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Difference between research paper and journal article.

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difference between research paper and journal article

IJR Journal is Multidisciplinary, high impact and indexed journal for research publication. IJR is a monthly journal for research publication.

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Difference Between Journal Article and Research Paper

Edited by Diffzy | Updated on: April 30, 2023

Difference Between Journal Article and Research Paper

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  • Introduction

Reading material that is directly related to one's field of study is a highly useful tool that may be used to improve one's knowledge. Reading books, papers, and articles that are pertinent to a topic holds a whole notion for elevating one's level of knowledge as well as aggregating one's grades. Some of the vehicles that are utilized in professional and academic learning include journals, articles published in journals, and research papers.

It is possible to refer to as a "journal article" any piece of writing that has been accepted for publication in a journal. However, journals publish a variety of papers, and while some of those pieces require original research to be submitted, others do not.

However, the term "research article" is reserved exclusively for those types of articles that call for their original research. This category comprises, most frequently, empirical studies as well as pieces based on original research. Review articles, articles presenting opinions and points of view, comments, letters, and other types of writing do not normally fit within the category of research papers.

  • Journal Article vs Research Paper

The main difference between a research paper and a journal article is that journal articles are intended for an academic audience and are comprehensive, well researched, and conceptual. On the other hand, research papers focus on and investigate a single viewpoint in-depth, substantiating their claims with relevant theories, scientific standpoints, and evaluations supported by the extensive study.

A compilation of articles on a variety of subjects is known as a journal. There are many different kinds of journals, including personal journals, academic journals, art journals, and so on. Regarding the academic side of things, however, we have a lot more to learn about scholarly journals. It is a collection of papers covering a wide range of subject areas in one volume. It is a compilation of several various work compilations into one volume. In contrast to a research paper, it is made up of articles on a variety of subjects.

When writing research papers, a reference to this source is frequently required. It is a magazine that comes out regularly and is based on the concept that many different subjects and situations are related or correlated to one another. When compared to the information presented in a paper, the depth of coverage supplied in a journal is shallower. As was just mentioned, a journal serves as a point of reference for a variety of people and organizations who are engaged in research.

A research paper can be thought of as essentially a sheet of information on a particular subject. According to the conventional definition, "it is a descriptive context in the form of words or text," which we may find if we search it up. It gives its readers knowledge that is both in-depth and pertinent regarding a particular subject matter. This is an investigation into a particular issue, and by the time it's finished, the authors hope to have proposed a workable solution to that issue.

The majority of the work is done by teams consisting of two or three people. It might be as long as twenty pages or even more, and it consists of a comprehensive study of a single distinct subject. Having said that, one thing that needs to be made clear is that the length of it is contingent on the setting of the study.

However, a research paper can be anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 words long, whereas a journal can only be between 5,000 and 10,000 words long at most. This is the primary distinction between the two types of writing. Because it is a periodic publication, a magazine can supply you with a list of regional, national, and even international conferences.

Because it is a periodic publication, as was previously said, it also notifies you of upcoming conference events. Publication in a scholarly journal is a goal for many students and young researchers, particularly if the work being submitted is their very first research paper.

  • Difference Between Journal Article and Research Paper in Tabular Form
  • What is a Journal Article?

 Articles published in journals are significantly shorter than novels and are focused on a narrow range of subjects.

A compilation of articles (much like a magazine) that is published consistently during the year is known as a journal. The most recent research is published in journals, and the articles published in journals are produced by specialists for other experts. They could be printed, published online, or published in both mediums simultaneously.

If you have a writing assignment and your instructor asks you to use "journal articles" in your research, you might find yourself wondering if she means articles from popular magazines and newspapers. If you do find yourself wondering this, the answer is yes, she does mean articles from popular magazines and newspapers. On the other hand, papers published in journals are substantially dissimilar to those published in periodicals. For one thing, the primary objective of journal articles is research. In most cases, these are scholarly publications that have been vetted by other experts in the field and were written by experts specifically for other professionals.

Journal articles are published regularly, and each article may have anywhere from one to several authors who contributed to its completion.

A journal article is an experiential piece that can take on a variety of forms. For instance, a journal article may have started as an analysis of a piece that was published in a newspaper, a review, a proposal, or any number of other academic and research-based contributions.

In a nutshell, an article published in a journal can either be scholarly or non-academic.

An article published in a journal can also serve as a research paper, which can then be presented in a variety of settings.

It is beneficial to become familiar with the various kinds of papers that are published in journals. Although there might be a large number of different types of articles published due to the wide variety of names that they are published under, the majority of the articles that are published fall into one of the following categories: original research, review articles, short reports or letters, case studies, and methodologies.

  • What is a Research Paper?

Writing assignments in academia frequently take the shape of research papers. Students and academics are required to locate knowledge on a topic (also known as conducting research), take a stance on the topic, and present support (or evidence) for that viewpoint within the context of a structured report to complete a research paper.

The word "research paper" can also be used to refer to an academic publication that presents the findings of one's original study or provides an analysis of the findings of research carried out by others. Before they can be approved for publishing in an academic journal, the vast majority of scholarly works are subjected to a procedure known as peer review.

A research paper can be defined as any type of document that requires the author to research a specific topic. Research papers, in contrast to essays, which are frequently and frequently based substantially on the author's viewpoint and are written from the author's point of view, are based on facts.

To write a research paper, you are required to first think of anything you have an opinion about, then do study and become an expert on that issue, and finally, support your thoughts and statements with facts discovered through your extensive research.

A research paper is the result of the author spending time collecting and analyzing data, as well as thinking for themselves. When academics are looking for solutions to questions, the first thing they do is begin searching for material that can be used to either expand, utilize, approve or refute the findings.

To put it another way, research papers are the end products of processes that involve taking into consideration written works and adhering to certain specifications. In addition, scientists do study to build and expand a variety of hypotheses, which might lead to the development of social or technological aspects of human science. To be able to create papers that are relevant to the research, however, they need to have a definition of the research, as well as its structure, characteristics, and types.

Quite frequently, students are tasked with writing research papers. Students, scholars, and scientists eventually find themselves in a scenario in which they are required to answer particular questions by referencing sources. In its most fundamental form, a research paper is one of the forms of papers that can be written by academics in which they investigate questions or subjects, search for secondary sources, and compose papers on predetermined topics.

For instance, if a person is given the task of writing a research paper on certain causes of global warming or any other subject, they are required to first compose a research proposal on the subject, during which they must evaluate significant aspects and reputable sources. Writing an essay tends to center on the author's own experiences and observations, but writing a research paper requires covering sources and adhering to academic norms.

In addition to this, researchers are obligated to follow the format of research papers. Therefore, those who write research papers need to conduct a study on their themes, cover important features of those issues, process reputable articles, and appropriately structure their final studies.

  • Main Differences Between Journal Article and Research Paper in Points
  • A research paper is an in-depth investigation into 'A' particular question, which may again have multiple other sub-questions that need to be re-found or revisited. On the other hand, journal articles are typically written to enhance one's knowledge in a particular field, domain of learning, or related to a professional approach that is helpful in field-specific understanding.
  • A research paper is an in-depth investigation of something that has already been presented, whereas journal articles are based on the author's perspective.
  • According to the prior notion, a journal or paper could be a research paper or a current trending news article based on any beliefs that involve personal experience and learnings. On the other hand, a research paper is an in-depth investigation into the readability of conceptual information through the presentation of data in the form of graphs, diagrams, case studies, and so on.
  • It takes some time to finish the research paper because it requires the study of a case, a sample of individuals, a demographic area, etc., all of which take some time.
  • whereas the effort involved in producing a journal paper can be completed in as little as a week or as much as a few months. However, it is not as in-depth as a research article.
  • If a research paper is written and extensively worked on by, for example, a department, domain, or organization, then the research paper will be patented. On the other hand, a journal article is open to the public and can be read, shared, reviewed, and presented without violating any copyright mandates or policies that are in place. A journal article cannot be protected by a patent.
  • The presentation of the content can be made to flow naturally and can be written in a short amount of time. On the other hand, a research paper needs to include considerable rough work, as well as a paper that is written methodically and includes appropriate citations in the appropriate locations.
  • A research paper is not driven through any type of ratings and is primarily concerned with its presentation and discoveries to be made known, however, a journal article does run after ratings because, in today's world, everything is moving to digitalization.

It is important to be aware that a journal article and a research paper each have their distinct audience, purpose, reach out, and most importantly – worth as a medium of knowledge. This can be shown by connecting the dot of the specifically demarcated six-pointers that have been presented above.


Table of Contents

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Difference Between Research Article and Research Paper

difference between research paper and journal article

This article will discuss both writings formats and discuss Difference Between Research Article and Research Paper.

It’s likely that you will hear a lot about research papers and research articles, whether you are a student at a college or university or working towards a profession.

Both types of writing are common techniques used by educators and businesses to get feedback from coworkers and students on a topic or subject. One must understand each form and how people use it in to differentiate between the two types of writing.

The majority of assignments require a specific working framework and exploration because research is seen as a movement that has gained substantial popularity in the academic world. The research papers and research articles serve as a compilation that is required for the essential certification, as well as for comprehending and demonstrating outstanding aptitude for research and study.

The research articles and research papers are the parts of the writing which need investigation, critical analysis, insight, and presentation of few particular skills from the scientists and students. When the teacher assigns the class to write a research paper, it actually overwhelms the students. Research articles and research papers have many similarities, which causes students to become confused. Here, we shall highlight the fundamental differences between the two terms.

Table of Contents

Research Article

What will a researcher or scientist do after they have found the answer to a question or made a discovery they wish to share with the world?

Well, writing a research paper is the ideal way to share your knowledge and expertise with the world. An authentic study topic, together with pertinent findings and data, are all included in a research article. It is published by renowned scientific journals that are concerned with the field of work to which your study relates. You can refer to a research paper as a writing or a paper that informs readers of a new line of enquiry or a discovery that is supported by evidence.

 A research article gets a touch of building with original research, pertinent data, and disclosures. It is a particular study article that informs readers who are worried about the finding being broken or who are looking for information to support the finding.

A research article, according to Simon Fraser University, is a piece of writing that is written about a specific topic. A research article written by an expert in a certain field is frequently written by another expert in the same field. Peer reviews are another term for this kind of writing.

A research article is a concise piece of writing on a certain subject that is typically published in issues or periodicals. Current research on the topic, including new advances, analyses of a technique or item, and brief studies previewing concepts are frequently included.

A Research article may contain details on the most recent techniques or methods in a certain industry.   Peer reviews, case studies, scholarly articles, scientific, and social science articles are further types of research articles. A journal publishes research articles only after conducting a substantial amount of research in the related field. Research articles are classified as primary literature or review articles in the Publication Manual.

Purpose of Research Article

A research article may be a significant source, making it a valuable resource for creating the thesis for the relevant topic. It includes a report on the methods and results of the researchers’ original research.

The type of study conducted may vary (it may take the form of an experiment, interview, meeting, etc.), but in every instance, the researcher gathers the raw data, breaks it down, and then draws conclusions based on the investigations carried out throughout the study.

As a result, each project is different, and regardless of the language you use, your article must be able to effectively convey all of your research and findings.

Format of Research Article

Create a title that is specific enough to summarize the entire article’s content while being understandable. The article’s title ought to be relevant for the target audience.

Article titles, such as “ Effect of Alcohol on Academic Performance ,” typically describe the article’s topic matter.

The initial author of an article is typically considered to be a researcher who conducted the research and produced the paper.

Other people have made significant contributions in writing the research article that is published, and as a result, they are considered authors. Before listing your mentor’s name as a co-author or author, you can get their permission.

It gives readers a sneak peek at the entire study. By allowing other scientists to quickly scan a sizable portion of the scientific literature, they can then choose which research articles they want to study in-depth. A research article’s abstract should be a little less technical than the article’s content.

An abstract must be one paragraph long (between 100 and 250 words), summarizing the objective, methods, results, and conclusion of the study.

Giving all the information in a single paragraph is not very simple. Start by including the overview of what you feel is vital to mention, and then gradually reduce the length by omitting the unimportant details while keeping the crucial information.

In your abstract, avoid using citations or abbreviations. Without any footnotes, it must be readable.


  • What is the objective of your research?
  • What are the research questions?
  • Which problem your research has addressed?

In order for your reader to comprehend the aim of the topic and what makes it so intriguing, this section of the essay provides a synopsis of the relevant literature.

A two- to four-paragraph introduction is appropriate. Finish it up with a statement that clarifies the question.

This section describes how you will respond to your question. Here, there must be enough information to let the reader understand the research.

Look for related articles that were published before yours to get a sense of this section of the article.

If you have a complicated method, it can be beneficial to include diagrams, flowcharts, or tables to describe how you use it.

Include the relevant moral considerations as well.

Do they permit participation if you use human subjects?

What pain-reduction measures would you adopt if you used animals?

Read More: Population vs Sample | Examples

This part is a presentation of the findings you came to. If necessary, use graphs and charts; nevertheless, this part should also provide a summary of the key findings.

Don’t discuss the outcomes or speculate as to why anything occurred. None of the information you discovered from research needs to be mentioned.   Employ appropriate techniques to explain the data. Don’t try to distort your facts to make it appear that you have accomplished more than you have.


Instead of just stating, “Here are the results that are drawn,” if you are presenting the data in the form of graphs or tables, explain a little bit about what the graphs or tables indicate, such as, “This graph or table represents the activity of enzyme at different temperatures.” 


Mention the most significant findings in discussion. Try to avoid just restating those from the results section.

  • How are your findings related to your question?
  • Do your data give support to the proposed theory?
  • Are the findings in line with the areas you looked at for the article?

Provide reasons if the results are surprising.

  • Is there another way to understand the outcomes?
  • What additional study is necessary to respond to your question?
  • How do your findings relate to the larger context?


The acknowledgements section is optional. You can express gratitude to anyone who helped you during an experiment or who provided any other substantial assistance, such as discussing your methodology or offering suggestions on a manuscript.


There are only a handful possible arrangements for this section. You could, for instance, cite the text at main points. Alternatively, include a list of references in alphabetical order at the end of the article.

Research Paper

When referring to research papers, Dr. Jane Simonsen, a history professor, once said, “The work and design are your own, but you can’t do it without relying on the efforts and wisdom of others.”

Simonsen’s assumption is accurate. A research paper is a type of writing that is typically utilized in academic settings by college or university students who have been asked to look into and research a topic before coming to their conclusion.

The use of data from reliable sources to back up the student’s conclusions is both encouraged and frequently necessary.  The length of research paper is affected by the complexity of the topic.   A standard research paper can be anywhere from 50 to 200 pages long.

After gathering all necessary information from sources, a student’s work will be organized into the structure. Teachers frequently use this method to help students develop a balance in their writing abilities while promoting structural discipline and standard formatting.

According to A Research Guide for Students, research papers also use the subject’s original information, and after the student has gathered the data from the investigative stage, they are summarized with a clear and simple analysis and disposition, or thesis. In fact, the thesis statement for most research papers comes from the assigned topic. 

Purpose of Research Paper

Writing an outstanding research paper is not merely a non-related task that you must complete in order to pass the examination. It is a task that teaches you a lot including:

  • How to research a specific topic?
  • How to fully express your understanding, conclusions, and analysis to a reader?

The more you focus on paper quality while in college or university, the more you’ll need to practice writing and research skills, which will enhance both your analytical and writing abilities. Nevertheless, if you perform poorly, the competition will be weaker, and it’s more possible that you’ll look back on this period and feel regret in the future for having missed your chance. Gaining the advantages of having the best writing abilities is crucial for this reason.

Format for Research Papers

There is a set format for research papers. 

A brief introduction that often includes an overview of recent literature on the given topic researched and explains the author’s motivation for undertaking the research.  This is significant because it indicates that the authors are aware of the current body of research and intend to contribute to it appropriately and they are not only conducting research on the topics that other people have already conducted.

The authors describe in detail how they can gather and evaluate the data in this section. The statistical analysis is also provided. The method section is very thorough since it is crucial for other researchers to be able to verify or employ the same methods.

Read More: Reliability vs Validity | Examples

The findings of your analysis can be discussed in this section. To demonstrate your findings, use graphs and charts.

Here, the authors provide an explanation of how the results were interpreted as well as a theory outlining the significance of current and future research.

References and citations can be added here. References are genuine books and articles that authors use to conduct their research and support their arguments.

Difference Between Research Paper and Research Article

1- A student at a university or college generally writes research papers as part of their coursework. A research paper is completed for review by a teacher or instructor. Whereas, a research article is a piece of writing that has recently undergone research or review by a professional in the field.

2- The number of references used also differs slightly. A reader can typically anticipate finding a lengthy bibliography in a research article, whereas a research paper won’t call for a reference list so extensive.

3- A research paper isn’t published in any publication unless it’s a guideline on how to write one, whereas a research article is submitted to periodicals, magazines or peer-reviewed journal.

4- A research article examines a potential or existing concept and discusses its effects. A thesis may be provided in a research paper, although it will not be as detailed.

Difference Between Research Paper and Research Article

5- Both differs in terms of formatting and length. A Longer in length whereas research article might be 15 pages long, but it’s not always the case. The structure used to convey the research will be different from that of a research paper, which might use double spacing and indenting. In contrast to a journal article, which explains its original findings to the reader, a research paper is written to demonstrate empirical data rather than to provide original research.

6- The title of the research paper will be centered, and the student’s name, class, date, and teacher will be in the left corner. Whereas the title will be top and centre in the research article. The names of the author(s) are listed below.

7- Research paper is for writing practice, while the research article is a specific practice for other practitioners. A research paper is more utilized to teach students how to write clearly and effectively on a subject, whereas the research article is designed to educate the reader on a subject or topic.

difference between research paper and journal article

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Difference between Research Papers and Technical Articles for Journal Publication

Research Papers: Research Papers are write-ups which record the result/report examinations tired specific zone. For the most part, they take an up to this point obscure issue in a given field, propose an arrangement for it and assess the status of the arrangement in comparison with other modern solutions. In this way, in a sense, they move the wilderness of information within the field. Based on the nature and reason of the movement carried out, and the way the write-up is composed. Technical Articles: A technical article is an editorial for a magazine or an internet benefit that’s about a specialized point, and regularly the article drills down into a few low-level of detail. May be computers, maybe material science or chemistry or any other science. It can be around math. It can be approximately pharmaceutical or wellbeing or diet. It can be around the material science of cooking. There are truly thousands of potential points of specialized articles. Below is a table of differences between Research Papers and Technical Articles: 

.Difference-table { border-collapse: collapse; width: 100%; } .Difference-table td { text-color: black !important; border: 1px solid #5fb962; text-align: left !important; padding: 8px; } .Difference-table th { border: 1px solid #5fb962; padding: 8px; } .Difference-table tr>th{ background-color: #c6ebd9; vertical-align: middle; } .Difference-table tr:nth-child(odd) { background-color: #ffffff; } 

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Difference Between Journal and Research Paper?

difference between research paper and journal article

By Conference Alerts

jouranl and research paper

It is an absolute confusion and worry in some ways for a wannabe or a first-time researcher or a research scholar especially if you are still a student trying to work on a research project with your professor. Many of us get often confused when we hear the words research paper or a journal for the first time. The reason is that we have no or little idea what the words mean or we never looked into them even though we keep hearing them every once in a while. So, here are a few differences between a “ JOURNAL” and a “RESEARCH PAPER ”

jouranl and research paper

A Journal is collection of articles on various topics. There are various types of journals such as personal journal, academic journal , creative journals etc. But in terms of academic we need to learn more about an academic journal. It is book that comprises articles on different variety of topics. It is an anthology of different work collections. Unlike a research paper it consists of articles on various topics. It is often used as a reference to write a research paper. It is a periodical publication based various topics and contexts are related or co-related to each other. The information provided in a journal is not as deep as it is in a paper. As already said, a journal acts as a reference point to various individuals or organizations who are carrying out a research.

A research paper is basically a sheet of information on a specific topic. If we look at the standard definition it says, “It is a descriptive context in the form of words or text”. It provides detailed and relevant information on a specific topic to its readers. It is a study on a specific problem and it intends to provide a possible practical solution at the end of it. It is a team work of two or three individuals mostly. It can be up to 20 pages long or even more and it is an extensive study on one specific topic. Nevertheless, it should be understood that its length depends on the context of the study.

However, the key difference between a journal and a research paper is that a journal is limited to 5,000 – 10,000 words unlike a research paper. A journal can provide you with a list of national and international conferences as it is a periodical publication. It also provides you with conference alerts as it is a periodical publication like already said. Journal publication is a dream to many students and research scholars especially if it is their first ever research paper.

In conclusion, a journal is a collection of articles on a various academic related topics with limited words whereas a research paper is extensive and detailed study on a specific topic. If you are one of those wannabe research scholars looking to get your first journal publications then conference alerts here have a list of journals and their details waiting for you.


Conference Alerts helps you to provide latest conference information's ,updates, seminars and online webinars. Follow our blog to know the latest conference information's.

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Difference between research article and journal article, international conferences in uk 2023 with invitation letter, what is an invitation letter how to get a conference invitation letter.


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difference between research paper and journal article

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Difference Between Research Paper and Journal Paper

Whether you have been attending a university or college or planning to pursue the career in the trading such as medicine, there remains always a chance that you may hear a lot about the “journal papers” and “research papers”.

For having the complete knowledge regarding these two, it is important to know the basics of each of them and the difference amid them. So, lets dig deeper and get a glimpse of each form and its use.

Research Paper

The professor history named, Dr. Jane once said that “the design and work are created by your mind, however your mind can’t do it without depending on the wisdom and efforts of other minds”.

This is right as per Jane’s notion. The research papers are considered as a form of the writing, general utilized in academic world by the students in universities or colleges for investigating and doing research on a given topic, which they give a certain conclusion or findings.

Students are encouraged and also need some support for their findings using the facts taken from the reputable references. Typical research papers range 5 to 15 pages in length.

The work of students will get organize in a framework after compilation of all the proper info taken from the various sources. The instructors usually assign these tasks to the students for teaching them how to create balance in the writing skills, and encouraging the structural discipline as well as known formatting.

Moreover, as per the famous research guides for the students, the research papers usually gather the genuine info on the given topic and after then they gather data during the stage of investigation, a student has to sum up giving the concise and clear analysis or disposition.

The research papers use different major kinds of the citation formats like APA , Chicago, and MLA. The paper is provided with the consistent focus, clear research, and gives a deep understanding of the subject or topic while distinguishing the opinions and facts, and is reliable when it comes to findings and conclusion. Most of the times a research paper is also termed as the research project or term paper too.

For sure, most of the research papers have the thesis statements in accordance with the given topic. And, sometimes the students may need to write down any of the two kinds of the research papers given below;

Journal Paper

As per the definition given by the University of Simon Fraser, the journal paper is a piece of writing which is done on a particular topic. Moreover, you can see this usually written by the expert of the field. This type of writing is also known as the peer reviews.

The journal paper is the short writing on the specific topic which gets chiefly published in the periodicals and issues. It may also include the updated info and research regarding some particular topic including latest development, short paper reviewing ideas and reviews on the product or method.

With the journal paper, you can find info, for instance, regarding the recent medicine or the techniques of a certain subject, for example, “latest ways used for eradicating the medicine in 21 st century”.

Few other examples of the journal papers include the case studies, peer reviews, scholarly articles, social and scientific science articles. Journal paper are published in the publications after the extensive research done in the corresponding field. The Publication Manual can call journal papers as a way of categorizing the primary literature as well as review articles.

The Differences

Now, an important thing to know here is what is the difference between the two kinds of writing?

  • The major difference amid research paper and journal paper is that you can call journal paper as an article which comprises of few particular criteria. While a research paper is like a sheet of information regarding particular topic.
  • Meaning of the term ‘journal’ means the book in which you can write about the personal thoughts and experiences.

It is an article kind of content which comprises of the particular format where the thoughts are put in form of the words. It works like an experience booklet which gets updated on the regular basis. Journal papers are educational book logs. They can have a pre-defined kind of content which is needed to be monitored accordingly. They are mostly used for the referring purposes.

A journal paper comprises of the desired concentration of the info that can be utilized for the reference. They are also called as the reference books. After going through some particular contents, a content is done in the general form and give the shape of a journal. Journal papers are the particular records which are kept in form of booklets. They are like the periodicals which get published on a specific topic. They have reviews about the other researches and papers.

Talking about the research paper, it is just like a description. It consists of the detailed layout on a particular topic which is presented in form of a paper. It also possesses the related stuff and the explanation of the topic.

  • Journals may also consist of group of research papers arranged in quite systematic way, where each of the paper develops a systematic preview to the reader. Most of these papers together contribute to give a shape to the journal.
  • Most of the research papers are done in a traditional way by the students at college or university, where the work is usually assigned. On the other hand, journal paper is a paper, regarding a topic which has researched or reviewed recently, and written by the experts of some field. Both of these kinds of paper use same kind of techniques, the research papers are done and evaluated by the instructors or teachers.
  • A small difference between two is an extent of references utilized. More often, the journal papers are expected to have the extensive bibliographies, whereas the research paper don’t have an extensive list of references.
  • The research paper doesn’t get published in any of the publications unless it has some reference of how to write a research paper, whereas journal paper is submitted to the magazines or periodicals.
  • A journal paper reviews a current or possible idea and is related to the impact. While a research paper also offers a thesis, however it is not as deep as an actual thesis paper.
  • The lengths and format of two are opposite traditionally. A journal paper can reach up to 15 pages – but usually it doesn’t. while the range of length of research paper is 3 pages to 10 pages. The way of delivering the research paper also looks different as compared to journal paper – including indenting and spacing.
  • At last, a research paper has no authority to present the original research, but it can show empirical data, whereas a journal paper has the explanation for the readers about its original research.

Research Paper and Journal Paper Comparison

Along with the differences amid these writing methods, there remains some similarities too like both of these have concise and clear grammatical structure or formatting along with the conclusions and list of references.

Examples of the differences between two are given below:

Research Paper:

A research paper can have the name of student with date, and name of instructor, everything written on the left side of paper, with the title in center.

Journal Paper:

A journal paper can have a title on the top center of paper. Name of author is written below the title and whole format is kept same like the one in magazine article’s format.

A main difference is the usage of each paper. Research paper is for practical writing while other one is for practicing by the fellow practitioners.

Other than this a research paper is utilized as the method for educating students about how to do writing clearly and efficiently regarding a topic, while journal paper is done for educating the reader about the subject.

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Q. What's the difference between a research article (or research study) and a review article?


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Answered By: Priscilla Coulter Last Updated: Jul 29, 2022     Views: 224261

A research paper is a primary source ...that is, it reports the methods and results of an original study performed by the authors . The kind of study may vary (it could have been an experiment, survey, interview, etc.), but in all cases, raw data have been collected and analyzed by the authors , and conclusions drawn from the results of that analysis.

Research papers follow a particular format.  Look for:

  • A brief introduction will often include a review of the existing literature on the topic studied, and explain the rationale of the author's study.  This is important because it demonstrates that the authors are aware of existing studies, and are planning to contribute to this existing body of research in a meaningful way (that is, they're not just doing what others have already done).
  • A methods section, where authors describe how they collected and analyzed data.  Statistical analyses are included.  This section is quite detailed, as it's important that other researchers be able to verify and/or replicate these methods.
  • A results section describes the outcomes of the data analysis.  Charts and graphs illustrating the results are typically included.
  • In the discussion , authors will explain their interpretation of their results and theorize on their importance to existing and future research.
  • References or works cited are always included.  These are the articles and books that the authors drew upon to plan their study and to support their discussion.

You can use the library's article databases to search for research articles:

  • A research article will nearly always be published in a peer-reviewed journal; click here for instructions on limiting your searches to peer-reviewed articles.  
  • If you have a particular type of study in mind, you can include keywords to describe it in your search .  For instance, if you would like to see studies that used surveys to collect data, you can add "survey" to your topic in the database's search box. See this example search in our EBSCO databases: " bullying and survey ".   
  • Several of our databases have special limiting options that allow you to select specific methodologies.  See, for instance, the " Methodology " box in ProQuest's PsycARTICLES Advanced Search (scroll down a bit to see it).  It includes options like "Empirical Study" and "Qualitative Study", among many others.  

A review article is a secondary source is written about other articles, and does not report original research of its own.  Review articles are very important, as they draw upon the articles that they review to suggest new research directions, to strengthen support for existing theories and/or identify patterns among exising research studies.  For student researchers, review articles provide a great overview of the existing literature on a topic.    If you find a literature review that fits your topic, take a look at its references/works cited list for leads on other relevant articles and books!

You can use the library's article databases to find literature reviews as well!  Click here for tips.

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Journal Article vs Research Paper: Difference and Comparison

Academically, specific educational reading is an essential tool to enhance learning. Reading relevant articles, papers, and documents book holds an entire concept for upscaling knowledge and grade aggregation as well.

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Journals, journal articles, and research papers are some of the professional and academic learning mechanisms.

Key Takeaways A journal article is a shorter scholarly writing published in a specific academic journal. A research paper is a more extended, comprehensive academic writing presenting original research. Journal articles are typically more focused and present specific findings, while research papers are broader and present a more comprehensive study.

Journal Article vs Research Paper

A journal article is a piece of published work that presents the findings of research and may include analysis, remark, or discussion. A research paper is a detailed account of the research that may be published or unpublished and often includes an introduction, literature review, methods, results, and conclusion.

Quiche vs Souffle 15

Comparison Table

What is journal article.

Journal articles are periodically published wherein more than one author can be involved to culminate the article.

A journal article is experiential and is of various natures. For example, a journal article has analysed a newspaper article, a review, a proposal, or any other academic and research-based submission.

In short, a journal article can be academic or non-academic.

A journal article can be a research paper as well which can be presented at various platforms. is an excellent place to dive in and figure out various journals specific to the area of interest and purpose of knowledge advancement.

journal article

What is Research Paper?

Research is time-consuming as it involves reopening something already found and established.

Research means to search i.e. to find the cause and effects again of something that is already established.

Let’s say I want to research the frequency of radioactivity; my first step will be to sit with the thought why I want to research radioactivity, what concepts of it, the time frame, the type of data collection mechanism, and most importantly, do an extensive literature review.

A literature review involves reading various case studies, findings, papers, and newspapers on the topic or question to be explored and writing a whole section on the same.

research paper

Main Differences Between Journal Article and Research Paper

The overall arc.

Journal articles are primarily written to enhance knowledge in a field or domain of learning or related to a professional approach that is useful in field-specific understanding.

Journal articles are written by people who are at the top of the game or knowledgeable through their experiences and knowledge, which may or not be related to research-supported evidence.

A research paper is a thorough study of ‘A’ particular question that can again have multiple other sub-questions that must be re-found and revisited.

This work is done very step-by-step and in a particular format. The research paper supports every point with tactile, raw and supplemented findings and also presents the limitation of the study conducted.

 In short, a research paper is an in-depth study of something that was already presented, while journal articles are based on a personal viewpoint.

Bases On and Time Frame

As per the understanding above, a journal paper can be a research paper or a current trending news based on any ideologies which entail personal experience and learning.

On the other hand research paper is an extensive study of conceptual readability through evidence-based presentations through graphs, diagrams, case studies, etc.

The research paper takes a while to complete as the study of a case, a sample of people, a demographic area, etc., takes a while.

While a journal article can be worked upon in a week and go on for a few months too. But not as extensive as a research paper

If a research paper is written and extensively worked by, let’s say, a department, domain or organization, they are patented.

That means the right exclusively remains with them, and the submitted work can only be republished with due permission.

A journal article is open to the masses and can be read, shared, reviewed, and presented without touching the applicable copyright mandates and policies.

A journal paper is not patented.

Reiterating, a journal article is written based on generality; it can hold onto a broader spectrum of visibility as per its written content.

Yes, a journal article can be a research paper, but it’s not always the case.

The content can be written quickly and be a free-flowing presentation.

On the other hand, a research paper calls to have extensive rough work, a systematic paper written with proper citations at relevant places.

A literature review is a very crucial part of the written paper. Also, the raw data collection, interview transcribes, and so much more is needed as a collective.

A journal article does run after rating, as in today’s world; everything is moving to digitalization.

The ‘jstor’ link has already been shared in ‘what is a journal article’. The journals and articles most viewed and reviewed get better footage. 

 A research paper, on the other hand, is one of the components of a journal and can also be limited to its presentation.

A research paper can have a limited audience. Say it can be a university or a conference reach out.

Hence a research paper is not driven through any ratings and mainly remains concerned with its presentation and findings to be made known. is one more digital space to connect with to understand what goes into the pre and post-execution of submissions of papers.

Difference Between Journal Article and Research Paper


I’ve put so much effort writing this blog post to provide value to you. It’ll be very helpful for me, if you consider sharing it on social media or with your friends/family. SHARING IS ♥️

Emma Smith 200x200 1

Emma Smith holds an MA degree in English from Irvine Valley College. She has been a Journalist since 2002, writing articles on the English language, Sports, and Law. Read more about me on her bio page .

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