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Business Proposal Development Services in Harare

Business proposal development is something we take off your busy schedule so that you can do what you do best. At Research Matters Harare, we understand that writing a business proposal  or business plan can be a daunting task. That’s why we offer  proposal development and writing services. Our services help you create a winning proposal that will impress your potential investors or clients.

Our services extend from the business concept , to cash flow analysis, to the implementation plan. Research Matters Harare work with you to understand your business goals and objectives. We then develop a proposal that is tailored to your specific needs.

We will also ensure that your proposal is well-written, persuasive, and error-free. Our consultants will proofread and edit your proposal carefully before we submit it to you. We make sure you can be confident that the proposal makes the best possible impression.

Here are some of the benefits of using our business proposal development services:

  • Save time and hassle : We will take care of all the hard work for you, so you can focus on running your business.
  • Get professional results : Our team of experienced writers and editors will create a proposal that is well-written, persuasive, and error-free.
  • Increase your chances of success: A well-written business proposal can make a big difference when you’re trying to attract investors or clients.

If you’re looking for help with business proposal development , contact Research Matters Harare today. We will be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a free quote.

Our Business Proposal Development / Writing Process

The business proposals development / writing  process at Research Matters Harare is simple and straightforward:

Initial consultation

Our team meet with you to discuss your business goals and objectives. Through this, we learn more about the specific requirement s of your proposal.

We will conduct research on your industry and target market, and on your competitors.

Drafting business plan

We will develop a business plan that includes all of the necessary sections. These include the executive summary, company description, products or services, market analysis, financial projections, and implementation plan.

Review and editing

Research Matters Harare will also work with you to review and edit the proposal, and to make sure that it meets all of your requirements.

Finalisation of business proposal

Once you are satisfied with the  proposal, we will finalise it and send it to you in both Word / PDF format.

To learn more about our business proposals development services, or to get a free quote, please contact us today. We look forward to helping you create a winning proposal!

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Business Plan Writing Services in Zimbabwe

Welcome to, your one-stop-shop for top-notch business plan writing services in Zimbabwe. We specialize in writing professional business plans that will help you secure funding, attract investors, and grow your business. Our team of experienced business consultants will work with you to create a custom business plan that fits your unique needs and goals.

Why You Need a Business Plan

Writing a business plan is essential for any entrepreneur who wants to succeed in today's competitive market. A well-written business plan serves as a roadmap that outlines your business's objectives, strategies, and tactics for achieving your goals. It is a blueprint that guides you through the process of starting and growing your business. Some of the benefits of having a business plan include:

  • It helps you clarify your business idea and strategy
  • It guides you through the process of setting goals and objectives
  • It helps you identify potential challenges and risks
  • It enables you to attract investors and secure funding
  • It helps you measure your progress and adjust your strategy as needed

Our Business Plan Writing Services in Zimbabwe

At, we offer a comprehensive range of business plan writing services to help entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe achieve their business goals. Our services include:

Custom Business Plan Writing in Zimbabwe

We will work with you to create a custom business plan that fits your unique needs and goals. Our team of experienced business consultants will conduct extensive research to gather information about your industry, competitors, target market, and other critical factors that will influence your business's success.

Our custom business plans include a detailed analysis of your business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis), financial projections, marketing strategy, management structure, and other critical components of a successful business plan.

Affordable Business Plan Writing Services

We understand that starting a business can be costly, which is why we offer affordable business plan writing services that won't break the bank. Our pricing is competitive, and we offer flexible payment options to fit your budget. We believe that every entrepreneur deserves to have access to high-quality business plan writing services, regardless of their budget.

Cheap Business Plan Writing Services

If you're looking for cheap business plan writing services in Zimbabwe, look no further than We offer low-cost business plan writing services without compromising on quality. Our team of experienced business consultants will work with you to create a custom business plan that meets your needs and budget.

Business Plan Writing Services Near Me

We offer business plan writing services throughout Zimbabwe. Our team of experienced business consultants is available to meet with you in person, via phone or video conference, whichever is most convenient for you. Whether you're in Harare, Bulawayo, or any other city in Zimbabwe, we're here to help you achieve your business goals.

Business Plan Writing Services Cost

Our business plan writing services are competitively priced, with packages starting from as low as $50. The cost of our services will depend on the complexity of your business plan, the level of research required, and other factors. We offer a free consultation to discuss your needs and provide you with a detailed quote.

However the standard cost is $50 for a 15 page plan with one year financial projections for all the major statements. A 30 page business plan with 3 year projections would cost $100. Turnaround time is usually 5-7 days.

Why Choose Us?

At, we're committed to providing our clients with high-quality business plan writing services in Zimbabwe that help them achieve their goals. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us:

  • Experienced Business Consultants : Our team of experienced business consultants has years of experience working with entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe. We have a deep understanding of the local market and can help you navigate the challenges of starting and growing a business.
  • Customized Approach : We take a customized approach to business plan writing, tailoring our services to meet your unique needs and goals. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to business planning.
  • Competitive Pricing : Our pricing is competitive, and we offer flexible payment options to fit your budget. We believe that every entrepreneur deserves to have access to high-quality business plan writing services, regardless of their budget.
  • Timely Delivery : We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to starting and growing a business. That's why we strive to deliver your business plan on time, every time.
  • Professionalism : We pride ourselves on our professionalism and attention to detail. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their business plan is of the highest quality and meets their expectations.
  • Client Satisfaction : We measure our success by the success of our clients. We're committed to ensuring that our clients are satisfied with our services and that their business plan helps them achieve their goals.

Get Started Today

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We'll discuss your needs and provide you with a detailed quote for our business plan writing services. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your business goals.

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Business Opportunities

Development Models

  • Joint Venture
  • Build-Operate-Transfer
  • Community Management

The business opportunities in Council are categorised as follows:

Harare Farms

To introduce modern intensive and diverse commercial farming operations at Council farms. Council has five farms as given below:

Opportunities for Investment 

  • Meat processing
  • Stock breeding
  • Cropping or stock feed production
  • Horticulture (Porta and Churu farms)

Harare Markets

To develop Council Markets and Bus Termini into viable and modern business ventures.

  • Home Industries
  • People's Markets
  • Flea Markets
  • Fresh Produce Markets
  • Bus Termini
  • Carter House - Overnight Accommodation
  • Truck-In Facilities

Opportunities for Investment

Market Square Bus Termini

Develop in partnership with Council a modern bus rank comprising:

  • Bus Terminus
  • Shopping and office complex
  • Toilet facilities

Cameron Street Bus Rank (Copacabana)

Angwa Street and Robson Manyika Bus Rank (Charge Office) Develop in partnership with Council a modern bus rank comprising:

Luck Street Complex Develop in partnership with Council for the construction of:

  • Shopping Mall
  • Office Complex

Other Related Opportunities

  • Built-Operate-and-Transfer (BOT) home industry facilities
  • Construction of Regional Bus Termini
  • Construction of modern Fresh Produce Markets
  • Construction of Satellite Bus Termini (Mabvuku, Kuwadzana, Hopley etc)
  • Construction of Satellite People's and Flea Markets

Horticulture Main Goal To introduce commercial horticulture and floriculture business ventures at Hillside Nursery and Cleveland Dam. Project profile 

Other suitable areas can be identified

  • Horticulture
  • Mushroom Production
  • Floriculture

Harare Stadia

Project Vision

To develop high class sporting and function facilities in Harare as a viable business enterprise.

Rufaro Stadium

Build under the grand stands to create offices, shops and training facilities such as gym and fitness centres. Gwanzura Stadium Build support facilities at the stadium. Zimbabwe Grounds Develop a cluster of sports disciplines and support facilities.

City Sports Centre Develop a cluster of sports disciplines to fully utilise the amphitheatre.

  • Potential ventures in the sports areas
  • Soccer Matches
  • Musical Shows
  • Wedding Reception
  • Boxing Tournaments
  • Netball and Volleyball Courts
  • Basketball and Tennis Courts
  • Indoor Hockey
  • Sports Shops
  • Fitness or Wellness Centre
  • Entertainment Facilities
  • Beauty Shops
  • Sauna Baths and Massage Parlors

Health Sector

Harare Pest Control

This is an entity created within the City Health Department to deal with problems of mosquitoes, rodents and other pest.

  • The entity has a laboratory.
  • The opportunity is to commercialise the entity so that it is run as a business entity.

Wilkins Hospital Extension

The extension was initiated in anticipation of the HIV and AIDS challenge.

  • The project was being funded by the World Bank which pulled out of the country in 2000 leaving the project uncompleted.
  • The HIV and AIDS scourge has not developed to the challenge that the health experts had forecast.
  • However the extension is a major health enhancement facility.
  • The opportunity is to complete the hospital extension and run it as a private hospital in partnership with City of Harare.

Modern Hospital in City

City of Harare has a prime piece of land (Herbert Chitepo Ave and Fifth Street) for construction of a modern hospital as a joint venture initiative with the private sector.

Other Business Opportunities

Harava Dam Resort Centre Project Vision To create an environment friendly and focused theme park and accommodation facilities that are original and rooted in our rich historical and cultural heritage but at the same time appealing to a cosmopolitan and international tourist market

Profile of The Site Harava Dam project is situated 20km from the City Center of Harare off Seke Road. There is a virgin forest area of approximately 80 hectares. The site provides the following facilities or activities;

  • Flora and fauna and rock outcrops
  • Security and guarded entrance
  • Harava and Seke dam on Manyame river
  • Boating and canoeing
  • A block of toilets near the dam wall
  • Proximity to Mbizi Game Park

Potential for partnerships in the project Council intends to attract partners for the following activities;

  • Development of a complete package of a theme park and accommodation facilities.
  • Development of boating and canoeing facilities.
  • Development of camping site and play centre.
  • Conference facicilities.

Mukuvisi Corridor

This project focuses on the rehabilitation and beautification of the Mukuvisi River from the Cleveland Dam to its lower reaches on the western side of Waterfalls area. The project envisages the construction of Business Malls, Recreation facilities and Office Parks along the banks of the river. Cleveland Dam Main Goal To create holiday resort center with up-market accommodation and recreational facilities that are original and rooted in our rich historical and cultural heritage.

Opportunities for Investment Partnership is required for the following:

  • Development of a complete package of a nature based holiday resort center.
  • Development for a hotel and conference facilities.
  • Development of a camping site and play centre.
  • Development of a Golf Course or Golf Estate.

The 68 Best Business Opportunities and Ideas In Zimbabwe [2024]

Interested in starting a business in Zimbabwe in 2024?

We put together 68 of the best businesses you can start in Zimbabwe today.

In this list of ideas, you can find:

  • Home-based businesses to start in Zimbabwe
  • Profitable online business ideas
  • Unique business opportunities for Zimbabwe
  • Low investment business ideas (under $5k to start)
  • Easy businesses you can start in Zimbabwe today

For each business idea, we’ll show you real-world examples, revenue expectations for each idea, + a step-by-step on how to start your small business in Zimbabwe.

Here's the full list:

1. Start an event planning business

Event planners handle different tasks related to making the business a success. Some of the event planner’s responsibilities include:

  • Conducting research
  • Creating the event design
  • Finding an ideal site
  • Arranging for food, décor, and entertainment
  • Planning logistics to and from the event
  • Sending invitations
  • Supervising at the site etc

To start this business on a budget, begin by honing your organizational and communication skills.

Next, create a detailed business plan outlining your services, target market, and pricing structure.

Utilize free or low-cost online tools for marketing, and consider starting small by offering services for smaller events before expanding your business as you gain experience and resources.

How much you can make: $35,000 — $500,000/month

How long does it take to build: 90 days (?)

business plans harare

Akshay Patel's event rental and decor business, Simply Decor, Tents, and Events, saw an average ticket price of $2,000, as their advertising budget decreased from $20k to $5k, leading to 40% of their clients coming through social media advertising, 30% from expos, and 30% online in google, yahoo, and other platforms.

business plans harare

2. Start a tutoring business

Starting a tutoring side hustle is a great way for teachers and students to earn extra monthly income.

If you are considering becoming a tutor, find an ideal tutoring niche, and craft a tutoring website.

Then, find your tutoring clients and market your side hustle online. You can choose to offer online tutoring as a part-time or full-time engagement.

How much you can make: $1,000 — $375,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $100 (?)

How long does it take to build: 15 days (?)

Time commitment per week: Min. 5 hours/week

business plans harare

A 22-year-old entrepreneur started an online SAT/ACT tutoring company from his bedroom which has seen a linear increase in student sign-ups each month, currently bringing in an average revenue of $15,000 a month and plans to triple in 2020.

business plans harare

3. Start a gift baskets business

A gift basket is delivered to the recipient at the workplace or residence. A gift basket business is a noble idea because, with a proper strategy, you can remain in business all year round.

To start a gift basket business, choose a niche or a sales channel, and register your business appropriately. Then, with a proper marketing strategy, you should be able to reach a broader customer base.

How much you can make: $550 — $125,000/month

business plans harare

Dick At Your Door is an e-commerce shop that grew almost 10x within the last eight months by selling anonymous pranks such as 5 oz chocolate penises, and its founder shares his journey that started as a joke to becoming a professional chocolatier.

business plans harare

4. Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants support businesses, teams, or individuals by performing administrative tasks remotely. As businesses these days tend to outsource their tasks, the demand for virtual assistants is growing rapidly.

Becoming a virtual assistant is flexible, as you can choose a work schedule and location at your convenience. Many virtual assistants in Zimbabwe have a dedicated home office where they work in a quiet and distraction-free environment.

To become a virtual assistant, identify a niche you like and undertake any training. Then, figure out how much to charge your customers and create an online presence where you can apply for jobs. As a virtual assistant, you can define your work schedule depending on your availability.

How much you can make: $1,000 — $1,000,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $1,000 (?)

How long does it take to build: 60 days (?)

business plans harare

Filipino Virtual Assistance by FVA Business Consultancy, founded by Julmar Grace Locsin, offers online and offline training to empower marketers, enable businesses, and equip freelancers which has trained 25,000 students from their 31 courses, has 16 coaches assigned from different territories, and fifteen in the FVA team for global digital leadership that will impact the world through digitalization, one life at a time.

business plans harare

5. Start an affiliate marketing business

Are you looking for a side hustle to pay you a passive income? Affiliate marketing is one of those side hustles that will pay you well over the long term. It is a way to earn money online by promoting other companies' products and services. You will be paid a commission for each sale you make as an affiliate marketer.

To get started, learn how to find the right product and brand to partner with. For example, you may prefer becoming an affiliate marketer for an eCommerce store, partnering with a manufacturer, and marketing their products for a commission.

How much you can make: $500 — $773,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $500 (?)

How long does it take to build: 55 days (?)

business plans harare

Bar Games 101 is an authority website about classic bar games with over 200K monthly visitors and revenue over $4,000 for the month of August, achieved through consistent publishing of researched articles and outsourcing by the founder.

business plans harare

6. Start a blog

In recent years, blogging has become a highly sought-after & lucrative Business. This location-independent business is a creative outlet to reach a broader audience and even work at any time. According to Optinmonster’s list of blogging statistics and facts:

  • Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trustworthy source of gathering online information.
  • 77% of internet users read blogs.
  • Each month, approximately 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages.

Originally blogging started as an online journal, but today it is a highly profitable career option. Many people are choosing blogging as their full-time career and are earning their bread and butter from this profession.

If you want to start blogging as a side hustle or as a full-time profession, choose a niche you will enjoy writing about and have a content strategy ready. Then, create a mailing list, and decide on a good blog posting routine to keep your audience engaged.

How much you can make: $200 — $160,000/month

How long does it take to build: 37 days (?)

business plans harare

Learn how one couple created a successful personal finance blog, The Savvy Couple, that now makes over $20,000 per month and has sold thousands of digital workbooks and courses, by focusing on purposeful content and optimizing their ROI with efficient time management.

business plans harare

7. Start a podcast

The podcast business involves creating and producing audio content that people can listen to online.

It’s a popular form of entertainment and information-sharing.

To start a podcast business on a budget, you'll need a few key steps.

First, choose a niche or topic that you're passionate about and that has an audience.

Next, get basic recording equipment like a microphone and headphones.

Then, find a free or affordable hosting platform to publish your episodes.

Finally, promote your podcast through social media, online communities, and word of mouth to build an audience and potentially attract sponsors or advertisers.

How much you can make: $400 — $1,020,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $2,000 (?)

Time commitment per week: Min. 2 hours/week

business plans harare

A successful podcast production company that grew from one client making $15/hour to a team of 10 contractors producing over 30 shows per week with revenue of over $10k/mo, primarily through referrals and with a focus on providing high personal touch and being picky about working only with clients who are a good fit.

business plans harare

8. Start a real estate business

Are you a qualified architect with a broad range of knowledge in the real estate field? Starting a real estate business can be a profitable venture.

Real estate involves purchasing, selling, managing, or investing in land and buildings.

To become a successful real estate business owner, you must have finely honed visual awareness and a strong understanding of various building materials and structures.

How much you can make: $5,000 — $1,500,000/month

How long does it take to build: 180 days (?)

business plans harare

This case study is about T. C. Lewis & Co, a real estate investment and management firm that successfully diversified their approach to include sales, development, remodeling, and construction, with property management being the key to investor doors and organic growth.

business plans harare

9. Start an online advertising agency

An online advertising agency helps businesses promote their products or services on the internet.

To start this business on a budget, first learn the basics of digital marketing through free online resources.

Create a professional website and set up profiles on social media platforms to showcase your skills.

Build a portfolio by working on mock campaigns or offering discounted services to friends and family, and gradually market your services to attract clients.

With dedication, you can grow your agency over time.

How much you can make: $2,797 — $1,250,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $2,500 (?)

How long does it take to build: 45 days (?)

business plans harare

Iman Gadzhi made over $1.2M in profit within two years with his social media marketing agency and education company, where he teaches entrepreneurs how to start and scale a profitable SMMA, with over 45 of his students making over six figures with their SMMA, and over 300 students having quit their regular jobs.

business plans harare

10. Start a food truck

Food trucks are a highly profitable business that offers customers a variety of meal options out of a mobile truck. This basically operates inside a large vehicle equipped with kitchen and food products. Starting a food truck is a dream for many people, but it's more challenging than it looks. To make it work, you need the ideal location and menu.

To start a food truck business in a particular city, it is mandatory to check what kind of food trucks are already operating, identify a gap, and bring in some new experiences. Then, with the right plan and the right approach, you can be on your way to starting your own food truck empire.

How much you can make: $29,166 — $61,650,000/month

How long does it take to build: 75 days (?)

business plans harare

Food Fleet grew over 160% in just one year and managed over 20 million in sales for its clients, securing multiple contracts with the likes of Sodexo, Levy Restaurants and more, due to its understanding of catering client needs and its advanced turnkey and design services.

business plans harare

11. Start a voice over service

Voiceover artist is an auditory performer who uses their voice in scripted presentations. The role of a voiceover artist is only to be heard but not to be seen.

Working as a voiceover artist is an opportunity to choose the projects you enjoy engaging in. The role of a voiceover artist is also fun and can help you meet new people.

To become a voiceover artist in Zimbabwe, start practicing aloud reading so you familiarize yourself with your sound. Then, create your recording studio where you can practice your voiceover skills. It would help if you had a quality microphone, professional recording software, a computer, and soundproofing materials.

How much you can make: $400 — $60,000/month

business plans harare

Voice Crafters, a multilingual voice-over agency and marketplace founded by Mony Raanan, doubled their revenue to over $765,000 in 2022 with a bottom line of around 30% after transitioning to an online marketplace and carefully vetting their network of over 1,000 professional voice actors in more than 80 languages.

business plans harare

12. Start a content writing company

Content writing involves writing, editing, and publishing content in a digital format. Examples of content include a blog post, product description, and podcast script—eBooks, press releases, or landing page content.

Becoming a content writer allows you to work as your boss. Therefore, you choose whatever working schedule suits you and take a manageable workload. Moreover, content writing helps you develop essential skills you may not obtain from regular writing.

Content writing is a highly-on-demand service, as companies compete for the online audience who often begin their shopping journey by searching for relevant and educative content online. Therefore, a content writing company is an excellent source of passive income.

To start a content writing company in Zimbabwe, research the market and choose a suitable niche. Sketch a proper business plan and create a website. Hire a pool of talented writers and leverage modern technology to streamline operations.

How much you can make: $1,000 — $250,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $600 (?)

How long does it take to build: 30 days (?)

business plans harare, a subscription-based copywriting service providing high quality content that helps businesses scale at roughly 50% of the cost of hiring in-house, created by Dani, a first-time entrepreneur who started with just a few hundred dollars worth of projects and with the help of three other writers; as of last month, topped $14K monthly revenue.

business plans harare

13. Become a software developer

A software developer is a person who creates computer programs. They design, test, and oversee the creation of software for a variety of purposes including businesses, personal use, or social networking.

If you have strong technical skills and experience in programming, you can start a software development business. You should also have a good understanding of how the software works.

The average salary for software developers is $110,140 . The best-paid 25 percent earn an annual income of up to 140K dollars while the lowest-paid workers make just under 84K dollars.

The recent trends in software development are moving towards mobile apps and cloud-based solutions. Businesses are providing a variety of programming languages and tools to create software that meets the client's needs.

Starting a software development company is the perfect way to explore in this exciting industry. This type of business is growing in popularity as businesses are looking for ways to offer their customers a convenient way to access their data and applications.

How much you can make: $1,700 — $465,583,333/month

SkyVerge, a software company, has grown rapidly with revenue of $350,000 per month, over 100,000 eCommerce customers, and a globally distributed team of 30 people, all through starting with consulting projects and building focused and solutions-based products, acquiring small products from other developers, and focusing largely on content marketing and providing excellent customer support.

business plans harare

14. Start a SEO agency

An SEO agency is a company that provides search engine optimization services to businesses. The function of an SEO agency is to help businesses rank higher in search engines through organic or paid means.

SEO is a rapidly growing industry, with experts across all aspects of the field already making six-figure incomes and expecting to see these earnings grow dramatically over the next few years. Getting into SEO today, before it gets too saturated, will allow you to establish a strong base in a new career, with an excellent chance for success.

It’s easier than ever to start your SEO agency in Zimbabwe. The tools are there, and the competition isn’t as stiff as it used to be. If you’re considering starting an SEO or digital marketing agency, it might be a good idea to learn how other digital agencies succeed.

How much you can make: $1,000 — $1,800,000/month

business plans harare is a hyper-focused SEO agency that helps elite personal injury law firms dominate first page rankings and was ranked #858 in the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in America for 2018, with a current revenue just under $300,000 per month, with plans for a record-breaking year.

business plans harare

15. Start a web design & online marketing business

If you know about website design and marketing concepts then starting your own web design and online marketing business could be the perfect opportunity for you to do so.

The online marketing industry is the second largest industry in the United States and continues to grow. The online marketing industry is massive. It is estimated to grow by 30% annually, reaching $400B in the next four years.

How much you can make: $6,000 — $800,000/month

business plans harare

How Shannon Mattern built a DIY web design training business from scratch that now generates $10k/month in revenue through affiliate commissions and courses, without outside investment or debt.

business plans harare

16. Become a proofreader

Proofreading business is a service that helps customers review their written work and ensure it is ready for publication. Typically, a proofreader corrects grammatical errors and provides the written piece meets any relevant style guide.

As a proofreader, you can work online, allowing you to choose what time to work.

If you plan to start a professional proofreading business in Zimbabwe, make sure you possess the following skills:

  • Have an excellent grasp of grammar
  • Ability to correct mistakenly capitalized words
  • Familiarity with the proper use of capitalization
  • Use spell-checkers to flag misspelled words

Proofreading is a great way to enhance content quality. With the increased use of written content marketing to reach a broader market, the demand for professional proofreaders has grown tremendously. Professional proofreaders earn an average of $12/hr. And $30/hr.

Therefore, consider proofreading as a business if you are looking for a great side hustle idea or simply looking for ways to increase your income.

How much you can make: $2,000/month

business plans harare

A proofreader was able to build a consistent income of ~$2,000 per month from scratch with zero experience in the field, no expenses, and barely any upfront costs by targeting bloggers and content creators who want their content to be copy edited and proofread.

business plans harare

17. Start an online video editing business

Video editors manage camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics, and special effects to produce the final film or video product. To become an online video editor, you must have media production and communication knowledge and the ability to work with others.

To start a video editing business, you can outsource video editing skills from an experienced professional. Your role will be to pick video footage from the customers and upload them for the video editor to do the magic.

How much you can make: $2,000 — $208,000/month

How long does it take to build: 110 days (?)

business plans harare

VEED.IO, a London-based start-up co-founded by Sabba and her partner, offers a simple online video editing platform using batch job cloud architecture to help social media managers across the world auto subtitle, filter, rotate videos and much more, earning the company $5,300 MRR and the founders Ramen profitability within just a year of starting.

business plans harare

18. Start a tutoring or education business

When students have problems with their schoolwork, they turn to tutors for help.

Being a tutor awakens your entrepreneurial skills. Being your own boss allows you to set your own schedule and be more independent. You'll create lasting relationships with students and their parents. Last but not least: you get paid well!

How much you can make: $1,700 — $500,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $4,000 (?)

business plans harare

Online makeup academy, Vizio Makeup Academy, founded in 2011 by Anastasia Andreani and her partner, has enrolled over 3,300 students and generated $2.4M in revenue this year, by offering professional makeup courses online and creating their own cosmetic line.

business plans harare

19. Become a mobile personal trainer

Do you love helping people through their fitness journey? If you want a great side hustle to earn extra income, consider becoming a personal trainer.

The fitness trainer side hustle can be an adamant industry to earn good money. However, once you develop a reputation as a good trainer, you can get more clients through referrals. You need to register for the certification course to start offering personal trainer services in Zimbabwe.

To attract your first clients, consider online advertising, and seek referrals from every customer.

How much you can make: $600 — $8,333,333/month

How long does it take to build: 532 days (?)

Time commitment per week: Min. 4 hours/week

business plans harare

Live Fit, a personal training company founded in 2011, grew from earning $80,000 in their first year with two trainers to earning over $760,000 in 2019 with 12 trainers and two locations, thanks to a focus on building trusting relationships and providing a variety of services to clients.

business plans harare

20. Start a subscription box business

Subscription box businesses offer customers a niche set of products on a monthly basis.

They're in high demand as they add value to customer service, offer exclusive products and can be highly profitable.

To start a subscription box business, understand your niche market, provide quality products, perfect your box design, build a good relationship with fulfillment companies, and market your service.

How much you can make: $400 — $16,666,667/month

How much does it cost to start: $210 (?)

business plans harare

Vowed Box Co. is a line of curated, quirky gift boxes with non-traditional brides in mind, offering four different products that have helped the business become profitable most months since its launch in 2018, with a monthly income of roughly $600.

business plans harare

21. Start an etsy business

If you are an artist looking for ways to turn your skills into revenue, Etsy is your platform.

Etsy is a marketplace for artists and can bring in extra income or even replace your current job.

You can create art pieces and create a successful Etsy shop. Once your Etsy shop is online, consider joining a team to help you learn Etsy’s basics and how to market stuff on Etsy.

How much you can make: $100 — $135,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $1,200 (?)

Time commitment per week: Min. 3 hours/week

business plans harare

Sasha Weekes, owner of Timber Grove Studios, turned her fine arts and cabinetmaking education into a successful home-based woodworking business that grew from a side project to netting 20-50% profits month-to-month and up to $10,000 in sales during peak periods through Etsy, with her company's growth continuing to increase through other social media outlets.

business plans harare

22. Start a bitcoin paid to click site

Paid-to-Click websites (or PTC) are sites where you can earn money, rewards or digital currency by completing offers or viewing advertisements. PTC websites have been around for a while, and nowadays, consumers are looking for real PTC sites that they can trust.

Recently, Bitcoin Paid-To-Click Businesses have become very popular among Internet Marketers because Bitcoin is a great source of passive income. Since the introduction of Bitcoin, there have been numerous sites that allow people to earn Bitcoin as an affiliate for viewing ads and performing surveys.

How much does it cost to start: $5,000 (?)

How long does it take to build: 120 days (?)

23. Start a book club

A book club consists of several people who read and talk about the books based on the topic or an agreed reading list.

Setting up your book club can be a great way to enjoy books and meet new people.

More importantly, a book club is a well-paying side hustle idea. Therefore, figure out who you invite to your book club and define the purpose.

Do you want to learn something new, or do you just want to bond with other book lovers? Having a defined purpose helps you reach like-minded people to keep the book club close-knit.

How much you can make: $4,000 — $13,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $75 (?)

business plans harare

Two friends started an online book club that now has 570 members and generates £10,500 MRR, by addressing the problem of 'Tsundoku,' charging a monthly subscription fee for one non-fiction book, one inspiring meetup, and one custom cocktail, inspiring conversation and community.

business plans harare

24. Start a travel agency

Are you a passionate traveler with entrepreneurial skills? Then starting a travel agency can be a great career choice for you.

As a travel agency, you'll be responsible for linking travelers to providers of all the travel and tourism-related services such as accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, tour guides, local adventure, etc.

Starting an online travel agency is a lot easier than you might think. You'll need to perform market research, get a few necessary certifications (such as your IATA number), study competition, build a website, and do proper marketing.

To maximize earnings, negotiate discounts from the industry service providers, and charge travelers within the market rate.

How much you can make: $2,000 — $114,200,000/month

business plans harare

Marissa Daniels runs a successful travel agency, Spread Your Wings Travel, that hit $100,000 in sales within a year of launch and provides payment plan options for its all-inclusive vacations, and she hopes to help 100 families supplement their income through the business.

business plans harare

25. Start a travel agency

business plans harare

26. Start a hangover cure product

Hangover cure products are specially formulated remedies that aim to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

These products are designed to provide relief from issues like headaches, nausea, and fatigue that are commonly experienced after a night of drinking.

The ingredients of these remedies are carefully selected for their hydrating and replenishing properties, which help to restore the body's balance and speed up the recovery process.

Due to the widespread social culture of drinking and the need for a quick and reliable solution to recover from a night out, the demand for effective hangover cures is high.

As a result, this has created a lucrative business opportunity for those looking to capitalize on the market.

How much you can make: $1,000 — $200,000/month

How long does it take to build: 365 days (?)

business plans harare

Read this story to uncover how Harris :

  • Idea: Used pickled juice as a home remedy to cure his hangovers
  • Initial traction: Went bar to bar in NYC, handing out samples to bartenders
  • Celebrity partnership: Landed a deal with an NHL pro thanks to an Instagram DM
Even if it takes working 80 hours/week instead of 40, I'd rather create something for myself and my family than work a job that is unfulfilling.

business plans harare

27. Start a medium publication

Medium is one online platform that allows writers to sign up, post articles, and earn. You can write content from home in your pajamas and reach an extensive audience. Medium publications can earn you anywhere from $200 to $1500 per month, you definitely can make money through Medium’s Partner Program, used by thousands of writers. A great way to monetize your posts without having to worry about using ads. You will earn more by continuing to hone your craft through consistent writing and increasing your readership. For those who are more serious about blogging, consider setting up an alternative website and promoting it on Medium.

28. Start a dropshipping business

Dropshipping is a business model where you sell products to customers without holding inventory.

Instead, when a customer makes a purchase, you buy the product from a third-party supplier, who then ships it directly to the customer.

To start a dropshipping business on a budget, choose a niche or category of products you want to sell.

Next, set up an online store using platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce. Then, find reliable suppliers from platforms like AliExpress, list their products on your store, and focus on marketing and customer service to grow your business.

Remember to carefully manage your expenses and monitor your profit margins to ensure profitability.

How much you can make: $6,000 — $3,000,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $6,000 (?)

Time commitment per week: Min. 10 hours/week

business plans harare

Entrepreneur Kamil Sattar has developed multiple six-figure drop shipping businesses, and his company, e-commerce mentoring, specializes in helping others create their own successful companies, with favorite platforms including using Shopify and apps such as Loox reviews and SMSBump.

business plans harare

29. Start a boutique

You may consider opening a boutique if you are passionate about the fashion and textile industry.

A boutique is a shop that sells clothes. Opening a boutique is a dream for entrepreneurs who want to experience the joy and freedom of owning a cash business. Starting a boutique is easy and can be managed by a single individual. In addition, a boutique requires a comparatively smaller capital to start.

To succeed, the boutique owner must coming creativity and passion.

How much you can make: $10,000 — $25,000/month

business plans harare

Boutique Rye is an online-only women's clothing and accessories boutique that has grown to 3,200 Facebook Group members and a successful website through organic customer sharing, live sales, and open communication with customers.

business plans harare

30. Start a homemade skincare recipes business

Are you interested in making your own skincare products from home? Homemade skincare products can be very profitable, especially if you sell them online. Because of this, more and more people are deciding to make their own homemade skincare products at home. You do not have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on skin care products. It's easy to make your own homemade skin care recipes and start saving money today! The first steps to start a homemade skincare business are:

  • Choose the right skincare formula.
  • Add natural preservatives
  • Pick a suitable container
  • Keep the amount right

31. Start a dog training business

Professional dog trainers can be an incredibly fulfilling profession, especially for dog lovers.

You can choose to work as an independent dog trainer or work under a company as a part-time trainer.

However, note that dog training takes more commitment for a part-time gig.

To get started, you need some education to understand how dogs behave and train them in new tricks. You will find tons of online resources on dog training.

Alternatively, you can work as an intern with local dog trainers to acquire the skills before setting up your dog training side hustle.

The average hourly rate for dog trainers is just over $50/ hr.

How much you can make: $5,000 — $8,000/month

business plans harare

Fraternityk9 dog training is an example of how Donald's passion for dog training turned into a $5k/month business, by utilizing platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and learning about sales and business to scale the process.

business plans harare

32. Start a language translation service

Language translation services bridge the linguistic barriers, helping businesses reach a wider audience outside of a single language. A language translation job is an opportunity to cover a wide range of topics and meet people from different cultures.

To become a language translator in Zimbabwe, master a second language and earn some experience so you become fluent in the second language.

How much you can make: $40,000 — $550,000/month

How long does it take to build: 70 days (?)

business plans harare

DEMAN Translations grew from 6 employees and 1.5 million euros in turnover in 2015 to 17 team members and 3.5 million euros in sales in 2020 after acquiring 12 other translation agencies, with a goal to reach 6 million euros this year and 10 million euros in 2022.

business plans harare

33. Start a beverage company

Are you thinking of starting a beverage or drink business?

Starting a beverage company can be a great way to combine your love of food and drink with a passion for entrepreneurship.

Beverage companies can make all sorts of different drinks, from juice to soda to beer. They can also sell other types of food products, like bottled water or snacks.

There are more and more drink options available today than ever before—and that means that beverage companies are constantly trying new things in order to stay competitive in this space! The more innovative they can be with their offerings, the better they'll be able to compete with one another

How much you can make: $500 — $200,000,000/month

How long does it take to build: 250 days (?)

business plans harare

BruMate is a successful insulated drinkware brand focused on the adult beverage community, with a flagship product that generated $2.1M in sales in 2017 and is now doing over $1.1M per month in sales, with plans to do $20M this year.

business plans harare

34. Start a mobile app development business

Mobile app development is the process of creating software applications that run on mobile devices. These apps can be used for a variety of purposes, including games, productivity, and social networking.

Starting a mobile app development business is a great way to enter the world of software development. This type of company is growing in popularity as businesses are looking for ways to reach their customers through mobile apps.

To start a mobile app development company, you need to have strong technical skills and be able to develop high-quality software. You should also have a good understanding of how to market and sell mobile apps

How much you can make: $7,500 — $2,333,333/month

How much does it cost to start: $7,500 (?)

business plans harare

"We started a custom iOS and Android app development consultancy that now makes nearly seven-figures a year by landing clients like Great Clips and the USA CUP after building successful concept apps."

business plans harare

35. Start a digital marketing business

Digital marketing businesses serve local and international companies to expand their reach and grow revenue. A top reason digital marketing is so exciting is that the field is constantly evolving and is easy to learn.

If you plan to start a digital marketing business in Zimbabwe, educate yourself and understand how digital marketing agencies work. Then, focus on building your digital skills and advancing your career through online digital marketing courses.

To stand out, find a digital marketing niche and focus on the audience interested in your services.

How much you can make: $2,000 — $6,660,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $1,260 (?)

How long does it take to build: 58 days (?)

business plans harare

H-supertools founder Hasan developed a set of free SEO and digital marketing tools generating $2k per month in profit using Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, selling ad spaces, and email, plans to launch a membership option, and has attained over 80k registered users and 300k monthly visits in less than two years.

business plans harare

36. Start a mobile photography business

Want to start your own photography business? You're not alone. With the rise of social media and photo-sharing, blogging, and online retailing, it's never been easier to start making money behind your camera.

There are photographers shooting weddings, creating images for ad campaigns, freelancing for magazines, touring the world, taking photographs of destinations — the list is endless!

To start mobile photography in Zimbabwe, research the target audience and determine which specialization area is more lucrative. Invest in high-quality, professional cameras, lenses, and a computer with professional software photo-editing software.

How much you can make: $2,000 — $500,000/month

How long does it take to build: 200 days (?)

business plans harare

Photobooth Supply Co. offers a profitable business opportunity through their sleek and portable photo booths, with up to 97% satisfaction rate and a focus on customer experience, in a fast-growing event industry where photo booths are exploding.

business plans harare

37. Start a freelancer platform

Freelancer platform is a place where people come with skills and services to offer and people come who need those skills and services. So we can say freelancer platforms are a marketplace for sellers and buyers of services and skills.

The freelancing industry is growing rapidly and it's becoming a popular career option for people who are "non-traditional" employees. The global Freelance Platforms market size is expected to reach $6.7B by the year 2025 . While working on a full-time job, freelancers simultaneously work on a freelance career. The platforms available online help them to increase their business by attracting new clients.

With all of the businesses looking for help on their websites, it would be a good idea to start a freelancer platform. Freelance platforms do well because people have jobs that need to be done and businesses have the resources to pay for the job at hand.

How much you can make: $3,000 — $5,000,000/month

How long does it take to build: 80 days (?)

business plans harare

CloudDevs, a tech talent platform that sources and vets freelance tech talent and matches them with companies, has achieved $1 million in GMV in its first year, plans to achieve 100% growth year on year, and focuses on customer loyalty through its Net Promoter Score metric.

business plans harare

38. Start a board game business

Creating your own board game can be fun, challenging, and rewarding. Games are an integral part of our culture and are played by people from all walks of life.

You can create a board game from scratch with basic programming knowledge or several hours of practice. Board games are easy to manufacture, can be made from home, and can become top-rated and profitable businesses.

How much you can make: $1,500 — $30,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $300 (?)

business plans harare

Facade Games has raised over $1 million on Kickstarter and sold about 80,000 copies of their board games around the world, with the goal to publish one new game a year on Kickstarter and build on their line of games in books as well as a new party game line in the near future.

business plans harare

39. Start a tiny house building business

People love living in small spaces. They're affordable and easy to maintain. Starting a tiny house-building business is a great way to help people and make money. You need to be licensed and insured to work in the state you live in, and you will also need a business license. Additionally, you will also have to research how much it costs to build a tiny house as well as what materials are needed for the project.

Tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular, offering a unique opportunity for you to get involved in the construction industry. The tiny homes industry is expected to grow to 3.57B by 2026 .

How much you can make: $295,000 — $10,000,000/month

How long does it take to build: 700 days (?)

business plans harare

Tiny Away, a network of eco-friendly 'tiny houses' across Australia, has grown to over 75 private locations and brings in an average of $156,000 in monthly rental revenue, appealing to city dwellers seeking unique and comfortable accommodation experiences.

business plans harare

40. Start an acting lessons business

Mumbai is the hometown of Bollywood, and many people are coming to Mumbai to become actors. As the owner of an acting classes business in Mumbai, you will provide training, coaching, and support to those considering getting into the Mumbai Bollywood industry. To get started, you may choose to work with children or with a career-oriented adult audience interested in stage acting, film, commercials, voice-over work, or other areas of specialization.

41. Start an email marketing business

Email marketing is a popular and effective way for businesses to reach their target audience and promote their products or services.

With the rise of the internet and the increasing use of email as a communication tool, starting an email marketing business can be a lucrative and rewarding venture.

An email marketing business involves creating and sending marketing emails to a list of subscribers. The emails can be newsletters, promotional messages, or other types of content designed to engage and convert the recipient into a customer. The business owner is responsible for building and maintaining the email list, creating the content, and sending the emails using specialized software.

To start an email marketing business, you must have a strong understanding of marketing principles and a good grasp of best practices. This includes creating compelling subject lines, segmenting your email list, and analyzing your campaigns’ results. You will also need to be proficient in email marketing software like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

To run a successful email marketing business, you must clearly understand your target audience and what they are interested in. This will help you create relevant and engaging content that resonates with your subscribers and encourages them to take action. A solid call to action in your emails is crucial, whether it’s visiting your website, making a purchase, or signing up for a newsletter. Starting an email marketing business requires marketing skills, expertise, and a willingness to learn and improve continuously. The right strategies and tools can be a rewarding and successful way to reach your target audience and grow your business.

How much you can make: $1,500 — $8,333,333/month

business plans harare

Boundless Labs is an email marketing agency for eCommerce brands that has generated over $25 million in email attributable revenue for their clients since launching 18 months ago and currently makes around $90K per month, with plans to reach $100K per month by the end of January 2020 through client referrals, strong relationships, and hard work.

business plans harare

42. Start a restaurant

If you love cooking and are passionate about entrepreneurship, starting a restaurant can be a fun and lucrative business.

To get started, choose a great location, and hire an excellent support team. You will need a chef to inspect the food and line cooks, waiters, and waitresses to serve the customers. No matter the restaurant type, you need great culinary and business skills to make your dream come true.

If you plan to open a restaurant in Zimbabwe, gain insight from consumer preferences and focus on serving modern consumers what they need.

How much you can make: $48,333 — $61,650,000/month

One Life Meals is a Toronto-based healthy meal delivery service that made 14,500 meals per month and generated $130k in monthly sales in 2018 through their one-on-one consultation, lean protein and seasonal veggies-based meals, and their focus on the client experience.

business plans harare

43. Start a business support services

Business support services offer continuous administrative, technical, and operational assistance to companies.

To begin this business, start by identifying core services such as virtual assistance, bookkeeping, web services, and equipment maintenance to provide clients.

Market your services by attending networking events, cold calling local businesses, using social media, and having a website that emphasizes reliability, expertise, and cost-effectiveness.

Focus on understanding every client's operations and needs to customize your services, maintain strong communication, and build long-term relationships.

Stay up-to-date on business practices, technologies, and methods to enable clients to improve efficiency and concentrate on core functions effectively.

How much you can make: $6,800 — $250,000/month

business plans harare

Hutch, founded by Fearless, is a 24-month program that helps minority and women entrepreneurs in government digital services; the program has had 9 graduates, 11 company founders in current two cohorts, and 20 companies within its portfolio.

business plans harare

44. Start a stock video business

Stock video is pre-filmed footage that can be purchased and used in various projects and films. Like stock photos, copyrighted stock videos cannot be used without permission and licensing from the rightful owner.

Businesses and filmmakers use licensed stock footage as they save money and hours, they would need to create original footage. Starting a stock video suitable for use in commercials and entertainment can be a great venture.

How much you can make: $10,000/month

How long does it take to build: 197 days (?)

business plans harare

VideoPlasty, an affordable and easy-to-use platform for buying pre-made stock animation elements and GIF images, has attracted over 600,000 visitors since its launch, with over $100k in revenue in 2020 alone, thanks to free organic traffic from YouTube tutorials and optimized SEO.

45. Start a VR escape room

Google searches for Escape Room VR has been growing globally. That means that awareness and demand for virtual reality escape rooms are increasing. Therefore, VR escape rooms have the potential for massive growth over the next few years.

To start a VR escape room business, create a business plan. A good business plan should help you track market trends and outline an operational strategy. Select the VR escape room you want to open and select the best location. Finally, select the VR escape room games and consider licensing requirements.

How much you can make: $1,000,000/month

business plans harare

PANIQ ROOM is a global network of immersive escape room experiences with 20 locations, generating annual revenue of $10 million, aiming to reach 30 locations, $15 million in revenue, and 400,000 players annually, while investing in in-house production capabilities with Indestroom and focusing on marketing through Google Ads, Groupon, and social media platforms.

business plans harare

46. Start a mobile mechanic service

Mobile mechanic services are a great business to start in any area that needs quick repairs and service. You can do this part-time or full-time. You can work for a shop or run your own business. This setup allows you to work independently, setting your hours and choosing what areas you want to go to.

Automotive Repair & Maintenance Service Market is estimated to reach $810B by 2026 . Starting your mobile mechanic service may seem crazy, but it might just be the thing you are looking for. If you dream about running your own business and having the opportunity to do something you love, then a mobile mechanic business is the right thing to do.

How much you can make: $4,000/month

business plans harare

Retro Radio Farm founder, Allen Chiang, earns $50k per year as a side business restoring old radios and offering Bluetooth MP3 upgrades, with the business growing 20% every year.

business plans harare

47. Become a freelance app developer

A freelance app developer is a programmer who creates mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. Freelance app development business targets creating various apps that give a user-friendly experience.

To become a freelance app developer in Zimbabwe, first, touch up on your skills. There are several courses available online. Once you obtain the certification, choose your niche and focus on your skill set.

Then the best way to showcase your work is to build a portfolio website where you will display your skills, projects, and testimonials. Another way to promote yourself is to create your brand and blog. This will, in turn, build a network, and you will be able to connect with people and attract more clients.

How much you can make: $10,000 — $91,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $350 (?)

business plans harare

A software agency started by a non-technical founder helps diverse clients with their minimum lovable product, boasting a revenue of over $700,000 this year with a 20% profit margin and a team of 8.

business plans harare

48. Start an online retail store

Starting an online retail store is straightforward. All you need is a computer, a domain, and a web hosting service. Then, determine a niche for your online store, and conduct product research before listing products.

You can start your online store based on a drop shipping business model or list your self-made products in your online store.

How much you can make: $5,000 — $62,500,000/month

How long does it take to build: 51 days (?)

business plans harare

This case study follows the story of a successful online business that has made 7.2 million dollars in sales since 2012, with profits of around 30-45%, and the founders share insights on lessons learned and tools used.

49. Start a social media management business

Similar to virtual assistants, social media managers offer various services, including but not limited to:

  • Developing a marketing strategy based on clients’ goals
  • Setting up social media accounts
  • Posting on behalf of their clients
  • Coming up with strategies for increasing client’s social media following
  • Marketing analysis.

To become a social media manager, know the various platforms and understand how they work so you can develop strategies that help clients reach their goals.

The beauty of working as a social media manager is that you can define your work schedule and choose what niches to work on.

How much you can make: $20,000 — $166,667/month

How much does it cost to start: $251 (?)

How long does it take to build: 3 days (?)

business plans harare

A social media manager turned entrepreneur created a program that has brought in almost $100,000 in one year, designed to teach women how to run successful social media businesses in less than 30 days.  

50. Start a restaurant

business plans harare

51. Build an AI tool

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in the tech industry right now. An AI tool is a computer program that is designed to simulate human intelligence. AI tools are used in a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and retail.

There are many different types of AI tools, but some common examples include chatbots, virtual assistants, and machine learning platforms.

To build an AI tool you will need strong technical skills and experience in computer science. You should also have a good understanding of the different types of AI tools and how they are used.

AI is quickly becoming one of the most important and sought-after technologies in today's world. The revenues coming from software using artificial intelligence are going to increase from 9.5 billion U.S dollars in 2018 to 118.6 billion U.S dollars by 2025.

The demand for AI tools is growing as businesses are looking for ways to automate their processes and improve their customer service. AI tools can help businesses save time and money by automating tasks that would otherwise be done manually.

How much you can make: $1,000 — $41,400,000/month

How long does it take to build: 54 days (?)

business plans harare

SkillSoniq, the world's first AI-powered recruiting app, connects companies with skilled freelancers on a trial basis, saving companies 60%+ in hiring costs and earning $350,000+ in gross revenues in its first year, with a current average of $40,000 a month, and plans to raise a second round of seed funding to achieve escape velocity and continue to form a world-class company.

business plans harare

52. Become a meditation coach

A meditation coach teaches and guides those who seek mental clarity through meditation. The meditation teacher typically combines breathing and concentration to deepen understanding and help the clients achieve relaxation.

Working as a meditation coach allows you to guide clients in finding new practices and techniques that may provide additional health benefits in their daily lives. In addition, meditation coaches earn a decent salary and enjoy the opportunity to define their working hours while building relationships with people from different backgrounds.

How much you can make: $3,000 — $8,333,333/month

business plans harare

Meditation company MindEasy offers personalized, relevant courses to help people find their way into mindfulness and meditation in a way that helps them achieve their career and personal goals, with focus on mental optimization, health and wellbeing, and spiritual approaches.

business plans harare

53. Start an errand service

Errand services help people and businesses who have daily errands to run but need an extra hand. So, they seek professional help who can do their chores on time with utmost efficiency.

You can provide various services as an errand business, including grocery shopping, picking up + sorting through mail, going to the bank, and much more.

Starting an errand business in Zimbabwe is relatively easy. Consider offering package deals as a way of getting and retaining customers. Most errand businesses charge per hour, and you may charge per mileage if the task involves driving.

54. Open source library

Open-source libraries become a widely used method of software development, stories from some of the top names in the field can help you with your development or help build your confidence in adopting this methodology for your own projects.

Open-source libraries have a lot to offer the world of programming. The potential for improvement and simplification of a wide range of computer applications is huge. However, with so many options available, how are developers and architects to see which ones are right for them? Following open-source library success stories that could help you determine your best options.

How much you can make: $3,000 — $13,083,333/month

business plans harare

Vuetify is a popular open-source user interface library, built with the Vue.js framework, that generates revenue through digital content and services such as paid digital content in the Vuetify store, direct support through consulting, ad revenue from Carbon ads on the documentation pages, and donations/sponsorships via GitHub and Patreon, generating an average income of $6,500 per month.

business plans harare

55. Start a grocery store

A grocery store sells a wide variety of food products, fresh or packaged, and other household & personal care items. The grocery store industry is the largest retail channel that makes $682 billion in the United States.

To start a basic grocery store, you can expect to spend a minimum of $50,000. Ideally, the bigger expense would be the rent, equipment, labor cost, cash registers/POS systems, and software. Some of these are recurring monthly fees. However, the location, size of the store, competitors, and local customers will significantly impact the business. A new grocer should sell more items for a lower price to make a more significant profit.

A new grocer can also save costs by buying the items from local distributors. The distributor is the middleman between the manufacturer and the grocery store selling it. Once the store cost and location are decided, the next step is to obtain a seller license. In most states, a grocer's license is required to run a grocery store.

Thus an average grocery store has a profit margin of 3% to 5%. The profit rates depend on the store's location, size, and popularity. On average, a small to medium grocery store can make a profit of up to $300,000 annually if all the profit factors are considered.

Another way to make your business more profitable is to diversify your store and add amenities like a coffee shop or stocking up the front of the store with magazines, batteries, etc., as these items can cross a margin of up to 70%. As a rule of thumb, offering lower prices on higher purchases will ultimately win more customers and increase profitability.

56. Start a cleaning & maintenance business

A Cleaning & Maintenance business is a service-based business in which you are the owner, operator, and lone employee. In a cleaning and maintenance business, you provide a specific service such as carpet servicing or pest control. It's important to note that although it seems straightforward, this business type can grow very quickly if done properly.

Cleaning and maintenance can be a real hassle, especially if you have a lot of employees or just your own staff. The cleaning and maintenance industry generates over $40B a year in the US alone. This makes it one of the largest, most competitive industries in the USA.

Starting a cleaning and maintenance business in Zimbabwe is pretty easy. You can start small with residential clients or businesses. Just make sure you check with your local government to ensure licensing (or certification) requirements.

How much you can make: $60,000 — $250,000/month

How much does it cost to start: $425 (?)

business plans harare

MaidThis®, launched by Neel Parekh in Los Angeles with just one cleaner in 2013, has achieved over $10 million in total revenue by focusing on cleaning Airbnbs and vacation rentals, thanks to its successful remote business model and new-age marketing tactics, and has now launched MaidThis Franchise to expand the business further.

business plans harare

57. Become a tech rentals provider

Tech rentals are a type of business that provides people with access to technology. It offers short-term rentals of the latest devices and gadgets to consumers and businesses.

To get started, you'll need a wide selection of the latest devices, as well as a strong marketing strategy to reach your target market. You'll also need to be able to provide excellent customer service and support.

Tech rentals's estimated annual revenue is currently $10.7M per year. Tech rentals's estimated revenue per employee is $260,000.

The recent trends such as the rise of the sharing economy and the popularity of short-term leases make this an ideal time to start a tech rental business. This type of business is growing in popularity as people are looking for ways to use technology without having to purchase it.

How much you can make: $200,000/month

business plans harare

Casa Mia Coliving, a sustainable and modern co-living and property management company in Singapore offering affordable accommodation, has an annualized revenue of $2.5M with 150 bedrooms across popular neighborhoods, attracting young professionals and boasting a 10x LTV/CAC ratio, all while focusing on unit economics and profitable growth.

business plans harare

58. Start a kids store

The kid's store business is a large market attracting millions of annual global sales and steady growth. If you plan to start a kids store business, you can specialize in clothing, toys, and accessories or sell all of these in one store.

Research the local market to discover what is appealing, and find the best suppliers. Define a business model and apply for applicable licensing. For kids apparel stores, a physical storefront acts as an anchor and helps build a local customer base. An online store will help you reach a wider market as you supply to those outside your locality.

59. Start a crypto tax business

The tax code is a complex system that has been in place for decades. As the new age of currency, cryptocurrency, is introduced to the world, it has become increasingly difficult to keep up with the changes.

In 2017, the number of people who owned bitcoin in the United States was 1.5 million.

There are many tax services available online that are designed specifically for cryptocurrency traders and investors. These services will help crypto owners file their taxes quickly and painlessly so they can get back on track with their investments!

How much you can make: $3,699 — $10,000/month

business plans harare

BearTax is a cryptocurrency tax software that helps traders consolidate trades and calculate taxes without heavy lifting, serving over 10,000 users across the globe in the US, Australia, Canada and India.

business plans harare

60. Start a medical device company

If you are a medical practitioner and want to start a business, then you could consider starting a medical device company. There are many medical device companies started by individuals or small teams. Some of them were successful and became startups impacting the industry with their technology.

Starting a medical device company is an exciting venture that can lead to a successful business. If you're considering starting a medical device business, there are several factors to consider before putting a team together and setting out to reach your goals.

How much you can make: $42,000 — $300,000/month

business plans harare

Pain Care Labs, founded by a pediatric emergency doctor after inventing a vibrating ice pack bee, Buzzy, has sold over 31 million units while focusing on non-pharmaceutical pain relief, and recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for their latest product, DuoTherm.

business plans harare

61. Start a youtube channel

For anyone looking to start a successful YouTube channel, there are plenty of YouTube channel success stories that can be used as inspiration and encouragement. In addition, YouTube has an established monetization system and boasts incredible popularity, making it a potential platform for revenue generation.

In this article, we'll look at different approaches you can use to help promote your channel and grow your viewers. While there's no quick and easy way to success, you can take these tips to build your own YouTube Channel Success story. If you love content creation, you can capitalize on YouTube's popularity to earn extra income.

If you want to join the Youtube partner program to monetize your channel, you will need to reach a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months.

How much you can make: $800 — $4,500,000/month

How long does it take to build: 48 days (?)

business plans harare

Learn how this entrepreneurial couple made $5-7k a month by helping others find legitimate work from home jobs and creative ways to make money online through their blog and YouTube channel, as well as offering two flagship products designed to help beginner freelancers and new bloggers accelerate growth.

business plans harare

62. Start a hotels business

If you are considering starting a hotel, then it is time to implement your plan. There are five key elements to understand if you want to succeed in this industry: location, size, budget, experience, and market demand.

Here are some tips to consider before forming a hotel:

  • Name your business
  • Decide on a marketing strategy
  • Start by renting out a room in your home.
  • Hire a business capital broker
  • Make a marketing plan
  • Offer complementary services

How much you can make: $15,000/month

How long does it take to build: 325 days (?)

business plans harare

SKNMUSE, a premium beauty brand dedicated to elevating the beauty experience for Black Women, has a 40% customer retention rate, achieved a 169% increase in revenue, and made $30,000 in Q1 alone.

63. Become a crypto trader

Crypto trading is an exciting market with a reputation for higher returns than some traditional investments.

Note that cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile (and this is not investment advice).

When you start, opt for small-stake trades that allow you to get a handle on the market with minimal risk. Trade through a secure wallet provided by a reputable broker such as Coinbase or Binance. Take time to practice technical analysis, an essential research skill to help you read charts and identify patterns to inform your crypto trading strategies.

How much you can make: $1,000 — $900,000/month

How long does it take to build: 135 days (?)

business plans harare

Exolix is an anonymous cryptocurrency exchange platform with a fixed rate and unlimited exchange that provides its users with fast, easy, and secure exchange processes.

64. Start a cat cafe business

The only thing that can make a local cafe better is cats. Grab a cup of coffee and snuggle a cat at the same time. Recently, cat cafes have been popping up around the country. Some of these cafes are independent operators, while others work with local humane societies to get cats adopted.

Create a network of cat cafes where people can interact and play with cats. Once established, a cat cafe business can increase its revenue by hosting events. Events often draw lots of people in, and a business can charge more for each person because there's a special event taking place.

You might consider the following options for your cat cafe business:

  • Adoptions: This type of cat cafe has cats that can be adopted. Some cat cafes specialize in rescued cats while others specialize in pedigree cats. These cat cafes can also have a combination of both.
  • Permanent residents: This type of cat cafe has several resident cats on the premises. Similar to the adoption cafes, these can be cats that have been rescued or pedigree cats, or both.
  • Full-service dining: This type of cat cafe has a full menu of food and beverages for its customers and sometimes for its cats as well.
  • Themed cafe: This type of cat cafe is designed around a specific theme. Garden themes and whimsical themes are quite popular.

65. Start an auto repair business

Many people just love to tinker with, fix and repair cars. This is an all-consuming hobby for some people. They like to take things apart and figure out how things work. The process of fixing and repairing cars is almost therapeutic for them.

An auto repair business is a rewarding way to make extra money or build an entire business.

You can do it in the comforts of your own home, working around your schedule and getting paid handsomely for it. The United States automotive service market is expected to reach $75B by 2026 .

How much you can make: $415,000/month

How long does it take to build: 40 days (?)

Finish Line Towing & Auto Repair is Wisconsin's largest roadside assistance provider, bringing in $5 million in annual sales through its dedication to customer service, effective dispatching, and clean service, with a goal of expanding to other markets in Wisconsin and Illinois.

66. Start a cooking class

Online cooking classes can be a great side hustle for seasoned chefs or cooking enthusiasts looking for a way to earn some extra cash. You can create content and teach your audience how to prepare meals.

Consider creating members-only content to earn more from your cooking class side hustle. Alternatively, you can sell recipes for a small fee as well. To grow your reach, consider offering some free content on your social media pages as a way to build curiosity among potential audiences. You can charge your audiences a subscription fee so they can have exclusive access to your content.

To start cooking classes in Zimbabwe, choose a niche and follow your passion. Create a website and maintain an active social media presence. Apart from online cooking classes or live sessions you can also offer exclusive offline weekend classes to give your audience a hands-on personal experience.

How much you can make: $7,500 — $100,000/month

business plans harare

Hipcooks is a 7-location cooking school business that has grown organically to reach $100k/month in revenue, and attracts and retains customers through their communal approach, vibrant online presence, and updated Google and Yelp business pages.

business plans harare

67. Start a real estate marketing agency

If you're a marketing whiz, starting your own real estate marketing agency could be the perfect business idea for you. As a real estate marketing agency, you'll be responsible for creating and executing marketing campaigns for clients in the real estate industry. This could include tasks like developing marketing materials, managing social media accounts, and conducting market research.

To be successful in this business, you'll need to have strong marketing and people skills. You'll also need to be comfortable working with a variety of clients. If you have these skills, starting your own real estate marketing agency can be a great way to make money in the real estate industry.

The salaries for those in the Real Estate Marketing industry are varied. The average earnings hover around ₹21lakhs, but can reach up to 50 lakh rupees depending on your qualifications and experience level.

The current trend of people searching for properties online is making the real estate marketing agency more popular than ever. In order to market a property effectively online, real estate agents need to work with a marketing agency that knows how to do just that. This trend is only expected to continue, so now is a great time to get involved in the real estate marketing business!

This is a great business idea for those with strong marketing skills. You can work with a variety of clients, which can be great for networking and building your business.

How much you can make: $10,000 — $250,000/month

business plans harare

Coffee and Contracts is a digital marketing subscription service for real estate professionals that has helped over 7,000 members in just two years, with an average monthly revenue of around $165,000, and has grown at a rate of about 5% each month through organic traffic from Instagram and word of mouth.

business plans harare

68. Start a transportation service

Transportation businesses offer ridesharing services, haul consumer goods, or ship supplies and products from one location to another. They target individual passengers, other companies, or global business partners.

If you are starting a transportation service in Zimbabwe, decide who and what you will serve, set up the business structure, register the business, and apply for the required business licenses or permits. To ensure a profitable business, incorporate proper hiring procedures and keep up with maintenance and recertifications.

How much you can make: $12,000 — $364,000/month

How long does it take to build: 410 days (?)

business plans harare

Mirai Flights is an app-forward private jet booking service with a focus on UK, Europe, Middle East and CIS states, that allows customers to bypass the long wait times with more than 30 parameters analysed in less than 30 seconds, achieving $4.37m turnover from March to December 2021, and planning to increase it up to $10.2m and expand internationally in the future.

business plans harare

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Starting a minibus/kombi transport business in Zimbabwe and the business plan

Posted by StartupBiz Zimbabwe | Dec 28, 2016 | Business Ideas , Business Plans , Starting a Business | 10

Starting a minibus/kombi transport business in Zimbabwe and the business plan

Operating a minibus/kombi transport business in Zimbabwe is a highly rewarding venture if done properly. Millions of Zimbabweans who use public transport prefer travelling via commuter omnibuses especially for short to medium distances. A minibus business will pump cash into your pocket every day if operated efficiently. This article will outline how to start a profitable kombi public transport business in Zimbabwe, and the business plan.

Before you start a kombi business in Zimbabwe, you have to decide on the routes your minibuses will be travelling, and the size of your business i.e. the number of minibuses you will be starting with.  You should always carry out a feasibility study, market research and write a business plan before you venture into any business. Do not make the mistake of starting a kombi business or any other business just because someone is doing it and he/she says it’s profitable.

What you need

You will need a garage for the kombi public transport business. This is where you will be operating from, and where your offices will be based. You may buy or rent a garage in the industrial areas e.g. if you are operating from Harare you may get a Garage in the Southerton and Workington industrial areas. However, for most small transport businesses, the kombis will usually park at the owner’s place of residence overnight. Some small business owners allow the drivers to go with the kombis to their homes.

Vehicles and Equipment

You will need to purchase minibuses for the public transport business. Most people purchase the vehicles online from Beforward website, Japan. You can also purchase the kombis from car sales in South Africa e.g. Mussina, and from local car sales garages in Harare. The kind of minibus you need will depend on the route of your kombis. For short to medium distance routes, you can purchase Toyota Hiace passenger van. Examples of such routes include local routes e.g. Harare CBD to Mufakose, or medium distance intercity routes e.g. Gweru to Masvingo, Harare to Chinhoyi e.t.c.

For long distance routes, you can purchase vehicles such as IVECO minibuses, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter passenger van, or Toyota Quantum minibuses. Example of such routes are Harare-Bulawayo route, Bulawayo to Victoria Fall route or Harare to Mussina South Africa Route. You will need garage equipment for your minibuses, and repair tools. The drivers should always travel with basic repair tools such that if they encounter minor problems along the way, they can always fix the kombis.


Iveco Minibus

You are required by Road Traffic Act to have Third Party Insurance for your public transport business. This is a legal requirement, and you cannot operate a kombi transport business without this insurance. This is the most basic cover and protects the client (or insured/policyholder) against loss or damage to third Party Properties in the course of driving, and death or bodily injury to these Third Parties only.

It’s also better to take fully comprehensive insurance for your public transport business. This is the most extensive and complete form of motor insurance cover, which covers third party insurance, fire and theft, and also provides accidental damage to the policyholder’s vehicle. It is important to protect all of the assets of the business. Appropriate and adequate insurance coverage is an important part of this. Insurance cover can be arranged through an insurance company directly, through an agent of an insurance company, or through an insurance broker. There are many insurance companies in Zimbabwe.

Licenses for kombi business

To operate a kombi transport business in Zimbabwe, you need to pay Vehicle license fee, obtain an Operator’s license, a route authority, and certificate of fitness from the VID. If you are operating a cross boarder transport business, e.g. Harare to Mussina South Africa, you will also need a Bilateral Permit.

Management and Staff

The number of employees you need will depend on the size of your business. There is need for someone to handle finance and accounting issues. For a small transport business, this can be done by the owner of the business. As the business grows, there is need to hire full time staff that will be responsible for all the day to day transactional accounting for the transport business, and management of the organization’s cash flow, ensuring there are enough funds available to meet the day to day payments.

You will also require drivers and conductors for the kombis. The drivers and conductors need to be monitored closely, to ensure that they are not stealing from the business, and that they meet the daily revenue targets. Depending on the size of the business, you may also need mechanics, supervisors, and operations mangers.

Profitability of the kombi transport business

The kombi transport business is very profitable when it is operated efficiently and managed properly. The minibuses need to be serviced regularly to ensure that they are always in roadworthy condition. You need to properly account for all the money the public transport business generates, do not mix personal and business funds.

Pre-written Business Plan for Minibus/Kombi Transport Business : Comprehensive Version, Short Bank Loan Version, Automated Excel Financial Statements

For an in-depth analysis of the kombi transport business in Zimbabwe, purchase our business plan. We decided to introduce the business plans after noting that many Zimbabweans were venturing into the kombi business without a full understanding of the industry, market, how to run the business, the risks involved, profitability of the business and the costs involved, leading to a high failure rate of their businesses.

Our business plan will make it easier for you to launch and run a kombi transport business successfully, fully knowing what you are going into, and what’s needed to succeed in the business. It will be easier to plan and budget as the kombi business plan will lay out all the costs involved in setting up and running the business. The minibus/kombi business plan is designed uniquely for the Zimbabwean market.

You have been really helpful. Its a rare commodity in Zimbabwe. Keep it up!
I have been impressed with the level of depth and completeness of your business plans. All product, operational, financial and marketing guidelines are there. Fantastic! Please do add more plans.
The business plan I purchased was well written and you did an extensive research, I am satisfied keep  up the good work guys and I am planning to come back for more other orders.
It is a great opportunity having you around. Your business plans are well planned after a thorough research. They have actually opened up my approach to business. Thanx
You have been such a wonderful help.God bless you,I have somewhere to start now….it’s been a dream come true to embark on this
The StartupBiz business plans are excellent, well prepared, fully detailed. I had not that much of the financial knowledge of the Agri business I wanted to venture into but I can tell you right now that from the moment I went through those farm business plans I had purchased, I started having the real picture of what I was to get in to,what was needed for me to be financially successful and I would want to tell my fellow mates that if you really want the business you want to venture into to be successful I think you need to get one of the StartupBiz Business plan.You wont go wrong with those ones
Very insightful and relevant homegrown solutions. Empowerment begins in the mind and this is it…
I recently used their service am delighted to say I am a happy customer thank you keep it up and God bless with the business
Good job and extensive research on your business plan thank you.
I found the business plans very informative, helpful to make appropriate decisions.

Uses of the Kombi/Minibus Business Plan (PDF, Word And Excel)

The kombi/minibus business plan can be used for many purposes including:

  • Raising capital from investors/friends/relatives
  • Applying for a bank loan
  • Start-up guide to launch your kombi business
  • As a project proposal
  • Assessing profitability of the minibus business
  • Finding a business partner
  • Assessing the initial start-up costs so that you know how much to save
  • Manual for current business owners to help in business and strategy formulation

Contents of the Kombi Business Plan (PDF, Word And Excel)

The business plan includes, but not limited to:

  • Market Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Automated Financial Statements (monthly cash flow projections, income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, break even analysis, loan repayment calculations, start-up costs)
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Risk Analysis
  • SWOT & PEST Analysis
  • Operational Requirements
  • Government regulations, Licence requirements and Licence Fees
  • Operational Strategy
  • Why some Zimbabweans in kombi business fail, so that you can avoid their mistakes
  • Ways to raise capital to start your kombi transport business in Zimbabwe

The Kombi/Minibus Public Transport business plan package consist of 4 files

  • Kombi/Minibus Public Transport Business Plan – PDF file (Comprehensive – 56 pages)
  • Kombi/Minibus Transport Business Plan – Editable Word File (Comprehensive – 56 pages)
  • Kombi/Minibus Business Plan Bank Version – Editable Word File (Short version for applying for a loan – 33 pages)
  • Kombi/Minibus Business Plan Automated Financial Statements – (Editable Excel file)

The business plan financials are in USD currency. 

The financial statements are automated. This implies that you can change eg the revenue per route, number of trips done etc, and all the other financial statements will automatically adjust to reflect the change. 

Get the Kombi/Minibus Public Transport Business Plan (PDF, Word And Excel)

We decided to make them affordable for anyone who would want a minibus business plan, and the price for pre-written business plans is only ZWL$150 000 for soft copies. When you pay via PayPal, Mastercard or Visa Card, the soft copy costs US$25 .

You can purchase via Paynow using Ecocash, One Money or Telecash. You just click  Pay   now  (scroll down)    and you will then be taken to Pay now website where you make the payment. Just follow the instructions; you will be done with the payment process in 2 minutes. We will email the business plan (PDF format, Microsoft word format, and a Microsoft Excel file with the financial statements)  to you within 24 hours, using the email address you provided when you were paying.

If you have PayPal , MasterCard or Visa Card , you can purchase the business plan via PayPal or DPO Payment Gateway.  You just click Buy now (scroll down) and you will then be taken to the PayPal or DPO website where you make the payment. Just follow the instructions; you will be done with the payment process in 2 minutes. We will email the business plan (PDF format, Microsoft word format, and a Microsoft Excel file with the financial statements) to you within 24 hours, using the email address you provided when you were paying.

You can also purchase  soft copies  at our  offices  in Harare. Visit  StartupBiz Zimbabwe, Suite 201, 2nd Floor, Morgan House, George Silundika Avenue (between 1st Street & 2nd Street), Harare  . The cost of the business plan is ZWL$150 000 (soft copies).

For any questions, other payment options, email us on  [email protected]  , call/whatsapp us on +263778798072  (Whatsapp us by clicking the link )  .

Kombi Public Transport /Commuter Omnibus/Mini-Bus Business Plan 

Click Buy now to purchase using Paypal, MasterCard or VisaCard (US$25)

Buy Business Plan Now

Click Pay Now to purchase using EcoCash, One Money or TeleCash (ZWL$150 000)  

business plans harare

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StartupBiz Zimbabwe is a business research firm based in Zimbabwe. We sell prewritten business plans for various industries including agriculture, transport, manufacturing, retail and education. StartupBiz Zimbabwe also publishes articles on business ideas, business news, business tips, personal finance, entrepreneur interviews and profiles.

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Mataurire ako about kombis as a very profitable business anoita kuti police iite manyawi. Bvironyarara zvako. Why are you not talking about the motor bike, ford, v.i d,presumptive tax, service, city council, zhing zhong parts etc.


that’s a very informative overview of this business In Zimbabwe, you only left the challenges to the business and how you can overcome them. anyway you are very helpful.


Hi guys l need help l bought my Toyota taxi super 16 in Zimbabwe l need to start up a taxi business eg Bulawayo to plumtree my problem is l don’t know wat is needed on paper work help me guys, you can also get me on my watsapp me on my 0027627446968


I also need information on how to register my combi

whatsup me on 0027719558531


Very much informative, you are doing a great job to make people professionally kick start business


Oh thank you so much, what an eye opener, very informative. I am thinking to venture in this business


Thanks this is nhelpful

Kudzai G Changunda

Thank you for the feedback.

Thanks it’s helpful

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Free business plan template (with examples)

Alan Bradley

Sierra Campbell

Sierra Campbell

“Verified by an expert” means that this article has been thoroughly reviewed and evaluated for accuracy.

Updated 3:37 a.m. UTC Feb. 12, 2024

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Featured Image

AzmanL, Getty Images

Starting a business can be a daunting undertaking. As with so many large projects, one of the most difficult challenges is just getting started, and one of the best ways to start is by putting together a plan. A plan is also a powerful tool for communication and can serve as a cornerstone for onboarding new partners and employees or for demonstrating your philosophy and priorities to potential collaborators. 

A solid business plan will not only provide a framework for your business going forward but will also give you an early opportunity to organize and refine your thoughts and define your mission statement, providing a guidepost that can serve as a beacon for your business for years to come. We’ve provided a business plan template below to help guide you in the creation of your new enterprise.

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business plans harare

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business plans harare

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Business plan template

What should a business plan include?

Regardless of the type of business you own or the products and services you provide, every business plan should include some core elements:

  • Mission statement. The definition and executive summary of your business.
  • Market analysis. A breakdown of the market segment and customers you hope to reach, built through primary (gathered by you) and secondary (gathered from outside sources) research.
  • Organization and logistics. The nuts and bolts of how your business is operated
  • Products or services. What your company provides its customers.
  • Advertising and marketing. How you intend to get your products in front of your customers.
  • Forecasting. Revenue forecasting for partners or potential investors.

Why do you need a business plan?

A business plan is a framework for success. It provides a number of key benefits:

  • Structure. The outline around which to design your business.
  • Operational guidance. A signpost for how to run your business from day to day.
  • Expansion. A vision for the future growth of your enterprise.
  • Definition. A platform to consider every element of your business and how best to execute your plans for them.
  • Collaboration. A synopsis of what’s exceptional about your business and a way to attract funding, investment or partnerships.
  • Onboarding. An efficient summary of your business for new or potential employees.

Business plan examples

We’ve created two fictional companies to illustrate how a business might use a business plan to sketch out goals and opportunities as well as forecast revenue.

Bling, Incorporated

Our first hypothetical example is a jewelry and accessory creator called Bling, Incorporated. A hybrid business that manufactures its products for sale both online and through physical retail channels, Bling’s mission statement is focused on transforming simple, inexpensive ingredients into wearable statement pieces of art. 

Market analysis includes gathering data around sourcing sustainable, inexpensive components, aesthetic trends in fashion and on which platforms competitors have had success in advertising jewelry to prospective customers. Logistics include shipping products, negotiating with retailers, establishing an e-commerce presence and material and manufacturing costs. 

Bling, Incorporated advertises initially through social platforms like TikTok and Facebook, as well as with Google AdSense, with plans to eventually expand to television advertising. Revenue forecasting is structured around a low overhead on the basis of inexpensive materials, no dedicated storefront and broad reach through digital platforms.

Phaeton Custom Cars

Phaeton is a custom car builder and classic car restoration business with a regional focus and reach. Its mission statement defines it as a local, family-owned business serving a community of auto enthusiasts and a broader regional niche of collectors. 

Market analysis breaks down the location and facilities of other competitor shops in the region as well as online communities of regional car enthusiasts likely to spend money on custom modifications or restoration projects. It also examines trends in valuations for custom parts and vintage cars. Logistics include pricing out parts and labor, finding skilled or apprentice laborers and mortgaging a garage and equipment. 

Phaeton advertises in regional publications, at local events and regional car shows and online through Facebook and Instagram, with an emphasis on a social presence highlighting their flashiest builds. Revenue forecasting is built around a growing reputation and high-value commissions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

A business plan may not be a prerequisite for every type of business, but there are few businesses that wouldn’t benefit from one. It can serve as an important strategic tool and help crystalize a vision of your business and its future.

Business plans do just that: they help you plan the future of your business, serve as a platform to brainstorm ideas and think through your vision and are a great tool for showcasing why your business works to potential investors or partners.

Blueprint is an independent publisher and comparison service, not an investment advisor. The information provided is for educational purposes only and we encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding specific financial decisions. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Blueprint has an advertiser disclosure policy . The opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the Blueprint editorial staff alone. Blueprint adheres to strict editorial integrity standards. The information is accurate as of the publish date, but always check the provider’s website for the most current information.

Alan Bradley

Alan is an experienced culture and tech writer with a background in newspaper reporting. His work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Paste Magazine, The Escapist, PC Mag, PC Gamer, and a multitude of other outlets. He has over twenty years of experience as a journalist and editor and is the author of the urban fantasy novel The Sixth Borough.

Sierra Campbell is a small business editor for USA Today Blueprint. She specializes in writing, editing and fact-checking content centered around helping businesses. She has worked as a digital content and show producer for several local TV stations, an editor for U.S. News & World Report and a freelance writer and editor for many companies. Sierra prides herself in delivering accurate and up-to-date information to readers. Her expertise includes credit card processing companies, e-commerce platforms, payroll software, accounting software and virtual private networks (VPNs). She also owns Editing by Sierra, where she offers editing services to writers of all backgrounds, including self-published and traditionally published authors.

How to start a small business: A step-by-step guide

How to start a small business: A step-by-step guide

Business Eric Rosenberg

CDC plans to drop five-day covid isolation guidelines

business plans harare

Americans who test positive for the coronavirus no longer need to routinely stay home from work and school for five days under new guidance planned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The agency is loosening its covid isolation recommendations for the first time since 2021 to align it with guidance on how to avoid transmitting flu and RSV, according to four agency officials and an expert familiar with the discussions.

CDC officials acknowledged in internal discussions and in a briefing last week with state health officials how much the covid-19 landscape has changed since the virus emerged four years ago, killing nearly 1.2 million people in the United States and shuttering businesses and schools. The new reality — with most people having developed a level of immunity to the virus because of prior infection or vaccination — warrants a shift to a more practical approach, experts and health officials say.

“Public health has to be realistic,” said Michael T. Osterholm, an infectious-disease expert at the University of Minnesota. “In making recommendations to the public today, we have to try to get the most out of what people are willing to do. … You can be absolutely right in the science and yet accomplish nothing because no one will listen to you.”

The CDC plans to recommend that people who test positive for the coronavirus use clinical symptoms to determine when to end isolation. Under the new approach, people would no longer need to stay home if they have been fever-free for at least 24 hours without the aid of medication and their symptoms are mild and improving, according to three agency officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to share internal discussions.

Here is the current CDC guidance on isolation and precautions for people with covid-19

The federal recommendations follow similar moves by Oregon and California . The White House has yet to sign off on the guidance that the agency is expected to release in April for public feedback, officials said. One agency official said the timing could “move around a bit” until the guidance is finalized.

Work on revising isolation guidance has been underway since last August but was paused in the fall as covid cases rose. CDC director Mandy Cohen sent staff a memo in January that listed “Pan-resp guidance-April” as a bullet point for the agency’s 2024 priorities.

Officials said they recognized the need to give the public more practical guidelines for covid-19, acknowledging that few people are following isolation guidance that hasn’t been updated since December 2021. Back then, health officials cut the recommended isolation period for people with asymptomatic coronavirus from 10 days to five because they worried essential services would be hobbled as the highly transmissible omicron variant sent infections surging. The decision was hailed by business groups and slammed by some union leaders and health experts.

Covid is here to stay. How will we know when it stops being special?

The plan to further loosen isolation guidance when the science around infectiousness has not changed is likely to prompt strong negative reaction from vulnerable groups, including people older than 65, those with weak immune systems and long-covid patients, CDC officials and experts said.

Doing so “sweeps this serious illness under the rug,” said Lara Jirmanus, a clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School and a member of the People’s CDC, a coalition of health-care workers, scientists and advocates focused on reducing the harmful effects of covid-19.

Public health officials should treat covid differently from other respiratory viruses, she said, because it’s deadlier than the flu and increases the risk of developing long-term complications . As many as 7 percent of Americans report having suffered from a slew of lingering covid symptoms, including fatigue, difficulty breathing, brain fog, joint pain and ongoing loss of taste and smell, according to the CDC.

The new isolation recommendations would not apply to hospitals and other health-care settings with more vulnerable populations, CDC officials said.

While the coronavirus continues to cause serious illness, especially among the most vulnerable people, vaccines and effective treatments such as Paxlovid are available. The latest versions of coronavirus vaccines were 54 percent effective at preventing symptomatic infection in adults, according to data released Feb. 1, the first U.S. study to assess how well the shots work against the most recent coronavirus variant. But CDC data shows only 22 percent of adults and 12 percent of children had received the updated vaccine as of Feb. 9, despite data showing the vaccines provide robust protection against serious illness .

Coronavirus levels in wastewater i ndicate that symptomatic and asymptomatic infections remain high. About 20,000 people are still hospitalized — and about 2,300 are dying — every week, CDC data show. But the numbers are falling and are much lower than when deaths peaked in January 2021 when almost 26,000 people died of covid each week and about 115,000 were hospitalized.

The lower rates of hospitalizations were among the reasons California shortened its five-day isolation recommendation last month , urging people to stay home until they are fever-free for 24 hours and their symptoms are mild and improving. Oregon made a similar move last May.

California’s state epidemiologist Erica Pan said the societal disruptions that resulted from strict isolation guidelines also helped spur the change. Workers without sick leave and those who can’t work from home if they or their children test positive and are required to isolate bore a disproportionate burden. Strict isolation requirements can act as a disincentive to test when testing should be encouraged so people at risk for serious illness can get treatment, she said.

Giving people symptom-based guidance, similar to what is already recommended for flu, is a better way to prioritize those most at risk and balance the potential for disruptive impacts on schools and workplaces, Pan said. After Oregon made its change, the state has not experienced any disproportionate increases in community transmission or severity, according to data shared last month with the national association representing state health officials.

California still recommends people with covid wear masks indoors when they are around others for 10 days after testing positive — even if they have no symptoms — or becoming sick. “You may remove your mask sooner than 10 days if you have two sequential negative tests at least one day apart,” the California guidance states.

It’s not clear whether the updated CDC guidance will continue to recommend masking for 10 days.

Health officials from other states told the CDC last week that they are already moving toward isolation guidelines that would treat the coronavirus the same as flu and RSV, with additional precautions for people at high risk, said Anne Zink, an emergency room physician and Alaska’s chief medical officer.

Many other countries, including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Australia, made changes to isolation recommendations in 2022. Of 16 countries whose policies California officials reviewed, only Germany and Ireland still recommend isolation for five days, according to a presentation the California public health department gave health officials from other states in January. The Singapore ministry of health, in updated guidance late last year, said residents could “return to normal activities” once coronavirus symptoms resolve.

Even before the Biden administration ended the public health emergency last May, much of the public had moved on from covid-19, with many people having long given up testing and masking, much less isolating when they come down with covid symptoms.

Doctors say the best way for sick people to protect their communities is to mask or avoid unnecessary trips outside the home.

“You see a lot of people with symptoms — you don’t know if they have covid or influenza or RSV — but in all three of those cases, they probably shouldn’t be at Target, coughing, and looking sick,” said Eli Perencevich, an internal medicine professor at the University of Iowa.

Coronavirus: What you need to know

New covid variant: The United States is in the throes of another covid-19 uptick and coronavirus samples detected in wastewater suggests infections could be as rampant as they were last winter. JN.1, the new dominant variant , appears to be especially adept at infecting those who have been vaccinated or previously infected. Here’s how this covid surge compares with earlier spikes .

Covid ER visits rise: Covid-19, flu and RSV are rebounding in the United States ahead of the end-of-year holidays, with emergency room visits for the three respiratory viruses collectively reaching their highest levels since February.

New coronavirus booster: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that anyone 6 months or older get an updated coronavirus shot , but the vaccine rollout has seen some hiccups , especially for children . Here’s what you need to know about the new coronavirus vaccines , including when you should get it.

  • CDC plans to drop five-day covid isolation guidelines February 13, 2024 CDC plans to drop five-day covid isolation guidelines February 13, 2024
  • Is this covid surge really the second biggest? Here’s what data shows. January 12, 2024 Is this covid surge really the second biggest? Here’s what data shows. January 12, 2024
  • Covid kills nearly 10,000 in a month as holidays fuel spread, WHO says January 11, 2024 Covid kills nearly 10,000 in a month as holidays fuel spread, WHO says January 11, 2024

business plans harare

Cholera vaccine stocks 'empty' as cases surge

Cholera patients are treated at a local council clinic in Harare

  • EuBiologics Co Ltd Follow

Reporting by Jennifer Rigby and Gloria Dickie; Editing by Emelia Sithole-Matarise

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. , opens new tab

business plans harare

Thomson Reuters

Jen reports on health issues affecting people around the world, from malaria to malnutrition. Part of the Health & Pharma team, recent notable pieces include an investigation into healthcare for young transgender people in the UK as well as stories on the rise in measles after COVID hit routine vaccination, as well as efforts to prevent the next pandemic. She previously worked at the Telegraph newspaper and Channel 4 News in the UK, as well as freelance in Myanmar and the Czech Republic.

business plans harare

Gloria Dickie reports on climate and environmental issues for Reuters. She is based in London. Her interests include biodiversity loss, Arctic science, the cryosphere, international climate diplomacy, climate change and public health, and human-wildlife conflict. She previously worked as a freelance environmental journalist for 7 years, writing for publications such as the New York Times, the Guardian, Scientific American, and Wired magazine. Dickie was a 2022 finalist for the Livingston Awards for Young Journalists in the international reporting category for her climate reporting from Svalbard. She is also an author at W.W. Norton.

Russia's President Putin attends Future Technologies Forum in Moscow

Carbon capture tech a 'complete falsehood', says Fortescue Metals chairman

Carbon capture is not a solution for the energy transition and political leaders need to provide real, non-greenwashed, commitments to encourage investment, Andrew Forrest, executive chairman of Fortescue Metals, said on Tuesday.

The U.S. flag is seen outside of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York City


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  19. IMF Staff Completes 2024 Article IV Mission to Zimbabwe

    Harare: An International Monetary Fund (IMF) staff team led by Mr. Wojciech Maliszewski visited Harare on January 31-February 14, 2024, to discuss the authorities' request for a Staff Monitored Program (SMP) and commence 2024 Article IV Consultation. At the conclusion of the IMF mission, Mr. Maliszewski issued the following statement:

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  23. Zimbabwe Dollar May Get Gold Backing, Finance Minister Says

    A street vendor counts out Zimbabwean 50 dollar banknotes in Harare. Zimbabwe may back its currency with gold in an effort to end exchange-rate instability, Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube said ...

  24. Free Business Plan Template (With Examples)

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  25. Cisco to lay off thousands of employees

    Technology company Cisco announced Wednesday that it plans to lay off 5% of its global workforce, amounting to thousands of employees, as part of a company-wide restructuring.

  26. CDC plans to drop five-day covid isolation guidelines

    CDC plans to drop five-day covid isolation guidelines. By Lena H. Sun. February 13, 2024 at 6:00 a.m. EST ... The decision was hailed by business groups and slammed by some union leaders and ...

  27. Cholera vaccine stocks 'empty' as cases surge

    A man holds an information poster about cholera outside a tent at Kuwadzana Polyclinic in Harare, Zimbabwe November 24, 2023. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo Purchase Licensing Rights, opens new tab

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