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Best Freelance Jobs in the UK 2023

Connor Campbell

Whether you’re considering a new career, looking to forge your own path out of university or want to be your own boss, there is a lot to weigh up before joining the UK’s 1.9 million freelancers. 

But which profession should you pursue? To make your decision easier, we have taken a look at the best freelance jobs in the UK as of 2023.

However, we know that the best overall freelance profession might not be the best for you. You may prioritise stability over pay. Or you may prefer a job where you need to take on only a few projects a year to make up your annual salary.

That’s why we have broken down our chosen freelance industries into four categories: best paid, least hustle, most stable and least competitive. 

» MORE: What is freelancing?

Key findings

Best overall freelance jobs.

After taking into consideration earnings ability, hustle, stability and competitiveness, we calculated a star rating for each freelance profession. The methodology is as follows:

  • Best paid: We analysed average freelance day rates combined with UK consumer price inflation (CPI) data for June 2023 to estimate this year’s earning rates.
  • Least hustle: We worked out the number of freelance projects you would need to take on to match the average annual full-time salary per profession. We refer to this amount of work as “hustle”.
  • Most stable: We estimated the potential available freelancer jobs (by working days) by analysing the number of jobs by profession available on freelancing website Upwork combined with the average project working length.
  • Least competitive: We analysed the number of available jobs for over 480 roles on Upwork, grouping them by profession. We then worked out the relative number of postings there were for every freelancer job search on Google.

As both the least competitive and most stable profession, developers easily topped the list as the best freelance profession in 2023 with 4.4 stars. That includes developers of all stripes, from front- and back-end to games, apps and emails. 

Thanks to being the best paid industry, market research is the second best freelance profession with 3.4 stars. That’s despite having a star score of just 0.6 for its stability rating. 

With a strong earnings score, data came in third with 3.3 stars. This ranking is also due to the fact you would need to take on the fewest projects in a year of all the professions considered to match the average full-time salary in that field. Jobs in this industry include data analysts, scientists and engineers.

The day rates offered to take up a freelance strategy role helped to place it fourth, but its overall score was dragged down to 2.7 stars due to a lack of stability. User experience (UX) professionals, in fifth, had the same problem – a competitive field with little stability produced an overall rating of 2.6 stars.

Best paid freelance jobs

One of the first considerations when going freelance is how much to charge for your services. Pitching your day rate at the correct level can be the difference between securing a contract and not getting one. So it’s useful to have a benchmark to work from.

Using average day rates in the UK from freelance hiring and management platform YunoJuno, and the latest UK inflation figures, we have calculated day rate estimates for 16 key freelance professions in 2023. 

Given the importance of pay, it perhaps isn’t a surprise that the top five best overall freelance professions also make up the best paid.

Those in the market research industry topped the list, with an average day rate estimate of £558.90. Data-based professions weren’t far behind at £555.70, followed by those working in strategy at £541.70. Freelance UX professionals were at £536.30, with developers completing the top five at £474.80. 

These roles typically require specialist technical knowledge or, in the case of strategy, the potential need for experience and seniority.

At the other end of the table, marketing specialists (£369), social media professionals (£349.60) and studio freelancers (£326.90), such as studio managers and photo retouchers, had the lowest average day rates. 

Of course, these numbers come with a couple of caveats. The figures are based on average day rates across entire industries – some roles in any given industry are going to have a higher premium attached than others. Similarly, when you are newer to freelancing, you may not be able to charge as much for your services as when you are more established.

Least hustle freelance jobs

How much you can charge as a freelancer is only one part of the equation. How much work you need to take on each year to earn a comparable wage to that of a full-time employee – which we’re referring to as “hustle” – is arguably just as important. 

That’s because the fewer projects you need to take on in a year, the more you can focus on doing a good job rather than pitching for the next one.

Using the average salary in each industry from recruitment site Reed.co.uk as the benchmark, we have worked out how many projects a freelancer would need to take on in a year to at least match the earnings of a full-time employee in that same industry.

Freelance data professionals, for example, needed to take on only roughly 1.7 projects a year to match the average annual salary of a full-time employee in that field.

Those in quality assurance (QA) and testing weren’t far behind, needing only 1.8 projects a year to meet the industry average salary. 

Market research and public relations (PR) specialists were next, both needing 2.3 projects a year to match the average salaries in their respective industries, with marketing next at 2.4 projects.

These numbers are in stark contrast to those working in film and motion, who had to take on an estimated 9.8 projects a year to get the same average full-time salary in that industry. However, that isn’t necessarily surprising given the project-based nature of film and television.

Most stable freelance jobs

One aspect of full-time employment that can be missing from freelance life is stability. Instead of a guaranteed salary, the money you make will depend on the work you can find.

As a freelancer, the more jobs that are available, the better your chances of reaching the level of stability of a full-time employee.

To work out the most stable freelancer professions, we calculated the number of total potential working days available for each industry by using a snapshot of jobs posted on freelancing platform Upwork and the average project length according to YunoJuno. 

If stability is what you are looking for, then working as a freelance developer may be your best bet, with over 4.6 million available working days. Developers have over 20,000 more jobs available on Upwork than the next closest profession.

Marketing, in second place, has just over 2.6 million working days in projects listed on Upwork, followed by the data industry with over 1.5 million. Designers came fourth with over 1.2 million working days available, followed by creatives, such as writers and illustrators, with over 1.1 million.

With only roughly 250 working days in the year, these figures may seem eye-wateringly high. But as an indication of demand, they are a useful measure to help you decide whether or not to make the leap to freelance work.

Least competitive freelance jobs

Before deciding whether or not to go freelance, it is a good idea to assess how unique your individual skill set is. One way to do so in broad terms is to look at how competitive your chosen industry is. 

We looked at the number of jobs posted on Upwork per freelancer job searches on Google. The higher the number, the more likely it is that you will be able to find work.

Through this approach, we found that being a freelance developer is the least competitive profession, with 190.5 jobs per search. As is the case with stability, this ranking is mostly due to the sheer number of jobs for developers available at any given time. 

In second place was market research, but for slightly different reasons. While there was a much smaller number of market research jobs on Upwork (3,627) compared with developer jobs (110,469), the search volume for freelance jobs for the former was tiny, at just 30 monthly searches. So whereas developers benefit from the vast number of jobs, market research specialists benefit from the seemingly smaller pool of freelancers competing for those contracts.

The suggestion of a smaller number of active freelancers was also the case for those working in strategy, such as content strategists, management consultants and business planners, who came in third place.

While social media had around a quarter of the jobs available for developers, a good balance between number of roles and volume of searches meant it came in fourth, while film and motion was fifth.

Despite over 55,000 available jobs, the third most after developers and designers, creatives ended up as the fourth most competitive industry. That’s because the number of Google searches for freelance writing, editing and illustrating jobs was far and away the highest when compared with other professions on the list. This volume makes sense – according to the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE), 17% of freelancers in the UK work in artistic, media and literary occupations, more than double the next largest occupation.

What to know before going freelance

Becoming a freelancer can be a big – if exciting – step to take. But alongside the factors mentioned above, it is important to consider some of the practicalities of going freelance, and how it differs from full-time employment:

  • Your personal cost of living, as well as your level of experience, will play a part in how much you actually charge as your day rate.
  • You won’t have paid annual leave as a freelancer – though you should still try to maintain a good work-life balance.
  • As a freelancer, you will not have access to a company pension. You may, therefore, want to look into setting up your own personal pension .
  • Picking your business structure is important. Whether you operate as a sole trader or a limited company will have implications for the amount of tax you pay and what you pay it on.
  • Unlike a full-time employee, when freelancing, it is your responsibility to keep on top of your expenses and how much tax you will need to pay. You may want to look into whether you need an accountant .
  • To help stay on top of your finances, you may need to open a business bank account . Having one is optional as a sole trader, but a requirement of limited companies.

» MORE: How to become a freelancer


NerdWallet used the following data to reach the conclusions of this article:

Average day rates taken from the 2023 YunoJuno Freelancer Rates Report .

Inflation data based on the July 2023 CPI release from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) , for the 12 months to June 2023. 

Least Hustle:

Average day rates and average project lengths taken from the 2023 YunoJuno Freelancer Rates Report.

Inflation data based on the July 2023 CPI release from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), for the 12 months to June 2023. 

Average full-time salaries for over 70 roles taken from Reed.co.uk on 2 August 2023.

Most Stable:

Average project lengths taken from the 2023 YunoJuno Freelancer Rates Report.

Number of freelance job postings for over 480 roles taken from freelancer recruitment site Upwork as of 24 July 2023, grouped by profession

Least Competitive:

Number of freelance job postings for over 480 roles taken from Upwork as of 24 July 2023, grouped by profession.

Keyword volume for over 190 search terms taken from online search tool Semrush on 2 August 2023, grouped by profession.

Statistics on the number of freelancers in the UK, and percentage of freelancers working in artistic, media and literary occupations taken from the IPSE Self-Employed Landscape Report 2022 .  

Image source: Getty Images

About the Author

Connor is a lead writer and spokesperson for NerdWallet. Previously at Spreadex, his market commentary has been quoted in the likes of the BBC, The Guardian, Evening Standard, Reuters and…

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What is Making Tax Digital?

All VAT-registered businesses are now required to comply with Making Tax Digital, and, by April 2027, many other businesses will need to keep digital records and file their tax returns digitally. Find out everything you need to know about this government scheme and what it means for you.

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7 Best Freelance Websites to Hire Freelancers in the UK [2023 Update]

Emma Ayres

Short on Time? These Are the Best Freelance Websites to Hire UK Freelancers 2023

  • Fiverr – Makes it easy to find trustworthy UK freelancers for as little as $5
  • Upwork – Offers flexible hiring options to suit all kinds of projects
  • Toptal – Ensures you’re hiring the best UK freelancers through its rigorous screening process

See 4 More Great Options | Comparison Table | FAQ

  • What We Look For in the Best Freelance Websites to Hire UK Freelancers
  • Freelancer rating system. An at-a-glance rating system gives you an idea of how trustworthy, communicative, and professional each freelancer is. Every website on this list allows clients to leave publicly visible feedback for freelancers.
  • Vetted talent pool . The best freelance websites vet their freelancers so you can be sure the person you’re hiring really can do what they claim. This usually involves either short tests that allow freelancers to display that their skills are verified, or an application and review process that ensures only the best freelancers are allowed into the talent pool.
  • Search filters. With most freelance websites hosting talent from across the globe, you’ll need a good search filter to narrow your search down to UK freelancers.
  • Freelancer profiles. A good freelancer profile will quickly show you where a freelancer is located. If you’re hiring from outside of the UK, some even show the local time so you can gauge the best time to contact them.
  • Built-in currency conversion. Having currency conversion built in makes it easier to assess a freelancer’s value, and to pay for a freelancer’s services. You’ll find this extremely helpful if you’re hiring from outside the UK.
  • 1.Fiverr: Reliable Freelancers, Great Prices

Searching for freelancers on Fiverr

  • Freelancer profiles. Click on a seller’s username to see where they’re located, how long they’ve been selling on Fiverr, their skills and experience, and a full list of their available gigs. You can also message them directly if you want to ask any questions before hiring.
  • Verified skills. Fiverr sellers can take built-in tests to verify their skills. If they pass, they earn a green checkmark next to every skill that’s been verified. This helps you to feel confident that the seller can provide the service they’re advertising.
  • At-a-glance rating system. Whenever you search for gigs, you’ll see an average star rating for that seller. If you click on this on the gig page, it’ll take you to the reviews section. Here, you’ll be able to see a rating breakdown for the seller’s communication, whether the service was as described, and if the client would recommend the seller.
  • Discounts for long-term hiring. If you need ongoing help, you can save up to 5% by signing up for multiple orders in advance. This is a great way to both save money and ensure your chosen freelancer has room in their schedule to continue working with you.
  • 2. Upwork: Flexible Hiring For All Kinds of Projects

UK freelancer profiles on Upwork

  • In-depth search filters. You can easily narrow your search down to UK freelancers using Upwork’s search filters. You can even filter by their English language level (basic, conversational, fluent, or native/bilingual) and your budget.
  • Job postings. If you haven’t got time to search for a UK freelancer yourself, you can easily set up a job post and start collecting applications. Upwork will also show you a list of freelancers that meet your job requirements, so you can send out invitations.
  • Rating system. Upwork freelancers earn Rising Talent, Top Rated, and Top Rated Plus badges by establishing a great reputation with clients. You’ll see these badges whenever you search for talent or in the Project Catalog, helping you find the best talent Upwork has to offer.
  • Expert talent vetting. The very best freelancers on Upwork are eligible to apply for the Expert-Vetted badge. To earn this, their skills are evaluated by experts in their field and Upwork’s talent managers. If you see an Expert-Vetted badge, you can be sure you’re hiring from the top 1% of Upwork’s talent pool.
  • 3. Toptal: The Very Best of UK Freelance Talent

Freelancer profiles on Toptal

  • Extensive freelancer profiles. Toptal’s freelancer profiles go into a ton of detail about a freelancer’s work history, previous projects, and experience with specific skills. You’ll also be able to see a portfolio of work, which will help you get a feel for if they’re the right fit for you.
  • No-risk trial. Every time you hire a new freelancer, Toptal gives you two weeks to decide whether they’re a good fit for your project. If they’re not, you won’t be billed for the time. This makes sure you’re only paying for UK freelancers that bring value to your business.
  • Browse before you hire. While TopTal doesn’t allow you to search through its entire talent pool, you can see a handful of available freelancers by clicking on a category page. If you find a freelancer you want to work with, you can start the hiring process by clicking a button in their profile.
  • Toptal Projects team builder. If you need multiple UK freelancers for your project, Toptal’s recruiters will curate a remote team for you. This is limited to website and software development projects, but it’s an invaluable resource if you need a temporary team to manage a project.
  • 4. DesignCrowd: Crowdsource Work From UK Graphic Designers

Hiring UK freelancers from DesignCrowd

Save up to 50 % on your DesignCrowd plan!

Limited-time offer - Don't miss it!


  • Great search filter. Not only is there a category page for UK designers, but you can also narrow your search down even further by what kind of design project you need help with.
  • Plenty of project add-ons. Whether you want to make sure your project gets noticed by top-rated designers or you want to protect your project with an NDA, there’s an option for that at checkout.
  • Easily rehire designers. You’ll get the name of every designer that submits a contribution to your project. If you like working with them, you can easily rehire them from your project management screen.
  • Freelancer portfolios. Designer portfolios on DesignCrowd are automatically updated to show any public designs submitted by the freelancer. You can also filter the portfolio by design category.
  • 5. Bark: A Wide Variety of UK Freelancers

Searching for freelancers by city on Bark

  • Clear ratings system. Bark uses a 5-star rating system, and you’re able to read full client reviews on each freelancer’s profile. You can also filter the reviews section to only show reviews with a certain star rating.
  • Freelancer profiles. Freelancers can upload photos, social media feeds, additional services, FAQs, and more to their profiles. You can also request a callback or send them a message directly from their profile.
  • Free quotes. Because freelancers don’t list their prices on Bark, you’ll have to contact the ones you’re interested in working with for a free quote. If you don’t get a response within 48 hours, you may receive quotes from other freelancers within the same industry. So, you’re not out of luck if your first choice is busy.
  • Hundreds of service categories. Bark hosts both in-person and remote freelancers. Whether you’re looking for a local independent nail artist or you want to hire a remote web designer in the UK, you’ll find plenty of freelancers to choose from on Bark.
  • 6. Fiverr Pro: Same as Fiverr, But With Higher Standards

Finding a UK freelancer on Fiverr Pro

  • Enhanced seller profiles. Fiverr Pro profiles show you which skills have been verified by Fiverr’s team. You’ll also see links to external portfolios and social media profiles, plus a list of notable clients the seller has worked with.
  • Budget-friendly pricing. Every Fiverr gig has three different pricing options, so you’ll always be able to find a gig to suit your budget.
  • Secure messaging. Fiverr’s mandatory secure messaging platform ensures all of your project information and documents remain secure. This is text only, which might not suit everyone, but it means that Fiverr can access all communications in case of any issues.
  • 24/7 customer support. When you purchase a Fiverr Pro gig, you’ll get access to the 24/7 Pro customer support channel. No matter what you need help with, you’re guaranteed to receive a response within an hour.
  • 7. 99designs: All-in-One Website For Freelance Graphic Design

Finding a UK freelancer on 99designs

Get your first 99designs logo for just $ 299.00 !

Customize & download the perfect logo at a discount.

  • In-depth designer profiles. Designer profiles have an entire page dedicated to their portfolios. On the About page, you’ll also see statistics regarding how many contests they’ve won, how many repeat clients they’ve had, and their responsiveness.
  • At-a-glance rating system. Whenever you search for designers, you’ll be able to see an average score out of 5 below their name and how many reviews they’ve received. You can read the full reviews on their profile, giving you a good indication of what they’re like to work with.
  • Tons of design categories. Whether you need someone to design product packaging, billboards, or even a WordPress theme, you’ll be able to find a designer for your project on 99designs.
  • Stay in touch with designers. Once you’ve received work from a designer, their contact details will be stored under Designers > Your Contacts. This allows you to quickly invite them to projects or contact them directly the next time you need a new design.
  • Are You a UK Freelancer Looking to Sell Your Services?

Fiverr's homepage

  • What Do I Need to Know to Freelance in the UK?

If You’re a UK Citizen

  • Decide on a company type. Most freelancers are sole traders, meaning it’s only them in the business and they’re fully responsible for taxes, profits, and losses. You can also be in a partnership with another person or company and share that responsibility, or set up a limited company.
  • Decide on a name. You can either trade under your name or a company name, and that comes down to personal preference. Bear in mind that if you create a company name, there are different rules for sole traders and limited companies.
  • Register as self-employed. To ensure compliance, it is important to register for self-assessment taxes with HMRC (the UK tax office) no later than the 5th of October within the ongoing tax year. I advise completing this registration promptly upon commencing your trading activities, as failure to do so within your second year of operation can result in penalties.
  • Start a document folder. You’ll need to keep copies of invoices, payments received, receipts, HMRC communications, and any other documents related to your business. HMRC can – and will – investigate accounts for any reason, so it’s best to have these documents in an easy-to-find folder.
  • Set up banking accounts. While you can use your personal bank account to receive money if you’re a sole trader, you’ll need a separate business account if you’re a limited company. I also recommend you open a business savings account to put money aside for self-assessment taxes and national insurance.
  • Set up your accounts. You can either pay for an accountant or use accounting software like QuickBooks or Xero. Make sure you note down every transaction related to your business, as you’ll be able to deduct costs like insurance, software licenses, and banking fees from your taxes.
  • Take out insurance. Depending on what products or services you’re selling, you’ll need insurance to protect yourself from potential legal issues. Professional Indemnity Insurance is the most common, and it may be required by some clients. If you’re working from home, you’ll need to check whether your home insurance allows you to run a business from home.
  • Start selling. Now you’re set up, you can head into the wild world of freelancing and start making a living from the work you’re passionate about. Congrats!

If You’re Not a UK Citizen

  • Apply for a Visa. Whether you’re planning a trip or relocating to the UK, starting your own business will require an Innovator or Start-up Visa. You can submit your application for these while you’re already in the UK on a different Visa. After you’ve sent in your application, expect to wait 3 weeks for a reply if you’re outside the UK, or 8 weeks if you’re within the country.
  • Apply for a National Insurance (NI) number. Every self-employed person needs an NI number for tax purposes. You’ll be able to apply for this once you’ve received the right to work in the UK. It can take up to 8 weeks to receive this following your application.
  • Register for self-employment. Once you’ve got both of these things secured, follow the steps I’ve outlined above to set up your freelance business. Welcome to the UK!
  • The BEST Websites to Hire Freelancers in the UK

Where is the best place to hire UK freelancers?

How can i find freelance work in the uk, what are the best freelance websites for beginners in the uk, is there a uk version of fiverr, does upwork work in the uk.

uk freelance projects

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Find the perfect freelancer for your project

Best platforms for freelancers

' src=

Written by Jack Lewis

Finding work as a freelancer can be tough, but fortunately, there are plenty of websites and apps that are designed to make things easier. In this article, we take a look at some of the most popular sites and then weigh up the pros and cons of the different types.

uk freelance projects

Most popular freelancer websites

Fiverr is straightforward to use, and there are no joining or subscription fees. You create a profile, and then you create ‘gigs’, which are essentially service packages. For example, you may offer a basic logo design for £x or writing a 400-word blog post for £x. Clients can then sign-up for your gigs. When you have completed each project, you get paid 80% of the fee and Fiverr keeps the other 20%. The downside of Fiverr is that it’s highly competitive. Lots of freelancers offer services starting from as low as £4.02. However, if you are just starting out, it can be a good place to build a portfolio and gain a bit of experience.

Upwork allows freelancers to create profiles and then bid on jobs posted by clients. It also matches you to positions that you are most suited to based on your profile information and experience. Upwork is free to join; they take a % of your fee, which works on a sliding scale — the more work you do for the same client, the lower the % they take. Work can be billed by the hour or as a fixed-price project. In the past, you were given an allowance of free ‘connects’ each month, and you bid for work using a specified number of ‘connects’. To improve the service for both freelancers and clients, Upwork is now charging freelancers a small fee to buy connects. The theory is that freelancers will be more particular about the projects they bid on, meaning the client doesn’t get as many time wasters. Freelancers will be bidding against fewer people so have a better chance of winning the projects they do bid for.

Freelancer works in a similar way to Upwork, whereby clients post jobs and freelancers can bid for the project. The client then selects the most suitable freelancer. There is a vast range of projects available on Freelancer, and you can easily search by category, type of work and budgets to narrow your search down to the most relevant job.

Similar to Freelancer and Upwork, clients post jobs and freelancers can send proposals to try and win the work. CloudPeeps then takes a % of your fee. Although there is a free version, the paid version offers more benefits and allows you to submit more proposals.

People Per Hour

People per hour is similar to the above sites. Clients can post jobs for freelancers to bid on or search a directory of freelancers and contact them to discuss the requirements. Freelancers are also able to create packages that clients can sign up for. People Per hour has an application process that freelancers have to complete before they can quote for projects. Once accepted, you can bid on a set number of projects per month. If you want to bid on more, you can purchase credits.

uk freelance projects

Guru is similar to other platforms in that employers can post a job and freelancers can bid for that job. Like other platforms, Guru allows both employers and freelancers to create free accounts. However, Guru charges a lower % of the fee than some other sites because it also charges a handling fee to the employer. They also offer freelancers a paid membership option. The paid membership has different levels and the higher level you sign up for, the more projects you can bid on and the lower % you pay on your fee. There are also some other perks, such as free skills training and the option to link to your website if you sign up for the highest priced packages.

SolidGigs is a membership site for designers, developers, marketers and writers. You sign up and pay a monthly subscription of $19, which you can cancel at any time. In return, SolidGigs searches the web and sends you a daily email of quality leads. As well as getting sent leads for relevant jobs, you also get access to their library of training courses, templates, tools, videos and resources.

Flexjobs curates job listings from across the globe and screens them to ensure they are genuine opportunities. As well as freelance work, you can find part-time, work-from-home and remote jobs in a range of fields. Flexjobs does allow you to view some job listings for free, but for full access to job listings, email alerts and a personalised profile, you need to pay a membership fee. There are three options; monthly, quarterly or annually. The longer you sign for, the lower the monthly fee.

Toptal is for freelance software developers, designers, product managers, project managers and finance experts. Their screening process is stringent, and only 3% of applicants get added to their network. Although it is difficult to become a Toptal freelancer, they have a high calibre of client. This means that if you are accepted, you can find yourself involved in some extremely exciting and lucrative projects.

Bark is a UK based company which matches clients with freelancers. Clients tell Bark what they need, and then the Bark team find freelancers who can deliver it. Projects can be anything from gardening, cleaning and dog grooming to content creation, web design and project management. As a freelancer, you can pay for credits. Bark then send you relevant jobs, and if you are interested, you use credits to get access to the client’s details. You can then contact the client and pitch your services.

Shapr is like Tinder for business. The premise is very similar…you view profiles of people that may be useful connections for you and then swipe if you want to be connected. It’s basically an online networking site. You build relationships with new people each day that you might be able to do business with, refer business to or get referrals from. It’s possible to find work or recruit, look for mentors or meet potential clients and suppliers.

Portl is a relatively new app for freelancers and is still in the early stages, but it is definitely one to watch. There is no cost for freelancers to build a profile and upload their skills. You don’t have to pay Portl any commission or subscription fees. It is completely free for freelancers.

Clients pay for credits and then search for freelancers with the right skills, expertise and availability. Once they find freelancers who match their requirements, they use a credit to unlock the contact details.

Once a profile is unlocked, the client can contact the freelancer to discuss the project. There are no further fees for either party. If a client has unlocked your profile, they can work with you as many times as they want with no additional charges. Credits start from as little as £3 making it one of the most cost-effective platforms for both freelancers and clients.

Others platforms are available!

There are hundreds of sites designed to help freelancers get more work. Smashing magazine is a site purely for designers and developers. 99Designs is for graphic designers.

Task Rabbit allows you to post tasks you need doing such as assembling flat pack furniture or cleaning. They do have quite a few requests for admin tasks so it can be a source of work for personal assistants and virtual assistants.

Amazon Turk is Amazon’s platform where tasks such as data input, research and content moderation can be outsourced, so if you like this type of work, it’s worth checking out.

As well as freelancer and task outsourcing platforms, social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn can be useful places to find new clients.

Which platforms work best?

As with any type of marketing, what works for some doesn’t work for others. All of the sites listed above have plenty of great reviews, but a quick search of freelancer forums will bring up lots of negative feedback too.

uk freelance projects

To help you work out which to go for, here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons of the main types.

Pay a % of your fee.

Sites that charge a fee based on the work you do are usually free to join which means there is minimal risk to you. They can be useful when you start out and have plenty of time to spend searching job listings and bidding on work. As you build up reviews, then more clients will start approaching you to submit proposals, so you won’t have to do as much work searching for projects.

The downside is that they are highly competitive. Global sites mean you are up against freelancers working in countries where the cost of living is low. Those freelancers can afford to take work at low rates, and that can be difficult to compete with.

If you aren’t relying solely on these platforms, then you can put up a profile with high rates and see if anything comes your way. If you get people willing to pay your prices, then great; if not, you haven’t lost anything apart from the short amount of time it takes to create a profile.

Membership sites/lead generation

These tend to filter out the not so good freelancers as you have to pay a fee. It’s in the site’s interest to send you quality leads; if they don’t, you’ll stop paying. Equally, they need to match clients with quality freelancers, or the clients will go elsewhere.

Although this can be an excellent way to find new projects, there is no guarantee that you will win work. You still have to take the time to put together proposals, and you will be up against other qualified freelancers.

If you are confident in your services, know exactly what type of work you want and can put together a good pitch, then these sites can work well for you.

Recruitment sites/job boards

Traditional job boards such as Indeed and Monster do post the odd requests for freelancers, and also have listings for remote working and part-time jobs. It can be worth visiting these and looking for work as they can be less competitive than sites geared purely toward freelancers.

Social media

Social media is a fantastic tool for freelancers as it costs absolutely nothing for you to set up a personal profile or business page. There are always people looking for recommendations on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, and there are plenty of networking groups to join.

The downside to social media is that it can be tough to stand out. Someone who asks for a recommendation can get over 100 comments from people recommending their associates, friends, clients or themselves.

LinkedIn is useful for targeting specific types of business as you can use the search function to find the right people. You can also sign up for the premium package which allows you to send messages to people you aren’t connected to.

If you do decide to pitch this way, then take the time to craft personalised messages. People don’t respond well when they accept a connection request only to be bombarded with spammy marketing messages.

uk freelance projects

How to stand out from the crowd

The trick to any of these platforms is making yourself stand out. You need to be the freelancer that appeals most to the client. That means taking time to create a good profile. Spend some time thinking about the type of clients and projects you want. The more specific you can be, the more likely you are to get matched to relevant jobs and win them. Give details about the results you deliver, using case studies and client feedback when appropriate.

When pitching for work, read the brief carefully and research the client’s business so you can personalise the proposal and focus on the benefits that will be most relevant. Make it sound like you are genuinely interested in their business, not just sending the same templated proposal to everyone and anyone who might be in the market for your services.

Ask for feedback once you have completed projects. You can use this feedback to increase your credibility and improve your chances of winning more work going forward.

Getting paid

The good thing about a lot of freelancer platforms is that they take money from the client up front and then transfer it to your account once the work is signed off. This reduces the risk of not getting paid or having clients who pay late.

Make sure you understand the payment terms and fees of any site and be wary of clients who find you on these platforms but want to agree on payment terms away from the site. If you accept payments through other means, you aren’t always guaranteed to get what you are owed.

Key Takeaways

We hope this article has given you a good overview of the different platforms available. Here are some of the key takeaways.

  • Not every platform will work for every individual
  • Some platforms are very competitive
  • Make sure you understand the fees
  • Spend time creating a good profile
  • Read project briefs carefully and submit personalised proposals
  • If you find work through these platforms, take payments through them

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Need a logo made for my business. The name is "Herboney". The logo needs to have a pictures of herbs, bee's and honey.

Sample tasks and responsibilities include, and are NOT limited to: 1. Research key topics or areas of interest and presenting options for the next steps. -> googling 2. Executing next steps and promptly executing action items from discussions. -> take instructions and act fast 3. Propose options from research as requested -> more googling 4. Be able to advise proactively on details including step by step documents where needed -> simple ppt stuff 5. Maintain and update the status of various tasks with regular updates 6. Be able to present information clearly in English, not getting too bogged down by confusing details (clear communication)

Hi I will share the details with the shortlisted candidates. Thanks

I am looking for a freelancer to update the design of one Angular landing page and add a popup contact us modal. I have specific design preferences that I would like the freelancer to follow. The changes need to be implemented within a week. Requirements: - Strong experience with Angular - Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Knowledge of UI/UX design principles - Ability to create visually appealing and user-friendly designs - Attention to detail and ability to follow specific design preferences Skills and experience needed: - Angular development - UI/UX design - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript proficiency - Strong attention to detail - Ability to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality work

Data Entry Expert Needed for Simple, Straightforward Data Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in data entry - Experience with Excel - Attention to detail Project Details: We are looking for a data entry expert to enter simple and straightforward data into a database. The data is currently in Excel format, so familiarity with Excel is necessary. The task involves entering the data accurately and efficiently, ensuring that all information is correctly transferred into the database. Attention to detail is crucial in order to avoid any errors. The ideal candidate should have prior experience in data entry and the ability to work independently. This is a straightforward project that requires a reliable and efficient individual to complete the task accurately and on time.

I am looking for a skilled writer to create an opinion/editorial article with a length of 500-1000 words. The main focus of the article should be to express a personal opinion on a specific topic. Requirements: - Ability to write in a casual and conversational writing style - Strong research skills to support the opinion with relevant information - Excellent grammar and spelling - Original and engaging content - Knowledge of current events and trends Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in writing opinion/editorial articles - Familiarity with the target audience and their interests - Ability to deliver high-quality work within the given deadline - Previous experience in writing articles of medium length (500-1000 words) If you are a talented writer who can effectively express opin...

I'm looking for an experienced interior designer to bring my vision to life. I am interested in a contemporary style for the interior design and have some preferences when it comes to color schemes for each room. I am open to suggestions but would like to keep the project within my budget range of medium. If this project sounds interesting to you, I look forward to exploring it further. Thank you.

Data Analysis + Explanation I am looking for a freelancer to help me with data analysis and provide an explanation of the findings. The ideal candidate should have experience in data analysis and the ability to communicate the results effectively. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in data analysis tools and software - Experience in reading PDF files and extracting relevant data - Strong analytical skills and attention to detail - Ability to summarize and explain data findings in a clear and concise manner - Familiarity with different types of data analysis, including descriptive, inferential, and predictive analysis Dataset: - The client has a specific dataset to analyze Explanation Requirement: - The client requires a detailed explanation of the data analysis findings - The free...

Project Overview: We are seeking highly experienced freelancers or businesses to urgently provide 3D rendering services for the exterior facade of a shopping mall. This project involves creating high-quality 3D renderings of the luxury brand facades attached to the department store's exterior. The project requires a quick turnaround due to time constraints, and we are only considering applications from top-tier designers with a proven track record. Applicant Type: We welcome applications from both individual freelancers and businesses, but please note that only highly experienced designers will be considered. This includes corporations, sole proprietors, and prospective entrepreneurs. Detailed Project Description: We require the creation of 3D renderings for the exterior facade of a...

I am looking for help with marketing my massage spa online. Specifically, I am looking for someone to provide social media management, focusing on Facebook. My main goal is to increase brand awareness through this campaign. I am open to doing other tasks like email marketing and SEO optimization, but the main focus should be on the social media platforms. Currently I have just opened 2 new stores and starting from scratch. I have no accounts with FB or other.

I am looking for a skilled developer who can migrate a current c++ project to Flutter. The desired platform for the Flutter project is both Android and iOS. You need to be expert in and familiar with OpenCV, OpenFace, dlib, OpenBLAS, Boost, Eigen as you need to build them for mobile. Maybe also need to use c++ sources in mobile project of openblass and dlib instead of precompiled libraries. For flutter side, it could be compiled using Flutter FFI. The major problem it that OpenFace is 6 years old, last update 3 years ago. The code itself if fine but, dependencies are tooooo old. Please also see attached error when compiling for mobile. Skills and experience required: - Strong knowledge and experience in migrating c++ projects to Flutter - Proficiency in Flutter development for ...

Telemarketing/Appointment setting project for a IT technology business in Polish language. Target Audience: - Businesses Preferred Method of Contact: - Phone call Expected number of appointments: -1-5 Ideal Skills and Experience: - Fluent in Polish language - Strong communication and persuasion skills - Experience in telemarketing and appointment setting - Ability to effectively handle objections and close appointments

I am looking for assistance in creating a comprehensive business plan for an idea that I have. The primary purpose of the business plan is to secure funding. Currently, the business is in its early stages, so I do not have any data or market research to provide. However, I need a plan that can explain the business concept in detail, and attract prospective investors. With an accurate business plan, I am confident that I will find the funding I need to get the business off the ground.

Get followers usernames

I am looking for an architectural artist to create 1-3 commercial artist impressions of a wall for my project. I am open to suggestions regarding the design elements and style. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in architectural drawing and rendering - Experience in creating artist impressions for commercial projects - Strong attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of the design Whats required. I have added an empty wall photo and also added my design photo. Please submit your architectural artist impression of wall with 1 shelf small shelf attached on the pot plant, i ipda or payment terminal on top of the potlant corner mounted and realistic 3 door display fridge. you can submit your version with stamp, if you win, then you can supply the version wit...

I am looking for a freelancer to help me build a real-time table/waiter calling application using FlutterFlow and Socket.IO. Here are the project requirements: Purpose: - The purpose of this project is to create a real-time table/waiter application. Design/Layout: - I am open to suggestions for the design and layout of the application. Skills/Experience: - The ideal freelancer should have a beginner level of experience with FlutterFlow and Socket.IO. Please include relevant experience and examples of previous work in your proposal. Thank you.

I am looking for a site like or bizquest Classified ads site for selling businesses opportunities etc

In search of expert designer to Creative and visually stunning banner for website

I am looking for a freelancer to create a visual site map proposal for my business. The purpose of the visual site map is to organize the content on my website, which is of moderate complexity with several pages. Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating visual site maps for websites with multiple pages - Strong understanding of website content organization - Ability to effectively communicate and present the site map proposal - Uses understanding of Business to develop the design to group together services Design Preferences: - The client will provide the design for the visual site map I am open to suggestions and would like to work with someone who can bring their expertise and creativity to the project.

Are you a proficient web developer with a passion for building seamless user experiences and the technical skills to back it up? We're looking for a freelance developer to join our dynamic team. Key Responsibilities: Develop and enhance web applications using Flask, following best practices and design patterns. Integrate payment processing systems to ensure secure and efficient transactions. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to translate business needs into technical specifications. Troubleshoot, debug, and upgrade existing software. Requirements: Proficient in Flask, with a solid understanding of web development concepts. Experience with payment gateway integrations. Familiarity with front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) for seamless integration. Ability to write cl...

I have some products in bulk in Lagos that I want to sell on Jumia with a target of 100-200 orders per day, I tried selling on Jumia and currently have about 5 orders per day naturally I need someone with experience selling on Jumia Nigeria, has sold over 5000 orders from Jumia to help me have strategies to achieve that goal, please discuss further so I can present it specifically, thank you

In search of Wordpress expert to create a theme from scratch, you should have high knowledge in creating responsive wordpress themes. Please note, payment will be settled after completion of project

Lead Closer Industry: Technology Looking for potential clients in the technology industry. Preferred method of contact for these leads is via phone and email. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in sales and lead generation and closer - Familiarity with the software, ERP industry and its key players - Proficient in email marketing and communication - Excellent written and verbal communication skills - Ability to identify and qualify potential clients - Experience in closing deals and achieving sales targets This project requires a lead closer who can effectively reach out to potential clients in the technology industry, using email as the primary method of contact. The ideal candidate should have a proven track record in sales and lead generation, with a strong understa...

I am looking for a developer who can make small changes to my application. The application is developed using Flutter and I also need an APK developer if necessary. Specific Changes Needed: - Changing and activating some feature. -1st work is to activate delet button -2nd restaurent distance is not showing -3rd timings is not perfect Source Code: - Yes, I have the source code of the application Compatibility: - No, I only need the updated application to be compatible with Android Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Flutter development - Experience in making small changes to applications - Knowledge of APK development

Project Overview: We are looking to launch a subscription payment service targeting gym customers. This project will start with a very simple structure and has plans for future expansion. Current Situation: We have a document that outlines the necessary details. Based on the requirements outlined in the document, we are requesting turnkey services for planning, design, and development. Required Elements: 1. UI/UX Planning 2. PC Web Design (Mobile web to be discussed if needed), and publishing 3. Web Front-end Development 4. Server Setup and Back-end Development 5. Development Language/Environment: Detailed Scope of Work: 1. User types are categorized as super administrators, gym owners, and regular members. 2. There will be no web interface for regular members; instead, a URL for regula...

I want your help to simulate two circuit based on BJT transistor (switches) to control a 5V led using a 3.3V PWM signal.

I am looking for a talented designer to create a logo and website for my existing custom clothing line catered towards funky and exotic clothing for men and women. The primary style and aesthetic I am looking for is modern and minimalistic, with a touch of boldness and colorfulness. With a tasteful promiscuous touch. The website is expected to have 1-5 pages. Skills and Experience: - Strong graphic design skills with experience in creating modern and minimalistic logos and websites - Proficiency in using design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator - Knowledge of current design trends and the ability to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites - Experience in working with custom clothing lines or fashion brands is a plus.

I am in need of a creative logo for my business. The name of the business will be manually inputted. The nature of my business is creative. I am open to suggestions for specific elements or colors to include in the logo. Ideal skills and experience: - Graphic design with a strong understanding of creative branding - Ability to create unique and visually appealing logos - Experience in working with clients to bring their vision to life - Strong communication skills to understand and incorporate feedback into the design process

I am looking for a freelancer to create a Bootstrap 5 table based on an image. You are only creating a basic Bootstrap table display. Attached is the base HTML5 Template used on the website. Specifically, I would like the table to match the image attached below in terms of style. Colors don't have to match, yet it does not have to be one color all through. The table should have same columns and rows in the image, the figures there don't have to be the same, mock data can be used for development. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in Bootstrap 5 - Proficiency in HTML and CSS - Attention to detail in matching the table to the website theme - Ability to create a responsive and visually appealing table If you are confident in your Bootstrap 5 skil...

I am looking for someone to design a logo for my project. The style of logo I am looking for is contemporary and modern, incorporating sharp geometric shapes and lines. In terms of colors, I am open to suggestions; however, I am expecting to see a range of colors that fit the look I am going for. My goal is to receive a minimum of 4 different logo concepts for review and selection. If the designs don't meet my expectations, I can always request revisions. I am committed to finding the right designer for the job and paying a fair price for their services.

Project Title: Powerpoint / Presentation design I am looking for a freelancer who can help me improve a powerpoint presentation with 11 slides. I have a specific theme or style in mind for the presentation. I have done most of the work - just need it edited. Requirements: - Ability to create visually appealing slides that align with the chosen theme or style - Proficiency in PowerPoint or other presentation design software - Understanding of effective presentation techniques to convey information clearly and concisely Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong graphic design skills - Experience in creating engaging presentations for various purposes - Portfolio showcasing previous work in presentation design - Excellent communication skills to collaborate and understand my specific requireme...

I need someone to turn my story into a book that will educate the readers about the pitfalls of life. Message our project recruiter on telegram via this username: @michaelssturrock I was a basketball prodigy, who didn't appreciate the advantages that life gave me. I want to share my message of redemption with the next generation

We are looking for an expert on battery aging simulation for our grid scale energy storage system. We plan to use CATL LFP 314Ah Battery cell for intra-day trading application. it is expect to have about 700-750 cycles per year and we want to make a simulation on battery degradation. It is expected to delivery a report of battery aging in this specific application showing annual degradation in case of years and cycles. Details can be discussed, just let me know also your questions in advance

I am looking for a Salesforce customization expert who can help with the usage customization requirement identification and implementation for a higher education course sponsorship and student placement project. Functional role, facilitating crm user interaction with Shipping Company contacts within India and Globally for the objective as stated already. Integration with Linkedin is also required in the completion stage. Specifically, the project requires expertise in Lightning Components, Apex Class Coding, Visualforce Pages and anything else the freelancer deems and suggests as necessary. Although we do not have a specific design for process in mind, I am open to design and process flow suggestions from the freelancer. Contact and Account Record Types alone created. Everything el...

Hubspot CRM expert needed for assistance with specific tasks including setting up the CRM, creating email templates, and data migration. The main focus will be on contact management, including creating a contact database from scratch. Ideal skills and experience for this job include proficiency in Hubspot CRM, data migration, and email automation.

I am looking for someone who personally goes to look for a literal birth certificate at the Civil Registry of Lyon, France with the data that I will provide because online service is very late. Then after getting it, you´ll send it by postal mail to an address in Madrid. The payment is 40 USD for this personal search service, but if you locate it and get it, I will give you 20 USD more when you send it to me to Madrid by a selected postal mail.

Project Description: Increase Facebook 2x, Instagram, Youtube followers and likes by 500-1000! Skills and experience required: - Social media marketing expertise - Experience in increasing Facebook 2x, Instagram, Youtube followers - Knowledge of effective strategies to gain organic followers - Ability to analyze and target relevant audiences - Familiarity with Facebook 2x, Instagram, Youtube algorithms and best practices - Excellent communication and reporting skills Project Scope: - Develop and implement a comprehensive social media marketing strategy to increase Facebook 2x, Instagram, Youtube followers by 500-1000 - Conduct research to identify target audience and develop tailored content and campaigns to attract and engage them - Utilize organic growth tactics such as optimizing chan...

I am looking for a WordPress developer with experience in troubleshooting caching issues with the Motopress Booking Plugin. The specific issue we are experiencing is that the cache is not clearing properly, leading to incorrect information being displayed on all pages of our website. DO NOT CONTACT MY CLIENT THROUGH DETAILS ON WEBSITE Staging: Website is hosted in Sydney, Australia and resources are adequate. Key Requirements: - Strong knowledge of WordPress and caching mechanisms - Experience with the Motopress Booking Plugin - Ability to diagnose and fix caching issues - Familiarity with cache clearing techniques and best practices The ideal candidate should be able to identify and resolve the caching issue that occurs randomly, ensuring that the cache is cleared properly and accu...

I'm looking for an experienced motion graphic artist who can help me bring my ideas to life. Specifically, I need someone who can create a video intro that is over 60 seconds long and follows a specific style or theme I have in mind. I'm looking for someone who has experience with motion graphics and understands the importance of creating a high-quality, visually appealing product. If you are interested, please contact me and let me know why you are a good fit for this project.

**NO OR LIMITED EXPERIENCE IS OK - FEEL FREE TO APPLY. DO NOT USE GENERIC BID TEXT (NO COPY PASTING)*** Role is perfect for motivated and learning individuals who are eager for feedback and want to grow skills. Duration is 30 days internship. Those who surpass expectations will receive a serious offer to stay on team with better compensation. Sample tasks and responsibilities include, and are NOT limited to: 1. Research key topics or areas of interest and presenting options for the next steps. -> googling 2. Executing next steps and promptly executing action items from discussions. -> take instructions and act fast 3. Propose options from research as requested -> more googling 4. Be able to advise proactively on details including step by step documents where needed -> ...

I am looking to have some Exploratory Data Analysis, Impact of Outliers and Transformations, and Data Cleaning and Feature Engineering done. I'm open to suggestions regarding potential outliers and transformations, as I'm not sure what type of dataset will be used for the analysis. The deliverables for this project will need to include conducting an exploratory data analysis, identifying outliers and performing transformations as needed, and doing feature engineering and data cleaning to enable effective data exploration. The deliverables should also include accurate visual representations of the data to ensure accurate findings. Please take a look at the pdf file as this explains the assignment. This is a great opportunity for someone with knowledge of data processing and ana...

I am looking for a freelancer to assist me with pre-employment vetting services in Ohio, USA. The ideal candidate should have experience in conducting background checks. Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in conducting background checks. - Familiarity with relevant laws and regulations regarding pre-employment vetting. - Strong attention to detail and ability to gather accurate information. - Excellent communication skills to effectively communicate the results of the vetting process.

Good Afternoon, I need to adjust the Handbook in a modern key, less words and more reference to links for fair trading Australia. Section Harassment: please make it brief and short and attach link without going into details with behaviors Parental Leave: add a section that Pini company will offer as benefits $500 for each child born and that for not Australian citizenship and permanent we offer a sum payment Please make it more modern, short and more organic for an engneer company and also from the Switzerland one that I have attached as reference copy and paste the ABC rules Please use this sample as suggestion: I need a nice wording in a modern key with Australian regulation, fix what I have written

I am looking for a MailWizz specialist who can help us solve some issues

I am looking for a freelancer to help me create engaging video content for TikTok, Instagram and also potentially facebook. Specifically, I'm looking for short videos that fit into the themes I have in mind. I am looking for someone who has experience producing content for digital media, and who is an expert in video editing. The scope of the project is to produce 1-5 pieces of video content for my channels. If you think you would be a great fit for this job, please reach out and let me know more about your skills and experience. Please see my business website- The content will focus mainly on teas for health purposes- specifically our best selling tea- stonebreaker ://

I am looking for someone who has experience in setting up an SMTP server for me. I need to be able to send 100k emails daily. Preferred Email Sending Method: - SMTP server Specific Features Required: - Bounce handling - Ability to send SMTP to SMS Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in setting up SMTP servers - Knowledge of email tracking and bounce handling - Familiarity with sending SMTP to SMS

I am in need of a skilled freelancer who can help me resolve an issue with Apache2 on my Ubuntu 20 server. The specific issue I am experiencing is that the requested URL was not found on the server. Unfortunately, I do not currently have access to error logs or other server details. However, I am willing to try to obtain them if necessary. I have already attempted some troubleshooting steps, but unfortunately, the issue persists and is not yet resolved. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong knowledge and experience with Ubuntu 20 and Apache2 - Proficiency in troubleshooting and resolving server issues - Ability to analyze error logs and server details to identify and fix the problem

I have access to an implementation of ChamberMaster, an online platform used by local Chambers of Commerce. I am a user and NOT an administrator. Given that I am a user and not admin, there is no export of data. I need someone to manually copy all the information for 918 records, some company records and some individual "Reps" records to a Google Sheet (). I have entered my company and individual records into the Sheet as an example. Screenshots of my access are attached. I'll provided credentials to the site upon awarding the bid.

I am looking for a freelancer who can convert a PDF artwork into an Adobe Indesign file. The project has the following requirements: Size of the PDF artwork: A4 Fonts and colors: - No specific fonts or colors mentioned Number of pages in the PDF artwork: 1-5 Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Adobe Indesign - Experience in converting PDF artwork to Indesign files - Attention to detail to ensure accurate conversion Please provide examples of similar projects you have completed in the past.

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I am in need of generating...meet the specified criteria. For lead generation, I prefer the method of data mining. This involves extracting information from various sources and databases to compile a comprehensive list of qualified leads. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in data mining techniques and tools - Knowledge of the real estate industry, specifically in California - Attention to detail to ensure accurate and up-to-date information - Strong communication and organizational skills to manage the leads effectively If you have experience in generating high-quality real estate leads through data mining and possess the necessary skills, I would love to hear from you. Please provide examples of your past work and your proposed approach ...

Are you a proficient web developer with a passion for building seamless user experiences and the technical skills to back it up? We're looking for a freelance developer to join our dynamic team. Key Responsibilities: Develop and enhance web applications using Flask, following best practices and design patterns. Integrate payment processing systems to ensure secure and efficient transactions. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to translate business needs into technical specifications. Troubleshoot, debug, and upgrade existing software. Requirements: Proficient in Flask, with a solid understanding of web development concepts. Experience with payment gateway integrations. Familiarity with front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) for seamless integration. Ability to w...

I have some products in bulk in Lagos that I want to sell on Jumia with a target of 100-200 orders per day, I tried selling on Jumia and currently have about 5 orders per day naturally I need someone with experience selling on Jumia Nigeria, has sold over 5000 orders from Jumia to help me have strategies to achieve that goal, please discuss further so I can present it specifically, thank you

In search of Wordpress expert to create a theme from scratch, you should have high knowledge in creating responsive wordpress themes. Please note, payment will be settled after completion of project

I have access to an implementation of ChamberMaster, an online platform used by local Chambers of Commerce. I am a user and NOT an administrator. Given that I am a user and not admin, there is no export of data. I need someone to manually copy all the information for 918 records, some company records and some individual "Reps" records to a Google Sheet (). I have entered my company and individual records into the Sheet as an example. Screenshots of my access are attached. I'll provided credentials to the site upon awarding the bid.

I'm looking for help creating 4-7 new Mexican food items to add to my food truck menu. These items should be easy to make and use mostly ingredients from my existing menu. I'm open to any ingredients from my current menu, so let your creativity shine! The items should all be Mexican food items – such as tacos, burritos and quesadillas – and they must be delicious. I'm counting on you to help make my food truck stand out from the competition!

...for registered nurses who are in the UK and have the PRESENT job titles as Staff Nurse. The ideal candidate for this job should have experience in lead generation and be familiar with the UK healthcare industry. Target Location: - UK Specific Information Required for Each Lead: - Contact Information either email OR Social Media Account Desired Format for Leads: - Excel Spreadsheet, see sample as an example. The freelancer will be responsible for conducting research and gathering the required information for each lead. The leads should include the contact information of registered nurses at Band 5/Staff Nurses in the UK . This could be done via Linkedin, Social Media. Skills and Experience: - Experience in lead generation - Familiarity with the UK ...

I'm looking for a freelance app developer to create an iOS and Androi eCommerce app for my business. I have specific design, style and functionality preferences for this application. The developer should have experience developing apps for the iOS and Androi platforms and have extensive knowledge of coding languages and app development processes. I also need the developer to have a creative and flexible approach to app development so that he can work with me to ensure the app meets my requirements. The application must be easy to use, secure and visually attractive to attract users. I expect the developer to be very communicative and able to generate ideas to bring the app to life. It is preferred that the candidate speak Spanish.

Two Lead Generation Spreadsheets. 1)100 leads of executive members of healthcare providers in the UK that are not NHS services. 2)100 leads of executive or middle managers of recruitment agencies or companies that are recruiting Care Assistants or Registered Nurses in the UK Within 4 days, via Excel Spreadsheet. No duplication.

Job Title: Freelance Social Media Content Creator and Designer for Wellness Studio About Us: We are a holistic wellness studio offering a diverse range of movement and health practices, all under one roof. Our mission is to support the mind, body, and soul through a community-driven approach to health and wellbeing. Role Description: We are seeking a passionate and skilled freelance content creator and designer to elevate our Instagram presence. The ideal candidate should possess a deep appreciation for the wellness industry and have a track record of crafting sophisticated visuals that resonate with our brand's aesthetic. You should be adept at creating engaging content that fosters a sense of community and promotes holistic wellness. Requirements: Proficiency in co...

...Generator to Identify UK Small Businesses in Need of Administrative Support About Us: We are an organization dedicated to supporting small businesses in the United Kingdom by connecting them with the vital administrative support they require. As part of our mission, we are looking for a skilled lead generator to join our team. Position Overview: We are seeking a proficient lead generator to help us identify 100 small businesses in the UK actively seeking administrative support services. In line with our commitment to empowering women-owned businesses and aiding those with fewer than 50 employees, we aim to prioritize such businesses within the leads you generate. Key Responsibilities: Conduct extensive research to identify and gather data on 100 small businesses across...

I am looking for a freelancer to tr...transfer and update my existing business website from Wix to Shopify. The main function of my website is to serve as an information site and an online store. I have a specific list of features that I would like to have on my new Shopify website. Mainly the website is used as an information store for resources and can serve as a simple online store. Skills and experience required for this project: - Strong knowledge of Shopify and experience in website migration - Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Experience in setting up and customizing online stores on Shopify - Ability to implement and integrate specific features as per my requirements - Attention to detail and ability to ensure a seamless transition from Wix to Shopify

I need a LoRA model made from a single image. Two things you need to deliver 1. the LoRA model 2. procedure manual

Hi Irfan A., I had work done by you about 2 years ago for a business logo, and would like another one created because you did a great job on the last one. This business is related to "Lawn Care", and we do Mowing,Edging,Weed Trimming, Leaf Removal, etc. Company name: Dorains Lawn Care Family Owned & Operated

I am looking for an experienced freelancer to develop a seat from a private jet as a desk top client gift in less than a week. The seat should be in the style of a first-class seat, with all the details to make it look luxurious and comfortable. The successful freelancer must have past work they can demonstrate. I need someone who is creative and takes the initiative to create something extraordinary. The freelancer should not only be familiar with engineering and design, but also be familiar with the expectations of first-class customers. Any experienced seller who can produce a product to meet these specifications will be considered. Please include samples of your past work and detailed proposals for this project when you apply.

I am looking for a developer who can upgrade my Opencart website from Version to Here are the project requirements: Backup: I have a backup of my current Opencart website. Compatibility: I have custom extensions and themes that need to be compatible with the new version. - Copy & upgrade database, including 900,000 products - Move extensions: X-shipping pro, iSearch corporate, fastor, PayPal payment, Stripe Payment, Shipstation, ExcelPort, sitemap extension Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Strong experience with Opencart development and upgrades - Knowledge of Opencart versions and - Expertise in handling custom extensions and themes - Attention to detail to ensure a smooth upgrade process If you have the necessary skills and exper...

I am looking for skilled video editor to help create the perfect wedding video. The desired length of the final video should be 3-4 minutes. I have a list of edited clips and moments I would like included, and less than 20 photos to be edited. Please contact me if you are confident in your abilities and have the skillset to provide a quality product. Thank you for your interest and I will look forward to your response.

Project Description: I am looking for a skilled translator who can translate technical documents from English to Arabic, Russian, and Portuguese. The ideal candidate should have experience in translating technical content accurately and efficiently. Skills and Experience: - Fluent in English and Arabic, Russian, and Portuguese - Strong understanding of technical terminology and concepts - Proven experience in translating technical documents - Attention to detail and ability to maintain accuracy throughout the translation process - Familiarity with industry-specific terminology in the technical field - Excellent time management and organizational skills to meet project deadlines

I am looking for a freelancer who can apply Oracle EBS R12.2 SSHR transactions from plsql. The specific transaction I need to apply is the Personal Information Contacts. Skills and Experience: - Experience in Oracle EBS R12.2 SSHR - Proficiency in plsql - Knowledge of Personal Information Contacts transaction Access and Permissions: I have the necessary access and permissions to perform the desired transaction in Oracle EBS R12.2 SSHR. Testing: I prefer to test the application of the transaction in a staging environment. If you have the required skills and experience, and can perform the transaction in a staging environment, please bid on this project.

Collect 10-minute snapshots of limit order books for BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC, and other cryptocurrencies at 50 price levels across various exchanges in different countries (e.g., US, UK , Europe, and Asia) in 2020. Attached is a sample of Bitcoin 10-minute orderbook snapshot data in USD from the Gemini exchange on January 1, 2020.

I want a person from GOWHATHI TO gather ayurvedic and pharma factories in and around GOWHATI . I need the below details. companyname : Products: Address : company PhoneNo: sales person contact No: any employee visiting card:

I am looking for a freelance web developer who can make a restyling of my business website and assist with on-page SEO optimization. The goal is to attract new corporate customers (BtoB) for the services offered in Italy. Website Requirements: - The website is a business website which needs a redesign and adding an internal blog (where I can regularly post articles and engage with readers). - It should have a clean and user-friendly design that promotes easy navigation and readability. - The website should be mobile-responsive for optimal viewing on different devices and you will put online on existing or new hosting. Moreover you will integrate the privacy and cookie policy. SEO Services: - I am specifically interested in on-page SEO optimization to ensure that my website and b...

We are looking for a detail-oriented and experienced individual to join our team as a freelance Amazon Book Store Manager. In this role, you will be responsible for setting up and managing our Amazon store, including the launch of new book sales, pre-orders, and offering sample chapters for free. Your primary responsibilities will include: **Key Responsibilities:** 1. **Amazon Store Setup:** Create and maintain our Amazon store with 10 books, ensuring it is organized and visually appealing to customers. 2. **Book Launch Management:** Coordinate and execute the successful launch of 10 new books, including setting up pre-orders and launch promos. 3. **Free Chapter Listings:** Create listings for books, offering a few chapters for free to engage potential readers and drive interest...

I am looking for a skilled freelancer to create a Power Automate Flow from User(s) OneDrive to an SFTP site. Here are the project requirements: Files to transfer: - Both documents and images Flow execution: - The flow should run automatically Frequency: - The flow should run on file creation Additional info: - Multiple files could be added to the OneDrive folder and the flow should apply to each individual file - The flow should pause for 180 seconds prior to the transfer of each file to the SFTP - The file on the OneDrive should then be deleted Ideal skills and experience for this project: - Proficiency in Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow) - Experience with setting up file transfers between OneDrive and SFTP sites - Knowledge of automation and scheduling wor...

I need Links from relevant websites, Industry Related Links, Thematic Links USA LINKS ONLY 1. Links must come from sites that have content that relates to my website content 2. Looking for High Domain Authority (DA) 90+ Main keyword: OSP Outside Plant Fiber Optic Cable (there are 5 keywords) I can provide your with industry & competition websites to link Provide Sample for this keyword: OSP Outside Plant Fiber Optic Cable ----------------------------- USA LINKS ONLY NO PAID LINKS NO GENERIC LINKS NO GLOBAL LINKS

I'm looking for a developer to connect to an API integration from an on premise access database our end, to an online application. The primary purpose of the integration is to push data from multiple instances (ie multiple customers) of on premise access databases. I do have specific data fields that need to be accessed, and the total data size is no more than 1 GB. The successful applicant should have experience in developing similar APIs based on access databases. the documentation for the API of the receiving online app is found at We will map the data from the source Access DB, and provide the data into a staging table, but will need advice on this

"Pls only apply if you have degree in UK law" UK law writer required on urgent basis to complete on going work. Further detail will be shared through PMB. No Spam bids will be considered.

I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with a mail merge and printing of multiple specific invoices from a spreadsheet with names and addresses. I plan to use Microsoft Word as the software for mail merging and printing invoices. I already have a specific template for the invoices and I need to print out less than 50 of them. The freelancer should have excellent experience in mail merging and printing with MS Word, as well as knowledge of how to format the template and produce good looking invoices. If you are competent with MS Word and think you can help me within a quick and timely manner, please get in touch -- I would love to hear from you.

Hi, We run a specifically curtains and blinds website, I need someone with a background in interiors to write blog posts weekly for us on various aspects like products, projects , new trends etc Must have excellent English ( UK , not American spelling) and understanding of how to create genuine good articles.

Hiring Freelance Digital Marketing Experts With Proven Case Study For Our Startup - Looking for experts in PPC Advertising - Goals and metrics for the campaign are not specified - Will Be a part of our company for long term - Attractive commission based role that is 15-20% on each sale made. - Looking for candidates only from India.

For this month.

I am looking for a skilled developer to create a full stack website on the MERN stack. The website will be an online electronics store, similar to , selling products like Arduino, motors, batteries, ESP modules, and more. Initially, the website will feature products from 1-2 stores located in Bhubaneswar. Timeline: The desired timeline for completing the website is less than 15 days( upto 16th Nov 2023) Features: The website should have the following specific features: - Product search functionality to allow users to easily find the electronics they are looking for. - Payment Gateway for users - Add to Cart feature. - Contact Us page Design Aesthetic: The client prefers a classic and traditional design aesthetic for the website.

I'm interested in hiring a part-time individual for long term who can commit to working daily from 14:00 to 18:00 UK time. The responsibilities will include generating fresh social media content and overseeing our Facebook and Instagram accounts, eBay and Etsy product listing, writing blog posts, devising strategies for business expansion, and crafting new demonstration websites using "Divi" while contributing innovative ideas. Please only BID if you are individual and do not rely on others. Person should create own strategy on how he/she will be doing during these hours and then contact me rather asking me how to do it. Thank you,

Secret Server does not have an app for Splunk. However, their documentation has some info in regards to setting up an app. Sharing the link for your reference. Would you be able to set up an app or custom parser for us? In addition, we need to get logs stored on our Secret Server Distributed Engine servers. They already have the universal forwarder installed on them. We would like these logs to be available in Splunk as well. The logs are stored in the following location: C:Program FilesThycotic Software LtdDistributed Enginelog and the file is SSDE.log. The system continues to create new log files and numerates them as the log file grows. Thanks..

I have an automation project that I need assistance with. I am looking for someone to take a plain text file containing a ladder logic listing and create ladder logic files in Studio 5000 for my Allen-Bradley PLC system. I am specifically looking to create 4 ladder logic files as part of this project. Do you have the experience and knowledge to help me out? If so, I'd really appreciate your expertise and help. Please let me know if this is something you can do. Thank you for considering this project!

For my next project, I am looking for a freelancer to create a web programming job finder. The programming languages needed for this project are python. Specifically, I need the freelancer to implement e-commerce functionality. My budget for this project is between $500 and $1000.

I am having two files types from Exact software of excellence that I would like to extract the database data out of these files. The format for the files are .idx and .fs5. I would like to export the data to csv Anyone with experinece in extracting data from the above formats; please reach out

...jobs posted at various places like LinkedIn, Indeed, Naukri, IIMJobs etc You need to read the Job Description and fill the following in our Job Posting form. You can either fill the form or post it in an excel file if you want to do some web scraping or automation 1. Job Title e.g. Internal Audit Manager - Wipro 2. Locations - Select from the dropdown 3. Experience Range i.e. Minimum and Maximum 4. Domain i.e. which field e.g. Internal Audit - Select from Dropdown You need to ensure that the roles are relevant. You can't take every role and post it I will reject all bids that have not read the project details. So if you have read the details please mention your per listing charges in your bid. I will need around 100-200 vacancies per day. Also answer what is 16+7?...

I am looking for a GAMS coder to implement a set of algorithms from an article. Programming Language: GAMS Article: Yes, I have the article that contains the algorithms. Timeline: I would like the project to be completed within 2 weeks. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in GAMS programming language - Experience with implementing algorithms from research articles - Familiarity with mathematical optimization and modeling - Ability to effectively translate algorithms into GAMS code - Attention to detail and ability to accurately implement complex algorithms I would want the a short report at the end as well with all the issues faced while implementing these models and what can be done better.

I'm looking to commission a 3D model from a photo for printing on a resin printer. The size of the model should be small, less than 10 cm. I have specific details or features that I want to highlight in the 3D model and I need someone experienced to bring those ideas to life. The end use of this model is to be printed on a resin printer, so accuracy and attention to detail are very important. If you have experience with creating 3D models for printing, I'd love to hear from you.

...---------- Input : "Microsoft LLC - 12-19 Broadway Street, 98001 Washington" Output : Name => Microsoft LLC Street => Broadway Street HouseNumber => 12-19 Zip => 98001 City => Washington ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- Must work with European address (France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, UK , ...) and US address Some info : ----------------------------------------------------------- Requirements : - Use NodeJS v18 - All component/part of code must be free of rights/not

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Help you ship one item to here: 1225 Ladera Dr Waxhaw, NC 28173 United States

The must read every nn minutes from an url that sometimes could be answer with data from invoice, this data must be printed directly using IP and codepage European, if print ok then return to url the invoice number and code ok received. Sample url: Response from server: {"id":3217, "fecha":"2023-09-17", "hora": "15:07", "code":"839824", "dest": "rio san pedro 4, 1-D, Oviedo", "tel": "985123456", "detail": [ {"linea":1, "cant":4, "producto": "ejemplo de producto", "deta":"sin huevo, con bacon"}, {"linea":2, "cant":1, "producto": "otro ejemplo", "...

I am looking for a freelancer to source contact information and property details of residential landlords in Berkshire, UK . Specific requirements include: - Sourcing contact information and property details of more than 50 residential landlords - The preferred method for sourcing this information is through direct outreach Ideal skills and experience: - Strong research and communication skills - Experience in data collection and lead generation - Familiarity with the real estate market in Berkshire, UK - Ability to effectively reach out to landlords and gather necessary information

Are you a talented writer with a passion for blogging and a keen understanding of SEO principles? We're in search of freelance writers who can craft informative, engaging, and SEO-optimized content for our blog writing website. If you also have a commitment to delivering plagiarism-free articles, excellent English language skills, and the ability to meet deadlines, we'd love to hear from you. Join us in creating high-quality blog content that stands out while enjoying the flexibility of freelance work. Contact us today to kickstart your writing journey!

I am seeking a freelancer to review and assess the electrical disconnect systems in our commercial solar projects . The ideal candidate will have experience and expertise in the following areas: - Knowledge of commercial solar projects and their electrical disconnect systems - Familiarity with relevant codes and requirements for electrical disconnect systems in commercial settings - Ability to assess and evaluate the current disconnect systems and identify any areas of improvement or non-compliance - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills - Excellent communication skills to provide clear and concise recommendations for system upgrades or modifications The project timeline is immediate, with a deadline of 1-3 Day . T we need to know if the PDC 480 can replace the Disc...

I am looking for a Java Android developer who can create a project that receives data from a Bluetooth device and saves it as a log file on an SD card. The project should be compatible with Android 7.0 and below. Requirements: - Connect to a Sensor/Device via Bluetooth - Receive and log the Device ID and connection status - Save the data as a log file on an SD card Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Java and Android Studio - Experience working with Bluetooth connectivity in Android - Familiarity with saving data to an SD card - Attention to detail and ability to create a well-structured log file

I am looking for a freelancer who can help me acquire 1000 referring domains in the sports niche. Specifically, I am interested in domains related to football, basketball, and baseball. I have a desired timeframe of 1-3 months to complete this project. My budget for acquiring these domains ranges from $1000-$5000. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in SEO and link building - Knowledge of the sports industry, particularly football, basketball, and baseball - Familiarity with acquiring referring domains and backlink strategies - Attention to detail and ability to identify high-quality domains in the sports niche

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Best freelance websites (2023)

Find the best freelance websites to expand your work prospects and build out your next project

freelance websites

  • Best freelance websites

The best freelance websites connect freelancers looking to boost workloads and career opportunities with organizations that need their experience and expertise. 

If you’re freelancing, these sites are the perfect way to promote your work, including portfolio links, rates, and reviews. If you’re a client looking for a particular set of skills, from copywriting and coding to digital art and design, with the platforms built to handle file sharing and payments. Some freelancing websites are centered around specific industries and trades, while other platforms are broader in scope. Like the best job sites and the best recruiting platforms , these websites open up a lot of opportunities across a wide range of fields for both freelancers and clients who need experienced hands for the latest project. 

To help you find the right platform, the right opportunities, and the right people, we’ve tested the best freelance websites. As part of our review process, we’ve explored each site’s job categories, payment times and protections, user verifications, and associated fees. 

  • Best plagiarism checkers : Find copied content online

Post Your First Job in Minutes with ZipRecruiter

Post Your First Job in Minutes with ZipRecruiter Find qualified candidates and get distribution on at least 100 job sites with one click. Start your 4-day free trial today and then pay as low as $16/day after that.

The best freelance websites of 2023

1. ziprecruiter.

Our expert review:

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid.

ZipRecruiter is one of the easiest job boards to use, which makes it ideal if you’re just starting your journey in the world of work, or if you’re not particularly confident with using computers. The easy approach sits alongside a sizable job database.

This site works like a job search engine, so it’s instantly familiar. It doesn’t throw loads of options at you either: put in your keyword, location and the distance you’re willing to travel, and you’ll quickly see a list of relevant positions.

The results are easy to parse: you’ll see the job title, the employer and its location alongside the first line of the job description, and if you click on a likely lead you can open its full description. Some companies use ZipRecruiter’s Quick Apply feature so you can send your application with a couple of clicks, while other adverts will take you to a third-party site where you’ll be able to apply instead.

ZipRecruiter has an extensive profile section where you can easily display your work and education history, a biography and a photograph, and you can upload your resume and list your social networks - and all of this is used during your applications. You can also add skills and professional certifications. ZipRecruiter has an app, too, so your job hunt doesn’t have to stop.

This site is straightforward, but it isn’t the most comprehensive job tool. You can’t apply filters to your searches like you can on other sites, and job listings don’t have much detail. Because ZipRecruiter scrapes listings from elsewhere, be aware of redundant and spam listings. You won’t find skills assessments, resume reviews, or articles on this site either.

ZipRecruiter is easy to use - especially if companies use Quick Apply - and has a large job database and good profiling. However, the lack of filtering means it’s only suitable if you know what you’re looking for or if you’re happy to sift through loads of listings, and the lack of features means we wouldn’t rely solely on this site.

Read our full ZipRecruiter review

Toptal doesn't have the most extensive database of jobs or users, but that's the point: this site only lists world-class freelancers. That's why companies like Microsoft, Bridgestone, and Salesforce rely on Toptal to find top talent.

Toptal uses a rigorous screening process to ensure that only the best candidates are available, with language and personality reviews, skills tests, live screening, and test projects all used to find world-class talent. The firm says that only 3% of its freelance applicants end up listed, and Toptal also uses industry experts to hand-pick freelancers for each project.

That's a high barrier to entry, but it means that freelancers can pick up lucrative projects and that companies will find high-quality workers. Also, consider that Toptal only works with developers, designers, finance experts, and product and project managers.

The focused job titles and high barrier to entry mean that there will be lots of situations where Toptal just isn't suitable. But if you're a world-class freelancer or if you need to find that world-class talent, this is the place to start.  

Guru isn't just one of the best freelance websites out there. It's also one of the largest freelance marketplaces on the web, with more than two million freelancers and 800,000 employers listed, and that means you'll be able to find experts in a variety of fields. Guru covers programming and development, design, writing, sales, marketing, and management, and you'll also be able to find freelancers who work in the legal, engineering and education fields.

The site's colossal database has freelancer verification – so you can be sure you're hiring a legitimate person. Secure payments and low fees mean that the process is reliable and trustworthy for both freelancers and employers.

Freelancers also have feedback ratings on the site, so you can see how well people perform before you reach out. It's possible to hire people based on a fixed price contract, an hourly rate, a task-based rate, or a recurring fee, so there's loads of flexibility for everyone involved, and you can manage projects from the site's built-in dashboard.

Guru is free to join as a freelancer or an employer, but the site takes a fee from both sides on every paid invoice. The site's paid memberships are also worthwhile: if you're a freelancer, you can receive more bids, pay lower fees, boost your ranking, and send highlighted quotes, and paid employer accounts mean you get lower fees, unlimited job postings, and access to top freelancers.

Upwork is one of the most prominent freelance marketplaces on the web, and there's plenty of reasons to use this vast site. It lists freelancers in every conceivable job and every big industry and focuses on marketing and software development.

Upwork verifies and reviews freelancers, so you can be sure you're hiring someone legitimate. You can even check a freelancer's work samples before you make an offer. Freelancers can also take advantage of articles and resources to help them find work and grow their careers.

Once a company has posted a project, freelancers can apply for the position, allowing employers to find the best fit for the job. There's a wide variety of short- and long-term contracts on Upwork, and it's easy for freelancers and employers to chat thanks to text and video messaging.

Upwork's Talent Scout feature matches projects to top-quality freelancers, and freelancers can join the site for free. As usual, though, Upwork does take fees from each job, but if you work on larger projects, the rate is lower. Upwork's sheer size means freelancers and employers shouldn't ignore it.

5. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is one of the most straightforward freelance marketplaces online, so it's no wonder that it's trusted by companies like Amazon , IBM, and Google. It's also one of the largest freelance sites, too – the company claims that it has a global pool of fifty million users who have expertise in more than 1800 different skills.

If you're an employer, you can browse people's portfolios and quickly post a listing, and Freelancer.com says that 80% of its jobs receive a bid from a freelancer within sixty seconds. The size of this site means that it's suitable for all kinds of large and small projects, and you can use the site's recruitment and project management experts if you need a little guidance.

This site also has modules for generating ideas and learning about different subjects, which supplies a great all-round experience.

Employers can post any size of project with any kind of payment method on the site, and you only pay when you're satisfied with the work. The site's live chat and dedicated app make it easy to manage your project, and freelancers can use the app to stay in touch with managers and get alerts about relevant job postings.

Freelancer.com's massive database of users, straightforward job posting, and mobile app mean that this is an impressive and versatile option for both freelancers and employers.

Read our full Freelancer.com review

6. People Per Hour

More than three million people and one million businesses use this site across every key category, from SEO and web development to content writing, voiceovers, and marketing. If you need a person for a job – no matter how obscure – you'll find them on People Per Hour.

Employers can post any small or large projects on this site, and freelancer ratings and reviews mean you can pick people who are more likely to produce good work.

Freelancers can apply for certification, which will make them more trustworthy in the eyes of employers, and you can spend time building an eye-catching profile to make you stand out. Similarly, freelancers can also post adverts to attract employers. The site uses a bespoke AI system to match freelancers with potential projects based on their experience and abilities.

Freelancers and employers can combine using this site's Project Streams, which allows easy communication, asset sharing, and project management. You can raise invoices from here, too, and secure payments are made quickly and easily. And, happily, People Per Hour's fees are among the lowest in the industry, so this site is a good-value choice.

Lots of freelance marketplaces concentrate on having a huge database of freelancers and jobs in every industry, but that's not the case with Aquent. Instead, this site prioritizes creativity and diversity, and it uses machine learning to match projects with expert recruiters – and it's those recruiters who find the right talent.

Aquent says that its machine learning, language processing, and image analysis procedures provide better insight and better results when matching projects with freelancers. Aquent also promises to provide freelancers with great projects and fair rates of pay.

This site isn't just a freelance marketplace, either. The firm offers loads of online courses and modules to help existing staff improve their abilities, and Aquent also has in-house teams that can handle creative and techy tasks – it's like being able to hire a whole department at once.

Aquent is not the cheapest site, and it doesn't have the biggest database. Also bear in mind that it focuses on several key areas, like content, creative tasks, marketing, and tech. But this site places a firm focus on creativity, diversity, and equality, and it's a vital service if you'd like your business to follow suit – or if you're a freelancer who appreciates that kind of working environment.  

8. 99designs

As the name suggests, 99designs concentrates on design. If you need logos , branding, book covers or websites, this is the place to look, and this is a site you should use if you're a freelancer in any of those creative fields.

Employers can use two different methods to find talent on 99designs. You can use the traditional freelance marketing method to list a project and invite bids from freelancers, or you can pay 99designs to find you the perfect designer – ideal if you've got a firm idea of what you need.

Freelance creatives can join for free, compete in contests to bid for work, and designers are reviewed to check for their legitimacy when they join the site. There are over ninety distinctive design categories on the site, too, so you'll be able to find work no matter the field.

As usual, 99designs charges fees when you complete a job, and there are extra fees when designers start working with new clients, so this is not necessarily the cheapest site. But if you're a creative or need to find a creative and want to ensure quality work in a collaborative and encouraging environment, 99designs is worth the cost.

9. Solidgigs

There are an incredible number of freelance opportunities around, but that can be daunting and confusing. Happily, Solidgigs takes the hassle out of hunting by manually checking more than 100 freelance marketplaces to find the best opportunities.

Solidgigs aims to find the best 1% of freelance opportunities, and the site curates a list of top jobs and sends them to your inbox – so you can quickly see and bid for the best contracts.

If you're a freelancer who wants to get access to Solidgigs' hand-picked list of opportunities, though, then you'll have to pay a nominal fee. That makes it one of the only freelance sites that has an upfront cost to freelancers, but many people will find that excellent value in the face of other sites that don't hand-pick their listings.

Solidgigs is made by the people behind Millo.co, which has articles, courses, podcasts, and tools for freelancers, so there are plenty of educational opportunities here as well.

10. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a freelancer site designed for people who want to find remote and flexible working opportunities. So while it's not a pure freelance website, it's packed to the gills with freelance positions – so it's a great option if you're an employer or a self-employed person.

Listings on this site are hand-screened for legitimacy, so you'll always find something trustworthy and relevant on FlexJobs, and jobs are listed in virtually every industry – this isn't like other sites that concentrate on techy jobs or creative opportunities. Companies receive verification too, so freelancers can be confident when people make contact.

Beyond job listings, FlexJobs offers articles, events, and career coaching sessions. You do have to pay to get the most out of this site, though – but it gives you more information, discounts on loads of products and the ability to apply for positions right there on the site.

FlexJobs doesn't focus purely on freelance roles, but its concentration on flexible working means that it has loads of them listed. Combine this with its hand-screening and verification, and you've got a trustworthy site that's well worth the money.

Read our full FlexJobs review

There aren't many bigger freelance websites than Fiverr. It's been around since 2010 and claims to be used by more than three million employers, including big companies like Netflix and Facebook.

Fiverr's sheer size means that employers can find every kind of freelancer on the site, and if you're a freelancer you'll be able to find opportunities no matter what kind of work you do. Whether you're after a long project, a small job, or anything in between, you'll be able to find it here, and at all sorts of budgets. Free listings also mean there are plenty of low-cost opportunities here too.

It's free to join the site and free to list opportunities on Fiverr, and everyone can benefit from protected payments and 24/7 support. Businesses can also pay to enjoy an upgraded package that offers verified freelancers, hand-picked talent matching, and a dashboard to manage your projects.

Fiverr has plenty going for it, not least its size, but its low barrier to entry means that you may have to sift through many unsuitable projects or freelancers before you find the right fit. Free listings also mean that Fiverr's eventual transaction fees are a little higher than many other sites.

12. Behance

Behance is one of the best websites around for creative freelancers, which is no surprise when you consider that it's owned by Adobe .

This impressive job site functions like a social network, so it's perfect for finding your next gig as well as making all-important creative connections. When you sign up you can pick your specialisms from a broad range of topics like graphic design, photography, UI design or advertising, and it's easy to build your portfolio and create mood boards – perfect for showing off your work and your style.

A custom feed of creators dominates the site, and you can search projects by their field, colors, and even the tools used. So, if you're upfront about showing off your work on your profile and in the main feed, you'll be easier to find when people are on the hunt for a new freelancer. 

You're not restricted to portfolios and mood boards, either. You can create case studies, advertise work-in-progress posts that expire in 24 hours, and even live-stream your work.

If you want to find work, you can search for jobs in hundreds of fields and disciplines. You can see each job's salaries alongside remote-working options and the rest of the job description, and you can apply right on Behance.

Behance is a top choice for any creative freelancer – there are hundreds of disciplines represented on the site, and thousands of jobs. It's free to use with basic features, but be aware that it's a competitive marketplace – no surprise when you consider the popularity of this Adobe-owned site.

13. Dribbble

If you need a capable and reliable creative freelancer, investigate Dribbble. It’s one of the best sites around for self-employed designers and artists, and it’s been used by companies like Starbucks, Facebook and Amazon.

The site has a database of more than one million worldwide creatives, and more than 60,000 businesses rely on Dribbble to find top talent.

There are two main ways to hire on Dribbble. You can pay for access to Dribbble’s job board, where you can post job listings and projects. You can include your full job description, list what kind of designer you need, and hire full-time, part-time, freelance and contract-based staff. Dribbble boasts that its listings receive an average of 1,500 clicks per month, so you’ll probably get lots of eyes on your openings.

The other monthly option enables companies to access Dribbble’s complete database of creative professionals. Take this route and you can search the entire designer database using powerful filtering, and you’ll also get unlimited messaging and the option to bookmark designers. Companies can also pay to access both features.

14. Codeable

It’s always tempting to turn to a skilled freelancer if you have specialist programming needs, and Codeable is the best choice if you need to hire a Wordpress expert to sort out your websites and CMS systems.

The site’s freelancers are all vetted before using the site, so you can be sure you’re hiring someone capable, and it’s very easy to start hiring. Companies can post any Wordpress project on the site, from quick fixes to more complex projects, and the programmers on the site can handle everything from plugin and database work to complete migrations and site development.

Most of the site’s projects receive quotes within 24 hours, and in most cases you’ll be connected to a handful of experts who can easily handle your project’s demands. Once Codable has helped you make those connections, companies can use a shared workspace to chat to the candidates about the details of the project. It’s a smart method to ensure efficient, quick communication.

An algorithm creates one price from all the programmers interested in your project – so you’re not stuck with a race to the bottom that compromises quality – and a secure payment system keeps your money safe. And that’s it. You’ll be able to hire a great Wordpress expert in record time.

Pricing varies between projects here, and you should expect hourly rates that vary. Codeable makes money with a 17.5% service charge, and companies benefit from a 28-day bug-fixing warranty and a fair refund policy.

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Best freelance websites: FAQs

How to choose the best freelance website for you.

Why you can trust TechRadar We spend hours testing every product or service we review, so you can be sure you’re buying the best. Find out more about how we test.

When selecting the best freelance website, you'll want to look out for many things. 

For starters, you'll want to check what categories the platform offers and whether there are relevant opportunities for you. Then, you'll want to assess the pricing and service fees. Is there a monthly subscription or does the platform tax you whenever you're paid? As part of that, check whether the platform features built-in invoicing software to make sure you get properly paid. 

You'll definitely want to consider whether the platform has payment protection and a verification process to ensure you'll be dealing with authentic clients and freelancers. 

Lastly, look out  for the website's interface, ease of use, and customer support. 

What is a freelance website?

A freelance website is a platform where freelancers find work opportunities and clients seek out talent. 

Not all websites have the same structure, so freelancers and clients will find that the application and hiring process differs significantly from one platform to another. 

How we test the best freelance websites

To test the best freelance websites, we looked at numerous aspects. We first checked what categories of work the platform offers and if it was predominantly suited to a specific category, like design. 

Then, we looked at how popular the freelance website was and whether it had a solid payment protection system in place. We evaluated whether the platform verified its users thoroughly and what kind of pricing structure it followed. 

Focused or extra features are always explored. Some of the very best freelance websites offer online courses to help you further your career, while others offer project management tools for organizing teams and tasks. We assess how well these additional features improve both the site and assist its users.

We also considered the platform's interface and the quality of the customer support, among other things.

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Desire Athow

Désiré has been musing and writing about technology during a career spanning four decades. He dabbled in website builders and web hosting when DHTML and frames were in vogue and started narrating about the impact of technology on society just before the start of the Y2K hysteria at the turn of the last millennium.

  • Mike Jennings
  • Steve Clark B2B Editor - Creative & Hardware

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Technology Secretary announces investment boost making British AI supercomputing 30 times more powerful

British supercomputing to be boosted 30-fold with a new Cambridge computer and Bristol site.

uk freelance projects

  • British supercomputing to be boosted 30-fold with a new Cambridge computer and Bristol site
  • the 2 computers will form the government’s ‘ AI Research Resource’, which helps researchers discover how to make the most advanced models of AI safe and drive other breakthroughs
  • this comes as the UK opens its AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park, to consider the risks of AI and discuss their mitigation through international action

The government’s Frontier AI Taskforce and leading British researchers will be equipped with cutting edge supercomputers to analyse the safety of advanced AI models, thanks to new investment in the ‘ AI Research Resource’.

The tool will build and connect 2 new supercomputers across the UK, giving researchers access to resources with more than 30-times the capacity of the UK’s current largest public AI computing tools. They will be able to use the machines, which will be running from summer 2024, to analyse advanced AI models to test safety features and drive breakthroughs in drug discovery and clean energy.

The investment into the AI Research Resource has been tripled to £300 million, up from £100 million announced in March 2023, in a bid to further boost UK AI capabilities.

This will bolster Isambard- AI , which will be Britain’s most advanced computer. Based at the University of Bristol, it is set to be 10 times faster than the UK’s current quickest machine, thanks to 5,000 advanced AI chips from Nvidia in a supercomputer built by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

The investment will also connect Isambard- AI to a newly announced Cambridge supercomputer called ‘Dawn’. This computer – delivered through a partnership with Dell and UK SME StackHPC – will be powered by over 1000 Intel chips that use water-cooling to reduce power consumption. It is set to be running in the next 2 months and target breakthroughs in fusion energy, healthcare and climate modelling.

Chaired by Ian Hogarth, the Frontier AI Taskforce will have priority access to the connected computing tools to support its work to mitigate the risks posed by the most advanced forms of AI , including national security from the development of bioweapons and cyberattacks. The resource will also support the work of the AI Safety Institute, as it develops a programme of research looking at the safety of frontier AI models and supports government policy with this analysis.

Announcing this investment at the AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park, Science, Innovation and Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan said:

Frontier AI models are becoming exponentially more powerful. At our AI Safety Summit in Bletchley Park, we have made it clear that Britain is grasping the opportunity to lead the world in adopting this technology safely so we can put it to work and lead healthier, easier and longer lives. This means giving Britain’s leading researchers and scientific talent access to the tools they need to delve into how this complicated technology works. That is why we are investing in building UK’s supercomputers, making sure we cement our place as a world-leader in AI safety.

Bristol’s Isambard- AI computer, first announced in September , will be backed by a £225 million investment.

The supercomputer, 10 times faster than the UK’s current fastest machine, will deliver over 200 ‘petaflops’, meaning it can make 200,000,000,000,000,000 calculations (that’s 200 quadrillion) every second. By comparison, the newest smartphones today deliver only trillions of calculations per second, and a human would have to make a decision every second for 6.3 billion years to match what this computer can calculate in one second.

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Blog Forestry Commission


Funded woodland advice available through the PIES project

Gabrriel Hemery

What is the PIES project?

PIES (Protect Improve Expand Sustain) is a government-funded project. It is providing a network of independent woodland experts to deliver high-quality free advice to landowners across England.

The project aims to support landowners in bringing existing woodland back into management and to support woodland creation projects. Farmers and landowners taking part in the project receive free advice, including a site visit and customised report, plus ongoing online support and technical services.

A PIES advisor stands with a landowner in a field showing him paperwork he has in his hand

Launched last year, the PIES project has already approved more than 91 fully-funded advisory visits to landowners and farmers across England. Applications to access this support are now open thanks to further funding from the Forestry Commission.

The PIES offer has been carefully pitched to support landowners as they take the first step in bringing existing woodlands into management, or as they consider creating new woodlands. Those who receive the free advisory visit are subsequently eligible to apply for further financial support, for example through the England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO).

PIES project to date

91 advice visits underway

3,157ha assessed

114ha of new woodland proposed

463ha of woodland in active management

The Free Advisory Visit

The free advice and site visit helps landowners to develop outline plans for existing woodlands, and plans and budgets for new tree planting. The first step for successful applicants is to choose who to work with, selected from a choice of three local expert providers offered by the Forest Canopy Foundation.

A PIES advsior holding paperwork

The PIES expert providers have found the process rewarding as it has connected them with new clients and provided them with sufficient time to help them discover more detail about the aims and ambitions of their new clients.

PIES was a great process, helping me provide a clear direction to a family business interested in both woodland management and creation.

The PIES expert provider initially gathers information, maps and plans on behalf of the client, and then agrees the time and scope of a site advisory visit.

Following the initial advice and visit, digital plans and maps will be shared with the landowner via a free account on the myForest platform run by Sylva Foundation. The platform provides ongoing support to the landowner, while simplifying the process of applying for government incentives and meeting regulatory requirements.

Another valuable part of the PIES offer is the Grown in Britain Forest Certification which is offered free for one year, supporting eligible landowners in making the most of their woodland resource.

A Derbyshire Case Study

Landowner Phil knew that he wanted to plant some trees on his farm in Derbyshire. His initial idea was to buy some trees (he thought maybe 200) and involve local schools to help out with planting.

He happened to attend an agricultural show while on holiday in Cornwall when he visited a Forestry Commission stand. With permission, his details were subsequently passed on to a local Woodland Officer in Derbyshire. After the Woodland Officer sent him comprehensive information he successfully applied for the PIES project to get further help.

He was then paired with local private woodland agent Charles Robinson which proved to be just what he needed to help him get his project off the ground. With help from Charles, Phil then applied for the England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO) with a nature recovery supplement.

When I first started out thinking about planting trees, the language was alien and it was hard to know where to start. PIES funding provided me with the early advice to highlight opportunities and gave me a clear idea on how this could work out financially. Without PIES funding my 4ha scheme would not be going ahead.

Phil says he was unlikely to have ever invested in receiving the advice which subsequently proved so helpful in progressing his plans. PIES support provided him with important early advice to highlight opportunities and has given him clarity on how his plans could work out financially. Phil is clear that without PIES funding, his 4ha woodland creation scheme would not be going ahead.

How to Apply for PIES support

Eligible landowners include those with existing woodland that do not have a current management plan in place, and/or any landowner interested in creating new woodland on their land. The offer is available only to landowners in England. The PIES online application process has been designed to be simple and straightforward.

To find out more about the PIES project and apply visit: www.sylva.org.uk/pies .

Further information on the PIES project

The project is funded by the Trees Call to Action Fund, developed by Defra in partnership with the Forestry Commission and administered by the Heritage Fund. The PIES project aims to support the delivery of the government’s England Trees Action Plan at scale across the country, by:

  • expanding and connecting woodlands
  • promoting green economy
  • protecting and improving woodlands

PIES is led by a partnership between three organisations: Sylva Foundation, Forest Canopy Foundation, and Grown in Britain. The partnership is working closely with the Forestry Commission and the National Farmers’ Union to deliver the project for three years (2022-25).

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The Forestry Commission is responsible for protecting, expanding and promoting the sustainable management of woodlands.

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  28. UK Pushing Pensions Into Private Equity Draws Industry Backlash

    UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is facing a pension industry backlash over plans to push more savings into risky unlisted assets like private equity and public building projects.. Experts in ...

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