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Comparing the Top SIM Only Contract Deals: Which One is Right for You?

Are you tired of being locked into long-term contracts with your mobile service provider? A SIM only contract deal might be the perfect solution for you. With a SIM only contract, you get the flexibility of a monthly plan without being tied to a specific handset. But with so many options available in the market, how do you choose the right one for your needs? In this article, we will compare the top SIM only contract deals and help you make an informed decision.

Network Coverage and Reliability

When choosing a SIM only contract deal, one of the most important factors to consider is network coverage and reliability. After all, what good is a cheap plan if you can’t make calls or access the internet when you need to?

The major mobile networks such as Vodafone, EE, O2, and Three offer their own SIM only contract deals. These networks have extensive coverage across the country and are known for their reliability. However, smaller providers like giffgaff and Smarty also offer competitive deals with access to these major networks’ infrastructure.

To determine which network offers the best coverage in your area, it’s worth checking coverage maps provided by each network. Additionally, reading customer reviews about network reliability can give you insights into real-world experiences.

Data Allowance and Speeds

Another crucial aspect to consider when comparing SIM only contract deals is data allowance and speeds. The amount of data included in your plan determines how much internet browsing, streaming, and downloading you can do without incurring extra charges.

Different providers offer various data allowances ranging from as low as 1GB up to unlimited data plans. If you use your phone primarily for browsing social media or checking emails, a lower data allowance may suffice. However, if you’re an avid video streamer or online gamer, it’s recommended to opt for a plan with a higher data allowance or even an unlimited data plan.

In addition to data allowance, consider the network’s 4G and 5G speeds. Faster speeds can greatly enhance your mobile internet experience, especially if you frequently stream high-definition content or need to download large files on the go.

Contract Length and Flexibility

One of the key advantages of SIM only contract deals is the flexibility they offer. Unlike traditional phone contracts that typically last for 24 months, SIM only contracts often come with shorter terms ranging from 30 days to 12 months.

If you prefer not being tied down to a long-term commitment, look for providers that offer shorter contract lengths. This allows you to switch providers or upgrade your plan more frequently without incurring hefty cancellation fees.

Additionally, some providers offer flexible plans that allow you to change your data allowance or other features mid-contract. This can be particularly beneficial if your usage patterns change over time or if you anticipate needing more or less data in the future.

Additional Benefits and Perks

Finally, when comparing SIM only contract deals, it’s worth considering any additional benefits and perks offered by the providers. Many networks provide extras such as free international roaming, inclusive entertainment subscriptions (e.g., Netflix or Spotify), and discounts on new handsets if you decide to upgrade in the future.

While these extras shouldn’t be the sole basis of your decision-making process, they can certainly add value to your chosen plan. Think about which perks are most important to you and compare them across different providers to find the best overall package.

In conclusion, when choosing a SIM only contract deal, consider factors such as network coverage and reliability, data allowance and speeds, contract length and flexibility, as well as any additional benefits offered by the provider. By carefully evaluating these aspects, you can find a SIM only contract deal that perfectly suits your needs without breaking the bank.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


the sims 4 term paper quality

Tips to Help You Ace Your Next Term Paper

Writing a term paper is easily accomplished if you have a game plan for getting the job done. Here are five tips to help you ace your next term paper.

Once you’ve narrowed down your term paper topic, start by reading about it in authoritative source material. Once you’ve collected and studied the information you need, you’ll be well-equipped to put your thoughts down on paper or your keyboard. To make the research process easier, take detailed notes. Whether you’re writing a term paper for an American history class or grade 11 physics exam papers, precise note-taking helps you retain information more easily and keeps you organized.

Creating a solid outline is crucial to writing a stellar term paper. Map out the introduction, the main body of the term paper, and then the conclusion. Make sure the thesis and the major points of the term paper are clearly defined. If you have any questions about the topic, go back and review your notes or do additional research, if necessary. Writing the term paper will be much easier if you have the structure and key points of the paper already nailed down.

With your outline complete, you’re ready to begin the writing process. Because most of us have an inner critic when we write, it’s a good idea to acknowledge this fact and carry on with the writing process anyway without procrastinating. A good way to circumvent the inner critic, which tends to slow us down while writing, is to create a quick first draft. Afterwards, you can go back and make revisions.

Citing Sources

Make sure you provide information about all of the source material you’ve used for your term paper — even information that you’ve reworded — to avoid plagiarism. Any direct quotations must have a citation. However, sources aren’t necessary for information that’s common knowledge, such as the location of a specific Civil War battle or the educational background of an American president.

Polish the Term Paper

Wait several hours, or preferably longer, and then return to your term paper and thoroughly proofread it. Keep an eagle eye out for spelling mistakes as well as grammar and punctuation errors. Also, make sure that the antecedent of every pronoun is clear. Then do a spell check and a grammar check using a program such as Microsoft Word to find mistakes you may have missed. As a final step, give the paper one last look to ensure that you’re ready to turn in the final draft.

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Sims Community

The Sims 4 Discover University: Guide to Academic Success

11 13 19 4 26 20 AM

Presented by EA Game Changers

Getting into university is one thing; excelling in university is quite another. For most people, the joys of university lie in balancing work with pleasure. A little studying here, a little partying there, leading to an overall well-rounded university experience.

This guide is not for the casual university student. This guide will walk you through how to throw yourself completely into your education in order to achieve the best grades (and the best future) possible. Throw away your juice kegs and break out those textbooks because school is all you’re going to know for the next three terms.

For a breakdown on scholarships and applying to university, see our guide, Discover University: Applying to University !

Class Selections

The Sims 4 Discover University: Guide to Academic Success

Of course, it all starts with enrolling and selecting your degree and classes. No matter which degree you pursue, you’ll have to select up to 4 classes per term. Classes change every term so you’ll see new ones available every time you select your classes at the start of term. You can’t change which classes you’ll be taking for your degree; you can only choose the number of classes.

However, Sims have the option of enrolling in 1 elective each term. Electives are fun classes that focus on skills outside of your degree and you will be able to select which elective your Sim will take that term. There are all kinds of electives that span a wide variety of skills. Electives are fully integrated across all packs, so depending on which add-on content you have installed, you may see different electives for skills from different packs.

Electives are optional; your Sim doesn’t need to take any electives at all, but if they do choose to take an elective, they can only take up to 3 other classes. Sims are limited to 4 classes per term in total, so either 4 classes, or 3 classes and 1 elective.

Our recommendation? Take 3 classes and 1 elective every term for maximum academic success. Electives still count as credits towards your degree so taking an elective doesn’t hurt your progress at all, plus your Sim will graduate with a few extra skills thanks to the electives they took.

The Sims 4 Discover University: Guide to Academic Success

One term last 5 working days. There is no way to shorten or lengthen a term. They are fixed periods. Sims can begin a new term anytime during the week, but weekends don’t count as term days. If your Sim starts a new term on a Friday, the term won’t end until Thursday the following week. Starting a new term in the middle of the week can be a good academic strategy for dedicated students because it will give them the weekend to catch up on homework and final assignments.

How many terms your Sim needs to complete in order to graduate is entirely dependent on how many classes they decide to take per term. A Sim needs to earn 12 credits in order to graduate.

Here is the breakdown of how many terms your Sim will need to complete based upon their classes:

  • 4 classes per term = 3 terms (15 working days)
  • 3 classes per term = 4 terms (20 working days)
  • 2 classes per term = 6 terms (30 working days)
  • 1 class per term = 12 terms (60 working days)

These calculations are based on the assumption that your Sim completes the same number of classes every term. It is possible to take a different number of classes each term (4 classes one term, 2 the next term, for example), in which case the number of terms needed to graduate will vary.

Even if a Sim only takes 3 terms to graduate, they will still spend the majority of their young adult life in university; however, unlike past Sims games, your Sims are not trapped on campus with no way to work or live a life outside of university. Sims can live wherever they want, have a job, and raise a family while going to school, so this balances things out. If the length of university is not ideal for your play style, we recommend turning aging off in the game options while your Sim is in university. That way, they don’t lose any time to climb a career ladder or pursue other life goals.

Of course, you will want to be taking 4 classes every term for maximum efficiency. Sims who don’t mind sacrificing their social life and plan to devote all their time to their studies should take a full course load every term.

Attending Classes

The Sims 4 Discover University: Guide to Academic Success

It’s important to actually attend class in order to get the most out of your university education. Missing class will hurt your grades. Sims in the area will autonomously try to get to class a little early. Sims who’ve arrived to class early will wait outside the building with the other early bird students. This can be a good time to get some last minute homework finished or to quickly finish the rest of that coffee and snack you purchased to-go at the cafe vendor.

While your Sim is inside the classroom rabbithole, they will have various options available to them by clicking on their portrait, much like the different work options for inactive careers. Click the class icon on the Sim’s portrait to see the various actions they can take in class. Sims can Actively Listen, Take Notes, Sleep in Class, or Chat with Friends. To get the most out of every class, make sure your Sim is taking notes or actively listening. I’m sure we don’t need to tell you that sleeping in class and chatting with friends are not good ways to improve your grades.

If you’re taking a full course load, it’s likely that your Sim will have more than one class in a day, or even back to back classes. Make sure to check the career panel often to keep track of your class schedule so you can budget your time for homework, finals, and self-care effectively.

Ideally, you will want your Sim to attend every single class with all of their homework completed and taking an active role in the class while they are there. This will ensure your Sim gets the most out of their classes and, in turn, gets the best grades at the end of term.

The Sims 4 Discover University: Guide to Academic Success

Every course your Sim takes has homework due before every class. When your Sim enrolls in university, they are automatically given a homework notebook in their personal inventory. Sims can complete homework for all their classes using this notebook. Homework takes some time to complete, but Sims with high enough Research & Debate skill complete homework faster.

Sims who stay on top of their homework and pay attention in class will get more out of attending classes and it will have a positive impact on their final grade. Always complete homework before every class and actively pay attention in class for maximum academic success.

In addition to homework that must be completed on a regular basis throughout the term, each class also has a final. Finals are very important and worth a large chunk of your grade. Skipping out on your finals will have a big negative impact on your final grade, so make sure you complete all of them.

Each class will have different requirements for its final. Some classes will require your Sim to write a term paper. Others have final exams and presentations. Look at your class schedule in the career panel to see what’s required of each class.

The Sims 4 Discover University: Guide to Academic Success

Exams take place during the last class of the term. If your Sim has done all their homework and attended all their classes, they’re likely to do well on their exam, but Sims can also study for a class using a course book purchased from the university kiosk, a computer, or research station to boost their chances of doing well on their exam.

Don’t miss your final exam! Failing to write the exam results in a big fat zero and will seriously hurt your final grade!

PSST! You can also cheat on your exam by selecting the option on your Sim’s portrait while they’re in the exam… but you would never do that… would you? Getting caught has serious consequences.

Term Papers

The Sims 4 Discover University: Guide to Academic Success

Term papers can be written on the computer under the University menu option. A Sim can write and submit a term paper for a class at any point during the term, so dedicated Sims might want to get these out of the way early.

Term papers take a long time to complete, but Sims with high enough Research & Debate skill complete term papers faster. The first draft of a term paper is usually poor quality. Your Sim can submit poor quality term papers, but f they want the best grade, they should spend some time editing their paper before they submit it.

Term papers can be edited until they are outstanding quality. You’ll receive a notification telling you that your term paper won’t benefit from any further editing once your Sim has increased its quality to outstanding. Scrolling over the term paper option in the computer’s menu will tell you the quality of the term paper.

When your Sim is satisfied with the quality of their paper, they can submit it using the computer.

PSST! You can also plagiarize your term papers by selecting the plagiarize option on the computer… but you would never do that… would you? Getting caught has serious consequences.


The Sims 4 Discover University: Guide to Academic Success

Your Sim will receive a presentation board in their personal inventory at the start of term for any classes that have a presentation requirement as their final. Presentations function similar to term papers; your Sim will need to compile all of their material on the board, then refine the presentation board until it’s suitable to present in class.

To start, drag the presentation board out of your Sim’s inventory and into the world somewhere, then choose the Capture Information option on the board. Your Sim will spend some time compiling all their material for their presentation onto the board. When they’ve finished, they will have a poor quality presentation board. You can see the board’s quality by hovering over it.

Sims can improve the quality of their presentation by refining and organizing it, and asking other Sims for feedback on their presentation. They can also practice their presentation. Practicing presentations builds the Charisma skill. Once the board cannot be improved any further, you will receive a notification informing you that your Sim’s presentation board looks great and that continuing to fiddle with it won’t improve it any more.

When your Sim is satisfied with the quality of their presentation, they can go to class with the presentation board in their inventory and present it. Presentations do not take place during regular classes; your Sim must click on the class rabbithole and select the presentation option. Presentations can only be given during the day. Your Sim won’t be able to present in the middle of the night.

Final Grades & Starting a New Term

The Sims 4 Discover University: Guide to Academic Success

If your Sim has done all their homework, attended every class as an active participant, and completed all their finals with outstanding quality, they should have no trouble getting an A+ grade in every class. However, perfect grades don’t come easy. You’ll find that your Sim has little to no time for extracurricular activities, organizations, or socialising when they are taking 4 classes and trying to achieve an A+ grade in every single one of them. University is definitely a rewarding challenge in The Sims 4 , just like in the real world.

Since grades aren’t given out until the end of term, it’s up to your Sim to take a proactive approach to finding out how they’re doing in their classes. They can visit their professors during their office hours or email them on the computer to get an idea of how they’re performing in their classes and how they can improve.

Once all coursework has been submitted, your Sim will be free to enjoy themselves (for once) while their final grades are being processed. Once the final grades are in, you’ll receive a popup with all your final grades for each class, as well as your overall GPA.

From there, you can choose to enroll in another term right away, or take some time off before starting a new term. If your Sim has any scholarships, they must enroll in a new term immediately or they will lose their scholarships. Tuition costs for the new term will be handled at this point as well. Sims can pay with household funds or take out a loan to pay any tuition costs for the new term that scholarships don’t cover.

Your Sim will also be given the opportunity to make different housing arrangements at the start of each new term. They can choose to stay wherever they are currently living, or move somewhere else. This change does not happen right away. Your Sim will have about a day left in their old residence, which gives them an opportunity to pack up any personal items they may have purchased for their living space. A small “Packing Up” event will occur a couple hours before the move to remind your Sim to gather up their things, too.

As long as your Sim continues on the path to success they started in their first term, all their future terms are bound to result in perfect A+ grades across the board. Keep doing that homework, working on those finals, and paying attention in class!

Have any tips of your own for academic success? Share them with us in the comments or come chat with us on social media!

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A cranky old lady who prefers the company of cats and Sims over people. Occasionally peeks out from her lair long enough to chuck Sims articles at innocent bystanders.

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the sims 4 term paper quality

Join The Sims 5 Playtest and Help Shape the Future of Project Rene!

the sims 4 term paper quality

Sims 4 Halloween Sale: Snag Up to 50% Off on Bundles!

the sims 4 term paper quality

Sims 4 Spooky Party Guide: Expert Tips for a Killer Bash!

the sims 4 term paper quality

Sims 4 Music Mod: A Beautiful and Functional Custom Harp!

the sims 4 term paper quality

A Culinary Upgrade: Best Food and Kitchen Mods for Sims 4

the sims 4 term paper quality

The Sims 4 Build Spotlight: Croft Manor

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the sims 4 term paper quality

How to Write a Term Paper in The Sims 4 Discover University

Don't forget about your homework!

the sims 4 term paper quality

You’ll encounter several coursework tasks as you complete your degree in The Sims 4: Discover University. Some classes will ask you to complete final exams, give presentations or write papers to show your academic prowess. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to write a term paper in The Sims 4: Discover University.

To begin writing your term paper, you’ll have to find a computer. If you live at home, make sure you have access to a computer or a local library. Similarly, if you’re living on campus, you can use the computer in your dorm room or head to a library.

Once your character is on the computer, go into University > University Coursework > Term Paper. From here, you can begin working on the assignment! After completing it, you can either submit it as a low-quality paper or edit it.

Related: How to Drop Out of University in The Sims 4 Discover University

The quality of your paper will help determine your final grade. You won’t get a high grade if you submit a poor-quality term paper. However, editing it until it is of outstanding quality will significantly improve your chances of getting an A grade or higher. Whether or not you spend an extra hour or two to edit the paper is entirely up to you.

Not all of your courses will require a term paper as their primary objective. Instead, you may have to take an exam or give a presentation to boost your grades. With this in mind, don’t be surprised if you only have to write one or two papers during the entire semester!

The Sims 4 is available on PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 through the official website . If you’d like to learn more about the game, check out How to Make Sims Lose Weight and How to have more than 8 Sims in a household in The Sims 4 .

About the Author

the sims 4 term paper quality

Madison Benson

Madison is a staff writer at Prima Games who has played video games for over twenty years and written about them for over two years. Her love for video games started with turn-based strategy games like Heroes of Might and Magic and has since extended to casual farming sims, MMORPGs, and action-adventure RPGs.

More Stories by Madison Benson

How to Complete Coursework

In The Sims 4: Discover University , your Sim will need to pass their classes in order to graduate with their chosen Degree, which includes completing Coursework like written papers and taking exams.

This guide teaches you everything you need to know about How to Complete Coursework in TS4, including writing and submitting papers, taking exams, and creating a presentation.

Click on any of the links below to automatically scroll to that section of this guide:

What is Coursework in The Sims 4?

How to write a term paper, how to take final exam, how to give a presentation.

In the Discover University Expansion Pack, student Sims who have enrolled in a degree will have to attend classes to pass the semester (which lasts a week). Showing up isn't enough, though—it also includes Coursework.

Because university life is so hectic, you will need to make sure your Sim balances work and study because if they're too busy with a job to go to class and complete their Coursework, they won't be able to graduate.

Sims 4 writing.png

To learn more about Degrees, including types and what careers your Sim can go into after graduating, check out our Degrees guide .

There are three types of Coursework:

  • Written Term Paper
  • Presentation

You can view each class your Sim is signed up for and what Coursework they'll need to complete that semester by clicking on the Career tab on your hotbar (or simply press J).

Sims 4 coursework.jpg

To write a Term Paper, your Sim will need access to a PC. Click on the PC, then "University" > "University Coursework" > "Term Paper." Here, you'll see two options: "Write Term Paper" and "Submit Plagiarized Term Paper."

If you want your Sim to get a good grade, don't cheat as it's impossible to get an A with a fake paper. Instead, choose for them to write it themselves.

Sims 4 pc coursework.jpg

After a few hours, your Sim will have produced their first draft. You can choose to hand this in but for a better grade, go back to the PC and click on "Edit Term Paper". Do this multiple times until you get a notification popup that says it is the best it can be. Now you can "Submit Term Paper" from the computer.

In Discover University , doing the Final Exam is easy: your Sim just goes to class on one of the final days of the semester and takes it automatically. But this doesn't mean there isn't work to do, though. If you want your Sim to get a high grade, they need to study.

Click on a PC, then "University" > "University Coursework" > "Study" and then choose the class the Final Exam is for. For a good grade, it's ideal that they study at least twice—the more, the better. They may also need to study for more than one class if multiple have a Final Exam as Coursework so make sure they have enough time to fit it all in!

Sims 4 study.png

It is also a good idea to raise the Skill that the class is tied to; again, the higher the better. You can check this in the Career tab in your hotbar.

This is the most confusing piece of Coursework your Sim is given as the game does not mention what you need to do, leaving you to figure it out for yourself. Upon starting the semester, a Presentation Board will be put in your Sim's inventory which you must place in the world.

Have your Sim interact with the board and "Compile Information." They will spend an hour or two throwing ideas onto the board. You can submit it like this, but if you want a higher grade, you will need to "Refine and Organize" until a popup appears notifying you it's the best it can be.

Sims 4 presentation.png

If you "Practice Presenting," your Sim's Charisma Skill will increase—something that you should ideally make them do a couple of times as it can help with the grade. Once this is done, your Sim will now be ready to hand their Presentation in.

Presentations can only be handed in during school hours: from Monday to Friday between 8AM and 4PM. Your Sim will be in class for a couple of hours while they present.

Sims 4 final presentation.jpg

Homework is separate from Coursework but is just as important. It is a daily task, meaning you'll have to do it for each of your Sim's classes every day. It takes a couple of hours to complete it for each class.

To do Homework, go to your Sim's inventory and you'll see a black and white class book. You can either click it from the inventory itself or place it in the world and then click it, but when you do, homework options for each of your Sim's classes will pop up.

Your Sim will go and sit down somewhere to finish their homework, and their progress can be tracked in the Action Queue on the bottom left. The more homework your Sim does, the better their grade will be for that class at the end of the semester.

Sims 4 homework.png

Now that you know all about How to Complete Coursework in The Sims 4, head on over to our Organizations page to learn all about the student societies your Sim can join.

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In this guide.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4: How to Get an A in University

By: Author Taylor O'Halloran

Posted on Published: November 19, 2019  - Last updated: January 30, 2020

Categories Discover University , How To's

If you really want your sims to struggle, you should send them to University. This is one of the hardest expansion packs we’ve gotten thus far for The Sims 4, and it’s well needed.

Having your sim attend University is simple, just go and hope for the best, however, if you want to get an A in University, you’re going to need to put in some work.

While other students will be at keg parties and attending soccer games, you’re going to be at the library or the commons studying into all hours of the night.

If you want to graduate with honours and have your sim get the best possible grades, you should follow this guide to get the most out of going to school.

In this guide we are going to talk about the importance of choosing your course load, attending your classes, doing homework, and making sure to do your end of term work.

Watch The Video

Did you know we have a Youtube Channel ? We make videos to go along with these articles and how to videos, as well as some gameplay stuff. You should definitely subscribe to us on Youtube !

Choosing Where to Live

It may not seem like choosing where you’re going to live for University matters much, it’s just where you sleep. However, there are certain factors that make living off campus on your own a better option.

First, you’ll spend less time cleaning up after other sims when they are messy, which can waste precious studying time. You also won’t have the annoyance of people in your room, or on your computer, or walking in on you while you’re showing like what happens in a dorm room.

Second, living off campus will give you access to a full kitchen on your lot and you won’t have to travel to the University commons just to get every single meal which will save you tons of time.

Finally, living in your own home means that you can give it the Study Spot lot trait which will help your sims pursue their studies and do better in their classes.

If you want your sim to graduate with honours and get all A’s, you should probably live alone, but it is possible to do in a dorm or shared housing.

Choosing Your Course Load

An important factor to consider if you’re trying to do well in University is how many classes you’re planning on taking.

Your sim has the option to take 4 classes, this can be 4 core classes or 3 core classes and an elective. An elective is just a fun class where they can gain a skill that is unrelated to their major.

You can take an elective every semester if you want, as these courses still count toward your degree and they will just give you some new skills that your sim doesn’t yet have.

You don’t have any say over which core classes you’ll be taking for your major, but you can choose how many you want to take. You can even just take 1 class a semester, however, this means you’ll be in school for most of your sim’s life.

Now, if you want your sim to get an A in University, you need to really think about how much work you want to do. If you take a full course load you’re really going to struggle to get straight A’s and still have your sim’s needs be met.

What is a good number of classes? Well, I recommend taking two regular classes and then one elective for a total of three classes . This means that you’ll be in school for 4 terms, or 20 days. You may want to turn off aging because this will be the entirety of your sim’s young adulthood.

Taking 4 classes is a lot and essentially means your sim can’t join any after school activities, organizations or anything else.

Going to Class

A simple fact of life is that failing to go to your classes each day, is going to make you not do as well at school. You won’t fail just because you never attend class (although it is a huge factor), but you won’t get an A either.

You must attend every single class for your all of the classes you’re taking if you want to get straight A’s. Also, you need to be on time for every class, it’s rather simple for you to be late if you live on campus so make sure that your sim isn’t doing anything that could distract them from leaving on time.

Sometimes when you live on campus, your sim will attend class early which is a great option to make sure that you’re leaving on time. All the sims will wait outside the building with their little homework notebooks and it’s absolutely adorable.

You also want to make sure that your sim is in a decent mood before they go to class so they aren’t distracted or in a bad mood. You can even pack a snack or grab a to-go snack from the coffee cart for a quick pick me up in between classes.

Being Active in Class

Although classes in The Sims 4: Discover University are rabbit holes, you still have the option of changing how your sim is learning in that class.

You can click on the little briefcase on top of your sim while they are in class and you’ll be given the following options:

  • Attend Class Normally
  • Chat with Students
  • Actively Listen
  • Sleep in Class
  • Leave Early

Some of these interactions are going to hurt your sim’s grades including: sleep in class, leave early, and chat with students .

If you want your sim to do well, you should choose either actively listen or take notes as these can help. However, this will also decrease your sims fun need quicker than just attending normally.

Doing Homework

Once your sim is enrolled in school they are going to get a black and white homework notebook that you can find in their inventory. This notebook is essential for doing well in University.

You’re going to have homework for every single class that you’re taking that is due before the next time you attend class. This means you need to start your homework before the term actually starts!

Your sim may arrive at University on a Monday, but their term won’t start until the next day, but their homework needs to be done before class. So after your sim has settled, you need to start working on their next day’s homework.

Homework takes a few hours but if your sim has a higher level of the new research and debate skill they will finish their homework quicker which is extremely convenient.

Doing Coursework

Every class that you’re taking will have daily homework, but will also have one larger task that you need to do throughout the course of the term.

There are three different types of coursework your sim may have: presentations, term papers, and final exams.

Preparing Presentations

One of the tasks your sim may need to complete is a presentation . When your term starts you’ll get a presentation board in your sim’s inventory, it’s a giant green board that’s empty when you get it.

You’ll need to drag this item out of your sim’s inventory and place it somewhere on their lot so they can work on it. The first step is to compile all the information on the board, when this task is complete the project will look like a mess.

While you’re working on the project you can hover over it to see the quality, if you want an A we need an excellent or outstanding presentation! At this point, it will probably be poor.

The next step is to organize the board and refine your information until it’s a better qualtiy presentation. You can also ask other sim’s for feedback before you do this to get another perspective and make it even better quality.

Once the project is as good as it’s going to get your sim will get a notification that they are done editing the presentation and continuing to refine won’t do much other than give them more knowledge for the class.

You can still practice your presentation to improve your charisma skill , I suggest you do this at least once if you want to get an A in your class.

Once your sim has practiced their presentation and it is excellent or outstanding quality it’s time to present. You can only present from 8am – 4pm on weekdays, so you need to plan accordingly and it needs to be presented before the last day of classes.

To present, you click on the project and your sim will be sent away into a rabbit hole where they will be gone for around two hours doing their presentation.

Writing Term Papers

The next option your sim may get is to write a term paper, this works pretty similarly to the presentation where you need to complete the paper then edit it and submit it on the computer.

The nice thing about writing papers and doing presentations is that you can get it done right away and don’t need to worry about it every day until the term ends, you can write it in the first day of classes if you want!

A sim who has a really high research and debate skill will finish their term paper much, much quicker which is really helpful. It may even be useful to plan ahead for this and get your teen sims to work on this skill before they age up and attend school.

A term paper is written on the computer under the University > Coursework section. You will spend a few hours writing this paper and it can be done in more than one sitting. There’s also the option to submit a stolen paper, but this is not how you get an A!

Once you finish the first draft of your paper, chances are it’s going to be poor quality. You’ll need to edit the paper at least once, maybe twice until you get a notification letting you know that you aren’t going to be able to make it any better.

At this point, continuing to edit the paper will just give you more knowledge but is really a waste of time since there’s other classes to focus on. At this point you can submit your term paper.

To check the quality of your paper before submitting you can hover over the submit button and it will let you know what level it is so you don’t submit a poor quality paper.

Studying for Exams

When you see that your only coursework for the semester is to take final exam , you may feel excited since all you have to do is write the exam. Well, you’re wrong! You need to study all semester.

If you want your sim to just do okay, you can send them to the exam without any preparation. However, if you want them to get an A, you need to study.

There are a few different ways to study for exams. The first is to click on a computer and under the University section you’ll see university coursework , if you click on that you can see the option to study ! You can choose the class where you have a final exam and this will be helpful.

You can also study using the new research machines that are found in the commons or at the library. You’ll see a study for … option.

Finally, you can purchase a textbook for your courses at one of the kiosks located in the quad at the University. This is also where you can buy items to decorate a dorm room! You can also purchase these textbooks from any bookcase, they are going to cost you §700 though!

If you really want that A in a class with a final exam, you should study at least twice for it whenever you have a chance.

Getting Your Grades

Once you’ve attend your last day of classes and finally finished all of your coursework, your sim will be given their final grades after a few hours. Hopefully, these grades will be filled with A’s since you’ve now learned how to get an a in University!

Final Thoughts

If you have any other questions about how to get an a in university in the sims 4, let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to add it to the article!

Friday 16th of October 2020

My Sim maxed her Charisma and Logis skills while at High School and she just started her first term in uni and her research and debate skill is at 8. Will this affect her negatively in getting good grades? I ensured she worked hard at High School so that she could get into a distinguished program. But will her maxed out skill levels now be an issue.

Thursday 10th of November 2022

No, it will not be an issue. It makes it easier to get excellent-quality papers if the skills you have maxed out are needed for the course.

Saturday 22nd of August 2020

Do you know if it matters at what point in the "term" you submit the paper or present the presentation? like do you get a better grade the quicker you do it or the closer you do it to the end of the class (like when you have the most knowledge from the class)?

Thursday 27th of August 2020

I wondered about this too, but found out it doesn’t matter how early you submit it. Now I try and submit mine all before term starts!

Taylor O'Halloran

Sunday 23rd of August 2020

I honestly have no idea, I just always make sure it's excellent or outstanding quality before submitting but have never paid attention to the timing

Monday 30th of March 2020

is there an ideal mood for taking a final exam? thanks

Monday 1st of February 2021

Christal Barnes

Saturday 25th of April 2020

My sims always seem to do well when they are focused

The Sims 4: Discover University - How to Pass Exams

In The Sims 4: University, the coursework can be intense if Sims don't prepare, so here's how to study and take all the university exams.

Quick Links

How to study for university exams, how to take university exams.

In The Sims 4: Discover University , players can have their Sims seek higher education at an esteemed university. Two colleges are available in the pack, the University of Britechester and the Foxbury Institute. The Expansion pack allows Sims to stay in dorms, join societies, take classes, and more. The coursework can be strenuous, especially the exams, without the proper time and dedication.

Every class has a final exam or assignment that Sims must complete that goes toward their final grade. The grading system is more intense than in high school, and exam scores are a huge factor in grades. If Sims fail their exams, they could fail the class and will have to retake it all over again. So, here's everything players need to know about studying for exams and how to pass them in The Sims 4: Discover University .

RELATED: The Sims 4: High School Years - How to Graduate Early

The coursework is relatively the same regardless of which university players choose to send their Sims. Sims can take up to four classes over seven days, each representing a specific Skill. Sims will have daily homework, just like in high school , and a final assignment that determines their overall grade for the semester. There are three kinds of final assignments:

  • Final Presentation

The Final Exam is the most straightforward but also the most unpredictable if procrastinated on. To study for the exam , Sims must ensure they regularly practice the Skill for the course. Additionally, they should study on a computer or at the Electromagnetic Research Archive Machine found in Build/Buy mode. Click on either machine and locate the "University" tab. From there, select "University Coursework," and the option to study for any classes with a Final Exam will appear. Players will know their Sims is prepared for that exam whenever they receive a Confident Moodlet. Finally, repeat the process for any other Final Exams.

On the last day of the term, Sims will automatically take their Final exams during their scheduled class time. Unfortunately, they sometimes become tense or nauseous due to testing nerves, so last-minute studying isn't always possible. Make sure to arrive on time to class, or Sims will have a higher chance of getting a low score. However, courses with a Term Paper or Final Presentation require more hands-on attention to pass their finals which must be done before the final term day ends.

Submit a Term Paper

There are classes in Discover University that require students to submit a Term Paper rather than take a Final Exam. Sims must use a computer to write their Term Paper, which should be done well before 6 PM on the last day to leave room for editing. From the "University Coursework" menu on any computer or laptop, Sims will find the "Term Paper" option if they have one that semester. After selecting "Term Paper," Sims will be faced with writing a term paper or submitting a plagiarized one. Nevertheless, there is a chance they will be caught plagiarizing, and it is impossible to get an A using this method.

Writing a Term Paper will take a few hours, but Sims with a high Research and Debate Skill work faster. Once the first draft is complete, the paper can be edited to improve its quality. Lastly, remember to submit the term paper on the computer whenever ready before the end of the term.

Give a Final Presentation

Sims may also be tasked with giving a Final Presentation for their final assignment. At the start of the term , if any class requires a Final Presentation, Sims will get a Presentation Board sent straight to their inventory. To prepare for the presentation, place the Presentation Board somewhere in the world. Then, click on it to pull up the "Compile Information" option, and Sims will add documents and pictures.

When it is done, they can organize it or practice presenting it to another Sim to increase the quality. Sims will know their board is as perfect as it can be when they get a pop-up saying any further editing will increase the Skill rather than change the presentation. To submit the presentation, click on the board and choose "Give Final Presentation" between 8 AM and 4 PM on weekdays. All final grades will be announced at 6 PM on the last day of the term.

The Sims 4: Discover University is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Sims 4 Discover University: Passing Your Degree Without Passing Out

It turns out completing Sims 4 college is as stressful as completing real college, so make sure to plan out your schedule if you want to pass.

If you're looking for an in-game challenge in The Sims 4 then Discover University can provide one. While it isn't difficult to get a place at the University of Britechester or Foxbury Institute, actually completing your degree without ending up in an exhausted heap on the floor isn't so simple. So, if you're looking for tips to get ahead in your career and gain that degree then look no further.

Applying To University

You can help your sim prepare by getting ahead before you even apply. Each degree has associated skills that you can boost before applying to increase your chances of being accepted to the course of your choice. Having some core skills at level 3 or above will increase your chances of being accepted onto the distinguished courses.

All degrees offer a boost in specific careers but the distinguished ones will get you further ahead. The workload for both is the same, although your university choice will depend on your preferred subject, as the distinguished degrees are split across the two campuses.

RELATED: Sims 4 Discover University: Every Degree Explained

Course Requirements

You can take up to four classes per term and each term lasts five sim working days. This means that your twelve class degree can be finished in just three sim weeks. However, this option is not for the fainthearted due to the requirements for each class.

You'll need to attend rabbit hole lectures, complete a piece of homework, and then do one extra task per class. This will be producing a presentation, taking an exam, or writing a term paper. All three of these finals are time intensive.

Passing an exam will require you to revise and then attend the last class of the week, during which the exam will be taken. A presentation will often be poor quality at first and will need to be tweaked. It can also only be presented during daytime hours, so be careful not to miss the deadline. Finally, a term paper will also need to be both written and edited for maximum reward.

How To Balance Your Sim's Life

The first tip is to take an elective class. Each term you are allowed to take one elective and your sims performance in this class won't affect their overall grade, it just boosts skills in that subject area. This means that it can be a "free" class and you can spend less time on the work. You will still need to do the majority of it but you don't need to put the same amount of effort in.

Starting a term in the middle of a sims week is also a great hack as each one runs for five working days. This means that a term started on a Tuesday will end on the following Monday. This gives you the weekend to finish studying, writing and doing homework before submitting everything on Monday.

The other tip is to reduce the classes per term. While taking only three classes will mean an extra term, it makes a huge difference in how much free time you have.

RELATED: Sims 4: Guide To Different Career Types

Extra-Curricular Activities

A huge part of enjoying the University experience is having time to discover what the universities are all about . Roughly speaking Foxbury is science and tech-focused with a modern campus, robotics club, and lively spirit squad. Britechester is, in contrast, more traditional with a humanities and arts focus and a thriving debate club. There's also a secret society to discover and so much more.

If you take a full timetable of four classes you will find it difficult to be able to partake in these other activities, unless you are using needs cheats. Just keeping on top of work and basic needs will consume the vast majority of your sims days, if you are to gain a decent grade.

For those willing to cut corners and scrape by you can do more but this is very risky as you could easily end up on academic probation and possibly get kicked out of university altogether.

Passing Your Degree Without Passing Out

The key to success is planning. Keep an eye on your calendar to make sure you know when classes are, as attendance is vital for good grades. Then let your sim go down a little early. You can do homework standing outside if you need to cram more in before class and will still get credit for being early.

Taking notes in class boosts grades, as does editing term papers or presentations before submitting. Prioritize your finals as they take the longest. Homework can be done in small batches around other things, whereas term papers need a computer and presentations require the board in your inventory.

Plan for at least a four-term course, especially if this is your first university journey. The difference between three and four classes per term is quite considerable in terms of workload, especially if one of your classes is an elective. This way you can fully enjoy the university experience.

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Sims 4 Seasons Cheats

Discover University's Gameplay Features and Additions

The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack - graduation cap and gowns

Click to Enlarge. Graduates play Juice Pong, dressed in cap and gown

Discover University Release Date

The Sims 4 Discover University will release on November 15 for PC and Mac, with consoles receiving the new Expansion on December 17, 2019. The new pack revolves around a new campus and two competing schools - University of Britechester and the modern Foxbury Institute. Sims will be able to pursue a degree at one of the two. Here's a listing of gameplay features, my video covering the gameplay livestream, and miscellaneous info about the pack.

Gameplay Guides

I've made the following guides for The Sims 4 Discover University. Remember that many will be expanded upon, so visit back later this week.

  • Discover University Cheats
  • Degrees in Discover University Now Includes Scholarships
  • Discover University Review
  • Gameplay Features Guide (Robotics, Secret Society) Video
  • Education Career - Professor or Administrative
  • Engineering Career - Mechanical or Computer
  • Law Career - Private Attorney or Judge
  • New Video Making a Better Student Video Guide
  • Research and Debate Skill - Convince Others & Debate Guild
  • Robotics and Cybernetics
  • Student Organizations (University Groups)
  • New Lot Traits : Study Spot and University Student Hang Out
  • The Secret Society of Britechester

Gameplay FAQ

I've made a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Discover University's Gameplay you can read. It's got a lot of details about how roommates, dorms, and actually attending University in FAQ format.

The Sims 4 Discover University Review

A guide to putting together various strategies in order to make a Super Student in The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack..

The Sims 4 Video

The Sims 4 Discover University Gameplay Tips Video

A guide to The Sims 4 Discover University and getting the most of its gameplay. Features 21 tips, and my thoughts on the pack overall based on my experience playing it.

The Sims 4 Discover University Gameplay Review and Tips

Campus and Dorms

The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack - a Sim plays ping pong. She happens to have both a nose and eyebrow piercing

Click to Enlarge. A Sim plays ping pong. She has both an eyebrow and nose piercing.

Sims can either attend University off-campus, or live in a dorm. Players will be free to customize their dorm's appearance, though building space may be limited. There's a common area, library for study, and recreational areas. We will learn more in coming weeks and share everything we know.

Sims can have a roommate whether they attend university or not, by placing an ad. Multiple Sims will show up as applications, and you can select among them who you'd like to be a roommate. They will pay a portion of the household's bills each week. What they might not do, is clean up after themselves. Some roommates are hellish, while others are great to live with. They are added as a NPC to the household, meaning you won't have much (if any) control over their actions.

Degrees and Graduation Requirements

There are a total 13 degrees available in Discover University, with each university offering the same degrees in some form. However, each degree has a Distinguished variety. While you will never be turned down enrolling for a regular degree, Sims can indeed be rejected from distinguished degrees based on comments from the developer livestream.

Graduation Requirements : In order to graduate sims require a total of 12 course credits. You can pursue up to 4 credits in a term, with elective counting toward your degree. A term is one Sim week, with courses taking place on weekdays. You can take one elective per session - use this to boost a skill that helps your Sim in some way but isn't needed for their future career.

The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack - a Sim rides a bicycle

Click to Enlarge.

Bikes are making a comeback in this pack, allowing players to quickly get around the huge campuses of Britechester and Foxbury Institute. It would appear it'll be possible to use them everywhere, which is fantastic.

The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack a sim in debate club

Click to Enlarge. A Sim at the podium, participating in debate club.

There are many classes in Discover University, many related to existing skills. You'll need to work to keep up your Sim's grades, with class attendance counting along with how they perform on various assignments like presentations and term papers. Time management will be a must.

Sims are given a course book in their inventory, which can be used to study and improve grades. They may be required to write a term paper before the week-long term is up. A term paper's quality is stated when you hover over it, so you can decide not to turn in a poorly-written paper. Similarly, with presentations you will receive a presentation board. This allows you to practice before ultimately going to do the presentation in a rabbit-hole style meeting.

Extracurricular Activities

The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack a Sim working on a robot

Click to Enlarge. A Sim works on his robot in robotics class. Evidently, Robots can move in to your home with you if you make one good enough.

There are Organizations on campus that provide extracurricular activities: robotics, art, and debate clubs as well as spirit clubs for each school's sports teams. We don't know a lot about them yet, but they are fully featured - meaning you can take your Sim and participate in them (not rabbit holes). Sims in the trailer are seen working on robots and debating one another.

Robotics Skill

The pack features a new robotics skill, which lets Sims build various types of robot - from basic household helpers like party bots, repair bots, and gardening bots, to Servo. Servo is the ultimate reward for pursuing the robotics skill and can join the household (consuming one of the max slots) upon activation. Servos require maintenance and to keep their batteries charged. They have a fun and social need, but no hunger or bladder.

Another New Skill: Research and Debate

This was brought up briefly in the livestream, but we don't know much about it yet.

New Careers

There are Education, Law, and Engineering Careers in Discover University. These do not require you to attend school, you'd just start at the bottom like any other Sim career track. Education has the Professor and Administrative branches, while Law has Judge and Private Attorney branches. Engineers were shown in the deep dive livestream and have Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The Mechanical Engineer's reward of an exo-suit was shown briefly in that gameplay livestream.

Sims could also join careers in soccer and as an esports gamer (shown in the careers interface) and these required attendance at the University to participate, so we don't know much yet about how that ties in. They are clearly not typical careers, howwever.


The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack - private bathroom stalls

Click to Enlarge. Private bathroom stalls are available in University.
  • Juggle Soccer Balls
  • "Juice" Pong
  • Kegs of Juice
  • ...and Keg Stands!
  • Eyebrow and Nose Piercings
  • a Secret Society on Campus
  • Toilet Stalls (or Cubicles, the Private Kind!)
  • Shower Woohoo

More to Come!

This page will be updated over time now that Discover University is in our hands.

Other Discover University Guides

  • Discover University Features Guide
  • Degrees in Discover University

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Comments (26).


When a sims is living on campus, but has family at home, how does it effect the ones back at the home lot?


When you move into campus living, you are splitting from the household. I'm not sure what happens after graduation, but while you are attending you are in a separate household so your other sims will be idle.


I had the unfortunate experience of losing everything in my household when my sim split and went off to college. I might have accidentally clicked sell furniture, but I lost all my collections, plants, etc when the households combined again after college. I would definitely save a separate file before sending anyone off to college.


Thank you for always explaining Sims for us!! Your page is great!!


Ok, so can I do the roommate search thing to move into a dorm on campus? So that I don't have to buy the place, or join household with the existing tenants (which would then mean I have to control them). I am wondering how having NPC roomies will play out, seeing how stupid sims are if you don't give them commands. Especially the way they always want to go to bed too early, then get themselves into a vicious cycle of getting up too early, going to work/class already down to 50% energy, come home drop dead exhausted and go to bed immediately...

Ok my sim actually aged up and I saw the answer to my question, that you pick your dorm as you register for classes, and you just pay rent.


Just a helpful, fun tip for the dorms. Since you can't have stoves and if you have the City Living pack - the park in San Myshuno has a full kitchen. Just go cook there, go back to the dorms and store the food in your fridge for a better mood. Also if you have Fresh Chef, you can cook up a storm there or before you go to college and store the food in the mini fridges. I made a BUNCH of food before my Sim left for college (she had Fresh Chef) and put them out on the tables for people - less chance of stinky rotten food around the dorms. Oh, it still happened! It's just the Sims were happy having good quality food and made less of messes. One thing - and you may want to play through and try to confirm. I felt like the dormmates mirrored my Sim - got up when she did, went to sleep when she did, cleaned up if she did and were as stinky or whatever as she was. (She wasn't - which, I saw a lot of YT playthroughs where there Sims were and the dormmates were also.) I'd love to see if the dormmates really do mirror our Sims or not.


or you can buy mini fridge on university campus and eat from there, also somehow there is always food on campus

Yeah, you can. I was aware of that, but also the negative moodlets they can get from it. I like having them cook and leave non-spoiling foods around - plus when Sims step off the elevator, the inhale and are pretty happy. It's just cute and fun - at least for me.


Sims don't get negative moodlets from the more expensive min-fridge and eating a ham and cheese sandwich will give your sims a positive 4hr moodlet. Don't use a microwave though as eventually the bad moodlet from that will not countdown and so you will need to give your sims decent food to remove it.

I moved my sim into Dragon Hall, the more expensive option with fewer roommates. One of my roomies leaves and comes back with food all the time, I don't know where she's getting it from but I'm not complaining. Another roommate is neat, so he keeps cleaning up- but he'll also leave a sarcastic note if you've left a mess somewhere.

I have noticed my roomies letting themselves get dirty to the point of green fog rising from them. They do seem to have enough sense to nap rather than sleep if it's too early for bed, which is good.

My male roomie has knocked up one of my female roomies, so I'll get to see what happens for that. Yes, Wicked Whims user.


Say you make a household and all of the sims in that household are accepted to the same university. Is there a way that you can make them all live together in a dorm/house on campus like you could in TS3 university pack, or do they have to live off campus?

They can all live together in a dorm or any University Housing lot but you have to enroll them one by one. Just place them all into the same Uni House when that part of the enrollment happens and the game will auto place them into the same controlled Household for you.

So basically, any played sim enrolled and housed in the same house will auto become the same active household.

I don't know if it goes with a particular trait, or which one, but I have a roommate that leaves these passive-aggressive notes if you do something they don't like.

"You know what I really love? Stepping in a puddle of who knows what, left by who knows who. That's the best." - I think I left a puddle after taking a shower.

"I may not be the best room mate, but at least I'm not Violet." - I used his bed for... er, nevermind.

Ok, so I've realized that certain traits will make NPC roommates do some new interactions.

The note writer was a Loner, his other 2 traits don't seem to have anything to do with it, Jealous and Dog Lover.

Another roomie leaves and comes back a few minutes later with plates of food. I think it's from Foodie, but possibly from Family Oriented. I doubt Unflirty has anything to do with it!

There are 5 possible 'quirks' that are added to roommates to drive certain behavior, slob, loves baking, music, neat. Not quite those names in code but you get my meaning.

Seen another roommate quirk, which doesn't seem to be related to a trait. I've got a roomie who usually tags along whenever I travel.

"Saw you heading out. What are we doing?" Um... I ran across the quad to use the Commons restroom, I don't know what you're doing...

Yes that is also a possibility, it happens a lot in my game so I just disband the group on arrival and forget about them.

Oh, and finally... The note writer has apparently graduated. He's gone and a new NPC has taken over his bed.


Hey i can’t chance my dorm, and i dont know why, can you help?

No build mode for occupied dorms. The only way to edit is to do it from Manage Worlds, before you move in. Yes, it's a bummer.

If you mean you can't move your sim into a different dorm - you'll have to wait to re-enroll at the end of a semester to get that option.


You can edit your dorm by typing bb.enablefreebuild in the taskbar


My sim was part of the secret society, but it became a bit annoying with her being visited by a sprite for 4 hours and them wanting entertainment all the time, so I left the society, and finished her degree the next day. She still gets visited by them every other day or so, and she is constantly tense from "Feeling guilty about neglecting the sprites". I can't remove that moodlet, and it has no timer, it's just always there... This is driving me crazy. Don't join a cult, kids. You'll never get rid of them...


The only way to get rid of it is to spam funny, romantic or mischievous interactions continually on another Sim until you see that it is counting down and then gone.

You can get this moodlet when still a member if you ignore their visits because you'd rather study etc. It is sometimes easier to ignore their visits when a max level member and then just deal with the anxiety moodlet as it is quicker to get rid of than a 4 hour long visit.

Also if you are a max level member then you can call the moodlet down onto your sim when they visit which negates the need to do all those socials. But there is a long cool-down on the summon sprites so you have to use it when it counts!

Yeah, I got into the secret society, and I wish I hadn't. All it's about is making the sprites happy, and the sprites are a huge nuisance. Don't bother!

Well the 30% boost to performance and skills gains that the focused sprite moodlet brings is quite handy though.Many times I just ignore the sprites visits and then just spam 6 funny socials or so to get rid of the anxiety moodlet as it is quicker doing that then entertaining them when your sim is busy.

The best I've been able to do is to get them to go away and stop making me tense. Never gotten a positive moodlet from them at all. It's just a big time sink for no benefit, except maybe the spooky cultist robes.

When your sim is in level 3 of the organization they can actually choose when they want one of the 4 possible moodlets. The focused one gives really great boosts to uni and career performance and skill gains - 30%. There is also a happy, an inspired and a flirty moodlet. Also when the sprites are visiting if you have done enough either funny, mischievous or flirty interactions then the moodlets I have described above will be bestowed on yr sim one the "Fine" moodlet of the visiting sprites goes away, meaning their visit is over.

The focused moodlet is well worth having if you want a perfect GPA of an A+ and also want fast career performance gains once your sim completes their degree.


It’s sooo annoying! I went to the rewards store and dropped the whopping 3,000 points on the “Carefree” reward trait- tense no more! From anything!

Same here, graduated and no longer part of that ridiculous cult, and they still keep coming around. I need a can of Raid or something.

Bug Report with work around here: click


Everything I keep reading says you can take up to four classes per term, but in my game you're only allowed to take two. Is that after you've completed your first "term" or is it supposed to start right away?

I'm on PC, not a console.


There are two drop down menus when selecting classes. The first list is your core classes (based on your degree) and you can take up to four of those at once. The second list are the available electives. You are allowed to take one per semester, but only if you aren't taking the full load of core classes.

I hope that helps.

I'm on my third set of roommates, seems you may or may not get new ones each term. The first ones left after the first term, the second ones were with me through the second and third, and now in my fourth term I just got new ones again. And one of them is dead! They arrived overnight Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, and one of them just stood outside all night, in freezing weather, in Everyday clothes. My introduction to him was when the screen suddenly snapped to him, keeling over and getting covered in ice.

I just finished sending a sim through university, and for the first time, she had the same roommates all the way through. Unfortunately. I didn't mind the Romantic guy and his different girlfriend every day, or the slob. The one I wished would go away was a female, with apparently 3 different roommate quirks. It was awesome that she brought food back all the time, I didn't really care about the note writing, but what really got old is that she was sad. All the time. Constantly moping and crying under the covers. She didn't have Gloomy, I don't know what it might have been related to.

One of the 'quirks' or 'archetypes' (like breaker, fixer, meal provider etc) given to roommates is Gloomy or perhaps more like Emo Loner, so you will see them sad and crying under the covers all the time.

I found out the hard way... If a day-off holiday falls on a class day, go to class anyway! I took a B because of Harvestfest.


I can't get my sim to drink from the keg. She fills the cup and then just sits it down with no option to drink from it.

Try restarting your game, often little glitches like this get reset on a reload.

Ahh yes thank you!


So... i have twins and each will go to a different uni, but i don't want them to live off campus (is and old save and before they were born the parents got crazy rich, so i want the twins to "mingle" in a dorm...), and since they can't share the same dorm, i'm planning on doing one degree at a time. Because of that, i want to know if while i am doing one degree my original household will age? Thanks xoxo

Yes, the rest of the households just carry on as normal and ages as per your game play options settings.

I love your site! I trust your advice exclusively :) and now I have a question that I CANNOT figure out!

In the Sims 4 University, I finally figured out why the “Roommates” option wasn’t coming up for my Sim’s boyfriend- he is a NPC! So I added him to the neighborhood and EVERY TIME I ask him to be a roommate, he says no thank you because he already has a home. I have tried EVERYTHING! Waiting a day, being very confident, making sure our friendship and relationship bonds are both 100%, exiting the game and restarting it... Any hints as to how to make him say yes to being a roommate?

Go to Manage Worlds, click his house, and evict him? That would make him homeless, so I think he'd accept after that. I think. I've only had the random generated roommates in college myself.

Only unhoused and unplayed sims can be roommates. So evict the sim in question and then mark them as Unplayed.

Out of school now, got a job in Master of the Real (Painting, the career path boosted by a Fine Arts degree). First day of work, I got a promotion, AND the progress to the next promotion was at about 90%!

Also, daily tasks are staying 100% done even after work. Is this supposed to happen?

Depending on quality of degree work progress can be greatly boosted. As for tasks, they shouldn't be completing until your sim physically completes them. Try a Game Repair or delete the localthumbcache.package file from your TheSims 4 folder.

It later dawned on me that that was from Easy Street.


Can someone get more than one degree? Let's say you go to the university once, take the degree and go back for a different one? Is it possible?

I think so, my sim has the option to enroll even after graduating. Maybe I should try it and see if she needs to earn 12 credits the second time around, or if part of her classes will already count toward a second degree.

Ok, I tried it. Yes, you can re-enroll for another degree. I only need 8 credits to graduate, however- I returned to the same university, and I'm also in a course that seems related to the first one- I have a degree in Fine Arts, now I'm going for Art History. I don't know if it being the same school and or a related degree affect the 4 credits I was spotted.

Also, you don't automatically quit your job if you have one! My sim is in the Master of the Real branch of Painter, and at level 10. That's the "laziest" job you can get, 2 shifts a week for 5 hours a shift. She has 6 vacation days, so she can just take vacation for 3 terms.

Yes, my sim is on his fifth degree currently. No limit to the number of degrees a sim can do.

You can force build mode while living in a dorm with bb.enablefreebuild. But DON'T place a stove or grill! After the term ends that dorm won't be an option to live in anymore, if it has a stove or grill.

Any venue/community lot that does not fulfill the building requirements will not function in the game.

With a University Housing Lot instead of 'forcing' the lot with cheats have your Sim take a BBQ/Grill to uni with them in their personal inventory and drag it out/in when you want to use it. Or just leave it out so your Sims roommates can cause chaos, which is my preferred option tbh.

I did not realize you could carry a grill! My sim has the Refined Palate fame quirk, so I wanted her to be able to make excellent quality food for herself. And also make fruit cobbler to offer at the statue, which gives you a nice buff even if you don't want to join the secret society.

Can you drop out of the E-sports team? I'm finding it VERY time consuming, 4 hours 6 nights a week, with a 1-2 hour daily task. The only way my sim is pulling it off is that she's a spellcaster and has been chugging Plentiful Needs potions, so she doesn't have to sleep.

Ok, found it in another thread here. Seems you can use your phone and "Quit Job."


hi, anyone experience the skill to convince other to make homework not work well? they take book then put again in inventory, they not refuse. tried without mod.

Yes the The Research and Debate Skill doesn't have much impact until your Sim has maxed it and even then it isn't always successful The Research and Debate Skill Guide

aye but is not my case, the other sim agree then take the notebook, but not go to make homework for my sim they just put back the notebook, the animation for refuse is different. when they agree they smile

I understand that and was agreeing with you. The skill seems glitched and even successful interactions don't always work.

You can always go make a Bug Report about this error as I can't always help solve glitches and bugs that need a developers coding fix, as sometimes there is no work around: EA Bug Forum

So, I just discovered that you can die from contributing knowledge on the research machine. Got a +40 Dazed moodlet, with text warning of dire consequences. Wait, does that mean if I do it again...? Yes, yes it does. I saved first though, so Rebecca is alive and well, just feeling a bit loopy.


Everywhere I've looked, you (and every other website) are overlooking the e-sports and soccer career cheats/info. Unless I've just gone blind. Hmmm... anyway, can you list this info please? Thx

Everything you need to know about the soccer and e-sports careers: They are super, super time-consuming and you won't have time for ANYTHING else. So, don't.


hi love that game I need one


Any Chance someone has compiled a list of the Elective courses?

Basically, there's something for every skill. But you won't get every option every term. And you can take something you've already maxed for an easy A, or take something you need to level, because you'll make significant progress in it.


Can you have pets in your dorm

No. No babies either.


Really? One of my roommates adopted a dog. The dog is always there, my sim hates pets.

I must have sent a dozen sims through university before I started seeing one particular quirk or random event: a phone call from one of your room mates saying they've locked themselves out and could you please let them in. I played for MONTHS before I ever saw that, but since the first time, every sim who's lived in the dorms has had that happen. So was that patched in, or was it just totally random that I never saw it till later? One of those times, my sim was camping on the beach in Sulani, so she could harvest the local plants and plant them after university. Her room mate had a long wait...

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Original Post

Re: [open] [du] bad grades despite sending in term paper (not recognized ).

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November 2019


Cannot raise grades in discover university


December 2019

Re: Cannot raise grades in discover university


December 2019 - last edited December 2019


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  1. How to Write a Term Paper in The Sims 4 Discover University

    the sims 4 term paper quality

  2. Term Paper and Presentation!

    the sims 4 term paper quality

  3. #Essay #Paper #Thesis #Dissertation #Resume: term paper sims 4

    the sims 4 term paper quality

  4. Ladesire's creative corner): TS4

    the sims 4 term paper quality

  5. Pin on Illustration art

    the sims 4 term paper quality

  6. My Sims 4 Blog: Magazines and Paper Clutter by Divadoom

    the sims 4 term paper quality


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  3. Tips to Help You Ace Your Next Term Paper

    Writing a term paper is easily accomplished if you have a game plan for getting the job done. Here are five tips to help you ace your next term paper. Once you’ve narrowed down your term paper topic, start by reading about it in authoritati...

  4. The Sims 4 Discover University: Guide to Academic Success

    The first draft of a term paper is usually poor quality. Your Sim can submit poor quality term papers, but f they want the best grade, they

  5. How to Write a Term Paper in The Sims 4 Discover University

    You won't get a high grade if you submit a poor-quality term paper. However, editing it until it is of outstanding quality will significantly

  6. What! He completed both the term papers at an outstanding level as

    367 votes, 62 comments. 838K subscribers in the Sims4 community. The unofficial subreddit for all things Sims 4!

  7. How to Complete Coursework

    You can choose to hand this in but for a better grade, go back to the PC and click on "Edit Term Paper". Do this multiple times until you get a


    OPEN FOR IMPORTANT LINKS AND INFO → All my Sims Games recourses The Sims 1: http://shorturl.at/aikqT The Sims 2: http://shorturl.at/eotW1

  9. Completing Term Papers!

    ... term papers faster. The first draft of a term paper is usually poor quality. Your Sim can submit poor quality term papers, but f they want

  10. The Sims 4: How to Get an A in University

    The next option your sim may get is to write a term paper, this ... quality papers if the skills you have maxed out are needed for the course.

  11. The Sims 4: Discover University

    Once the first draft is complete, the paper can be edited to improve its quality. Lastly, remember to submit the term paper on the computer

  12. Sims 4 Discover University: Passing Your Degree Without Passing Out

    Course Requirements. You can take up to four classes per term and each term lasts five sim working days. This means that your twelve class

  13. The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack

    ... term paper before the week-long term is up. A term paper's quality is stated when you hover over it, so you can decide not to turn in a poorly-written paper.

  14. Re: Term Paper Not Recognized as Submitted

    Product: The Sims 4. Platform:PC Which language are you playing the game in