Your success is our success., career training and talent development.

When we say we are investing in you, we really mean it.

 ATEC spends millions of dollars each year to ensure that our people get the best education and training opportunities. Whether you are an experienced professional, or just starting out, we can help you learn new skills, enhance your natural abilities, and develop the leader within you.    

Academic Degree Program

Through this program, ATEC will provide all the funds necessary for you to complete a degree related to your position, including funds for books and supplies.  Approved degrees can range from Associates’ degree to a PhD. 

Army Congressional Fellowship Program

The Army Congressional Fellowship Program is a 44-month program which includes pursuit of a Master's Degree in Legislative Affairs at George Washington University, service on the staff of a Member of Congress, and placement in a position on the Army Staff in a congressional-related duty position. The program targets mid-career and senior professionals in all fields.    

Army Greening Experience

This week-long training for civilians teaches participants about Army rank and structure, customs, and leadership skills while engaging in soldier-like training such as rappelling down a tower or riding in a helicopter. Check out videos from our past greening experiences here and here !

ATEC Leadership Development Program

The ATEC Emerging Enterprise Leader (EEL) Program is a two year voluntary competitive program which provides aspiring leaders in mid-career positions (grades of GS-11 to GS-13) with leadership competencies early in their professional careers. The program uses the four-prong approach of Self-Development, Mentoring, Team-Based Problem Solving, and Developmental Assignment to increase leadership proficiency and develop competencies that will prepare employees for future leader responsibilities.

Career Developmental Assignments

The ATEC Developmental Assignment Program is for all ATEC civilian workforce members. The goal of the program is to give participants experience and practical knowledge of diverse functions, normally outside their area of expertise, and will focus on growth and development. Developmental assignments may vary in length, but typically last no longer 12 months.

Harvard University Program for Senior Executive Fellows

Harvard University Professors lead this four week course designed for senior leaders who want to sharpen their leadership and managerial skills and prepare them for positions in the Senior Executive Service (SES).  SES positions are key managerial, supervisory and policy positions just below the top Presidential appointees.  They are above the General Schedule grade 15.  

Professional Training and Development

ATEC employees are provided with many opportunities to participate in training focused on soft skills and hard skills throughout the year. Classes may be taken in person or virtually based on availability. ATEC also promotes the use of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to further enhance employee skills and self-development.

Read up on ATEC's use of MOOCs below:

Professional Mentorships

ATEC Mentoring Program is a one year voluntary noncompetitive program open to all ATEC employees. The program is aimed to help mentees define goals, find ways to achieve those goals, and ultimately discover their strengths and how to apply those strengths for the betterment of ATEC.

Reduced Tuition at Certain Academic Institutions

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has partnered with a number of colleges and universities to provide current Federal employees (and in some cases their spouses and dependents) with the opportunity to pursue degrees at reduced tuition rates. To learn more, please visit here for the most current information.


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  1. Employee Developmental Assignment Program :: U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving

    Employee Developmental Assignment Program The APG wide Employee Developmental Assignment Program will provide opportunities for employees to learn and gain experience in different...

  2. Local Developmental Assignment Program (LDAP) :: FORT CAMPBELL

    The Fort Campbell US Army Garrison (USAG) Local Developmental Assignment Program (LDAP) provides multifunctional training assignments to broaden employee experience, prepares participants for...

  3. Career/Developmental Programs and Local Trainings :: US ARMY GARRISON DAEGU

    The Developmental Assignment Program (DAP), for junior- and mid-level employees, provides multifunctional training and assignments that strengthen the experience of junior and mid-level...

  4. Developmental assignments help grow workforce skills

    Developmental assignments allow participants to tackle something new and complex, she explained, such as assuming unfamiliar responsibilities, initiating a new program, developing metrics or...

  5. PDF DA TRADOC Enterprise Leader Development Program (ELDP)

    The ELDP provides a centrally funded and managed training program to develop Civilian leaders able to lead and manage change, think strategically, and represent the Army across organizations....

  6. Local Developmental Assignment Program (LDAP) Frequently Asked

    What is the Local Developmental Assignment Program (LDAP)? The LDAP is a short term assignment, NTE 90 days, where the employee works at another organization to gain practical knowledge,...

  7. A-'DAP'-ting fosters professional development

    The DAP is designed to support functional and leadership training, which is one of the essential pillars of Installation Management Command's Service Culture Campaign: Leader Development.

  8. Workforce Development :: US ARMY GARRISON DAEGU

    Directorate of Human Resources (DHR) Workforce Development Workforce Development The USAG Daegu Workforce Development program is designed to provide systematic and coordinated learning...

  9. FY23 Job Shadowing (JSP), Local Developmental Assignment Program (LDAP

    Job Shadowing (JSP), Local Developmental Assignment Program (LDAP), and Garrison Mentoring Program (GMP) Application . 3 . Immediate Supervisor Recommendation: Describe why you are recommending this applicant for the selected program, what are your expectations of the employee upon completion of this program, and how your organization will

  10. PDF U.S. Army Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Guide

    Individual career development † 3-6, page 18 Assignment-making decision process † 3-7, page 19 Broadening assignments (overview) † 3-8, page 20 Promotions (overview) † 3-9, page 21 Centralized selection list process † 3-10, page 21 Chapter 4 Infantry (Career Military Field 11) Career Progression Plan, page 22 Duties † 4 ...

  11. IMCOM offers staff developmental opportunities worldwide

    IMCOM recently launched its Developmental Assignment Opportunity Portal to serve as a centralized repository of featured developmental opportunities, which provide eligible employees with the...

  12. Fort Moore grows civilians through workforce development program

    FORT MOORE, Ga. - Ten garrison Department of the Army civilian employees from various directorates embarked on a 90-day journey Jan. 16 to learn new essential career skills through the...

  13. G-1/4 Intern Program

    The Army Career Development Program (ACDP) (formally known as the "ACTEDS Intern Program) is a program focused on providing an Army Civilian Corps succession tool targeted on recruiting and developing a pipeline of future Army leaders, rather than the Army entry level accession tool of the past. ... Volunteer work assignments typically have a ...

  14. ACT

    ACT is the Army's Enterprise IT solution for Leader Development and the Total Army Sponsorship Program (TASP). ACT significantly changes the way Training, Education, Self -Development and Experiential Learning support is provided to the Army, while providing the Sponsorship solution for the transition of Soldiers and Families to their new duty assignment.

  15. PDF AMEDD Civilian Corps News

    The Developmental Assignment Program is intended to promote the use of Developmental / Career Broadening opportunities in support of the 2022 Army People Strategy Civilian . Implementation Plan and Talent Management initiatives. The site provides Army Medicine . Civilian employees a place to search for developmental assignments that gives ...

  16. IMCOM Workforce Development programs boost career development

    The Developmental Assignment Program, (DAP), and the Headquarters Centralized Mentoring Program (HCMP) are accpeting applications soon from IMCOM employees seeking to expand their career...

  17. PDF Military Intelligence Branch 15 February 2023

    U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence is the sole waiver authority. (2) Key developmental assignments. All 35B assignments are KD for 35B majors. The following are KD assignments for Military Intelligence (35A) majors: (a) Brigade/Brigade Combat Team/SFAB/Regiment/Special Forces Group S2 (b) Battalion/Brigade/Special Forces group S3 or XO

  18. PDF Inspector General Edition November 2023

    The Department of the Army Inspector General (DAIG) Developmental Assignment program is a phenomenal opportunity worth exploring for all seasoned Civilians within the Inspector General (IG) Enterprise. I personally found my developmental assignment at DAIG's Hotline Office an amazing learning experience not only for professional growth, but ...

  19. TBCA

    TBCA allows officers attending the Captains Career Course (CCC) the opportunity to apply for their post Key-Developmental (KD) assignment, also known as an Assured Mid-Career Pathway (AMCP).

  20. Local Developmental Assignment Program (LDAP) Frequently Asked

    What is the Local Developmental Assignment Program (LDAP)? The LDAP is a short term assignment, NTE 90 days, where the employee works at another organization to gain practical knowledge,...

  21. Leader Development

    Leader development is your assignment progression over time. Leader development is counseling and mentoring. Leader development is something that TRADOC does - meaning it is synonymous with education. As defined in the Army Leader Development Strategy, leader development is, "A continuous, progressive process by which the synthesis of an ...

  22. Army Medical Department Civilian Corps

    Army Medicine ANNOUNCEMENTS & OPPORTUNITIES: AMEDD Civilian Corps Chief Townhall- Recording and Slides If you missed the town hall on 20 June 2023, you can see the recording here. (CAC Enabled)...


    The Army Congressional Fellowship Program is a 44-month program which includes pursuit of a Master's Degree in Legislative Affairs at George Washington University, service on the staff of a Member of Congress, and placement in a position on the Army Staff in a congressional-related duty position. ... The ATEC Developmental Assignment Program is ...

  24. IPPS-A Update: Learning, Account for the Army, PCS Absence, Manual, AOS

    IPPS-A is not only the Army's system of record for military human resources. ... How to Update Assignment History; 21 February 2024: Readiness Roster and Strength Analytics Queries (Bi-Analytics) ... real-time training and brush up on their IPPS-A skills. The feedback in these sessions has been critical to the program, and we encourage all to ...