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13 Best Apps That Allow To Take A Picture Of Homework And Get Answers Online

  • Tom Clayton
  • June 8, 2023

Are you feeling stuck with homework ?

Whether you’re struggling with a particularly difficult math problem or have an essay you don’t know how to complete, there are apps that can help.

Using these apps is as simple as snapping a picture of your homework and uploading it to the app. You can get an answer to that question you were struggling with instantly, along with step-wise explanations on finishing it!

Many of these apps focus on math problems, because it’s often a lot easier to develop an app that can recognize number problems and solve them than create an app that can understand complex questions on economics, physics, or other topics.

However, there are apps that focus on other subjects as well – as AI becomes more powerful, more will likely be developed.

Usually, these apps fall into one of two categories. Some apps use artificial intelligence and machine learning to process the question and provide an immediate answer, while other apps show your picture to human experts who provide the help you require.

Either way, these apps are incredibly helpful, regardless of what grade you are in. Let’s get into it.

1. Socratic by Google

2. microsoft math solver, 4. photomath, 5. cameramath.

  • 6. AI ANSWER App Math and Homework (Android/iOS)

7. Answer.AI

8. quizard ai, 9. math scanner – math solutions, 10. gauthmath.

  • 11. Mathway (Android/iOS)

12. Maple Calculator

13. symbolab, wrapping it up, best apps that allow to take a picture of homework and get answers online.

app to take picture of homework and get answers

Socratic is Google’s own homework and learning assistance app, powered by AI. It works for a wide range of subjects:

  • Math (algebra, geometry, calculus, and trigonometry)
  • Earth and environmental science
  • US and world history

It’s pretty cool. Once you download the app, all you have to do is scan your homework with the app.

Then, use the cropping tool to select the exact question you are having difficulty with. Google will analyze the question and bring results from top websites, including from university and educational websites.

The results include answers, explainers with graphs and illustrations (when applicable), YouTube videos exploring the subject, practice questions, and more!

When it comes to math, things get really cool. Just scan a math question and Google’s AI will analyze it.

It will determine the type of question it is and give you an explanation. For example, if you are solving a quadratic equation, it will give you a brief overview of the quadratic formula and then show you step-by-step workings on how to apply the quadratic formula to solve the equation.

The workings are color-coded to help you keep track of what is going on and broken down into steps, with working displayed for each step.

Sometimes, there will be multiple ways to solve an equation. For example, in the case of quadratic equations, Google will show you how to apply the quadratic formula and how to factor it.

app to take picture of homework and get answers

In addition to solving the specific question you inputted, it will also provide you with resources – videos, articles, and other explainers to help you learn more about quadratic equations or any other question.

Socratic by Google is available for both iOS and Android .

app to take picture of homework and get answers

Microsoft also has a helpful tool, called Microsoft Math Solver. While it doesn’t focus on any subjects other than math, it will be extremely helpful if you need help with math problems .

It doesn’t matter which area of math you are studying – it could be calculus, algebra, statistics, or any other topic. It uses an advanced AI tool that can recognize any question type and provide steps on solving it..

You can either type the question in manually or scan it with your camera, and the app will do the rest. Another really cool feature is the ability to draw the problems on the screen using your finger.

app to take picture of homework and get answers

In addition to explanations, you will get graphs (when applicable) that help you understand the problem graphically.

The built-in graphing calculator is very helpful as well. Graphing calculators can be pretty expensive, so why not use a free one on your phone?

In addition to all that, the app can show you additional results from the web. From video lectures by expert mathematicians to articles exploring similar problems, you can deepen your understanding of any math topic.

Besides, the app works in multiple languages, including Hindi, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and many others.

It’s not just for elementary-level math. It supports algebra, basic calculus, statistics, and more. You can even use it to solve word problems.

You can download Microsoft Math Solver on iOS and Android .

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app to take picture of homework and get answers

Brainly is a fantastic homework helper app that connects you with human helpers.

What makes Brainly unique is its large community of students, teachers, tutors, and professors who are readily available to answer your questions.

When you ask a question, other students or teachers will answer it. You can post a question not just on math but on many other subjects – AP exams, computers, engineering, world languages, chemistry, physics, social studies, and many more!

It is free to post a question, and you’ll usually get an answer quickly. You will get up to two answers with explanations from verified experts and star students.

There are also hundreds of questions already answered. Simply search the database on any topic – there’s a good chance the question has already been answered.

You don’t have to do any typing. Just scan your question – on any subject – with the app’s built-in camera.

app to take picture of homework and get answers

It will then extract the text from the question and scan the database for similar questions and answers. If none of the Q&As from the database satisfy you, you can post the question to the question board, and someone from the community will answer it before you know it.

Another amazing feature is the ability to ask a question using your microphone. The app will use voice recognition to search for an answer.

Brainly Tutor is a premium service that allows you to get answers and one-on-one help from verified tutors in math, biology, chemistry, or physics. When you ask a question, you will get detailed explanations.

You will then be able to ask followup questions – ask as many questions as you like! With Brainly Tutor, there is no limit to how many questions you can ask.

Note that you can still ask questions with the free version. However, you will have to wait until someone volunteers to answer, while Brainly Tutor subscribers get priority support.

Brainly also has a free service called Textbook Detective . Type in the textbook title or ISBN and you can get solutions to textbook problems on any level.

Right now, the only textbooks in the Textbook Detective database are only math textbooks, but they range from elementary-level math to college math.

The main reason I like Brainly so much is that you can get help from real people, both from instructors and from students who are doing the same course as you or who already completed it and got good marks, unlike other apps that rely entirely on AI.

The app is available on Android and iOS .

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app to take picture of homework and get answers

Photomath is another popular math solving app. It supports elementary math, calculus, trig, stats, algebra, word problems, and more.

To solve a homework question quickly, simply scan it with your phone camera. You can also manually input it.

Photomath was created by Damir Sabol, a dad who was struggling to help his kids with their math homework. He wanted to create an app that would help other parents in his position, and thus Photomath was born.

The app has been featured in major publications such as Forbes and USA Today.

When you scan a math problem, Photomath will analyze it and solve it, breaking down the solution into multiple steps that are easy to follow. When applicable, it will provide multiple ways to solve the equation – for quadratic equations, for example, it might show you how to factor, use the quadratic formula, use the PQ formula, and complete the square.

While Photomath is free to use, there is a premium version called Photomath Plus if you want to get even more detailed breakdowns of math problems and how to solve them.

app to take picture of homework and get answers

Photomath Plus will provide you with in-depth explanations of mathematical terms used in the step-by-step solutions, with additional examples that will help you understand the context.

Animated tutorials that combine visual and auditory learning is another useful feature of Photomath Plus. Plus users also get ready-made instructions for hundreds of math textbooks.

You can download the app on iOS and Android .

app to take picture of homework and get answers

CameraMath is a great app that will solve math questions you scan instantly, breaking them down into step-by-step solutions and providing graphs when applicable. I liked how you can click on “More Steps” to break a step down into additional steps.

While CameraMath is free, there is a premium version as well. The premium version gives you full access to the app and 24/7 access to live human tutors to answer your questions when the provided automatic explanations aren’t sufficient for you to understand the subject.

Download it on iOS or Android .

6. AI ANSWER App Math and Homework ( Android / iOS )

app to take picture of homework and get answers

AI ANSWER is a great app that I’ve used myself, with satisfactory results. It can be a bit slow sometimes, especially with math questions, but the results are good.

You can scan any question on any topic. Crop the specific question you want an answer for, and the AI will generate an answer.

For math questions, you will get an AI-generated answer as well, which will break down the question into several steps.

The app is free to use, but it does push the premium version (which removes ads and allows unlimited questions) a lot, which I found a bit annoying. It asks you to sign up for a free trial every time you open the app, and you have to click the back button to continue.

Other than that, though, it’s a decent app.

app to take picture of homework and get answers

Answer.AI is another powerful homework helper app powered by artificial intelligence. It works for numerous subjects, including math, history, English, biology, computers, SAT, and many others.

I like that it has different scan modes for general questions, math questions, and translation tasks.

I also loved how the answer is generated in a ChatGPT style format. You can maintain a dialogue with the chatbot answering your questions.

For example, you can ask the bot to explain the question a bit further or ask followup questions. That is impossible with a lot of other apps.

This is a great example of how AI chatbots can be used for education.

You can even tell the chatbot to write an essay about any topic, and it will do so.

When you scan a math question, the AI will explain what the question is and provide an explanation of the steps you need to solve it. For math questions, though, I prefer one of the tools focused entirely on math, as AI chatbots can sometimes be a bit repetitive, which can make understanding the solutions a bit more difficult.

One thing I didn’t like about Answer.AI is that you need to use points to ask questions. You can get free points by signing up, inviting friends, watching ads, and checking in every day. However, those free points will only get you so far.

For unlimited questions, you will have to upgrade to the premium version.

You can download the app on Android and iOS .

app to take picture of homework and get answers

Quizard AI is an AI-powered Android app that you can use to answer homework questions . It is powered by ChatGPT 3.5.

According to Quizard, it is best for fact-based questions and not for math questions , as it is not that good at math.

I like how upfront Quizard is about the limitations of ChatGPT and AI in general. For example, ChatGPT is limited to a database that goes up to 2021 but not further and may occasionally provide incorrect information, as it is not capable of differentiating between what is true and what is false.

You can scan open-ended questions or even multiple choice questions and get answers immediately.

Simply scan a question, and you will get an answer powered by ChatGPT.

Quizard is free to use, but there is a Pro version as well. The Pro version will give you related resources every time you ask a question – you don’t get that with the free version.

Subscribing to Pro will also remove ads and speed up the response time.

app to take picture of homework and get answers

Math Scanner is an app that you can use to scan math problems and get solutions. The app will display step-by-step solutions to the question, although I didn’t find it as useful as some of the other apps – it didn’t go into as much depth as I liked.

Alongside the answer, you can see related results from Google and YouTube, but they aren’t always relevant.

There is also a built-in math solver. It’s like a calculator, but better.

Start by selecting the type of math you need help with – finite math, linear algebra, statistics, etc. Then, use the provided calculator to input the question.

You will get an answer, and you can click on “Show Step” to display the steps required to solve it.

In the Learn Math section, you will find plenty of helpful resources and flashcards to help you expand your math knowledge.

Another good advantage of Math Scanner is that it has a community forum, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other students and mathematicians. Simply go to the Community tab and sign in to ask a question; you can also browse previously answered questions.

app to take picture of homework and get answers

Gauthmath is an AI calculator and tutor that can help you solve complex math problems in just a few seconds. Snap a picture of the question and the app will provide you with a solution, along with step-by-step instructions for solving it.

I found Gauthmath pretty unique. Like other AI math solvers, it will give you an AI-powered solution, complete with steps.

However, it also has a feature in which it will match you with a similar question that was already solved by a student. The question might be exactly the same or slightly different.

For example, when I searched for the solution for 2x^2 = x – 4 = 0, this is the matching equation I got: 2x^2 = x – 1 > 0. Pretty similar, right?

When I searched for another question, I actually got the same exact question. Both times, I was provided with pictures of handwritten results, including the steps the student took to solve the equation.

Gauthmath also has a one-on-one tutoring service, with pricing starting at just $0.50 per question.

Gauth Plus is the app’s premium service. It gives you access to unlimited solutions and a professional tutoring team ready to provide tutoring services, complete with audio and whiteboards.

11. Mathway ( Android / iOS )

app to take picture of homework and get answers

Mathway is an app that was created by Chegg. Chegg is a well-known study resource, Q&A, and tutoring site.

Its Mathway app provides AI-powered solutions to your math problems . Every step is broken down for you, and depending on the question, you can choose from multiple methods of solving the question.

I found that Mathway has more options for solving than other math apps. For example, when I snapped a picture of a quadratic equation I wanted it to solve, these were some of the solving methods I was asked to choose from:

  • Solve using the quadratic formula
  • Solve for x
  • Solve by factoring
  • Find the roots (zeros)
  • Find all complex solutions
  • Find the discriminant
  • Solve by completing the square
  • Find the sum and product of the roots of the quadratic equation

Sometimes, the various methods can be repetitive. At other times, they allow you to further understand different angles to a problem.

While Mathway is free to use, it will only provide the answer for free – if you want to see the step-by-step solutions, you will need to upgrade. That is why I still prefer other math apps, as most of them will provide the various steps for free.

app to take picture of homework and get answers

Maple is a powerful calculator and math solver. It was created by Maplesoft, and the app will provide you with guided solutions to problems, along with 2D and 3D graphs.

The graphing calculator is a nice addition – it is available offline as well, although most of the app’s features require an internet connection to work.

If you have Maple Learn, you can also send pictures of your handwritten notes to Maple Learn if your answer was wrong but you don’t understand which steps you got incorrect. Maple Learn is a unique kind of open learning canvas that incorporates all steps of your learning into one canvas.

You can drag and drop everything you’re working on to rearrange the canvas and browse the gallery of existing study documents. Maple Learn also makes it easy to share your work and notes with others.

However, you don’t need Maple Learn to use the Maple Calculator. Both are powered by the Maple Math engine.

You can download the app on Android or iOS .

app to take picture of homework and get answers

Symbolab is the last app we’ll be looking at. It’s a powerful app with hundreds of built-in math calculators – you can solve vectors, matrices, derivatives, and any other math problem .

Just scan a problem with the built-in camera, and you will get instant solutions, along with the steps needed to reach that solution.

Symbolab was created by an Israeli startup called EqsQuest. In 2020, it was purchased by Course Hero.

You can download it on Android and Maple Calculator .

All of these apps are incredible. However, I’d advise a word of caution for the AI-driven and ChatGPT-powered apps – AI isn’t always reliable.

It can’t determine what is true and what is not; it simply regurgitates information from the internet. Therefore, if possible, use an app that provides sources or references when searching for the answer to a question.

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app to take picture of homework and get answers

Tom loves to write on technology, e-commerce & internet marketing. I started my first e-commerce company in college, designing and selling t-shirts for my campus bar crawl using print-on-demand. Having successfully established multiple 6 & 7-figure e-commerce businesses (in women’s fashion and hiking gear), I think I can share a tip or 2 to help you succeed.

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app to take picture of homework and get answers

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app to take picture of homework and get answers

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You may feel like the only one who’s confused, but you’re not alone. Every single month Photomath helps millions of learners understand their math.

app to take picture of homework and get answers

Math, explained.

For elementary through college..

Elementary math


Build your math mind

Math from all angles: Photomath for different learning styles

Math from all angles: Photomath for different learning styles

Study Tips to Find Your Focus and Ace Your Next Math Test

Study Tips to Find Your Focus and Ace Your Next Math Test

Overcoming Math Anxiety: How to Conquer Fear & Build Confidence

Overcoming Math Anxiety: How to Conquer Fear & Build Confidence

How Photomath Helps with More than Just Homework

How Photomath Helps with More than Just Homework

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app to take picture of homework and get answers

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app to take picture of homework and get answers

7 Apps That Can Do Your Homework Much Faster Than You

7 Apps That Will Do Your Homework For You

In the field of educational technology, some apps might be getting too smart.

More and more apps are delivering on-demand homework help to students, who can easily re-purpose the learning tools to obtain not just assistance, but also answers. Whether or not that’s cheating—and how to stop it—is one of the concerns surrounding a new app that can solve math equations with the snap of a camera . While the software has inspired teachers to create real-world homework problems that can’t be automatically solved , that strategy doesn’t hold up to other apps that tap into real-life brains for solutions.

Here’s a look at 7 apps that can do your homework for you, and what they have to say about cheating:

Price : Free Availability : iOS, Android app coming in early 2015

The new, seemingly magic app allows users to take pictures of typed equations, and then outputs a step-by-step solution. As of Wednesday, the app is the number one free app on the App Store. But the biggest issue, one teacher argues , isn’t if students will use the app to cheat, because many will. Rather, it’s about how teachers will adapt. A PhotoMath spokeswoman said educators have welcomed the app with positive reviews, but the software remains “quite controversial.”

“We didn’t develop PhotoMath as a cheating tool. We really wanted kids to learn,” said Tijana Zganec, a sales and marketing associate at tech company MicroBlink, which created PhotoMath. “If you want to cheat, you will find a way to cheat. But if you want to learn, you can use PhotoMath for that.”

Whether you’re a high schooler with eight periods of classes or a college student tackling dozens of credits, there’s one thing you’ve got for sure: a mess of assignments. iHomework can help you keep track of all your work, slicing and dicing it in a variety of ways. Sorting it by due date, week, month, or by course, the app is more organized than a Trapper Keeper. And in integrating data from Questia, you can link your reading material to your assignments so you don’t have to dig through a pile of papers to find the right information.

A scheduling feature can help you keep track of those random bi-weekly Thursday labs, and you can even mark the location of your courses on a map so you don’t end up on the wrong side of campus. And finally, with iCloud syncing, you can access all this information on whatever Apple-compatible device you’re using at the moment — no need to dig for your iPad.

Google Apps for Education

Taking the search giant’s suite of free browser-based apps and sandboxing them so they are safe for school use, Google Apps for Education is an excellent alternative to the mainstream installable productivity software, but this one has a perk that almost school board will love—it’s free. Packaging together favorites like Gmail, Hangouts, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Drive with Classroom, a digital hub for organizing assignments and sending feedback, the goal of this collection is to make learning a more collaborative process.

Though Google Apps for Education is cloud-hosted, the programs can be used offline, ideal for when your student needs to escape the internet and work distraction-free. And since it works on any device, it also helps students avoid buying overly expensive hardware. That means more money for extracurricular activities.

Price: Free, but some homework services require payment Availability: iOS and Android

HwPic is a tutoring service that allows students to take send pictures of their homework to tutors, who will then respond within minutes to your questions with a step-by-step solution. There’s even an option to expedite the answers if a student is in a hurry. HwPic Co-Founder Tiklat Issa said that the app was initially rejected by Apple’s App Store, which believed it would promote cheating, but he successfully argued that just because someone uses the app in a way that it’s not meant to be used doesn’t mean the app should be punished.

Issa added that HwPic prohibits cheating in its terms and conditions. Tutors don’t solve homework that has words like “Quiz” or “Exam,” and they often know if a student is sending a photo during a test if they’ve paid for expedited answers, and if the photo is dim, blurry and taken under a desk. “We’ve minimized cheating,” said Issa. “We haven’t eliminated it. That’s kind of unrealistic.”

Wolfram Alpha

Price : $2.99 Availability : iOS and Android

Wolfram Alpha is similar to PhotoMath, only that it targets older students studying high levels of math and doesn’t support photos. The service also outputs step-by-step solutions to topics as advanced as vector calculus and differential equations, making it a popular tool for college students.

“It’s cheating not doing computer-based math, because we’re cheating students out of real conceptual understanding and an ability to drive much further forward in the math they can do, to cover much more conceptual ground. And in turn, that’s cheating our economies,” said Conrad Wolfram, Wolfram Research’s Director of Strategic Development, in a TEDx Talk . “People talk about the knowledge economy. I think we’re moving forward to what we’re calling the computational knowledge economy.”

Homework Helper

Price: Free Availability: iOS and Android

Chinese Internet search company Baidu launched an app called Homework Helper this year with which students can crowdsource help or answers to homework. Users post a picture or type their homework questions onto online forums, and those who answer the questions can win e-coins that can be used to buy electronics like iPhones and laptops.

The app has logged 5 million downloads, much to the dismay of many some parents who argue that the students spend less time thinking about challenging problems. A Homework Helper staffer admitted to Quartz , “I think this is a kind of cheating.”

Price: Free, but some homework services require payment Availability: iOS

Slader is a crowdsourcing app for high school and college students to post and answer questions in math and science. While students can post original homework for help, many questions in popular textbooks have already been answered on the app, according to Fast Company . An Illinois high school said earlier this year that it suspected students were using the service to cheat on their math homework.

Slader argues that it’s “challenging traditional ideas about math and education,” and said that the ideas behind its app “aren’t a write-off to teachers,” according to its blog . Slader told San Francisco media outlet KQED that it shouldn’t be dismissed as a cheating tool, but rather considered a way for students to access real-time help.

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Take a Picture of Your Homework And Get Answers Apps

5 Take a Picture of Your Homework And Get Answers Apps (2024)

Are you tired of spending a long time doing math homework and seeking answers through visual aids or craving for fast answers?

If so, these take a picture of your homework and Get Answers apps are an excellent solution for you.

Almost every student faces the struggle with solving the homework and wants fast answers. 

These applications serve as time-saving tools, providing solutions to their questions within a few minutes.

These applications come with advanced features to scan the picture and provide the answer to users accordingly.

Although there are numerous such kinds of applications available on the Google Play Store, finding the right one is a great struggle.

But no fear, after spending a long time I have compiled the following list for you that contains top apps that help you to obtain answers simply by uploading photos.

Table of Contents

List of the Take a Picture of Your Homework And Get Answers Apps

Microsoft math solver, mathway: scan & solve problems, symbolab: math problem solver, maple calculator: math solver .

If you are tired of solving complex math problems and looking for someone who helps you then, download the Microsoft math solver app and keep the solution to every complex problem in your pocket. 

Overview of the App 

Microsoft Math Solver app helps you to find out the solution to complex and long problems in an easy way. 

This app also includes camera support. You have to upload a picture of any question and after analyzing it will provide you with a detailed step-by-step solution.

This app also helps you to solve graphical problems and provides you with step-by-step explanations of the graphs.

The best app if you want to achieve high scores in mathematical exams.

Highlighted Features 

  • Calculators: This app provides you with different types of advanced calculators
  • Daily Quizzes: Provide you with daily quizzes to sharpen your mind in math
  • Format: It provides you with solutions in text or video formats
  • Desktop Version: The desktop version of this app is also available
  • Best: One of the best take a picture of your homework and get answers Apps
  • Accuracy: Provide you with accurate solutions and methods
  • Price: A free application
  • AI Image: The app includes an advanced AI image recognition system

Download Link

Click to download the Microsoft Math Solver App.

The Photomath app helps solve mathematical sums but the only disadvantage of this app is that it often asks you to buy a premium subscription. Otherwise, the app is fabulous.

This app includes a system that can solve any type of mathematical question and provide you with genuine solutions.

It has more than 100M active users and a 4.6-star rating on the Google Play Store.

This application is serving good quality work to the users that’s why it has a large number of users. 

Hence, it is one of the best to take a picture of your homework and get answers apps.

The interface of this app is highly student-friendly, and neat, and provides you with a lot of options.

It also provides you definitions of different terms along with examples to increase your understanding level.

Download the app now and keep the math solutions at your fingertips.

  • Animated Explanation: The app provides you with explanations in animated form to make learning more advanced for you
  • Algebraic: The app helps you to find the solutions to algebraic equations in a very convenient way
  • Video Lectures: Provide you with video lecture recordings by professionals
  • Scientific Calculator: Provide you with a scientific calculator that shows you accurate results
  • Multiple Methods: Provide you with multiple methods to solve different questions
  • Trigonometry: Help you to deal with trigonometric equations
  • Calculus: Also helpful for the calculus solution-finding practice

Click to download the Photomath App.

Learn math step by step with the Mathway: Scan & Solve Problems app and become an expert in math question-solving.

Overview of the App

Mathway: Scan & Solve Problem app opens the door of unlimited solutions for you and provides you with complete guidance to solve the different math questions.

If you find solving math problems difficult with the complex methods of your math teacher and looking for a person who taught you these in an easy-to-understand way with detailed explanation. 

I highly recommend you download this app.

It will fulfill your need to hire a math tutor and provide all the same services free of cost.

The app has a 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store.

  • Math and Physics: The app allows you to solve math and physics equations
  • Easy Methods: Provide you with easy methods with step-by-step solutions
  • Mathematical Operations: Helpful for solving almost all types of mathematical operations
  • Unlimited Solutions: This allows you to find the solutions to the questions without any limit.
  • Compatibility: The app is usable on Android 8.0 and up versions

Click to download the Mathway: Scan & Solve Problems.

Do you have to prepare for the urgent math test and have no knowledge of each question? Download the Symbolab: Math Problem Solver to be the master of math.

Whether you like math or not, this application helps you to speed up the question-solving process. In this way, you can cover more questions in less time without any extraordinary mind.

Math sums don’t require rocket science to solve. You can solve them with basic knowledge or an understanding of the methods. 

And with the right app both these are possible.

This app is a power pack for solving almost all kinds of math questions starting from the basic to advanced level.

So, don’t need to be worried about your test, download the app and surprise your teacher.

The app has achieved the satisfaction of a large number of students and is also trying to bring new features that will surely be helpful.

  • Different Problems: The app can solve different types of mathematical problems
  • Instant Results: This app provides you with instant results for each problem
  • Compatible: Compatible with phone, Chromebook, and tablet
  • Algebraic Equations: Also make algebraic equations easy to understand for you

Click to download the Symbolab: Math Problem Solver App.

Want a math app that helps you perform different calculations and find the solution to questions in one to three minutes? 

Then, Maple Calculator: Math Solver is a good option for you.

Maple Calculator: Math Solver app is basically, a math solver calculator that allows you to perform calculations in a few minutes and removes the need for a physical calculator.

This app allows you to solve a lot of difficult math equations and exams just by scanning them. Algebraic equation solutions.

The app can perform the basics to advance calculations. And provides you with accurate results.

Due to its advanced features, I have included it in the list of take a picture of your homework and get answers apps and advise you to take advantage.

So you don’t need to spend the money on the calculator, go and download the app by clicking on the link given below and save your money.

  • Detailed Solutions: The app provides you with detailed solutions to the questions you have provided
  • Games: It also provides you with puzzle games that you can play when you want to take a break and refresh your mind
  • Interface: The app provides you with the Seamless interface
  • Matrices: The application also allows you to find the solution of matrices and calculus questions

Click to download the Maple Calculator: Math Solver App.

Comparison Table for the Take a Picture of Your Homework And Get Answers Apps

Is there any free take a picture of your homework and get answers app.

Yes, there are a lot of free apps that allow you to solve math questions in a comfortable and stress-free environment including Photomath, and Microsoft Math Solver. They don’t require any extra efficient knowledge to operate. 

Is there any privacy issue with using the take a picture of your homework and get answers apps?

According to my experience, there is no privacy issue with using these applications instead they provide you great ease to solve unlimited questions. 

It is helpful for teachers or students to speed up the process and solve more questions in less time.

How to choose the best, take a picture of your homework, and get answers apps?

To choose the best app you have to glance at these things

1. Check the reviews of the app present on the Google Play Store 2. Check the ratings of the apps present on the Google Play Store 3. Check the space required to download 4. Check whether the app is compatible with your Android device or not 5. Avoid using any third-party app to save yourself from future problems

These take a picture of your homework and get answers apps provide you with detailed explanations regarding each step for solving any particular problem.

They have a lot of advantages and reduce the need for a math teacher. 

If you find any math question difficult you just have to click the image and upload it to any of these 5 apps and it will provide you fast results.

I have covered the detailed overview, features, reviews, ratings, and download links of each app that will be helpful for you to make any decision.

Try to use all these applications to check which one is suitable for you. All these offer a beautiful interface with a decent color selection.

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This app doesn't just do your homework for you, it shows you how

By Paul Miller

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app to take picture of homework and get answers

A little confession from me. I was homeschooled (that's not the confession part), and in 8th grade my algebra textbook had the answers to half the problems in the back. And when I was stumped, I would cheat.

Sorry, mom!

Of course, cheating at math is a terrible way to learn, because the whole point isn't to know the answer to 2x + 2 = 7x - 5, it's to understand the methodology that can solve any like problem.

But what if you could cheat at your homework and learn? That seems to be the premise behind app called Socratic . Or at least that's my takeaway. The app lets you take a picture of a problem (you can also type it in, but that's a little laborious), and it'll not only give you an answer, but the steps necessary to to arrive at that answer — and even detailed explanations of the steps and concepts if you need them.

The app is actually designed to answer any kind of school question — science, history, etc. — but the math thing is the slickest part. For other kinds of questions, Socratic kind of does a bit of Googling, and in my experience can typically find similar word problems on the wide internet, or from its own database of answers. On about half the middle school science problems I tried, the app was able to identify the topic at question and show me additional resources about the concepts involved, but for others it was no more powerful than a simple web search.

But for algebra this thing is sick. I pointed it at 2x + 2 = 7x - 5, which I wrote down at random, and it gave me a 10 step process that results in x = 7/5. It has trouble with word problems, but if you can write down a word problem in math notation it shouldn't be an issue. I also tried it on a weird fraction from an AP algebra exam, which it kind of failed at, but then I swiped over and it was showing me this graph, which included the correct answer:

app to take picture of homework and get answers

I love this app, not just because it would've helped 8th grade Paul out of a jam, but because it's such a computery use of computers. You use the tiny computer in your pocket to be basically smarter than you already are. It's technology that augments a human brain, not just a distraction.

The creator of Socratic just open sourced its step-by-step solver , called mathsteps. There are a lot of computer-based algebra solvers out there, but for Socratic they had to do some extra engineering to get at the steps a human would need to solve the same problem.

Also, I'd be remiss not to mention Photomath , which has been doing this since 2014, and actually has step-by-step explanations in the recently released Photomath+ paid version (there's a free trial). I like the Socratic interface and explanations a bit better, but I'm glad to see this is a vibrant market.

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Openai introduces sora, its text-to-video ai model, the shine comes off the vision pro, lego’s new snow white and the seven dwarfs set comes with a teensy controversy, wyze cameras let some owners see into a stranger’s home — again.

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Choose Your Test

Sat / act prep online guides and tips, the 5 best homework help apps you can use.

author image

General Education


We know that homework can be a real drag. It’s time-consuming, and can be difficult to complete all on your own. So, what can you do if you’re struggling?

You might try looking online or in the app store! If you’ve already looked around you probably know that there are tons of homework sites for students and homework apps out there that all say they can help you improve your grades and pass your classes. But, can you trust them? And what are the best apps for homework help?

Below, we answer these questions and more about homework help apps–free and paid . We’ll go over: 

  • The basics of homework help apps
  • The cost of homework help apps
  • The five best apps for homework help 
  • The pros and cons of using apps that help you with homework 
  • The line between “learning” and “cheating” when using apps that help you with homework
  • Tips for getting the most out of homework sites for students 

So let’s jump in!


The Basics About Apps that Help You With Homework–Free and Paid

The bottom line is, homework sites and homework apps are intended to help you complete your take-home assignments successfully. They provide assistance that ranges from answering questions you submit through a portal all the way to one-on-one tutoring, depending on the help you need! 

The big plus for both homework help apps and websites is that they usually offer help on-demand. So if you can’t make it to after school tutoring, or if you're studying late into the night (it happens!), you can still access the help you need! 

If you’re specifically looking for an answer to the question: “what is the best homework help website ?,” you can check out our article on those here! [LINK COMING SOON]

What’s the Difference Between a Homework Help Website and an App?

So if they’re both designed to give you a little boost with your take-home assignments, what makes homework apps and websites different from one another? First off, homework help websites are optimized to be used on a desktop, while apps are designed to be run natively on mobile devices. So depending on which devices you have access to, you may decide to use a website instead of an app…or vice versa! 

The other big difference between homework help apps and websites is that they sometimes offer different features. For instance, with the Photomath app, you’ll be able to submit photos of math problems instead of having to type everything out, which is easier to do by using an app on your phone. 

If you’re trying to decide whether to go with a website or app, the good news is that you may not have to. Some homework help websites also have companion apps, so you can have the best of both worlds!

What Makes a Homework Help App Worth Using

Apps that help you with homework should ideally help you actually learn the material you’re struggling with, and/or help you turn in your work on time. Most of the best apps for homework help allow you to ask questions and provide answers and explanations almost immediately. And like we mentioned earlier, many of these apps let you send a picture of a question or problem instead of writing it all out.

But homework help apps offer more than just quick answers and explanations for your assignment questions. They also offer things like educational videos, lectures, tutorials, practice tests and quizzes, math solving tools, proofreading services, and even Q&A with experts.

And the best part is, most offer these services 24/7! 

What You Should Look Out For

When it comes to homework help, there are lots–and we mean lots –of apps willing to prey on desperate students. Before you download any apps (and especially before you pay to sign up for any services), read reviews of the app to ensure you’re working with a legitimate company. 

Keep in mind: the more a company advertises help that seems like cheating, the more likely it is to be a scam. Actual subject matter experts aren’t likely to work with those companies. Remember, the best apps for homework help are going to help you learn the concepts needed to successfully complete your homework on your own. 

If you’re not sure if an app is legitimate, you can also check to see if the app has an honor code about using their services ethically , like this one from Brainly. (We’ll go over the difference between “homework help” and “cheating” in more detail a little later!) 

How Expensive Are Apps That Help You With Homework?

A word to the wise: just because a homework help app costs money doesn’t mean it’s a good service. And, just because a homework help app is free doesn’t mean the help isn’t high quality. To find the best apps, you have to take a close look at the quality and types of information they provide! 

Most of the apps out there allow you to download them for free, and provide at least some free services–such as a couple of free questions and answers. Additional services or subscriptions are then charged as in-app purchases. When it comes to in-app purchases and subscriptions for homework help, the prices vary depending on the amount of services you want to subscribe to. Subscriptions can cost anywhere from $2 to around $60 dollars per month, with the most expensive app subscriptions including some tutoring (which is usually only available through homework help websites.)


The 5 Best Apps for Homework Help

Okay, now that you’re up to speed on what these apps are and how they can help you, we’ll run you through the best five apps you can use. 

Keep in mind that even though we recommend all of these apps, they tend to excel at different things. We’ve broken these apps into categories so that you can pick the best one for your needs! 

Best Free Homework Help App: Khan Academy

  • Price: Free!
  • Best for: Practicing tough material 

While there are lots of free homework help apps out there, this is our favorite because it actually supports learning, rather than just providing answers. The Khan Academy app works like the website, and offers the same services. It’s full of information and can be personalized to suit your educational needs. 

After you download the app, you choose which courses you need to study, and Khan Academy sets up a personal dashboard of instructional videos, practice exercises, and quizzes –with both correct and incorrect answer explanations–so you can learn at your own pace. 

As an added bonus, it covers more course topics than many other homework help apps, including several AP classes.

Best Paid Homework Help App: Brainly

  • Price: $18 for a 6 month subscription, $24 for a year 
  • Best for: 24/7 homework assistance 

Brainly is free to download and allows you to type in questions (or snap a pic) and get answers and explanations from both fellow students and teachers. Plus, subject matter experts and moderators verify answers daily, so you know you’re getting quality solutions! The downside is that you’re limited to two free answers per question and have to watch ads for more if you don’t pay for a subscription. 

That said, their subscription fees average around only $2 per month, making this a particularly affordable option if you’re looking for homework help on a budget. Brainly subscriptions not only cover unlimited answers and explanations on a wide variety of school subjects (including Art and World Languages which aren’t always included in other apps), they also provide tutoring in Math and Physics!


Best App for Math Homework Help: Photomath

  • Price: Free (or up to $59.99 per year for premium services) 
  • Best for: Explaining solutions to math problems

This app allows you to take a picture of a math problem, and instantly pulls up a step-by-step solution, as well as a detailed explanation of the concept. Photomath subscription services also include animated videos that break down mathematical concepts–all the way up to advanced Calculus!--to help you better understand and remember them. 

The basic textbook solution service is free, but for an additional fee you can get extra study tools, access to one-on-one tutoring, and additional strategies for solving common math problems.

Best App for STEM and English Homework Help: Studypool

  • Price: Varies; you’ll pay for each question you submit
  • Best for: Science and English homework help in one app

When it comes to apps for science and English homework help, there aren’t lots of great resources out there, much less out there all in one place. While Grammarly is a good service for proofreading, SparkNotes has some decent summaries, and Khan Academy covers science, the best of the bunch if you need help with both subjects Studypool. Instead of using lots of different apps for STEM and English help, they’re combined together here! But while Studypool has great reviews, there are some downsides as well. 

The Studypool Q&A model is a little different than other homework help apps. After you create a free account, you ask questions, and tutors submit bids to answer them. You’ll be able to select the tutor–and price point–that works for you, then you’ll pay to have your homework question answered. You can also pay a small fee to access thousands of notes, lectures, and other documents that top tutors have uploaded.  

The downside to Studypool is that the pricing is not transparent . There’s no way to plan for how much your homework help will cost, especially if you have lots of questions! It’s also not clear how they choose their tutors, so you’ll need to be careful when you decide who you’d like to answer your homework questions. That said, if you only need a few questions answered per month, this could be cheaper than other monthly subscription services.

Best Homework Scheduling App: MyStudyLife

  • Best for: Keeping track of your schedule and deadlines

If the reason you’re looking for homework help is less about finding answers to questions and more about needing assistance with organization and time-management , MyStudyLife is a great option. This is a cross-platform planner that allows you to store your class schedule, upcoming tests, and homework assignments in the cloud so you can access it all wherever you are, and on any device. 

One of the unique things about it is that it easily works for daily or weekly rotating class schedules that can get confusing, helping you keep track of when you need to finish your homework based on your changing schedule. You can get reminders for upcoming classes and assignments as well as past-due homework and any revisions you may need to do. It can even let you know when you need to start studying for a big test!

Best of all, you can actually schedule assignments and study sessions for multiple nights, and specify how much of the task you got done each night. That way you’ll know how much additional time you’ll need to spend! 


While homework apps might seem like magic, it's important to weigh the pros and cons before you commit to one. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Homework Help Apps?

Homework help apps can be useful tools if you’re struggling in any of your classes. But there are a few problems you might run into if you don’t use them ethically and responsibly. 

Below we’ll cover some of the good and the not-so-good parts of using homework help apps to complete your take-home assignments.

3 Pros of Using Homework Help Apps

Let’s start with the pros of using apps for homework help.

Pro 1: All-Around Better Grades

This is undeniably the main pro and the reason apps that help you with homework are so popular with students. Not only can you potentially get better grades on individual assignments, because they help you learn tricky concepts, you can also earn better grades overall .

Just keep in mind that if you want better grades you have to actually learn the material you’re studying, not just find easy answers. So be sure to use apps that provide good explanations . That way you’ll have the mental tools you need to succeed on your class exams and on standardized tests for college. 

Pro 2: Flexibility

It’s hard to beat homework help that you can access anywhere you are from your mobile device. You can also get assistance whenever you need it since the best apps offer their services 24/7. This is especially useful for students who need to study during hours when their free school resources aren’t available because of extracurriculars, jobs, or family obligations. 

If you need convenient and flexible homework help or tutoring services to fit your schedule, apps can be your go-to resource. 

Pro 3: Individualized Learning

Sometimes the kind of learner you are doesn’t match your teacher’s style of teaching. Or maybe the pace of a class is a little too fast or too slow for your tastes. Homework apps can help by allowing you to learn at your own speed and in ways that support your own learning style. 

You can use their features, such as educational videos, 24/7 conversations with experts and peers, and tutorials to review concepts you may have forgotten. These apps can also let you dive deeper into topics or subjects you enjoy! With homework help apps, you get to choose what you need to learn and how you learn it.


3 Cons of Using Homework Help Apps

Next, let’s look at the cons of homework help apps. 

Con 1: Questionable Info 

Unfortunately there are lots of less-than-reliable homework help apps out there. They might not hire actual experts in their fields to provide answers and create study tools, or they rely on user-submitted answers that they don’t verify. In those cases, you might not be getting the accurate, thorough, and up-to-date answers you need to really learn.

In addition to the possibility of running into plain-old wrong answers, even the best apps sometimes just won’t have a specific answer you need. This could be because you’re enrolled in an advanced class the app doesn’t really cover or because of the algorithm or chatbot a particular app uses. 

If that’s the case , your best bet will likely be to talk to your teacher or a free tutor (if your school provides them) to get help answering your question.

Con 2: Information Overload

While having tons of information at your fingertips can be helpful, the sheer amount and variety of videos, tutorials, expert answers, and resources a homework app provides can be overwhelming . It’s also easy to get sucked into a research rabbit-hole where you learn new things but don’t actually get your work done. This is especially true for students who tend to be easily distracted.

Additionally, you may be learning to do things differently than you’ve learned them in class , which could cause problems. For example, if your math teacher asks you to solve a problem one way, but you learned to do it differently through an app, you could get confused come test time! 

Con 3: Cutting Corners

There are a lot of apps out there that bill themselves as “the best app for cheating.” They allow users to type in a question or take a picture, then instantly provide an answer without any explanation of the material. Many of these are scams or provide unreliable answers, but not all. Some apps are legitimate and provide quick and easy answers that could allow you to do your whole homework assignment in minutes. 

The problem is that even though taking shortcuts on homework to save time is tempting, it can keep you from really learning. The point of practicing concepts and skills is so you develop them and can access them whenever you need to. This is especially true if skills build on one another, like in a math or English class. 

Sometimes s truggling with an assignment or question, trying, failing, then trying again until you succeed can help you learn difficult material. If you don’t let yourself really try, and instead take too many shortcuts, you may end up behind.


When Does “Help” Become “Cheating”?

When it comes to using homework help apps, sometimes the difference between “help” and “cheating” is really clear. For example, if you’re using an app to get answers while you’re taking a test, that’s definitely cheating . But what if you’re struggling with a math problem and need to know the correct answer so you can work backwards to learn the process? Is that “cheating” or is it “help?” 

The truth is, not everyone agrees on when “help” crosses the line into “cheating .” If you’re not sure, you can always check with your teacher to see what they think about a particular type of help you want to get. That said, a general rule of thumb to keep in mind is to make sure that the assignment you turn in for credit is authentically yours . It needs to demonstrate your own thoughts and your own current abilities. Remember: the point of every homework assignment is to 1) help you learn something, and 2) show what you’ve learned. 

So if you’re relying on an app to do all of the work for you, there’s a good chance using it might constitute cheating. 

Think of it this way: say you’re studying for an upcoming math test, and are stumped by a few of the questions on the study guide. Even though you’ve tried and tried, you can’t seem to get the right answer because you can’t remember the steps to take. Using an app to explain the steps as you’re studying is “help.” Using the app to get answers so you can make a good homework grade is “cheating.” 

The same is true for other subjects: brainstorming essay ideas with others or looking online for inspiration is “help” as long as you write the essay yourself. Having someone read it and give you feedback about what you need to change is also “help,” provided you’re the one that makes the changes later. 

But copying all or part of an essay you find online or having someone write (or rewrite) the whole thing for you would be “cheating.” Ultimately, if you’re not generating your own work or learning to produce your own answers, it’s probably cheating. 


5 Tips for Finding the Best Homework Help App for You

If you’re serious about using a homework help app, our expert tips can help you pick one that’s right for you and your budget!

#1: Decide What Tools You Need to Succeed 

While most apps offer Q&A services, the best apps provide study tools to help you learn the material you need to learn . 

For instance, if you’re a visual learner, you might need an app that provides lots of videos. If you learn best by reading, an app that provides lots of in-depth written resources might be better for you. Or, if you learn best by actually doing things, look for an app that provides practice tests and quizzes, along with explanations for correct and incorrect answers.

Before committing to an app, take a quick survey of the tools they offer users to make sure they meet your unique learning needs. 

#2: Decide Which Subjects You Need to Study

Not all homework apps are created equal. One might provide tutoring in math and science, but no proofreading services to help you with writing. Another might be perfect for American History, but what you really need help with is your Spanish class. So, before you can decide which app is best for you, make sure to create a list of the subjects you need the most help in.

#3: Do Your Research

As we’ve said before, there are tons of homework apps in the app store to choose from, and the most important thing you can do is research what they offer students. Services, prices for those services, and subjects that the apps cover all vary, so it’s important that you look into your options. We’ve compiled our all-around favorite (and reliable) apps here, but it’s still a good idea to do your own research to find out what might meet your individual needs best.


#4: Learn Why People Like and Dislike the App

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “buyer beware?” It means that the person buying something should check for quality before actually handing over their money. This applies to both free and paid homework apps, but especially those that actually cost money.

Before you download anything, be sure to read the user reviews . While all apps will have both positive and negative reviews, you want to look for one that has more positive than negative. And if you’re considering paying for a service, be sure that users think it’s worth the price overall!

#5: Budget Yourself

If you find a paid app that provides the learning tools you need, covers the subjects you need to study, and that has good reviews overall, set a budget to pay for it before you hit that “install” button. The costs for paid homework apps vary, and especially if you’re using one that requires you to pay for individual questions or services, the prices can add up quickly. So make sure there’s money for it in your budget before you commit!


What’s Next?

If you’re not quite sure why you’re struggling with homework, or want to know how you can do your homework as quickly as possible , check out this list of 15 expert homework tips and tricks to make your life a little bit easier! 

Effective studying requires the right balance of concentration, understanding, retention and rest. So if you need help striking that balance, read these 16 tips for better study habits i n both the short and long-term. 

Getting good grades is about more than just answering questions correctly on your assignments. It also requires planning ahead and participation. In this article we cover the academic survival strategies that can help you throughout high school .

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app to take picture of homework and get answers

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A No, because each student did not have an equal chance of being selected. 

B Yes, because each student had an equal chance of being selected. 

C No, because he did not sample every soccer player. 

D Yes, the minimum number of students sampled need to be four for it to be a simple random sample. 

The figure shows the graph of f. 

(b) Which of the cx-values A, B, C, D, E, F and G appear to be inflection points of f? 

The diagram shows two rectangles, A and B. 

All measurements are in centimetres. 

The area of rectangle A is equal to the area of rectangle B. 

Find an expression for y in terms of w. 

George's page contains twice as many typed words as Bill's page and Bill's page contains 50 fewer words than Charlie's page. If each person can type 60 words per minute, after one minute, the difference between twice the number of words on Bill's page and the number of words on Charlie's page is 210. How many words did Bill's page contain initially?

 Bill's page initially contained        words. 

Simplify 2sin(5x)cos(3x) - sin(2x) to one an expression containing one trigonometric function. Then graph the original function and your simplified version to verify they are identical. Enclose arguments of functions in parentheses. For example, sin(2x). 


A health psychologist was interested in the effects of vitamin supplements on the immune system. Three groups of adults were exposed (in a highly ethical way) to the cold virus; one group took no supplements for a week before exposure, another had vitamin C supplements, and a third had multivitamins (excluding C). The severity of the cold was measured as a percentage (0% = not contracted, 100% very severe symptoms). The psychologist also measured the number of cigarettes that each person smoked per day, as smoking suppresses the immune system. The psychologist was interested in the differences in the severity of the illnesses across different vitamin groups accounting for cigarette usage. What technique should be used to analyse these data? 

A. Two-way repeated-measures ANOVA 

B. Two-way independent ANOVA 

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Go with QuestionAI App, AI Powered Question Answering helper & Summarizer, instantly resolve all kinds of problems, summarize all kinds of texts and help to answer your questions with concise solution. Choice of more than 10 million users. A marvelous homework finisher!

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Question AI is accessible on both desktop and mobile. Question AI supports Windows and Mac systems as well as IOS and Android.

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Within seconds. Never doubt Question AI's speed.

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Question AI can give you a longer or shorter text, depending on your wishes.

  • Currently it is estmated that ultraviolet radiation is
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app to take picture of homework and get answers

Create a form in Word that users can complete or print

In Word, you can create a form that others can fill out and save or print.  To do this, you will start with baseline content in a document, potentially via a form template.  Then you can add content controls for elements such as check boxes, text boxes, date pickers, and drop-down lists. Optionally, these content controls can be linked to database information.  Following are the recommended action steps in sequence.  

Show the Developer tab

In Word, be sure you have the Developer tab displayed in the ribbon.  (See how here:  Show the developer tab .)

Open a template or a blank document on which to base the form

You can start with a template or just start from scratch with a blank document.

Start with a form template

Go to File > New .

In the  Search for online templates  field, type  Forms or the kind of form you want. Then press Enter .

In the displayed results, right-click any item, then select  Create. 

Start with a blank document 

Select Blank document .

Add content to the form

Go to the  Developer  tab Controls section where you can choose controls to add to your document or form. Hover over any icon therein to see what control type it represents. The various control types are described below. You can set properties on a control once it has been inserted.

To delete a content control, right-click it, then select Remove content control  in the pop-up menu. 

Note:  You can print a form that was created via content controls. However, the boxes around the content controls will not print.

Insert a text control

The rich text content control enables users to format text (e.g., bold, italic) and type multiple paragraphs. To limit these capabilities, use the plain text content control . 

Click or tap where you want to insert the control.

Rich text control button

To learn about setting specific properties on these controls, see Set or change properties for content controls .

Insert a picture control

A picture control is most often used for templates, but you can also add a picture control to a form.

Picture control button

Insert a building block control

Use a building block control  when you want users to choose a specific block of text. These are helpful when you need to add different boilerplate text depending on the document's specific purpose. You can create rich text content controls for each version of the boilerplate text, and then use a building block control as the container for the rich text content controls.

building block gallery control

Select Developer and content controls for the building block.

Developer tab showing content controls

Insert a combo box or a drop-down list

In a combo box, users can select from a list of choices that you provide or they can type in their own information. In a drop-down list, users can only select from the list of choices.

combo box button

Select the content control, and then select Properties .

To create a list of choices, select Add under Drop-Down List Properties .

Type a choice in Display Name , such as Yes , No , or Maybe .

Repeat this step until all of the choices are in the drop-down list.

Fill in any other properties that you want.

Note:  If you select the Contents cannot be edited check box, users won’t be able to click a choice.

Insert a date picker

Click or tap where you want to insert the date picker control.

Date picker button

Insert a check box

Click or tap where you want to insert the check box control.

Check box button

Use the legacy form controls

Legacy form controls are for compatibility with older versions of Word and consist of legacy form and Active X controls.

Click or tap where you want to insert a legacy control.

Legacy control button

Select the Legacy Form control or Active X Control that you want to include.

Set or change properties for content controls

Each content control has properties that you can set or change. For example, the Date Picker control offers options for the format you want to use to display the date.

Select the content control that you want to change.

Go to Developer > Properties .

Controls Properties  button

Change the properties that you want.

Add protection to a form

If you want to limit how much others can edit or format a form, use the Restrict Editing command:

Open the form that you want to lock or protect.

Select Developer > Restrict Editing .

Restrict editing button

After selecting restrictions, select Yes, Start Enforcing Protection .

Restrict editing panel

Advanced Tip:

If you want to protect only parts of the document, separate the document into sections and only protect the sections you want.

To do this, choose Select Sections in the Restrict Editing panel. For more info on sections, see Insert a section break .

Sections selector on Resrict sections panel

If the developer tab isn't displayed in the ribbon, see Show the Developer tab .

Open a template or use a blank document

To create a form in Word that others can fill out, start with a template or document and add content controls. Content controls include things like check boxes, text boxes, and drop-down lists. If you’re familiar with databases, these content controls can even be linked to data.

Go to File > New from Template .

New from template option

In Search, type form .

Double-click the template you want to use.

Select File > Save As , and pick a location to save the form.

In Save As , type a file name and then select Save .

Start with a blank document

Go to File > New Document .

New document option

Go to File > Save As .

Go to Developer , and then choose the controls that you want to add to the document or form. To remove a content control, select the control and press Delete. You can set Options on controls once inserted. From Options, you can add entry and exit macros to run when users interact with the controls, as well as list items for combo boxes, .

Adding content controls to your form

In the document, click or tap where you want to add a content control.

On Developer , select Text Box , Check Box , or Combo Box .

Developer tab with content controls

To set specific properties for the control, select Options , and set .

Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each control that you want to add.

Set options

Options let you set common settings, as well as control specific settings. Select a control and then select Options to set up or make changes.

Set common properties.

Select Macro to Run on lets you choose a recorded or custom macro to run on Entry or Exit from the field.

Bookmark Set a unique name or bookmark for each control.

Calculate on exit This forces Word to run or refresh any calculations, such as total price when the user exits the field.

Add Help Text Give hints or instructions for each field.

OK Saves settings and exits the panel.

Cancel Forgets changes and exits the panel.

Set specific properties for a Text box

Type Select form Regular text, Number, Date, Current Date, Current Time, or Calculation.

Default text sets optional instructional text that's displayed in the text box before the user types in the field. Set Text box enabled to allow the user to enter text into the field.

Maximum length sets the length of text that a user can enter. The default is Unlimited .

Text format can set whether text automatically formats to Uppercase , Lowercase , First capital, or Title case .

Text box enabled Lets the user enter text into a field. If there is default text, user text replaces it.

Set specific properties for a Check box .

Default Value Choose between Not checked or checked as default.

Checkbox size Set a size Exactly or Auto to change size as needed.

Check box enabled Lets the user check or clear the text box.

Set specific properties for a Combo box

Drop-down item Type in strings for the list box items. Press + or Enter to add an item to the list.

Items in drop-down list Shows your current list. Select an item and use the up or down arrows to change the order, Press - to remove a selected item.

Drop-down enabled Lets the user open the combo box and make selections.

Protect the form

Go to Developer > Protect Form .

Protect form button on the Developer tab

Note:  To unprotect the form and continue editing, select Protect Form again.

Save and close the form.

Test the form (optional)

If you want, you can test the form before you distribute it.

Protect the form.

Reopen the form, fill it out as the user would, and then save a copy.

Creating fillable forms isn’t available in Word for the web.

You can create the form with the desktop version of Word with the instructions in Create a fillable form .

When you save the document and reopen it in Word for the web, you’ll see the changes you made.


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app to take picture of homework and get answers

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app to take picture of homework and get answers

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app to take picture of homework and get answers

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Homework Helper: Math Answers 4+

Problem solver answer scanner, novosolutions.

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Get math answers instantly with Homework Helper's AI math scanner. Scan, solve, and get step by step solutions. Transform your study sessions with Homework Solver, the ultimate tool for conquering math and beyond! Snap a picture, and let our AI-powered app tackle everything from algebra to calculus, making homework help as simple as a click. With unique features like translation and grammar scanning, Homework Solver is more than just a math scanner; it’s your all-in-one study companion. Why Choose Homework Solver? ► Unrivaled Math Solver: From basic arithmetic to complex calculus, our math scanner simplifies equations, providing step-by-step solutions. Whether it’s geometry, trigonometry, or statistics, get homework help instantly. Easily leverage the power of AI with every math scan and get answers to your problems as well as steps to solve. Our AI powered homework helper is your ultimate study buddy. ► Translation & Grammar Homework Help: Not just a homework helper for math, Homework Solver excels in language learning too. Snap a photo for instant translations and grammar corrections, perfect for mastering new languages or polishing essays. ► Comprehensive Learning: Dive deep into math problems with detailed explanations. Our math solver demystifies complex concepts, ensuring you not only get the answer but understand the process. Key Features: ► Math Scanner Excellence: Leverage our advanced AI to scan and solve math homework in seconds. From linear equations to derivatives, Homework Solver is your pocket mathematician. ► Step-by-Step Explanations: With every problem solved, our homework helper reveals thorough, easy-to-follow steps. It’s like having a tutor available 24/7, ready to explain and teach. ► Broad Subject Coverage: Beyond math solver capabilities, enjoy translation services for over 30 languages and a robust grammar checker. From Spanish to Russian, ensure your language homework is flawless. Math Topics Covered: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry Calculus, Statistics, and more! Exclusive Features: Unlock Homework Solver Premium for unlimited access to all homework helper features, including endless equation scans, ad-free experience, and priority support. Homework Solver is committed to making learning accessible and enjoyable. With our app, homework help is always at your fingertips, empowering you to excel academically and explore new languages with confidence. Say goodbye to homework stress and hello to Homework Solver – your ultimate educational ally. Join Our Community: Stay connected and discover tips, updates, and more. Follow us on social media and share your success stories. Learning is a journey, and with Homework Solver, you’re never alone. Download Homework Solver now and transform your approach to homework and learning! Homework Solver Premium: - Payment will be charged to your Apple account at purchase confirmation time. - Upon purchasing a subscription, users will be granted unlimited equation scans. - Subscriptions can be managed and cancelled by the user in the app store subscriptions menu. Terms: Privacy: Contact:

Version 1.2.1

We've fixed issues with long form equation scanning

Ratings and Reviews

This app is comprehensive.

It’s suitable for people who don't like to deal with trivial things and install multiple apps such as Camera Math, Google Translate or Grammarly on their mobile phones at the same time. The answers obtained by scanning can be copied directly, which is very convenient. However the crop frame on the translation and grammar page is fixed. I don't like that. And the tabs in the main menu cannot be opened. Is this a bug?

Developer Response ,

Hey alwayshavingbreakfast! Thanks for sharing this feedback with us. We are working on an update to roll out the crop feature to each of the scanning sections. Also, the tabs in the main menu not working is a bug we are squashing. Please be on the look out for our next update. Thanks, The Homework Solver Team

Best App for Homework

I’ve used multiple different apps that solve problems, but this one is by far the best. It will show the step by step instructions which a lot of the other apps don’t. 10/10
Hey @PhilMickelson21, Thanks for the positive feedback! We’re stoked you like Homework Solver. P.S. Homework Solver can also to translate your language homework and we are releasing a grammar helper feature next week. -The HW Solver Team

Great functionality!

This app has really help learn the step by step processes for my trigonometry class. The built in calculator has all the functions my graphing calculator doesn’t which is very helpful.
Hey Ratrod007! We’re stoked you’re enjoying Homework Solver! We’re always working on new features so stay tuned for more problem solving tools. Thanks, The Solver Dev Team

App Privacy

The developer, NovoSolutions , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Used to Track You

The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:

  • Identifiers
  • Diagnostics

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


English, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

  • Premium: Weekly (Disc. Trial) $5.99
  • Premium: Weekly with Trial $5.99
  • Premium: Weekly (Discounted) $5.99
  • Premium: Yearly $59.99
  • Math Answer Scanner $5.99
  • Developer Website
  • App Support
  • Privacy Policy

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