlights

Jean’s Clean Laundromat is seeking $300,000 in debt financing to launch its laundromat business. The funding will be dedicated towards securing the laundromat storefront and purchasing the card-operated machines, and the card system. Funding will also be dedicated towards three months of overhead costs to include payroll of the staff, rent, and marketing costs. The breakout of the funding is below:

  • Washers and dryers: $80,000
  • Card system: $40,000
  • Water heating system: $5,000
  • Three months of overhead expenses (payroll, rent, utilities): $150,000
  • Marketing costs: $15,000
  • Working capital: $10,000

The following graph below outlines the pro forma financial projections for Jean’s Clean Laundromat.

laundry business plan sample

Company Overview

Who is jean’s clean laundromat.

Jean’s Clean Laundromat is a new laundromat located in Manhattan, New York. The company is founded by Jean Smith, an experienced business manager with a master’s degree in Business Administration. With over ten years of experience as the General Manager for a boutique retail chain, Jean has garnered a positive reputation as a dedicated leader. She is confident that her ability to manage people, finances effectively, and operations will allow her to start her own profitable laundromat. Jean plans on overseeing the daily operations of the laundromat herself and hiring highly qualified staff for essential positions of laundry attendants,  security guards, an accountant, and a sales and marketing professional.

Jean’s Clean Laundromat History

Jean’s Clean Laundromat will be owned and operated by Jean Smith. Jean Smith is a graduate of New York University with a master’s degree in Business Administration. She has been working as the General Manager for a boutique retail chain for over a decade. Jean’s organizational and leadership skills have allowed her to establish and grow a large network of business professionals that are supportive of her new venture, Jean’s Clean Laundromat.

Since incorporation, Jean’s Clean Laundromat has achieved the following milestones:

  • Registered Jean’s Clean Laundromat, LLC to transact business in the state of New York.
  • Has a contract in place for a one year lease on the laundromat storefront which is approximately 2,000 square feet.
  • Hired a marketing professional to begin strategizing a pre-launch marketing campaign.
  • Began recruiting a staff of an accountant, marketing and sales manager, security guards, and laundry attendants to work at Jean’s Clean Laundromat.

Jean’s Clean Laundromat Services

The following will be the services Jean’s Clean Laundromat will provide:

Industry Analysis

The laundromat industry is a $5.4BN market in the United States with over 30,000 laundromats across the country. Laundromats are a good investment for entrepreneurs with many of them seeing an astonishing 95% success rate for the first five years in business. For many people, laundromats are essential aspects of their regular routine.

Although running a laundromat can be a profitable venture, it takes some work to maintain profitability. It’s important for industry operators to manage their laundromats proactively, pay attention to what competitors are doing, and focus on continuous improvement in both service and technology. Industry operators who fail to take these actions may not be able to achieve their desired outcomes.

A trend in the laundromat industry is  the replacement of coin-operated machines with card-operated models. Card-operated machines can bring in greater profits for the laundromat owner because these machines can be set to change prices according to the time of day or be used for single use vending product purchases. Additionally, laundromats are using newer, more eco-efficient machines and technologies that bring in more profits in addition to being better for the environment. Finally, laundromat operators are finding ways to stand out from competitors with unique services in addition to the standard self-serve washers and dryers. Some of these value add services may include wash and fold, pickup and delivery, free wifi, vending machine products, etc.

Customer Analysis

Demographic profile of target market.

Jean’s Clean Laundromat will target men and women in the Manhattan area that need laundry service. Specifically, the laundromat will target busy parents and people who do not have the time or facilities to do their laundry at home. The laundromat will also target tourists or business professionals in the city who need a quick laundry service.

The precise demographics for Manhattan, New York are:

Customer Segmentation

Jean’s Clean Laundromat will primarily target the following customer profiles:

  • Busy parents
  • Business Professionals
  • People who do not have laundry facilities in their homes

Competitive Analysis

Direct and indirect competitors.

Jean’s Clean Laundromat will face competition from other companies with similar business profiles. A description of each competitor company is below.

BMI Laundry Service, Inc.

BMI Laundry Service, Inc. provides wash and fold, dry cleaning, and pickup and delivery services with two locations, in Chelsea and Manhattan. BMI’s promise is to deliver fast service for people on the go. BMI Laundry Service, Inc. has coin-operated machines, vending machines, and free wifi. The self-service laundromat is available seven days a week from 6:00AM-6:00PM, while the laundry service is available by appointment only. Customers can schedule their laundry service using the company’s appointment app.

Wash It, Dry It, LLC

Wash It, Dry It, LLC is a Manhattan-based laundry business that provides self-service card-operated washers and dryers as well as wash and fold services for its customers. Wash It, Dry It, LLC sells its own branded laundry products including detergent, laundry bags, soaps, fabric softeners, and dry cleaning products. The laundromat is open 24/7. Wash and Fold service is available Monday through Friday from 7:00AM-8:00PM.

MC Laundromat

MC Laundromat is a trusted New York laundry business that provides superior service to customers in Manhattan and the surrounding areas. They are able to provide a one-stop shop for anyone in need of laundry services. MC Laundromat is able to provide dry cleaning, spot treatments, wash and fold, and delivery services. MC Laundromat has oversized machines for large laundry loads.

Competitive Advantage

Jean’s Clean Laundromat will be able to offer the following advantages over their competition:

  • Jean’s Clean Laundromat offers its customers same day pickup and delivery service seven days per week. Laundry attendants are available 24 hours per day to accommodate more customers’ schedules.

Marketing Plan

Brand & value proposition.

Jean’s Clean Laundromat will offer the unique value proposition to its customers:

  • Friendly, efficient laundry attendants available 24/7 that strive to go above and beyond for each customer.
  • Jean’s Clean Laundromat offers its customers same day pickup and delivery service seven days per week.

Promotions Strategy

The promotions strategy for Jean’s Clean Laundromat is as follows:

Word of Mouth/Referrals

Jean Smith has built up an extensive list of contacts over the years by providing exceptional service and expertise to her customers. Her network of contacts has committed to spreading the word about her new laundromat to their friends and families.

Print Advertising

Jean’s Clean Laundromat will invest in professionally designed print ads to display in newspapers, magazines, and direct mail circulars.

Jean’s Clean Laundromat’s in-house marketing manager will design and maintain the company’s website. The website will be well organized, informative, and list all their services that Jean’s Clean Laundromat is able to provide. Additionally, the website will include a blog that will provide customers with helpful laundry tips.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The marketing manager will also manage Jean’s Clean Laundromat’s website presence with SEO marketing tactics so that anytime someone types in the Google or Bing search engine “New York laundry service” or “laundromat near me”, Jean’s Clean Laundromat will be listed at the top of the search results.

Social Media

Jean’s Clean Laundromat will maintain an active presence on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube, with the marketing manager updating these accounts regularly.

The pricing of Jean’s Clean Laundromat will be moderate and on par with competitors so customers feel they receive value when purchasing their services.

Operations Plan

The following will be the operations plan for Jean’s Clean Laundromat.

Operation Functions:

  • Jean Smith will be the Owner and Manager of the company. She will oversee all staff and manage daily operations. Jean has spent the past year recruiting the following staff:
  • Elizabeth Clark – Accountant/Bookkeeper will provide all laundromat accounting, tax payments, and monthly financial reporting.
  • Steve Miller – Head of Security will oversee a small team of rotating security guards to ensure the safety of the customers and employees on the premises at all times.
  • Anna Rodriguez – Marketing Manager will provide all marketing and advertising campaigns for Jean’s Clean Laundromat.
  • Robert Wills – Lead Laundry Attendant will supervise the team of laundry attendants and manage the staff schedule.


Jean’s Clean Laundromat will have the following milestones complete in the next six months.

7/1/2022 – Finalize contract to lease laundromat storefront.

7/15/2022 – Finalize personnel and staff employment contracts for attendants and security guards.

8/1/2022 – Purchase card-operated washing machines and dryers, vending machines, and supplies.

8/15/2022 – Begin word of mouth and online marketing campaigns.

8/22/2022 – Begin moving into Jean’s Clean Laundromat.

9/1/2022 – Jean’s Clean Laundromat opens for business.

Financial Plan

Key revenue & costs.

The revenue drivers for Jean’s Clean Laundromat are the laundromat fees charged to customers for use of the self-service machines and the fees for the additional laundry services the company will offer. The average price to wash a load of laundry in laundromats across the country ranges from $2.00-$4.00. Jean’s Clean Laundromat will charge $3.00 per load, which is comparable to other laundromats in the area.

The cost drivers will be the overhead costs required in order to staff the laundromat. The expenses will be the payroll cost, rent, utilities, supplies, and marketing materials.

Funding Requirements and Use of Funds

Key assumptions.

The following outlines the key assumptions required in order to achieve the revenue and cost numbers in the financials and in order to pay off the startup business loan.

  • Number of transactions per machine/month: 150
  • Average revenue generated per month: $16,000
  • Laundromat lease per month: $9,000

Financial Projections

Income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, laundromat business plan faqs, what is a laundromat business plan.

A laundromat business plan is a plan to start and/or grow your laundromat business. Among other things, it outlines your business concept, identifies your target customers, presents your marketing plan and details your financial projections.

You can  easily complete your laundromat business plan using our Laundromat Business Plan Template here .

What are the Main Types of Laundromat Businesses?

There are a number of different kinds of laundromat businesses, some examples include: Self-service, Drop-off, and Card/coin-operated laundromat.

How Do You Get Funding for Your Laundromat Business Plan?

Laundromat businesses are often funded through small business loans. Personal savings, credit card financing and angel investors are also popular forms of funding.  Having a laundry business plan will show investors you are well- prepared and qualified to start your business.

What are the Steps To Start a Laundromat Business?

Starting a laundromat business can be an exciting endeavor. Having a clear roadmap of the steps to start a business will help you stay focused on your goals and get started faster.

1. Develop A Laundromat Business Plan – The first step in starting a business is to create a detailed laundry business plan that outlines all aspects of the venture.  A business plan for a laundromat should include potential market size and target customers, the services or products you will offer, pricing strategies and a detailed financial forecast.  

2. Choose Your Legal Structure – It’s important to select an appropriate legal entity for your laundromat business. This could be a limited liability company (LLC), corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks so it’s important to do research and choose wisely so that your laundromat business is in compliance with local laws.

3. Register Your Laundromat Business – Once you have chosen a legal structure, the next step is to register your laundromat business with the government or state where you’re operating from. This includes obtaining licenses and permits as required by federal, state, and local laws. 

4. Identify Financing Options – It’s likely that you’ll need some capital to start your laundromat business, so take some time to identify what financing options are available such as bank loans, investor funding, grants, or crowdfunding platforms. 

5. Choose a Location – Whether you plan on operating out of a physical location or not, you should always have an idea of where you’ll be based should it become necessary in the future as well as what kind of space would be suitable for your operations. 

6. Hire Employees – There are several ways to find qualified employees including job boards like LinkedIn or Indeed as well as hiring agencies if needed – depending on what type of employees you need it might also be more effective to reach out directly through networking events. 

7. Acquire Necessary Laundromat Equipment & Supplies – In order to start your laundromat business, you’ll need to purchase all of the necessary equipment and supplies to run a successful operation. 

8. Market & Promote Your Business – Once you have all the necessary pieces in place, it’s time to start promoting and marketing your laundromat business. This includes creating a website, utilizing social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, and having an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. You should also consider traditional marketing techniques such as radio or print advertising. 

Learn more about how to start a successful laundromat business:

  • How to Start a Laundromat Business

Where can I get a Laundromat Business Plan PDF?

You can download our free example laundromat business plan PDF here . This is a business plan template you can use in PDF format.

Laundromat Business Plan Template

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Laundromat Business Plan

trustpilot reviews

Planning on starting a laundromat? Great call.

Starting a coin-operated laundry business can be extremely profitable due to its huge market size and growth potential.

Anyone can start a laundromat, but you need a detailed business plan for raising funding, applying for loans, and scaling it for good.

So, in this article—we’ll discuss what the laundromat industry looks like, steps to make your business setup process easier, and finally, how to write a laundromat business plan.

Before you start writing your business plan for your new laundry business, spend as much time as you can reading through some examples of cleaning & maintenance business plans .

Ready to get started? Let’s roll!

Industry Overview

According to IBIS World , the Laundromat industry is reported to be a 6 billion dollar market in 2023, with 19,375+ operating laundry businesses employing over 52960 employees in the United States.

Although a slight downturn in recent times, the coin-operated laundry market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4% .

These laundromats are a great help for students, professionals staying in dorms, or anyone who doesn’t have time to do their laundry—so it is a no-brainer that it could be a potentially profitable business venture.

Additional services like pickup and drop facilities can be an added advantage to your business, as it increases convenience for your consumers.

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laundry business plan sample

Things to Consider Before Writing a Laundromat Business Plan

Pick a convenient location.

A convenient location is central to your business’s success . The location should be close to hostels, dorms, or apartment complexes to make it easier for your customers to access your service. After all, who would want to walk miles with all that heavy laundry?

Decide upon additional services

Coin-based laundries are gaining attention due to the additional services they have to offer. Your busy customers would highly appreciate services like pick up and drop, ironing, etc.

Having these services up for grabs makes it more convenient for your consumers and also gives you additional business opportunities.

Hence, it is a good practice to make a list of services your target audience would prefer to have and arrange resources for the same.

Pick a legal structure

Legal structures decide the taxes you pay, the risk to your personal assets, and many other aspects of your business. Hence, looking into your options and selecting the one that fits the best for your business is essential. Look into all of your options and pick one after considering all of its implications.

Gather market information

Know all there is to know about the industry, current market trends, target audience, preferences, competitors, their business and marketing strategies, and so on. This is one of the best business setup practices out there. It helps you understand what you are getting yourself into like nothing else. Hence, gather all the available information before getting started.

Chalking Out Your Business Plan

Reading sample business plans will give you a good idea of what you’re aiming for and also it will show you the different sections that different entrepreneurs include and the language they use to write about themselves and their business plans.

We have created this sample Laundromat Business Plan for you to get a good idea about how perfect a Laundromat business plan should look and what details you will need to include in your stunning business plan.

Laundromat Business Plan Outline

This is the standard laundromat business plan outline which will cover all important sections that you should include in your business plan.

  • Mission Statement
  • Management Team
  • Keys to Success
  • Financial Summary
  • 3 Year profit forecast
  • Startup cost
  • Market Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Market Trends
  • Corporate Executives
  • Middle-Class Households
  • Business Owners
  • Sport Clubs
  • Marketing Strategy and Sales Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Sales Forecast
  • Financial Plan
  • Important Assumptions
  • Brake-even Analysis
  • Profit Yearly
  • Gross Margin Yearly
  • Projected Cash Flow
  • Projected Balance Sheet
  • Business Ratios

After getting started with Upmetrics , you can copy this sample business plan into your business plan modify the required information, and download your laundromat business plan pdf or doc file. It’s the fastest and easiest way to start writing your business plan.

Download a sample laundromat business plan

Need help writing your business plan? Here you go; download our free laundromat business plan pdf to get started.

It’s a modern business plan template specifically designed for your laundromat business. Use the example business plan as a guide, and start writing your plan on your own.

The Quickest Way to turn a Business Idea into a Business Plan

Fill-in-the-blanks and automatic financials make it easy.


Write your business plan with Upmetrics

A business plan software like Upmetrics is the best way to draft your business plan. Getting started with this tool is a breeze thanks to the step-by-step instructions, customizable templates, and the library of 400+ sample business plans included.

So, whether starting a laundromat business or planning to grow an existing one, Upmetrics is the tool you need to create a business plan.

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Frequently asked questions, what key components should a laundromat business plan include.

The following are the key components your laundromat business plan must include:

  • Executive summary
  • Business Overview
  • Products and services
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Operations plan
  • Management team
  • Financial plan

What are the common mistakes to avoid in a laundromat business plan?

Following are some of the common mistakes to avoid when writing a laundromat business plan:

  • Poor market research and ignoring industry trends.
  • Inadequate and inaccurate financial projections.
  • Undefined goals and lack of details.
  • Including outdated and irrelevant information.
  • Not proofreading the document for typos and grammatical errors.
  • Not regularly updating your business plan.

How to get funding for your laundromat business?

There are several ways to get funding for your laundromat business, but self-funding is one of the most efficient and speedy funding options. Other options for funding are:

  • Bank loan —You may apply for a loan in government or private banks.
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) loan —SBA loans and schemes are available at affordable interest rates, so check the eligibility criteria before applying for it.
  • Crowdfunding —The process of supporting a project or business by getting a lot of people to invest in your business, usually online.
  • Angel investors— Getting funds from angel investors is one of the most sought-after startup options.

Apart from all these options, there are small business grants available. Check for the same in your location, and you can apply for it.

What is the easiest way to write a laundromat business plan?

There are many ways you can write your business plan, and using Upmetrics’ business plan template is one of them. It allows you to edit and modify the sections of your project as you need—it can be considered the easiest way to write a business plan.

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Laundromat Business Plan Sample

APR.21, 2018

Laundromat Business Plan Sample

Do You Want to Start Laundromat Business?

Are you planning how to start laundromat business ? This is an excellent business idea considering hygiene is a key component of every individual and society. As a matter of fact, everyone has to regularly wash their clothes and other household items to maintain good standards of hygiene. However, due to the pressures of modern life, people don’t have time to do their own laundry business plan. With this realization, laundry business plan is now a lucrative venture as it promises good profits if the right strategies are put in place. You can either choose to start big or small depending on availability of funds and your target market.

Executive Summary

2.1 the business.

The laundromat business plan will be registered under the name Cleanspot and will be situated in Newport, New Jersey. The laundromat will be owned by Samantha Clever who is a Laundry Specialist by profession.

2.2 Management Team

Samantha Clever who’s the owner of the laundromat is an experienced Laundry Specialist with extensive industry in the laundry business plan. Prior to starting laundromat business plan, Samantha had a successful career that spanned over two decades working for numerous top brands across the U.S.

2.3 Customer Focus

Clean spot business plan for laundromat plans to set up base in a strategic and busy location a high population in need of professional laundry cleaning services. Customers are expected to come from various social, cultural and religious backgrounds.

2.4 Business Target

Cleanspot intends to provide different types of laundry services business plan to residents of Newport and the wider Jersey City.

Laundromat Business Plan - 3 Years Profit Forecast

Company Summary

3.1 company owner.

Samantha Clever is an experienced laundry specialist who has enjoyed a successful career. She is credited and respected for playing a major role in helping to streamline activities and enhance better service delivery.

3.2 Aim of Starting the Business

After major successes in her career, Samantha realized how people are busy and don’t have time to do their laundry business plan. With the demand for professional laundry services increasing, she considered opening a laundromat business plan to meet a demand that was increasingly growing by the day.

3.3 How the Business will be Started

Considering her vast industry experience, Samantha Clever is well versed with the technical and operational procedures associated with a laundromat business plan. She however has engaged business development experts to help her come up with a comprehensive financial analysis for the business. Often ask yourself “how much money do i need to open a laundromat”? Below is the financial analysis for Cleanspot.

Laundromat Business Plan - Startup cost

Services for Customers

Cleanspot is keen on offering a wide variety of laundry services for various types of customers; both residential and commercial. In line with the vision of starting a laundromat business plan that effectively meets customer expectations, the laundromat business plan intends to provide the following services.

  • Self-service washing services for customers
  • Dry cleaning services to cater for various items
  • Ironing and folding of clothes and various fabrics
  • Snack and coffee bar to provide refreshments for customers

Marketing Analysis of Laundromat Business

For the laundry machine for business plan to effectively penetrate the market and provide good services, a detailed market analysis was carried out. The aim of the analysis is to find out how to best implement this laundromat business plan in order to effectively reach out to potential customers.

The business has carefully studied the market, identified the opportunities and formulated a marketing strategy for driving success. More and more people are turning to professional laundry business plan providers for key services creating lucrative business opportunities.

5.1 Market Segmentation

Everybody is in need of laundry services business plan and for this reason, Cleanspot intends to serve a wide range of customers. Newport is a vibrant city with a huge population which offers a ready market for the business. Since the business is located in a busy street, there are numerous opportunities to explore. How to start a laundromat business plan has identified the following customer segments.

Laundromat Business Plan - Market Segmentation

5.1.1 Corporate Executives

Because of their busy lifestyles, the working class doesn’t have ample time do their own laundry. Alternatively, they need a well-equipped and modern laundry facility to do their laundry. Given the fact they earn an income, they’re a lucrative customer segment for Cleanspot because they are expected to generate the highest income revenue for the business. Laundromat business model intends to fully embrace technology and the highest standards of professionalism to attract working class professionals.

5.1.2 Middle Class Households

Households belonging to the middle class category regularly need professional laundry services. In this regard, a good number of customers seeking laundry services from Cleanspot will be come from many middle income households in the neighborhood. In most cases, a lot of laundry is done for households and therefore, the business intends to set up in a large, spacious and welcoming environment to boost revenue.

5.1.3 Business Owners

Just like residential customers, businesses too are in need of regular laundry cleaning services. In this laundromat business model , entrepreneurs have been identified as a lucrative customer segment with potential to generate impressive revenue for the business. In order to focus on key services, business owners opt to outsource their laundry needs to professionals.

5.1.4 Visitors

Newport and Jersey City receive several visitors both on holiday and business trips. Cleanspot hopes to tap into this market by offering quality self-laundry services to visitors looking for a good facility within the neighborhood.

5.1.5 Sport Clubs

Due to engaging in sports activities, sports gear gets dirty and therefore, needs to be cleaned. With numerous sports clubs around Newport, the business hopes to leverage on this revenue opportunity.

5.2 Business Target

Cleanspot plans to setup in superb and strategic location with access to a huge population in need of expert laundry business plan services. Using modern technology and best customer service practices, Cleanspot hopes to implement this laundromat business plan sample to achieve its goals. The business hopes to register an annual sales growth of between 15-20% in the first three years.

5.3 Product Pricing

Pricing of laundry business plan services will be done after extensive market research in order to come up with a competitive pricing structure.

Great service

Great service. Good turnaround time and quality work. Thanks!

In order to realize her goals, Samantha Clever has worked hand-in-hand with experts to formulate a sound marketing strategy for business plan that will drive business growth. The sales strategy for how to open Laundromat business  plan is explained below.

6.1 Competitive Analysis

Cleanspot plans to focus on rolling out a unique and topnotch service delivery package to ensure clients get the best value for their money. Even though there are other laundromat businesses, Cleanspot has identified areas to target in order to maximize revenue.

6.2 Sales Strategy

For Cleanspot to realize its goals, the following strategies have been identified to help the business gain market entry.

  • Organize a party to celebrate the opening of the Laundromat business plan in order to create awareness
  • Advertise Cleanspot on local media channels such as television, radio as well as local newspapers
  • Create a website for the business and maintain an active social media presence on major channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Place signage and banners at strategic locations to let the public know about the business
  • Hire marketing experts to make the Laundromat a top choice for people looking for professional laundry services
  • Embrace direct mailing coupon marketing strategy
  • Maintain high standards of customer service to ensure all clients who visit the facility feel welcomed
  • Market the business using road shows around the neighborhood to create awareness about Cleanspot

6.3 Sales Forecast

In order to fully implement this laundromat business plan startup venture, a sales forecast is shown below to provide an insight into how the Cleanspot is expected to perform.

Laundromat Business Plan - Unit Sales

Personnel Plan

Cleanspot is focused on providing superb services in order to meet expectations. Before starting a business, it is important to ensure there is a good personnel plan in place. Laundromat business ideas should include conversations about staff structure and management.

7.1 Personnel Plan

The Laundromat business plan is owned by Samantha Clever who will also be the general manager of the business. The business intends to hire the following staff to work in the facility.

  • General Manager (Owner)
  • Assistant Manager
  • 2 Laundromat Assistants
  • 1 Snack Bar Attendant
  • 1 Marketing Executive
  • 1 Security Guard

Successful applicants will be trained in all aspects of the Laundromat to prepare them to serve customers.

7.2 Average Salaries

Cleanspot intends to pay its staff the following average annual salaries in the first three years of operation.

Financial Plan

Cleanspot has prepared a comprehensive financial plan that will show the financial status of a business and offer a path to success. How to start your own laundromat business plan  demands initial startup capital. In this case, Samantha Clever will use capital from her savings assisted by two investors. In addition, a bank loan for a business plan shall be secured to provide additional capital. Below is key financial data for Cleanspot Laundromat business plan.

8.1 Important Assumptions

Financial forecast for Cleanspot shall be based on the assumptions below.

8.2 Brake-even Analysis

Cleanspot Brake-even Analysis is indicated in the graph below.

Laundromat Business Plan - Brake-even Analysis

8.3 Projected Profit and Loss

Profit and Loss information for Cleanspot calculated on a monthly and annual basis is indicated below.

8.3.1 Monthly Profit

Laundromat Business Plan - PROFIT MONTHLY

8.3.2 Yearly Profit

Laundromat Business Plan - PROFIT YEARLY

8.3.3 Monthly Gross Margin

Laundromat Business Plan - GROSS MARGIN MONTHLY

8.3.4 Yearly Gross Margin

Profit and Loss Analysis for Cleanspot Laundromat business plan is shown below.

Laundromat Business Plan - GROSS MARGIN YEARLY

8.4 Projected Cash Flow

Below is a summary of pro forma cash flow, subtotal cash spent, subtotal cash spent on operations, subtotal cash from operations and subtotal cash received.

Laundromat Business Plan - Projected Cash Flow

8.5 Projected Balance Sheet

8.6 business ratios.

All tables in PDF

Cleanspot Business Ratios, Ratio Analysis and Business New Worth are indicated below.

Download Laundromat Business Plan Sample in pdf

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laundry business plan sample

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Laundromat Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]


Laundromat Business Plan Template

If you want to start a new laundromat or expand your current laundry business, you need a business plan.

The following Laundromat business plan template gives you the key elements to include in a winning plan for a startup or to grow your existing laundromat or laundry services business. In addition to this template, conducting research on the laundromat industry will help you better understand the business, complete your customer analysis and help implement a smart marketing strategy.

You can download our Laundromat Business Plan Template (including a full, customizable financial model) to your computer here.

Laundromat Business Plan Example

I. executive summary.

You can download our Business Plan Template (including a full, customizable financial model) to your computer here.

Business Overview

[Company Name] is a local laundromat that caters to individuals and businesses in [location]. It features 50 top-of-the-line washing machines and dryers, so it can accommodate a large number of customers at a time.

In addition to do-it-yourself laundry services, [Company Name] also offers drop-off services where we will wash, dry and fold your laundry for you.

[Company Name] will be open 24 hours a day and offer complimentary wi-fi, coffee, televisions and vending machines.

The laundromat will also have an attendant on duty to help with any laundry issues.

Products Served

The following are the services that [Company Name] will be able to provide to its clients:

  • DIY, coin-operated wash and dry
  • Drop-off wash, dry and fold
  • Laundry delivery and pick-up

Customer Focus

[Company Name] will primarily serve the residents who live within the city. The demographics of these customers are as follows:

  • 310,431 residents
  • 96,025 workers
  • Average income of $52,000
  • 42.6% married
  • 39% in Mgt./Professional occupations
  • Median age: 35 years

Management Team

[Company Name] is headed by its founder, [Founder’s Name] who is a business consultant. She graduated from [University] with a degree in Business Administration. Her experience with small businesses ensures that she is able to handle the laundromat successfully and her local connections help her build a solid client base.

Her partner is an experienced operations director who will help manage [Company Name].

Success Factors

[Company Name] is uniquely qualified to succeed for the following reasons:

  • [Company Name] will fill a specific market niche in the growing community we are entering.
  • In addition, we have surveyed the local population and received extremely positive feedback saying that they explicitly want to make use of our services when launched.
  • Laundromats are a proven, successful business in the United States.
  • The management team has a track record of success in service-related businesses.

Financial Highlights

[Company Name] is seeking a total funding of $250,000 of debt capital to open its laundromat business. The capital will be used for funding capital expenditures and location build-out, hiring initial employees, marketing expenses and working capital.

Specifically, these funds will be used as follows:

  • Laundromat design/build: $90,000
  • Working capital: $160,000 to pay for marketing, salaries, and lease costs until [Company Name] reaches break-even

II. Company Overview

Who is [company name], [company name]’s history.

In [year], [Company Name] was founded by business consultant [Founder’s Name]. After years of spending her days off doing laundry and not having enough quality time with her family, she decided to start a business that would address her needs. She later found out that other working moms without helpers are struggling with juggling their time with work and chores. Having a laundromat handle loads of laundry for a reasonable cost is a huge help not just to busy moms, but also to college students and young professionals.

[Company Name]’s Products/Services

Iii. industry analysis.

The Laundromats industry has grown over the past five years. Rentals represent a core target market for the industry, and many consumers have opted to rent apartments rather than purchase homes over the past five years. Due to a combination of urban population growth, increased multifamily housing construction and rising urbanization, rental vacancy rates are anticipated to decline at an annualized rate of 0.8%. Low rental vacancy rates lead to an increase in industry demand. Consumers who rent residential homes or purchase homes are more likely to use an existing washer and dryer or purchase their own, rather than go to a laundromat.

The industry is highly competitive because there is little differentiation between laundromats in terms of quality of service and price. As a result, industry operator success is largely dependent on location. Establishments operating in regions with high consumer volume can benefit from decreased competition. In turn, laundromats predominantly operate in populous urban areas throughout the country.

Over the next five years, industry revenue is expected to continue to increase as more consumers rent vs. buy homes. Additionally, rising disposable income and falling unemployment will spur rising demand for industry services. Colleges and universities that offer coin- and card-operated washers and dryers for students are another prominent market for the industry. Rising disposable incomes will make college education more affordable, causing an increase in the number of college students.

IV. Customer Analysis

Demographic profile of target market.

[Company Name] will serve the residents within [location] and the immediately surrounding areas.

Customer Segmentation

We will primarily target the following customer segments:

  • Working moms: [Location] currently has a growing population of working moms who need more time with their family and can afford the cost of laundromats.
  • Young professionals: These are individuals who are residing on their own and are working full-time jobs with the disposable income to pay for laundry services.
  • Hotels, restaurants, and other businesses: These are local establishments that use a variety of linens in their daily operations and thus need a reliable laundry service provider that can deliver their needs on time and do it efficiently.

V. Competitive Analysis

Direct & indirect competitors.

Cascade Laundromat Cascade Laundromat provides coin operated laundry facilities, as well as wash and fold service, laundry service, and free drying with wash. The facility houses 66 washers and dryers, with large capacity machines (60 lb washers and 45 lb dryers). Amenities include: Free Parking, Free Wi-Fi, Flat Panel TVs, Folding Stations and laundry attendant

All American Laundromat All American Laundromat offers coin-operated laundry services. Its services include: Coin-operated washers & dryers, dry cleaning and wash and fold services. Their main clientele includes multifamily housing, colleges and universities, and hotels. They have three locations in the area.

Super Laundromat Super Laundromat’s amenities include plenty of seating; snack, drink, and game machines, as well as lotto machines. Super Laundromat offers large capacity washers – including 80, 100, and 125 lb capacity machines – and free drying. In addition, it provides Wash & Fold service, and professional dry cleaning. It maintains an ample supply of laundry carts and tables, and stocks a large selection of laundry soaps, bags, softeners, etc.

Competitive Advantage

[Company Name] enjoys several advantages over its competitors. These advantages include:

  • Location: [Company Name]’s business is surrounded by apartments and condominiums and near the center of the city where many local businesses are located.
  • Convenient Offerings: [Company Name] will be the only laundromat in [location] that offers drop-off and pick-up laundry services
  • Management: [Founder’s Name] has been extremely successful working as a business consultant and will be able to use her previous experience to provide the best sales and customer service experience. Her qualifications will serve customers in a much more sophisticated manner than [Company Name]’s competitors.
  • Relationships: [Founder’s Name] knows many of the local leaders and business owners within [location]. With her [x] years of experience and good relationships with business leaders in the area, she will be able to develop an initial client base.

VI. Marketing Plan

The [company name] brand.

The [Company Name] brand will focus on the Company’s unique value proposition:

  • Our unique service offering that are not offered elsewhere, will give us advantage over the competition
  • Well-trained staff that prioritizes customer satisfaction
  • Service built on long-term relationships
  • High quality, well-maintained equipment
  • Thorough knowledge of the industry

Promotions Strategy

[The Company’s] promotions strategy to reach these individuals includes:

Local Publications [Company name] will announce its opening several weeks in advance through publicity pieces in multiple local newspapers and publications. Regular advertisements will run to maintain exposure to relevant markets.

Community Events/Organizations [Company name] will promote itself by distributing marketing materials and participating in local community events, such as school fairs, local festivals, or sporting events.

Commuter Advertising We will drive attention to [Company name] by hiring workers to hand out flyers alongside [route or highway]. Advertising on heavily traveled commute routes is an opportunity to alert large numbers of working individuals with disposable income of our opening.

Loyalty Program [Company name] will create a client loyalty program that rewards customers for repeat business.

Direct Mail [Company Name] will blanket businesses and homes within the city with direct mail pieces. These pieces will provide general information on [Company Name], offer discounts and/or provide other inducements for people to use our services.

Online Marketing [Company Name] will maintain social media accounts and publish updates on on-going promotions and discounts. Additionally, it will use highly-focused, specific keywords to draw traffic to its website, where potential clients will find a content-rich site that presents [Company Name] as the trustworthy, well-qualified laundromat company in [location].

VII. Operations Plan

Functional roles.

[Founder] will initially manage the business and eventually employ an assistant manager to oversee the day-to-day business operations.

In addition, the Company intends to hire [x] admin staff, [x] washing staff, [x] delivery personnel and [x] maintenance staff.

In order to execute on [Company Name]’s business model, the Company’s employees include the following roles:

Service Functions

  • Assistant Manager
  • Laundry staff
  • Delivery personnel
  • Maintenance personnel

Administrative Functions

  • General & administrative functions including marketing, bookkeeping, etc.
  • Delivery scheduling

[Company name]’s long term goal is to become the most reliable and affordable laundry service provider in [location]. It seeks to be the standard by which other providers are judged.

The following are a series of steps that lead to our vision of long-term success. [Company Name] expects to achieve the following milestones in the following [xyz] months:

VIII. Management Team

Management team members, hiring plan.

[Founder] will serve as the Manager of [Company Name]. In order to launch, it needs to hire the following personnel:

  • Assistant Manager: 1 full-time employee to manage the day-to-day business operations
  • Laundry staff: 3 full-time employees who will divide the 24-hr shifts
  • Delivery personnel: 2 full-time employees to handle all pick-ups and deliveries

IX. Financial Plan

Revenue and cost drivers.

[Company Name]’s revenues will come primarily from laundry services.

The lease of the business space, maintenance of the machines, supplies and labor expenses are the key cost drivers of [Company Name]. The major cost drivers for the company’s operation will consist of:

  • Laundry supplies
  • Lease on business location

Ongoing marketing expenditures are also notable cost drivers for [Company Name].

Capital Requirements and Use of Funds

Key assumptions.

5 Year Annual Income Statement

5 Year Annual Balance Sheet

5 Year Annual Cash Flow Statement

In addition to the free sample laundromat business plan above, you can also click here to get our laundromat business plan sample pdf .

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Laundry Business Plan Template

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Laundry Business Plan Template Description

Laundry business plan template with financials

Our ready-made Laundry business plan package is all you need to build an investor-grade laundry business plan fast and easy. It comes with a pre-written business plan document in Word and an automatic financial plan in Excel tailored to the laundry service business. All you need to do is customize these documents to perfectly make them fit your own laundry project. For more information regarding the content, check out the full description below.

laundry business plan sample

Laundry Business Plan Document in Word

Our ready-made Laundry business plan template is in Word format and includes 24 pages. The document is divided into multiple sections. Each section contains the essential points that are necessary to effectively present your Laundry project. Each section and sub-section offer you a sample text that you can easily customize to make your business plan unique. Below is a small excerpt of your pre-written Laundry business plan document in Word.

laundry service business plan in Word

Automatic Laundry Financial Model in Excel

Our pre-populated financial model is in Excel format and includes multiples worksheets. You can easily edit the model’s inputs including changing costs and revenue assumptions to generate pro-forma financial forecasts including P&L, Cash flows and Balance Sheets. Below is a small extract from your automatic laundry financial plan in Excel.

laundry financial plan in Excel

The Benefits of Building a Business Plan for your Laundry Project

Building a business plan for your laundry project can bring a variety of benefits, including:

  • Securing funding: A laundry business plan can help you secure funding from investors or lenders by outlining your vision for the business, the market opportunity, and your financial projections.
  • Identifying and mitigating risks: It can help you identify potential risks and opportunities associated with your laundry project, and develop strategies to mitigate those risks and capitalize on those opportunities.
  • Establishing clear goals and objectives: A business plan can help you establish clear goals and objectives for your laundry venture and create a roadmap for achieving them.
  • Improving decision-making: By providing a framework for decision-making, a laundry business plan can help you make informed choices about how to allocate resources and manage the business effectively.
  • Communicating effectively with stakeholders: A laundry business plan allows you to communicate your vision and strategy to stakeholders, such as employees, investors, and customers, and align everyone’s efforts towards the same goals.
  • Benchmarking and tracking progress: Do you wish to track your progress against your goals? A laundry business plan can help you do that. It allows you also to make adjustments as necessary to stay on track.

Overall, a business plan can provide a comprehensive view of your laundry project, including both short-term and long-term goals, and can help you make better decisions, secure funding, and track progress over time. It’s a valuable tool for any aspiring laundry owner.

This Ready-Made Laundry Business Plan is For

  • Entrepreneurs wishing to start a Laundry business
  • Aspiring laundry store owners who want to create a business plan fast and easy
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to pitch their project to investors
  • Laundry professionals who wish to better understand the potential of the opportunity

Immediate Delivery by Email

  • Once you complete the order, you will receive an email with links to download your documents
  • Your order will contain the full pre-written business plan in Word
  • Your order will contain the full customizable financial model in Excel

Your Laundry Business Plan Content

Executive Summary:  Our Laundry business plan template starts with a compelling Executive Summary. This key section is very important as it summarizes in 1 page your Laundry concept. It will introduce your business model, the key people behind the project as well as the unique selling proposition offered by your Laundry service. This section will also mention how market conditions and consumer trends are favorable for launching your project.

The Problem Opportunity:  Next, your ready-made Laundry business plan will list a number of problems experienced by your prospects in your target market and will show how this presents a unique opportunity for your Laundry. These can include issues such as the lack of laundries in a certain location, undifferentiated offering by current actors in the market…etc.

The Solution:  This section explains how your Laundry business will take advantage of the current problems in the market and will detail your innovative solutions.

Mission & Vision:  Your mission will explain in a couple of sentences your Laundry service’s business ethos. In other words, it will summarize your unique value proposition and will explain how you are different than the competition. Your vision will explain the long-term plans for your Laundry concept. Are you planning to start with one branch today and expand to a multi-branch business model? Are you looking to transform your Laundry business into a franchise model?…etc.

Business Model:  This section details your Laundry concept using the business model canvas method. In a visually appealing table, we will detail your Laundry business’ key partners, activities, resources, value proposition, customer segments, customer relationship plan, marketing channels, cost structure and revenue streams.

Products & Services:  Next, we will talk in detail about your various products and services. We will describe your various types of washing, dry cleaning and pressing services…etc. We will also provide information about your pricing and average order values.

Market Analysis:  This important section describes the various market statistics and consumer trends in the laundry service industry and explains how they support your own concept. The purpose of this section is to show that the market conditions are favorable for launching your new Laundry.

Global Market Trends:  In this sub-section of the market analysis, we will discuss the latest general market trends in the laundry service industry. We will look at the global industry size, growth rate, growth diving factors and consumer trends.

Local Market Trends:  This sub-section explains the local market trends that are relevant to your specific Laundry business in your own area of operation.

Target Customers:  In this section, we will describe your various customer profiles by providing information about their demographics, behavior and purchasing habits.

Competitive Analysis:  We will analyze key competitors active in your target market and provide insights about their strengths and weaknesses.

Competitive Advantages:  After looking at the competitive landscape, we will then show how your Laundry business is differentiating itself from the competition through a number of key advantages.

SWOT Analysis:  This section features a 4-quadrant table with explanations about how your Laundry intends to leverage its key strengths, mitigate weaknesses, capture opportunities and thwart any future threats.

Marketing Plan : This chapter provides detailed information about your go-to-market strategy. It includes a detailed action plan to help you build brand awareness and generate sales.

Branding & Awareness:  We will describe in this sub-section your choice of key marketing channels to build branding and awareness.

Customer Acquisition:  We will describe in this sub-section your choice of key marketing channels to acquire customers and increase sales.

Operating Plan:  This chapter provides information about your Laundry’s opening hours, internal processes and describes the interactions between various key departments and teams.

Management Team:  It is very important to present the key people behind your Laundry project and thus we have dedicated a section for this very purpose. It is also important to talk here about the founder’s vision, his past education and professional experience.

Hiring Plan:  No business can succeed without having on board the right team. This section lists all the key positions you plan to hire with information about their salaries and expected start dates.

Key Milestones:  To be able to launch and execute your Laundry project, you need to follow a set of actionable tasks with target deadlines. This section serves this purpose.

Financial Plan:  Without a robust financial plan, your Laundry business plan would be an incomplete document. This important section provides crucial information about your pro-forma financial projections and shows that you have really done your homework. The data mentioned in this and the following sections will be provided by the dynamic Excel financial model accompanying your Laundry business plan.

Projected Revenue:  This module shows your Laundry business’ revenue projections over the next three years.

Projected Profit and Loss:  This module shows your Laundry service’s income statement (also called profit and loss statement) over the next three years. Your income statement includes detailed projections about your sales and expenses and shows how your Laundry’s revenue is converted into a net profit.

Projected Cash Flows:  This module shows your Laundry business’ cash flow projections over the next three years. The first year of operation is even detailed on a monthly basis. Your cash flow statement will detail the various cash inflows your Laundry will generate from its day to day operations and from funding sources, as well as the various cash outflows required to pay for operating expenses and business investments.

Projected Balance Sheet : This module shows your Laundry’s balance sheet projections over the next three years. The balance sheet will provide a summary of your Laundry’s short term and long term assets in addition to your short term and long term liabilities and capital.

Profitability Analysis:  In this section, we will provide information about your gross margin, net margin and discuss the profitability of your Laundry business.

Funding Requirement:  This module states the amount of funding your need to be able to comfortably launch your Laundry business. It also describes the planned allocation of the funds between Opex and Capex.

Conclusion : Finally, we will conclude your business plan by recapitulating the key points that make your Laundry project compelling and reiterate the rationale behind your business opportunity.

Why Use our Ready-Made Laundry Business Plan?

  • Speed & Convenience:  Once you complete your order, you will receive the Laundry business plan directly in your mailbox. Since it is already pre-written with fully customizable financials, you will only need to spend a couple of hours to edit it and adapt it to your own Laundry project.
  • High Quality:  Your Laundry business plan has been written by our professional team of business plan writers and experts from the laundry service industry. You will receive a professional Laundry business plan template ideal for presenting to potential investors or banks.
  • Low-Cost:  Our pre-written Laundry business plan template is the most cost-effective solution in case you need to build a solid and professional Laundry business plan. We are confident you will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by ordering our premium business plan compared to hiring a consultant or subscribing to complicated and expensive software.

If you have any question regarding our ready-made Laundry business plan package,  do not hesitate to contact us , we are here to help.

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Laundry Service Business Plan [Sample Template]

By: Author Tony Martins Ajaero

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Laundry and Drycleaning Business

Are you about starting a laundry & dry cleaning business ? If YES, here is a complete sample laundromat business plan template & feasibility report you can use for FREE.

Hygiene is one important thing that must not be practiced with less seriousness; as a matter of fact, it has to be a frequent practice. One must take it really seriously, so as to avert bad odor and sickness; it is for this reason that one must keep things really clean.

This is also the reason why people love to wash their clothes. However, there are times when one might not have the luxury of time to the laundry. That is where the Laundromat business comes in. This is one business that people all over the world are beginning to key into because of the level of profitability which it promises.

If you are thinking to start in this line of trade, then that is a good idea. Good news is that you can choose to start on a small or large scale. This all depends on the capital which you have got to start the business Below is a sample Laundry business plan.

A Sample Laundry Service Business Plan Template

1. industry overview.

In the united states of America and in most developed countries of the world, self-service laundry business which is popularly called Laundromat in the United States is rapidly an essential part of the urban life. This is so because in this age and time, 24 hours seems not to be enough, especially for people that work in the corporate world or even those who run their own businesses.

As the name implies, a self-service laundry or coin wash / laundry or Laundromat is a laundry facility where people come in to personally wash and dry their clothes; technically, customers provide their own labor and still pay the price for making use of the laundry equipment made available.

Customers have the option of paying with coins which is the popular payment option and they can also pay via swipe cards that subtract the cost of the wash or dry or even via mobile money. Despite the fact that customers provide their own labor, some Laundromat owners still employ people to man or provide assistance to customers.

It is normal to find Laundromats where operators are employed to man the day to day operations, as well as provide value added services like; helping customers iron their clothes, starch their clothes, and fold their clothes et al.

Usually when Laundromat hire employees, the core responsibility assigned to them is to man the counter, give directions to customers, sell washing powder, sell laundry bags, provide change and watch over the washing machines and other equipment in the Laundromat to guide against theft of the machines or even customer’s clothes.

Although the laundry industry can be said to be a competitive trade, but it does not in any way stop entrepreneurs who are creative to still make headway in the trade.

It is indeed a profitable industry especially when the business is well located. No doubt busy cities with growing population might just be highly suitable for Laundromat. There are loads of people that patronize Laundromats; and they include; busy corporate executives, students, and even senior citizens.

In the bid to stay afloat in the highly competitive Laundromat business, owners of Laundromats now go the extra mile to ensure that they make their facilities welcoming and conducive for customers. As a result, Laundromats now have coffee bars, snack bars, cigar lounge, video games, children’s playground and free Wi-Fi connection, amongst others.

Over and above, any aspiring entrepreneur can comfortably start his or her own Laundromat business by acquiring an existing Laundromat and then refurbish it to meet the expected standard, or start the business from the scratch by constructing a new one and then equip it with the needed equipment and accessories.

The average startup cost for a standard Laundromat business is around $250,000 to $500,000. When starting your own Laundromat business, ensure that you choose a location where you can easily attract the kind of people that patronize Laundromat services.

2. Executive Summary

Las Vegas City Laundromat is a registered Laundromat facility that was built to serve the people of Las Vegas- especially the busy corporate executives and students. Our Laundromat will be located in the heart of the city of Las Vegas which is less than 30 minute drive from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, and 10 minutes minute drive from Mandalay Bay Event Center.

We are strategically positioned in the world’s headquarter for casinos and games; a commercial center and we are set to services the whole of the community as well as visitors and travelers alike. Las Vegas City Laundromat is a standard Laundromat in a 6,000 square feet facility; we have one of the biggest Laundromats with the latest and easy to use washing machines and dryers.

Aside from welcoming customers to do their laundry chores at an affordable fee in our Laundromat, we have a conducive environment that will encourage them to always choose us as their number one choice. We have a coffee bar in our facility, we cigar lounge, we have children’s fun center and video games and snacks bar et al.

Our Laundromat will be open from 6 a.m. and close 10 p.m. from Mondays to Thursdays and will run a 24 hours service from Friday to Sunday. We decided to operate in this format because from our market survey and feasibility studies, we realized that customers usually do most of their laundry during weekends.

Las Vegas City Laundromat is a proud member of the Coin Laundry Association of America and we are well positioned to become one of the leading Laundromat facilities in the whole of Nevada. We will be providing our esteemed customers the right environment and equipment for them to comfortably do their laundry.

We will also provide additional services such as ironing, folding and packaging of clothes for our customers. Our attendants will always be available to change money, sell detergents and softeners et al. We are quite aware that in order to become the number one Laundromat in Nevada, we must continue to make our facility welcoming and relaxing and that is exactly what we will do.

We are open to the use of latest technology in the industry. No doubt our excellent customer service and the range of additional complementary services we offer will position us to become one of the leading Laundromats in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas City Laundromat is owned and managed by Anthony Miller and family. The business will be financed by Mr. Miller and he will be actively involved in the day to day operation of the Laundromat. Mr. Anthony Miller has a B.Sc. in Business Administration and Management and he has well over 5 years of experience in the service industry.

3. Our Products and Services

Las Vegas City Laundromat is a standard Laundromat with state of the art facility specifically positioned to become the market leader in the industry. Our major purpose of starting this business is to provide a suitable and comfortable facility where people can easily do their laundries with little stress at an affordable fee.

Much more than providing a facility where people can do their laundries, we also offer complementary services; services that will get our customers hook to us. Bottom line is that we will go all the way to help our customers maximize their time when they patronize our Laundromat. These are the services and amenities that will be made available to our customers;

  • Self – service washing
  • Dry cleaning services
  • Folding and packaging of clothes
  • Home delivery services
  • Cigar lounge
  • Children playground
  • Video games
  • Big screen movies

4. Our Mission and Vision Statement

  • Our Vision is to operate one of the most successfully Laundromat in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Our mission is to develop a highly successful and profitable Laundromat business with state of the art facility in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada; a business that will not only meet the needs of her clients but also supersede their expectations.

Our Business Structure

Las Vegas City Laundromat is set to become one of the leading Laundromat businesses in the whole of Nevada, hence the need for us to build a solid business foundation and business structure that will enable us achieve our aims and objectives.

Excellent customer service and efficiency are top priority for us which is why we will ensure that we look for applicants that match the picture of the business who want to build before hiring them. Although we will provide trainings in areas such as excellent customers services et al, but we will ensure that we shortlist applicants that are customer centric.

In essence, we want to build a team, a dedicated workforce that will work together to help the organization achieve its set targets.

We will not only hire attendants that will help supervise our Laundromat and attend to customers need when they patronize our services, but we will also hire employees that will manage our coffee café, cigar lounge, snacks bar, and our children’s playgrounds et al. Las Vegas City Laundromat will employ customer centric and skilled people to occupy the following position;

  • Manager (Owner)
  • Accountant / Cashier
  • Marketing Officer
  • Laundromat Attendant
  • Coffee Café and Snacks Bar Manager

Cigar Lounge Manager

  • Children’s Playground Manager
  • Security Guard

5. Job Roles and Responsibilities

Manager (Owner):

  • Responsible for providing direction for the business
  • Creates, communicates, and implements the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction – i.e. leading the development and implementation of the overall organization’s strategy.
  • Responsible for fixing prices and signing business deals
  • Responsible for recruitment
  • Responsible for payment of salaries
  • Responsible for signing checks and documents on behalf of the company
  • Evaluates the success of the organization
  • Responsible for managing the daily activities at the Laundromat
  • Ensures that the facility is in tip top shape and conducive enough to welcome customers
  • Interfaces with vendors
  • Prepares budget and reports for the organization
  • Responsible for Training and Development in the organization
  • Handles procurement
  • Defines job positions for recruitment and managing interviewing process
  • Carries out staff induction for new team hires

Marketing Officer (2)

  • Develops, executes and evaluates new plans for expanding increase sales
  • Documents all customer contact and information.
  • Represents the company in strategic meetings
  • Helps increase sales and growth for the company
  • Manages the company’s CRM system
  • Identifies, prioritizes, and reaches out to new partners, and business opportunities et al

Coffee Café and Snacks Bar Manager:

  • Interacts with customers, take orders for coffee and snacks.
  • Responsible for preparing different flavor and style of coffee for customers
  • Makes lists of supplies in conjunction with the bar manager
  • Ensures that each cup of coffee that leaves the kitchen is tailor made and meet the request of each customer
  • Responsible for quality control
  • Assesses customers’ needs and preferences and make recommendations
  • Makes lists of supplies in conjunction with the management
  • Prepares inventory or purchase requisitions as needed to replenish supplies.
  • Ensures that the assigned bar area is fully equipped with tools and products needed for Mixing beverages and serving guests.
  • Responsible for managing the cigar lounge
  • Prepares inventory or purchase requisitions as needed to re – stock the lounge.
  • Clears ashtrays regularly
  • Ensures that the assigned lounge area is fully equipped with tools and products needed to by our clients

Accountant / Cashier:

  • Moves round the machines to collect payment after each working shift
  • Prepares financial report at the end of every working week
  • Handles all financial transaction on behalf of the company
  • Interfaces with our bankers
  • Responsible for payment of tax, levies and utility bills
  • Handles any other duty as assigned by the manager

Laundromat Attendants

  • Mans the various washing machines and dryers
  • Assists customers as required by them especially on how to operate our machines
  • Provides change for customers
  • Sells detergent and softener to customers
  • Ensures that the Laundromat is clean and ready to welcome customers at all times
  • Responsible for ironing and folding of clothes based on demand
  • Maintains a clean working area by sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning of glass doors and windows et al.
  • Ensures that toiletries and supplies don’t run out of stock
  • Handles and move objects, such as waste baskets, clothe rack and hand dryer et al
  • Handles special request like pick up and home delivery
  • Handle any other duty as assigned by the manager

Children’s Play Ground Manager

  • Responsible for managing children’s play ground
  • Ensures that the children are safe and happy
  • Makes recommendation for purchase of children’s toys and video games
  • Mops the floors
  • Wipes down the machines
  • Cleans the soap dispensers in your front-load washers
  • Washes off the folding tables
  • Cleans the bathroom
  • Empties the trash
  • Washes the windows
  • Cleans the vending machines, change machines and video game screens

Security Guards

  • Ensures that the facility is secured at all time
  • Controls traffic and organize parking
  • Gives security tips to staff members from time to time
  • Patrols around the building on a 24 hours basis
  • Submits security reports weekly
  • Handles any other duty as assigned by the restaurant manager

6. SWOT Analysis

No doubt starting a Laundromat is indeed capital intensive, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs who may not have huge sum of money saved up in a bank. We are aware that it will require loads of cash to set up a standard Laundromat business in Las Vegas, which is why we decided to do all that is required to build a profitable business

We don’t intend to invest our hard earned money in a business that we know we are not truly cut out for. One of the tools that is required to position us in building a successful Laundromat business is SWOT Analysis.

We hired the services of Mr. Coleman Carrington, an HR and Business consultant who is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, to help us conduct SWOT analysis and draft a laundromat marketing plan for our company and he did a pretty good job for us.

Here is a of the result we got from the SWOT analysis that was conducted on behalf of Las Vegas City Laundromat, Las Vegas, Nevada;

Las Vegas City Laundromat is centrally located in a densely populated area in Las Vegas; our location is in fact one of our major strengths. Aside from the basic service that we offer, we also offer complimentary services that most of our competitors do not offer.

Our Laundromat facility is located inside a very big facility. We have the latest washing machines, dryers and equipment and our attendants are well groomed to handle various classes of customers.

The weakness of Las Vegas City Laundromat could be the fact that it is a new business, which is owned by an individual (a small family), and we may not have the financial capacity to sustain the kind of publicity that can give us leverage.

  • Opportunities:

We are centrally located in one of the busiest areas in Las Vegas and we are open to all the available opportunities that the city has to offer.

Our business concept has also positioned us to attract people who like doing their laundries and catching some fun at the same time. Las Vegas is one of the densely populated cities in the United States, and indeed the population translates to opportunities.

One of the major threats that confronts businesses all over the world is economic downturn; when the economy is bad it affects consumers spending which in turn impacts businesses negatively. Another threat that we are likely going to face to confront us is the emergence of a new Laundromat within the same location where Las Vegas City Laundromat is located.


  • Market Trends

The ability for business owners to continue to re – invent itself is key to the success of the business. In the laundry industry especially in the U.S., it is trendy to see laundry companies and Laundromats that add additional complementary services to their business offerings.

Once a Laundromat is conducive and relaxing, it sure attracts customers. This is the strategy that helps Laundromat attract customers. This is why Laundromats are now building kids’ fun centers, holding music concerts, karaoke, selling coffee, snacks, and tobacco and hiring attendants who are friendly and helpful.

As a matter of fact, loads of Laundromat owners now realize that they can increase business by providing a play area for children to play. It is encouraging for parents to bring their kids and get them hooked with fun in the playground under the care of a competent employee, whilst they do their laundries.

It is important to state that despite the fact that the trends mentioned above are favorable to Laundromat owners, this does not in any way suggest that the business is booming. The Laundromat industry is what experts describe as a “mature market.

“ Except for areas where that are highly populated; it is easier to find one or more laundry businesses/ Laundromats in same area in most cities in the U.S.

8. Our Target Market

Before choosing a location for our Laundromat business, we conducted our feasibility studies and market survey and we were able to identify those who will benefit greatly from our service offerings which is why we deiced to settle for Las Vegas.

Essentially, those who will benefit from our service offering are busy corporate executives, business owners, households, students and travelers / visitors. These are the category of people that we intend marketing our Laundromat business to;

  • Busy Corporate Executives
  • Business Owners
  • Visitors / Travelers
  • Sport clubs

Our Competitive Advantage

From our recently concluded feasibility studies and market survey, we observed that there are several laundry businesses scattered all over the city of Las Vegas, as a matter of fact, there are two or more laundry / Laundromats in same locations in some areas. This goes to show that there are stiffer competition in the industry.

Before launching our Laundromats, we have critically studied the market and we know that we have some form of competitive edge. Our competitive advantage is that we have a standard Laundromat facility that offers additional complementary services that will definitely help us attract and retain customers.

Las Vegas City Laundromat can boast of having state of the art Laundromat facility with latest and easy to use laundry machines (washing machines, dryers, industrial irons et al). We specifically, we leased a big facility, so as to enable us achieve our aim of building a well – equipped children’s playground, coffee and snacks café, cigar lounge amongst others.


  • Sources of Income

Las Vegas City Laundromats will generate income from the following service offerings;

  • Self – service laundry jobs
  • Ironing, folding and packaging of clothes
  • Sale of detergents, laundry bags and other useful laundry products
  • Sale of Coffee
  • Sales of Snacks
  • Pickup and Home delivery
  • Cigar Lounge

10. Sales Forecast

It is important to state that our sales forecast is based on the data gathered during our feasibility studies and also some of the assumptions readily available on the field with reference to similar business in Las Vegas.

We know that we are well positioned and we will definitely attract clients that will not only patronize our Laundromat but clients that will patronize our coffee care and snacks bar, and cigar lounge et al meaning that we will generate additional income from these sources.

Below is the sales projection for Las Vegas City Laundromat, it is based on the location of our Laundromat and the type of services and products that we will be offering;

  • First Year-:  $80,000
  • Second Year-: $120,000
  • Third Year-: $180,000

N.B: This projection is done based on what is obtainable in the industry and with the assumption that there won’t be any Laundromat offering same additional services like us within 4.5 miles radius from our Laundromat facility.

  • Marketing Strategy and Sales Strategy

The marketing strategy for Las Vegas City Laundromat is going to be driven basically by making available standard and safe Laundromat facility, excellent customer service and provision of complementary services. We will work hard to build a loyal customer base; customers that will always patronize us over and over again and as well help us use word of mouth publicity to get their friends and acquaintance to patronize us.

We want to drive sales via making available easy to use washing machines, dryers and industrial irons et al. We are quite aware of how satisfied customers drive business growth especially businesses like Laundromat which is why we will always ensure that our customer service and facility are top notch.

Over and above, our unique selling proposition is that we have various complementary service offerings such as coffee café, snacks bar, cigar lounge; children playground, ironing, folding and packaging, pickup and home delivery, and sale of detergents, laundry bags and other useful laundry products.

In view of that, we are going to adopt the following strategies to ensure that we do not only attract customers but ensure that they become loyal customer; Part of the marketing and sales strategies that we will adopt are;

  • Open our Laundromat business with a party and free trial for all our visitors for the first three days of launching the business.
  • Advertise our Laundromat business on national dailies, local TV stations and local radio station
  • Promote our Laundromat business online via our official website and all available social media platforms
  • Continuously Improving the performance of our brands
  • Hire the services of experts to make our brands the first choice for in Las Vegas
  • Delivering consistent customer experiences to all our guest; making our first impression count positively
  • Make use of attractive handbills to create awareness and also to give direction to our Laundromat.
  • Adopt direct mailing coupon marketing approach
  • Position our signage / flexi banners at strategic places
  • Create a loyalty plan that will enable us reward our regular customers
  • Engage on road shows within our neighborhood to create awareness for our Laundromat business.

11. Publicity and Advertising Strategy

We are aware of the power of publicity and advertisement for new businesses like ours which is why we created a budget that will help us access various publicity and advertising platforms that will enable us reach out to our potential market.

At Las Vegas City Laundromat, will ensure that we leverage on all conventional and non – conventional publicity and advertising technique to promote our Laundromat business. Here are the platforms we intend leveraging on to promote and advertise Las Vegas City Laundromat;

  • Encourage our loyal customers to help us use Word of Mouth mode of advertisement (referrals)
  • Advertise our Laundromat business in relevant magazines (America Coin – Op, and Journal Coin Laundry News et al), local newspaper, local TV stations and local radio station.
  • Promote our Laundromat business online via our official website
  • List our Laundromat business on local directories (yellow pages)
  • Sponsor relevant community programs
  • Leverage on the internet and social media platforms like; Instagram, Facebook , twitter, et al to promote our brand
  • Install our Bill Boards on strategic locations
  • Direct coupon mailing approach
  • Engage in road show from time to time
  • Distribute our fliers and handbills in target areas all around Las, Vegas.

12. Our Pricing Strategy

At Las Vegas City Laundromat, our pricing system is going to be based on what is obtainable in the industry, we don’t intend to charge more (except for premium and customized services) and we don’t intend to charge less than our competitors are offering in Las Vegas.

Be that as it may, the management of Las Vegas City Laundromat have put plans in place to offer discount services once in a while and also to reward our loyal customers especially when they refer clients to us. The prices of our products (snacks, cup of coffee, cigar, detergents et al) will be same as what is obtainable in any part of the United States of America.

  • Payment Options

Basically, we have made provisions for our washing machines and dryers to accept coins , but that does not in any way restrict us from receiving payments from other options especially for our complimentary service offerings. In other words, our payment policy is going to be all inclusive because we are quite aware that different people prefer different payment options as it suits them. Here are the payment options that will be available in every of our pub;

  • Payment by cash /coins
  • Payment via Point of Sale (POS) Machine
  • Payment via online bank transfer (online payment portal)
  • Payment via Mobile money

In view of the above, we have chosen banking platforms that will help us achieve our payment plans without any difficulty.

13. Startup Expenditure (Budget)

This is the key areas where we will spend our start – up capital on;

  • The Total Fee for Registering the Business in Las Vegas, Nevada – $750 .
  • Legal expenses for obtaining licenses (Health department license and business license) and permits (Fire department permit, Air and water pollution control permit, and Sign permit et al) – $4,500.
  • Marketing promotion expenses (2,000 flyers at $0.04 per copy) for the total amount of $3,580 .
  • Cost for hiring Consultant – $2,000 .
  • Insurance (general liability, theft, workers’ compensation and property casualty) coverage at a total premium – $30,800 .
  • Cost of accounting software, CRM software and Payroll Software – $3,000
  • Cost for leasing facility for the Laundromat – $70,000 .
  • Cost for facility remodeling – $50,000 .
  • Other start-up expenses including stationery – $1000
  • Phone and Utilities (gas, sewer, water and electric) deposits – ( $3,500 ).
  • Operational cost for the first 3 months (salaries of employees, payments of bills et al) – $40,000
  • The cost for Start-up inventory – $15,000
  • Storage hardware (bins, utensil rack, shelves, glasses case) – $2,720
  • The cost for Washer hook-up fees (sewer connection) – $800
  • Cost for serving area equipment for coffee café and snacks bar ( glasses, flatware) – $5,000
  • Cost for laundry machines and equipment (washing machines, dryers, industrial irons, ironing board et al ) – $100,000
  • The cost for the purchase of furniture and gadgets (, Printers, Telephone, TVs, Sound System, video games, toys, vacuum cleaner, tables and chairs et al) – $30,000 .
  • The cost of Launching a Website – $600
  • The cost for our grand opening party – $5,500
  • Miscellaneous supplies (cleaning supplies, soap, invoices for wash-and-fold, bathroom supplies, etc.) – $10,000

We would need an estimate of $1 million to successfully launch our Laundromat business in Las Vegas Nevada. Please note that the startup cost is higher than the average startup cost for a Laundromat business simply because we intend adding coffee café, snacks bar, cigar lounge and children’s playground.

Generating Funding / Startup Capital for Las Vegas City Laundromat

Las Vegas City Laundromat is a family business and it will be financed by the owner who is also the Laundromat manager. These are the areas where we intend sourcing for fund for Las Vegas City Laundromat;

  • Generate part of the start – up capital from personal savings and sale of his stocks
  • Generate part of the start – up capital from family members and friends (soft loans)
  • Generate a larger chunk of the startup capital from the bank.

14. Sustainability and Expansion Strategy

Las Vegas City Laundromat is set to become the number Laundromat business in the whole of Nevada which is why we took our time to craft out business plan that will help us sustain the business , as well as grow the business. Part of the plans we have in place to sustain our Laundromat is that we will have efficient machines and equipment.

We will also continue to deliver quality services, improvise on how to do things faster and cheaper. We are not going to relent in providing conducive environment for our workers and also the required trainings that will help them deliver excellent services at all times.

We are quite aware that our customers are key component to the growth and survival of our business hence we are going to continuously engage them to give us ideas on how to serve them better. We will not waste time in diversifying our services; expand our products and service offerings once the need arises.

Check List / Milestone

  • Business Name Availability Check: Completed
  • Business Registration: Completed
  • Opening of Corporate Bank Accounts: Completed
  • Securing Point of Sales (POS) Machines: Completed
  • Opening Mobile Money Accounts: Completed
  • Opening Online Payment Platforms: Completed
  • Application and Obtaining Tax Payer’s ID: In Progress
  • Application for business license and permit licenses (Health department license and business license, Fire department permit, Air and water pollution control permit, and Sign permit et al): Completed
  • Purchase of Insurance for the Business: Completed
  • Acquiring facility and remodeling the facility: In Progress
  • Conducting Feasibility Studies: Completed
  • Generating capital from family members: Completed
  • Applications for Loan from the bank: In Progress
  • writing of business plan: Completed
  • Drafting of Employee’s Handbook: Completed
  • Drafting of Contract Documents and other relevant Legal Documents: In Progress
  • Design of The Company’s Logo: Completed
  • Graphic Designs and Printing of Packaging Marketing / Promotional Materials: In Progress
  • Recruitment of employees: In Progress
  • Purchase of laundry machines and equipment ( washing machines, dryers, industrial irons, ironing board et al ): In Progress
  • Purchase of furniture and gadgets (Printers, Telephone, TVs, Sound System, video games, toys, vacuum cleaner, tables and chairs et al): In progress
  • Creating Official Website for the Company: Completed
  • Creating Awareness for the business both online and in the neighborhood: In Progress
  • Health and Safety and Fire Safety Arrangement (License): Secured
  • Opening party / launching party planning: In Progress
  • Establishing business relationship with vendors – suppliers of all our needed laundry accessories, drinks, and tobacco et al: In Progress

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Business Funding and Market Research

Laundromat Business Plan

Updated on January, 2024

laundromat business plan

How to Write a Laundromat Business Plan?

Laundromat Business Plan is an outline of your overall laundromat business. The laundromat business plan should include a 5 year financial projection, marketing plan, industry analysis, organizational overview, operational overview and finally an executive summary. Remember to write your executive summary at the end as it is considered as a snapshot of the overall business plan. You need to be careful while writing the laundromat business plan as you need to consider various factors that can impact the business’s success. Read the sample laundromat business plan in order to have a clear understanding of the process. 

You can spend 3 to 4 weeks trying to write your own Business Plan by browsing through free online resources or hire a professional writer for $2,000. There is a better way to do this-  Download our Laundromat Business Plan to write a plan in just 2 days .

This depends on your expected revenue and cost. Also, we need to consider the startup cost. Find out the answer- Is Laundromat business Profitable?

Table of Contents

Executive summary.

Overview : Chris Johnson is the founder of Sparkling Threads Laundry Lounge. We offer self-service laundry solutions in a contemporary and simple way and the business is located at New York. Our primary offerings include self service laundry, dry cleaning, wash & fold and ironing services. Our goal is to make doing laundry a pleasant and easy experience for families and individuals. Our laundromat is committed to providing a dependable and stress-free washing service and we are targeting both commercial and retail consumers.

Mission: Our goal is to make doing laundry a breeze for our valued clients. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, utmost tidiness and stellar service we promise to provide our customers with an unforgettable experience.

Vision: Sparkling Threads Laundry Lounge’s vision is to change the way people think about laundromats by offering first-rate service, spotless facilities and cutting-edge technology.

Industry Overview:

Rising urbanization, disposable incomes and consumer preferences are projected to propel the worldwide laundry service industry to new heights in the years to come. The worldwide market for laundry services is expected to reach $331.3 billion by 2025 expanding at a CAGR of 5.6% according to a recent analysis.

Financial Overview:

financial overview of laundromat business plan

Business Description

Business Name: Sparkling Threads Laundry Lounge

Founder : Chris Johnson

Management Team:

Screenshot 2023 05 22 at 4.59.16 PM

Legal Structure: LLC

Location:  New York


✔️ Market Leadership: The laundry will launch a series of focused marketing strategies including incentives and community involvement programs with the goal of increasing their market share by 15% in the following 12 months. To increase brand recognition and client acquisition via strategic alliances and events.

✔️ Customer Satisfaction: The laundromat will educate all employees extensively since they know how important it is to provide great customer service. The objective is to boost customer satisfaction by 25% via enhanced interactions with customers. A continual commitment to training, feedback methods, effective and timely resolution of client problems are all part of this project.

✔️ Operational Efficiency: A thorough training program will be instituted for all employees in recognition of the significance of providing outstanding customer service. A 25% improvement in customer satisfaction ratings is the target outcome of our efforts to client interactions. A dedication to solving client problems quickly, efficiently as well as regular training sessions and feedback systems, are all part of this effort.

✔️ Brand Recognition: Aiming for increased brand visibility the laundromat will launch a multi-channel marketing campaign. Utilizing social media, participating in local events and forming partnerships to increase the reach of promotional efforts to achieve a 25% increase in brand visibility within the next quarter.

✔️ Expansion and Growth: The following six months the laundry will launch a feasibility study to investigate potential additional locations in high-demand areas in an effort to expand their company.


✔️ Express Wash and Fold Service: This service provides a time-saving and convenient alternative to doing laundry on one’s own which is especially helpful for those whose calendars are already full.

✔️ Dry Cleaning Services: Expand the range of services by incorporating dry cleaning facilities. This addition caters to customers who require specialized care for delicate fabrics and garments that cannot be laundered in a traditional washing machine.

✔️ Mobile App and Online Booking: Make it easy for consumers to arrange laundry services, monitor their progress, pay via a mobile app and online booking system. This technology integration showcases the laundromat’s modernity and efficiency while also improving client convenience.

✔️ Subscription Packages: Introduce subscription packages for regular customers, offering discounted rates for a specified number of washes per month. This subscription model encourages customer loyalty and provides a predictable revenue stream for the business.

✔️ Specialty Cleaning Services: Offer specialty cleaning services for items like comforters, blankets and large household items. This specialized service addresses the unique needs of customers with bulkier items that may require different cleaning methods than standard laundry.


✔️Self-Service Washers and Dryers

✔️ Vending Machines

✔️ Additional Services

Financial Overview

Fund Usage Plan

fund usage plan for laundromat business plan

Key Metrics :

Screenshot 2023 05 22 at 5.05.50 PM

Business Model Canvas

The Canvas summarizes the business model of the entire laundromat business plan. It comprises nine key components – customer segments and value propositions to revenue streams and cost structures. The canvas provides a clear and concise way to map out, analyze, and communicate the intricacies of a business idea. It offers a holistic view of how a business creates, delivers, and captures value. It also aids entrepreneurs in refining concepts, fostering innovation, and making informed strategic choices. It serves as a versatile tool for brainstorming, planning, and presenting business models to stakeholders.

business model canvas for laundromat business plan

A SWOT analysis is integral to the laundromat business plan. it offers a clear lens into a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This self-awareness enables effective resource allocation and strategic positioning against competitors. Businesses can mitigate risks, make informed decisions, and set realistic goals. In addition, presenting a SWOT analysis in a business plan communicates to stakeholders that the company possesses a deep understanding of its market environment. In essence, SWOT ensures a business’s strategy is grounded in reality enhancing its chances of success.

SWOT of laundromat business plan

Marketing Plan

Promotional channels.

Social Media Marketing – $15,000 (30%):

✔️ Platform Focus: Focus on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to promote your laundry business. Post videos showing how clothes change over time, testimonials from satisfied customers and details about any sales or events you’re hosting.

✔️ Paid Ads : Use targeted ads to reach demographics interested in recreational activities, group events and unique experiences.

✔️ Content Strategy : Implement a content strategy centered around regular posts featuring exciting laundry moments, satisfied customer testimonials and announcements for special promotions or events like discount days.

Website and SEO – $10,000 (20%):

✔️ Website Revamp : Incorporate high-quality images showcasing the cleanliness and modernity of your laundromat making it an inviting online space for potential customers.

✔️ Blog Content : Regularly update a blog section on your website with articles that provide laundry tips, information on garment care and insights into the benefits of using a laundromat.

✔️ SEO : Optimize your website for relevant keywords related to laundry services, local convenience and community-oriented cleaning options. 

Email Marketing – $5,000 (10%):

✔️ Newsletter : Develop a monthly newsletter for your laundromat featuring upcoming promotions, service discounts and highlights from recent customer experiences. 

✔️ Segmentation : Tailor your messages for different customer segments based on their preferences and needs.

Local Partnerships – $7,000 (14%):

✔️ Community Events : Partner with local festivals, fairs and community events to set up temporary laundry service stations or promote your laundromat’s offerings. 

✔️ Collaborations with Local Businesses : Forge collaborations with nearby businesses such as dry cleaners, cafes or local clothing stores for cross-promotion and package deals. Offer joint promotions where customers receive discounts or incentives when using both services.

Influencer and Group Collaborations – $6,000 (12%):

✔️ Collaborations : Partner with local influencers or community groups for special laundry-related sessions leveraging their following for broader reach. 

✔️ Sponsorship Deals : Explore sponsorship deals with local businesses, schools or community organizations for team-building events or group meet-ups at your laundromat.

Direct Mail and Local Advertising – $4,000 (8%):

✔️ Direct Mail : Send out flyers or discount offers to local residents and businesses.

✔️ Local Media : Invest in advertising in local leisure magazines, community publications and local event listings to build a strong community presence.

Referral Program – $3,000 (6%):

  • Implement a referral program that incentivizes customers to bring friends, family or colleagues, capitalizing on word-of-mouth and building a loyal customer base.

Brand Management

Social Media Marketing

✔️ Brand Voice and Visual Identity : Develop a friendly and approachable brand voice that resonates with a broad audience, emphasizing the convenience, reliability and modernity of your laundromat services.

✔️ User-Generated Content : Encourage customers to share their laundry experiences, showcasing before-and-after transformations, creative folding techniques or any unique laundry challenges. 

✔️ Live Sessions : Host live sessions on social media featuring laundry tips, quick demonstrations of machine use, fun laundry-related competitions or Q&A sessions with staff.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Local SEO:

✔️ Ad Copy : Craft compelling ad copy that highlights the unique and enjoyable experience of doing laundry at your laundromat. Emphasize the convenience of a well-equipped and modern facility making laundry a great group activity for friends or family. 

✔️ Website Optimization : Ensure your laundromat’s website is engaging, user-friendly and optimized for search engines. Incorporate relevant keywords such as “laundry services,” “group laundry activities” and “team-building laundry.”

✔️ Google My Business : Keep your Google My Business listing updated with current photos, services and contact information to improve local search visibility.

Email Marketing:

✔️ Newsletter : Share regular updates in your laundromat newsletter featuring information about new services, promotions and highlights from customer experiences.

✔️ Segmentation : Customize your email campaigns for different customer segments to increase relevance and engagement. Tailor messages specifically for corporate clients, offering information on corporate laundry solutions and exclusive deals.

Local Partnerships and Sponsorships:

✔️ Community Events : Partner with local festivals and community events to set up temporary laundry service stations or promote your laundromat’s offerings

✔️ Collaboration with Local Businesses : Forge collaborations with nearby businesses such as dry cleaners, cafes or local clothing stores for cross-promotion and package deals.

Content Marketing:

✔️ Educational Content : Create blog posts and videos about effective laundry practices, garment care techniques and the convenience of using a laundromat. 

✔️Behind-the-Scenes Insights : Share behind-the-scenes stories and photos from your laundromat facility, emphasizing the clean and vibrant atmosphere.

Go To Market Strategy

Online presence and community engagement.

Social Media Marketing:

✔️Brand Voice and Visual Identity : Develop a friendly and approachable brand voice for your laundromat that resonates with a broad audience, using consistent visuals on social media platforms to showcase the excitement of a well-done laundry day and special events.

✔️User-Generated Content : Encourage customers to share their laundry experiences, showcasing before-and-after transformations and unique challenges, building a sense of community and authenticity by reposting their content.

✔️Live Sessions : Host live sessions featuring laundry tips, machine demonstrations and fun competitions to engage your audience providing a personal touch to your brand and emphasizing the convenience of your laundromat services.

✔️Ad Copy : Craft compelling ad copy that highlights the unique and enjoyable experience of doing laundry at your laundromat. Emphasize the convenience of a well-equipped and modern facility making laundry a great group activity for friends or family. 

✔️Website Optimization : Ensure your laundromat’s website is engaging, user-friendly and optimized for search engines. Incorporate relevant keywords such as “laundry services,” “group laundry activities” and “team-building laundry.”

✔️Google My Business : Keep your Google My Business listing updated with current photos, services and contact information to improve local search visibility.

✔️Newsletter : Share updates about new game modes, league information, special offers and highlights from recent events or competitions.

✔️Segmentation : Customize emails for different groups such as corporate clients, birthday party groups and casual visitors to increase relevance and engagement.

✔️Community Events : Partner with local festivals and community events to set up temporary laundry service stations or promote your laundromat’s offerings

✔️Collaboration with Local Businesses : Forge collaborations with nearby businesses such as dry cleaners, cafes or local clothing stores for cross-promotion and package deals.

✔️Educational Content : Create engaging blog posts and videos about efficient laundry practices, fabric care techniques and the convenience of using a laundromat educating customers on best practices and the benefits of your services.

✔️ Behind-the-Scenes Insights : Share behind-the-scenes stories and photos from your laundromat facility, focusing on the cleanliness, modern amenities and vibrant atmosphere to give customers a glimpse into the care and dedication behind your laundry services.

Organizational Overview

Organizational overview in a laundromat business plan provides a snapshot of how a company is structured and operates. It outlines the ownership structure, roles, responsibilities of key management personnel, and the reporting hierarchy within the organization. This section offers stakeholders, investors and other readers a clear understanding of the company’s leadership and its chain of command. Additionally, it may give insight into the company’s culture, values and operational philosophy.

Screenshot 2023 12 04 at 4.37.59 PM

Chris Johnson is a businessman providing exceptional service that has inspirational brains behind the successful New York laundromat Sparkling Threads Laundry Lounge. Extensive education and impressive record of achievements which Jacob offers a lot of knowledge to his enterprise guaranteeing its triumphant success. Jacob also offers simple laundry service by combining his extensive background in business administration with an acute grasp of consumer demands. His ability is honed by his academic background and years of practical experience in the field.

Jacob’s track record demonstrates his commitment to maximizing operational efficiency and delighting customers. A chain of reliable, spotless and warmly welcome laundromats has been built under his able guidance. Reviews have been consistently good and the company has built a devoted client base all thanks to his leadership.

Jacob places his laundromats in prime locations and keeps them open late to accommodate customers with varying schedules because he values convenience and putting the consumer first. To top it all off he enhances the consumer experience by investing in user-friendly technology and facilities. These include mobile payment choices and pleasant lounging places.

Positions and Responsibilities

CEO (Chief Executive Officer): The chief executive officer (CEO) is responsible for the overall financial stability and expansion of the company. In charge of budgeting, analyzing market trends, encouraging a business culture that shares its goals and objectives.

Manager: The Manager takes on a pivotal role in the laundromat’s daily operations acting as the linchpin between the CEO’s strategic vision and its practical implementation.

Maintenance Technician: The Maintenance Technician is the laundromat’s technical expert, responsible for the upkeep and functionality of laundry equipment. Regular inspections, prompt issue resolution and preventative maintenance are essential aspects of this role.

Janitorial Staff: The Janitorial Staff is vital to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment within the laundromat. Performing routine cleaning tasks such as sweeping, mopping and sanitizing surfaces, they create a pleasant atmosphere for customers.  Accountant: The Accountant manages the financial aspects of the laundromat business, overseeing accounts payable, receivable, preparing financial reports, creating budgets and forecasts.

organogram of laundromat business plan

Operational Overview

✔️Laundry Services: Offers comprehensive laundry services catering to individuals, families and businesses. Customers can use our state-of-the-art machines for standard wash-and-dry sessions suitable for various types of clothing and fabrics.

✔️Specialized Services : Offers specialized options such as dry cleaning, delicate garment care and bulk cleaning services. This ensures that our customers have a variety of choices to meet their unique laundry needs.

✔️Self-Service and Full-Service Options : Customers can opt for self-service using our coin-operated or card-operated machines or they can choose our full-service option for a hassle-free experience.

✔️Membership and Loyalty Programs : Customers can benefit from discounts, exclusive promotions and personalized offers creating a sense of appreciation for their continued patronage.

✔️ Eco-Friendly Initiatives : This includes energy-efficient machines, water-saving measures and environmentally conscious detergent options. Our commitment to green practices aligns with the growing demand for sustainable solutions.

Industry Analysis

According to projections the laundromat business in the United States will be worth $5 billion in 2023. Its growth over the last five years has been consistent clocking in at 1.5% CAGR. There are more than 29,500 laundromats in the nation and on average they make more than $500,000 a year with profit margins between 20% and 35%. Laundry services are indispensable and the industry’s steady customer base is a major factor in its longevity.

Industry Analysis of Laundromat Business Plan

Apartment dwellers, college students and low-income families are just a few of the different populations served by the laundromat sector, which is vital in satisfying their washing requirements in urban and suburban regions. About 20% of American homes utilize shared laundry facilities, which are mostly located in cities making this service quite important. A rising number of laundromats about 35% are adopting digital payment methods showcasing the industry’s growth via technological improvements. In addition to catering to modern consumer tastes, this tech-savvy strategy helps laundromats become more efficient and more convenient for customers. This sector has shown that it can adapt to the demands of a broad and contemporary consumer base by embracing technological innovations that meet the evolving requirements of its customers.

In an effort to lessen their impact on the environment laundromats are adopting greener methods. For instance a quarter of the industry has upgraded to more efficient machines which cut water use in half and electricity consumption in half. These days 30% of laundromats provide extra services including dry cleaning and wash-and-fold. By adopting greener practices and increasing its service offerings the sector is responding to growing consumer preferences and market demands.

YxgIIW6JOtt dhmQOVSEqOn1cGYXTFcxyx8g7inmu0qJ KY1a71JyCNXgMFt YRlzwZCxKvpoqvWZ7A9HjuPZr4 got O9YUa4rpczFJlC5nEfFU2Xz5DxIQkOm7JjtPX1YcsKgSJuRk4dO vs2iKXg

Other key trends and stats:

✔️ Growth of Competitive and Community Aspect

✔️ Economic Contribution and Employment

✔️ Emerging Trend in Experiential Entertainment

✔️ Affordability and Accessibility: Attracts a wide range of customers due to its affordability.

✔️ Community and Competitive Play: Growing popularity in competitive leagues and community

Industry Problems 

✔️Safety and Liability : Laundromats must implement robust safety measures to prevent accidents, adhere to stringent liability and insurance requirements, given the potential risks associated with the operation of machinery and the handling of cleaning agents.

✔️Cost and Pricing Strategy: Laundromats face the challenge of striking a delicate balance between offering affordable services for customers and covering operational costs.

✔️Equipment Quality and Maintenance : Ensuring that washing machines and dryers are well-maintained, promptly repaired and periodically upgraded is essential for delivering a consistently high-quality service to customers.

✔️Skill Levels and Training : Laundromats must provide clear and effective guidance to users, ensuring they understand the equipment and laundry processes to enhance their overall experience.

✔️Venue Atmosphere and Comfort: A pleasant environment with clean facilities, adequate seating and possibly amenities like Wi-Fi contributes to a positive experience and encourages repeat visits.

lRM47zYvT3q2JaZPEbjsz1a2bOcSdTzWHFiA1sHhVAls2nSpA1hrQjsHEgLsjBWtp2fvxBwFFhBZ5EOjMBNSiXDVfr9JNRcPnpS ZVp2F7YUyVlZ 0CJ

Industry Opportunities

✔️Eco-Friendly Practices : By integrating energy-saving machines, water conservation technologies and environmentally-friendly detergent choices they can attract consumers who are mindful of the environment and enhance their brand reputation.

✔️Technology Integration : Incorporating mobile applications that allow for online reservations, cashless payments and live updates on machine availability can greatly improve customer convenience, positioning the business as contemporary and focused on customer needs.

✔️Specialized Services : Providing specialized services beyond standard wash-and-dry options can attract a diverse customer base. Offering dry cleaning, delicate garment care or bulk cleaning services caters to varied customer needs and creates additional revenue streams.

✔️Membership and Loyalty Programs : The implementation of membership and loyalty programs represents a valuable opportunity for laundromats. By offering discounts, exclusive promotions, personalized benefits businesses can encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.

✔️ Community Engagement : By actively participating in local community activities laundromats can establish a robust local presence. Involvement in neighborhood causes, local initiatives can cultivate a community spirit and enhance customer loyalty.

b KtOVph jfDGTPVCmtOrLRQ9CU6UIubCOGYzOVSMra NbPiUHYNVvne A m4EeS0LVwDgllp aJ6Zo3zNc4rv5QjgBdTL23ZKI7CjOp4rZJaiIIsNUmG7poIQ6nwiDAIgduZygG7hBquPdVt W4PB4

Target Market Segmentation

Demographic Segmentation:

✔️Age Groups : Provide diverse experiences tailored to different ages such as kid-friendly sessions and competitive offerings for adults.

✔️Income Levels : Offer a range of prices from budget-friendly options to upscale group experiences catering to various income groups.

✔️Cultural Diversity : Celebrate New York’s multicultural environment with themed events and cultural celebrations.

Psychographic Segmentation:

✔️Convenience Seekers: Target customers who value quick and hassle-free laundry experiences offering efficient self-service options .

✔️Eco-conscious Customers: Attract environmentally conscious individuals with green machines and sustainable detergent choices.

Behavioral Segmentation:

✔️Regular Users : Develop loyalty programs or discounts to encourage repeat visits from frequent customers.

✔️Special Occasion Users : Cater to those needing laundry services for special events or delicate garments with specialized offerings.

✔️First-Time Users : Ensure a welcoming environment for newcomers with clear instructions and helpful staff.

Geographical Segmentation:

✔️Local Residents : Focus on the local community in New York with targeted marketing establishing the laundromat as a convenient neighborhood option.

✔️Tourists and Temporary Visitors : Accommodate tourists, short-term visitors with tailored services and location-specific promotions.

Technological Segmentation:

✔️Tech-Savvy Consumers : Implement advanced features like digital payments, online reservations and live updates on machine availability.

✔️Traditional Customers : Keep straightforward easy-to-use laundry options available for customers who prefer a traditional approach.

Market Size

oPd4vd1ysfXJ7636xBnZNDkYKGC7UWIy2c2w6BYxP K5ayVje0VEr0PrqH7j56rOOpiAyT77ps3O7lpc82grorVV8103lFFyB4w88h9BlFEgteA9d3HZnRA3cSLZk4zluHJ5e1zY rJmvVBJKq9fDiE

✔️Total Addressable Market (TAM): Anyone in the specified area or city that needs laundry services makes up the laundromat’s target audience list (TAM). The lifestyle choices of the local population, the number of apartments without washers, dryers and the demographics of the region (including age, income and culture) are all variables that might impact this vast industry. The increasing number of renters and the move towards more convenient urban living are two further factors that might affect the TAM.

✔️Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM): A laundromat’s SAM uses the TAM to zero in on the customers who are really within the company’s grasp. Location of the laundry, the services it offers (self-service, full-service, specialist fabric care) and its marketing tactics are all elements that contribute to this. People that are concerned about the environment, have a knack for technology and have hectic lives would make up the SAM in a heavily crowded metropolitan region where a laundromat provides high-tech eco-friendly laundry solutions.

✔️Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM): The SOM for a laundromat is the portion of the SAM that the business can realistically expect to capture based on its current capabilities, resources and competitive landscape. This includes considerations like the quality and convenience of the services provided, the uniqueness of the laundromat’s offerings (such as mobile app integration, loyalty programs), customer service excellence, pricing strategy and the effectiveness of local market positioning.

Industry Forces

✔️Market Demand and Entertainment Trends: A number of factors come into play including the need for environmentally conscious, technologically advanced facilities, the necessity of finding ways to save time and the demand for supplementary services such as dry cleaning and changes.

✔️Competition: Differentiation can be achieved through unique services, exceptional customer experience, offering wash-and-fold services and providing a comfortable inviting environment.

✔️Technological Advancements: Utilizing technology like online booking for laundry services, digital payment systems, social media for customer engagement can enhance the customer experience and improve operational efficiency.

✔️Regulatory Environment: Compliance with local health, safety regulations, environmental guidelines and business licensing requirements is crucial. This includes adhering to standards for laundry operations and maintaining high cleanliness levels. ✔️Economic Factors: Economic conditions can influence spending on services like laundry. Flexible pricing strategies, offering a range of services can cater to different budget levels and sustain customer interest in various economic situations.

Market Segmentation

Application:  The dry-cleaning and laundry services industry is divided into residential and commercial segments based on their application. In 2019, the residential application category had a significant market share. It is expected to continue in the projection period. During the projection period, the residential sector is predicted to rise due to an increase in the number of homes with working members across the world, as well as an increase in expenditure on clothing and their cleaning. Furthermore, rising consumer preference for professional cleaning services due to personal hygiene and cleanliness is expected to drive residential sector development.

Service:  Laundry, dry cleaning, and duvet cleaning are the three types of services available. In 2019, the laundry category took over half of the market share. Customers’ increased preference for casual clothes and greater washing frequency will outperform laundry services from other categories. Growing consumer awareness of the need for good personal cleanliness is encouraging people to wash their daily clothing on a regular basis. In the projection period, these variables will most likely fuel demand for washing services.

Market Segmentation for Laundromat Business Plan

The dry-cleaning industry is predicted to develop significantly in the future years, owing to an increase in professional employees who often wear business attire, like suits and jackets, which cannot be washed with ordinary techniques and must be dry-cleaned with extreme care.

Demand is likely to be driven by the fact that dry cleaning is frequently utilized for other specialty garments, like bridal dresses, throughout the forecast period. The hotel sector and hospitals throughout the world are continuing to expand, necessitating effective laundry and duvet cleaning services, which is projected to boost the market.

A marketing plan of a laundromat business plan outlines the company’s strategy to promote its products or services to its target audience. It includes specific tactics and channels the business will use to reach potential customers. This section defines the company’s unique value proposition, identifies the target market segments, and discusses the competitive landscape. It also includes insight into budget allocation, projected outcomes and key performance indicators to measure success. Marketing plan helps businesses demonstrate their understanding of the market dynamics, their positioning within the industry and their approach to driving customer engagement and sales.

image 59

Website and Social Media: To market our brand, we use the internet and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and others. Include Universal Laundromat in phone books and directories in your neighborhood. Create a company website and be active on key social media sites.

Seminar and Programs: Sponsor sports events and tournaments in town that are significant to you.

Referral Marketing: Encourage individuals to utilize referral marketing (word-of-mouth), and engage in direct marketing .

Advertisement: Advertise Universal Laundromat on local television, radio stations, and in local publications. Ensure that all of our employees are wearing our branded clothing and that all of our official cars and trucks are well-branded with our company emblem and other identifying information. Distribute our flyers and handbills at strategic locations. Advertise Universal Laundromat on local television, radio, and print stations.

Pre-Opening Events: To raise awareness, have a party to honor the Universal Laundromat launch.

Commute Advertising: By employing individuals to display signs alongside we will draw attention to Universal Laundromat. Install our billboards in high-traffic areas,

Customer Loyalty Program: To honor our loyal customers, we will develop customer incentive programs and promotions.

A financial plan of a laundromat business plan provides a comprehensive projection of a company’s financial health and its anticipated monetary performance over a specified period. This section encompasses a range of financial statements and projections such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and capital expenditure budgets. It outlines the business’s funding requirements, sources of finance and return on investment predictions. The financial plan gives stakeholders particularly potential investors and lenders a clear understanding of the company’s current financial position. A financial plan helps businesses demonstrate their financial prudence, sustainability, and growth potential.

earnings of laundromat business plan

Download Laundromat Business Plan

Just Fill Up & Print!

Dry Cleaning & Laundromat Business Plans

Did you know each of these plans was created in LivePlan? Learn More

Dry Cleaning Home Delivery Business Plan

Columbia Cleaners is a start-up dry cleaning, laundry and alterations service business. They are offering a new service, home pickup and delivery of garments and items, instead of the traditional drop.

Dry Cleaning - UK Only - Business Plan

Guildford Dry Cleaning Services will provide dry cleaning, laundry, and garment alterations, offered with regular home pick-up and delivery. (NOTE: This plan was created in the United Kingdom version

Laundromat Business Plan

Universal Laundromat is a laundry service that will supply full washing, drying, and optional folding services.

Before you start your own dry cleaning business, it’s a good idea to write a business plan. But where do you start? First, check out a sample business plan for a laundromat or dry cleaning service.

If you’re looking to develop a more modern business plan, we recommend you try LivePlan . It contains the same templates and information you see here, but with additional guidance to help you develop the perfect plan.

Garrett's Bike Shop

The quickest way to turn a business idea into a business plan

Fill-in-the-blanks and automatic financials make it easy.

No thanks, I prefer writing 40-page documents.

LivePlan pitch example

Discover the world’s #1 plan building software

laundry business plan sample

laundry business plan sample

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  • Marketing Strategy
  • Human Resources
  • Laundry Business Plan Philippines (Sample + PDF Template)

Featured Image with Sidebar

By   Yesh Quijano

November 22, 2023

woman holding a business plan for laundry

Starting a laundry business can be a profitable venture, allowing you to become a successful entrepreneur in a recession-proof industry. Planning, preparation, and a strong business plan are essential to achieving success in this venture.

Key takeaways

A comprehensive laundry shop business plan in the Philippines must include a detailed market analysis, customer segmentation, and a clear competitive strategy.

Financial projections, funding requirements, and operational milestones are crucial for attracting investors and/or securing a business loan.

Your laundry business plan should offer a unique value proposition and a robust marketing strategy to stand out in the Philippine market.

Parts of A Business Plan For Laundry Shops

Executive summary.

executive summary

Whether you are considering a sole proprietorship or another form of business structure, this executive summary will provide you with a clear overview of the key components needed to create a solid foundation for your laundry business.

Here are some parts of a detailed executive summary:

First and foremost, it’s essential to identify your main objective. Are you planning to offer convenient, high-quality services, targeting busy professionals and families? Are you aiming to provide low-cost, efficient services to a diverse clientele? Or are you simply aiming to be the best service provider in your area?

Whatever your focus may be, understanding your target market and their needs will help you tailor your offerings and increase the likelihood of success.

Get a full business plan for your laundry shop for only PHP199 Buy Now

Your facility’s location will play a significant role in attracting your target customers, so choose a site with high foot traffic and easy access to public transportation. Additionally, it’s crucial to invest in durable, energy-efficient equipment to reduce utility expenses and extend the life of your machines.

Pricing Strategy

In a successful laundry business, having a well-thought-out pricing strategy is critical. Assess your target market and the level of competition in your area, then determine a pricing structure that strikes the right balance between affordability and profitability. Offering special promotions and loyalty programs can also help set you apart from the competition.

Marketing Plan

Marketing your business effectively is another crucial aspect of success. Utilize both digital and traditional marketing channels, including social media, local print and radio advertisements, and community events to raise awareness of your brand and services.

Consistently engaging your audience and fostering relationships with target customers will help establish your business as a trusted, go-to laundry service provider.

Standards of Hygiene & Customer Service

Lastly, keep in mind that it’s essential to maintain high standards of cleanliness and customer service. Your staff should be well-trained, friendly, and attentive to your customers’ needs. By providing a pleasant, efficient, and convenient experience, you can foster customer loyalty and build a strong reputation within your community.

Company Overview

company overview

Your laundry shop business plan should cover a general description of your brand, its history, and a summary of services. Below is a sample Company Overview:

Who is Labada Luxe’s Clean Laundry Shop?

Labada Luxe’s Clean Laundry Shop is a premier laundry business offering top-notch services to cater to your laundry needs. By choosing to start your own laundry business with Labada Luxe, you’re investing in a proven system and a brand that represents quality and customer satisfaction.

With an unwavering dedication to cleanliness and customer service, you can trust Labada Luxe to provide a reliable, efficient, and professional solution for your laundry requirements.

Labada Luxe Laundry Shop History

The journey of Labada Luxe began with a simple mission: to provide a convenient, affordable, and quality laundry experience. Over the years, the business has expanded and fine-tuned its operations, perfecting the art of managing a successful laundry business.

Today, Labada Luxe Laundry Shop stands as a proud symbol of innovation and customer satisfaction in the laundry industry. Your choice to venture into the world of laundry with Labada Luxe is a decision backed by extensive experience, strong support, and a loyal customer base.

Labada Luxe Laundry Services

laundry shop services

Labada Luxe offers a range of laundry services to cater to various customer preferences. The services include:

Wash and Fold: A standard service for everyday laundry needs, ensuring your clothes are clean, fresh, and neatly folded.

Dry Cleaning Services: Treating delicate and specialty garments with extra care to maintain their condition and appearance.

Commercial Laundry: Catering to the needs of businesses and large-scale customers, such as hotels and restaurants, by providing professional-grade laundry services.

With Labada Luxe’s Clean Laundry Shop, your laundry business is backed by a comprehensive range of services, a solid reputation, and a history of success. Embrace the opportunity to be part of an exceptional brand with a bright future.

Industry Analysis

In the laundry shop business, understanding the industry is crucial for creating a successful business plan. As a service provider, you must be knowledgeable about the market, competition, and customer preferences.

Growth Factors

The laundry industry’s growth is driven by various factors, including increased urbanization, busy lifestyles, and the need for convenience. These factors contribute to a higher demand for efficient and professional laundry services.

Technology advancements also play a role in shaping the industry, with new equipment and software solutions emerging to streamline the laundry process.

Services & Service Provider Types

To excel in the laundry business, focus on offering high-quality services that cater to a wide range of clients, such as busy professionals, families, and students. Keep track of industry trends, consumer preferences, and potential opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.

Be aware of the different types of laundry service providers in the market. Some may specialize in particular niches such as eco-friendly cleaning, while others focus on a specific kind of clientele or offer additional services like ironing and folding. Identifying your target audience and tailoring your services will give you a competitive edge.

laundry shop equipment

When it comes to choosing the right equipment for your laundry shop, efficiency and durability are essential factors to consider. Investing in high-quality, energy-efficient washers and dryers, or self-service machines will not only save you money in the long run but also appeal to environmentally conscious customers.

Customer Analysis

Demographic profile of target market.

In developing your laundry business plan, it’s crucial to analyze your target market’s demographic profile. Focus on working professionals, as they typically have a higher disposable income and are more likely to require laundry services due to their busy schedules.

Consider factors such as age, income, and household size in determining your target demographic. For example, younger professionals in their 20s and 30s may have different laundry necessities than those in their 40s and 50s. Additionally, the number of people in a household may affect the volume of laundry generated.

Customer Segmentation

Once you’ve identified your target demographic, segment your customer base to better tailor your services. Here are two groups to consider:

Working Professionals : These individuals have demanding jobs and minimal time to spend on chores like laundry. Offer services that cater to their needs, such as pick-up and delivery options, quick turnaround times, and convenient payment methods.

Families : Although not everyone falls into this category, households with multiple members might require larger capacities for laundry services. Offer family packages, discounts, or promotions to attract this customer segment.

Competitive Analysis

When starting your laundry business, understanding your direct and indirect competitors is essential for success. Analyzing the market will give you insights to shape your own business strategy and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

laundry shop analysis

Direct Competitors

Direct competitors are other laundromats in your area. Begin by researching their services, prices, and unique selling points. Visit their facilities to get a feel for the cleanliness, wait times, and customer interactions, which will help you determine your advantages.

Look for unmet needs in the market that your laundry can address, such as extended opening hours or eco-friendly washers and dryers. To keep track of your competitors, consider creating a table with the following information:

Competitor Services Prices Unique Selling Points Example

Indirect Competitors

Indirect competitors include washing and folding services, dry cleaners, and even charitable organizations that offer laundry services for low-income or homeless individuals. Assess the services they provide and think of ways your business can complement or outshine them.

For example, offer pickup and delivery services for a fee or collaborate with a nearby dry cleaner to provide a one-stop shop for customers.

Building strong competitive advantages over your rivals is of utmost importance. You could differentiate your laundry business by investing in state-of-the-art equipment and technology, such as mobile apps for booking, monitoring machine usage, and making payments.

Additionally, consider offering loyalty programs that reward your customers for choosing your services, or special discounts during off-peak hours to make your business stand out.

Brand & Value Proposition

In starting your laundry business, it’s essential to have a clear brand and a strong value proposition. Your brand should be easily recognizable and reflect the quality of service you provide. A well-defined value proposition sets you apart from competitors and attracts customers.

One effective marketing strategy to establish your brand is to create a logo and use it consistently across various platforms, such as signage, promotional materials, and social media. Additionally, investing in professional photography can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your promotional content.

laundry shop logo

Focus on promoting your unique selling points, such as competitive pricing, fast turnaround times, eco-friendly practices, delivery, or superior customer service. This will ensure that your target audience appreciates the distinct benefits of choosing your laundry business.

Promotions Strategy

To expand your reach and attract customers, consider implementing various marketing strategies. A combination of online and offline promotions can maximize the impact of your efforts.

Here are a few marketing strategy ideas to consider:

Develop a user-friendly website to showcase your services and facilitate easy booking for patrons.

Utilize social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to reach your target audience and share updates and special offers.

Offer incentives like discounts and referral programs to encourage customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising.

In addition to online marketing , don’t forget traditional offline methods. Running a major newspaper ad campaign, for example, is a powerful way to reach a local audience. Depending on your target market, you might also consider:

Distributing flyers and brochures in high-traffic areas.

Partnering with local businesses and residential complexes to offer special deals and increase your visibility.

Sponsoring community events to strengthen your brand’s presence and connect with potential customers.

Operations Plan

Operation functions.

Your laundry business’s success will be based on a well-defined Operations Plan . As you create your plan, focus on the business model you’ll be following. Laundromats require less manpower but may need frequent maintenance checks.

laundry attendants

To effectively run a self-service laundromat, prioritize these operations functions:

Location selection: Find an ideal place near residential areas or places with high foot traffic. Ensure the location provides an enjoyable atmosphere.

Equipment and maintenance: Invest in high-quality machines and ensure they operate smoothly.

Hygiene and safety: Regularly clean the premises and establish health and safety protocols.

Workforce: Hire competent and laundry attendants.

Set achievable milestones to help your laundry business grow:

Research phase: Understand the market, competition, and potential customers.

Business setup: Create your business plan, secure funding, and select the location.

Procurement and installation: Buy and install the laundry equipment.

Promotion and opening: Plan a grand opening event and promote your business through various channels.

Financial Plan

As you start your laundry business, it’s important to have a solid financial plan. This will not only set you up for success but also help you make informed decisions as you navigate the journey of entrepreneurship.

woman planning finances

Key Revenue & Costs

Your main source of revenue will be from your laundry services. This can be broken down into various categories, such as:

Washing and drying : Charging customers for the use of your machines.

Pick-up and delivery : Offering convenient options for busy customers.

Additional services : Ironing, folding, and dry-cleaning.

Your business expenses can be categorized as follows:

Startup costs : These include licensing, permits, and equipment purchases.

Operational costs : Rent, utilities, and payroll for employees.

Maintenance and repair : Keeping your machines in top condition is crucial to the success of your business.

Consider conducting market research to determine the best pricing strategy for your services, keeping in mind your competition and target market.

Budget Requirements and Use of Funds

When starting your laundry business, it’s vital to determine how much funding you’ll need. Break down your use of funds into categories like equipment, renovations, and working capital. This will help you determine how much of your own capital you require, and whether a business loan or investment might be necessary.

Financial Projections

Create a detailed financial forecast for the first few years of your business. This should include monthly projections for revenue, expenses, and profits. Your financial projections will serve as a roadmap for reaching your goals and can be adjusted as your business evolves.

Income Statement

Prepare an income statement outlining your expected revenues, cost of goods sold (COGS), gross profit, and operating expenses. This will allow you to track the profitability of your business and make informed decisions regarding expansion or cost control.

Balance Sheet

A balance sheet is essential for tracking the assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity of your business. By regularly updating your balance sheet, you’ll have a clear understanding of your business’s financial position and can make necessary adjustments as needed.

Cash Flow Statement

Your cash flow statement will detail all cash inflows and outflows, helping you monitor your business’s liquidity. This is crucial for ensuring you have enough funds to cover operating expenses and any unexpected costs.

Laundry Business Plan FAQs

What is a laundry business plan.

A laundromat business plan is a comprehensive document that outlines your goals, strategies, financial projections, and action plans for starting and operating a successful laundry service. This document serves as a roadmap, guiding you through each decision and providing a clear understanding of your enterprise model.

Crafting a well-thought-out plan helps you identify potential challenges and opportunities, ensuring a more efficient use of resources and a higher likelihood of success.

What are the Main Types of Laundry Businesses?

There are several types of laundry businesses that you can consider for your venture:

Self-service laundromats: Customers use coin-operated machines to wash and dry their own laundry.

Full-service laundries: You offer washing, drying, and folding services on behalf of your customers, often charging per pound or load.

Dry cleaners: These businesses focus on cleaning delicate fabrics and garments using specialized cleaning methods and chemicals.

Mobile laundry services: Customers schedule pickups and deliveries through an online platform or phone, and you provide convenient services by collecting, washing, and returning their laundry.

How Do You Get Funding for Your Laundry Business Plan?

To secure funding for your laundry business, you will need to present a solid business plan that demonstrates the viability and potential profitability of your venture. Potential funding sources include:

Personal savings: Using your own money can be the fastest and easiest option.

Bank loans: Apply for a loan from a bank or credit union. Be prepared to provide detailed financial statements and a strong credit history.

Investors: Seek out individuals or firms that may be interested in investing in your business in exchange for equity or debt.

What are the Steps To Start a Laundry Business?

We have a full guide here on how to start your own laundry service. Or you can visit our laundry shop category for more information.

Where can I get a Laundry Business Plan PDF Template?

Want to have your own business plan? We offer affordable business plan templates for laundry services! Check out this link to get your own laundromat business plan template for only PHP199.

Author Image

About the author 

Yesh Quijano

Yesh Quijano is an entrepreneur and digital marketer who's been in the game for over 11 years. He started several businesses and helped countless others reach new heights. His goal is to make digital marketing for SMEs simple, accessible, and effective. When he's not working, you can find him cuddling with his two cats.

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What is a MoSCoW Analysis? Definition, Use Guide, and Analysis

By Paul VanZandt

Published on: July 26, 2023

MoSCoW Analysis

Table of Contents

What is a Moscow Analysis?

Moscow analysis use guide, how to do a moscow analysis.

Prioritization and organization are two essential elements in creating a successful project and are also things that are inherently harder to achieve online. While prioritizing elements can be hard online, it doesn’t have to be. The Moscow analysis is a great tool for teams to collaborate on through online whiteboards and has takeaways that are applicable to a variety of different projects and teams.

In this article, we will define the Moscow analysis and talk about what makes it so helpful to teams everywhere. If you are interested in reading some of our other template guides, you can check out our most recent guides on design thinking and using a business model canvas here.

A Moscow analysis , also known as Moscow prioritization, is defined as an organizational framework that helps clarify and prioritize features or requirements for a given project. By creating boundaries for the priorities, teams are able to narrow their focus and create direct and achievable goals.

Moscow is an acronym that stands for the four categories that various features can be sorted into. These categories are: Must have, Should have, Could have, and Won’t have These four categories determine the prioritization of the corresponding features and are a marker of their importance to the overall success and continuity of the project.

  • Must-haves: These are the essential requirements that must be included in the project or product. If any of these requirements are not met, the project or product cannot be considered successful.
  • Should-haves: These are important requirements that should be included if possible. They are not absolutely critical but add significant value to the project or product.
  • Could-haves: These are requirements that are nice to have, but they are not critical. They can be considered if time and resources allow but can be deferred if necessary.
  • Won’t-haves: These are requirements that are explicitly out of scope for the current project or product. These requirements are not currently under consideration.

Moscow short

While the Moscow analysis is most often used to organize a project and its required elements, it can also be used in other scenarios . For example, Moscow prioritization can be applied to better align a team with its values and expectations. It can also be used to prioritize takeaways and next steps from an important meeting. Its main goal is the help visualize the prioritization of the tasks at hand.

These use cases demonstrate the flexibility of the Moscow prioritization to break down important requirements into simple prioritized areas, whether it be for team expectations or a project sprint.

As previously stated, the Moscow analysis consists of four major elements. These categories are explained below alongside some questions to guide what should be included in each category. For the sake of simplicity, we will use a project prioritization for reference.

This section is where you think about the core features that are necessary to the success of the project. Must have features are things that, if absent, would compromise the project as a whole. Without these features, the project would have an entirely different function and wouldn’t serve the intended purpose.

Must have features, while being the most important things to consider, should not account for every detail that will be present in the final version. The features in must have, should have, and could have should all be major considerations to be included in the project, so try and be very specific with the features you add in each section.

Some prompting questions to ask in this section could be:

  • What features are absolutely essential and cannot be replaced?
  • If removed, would the project achieve the same purpose?
  • Will the delivery of the project be a success without this feature?

Should Have

Should have is where the project begins to become more nuanced in its prioritization. Should have features include those that are supplemental to the must have features, things customers have vocalized interest in, and other features that would make meaningful additions to the project.

Should have features should be thought of as just a step below must have. These features, while important, could be pushed to a later release while the must have features are absolutely essential. Without these things, the project will still work, but it will be better with them.

Some prompting questions to ask in this section could be;

  • How does this feature compare to the must have features? What about the could have features?
  • What is a helpful but not required feature?
  • How would the project function if this feature is omitted?

Priority list

Could have features are often misunderstood and get lumped with random possible additions. This section is meant to highlight features that you want to include but aren’t sure if they will be possible.

Could have features are even a step lower on the prioritization of should have features due to either time or substantive restraints. These are features that would be nice additions, but might not directly impact the core function of the product.

  • What would be a useful tool to add that isn’t a priority?
  • What is something that you’d like to add in the future?
  • How would this feature impact the overall product?

Won’t have is one of the most important sections in the analysis. It defines all of the features and points that specifically will not be included in the project release. This section is critical because it narrows the scope of the project greatly and helps define the boundaries that must be followed to achieve a successful project.

In order to have a helpful won’t have section, you need to plan not only the project you’re working on but future projects and parallel endeavors as well. By thinking about what comes in the future and what exists outside of the current release, you are able to narrow the scope of the current project.

  • What features will be purposefully left out of this project?
  • What is being avoided or postponed for a future release?
  • What features fall outside of this releases specific scope?

Learn more: SWOT Analysis Framework

MOSCOW analysis helps teams make informed decisions about what to prioritize and what can be deferred or excluded, leading to more effective project or product development. Here’s how to perform a MOSCOW analysis:

  • Identify Stakeholders: Gather the key stakeholders and decision-makers involved in the project or product development. It’s essential to have a clear understanding of their needs and expectations.
  • List Requirements or Features: Make a comprehensive list of all the potential requirements or features that have been proposed for the project or product. This list can come from user stories, feature requests, or other sources.
  • Categorize Requirements: For each requirement or feature, categorize it into one of the four MOSCOW categories (Must-have, Should-have, Could-have, or Won’t-have). You can do this collaboratively with the stakeholders, using their input to make informed decisions.
  • Prioritize Must-Haves: Focus on the “Must-have” category and ensure that these requirements are prioritized above all else. These are the non-negotiable elements of the project.
  • Prioritize Should-Haves: Once the Must-haves are defined, move on to the “Should-have” category and prioritize these based on their relative importance and impact on the project or product.
  • Consider Could-Haves: Evaluate the “Could-have” category and decide which of these features or requirements are feasible to include, given the available resources and time.
  • Exclude Won’t-Haves: Ensure that the “Won’t-have” category is clearly communicated and understood. These are the features or requirements that will not be addressed in the current project or product.
  • Document the Analysis: Record the results of the MOSCOW analysis in a document or spreadsheet so that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the prioritization decisions.
  • Review and Iterate: Periodically review and update the MOSCOW analysis as the project or product evolves. Changes in scope or stakeholder priorities may necessitate adjustments.

Learn more: What is PESTEL Analysis?

Using a Moscow analysis is one of the best ways to improve the alignment of a team and understand the prioritization of the project at hand. While these templates are mainly used for product management, they are extremely versatile and can be applied to many different scenarios .

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful, and if so make sure to check out our other posts around online whiteboards and visual collaboration if you want to learn more about how to interact and collaborate online.

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Beds / Baths

laundry business plan sample

Moscow, ID home for sale

7.5 acres at the end of a private lane with a new 5 gpm well, trees, and power on site ready to get your build started. All this within a few minutes drive to downtown Moscow, Idaho! Many options for building sites among the pines taking in unobstructed views of Moscow Mountain and beyond. Bring your plans and get started on your dream home on this truly special piece of Idaho Palouse ground!

Intermountain MLS Boise, ID (IMLS)

Lovely setting with outstanding views for your next home! This 5.86 acre parcel has been developed with power brought in and a strong 10 GPM well drilled to give you a head start on your building project. The private lane bisects this property creating a nice building site among the pines on the uphill side to maximize views and a flat pasture for the best of both worlds. CC & Rs apply. Properties like this with the advantage of an existing well and power are hard to come by, don't miss out!

laundry business plan sample

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!!!! This 3 bedroom 2.5 bath home sits on a large corner lot close to the schools and the Moscow aquatic center. Exterior features include a new roof in 2023 and new exterior paint in 2022. Ample off road parking including a place to park an RV. Interior features include master bedroom with en-suite and walk in closet. Large pantry and formal dining room. Above the garage is a large media room with new carpet to bring to life in your own way. Welcome home to the heart of Moscow!

laundry business plan sample

Breath Deep, Unwind, Connect: Farmhouse Charm Meets Modern Comforts. Nestled on the edge of town, this 1923 farmhouse offers the best of both worlds: tranquility and connection. Two bedrooms are on the main floor including the primary suite, a second bath, formal dining & living rooms. The upgraded kitchen is an entertainers delight with easy access to the large deck and country-like views. Upstairs are three additional bedrooms and a versatile bonus room. Renovated bathrooms with heated tiled floors are a dream after a day spent tinkering in the shop, tending to your 1.23 acre hobby farm or simply enjoying the wildlife around the pond. This is where you find home and lifestyle!

laundry business plan sample

This beautifully renovated, move-in ready home in a quiet, tree-lined cul-de-sac sits on 1/3 of an acre with stunning mountain views! Utilize the entire 2574sqft as one residence, or as dual separate living quarters, it's ready for you & /or tenants/AirBnb guests!  The bright, main level is 1305sqft with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom (plus an * ADDITIONAL BATHROOM * unpermitted), a spacious family room, sun-filled kitchen, wood burning fireplace, laundry room, attached oversized 2-car garage access, and the dining room walks out to the trex deck. Enjoy the views! Downstairs is the spacious 1269sqft walk-out basement (accessible from the main floor OR backyard). There are 2 bedro

laundry business plan sample

Take a look at this charming and affordable living option! This updated mobile home is nestled in the well-maintained Evergreen Mobile Home Park which offers a quite atmosphere and privacy on this edge lot. Enjoy the convenience of updated features like newer wood siding, a newer roof and easy to maintain flooring. Relax on the covered porch, which is perfect for enjoying fresh air and morning coffee. Included in the sales price are all of the appliances plus a 10 x 14 storage shed for all of those important possessions. The stacked washer and dryer help save space! Stop renting and own your own home today. Simplify your bills! Water and sewer expenses are included in the affordable $355 mo

laundry business plan sample

Hello Location! Hello Park! Hello Artists! This captivating home, originally constructed in the 1950s and remodeled in 1998, offers an inspiring retreat for those with a passion for art, design, entertainment, and timeless functionality. It’s located right across from the ultimate yard, East City Park. Upon entering the home, you'll be greeted by the warmth of beautiful wood floors, galley kitchen, open living area and the enduring artists touches throughout. At the heart of this home, on the 2nd floor, is an artist’s studio, designed to serve as a master bedroom retreat. The basement offers tons of opportunities. In the rear of the property is a large shop providing the perfec

laundry business plan sample

Explore the possibilities this parcel has to offer! Adorable 1 bed/1 bath home on 1.07 ACRES in the Moscow city limits! Zoned R1, but adjacent to R3 property and per City of Moscow there is rezone possibility! A few options would be to remodel existing home and add a duplex? Tear down the home and rebuild new so you have your own acreage parcel IN town? This single level home has a gally style kitchen with roomy laundry room, living room, 1 bed & 3/4 bath. New membrane roof installed in 2019, as well as new electric panel and all new cadet wall heaters in 2023. Property has original well AND city services for W/ S/G; water rights, too! Partially fenced for your critters as well

laundry business plan sample

Discover your next home at 411 N Almon #617. This inviting home is on the market and ready to welcome you. With 728 square feet of space, it features two cozy bedrooms and one bathroom. Inside, the home shines with LVP flooring throughout for durability and easy care. The efficient layout includes a breakfast bar in the kitchen, ideal for quick meals or chats over coffee. Convenience is key here, with an included washer and dryer to simplify your chores. Outside, enjoy a quaint front porch and a low-maintenance yard suited for relaxation or light gardening. Two parking spaces ensure your vehicles are well accommodated. Situated in a friendly community close to town, this property offers bot

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Upon entering the home you will see an open concept layout that combines the living and dining areas, perfect for hosting gatherings. The kitchen offers great counter-space and convenient accessibility from both the dining and living space. Downstairs you will find a generously sized living area, ideal for entertainment, accompanied by a convenient laundry room and a full bathroom. Plus, enjoy direct access to the garage for added convenience. Outside, the fully fenced backyard provides closure for your pets, complete with a spacious porch linking seamlessly to the main/upper level of the home, offering the perfect spot for outdoor enjoyment and relaxation. * * Showings begin on Monday 2/1

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Lovingly remodeled ranch-style home over giant full basement. Incredible views and mature landscaping add immediate appeal to the home, located in Moscow's premier northeast neighborhood. Every sq ft has been improved upon. You will find covered and open deck spaces with new Trex decking recently added. Great storage can be found under decks; one slab already wired for a hot tub. Main level previously featured 3 small bedrooms. Skillfully adapted to 2 more generously sized bedrooms, including a true primary suite with en-suite bathroom and robust closet space. Kitchen features large pantry. Every room has abundant storage. Basement now features 2 large, finished bedrooms, a newer bathroom,

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The Spanish Pipedream Estate, a uniquely designed property where many opportunities await. Located just outside of Moscow, Idaho this prestigious property is perfect for the equestrian enthusiast, trainer, breeder or veterinarian looking for their next chapter. A privately owned, fully operational equestrian focused facility featuring exceptional craftsmanship which is noted throughout this state of the art estate. This property has too many features to list in this restricted write up. Contact your agent today to get more information regarding this property featuring a 7,310sq ft residence w/ additional guest unit, a 120 x 225 Covered Arena Building featuring 16 Indoor Stalls, hot water wa

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Main floor 3 bedroom/2 bath condo close to services. Convenient lifestyle to owner occupy or use as an investment property. On site parking. Laundry in unit. Currently rents for $1,250/month. Available for occupancy starting June 1, 2024. Homeowner Condo dues are $220 per month and include WSG, snow removal, landscape maintenance, and common area maintenance such as parking lot and sidewalks and property management.

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Opportunity Knocks Twice! Live & earn; this duplex delivers income & space! Each side at N. Polk features 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms (including one primary suite), providing comfort and privacy for all. Enjoy expansive living areas perfect for entertaining, relaxing, or creating your own personal haven. Possible multi-generational living in an ideal space for your extended tribe or adult children seeking independence. Or live & rent to generate rental income from one unit while occupying the other, or use as a flexible investment. Features include two car garages plus off-street parking, central air, low maintenance grounds and large rooms with a smart and open layout

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Welcome to Woodbury, a new neighborhood located on the northeastern edge of Moscow. It has been developed by an award-winning group to emphasize tree-lined streets, parks, walking trails, neighborhood businesses, timeless architecture, all with stunning views of Moscow Mountain. This "Honey" cottage boasts a swooping front entry, statement chimney, and partially enclosed front patio space. The floor plan features tiered ceilings from 9’ in the kitchen to 11’ in the living room, a kitchen suited with a quartz island, built-in buffet, and a dual-fuel range, all in which connect effortlessly into the dining and living rooms. Also located on the main level, you will find a

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Adorable, conveniently located, 3 bedroom, 1 bath home with an oversized, one car garage with power. This cozy yet sturdy, well-maintained home is on the market for the first time in decades. If you are looking to get into the housing market, this is a wonderful chance! You’ll find plenty of storage in the many closets and built-ins, and there is brand new carpet in two of the three bedrooms and new flooring in the living room and hallway. The third bedroom has a parquet oak floor. All windows have been updated in this 1946 home. The roof is estimated to be about 15 years old, so there is plenty of life left. The cute backyard is almost entirely fenced and has a concrete patio for you

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Affordable living in a nicely maintained home! This home boasts a newer roof, gutters, lots of natural light, a truly functional kitchen, large master bedroom and a fantastic garden shed for additional storage! This is a must see property!

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Ready to build acreage just a couple of minutes from Moscow! 15 GPM well drilled last year. Perc test completed! Underground electrical brought in to the back corner of the property with transformer installed. 4.46 acres. Room for your house, garden and a large shop. Graveled driveway off the paved road goes all the way to the back of the property. Build on the large graveled pad for protection from the elements or build your house on the hilltop for a view of the surrounding wheat fields and mountains.

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Welcome to your newly renovated home in Moscow, Idaho! Situated on a flat, fenced lot, this hidden gem is close to schools, the water park, HIRC indoor sports venue, and many green spaces for convenient, all-season options for indoor & outdoor fun. Inside the residence, enjoy a newly refreshed vibe with new LVP flooring, trim, paint, and lighting throughout. The potential for an appliance package credit offered by Seller only adds to the new construction feel--consider it a blank slate for your own personal touches!! The backyard is spacious, perfect for gatherings or just soaking up the sun. With schools and parks nearby, this location is great as a starter home, or for those familie

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Take 2 acres of level pasture, add one wrap-around deck and a border of sheltering trees and you've got a winning recipe for the ideal country home. This remodeled mid-century home is filled with natural light gracing the open kitchen/living/dining room that flows into the back library. Two bedrooms and one bath on the main with another bedroom/bath flanked by a generous bonus room in the walk-out basement. Outbuildings surround the generous pasture with room for livestock, chickens, or just room to roam. Apple, Plum, Cherry Trees and Raspberries. All within a 5 mile drive to Moscow. Call your favorite realtor for a showing today!

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Nearly brand new manufactured home located on the updated and desirable outside edge of pet friendly Abiel Mobile Home Park. Home includes ALL APPLIANCES including nearly brand new washer & dryer! This well maintained 2 bedroom 1 bath home is designed with centered main living space and a bedroom on each end of the home. Enjoy the deck that overlooks the lush lawn that was reseeded last summer and enjoy a bit of gardening in the planter boxes. Close to U of I, downtown and Anderson Park. Affordable living without compromising on quality and no parking fees. Agent/owner

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Have you dreamed of owning a brand new home? Check out this new construction listing by Itani Quality Homes, Inc. This 3 bed, 2 bath, 1662 square foot home is reasonably priced and allows you to customize many finishes! Depending upon the timing, you can choose everything from cabinets to countertops, and flooring to wall color! Overwhelmed? We will walk you through the process and help you where needed. It's easy! Other features include central gas forced air heat, central air conditioning, 30 year roof, custom made cabinets, quartz countertops, landscaping allowance and sprinkler system. 2 car finished garage and a nice backyard. This home is actively under construction. Call for updates

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WOW!! New construction single family home for $509,000! This gorgeous home built by Itani Quality Homes, Inc. has all of the bells and whistles that you long for in new construction. With 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and a 2 car garage, you'll love this open floor plan complete with a concrete patio, spacious backyard, gas fireplace, hardi plank siding, central gas forced air heat and central air conditioning, and more! Custom made natural alder cabinets by Master's Touch, quartz countertops, insulated and finished garage and a $9000 landscaping allowance complete with sprinkler and a drip system. Now's your chance to own a brand new home in a fabulous, up and coming neighborhood! Completion estimat

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Contemporary Home Offering Space, Style, and Convenience. Located in beautiful Moscow, Idaho, 1227 Wiltshire Dr welcomes you with its modern charm and generous living spaces. Newer construction residence boasts an impressive 2384 sq ft floor plan designed for comfort and versatility. Upon entering, you'll be greeted by luxurious vinyl plank flooring that gracefully guides you through the home's open layout. With 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, including an large bonus room that easily doubles as a fourth bedroom, this property offers ample room for your family's needs. The heart of the home lies in the exquisite large kitchen— tons of storage, complemented by a capacious walk-in pantry, al

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Located on a beautiful site just a mile outside of Moscow! 1.14 +/- park-like acres are full of flowers (lavender, daffodils, tulips, hibiscus, lilacs) and surrounded by trees (walnut, gingko, locus, cherry & pine). Back patio opens to a secluded fenced garden area surrounded by greenery w/ walking paths and solar lighting. The best feature may be the impressive views of the City of Moscow and surrounding Palouse hills seen off the huge wrap-around deck. Sellers have updated a majority of the interior during their 12-year ownership. Kitchen is brand new with seamless Corian counters and a farm-style sink, stainless appliances, a new top of the line garbage disposal and a reverse osmos

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Spread out on this roomy corner lot in Robinson Mobile Home Park providing space for outdoor entertainment and gardening opportunities. 1970's vintage manufactured home with new interior paint and flooring. Features 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with direct bathroom access from all bedrooms. This manufactured home includes a tip out and offers an open concept design for kitchen, dining, and living area. Call your favorite agent for a showing today! New lot rent will be $775/month.

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This home has intentionally smart improvements, including all new energy star windows, rewired, new plumbing in kitchen and laundry, commercial grade vinyl flooring throughout the home, (But not in the bdrms), including new subflooring, had HVAC serviced 2x to thoroughly clear system, New paint throughout the home. Front windows are Triple pane, Front deck is just big enough to host gatherings, while yard offers easy maintenance with its well-designed rock garden. This home was significantly renovated.

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This custom built, one owner, double lot home is a must see! Gorgeous vaulted ceilings in the formal living room with elegant tongue and groove slats and large picture windows with a beautiful Eastern views. This home has a three car, oversized garage PLUS RV parking. The large master bedroom is on the main floor with two walk in closets and has an oversized sliding door to the deck. The master bathroom offers two vanity/sink areas, garden tub, and separate shower and toilet. The eat-in kitchen and family room have deck access, as well. The commercial generator stays! So much to see and love about this spacious, open home! Come see it today!

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Experience a 10-acre property just minutes from town, accessible via a paved road. This property combines wooded and grassy areas with biking trails and hiking paths, surrounded by wildlife. Located on one of Moscow's highest points, enjoy panoramic views all the way to Deary! Limited to three neighbors on 10-acre lots, enjoy ample space and seclusion. The uniquely designed home features two circular living room spaces, two wood-burning fireplaces, vaulted ceilings throughout the home, a master bedroom with en-suite bath, sharp corner designs and beautiful views of the Palouse!

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Check out this 3 bedroom 1 bath home on a dead end street in Moscow. Home features 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom on the main floor. Property has fruit trees and a shed.

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Searching for the right property to build your home near Moscow, Idaho? Look no further. You'll be ahead of the game with this 20+ acre parcel which has been prepped for a home site and shop. The driveway is in, the well is drilled, the power will be installed soon all the way to the building site and it even has two septic systems installed for both the home and shop. This beautiful rolling property is partially treed situated off a paved road just a few miles from town and just past Robinson County Park. Bring your plans and get started on your home here on this special north Idaho property!

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Great mobile home in Hidden Village Mobile Home Park with a relaxing atmosphere. Just 5 minutes south of Moscow. Out of town, but just a short drive to shopping, restaurants, and everything Moscow has to offer. Lot rent is $380 per month and includes sewer. Garbage, electricity, and water average $120 per month.

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Welcome to your exquisite brand new home, where every detail has been meticulously crafted to offer the utmost in modern comfort and luxurious living. This contemporary sanctuary features an array of desirable amenities, including recessed lighting, a stylish tile backsplash, soft-close drawers, cabinet lighting, walk-in showers and closets, custom windows, and elegant built-in elements. A $7,000 appliance allowance means you can select top-of-the-line appliances to fulfill your culinary dreams including a range, rangehood, microwave drawer, and dishwasher. In this home, you'll find a seamless blend of custom elements and an open, airy layout that exudes a sense of comfort and luxury. The h

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This NEW CONSTRUCTION home is nearly complete - start the new your settled into your new home! Rustic Maple REAL hardwood floors, plus high quality carpet, kitchen cabinets & countertops are all part of this efficient home! The central heating and AC paired with the insulated interior walls help keep your home comfortable all year. Details like dimmable lighting, recessed sinks, tile surrounds & backsplashes, tongue in groove deck ceiling, and incredible community access might be just what you're looking for! New construction with a view of paradise creek and mature trees from your kitchen window! Four bedrooms means extra space for a family room, home gym, play area, craft room

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Gorgeous views in all directions! This stunning Idaho property is ready for your dream home. With a graveled road leading to a well-developed, level build site large enough for a 3000+ square foot home and ADU or shop and a 7.5 gpm well, this property is ready for your dreams to come true. Perc test is complete and electric is underground and ready to go. Just 15 minutes from Moscow, the views are breath taking.

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Discover the epitome of luxury and serenity in this newly constructed 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom masterpiece, perfectly tailored for Idaho living. A contemporary facade beckons you into a spacious foyer, leading to a formal living room adorned with floor-to-ceiling windows, providing views of Idaho's natural beauty. The gourmet kitchen boasts top-of-the-line appliances and a generous island, seamlessly transitioning to an inviting dining area. Four ample bedrooms, including a serene master suite with a private balcony, ensure comfort and flexibility for your family's needs. The three meticulously designed bathrooms and a spacious garage complete this dream home, where indoor elegance meets outdo

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Rare opportunity to own a home on 10.5 acres in the city limits with development potential. The 4 bed 3 bath home is comfortably situated on top of the hill. Exceptional views of the surrounding Palouse hills. Main floor features large master suite, sizable kitchen and spacious living area and access to the large deck. Walkout basement with additional bedrooms, bathroom, and abundant storage. Attached two car garage. Irrigated yard and garden space. Property currently on private well and septic. Enjoy country living in Moscow city limits just across from the U of I arboretum or develop the property and build on one of the new lots.

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Looking for an affordable home on one of the best lots in Moscow? Don't miss this totally redone 4 bed 2 bath home on a foundation with views of Paradise Ridge. There is plenty of parking, a large deck and private yard. Lot rent is $525 per month and includes water and sewer.

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Affordable country living. The nicest and cleanest MH Park in Moscow. Well maintained 3 bedroom/1 bath. Bathroom is newly remodeled. Shed included. Front and back door decks are newly painted. Back on Market with no fault of Seller.

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Situated on a premier corner lot within the new Woodbury development, this property is spacious, level, and is ready for your vision. It has endless potential for a beautiful home that views Moscow Mountain to the northeast. In addition to this custom lot, you get access to Woodbury’s amenities which will include 7+ parks, miles of walkways and trails, a few neighborhood businesses, charming architecture, HOA management to uphold your homes value, and more to come. Come visit and begin designing your dream home!

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Situated on at the entry to the new Woodbury development, this property is the one of the largest and most prominent lots within the entire development. It is spacious, level, and private given that there is not a buildable lot to the south. The possibilities are endless and it is ready for your vision. In addition to this custom lot, you get access to Woodbury’s amenities which will include 7+ parks, miles of walkways and trails, a few neighborhood businesses, charming architecture, HOA management to uphold your homes value, and more to come. Come visit and begin designing your dream home!

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Located on the south end of town, close to the University of Idaho and the Arboretum, these large lots offer great views of the Palouse hills. Bring your own plans and builder or inquire with listing agent for a custom build. Walking path to Anderson Frontier Park from the cul de sac. Convenient location with easy access to Highway 95. CCRs will apply.

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Located on the south end of town, close to the University of Idaho and the Arboretum, these large lots offer great views of the Palouse hills. Bring your own plans and builder or inquire with listing agent for a custom build. Walking path to Anderson Frontier Park from the cul de sac. Convenient location with easy access to Highway 95. CCRs will apply. This lot will share a driveway with 1986 Sunnyside.

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Welcome to a timeless oasis of comfort and nostalgia – a charming, manufactured home that offers convenient living. As you approach this vintage gem, you'll be greeted by a quaint front porch that beckons you to step back in time and experience its cozy charm. There was an additional room that was added in recent years that could be used as an extra room for storage or an office space and a shed in the backyard for even more storage.

laundry business plan sample

Located on the south end of town, close to University of Idaho and the Arboretum, these large lots offer great views of the Palouse hills. Bring your own plans and builder or inquire with listing agent for a custom build. Walking path to Anderson Frontier Park from the cul de sac. Convenient location with easy access to Highway 95. CCRs will apply.

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New construction, well designed 4 bed, 2 bath single level home located in a great neighborhood with beautiful views of the Palouse. Home features an open floor plan, high ceilings, gas fireplace, master suite w/ over-sized walk-in shower, main floor living, beautiful Anderson windows, spacious bedrooms, and a THREE car garage w/ storage! Completely single level living with no steps. Call your favorite agent to take a look today.

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Designed to minimize street traffic and encourage neighbors to meet each other, this phase of the Edington Development serves the market for mid-sized in town lots at a reasonable price in Moscow, Idaho. You can already imagine sitting in your front lawn and nodding to your next-door neighbors on a Saturday afternoon. Edington is THE place to live if you love connecting with neighbors. Utilities are in and ready to connect, and thousands of dollars of leveling and grading is already done, so you can start your home build right away. Exclusive to lots on the north side of the street are unobstructed views over the city park space and Moscow Mountain! Since the city park will be going in belo

laundry business plan sample

Designed to minimize street traffic and encourage neighbors to meet each other, this phase of the Edington Development serves the market for mid-sized town lots at a reasonable price in Moscow, Idaho. You can already imagine sitting in your front lawn and nodding to your next-door neighbors on a Saturday afternoon. Edington is THE place to live if you love connecting with neighbors. This lot is on the corner and is larger than the standard neighboring lot, giving you some extra personal and yard space! Utilities are in and ready to connect, and thousands of dollars of leveling and grading is already done, so you can start your home build right away. Exclusive to lots on the north side of th

laundry business plan sample

This brand new, never been lived in manufactured home in the beautiful, quiet and well maintained Robinson Mobile Home Court has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1173 square feet of well defined interior living space and a wonderful full width covered porch for entertaining, star gazing or just watching the sun go down. The kitchen has the full compliment of kitchen appliances as well as a wrap around counter for extra entertaining space. The back (south) yard faces a tree filled hillside providing privacy and shade while you BBQ for friends. Buyers must be approved by Park Management. Lot rent is normally $775/month and includes water and sewer. MOVE IN SPECIAL ON THIS HOME: $600/month lot rent fo

laundry business plan sample

This brand new, never been lived in manufactured home in the beautiful, quiet and well maintained Robinson Mobile Home Court has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1173 square feet of beautiful, open concept living space. The yard space to the rear (south) of the home looks out onto a tree covered hill affording privacy not found on every lot perfect for your backyard BBQ get togethers. This home has great design features, wonderful colors and textures as well as numerous upgrades sure to impress. Buyers must be approved by Park Management. Lot rent is normally $775/month and includes water and sewer. MOVE IN SPECIAL ON THIS HOME: $600/month lot rent for 2 YEARS!!

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  • 83843 homes for sale $535,000

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Schools in Moscow

A.b. mc donald elementary school.

Public, PreK-5

J. Russell Elementary School

Public, 3-5

West Park Elementary School

Public, K-2

Lena Whitmore Elementary School

Public, K-5

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In the past month, 6 homes have been sold in Moscow. In addition to houses in Moscow, there were also 10 condos, 1 townhouse, and 1 multi-family unit for sale in Moscow last month. Moscow is a minimally walkable city in Latah County with a Walk Score of 48. Moscow is home to approximately 23,548 people and 9,979 jobs. Find your dream home in Moscow using the tools above. Use filters to narrow your search by price, square feet, beds, and baths to find homes that fit your criteria. Our top-rated real estate agents in Moscow are local experts and are ready to answer your questions about properties, neighborhoods, schools, and the newest listings for sale in Moscow .  Our Moscow real estate stats and trends will give you more information about home buying and selling trends in Moscow . If you're looking to sell your home in the Moscow area, our listing agents can help you get the best price. Redfin is redefining real estate and the home buying process in Moscow with industry-leading technology, full-service agents, and lower fees that provide a better value for Redfin buyers and sellers.

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Moscow, Idaho

Welcome to Moscow

Home to the University of Idaho, Moscow (aka Fest City) is known for its lively celebrations and charming hometown vibe. Whether you’re exploring picturesque landscapes, rocking out at a music festival or indulging in mouthwatering local cuisine, this welcoming city offers an array of experiences for every style of adventurer. The only question is, where should you begin?

Woman mountain biking in forest

See + Explore

With so many things to do, your weekend getaway in Moscow might just turn into a weeklong retreat! Indulge in some retail therapy, immerse yourself in the great outdoors or show some spirit at a sporting event.

Drink + Dine

Pop into one of our local eateries and sample everything from burgers to bouillabaisse. Or, sip your way through Moscow’s craft beer scene and find an ale to cure your ails.

Two women dining outdoors at a restaurant

Stay + Play

Looking for your ultimate basecamp? Take your pick of hotels in the heart of the action, cozy B&Bs and more.

Upcoming Events

Immerse yourself in cinematic magic at a film festival or enjoy family-friendly fun at the annual Renaissance fair. Mark your calendars and stay up to date with the latest happenings in Fest City.

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Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition

laundry business plan sample

Subversive Intent: Selections from the Collection Exhibition

laundry business plan sample

Backstage Music: Itchy Kitty / Ideomotor / The Himbos

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Beyond Hope: Kienholz and the Inland Northwest Exhibition

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MET Live in HD: La Forza del Destino

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It’s time to shop ’til you drop, local style! Snag this exclusive gift card and experience the magic of Moscow’s businesses.

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    [Recipient.Company] Use this free Laundromat Business Plan Template to create a detailed strategy for your laundromat business, covering aspects like location analysis, equipment selection, and financial projections.

  10. Laundromat Business Plan: Guide & Template (2024)

    Download Template Create a Business Plan Planning on starting a laundromat? Great call. Starting a coin-operated laundry business can be extremely profitable due to its huge market size and growth potential. Anyone can start a laundromat, but you need a detailed business plan for raising funding, applying for loans, and scaling it for good.

  11. Free Laundromat Business Plan Template + Example

    Download a free laundromat business plan template in PDF or Word doc format What you'll get with this template: A complete business plan Unlike other blank templates, our business plan examples are complete business plans with all of the text and financial forecasts already filled out.

  12. Laundromat Business Plan Sample [2024 Updated]

    Laundromat Business Plan Sample APR.21, 2018 Laundromat Business Plan Sample ( 20 votes, average: 4.70 out of 5) Article Business Plan Templates Services Business Plans Table of Content Do You Want to Start Laundromat Business? Are you planning how to start laundromat business?

  13. Laundromat Business Plan Template [Updated 2024]

    The following Laundromat business plan template gives you the key elements to include in a winning plan for a startup or to grow your existing laundromat or laundry services business. In addition to this template, conducting research on the laundromat industry will help you better understand the business, complete your customer analysis and ...

  14. Laundry Business Plan Template

    A ready-made Laundry business plan template with pre-written text in Word and customizable pro-forma financial plan in Excel. You can easily adapt this template to your own Laundry project, no financial expertise required. The template covers the key sections of a business plan, such as executive summary, problem opportunity, solution, mission, vision, business model, products, market analysis, competitive analysis, marketing plan and financial forecasts.

  15. Laundry Service Business Plan [Sample Template]

    1. Industry Overview In the united states of America and in most developed countries of the world, self-service laundry business which is popularly called Laundromat in the United States is rapidly an essential part of the urban life.

  16. Laundromat Business Plan [2024- Download Free Template]

    Laundromat Business Plan is an outline of your overall laundromat business. The laundromat business plan should include a 5 year financial (+1) 9784800910, (+44) 020 3097 1639 [email protected] ... Read the sample laundromat business plan in order to have a clear understanding of the process.

  17. PDF Free Version of Growthinks Laundromat Business Plan Template

    Sample from Growthink's Ultimate Laundromat Business Plan Template: The Marketing Plan describes the type of brand [Company Name] seeks to create and the Company's planned promotions and pricing strategies. The [Company Name] Brand. The [Company name] brand will focus on the Company's unique value proposition: Customer-focused laundry ...

  18. Dry Cleaning & Laundromat Business Plan Examples

    First, check out a sample business plan for a laundromat or dry cleaning service. If you're looking to develop a more modern business plan, we recommend you try LivePlan. It contains the same templates and information you see here, but with additional guidance to help you develop the perfect plan.

  19. Laundry Business Plan Philippines (Sample + PDF Template)

    Laundry Business Plan Philippines (Sample + PDF Template) By Yesh Quijano November 22, 2023 Starting a laundry business can be a profitable venture, allowing you to become a successful entrepreneur in a recession-proof industry. Planning, preparation, and a strong business plan are essential to achieving success in this venture. Contents

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    A Moscow analysis, also known as Moscow prioritization, is defined as an organizational framework that helps clarify and prioritize features or requirements for a given project. By creating boundaries for the priorities, teams are able to narrow their focus and create direct and achievable goals. Moscow is an acronym that stands for the four ...

  21. City of Moscow American Rescue Plan Act Small Business COVID-19

    c) Business tax returns for last 3 tax years; if sole proprietor provide personal tax returns to include Schedule C; d) Personal financial statement; e) Invoices and Billing statements, if applicable; and f) Form W-9; g) Disclosure of private, local, state and federal assistance received, including the application

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    4 beds 3 baths 2,240 sq ft 1.14 acres (lot) 2929 Cameron Rd, Moscow, ID 83843. Moscow, ID home for sale. Spread out on this roomy corner lot in Robinson Mobile Home Park providing space for outdoor entertainment and gardening opportunities. 1970's vintage manufactured home with new interior paint and flooring.

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    Welcome to Moscow. Home to the University of Idaho, Moscow (aka Fest City) is known for its lively celebrations and charming hometown vibe. Whether you're exploring picturesque landscapes, rocking out at a music festival or indulging in mouthwatering local cuisine, this welcoming city offers an array of experiences for every style of adventurer.