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6th-grade summer reading program with spelling and phonics.

Summer Reading Program 2023

Learning at Home Made Easy

  • Comprehensive reading and spelling curriculum
  • S tep-by-step at-home and online lessons
  • Fun and engaging short, daily activities
  • Carefully selected reading selections and questions
  • Learn the secret to spelling with the 8 spelling patterns
  • Research-proven reading fluency training
  • 6th-grade reading comprehension activities that improve memory skills
  • Vocabulary building activities 
  • Card games that get the whole family involved

Scholar Within’s Co-founder Bonnie Terry, M.Ed., BCET has been featured on

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6th-Grade Summer Reading Curriculum

Short, Daily Activities

45-60 Minutes a Day

Weekly Reading Program

6 Week, 8 Week, or 10 Week Program

Online Reading Program

Video and Audio Lessons

Weekly Schedule

Worksheets and Printables

Help and Support

Help and Support

6th Grade Reading Comprehension Passages

Hand Selected 6th-Grade Reading Comprehension Selections

Each week, your child will read two engaging 6th-grade reading comprehension selections, both fiction and non-fiction. We’ve chosen the best reading selections that will open your son or daughter’s world of reading for comprehension. Your child will learn how to talk about and summarize the stories they have read.

Tap to Read – Read-Aloud Technology from Scholar Within

Does your child ever get frustrated with trying to read or sound out a word that they are unfamiliar with? With Tap to Read , your child can instantly hear the proper pronunciations of words by simply tapping or clicking on the word to hear it aloud. They can also work on their reading fluency and speed by pressing play and following along.

Try Tap to Read

  • Level 5 – Aspen Trees
  • Level 6 – Antarctica
  • Level 7 – History of Skiing

6th-Grade Reading for Comprehension Strategy

Note-taking and Writing Skills Boost 6th-Grade Reading Comprehension

One of the easiest ways to improve reading for comprehension is to take notes from what you read. Your child will learn to take notes from what they have read and use those notes later. One of the important goals for 6th-grade reading comprehension is to be able to summarize a selection, explain the main idea, and use supporting details. Your 6th-grade reader will get plenty of experience with this. They will use our custom fill-in-the-blank note-taking forms which make it easy to take notes and organize ideas. This method teaches your 6th grader how to take meaningful notes. Your sixth-grader will become a better thinker as they improve their note-taking and writing skills. 

6th-Grade Reading for Comprehension Long Term Memory

Build Long Term Memory Skills

Recalling information is typically quite easy when you answer the reading comprehension immediately following reading the selection. The key is, can you retain the information for a couple of days? We want to build long term reading with comprehension skills. In Scholar Within, your child will answer questions to the selections they have read in the program a day or two later. Your child will learn to remember and recall what they have read by reviewing notes and writing summaries of them. Your child learns the process they will use for years to come to have success in school and in life.

6th Grade Spelling and Phonics

Learn spelling and word attack skills.

Vocabulary and spelling become even more important in the sixth grade. Your sixth-grader will learn how to spell by spelling patterns through our interactive video lessons. Your kids will learn and practice the phonetic spelling patterns of English through each lesson, spelling activity worksheets, puzzles, and games.

Each week, your child will learn to spell ten new words according to their phonetic spelling patterns. 

Reading Fluency Training Boosts Reading Comprehension

Reading fluency has a direct impact on reading comprehension. When you read fluently and automatically you have a greater ability to comprehend what you have read. In fact, reading fluency training is one of the most important strategies used to build your child’s success with reading. This is your child’s ability to read with speed and accuracy without conscious attention to the mechanics of reading. This is a critical skill as your child moves into the upper grades and the reading material becomes longer and more complicated. 

Our research-proven reading fluency drills work on training your eyes to move more efficiently and smoothly left to right. They also improve your kids’ visual processing speed, or how fast they can retrieve and process what they see. You and your kids will love seeing their improvement each day.

Vocabulary Card Game Word Attack Skills

Boost Word Attack Skills and Play Vocabulary Card Games

Another important 6th-grade reading for comprehension goal is to expand vocabulary. Each week your child will play a card game that will work on their word identification skills or comprehension and vocabulary skills. The card games are specifically designed to improve your reading comprehension through expanding vocabulary and gaining a greater understanding of both words and word structure. Both of these skills improve your overall ability to read for comprehension. Your child will love these games and want to play them over and over again.

Planning and Study Skills Weekly Calendar Graphic Organizers

Develop Planning Skills that Stick

Your child will use fill-in-the-blank daily to-do worksheets and planning calendars to schedule out their days.

Your child will decide when they will do certain activities, and they will estimate how long each activity will take. After the activity is completed, they will reflect on how long it actually took and will start to build their time awareness and planning skills. Your child will strengthen their working memory, flexible thinking, and organization skills.

Scholar Within Reading Program Screenshot

Research-Driven, Results-Proven Curriculum

Every component of our reading program is research-based and is specifically designed to boost your child’s reading skills. The program has been created by learning expert and board-certified educational therapist Bonnie Terry, M.Ed. She put together her 35+ years of working hands-on with children of all learning styles and abilities into this step-by-step program with custom-designed methods that you and your kids will see results each week.

6th-grade reading list with 11-Year Old Reading

Develop a Love of Reading

Your child will gain confidence and be excited about reading. Your child will make substantial gains with these effective research-based techniques. Your child will be able to complete their assignments more quickly and easily. They will gain confidence and develop a lifelong love or reading and learning. Your child will do a variety of activities that teach and strengthen all of these skills. Your child will love doing the activities in the program and will want to do them again and again. And, the program also gives you the best 6th-grade reading list for extra reading practice.

Reviews from Parents

' src=

B Brandon T. October 22, 2023

I love this reading and spelling program! The lessons are complete and there is very little prep, especially if you purchase the printed material. The fluency lessons are fantastic and the kids love tracking their progress! We enjoyed the first six weeks so much that we purchased the material for the remainder of the year. So happy I found Scholar Within!

' src=

K Kelley B. October 17, 2022

My son and I have tried many reading programs; this one has made the most significant difference. It trains the brain to think of reading and spelling in ways beyond rote memorization. In addition, the summer program is enjoyable and effective. As a result, my son started the school year with increased confidence as a reader, and I feel better prepared to help him with his learning.

' src=

V Valerie K. October 9, 2022

My child was diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and it has been a difficult journey in getting her to develop phonemic awareness skills and reading fluency, among other reading deficits. After enrolling her in Scholar Within’s summer program, I have seen the improvement that I’ve been waiting for! I will definitely continue using this program throughout the school year.

' src=

J Jennifer A. October 7, 2022

Fabulous reading program! We enrolled our daughter over the summer. It was so wonderful we decided to continue using the program during the school year.

' src=

E Elizabeth W. October 4, 2022

My son was diagnosed as dyslexic at the end of third grade. I found this program online and thought we could try the 8 week summer program prior to him starting 4th grade. We did a lot of traveling that summer and were able to stay on track without any issue. My son really enjoyed the word games in the program. The few times I reached out to customer service, they were prompt and professional with their help. I could tell a difference in his reading by the end of the summer. The real proof was when 4th grade started; his first quarter ELA grade was a 95%!!!! (He ended 3rd grade with a 62%). This program is amazing, I cannot recommend it enough!

' src=

D Dr. Kimberly C. September 22, 2022

Great program, even for an older struggling reader with auditory processing disorder and possible dyslexia. I like the option of switching between grade levels as needed + customer service has been fast/useful so far.

' src=

K Kathleen B. September 18, 2022

After a recent diagnosis of dyslexia, we started our son on this 6-week summer program. He has taken to it so well and we have already seen such great improvement. We are looking forward to continuing the program year-round!

' src=

R Rachelle M. August 29, 2022

I have two children who just completed 8 weeks of the Summer Reading Program. My oldest is dyslexic and I’ve been looking for a spelling program that is geared towards older kids since she is in 8th grade and many of the other spelling programs we’ve done feel like they are for younger children. My daughter appreciated that the lessons were straightforward in teaching the patterns through sight, sound and writing. Her spelling confidence and ability grew tremendously. My youngest benefited from the Ready Fluency Drills and Reading Comprehension activities. Both enjoyed the games and puzzles. We look forward to continuing with the program into the fall as homeschoolers.

' src=

S Sarah S. August 11, 2022

This program kept my kids sharp over the summer. Thank you!

M Mary M. June 2, 2022

We love the summer program. My daughter has not only increased her words per minute but also has expanded her comprehension. She is learning valuable note taking strategies and has drastically improved her spelling. She also enjoys the content! We are excited to see her growth.

' src=

N Natalie M. May 23, 2022

Last summer, my husband and I enrolled our daughters (then entering grade 3 and entering grade 2) in the summer program. This program really helped them with reading comprehension! It gave us as parents the tools we needed to ask the right questions to help them too! Also, the games were really enjoyable! We even played them AFTER the lesson was over for the day. We were very impressed with the variety of activities and tools available with this program. We will be re-enrolling them this summer! Thank you!

' src=

A Amy D. May 7, 2022

My daughter is begging me to do your reading program again to strengthen her skills. The guides for note-taking and how to pick out important information was only second to the fun activities each day last year. We look forward to seeing what’s in store for this year!

' src=

M Melinda G. August 9, 2021

We are currently working on week 5 of our program. We really like it and are seeing benefits already. Thank you!

' src=

L Lisa G. August 2, 2021

Thank you for partnering with me to help my daughters improve their reading skills. They are really enjoying your program and are excited about becoming more confident readers. I am loving it already! I signed up my twin daughters, who are homeschooled.

' src=

W Wendi L. July 24, 2021

My children took the Scholar Within reading program. I was impressed with how user-friendly and intuitive the program is.

' src=

S Sabrina D. July 12, 2021

The Monday exercise of reading and taking notes followed with questions on those selections on Wednesday is a really great help for my kids. This lets them work on their comprehension skills. It has made a big difference! The whole program has been a good experience for us. Thank you very much!

' src=

N Niiro T. June 18, 2021

Even when I’m not sure how to reason/explain to my son about a reading comprehension answer, all I have to do is ask you. You are so good at giving quick replies that are easy for me to tell my son. Thank you!

' src=

C Calvin T. October 17, 2020

We really loved the program. Thanks so much for all of the neat assignments and games to enhance executive function skills.

' src=

K Kameron F. September 6, 2020

Thanks for your help throughout this process. You are so responsive whenever I have a question or concern. I see activities on the different levels for my kids which makes them easy to follow. This has been an awesome experience for our family.

' src=

J Jill G. August 25, 2020

This program really helped my daughter and we saw a difference in her reading and spelling fairly quickly. Plus, she enjoyed the lessons which, as a parent, is probably the most important thing as she was motivated every day to continue learning.

' src=

J Jennifer P. August 5, 2020

My son is doing well and shows improvements with the reading drills each day. He is also doing well with all the work that is presented. His overall work is improving too. He’s even able to find spelling errors now. Woohoo!

' src=

K Ketul P. August 1, 2020

This is great a summer reading program. My son has really improved his reading comprehension skills. Thank you, Bonnie Terry, for designing such a great course.

' src=

D Danielle D. July 24, 2020

Scholar Within has been an amazing resource for my 8-year-old twins this summer. I was so worried about what to do during this summer. It has been great to see how far they have come. They definitely enjoyed how interactive it has been, not just reading. I have recommended this to many of my friends.

' src=

C Cynthia B. July 18, 2020

I really do like the reading fluency drills. They are making a difference for my son. They are so easy to fit into our day. The thing we didn’t like was all the printing we had to do each week.

' src=

C Caroline L. July 10, 2020

I enrolled both my sons in the Reading Program this summer. It made such a huge difference for my son who has learning disabilities when we did the summer program two years ago. His teacher was amazed at the improvement in his fluency and comprehension (going into Grade 5). The team has been so flexible with “pausing” our program for a couple of weeks while we are away on vacation too. Note taking is such a key skill that is not really taught here in Ontario, Canada. I think this course will help my kids not fall behind from missing 3 months of school due to COVID 19. I am a poor substitute teacher, but I have confidence that Bonnie’s system is evidence-based, so I just have to follow instructions. Very glad to be able to access this course for homeschooling this summer!

' src=

R Regina A. June 20, 2020

The videos made all the difference in the world. The spelling videos showed me step by step the structure. You really made spelling easy for my kids. I just keep working with the video, the spelling, the way you explain it, they watch it over and over. It really sinks in. Your materials help build their self-esteem up. They’re short quick activities. You can get so much done in half an hour.

' src=

W Wendy F. June 12, 2020

We are really liking the summer reading program. I appreciate that you moved my daughter’s level to make the program even more effective for her. Thanks so much.

' src=

R Rachel C. June 5, 2020

This is a comprehensive program that can be implemented at home. I bought 5 folders and labeled them for each day of the week, plus an extra folder to hold copies of extra forms that are used regularly. You need a decent printer, lots of printer paper, and toner (though I hear they are making print material available for a separate purchase soon!). I prepped the whole week every Sunday evening and had the folders ready for my son and his grandmother to work on each day. It can be kind of overwhelming at first to figure out all the assignments and get it all prepped, but it’s worth it. This is a well thought out program with excellent customer service. We had several questions and adjustments throughout our time with the program and always got quick, helpful, personable replies. Unfortunately, my son’s school year has ramped up and we don’t have enough time to fit Scholar Within into his day. We hope to be back to do a summer program next summer!

' src=

M Megan W. May 22, 2020

I did find the videos and activities interesting. There was a bit too much printing for me.

' src=

C Cathy H. May 14, 2020

Jake is doing well and enjoying the program. I’m so pleased with how he has improved and that he likes doing our sessions! Thanks so much!

' src=

K Katherine W. May 5, 2020

My son’s first drill trend is definitely going in the right direction. His words per minute increased by 17%, and his mistakes decreased, and this is only the first week. I can’t believe he had that much progress already. Thank you for this program and thanks so much for being available for questions, too!

' src=

T Tricia L. September 5, 2019

Last summer my 3 kids were enrolled in both Scholar Within and another major summer reading program. Scholar Within had more fun activities and games and really focused on building the underlying skills to really prepare for the upcoming year. The other program didn’t build skills in the same way, and was less interactive in my home.

' src=

C Christine P. August 27, 2019

Your program has so many great things in it. The plan for an excursion was a brilliant idea! We made a trip to the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis and to the Science Museum in St. Louis. I have seen improvements and I have gained insight into how my daughter reads and processes (or lack thereof) the reading assignments. Thank you so very much! The whole-brain approach to improving reading has been very insightful.

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Student Results

Using programs and materials designed by Scholar Within’s Bonnie Terry, M.Ed., BCET.

Student Research Reading Fluency

Included in the Program:

  • Weekly Reading Selections
  • Reading Comprehension Questions
  • Reading Fluency Training Drills
  • Phonics and Spelling Video Lessons
  • Spelling Worksheets and Puzzles
  • Video Instruction
  • Graphic Organizer Forms
  • Note-Taking Printables
  • Executive Function Activities
  • Brain-Body Activities
  • Daily Emails

Get Started

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Reading Program by Grade Level

Learn more about what reading skills your kids will build in our summer reading program.

Entering Kindergarten Summer Program

Entering 1st Grade Summer Program

Entering 2nd Grade Summer Program

Entering 3rd Grade Summer Program

Entering 4th Grade Summer Program

Entering 5th Grade Summer Program

Entering 6th Grade Summer Program

Entering 7th Grade Summer Program

Entering 8th Grade Summer Program

How do I choose a grade or reading level?

After sign up, you will be asked what grade your child is currently and whether they are above grade level, at grade level, or below grade level by 1-3 years in their reading skills.

Give your best estimate. If the material you choose is too easy or too hard, contact us and we'll adjust your account.

Additionally, you can choose a couple of sample reading passages at the grade level you think your child is capable of reading proficiently.

Have them read aloud to you. Make a note of any repetitions, substitutions, omissions, or mispronunciations they make. Then ask them at least five comprehension questions.

Instructional level is reading without mistakes with a 93% accuracy and a minimum of 75% comprehension.

Is the reading and spelling program all online?

The program materials and teaching videos are delivered and accessed online. Each day you will print out a few pages of handouts to use with your kids. Most of the lessons and activities are done  offline  at a table or outside.

There are a lot of fun activities and games. With grades K-3, most of the activities are done with the parent and child together. For grades 4 and above, there are a couple of activities done with the parent and child together, and the rest the child can do independently.

Does it really only take 45-60 minutes a day?

The short answer is yes!

Each day there are a few handouts to print out and instructional videos to watch. Each day's actual activities should only take 45-60 minutes of actual work.

The first week takes a little bit of time and prep to get up to speed, but by the second week, the activities become second nature.

We often suggest breaking up some of the activities to different parts of the day.

What does a typical day look like?

  • Print out the handouts
  • Watch the short videos either by yourself or with your kids to know what to do (about 5 minutes)
  • Do the fluency training with your kids (5 minutes)
  • Activities for comprehension, phonics, brain-body, and executive function rotate throughout the week (20 – 40 minutes)

What if we have a vacation during the program?

Many families don’t have plans initially to miss any weeks, but we know that plans change. That is why with the 6-week program you get 8 weeks of access, with the 8-week program you get 10 weeks of access, and with the 10-week program, you get 12 weeks of access.

Are there live classes?

No. We currently do not have live classes.

We have designed this program to be step-by-step with bite-sized activities. You won't have to worry about missing a Zoom class, being late, or your kids being still in their pajamas. You can do the activities in the program on your schedule and make up missed days at your convenience.

We have video spelling instruction that your kids will follow along with their corresponding worksheets. If you want feedback on your child's work, send us a picture of it via email.

How is the program designed?

The program was designed by learning expert Bonnie Terry, M.Ed., BCET. The curriculum in the program was designed over the course of Bonnie Terry's 35+ years of teaching from hands-on in her former private learning center and now, in an at-home and online environment. Bonnie has worked with kids of all abilities, whether they are struggling, have learning challenges like dyslexia, auditory processing disorder (APD), and ADD/ADHD, or are just looking to advance faster.

The National Reading Panel has made it clear that the best approach to reading instruction is one that incorporates:

  • Explicit instruction in phonemic awareness
  • Systematic phonics instruction
  • Methods to improve fluency
  • Vocabulary instruction
  • Ways to enhance comprehension

Scholar Within's summer reading program includes these components through short step-by-step multisensory activities. The program is Orton-Gillingham based and is the perfect way for your kids to not only keep their skills up over summer but to get ahead, make learning easier, and spend less time on homework come the fall.

Why is spelling included in the reading program?

Spelling is a critical component of our reading program as it enhances a student’s ability to sound out, read and spell words they are unfamiliar with.

Spelling is the process of encoding (pull the sounds apart within a word and match letters to the sounds). Reading is the opposite process, decoding words (sounding out words). With both processes, you match sounds with the letters they represent.

The specific multisensory method we use with spelling ensures that all students have a solid foundation of phonics and spelling as well as word structure.

Reading comprehension activities

Reading comprehension is your ability to understand and use what you have read, listened to, or watched.

In our summer reading program, your child will use our custom-designed graphic organizers to organize information of what they have read into a graphical display. This is a critical component in improving reading comprehension. These organizers make note-taking easy. 

Additionally, story structure, summarizing, question answering, and question generation are all critical pieces of comprehension. We also include these components of comprehension in our summer reading program.

Reading speed (fluency) activities

Reading Fluency is the ability to retrieve words automatically and easily, almost without thought. When you read nearly effortlessly and accurately, you are able to hold pieces of information (text) in your mind which improves your overall comprehension. 

Dr. Sally Shaywitz, the author of Overcoming Dyslexia , states, “Fluency Training is one of the most important things a parent can do to help their child improve their reading skills.” Improving your reading fluency is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your reading skills.

Our summer reading program includes short reading fluency activities that you will do each day. This activity only takes 5-minutes and your kids will see and chart their progress each day. These specific activities work on eye-tracking skills, visual processing, and rapid automatized naming. In other words, these activities help your kids learn to read faster. You can download the first fluency activity here for free.

Phonics activities

Phonics is the ability to match sounds with the letters that they represent. Our summer reading program improves this ability at all ages. Even older students use phonics skills when sounding out larger words they are not familiar with. 

These skills enhance a student's ability to both pull apart and blend together sounds within a word or syllable. Systematically manipulating phonemes (the smallest unit of sound in speech; e.g. the word hat has 3 phonemes /h/, /a/, and /t/) significantly improves reading and spelling abilities. 

Over the years, we have seen that adding this training at every level enhances the reading skills of all students, whether they are primary, middle, or upper-grade students. The National Reading Panel concludes that “phonics instruction produces significant benefits with reading.”

We work on improving phonics skills in several different ways. 

  • Specific spelling, spelling pattern, and phonic activities
  • Interactive spelling and phonics video lessons
  • Reading fluency training that focuses on every phonemic component in the English language
  • Weekly printable card game activities

Orton-Gillingham based

Research on teaching reading and spelling dates back to the early 1930s, first with Samuel Orton and then later with Anna Gillingham. They developed a teaching approach, the Orton-Gillingham method (OG), to help struggling readers and spellers. Their teaching methods include what is currently considered best practices: sequential, phonics-based systems that teach the basics of word formation before whole meanings.

Learning through all three senses (auditory, visual, and tactile-kinesthetic) is essential. This multisensory approach has been proven effective for students of all abilities, including those with dyslexia and other learning challenges. 

The Scholar Within Reading Program incorporates these OG principles and strategies along with the latest research on learning. 

Orton-Gillingham Instructional Components for Optimal Learning:

  • Multisensory : Uses all of the senses (auditory, visual, and tactile-kinesthetic)
  • Sequential : Proceeds step-by-step in a logical sequence
  • Incremental : Each lesson builds upon prior learning
  • Cumulative : Constantly and consistently reviews previously taught concepts
  • Individualized : Meets each student’s individual needs
  • Phonogram-Based : Words are based on combining letters and letter combinations known as phonograms (the sound-symbol relationship, also known as the Alphabetic Principle)
  • Explicit : Stated clearly and in a detailed manner

What about learning disabilities, dyslexia, and ADHD?

Our at-home and online reading program integrates research-proven multisensory learning with the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching reading in a way that will finally work for your child.

We accomplish this with a bite-sized, activity-based approach. Our short activities ensure all children’s success. It's perfect for those with dyslexia, ADHD, or other learning challenges.

This program has been designed by learning disabilities expert and board-certified educational therapist Bonnie Terry, M.Ed., BCET. Bonnie has worked with children and adults of all abilities for over 30 years and has discovered the code for the best way to teach reading and spelling.

In addition to improving reading skills, your children will also improve their overall auditory, visual, and tactile-kinesthetic processing skills to make overall learning easier.

Multisensory reading instruction

In this reading program, your child will learn through seeing, hearing, and doing. Learning to read through multiple senses builds stronger associations, improves retention and speeds up recall skills.

In other words, learning to read in this way makes reading easier and automatic. This at-home and online reading program is specifically designed with short activities that integrate hearing, seeing, and doing.

7-Day money-back guarantee

We are confident that you and your child will love our spelling program. Your child will make tremendous progress with spelling and they'll love the puzzles and the card games. They will become an accurate and confident speller. This is like having free admission for 7 days.

If you are, however, unsatisfied with the program during the first 7-days, just contact us and we will refund your payment.

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Summer Reading List: 6th Grade

summer reading 6th grade

Featured Middle School Resources

Reading Packet

Related Resources

Summer Reading Choice Board for Middle School

Vote now in the opening round of the 2023 Goodreads Choice Awards

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6th Grade Summer Reading Books

The One and Only Ivan

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summer reading 6th grade

Read to Lead

Top Summer Reading List for 6th Grade

summer reading 6th grade

8 Popular Picks To Expand Students’ Worldviews

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes the dreaded summer slide. Reading lists are a great way to help students stay on top of their reading, and allow them to explore diverse themes and areas of interest. But what should our 6th graders be reading this summer?

We believe belonging is the missing piece in the fight for diversity and inclusion. We know that research shows that students who report high levels of sense of belonging to the school environment experience positive educational outcomes. This means elevating Black and Brown voices, teaching culturally relevant content, and allowing students to see themselves in their learning is more important than ever. That’s why this summer, our favorite summer reading picks for 6th grade features authors of different backgrounds, books that explore relevant social issues, and tackle challenges that middle schoolers may face in their lives.

While we would love for our students to read all the books on this list, we recommend letting students choose a few that pique their interest. Why? Because book choice is key to student agency and motivation.

Now, let’s get to our recommendations for multicultural books for 6th grade summer reading!

Class Act by Jerry Craft

summer reading 6th grade

It’s never easy to be the new kid in school but what about one of the few kids of color in a prestigious private school?  Follow Drew in this laugh-out-loud funny and important coming of age story from New York Times bestselling author Jerry Craft. Bonus – this book follows Jerry Craft’s first book, New Kid, which follows Jordan around through similar struggles as a new kid at a private school. 

Efrén Divided by Ernesto Cisneros

summer reading 6th grade

Students may be aware of the issue of undocumented immigrants in the US, but in Efrén Divided , they see the reality that American-born children may face when someone in their family is deported. Giving readers insights about the many struggles Mexican-American families face in a way that is heartfelt and moving, this book is sure to spark many important and meaningful conversations among middle schoolers. Bonus – The author’s website includes a free comprehensive resource guide for Efrén Divided.

Kira-Kira, by Cynthia Kadohata

summer reading 6th grade

Kira-Kira tells the story of Katie’s experiences as a Japanese-American growing up in a small town in rural Georgia in the 1950s, where looking different comes with very real consequences. In this touching tale, author Cynthia Kadohata expertly explores themes such as racism, grief, prejudice through the lens of a young girl. This book can also serve as a launchpad for discussions around anti-Asian hate, workplace discrimination, and other similar contemporary issues.

Brown Girl Dreaming, by Jacqueline Woodson

summer reading 6th grade

A beautifully written memoir in verse form, Brown Girl Dreaming tells the story of Jacqueline Woodson growing up as a Black American in the 1960s. Through compelling poems, Jacqueline recounts grappling with the remnants of the Jim Crow laws and the impacts of the Civil Rights Movement. This book is both an excellent way to introduce students to poetry as a form of story-telling and dig into discussions around current social movements such as Black Lives Matter and social justice issues.

Greta’s Story: The Schoolgirl Who Went on Strike to Save the Planet, by Valentina Camerini (Author), and Veronica Carratello (Illustrator)

summer reading 6th grade

You are never too young to make a difference. That’s the main message in Greta’s Story: The Schoolgirl Who Went on Strike to Save the Planet , an unofficial biography of Greta Thunberg, a 15-year-old climate activist. An easy and inspiring read that will encourage young readers to start taking action to address climate change, this book includes a glossary of important dates in history related to environmental issues and a section on how students can get involved to save the planet.

Accidental Trouble Magnet: Book 1 (Planet Omar Series), by Zanib Mian

summer reading 6th grade

Approaching sensitive topics such as change and bullying with humor and innocence, Accidental Trouble Magnet is the first book in the Planet Omar Series. Featuring a young Muslim protagonist, this book takes readers on the ups and downs of navigating a new school, making friends, and more, all while sharing snippets of life as a Muslim. With superb illustrations that keep the story moving forward, this is a great option for reluctant readers. Bonus – Follow Omar on other adventures through the rest of the Planet Omar series.

Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes – Police Brutality

summer reading 6th grade

What happens when a 12-year-old Black boy is killed by a police officer for playing with a toy gun? Ghost Boys explores difficult but timely themes like racism, police brutality, and gun violence in a way that is honest yet age-appropriate for middle schoolers. This book is a poignant read that will prompt students to delve further into social justice issues. Bonus: This book included discussion questions for students to reflect on the story and relate it to their own lives.

Stonewall Riots: Coming Out in the Streets, by Gayle E Pitman

summer reading 6th grade

The Stonewall Riots are an important part of LGBTQIA+ activism, and this gorgeously illustrated book explores some of the events before, during, and after the riots. Presented in a unique way that features newspaper reports, objects, and pictures from the time, Stonewall Riots: Coming Out in the Streets shares information about the LGBTQIA+ movement in an easy-to-digest and informative way. A great introductory read for students which showcases an often marginalized community, this book is a must if you are looking for diverse books for middle school.

Community in Crisis, Read to Lead

summer reading 6th grade

For students who are struggling to even pick up a book during summer, Read to Lead: Community in Crisis is an excellent way for students to keep reading while playing games. Designed to meet anchor standards and supporting Lexile range for 6th grade, Community in Crisis is the first series on the Read to Lead game-based learning platform. Students read 5,000 words and interact with diverse characters in each game in the series (there are 12 games in all!). Game-based learning is also a great way to drive student interest and motivation, especially during summertime. Sign up for a free account and get your students started with their summer reading program.

We hope that these diverse books for middle schoolers will allow your students to see themselves in their learning and inspire what is possible.

Have a book you love recommending to 6th graders? We’d love to hear from you! Share your top picks below – we plan on making a list of the top picks from our community!

About Read to Lead

Read to Lead uses the power of game-based learning to empower middle school students to build literacy, life, and career skills. Teachers can sign up for a free account to get started!

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Imagination Soup

2023 Summer Reading Lists of Best Books For Kids

This post may contain affiliate links.

It’s time for summer reading lists, reading programs, and reading challenges! Get your kids, ages 5 to 18, reading with book recommendations from these up-to-date summer reading lists. These summer reading book lists are for every grade level, preschool, early elementary school , upper elementary school, middle school , and high school !!

Over the summer months, choose summer books from the grade level list the child will be entering in the fall. (Unless you know that your child needs modifications. Meaning– if your child is below or above grade level, check different grade level lists — lower or higher. The grade level isn’t as important as helping children read daily, so they grow in their reading skills. Just as long as their reading, am I right?)

Reading–lots and lots of reading–is the only way to keep kids growing as readers…unless a learning disability is interfering. But kids need lots of good books. That’s why I’ve made these summer reading book lists.

You’ll find both familiar favorites and newly published children’s books , as well as a variety of genres and subjects from which to choose. Not only that, many of these recommendations are books in series . (Because aren’t book series the best!?)

I’ve read all the books on the elementary and middle school lists — and recommend them based on my experience as a former teacher, a parent, and a book blogger. The lists do not include book reviews, but you can find all books with reviews elsewhere on Imagination Soup. Either search the title using the search bar on the top left side of Imagination Soup or search for the book to see which grade level list it’s on.

2023 Summer Reading List of Best Books For Kids

2023 Summer Reading Lists of Books for Kids

What are the best summer reads for your children or students to read during the long, hot days of June, July, and August? These summer reading lists include familiar favorites, newly published titles, and popular book series of the best books for kids organized by age, genre, and including a topic/theme label.

Summer Reading for Preschoolers (Ages 3, 4, and 5)

If you’re like me, you always want to read aloud new picture books to your preschool-age children– whether nonfiction or fiction. That’s why I’ve also made a summer book list with fun summer reads for your preschoolers . (And you! Because as the adult reading aloud the book, it helps so much if you love the book you’re reading.)

Get read aloud tips here .

Remember, young readers at this pre-reading stage can “read” the sequence of the story by retelling what happens in the pictures. This is an important literacy skill-building foundational strategy!

Picture Book List for Pre-Readers

Summer Reading for Kids in Elementary School Grades (Kindergarten, Grade 1 – 6)

These book lists for elementary school books share the most engaging chapter books and middle grade books for every reader, no matter what genre or interest they have.

When you visit each elementary school book list, you can download a printable list of books to read for each grade level. (Free!) NOTE: If you don’t see the printable sign up, clear your cache and try again.

Pre-Reader Book List

1st Grade Reading List (age 6 – 7)

2nd Grade Reading List (age 7 – 8)

3rd Grade Reading List (age 8 – 9)

4th Grade Reading List (age 9 – 10)

5th Grade Reading List (age 10 – 11)

6th Grade Reading List (age 11 – 12)

best summer reads for kids

Summer Reading for Middle School Kids and Students (Grades 7 and 8)

Download a list of books to read for your middle school children and students. These summer book recommendations range from realistic to graphic novels to historical fiction — with a variety so every reader has options.

7th Grade Reading List (age 12 – 13)

8th Grade Reading List (age 13 and up / teen)

P.S. Are you doing a summer reading program ? Find good summer reading programs through your local library, Scholastic, or Barnes and Noble. Some schools offer incentives for summer reading, as well! Click here to see the 2023 free summer reading programs .

Tips to Make Reading Reading Happen

summer reading boy picking out a book

Let your kids choose the books that they read. Simple as that.

KIDS NEED TO PICK OUT THEIR OWN BOOKS! Whether or not you think their choices are the best summer reads, PLEASE give your child choices of books. Picking out a chapter book or middle grade book will give the reader ownership and motivation. Use the list of books I’m providing you to allow your kids or students to pick what they want in their pile of summer books.

That being said, if your reader isn’t making book choices that are comprehensible, choose some just-right books for them from which they can decide. Maybe show them six books and ask them to pick the one they want to start with first.

summer reading at a bookstore

Fill your house with lots of books. More books = more chances for your children to find a fantastic, amazing, very good book that they can’t put down.

Recently, we set a new money-spent record at the bookstore. Gulp. I shouldn’t tell you, but it was well over $300. There’s something magical about your mom taking you to the bookstore where you can pick all the books you want to read. (Magically expensive. But worth it.)

Of course, we visit the library weekly, and it’s much more economical.

summer reading at the libary

Visit your local library as often as you can. Let your kids go WILD and check out lots of books! Bring a big book bag and fill it up. (Because why limit books?!)

Kids need chunks of time and opportunities for reading. So, make sure they’re not filling all their time with TV, video games, and iPad time.

summer reading on a tablet 2023 Summer Reading List of Best Books For Kids


Don’t forget about audiobooks, Kindles , iPads, and Nook reading. Ebooks and audiobooks count as reading, too. (See:  audiobooks for tweens  &  audiobooks for teens .)


Make sure your child is reading books that he or she can comprehend. When choosing a book, use the 5 finger test to decide if it’s a just-right book and not too hard or too easy. Ask your child to tell you a little about the story during and after reading. If you haven’t read the story, read the back cover blurb and ask questions related to that back cover summary. Make sure your child understands what he or she reads — and that he KNOWS IF HE DOESN’T. For more clarity about reading comprehension, visit this post about reading strategies or this post about reading comprehension .

2023 Summer Reading List of Best Books For Kids -- summer reading in a cozy tent


Kids LOVE a cozy book nook. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to involve the kids. Find a corner – those work best. Let your child help you to add pillows, lamps, books, stuffed animals, a headlamp, or flashlight, to create a special reading space.

Read more tips on how to make a kid-friendly book nook.


Kids need margins (time) just like we do. We all need unscheduled time to rest and relax. Kids especially.

Remember to make time during the day for rest and for summer reading. That means you’ll probably need to monitor screen time, so the screens don’t compete with books. (Unless your child is reading online books or in a book app.)



1. Go to your child’s grade level list. Order or check out as many books as you can!

2. Use the free printables on Imagination Soup to support your young readers’ summer reading.

summer reading

Download my free and fun Summer Reading PDF Printable Activity Packet!

summer reading 6th grade

Download the free Reading Bingo Challenge

summer reading 6th grade

Get my FREE printables to track summer learning here .

What else can you do for summer reading?

Try this Reading Bucket List . Add your own bucket list ideas in the notes section.

Or download a blank reading bucket list to fill in yourself.

If you want to get crafty, make homemade bookmarks .

2023 Summer Reading List of Best Books For Kids

More Summer Reading Book Lists by Genre and Topic

Adventure Books for Kids

Fantasy Books for Kids

Funny Books for Kids

Graphic Novels for Kids

Kindle Books for Kids

Magazines for Kids

Mystery Books for Kids

Nonfiction Books for Kids

Science Fiction Books for Kids

Short Middle Grade Books

Summer Vacation Themed Chapter Books 

Get your kids, ages 5 to 18, reading with book recommendations from these up-to-date summer reading lists. These summer reading book lists are for every grade level, preschool, elementary school, middle school, and high school!!

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Good Books About Summer Vacation

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Melissa Taylor, MA, is the creator of Imagination Soup. She's a mother, former teacher & literacy trainer, and freelance education writer. She writes Imagination Soup and freelances for publications online and in print, including Penguin Random House's Brightly website, USA Today Health, Adobe Education, Colorado Parent, and Parenting. She is passionate about matching kids with books that they'll love.

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I would like to get your summer reading titles for K through 8th grade. Do I purchase them from you or can I download them?

They are all free and available on their respective grade level summer reading list pages. First grade list on the first grade page, for example.

Can I share your Summer Reading lists on our school’s Fb page and School’s website?

You may share on social media or share this link in a newsletter. You may not upload and publish it on your website. You may not rename it as your own. Thanks for asking, Sherry. Happy reading!

I love your point about downtime! Each day, when the baby sleeps, my big kids go down for “Read and Rest.” My daughter spends the entire two hours DAILY reading chapter books! I have to check out about 20 books a week from the library for her! My little three year old boy rests in his bed, listening to Winnie the Pooh on his Yoto player and turning pages of picture books. They all stay in their rooms for about 2 hours – giving me the time I need to recharge and do chores!

That sounds WONDERFUL, Whitney! Good for you for building up your children’s love of books…and stamina. 🙂

I have twin boys that have recently really taken off with their reading. This list will come in handy as I try to keep up with having new books on hand for them to read.

Happy to hear it!

So many great books! Pinning this for my kids this summer 🙂

Only Institute of Reading Development programs combine outstanding books and top-notch instruction to create skilled and enthusiastic readers.

summer reading 6th grade

summer reading 6th grade

Your Son or Daughter Will Only Experience 6th Grade Once

By investing in core skill development now, you'll ensure that your child has a productive and enjoyable time in 6th grade. Best of all, he or she will be well on the way to becoming a lifelong reader, which is the key to all future success.

Make This School Year a Big Success!

Summer online program for 6th graders.

Class sizes are limited!

Who Are We?

The Institute of Reading Development offers programs in partnership with colleges and universities. Over the last 53 years, we’ve worked with more than 200 academic institutions to inspire over 3 million students to become skilled, enthusiastic readers.

In your area, we provide programs in partnership with: Loyola Marymount University Extension

What's the Best Way to Help My Child Excel?

Encourage your child to read regularly! The impact of reading for just 20 minutes a day is staggering. In fact, by the time they're in high school, students with a 20-minute-per-day habit can read over 1 million words in a single year. The more kids read, the more vocabulary and skills they master. This makes reading effortless and fun, which inspires even more reading.

Becoming a reader will give your child many opportunities to learn and grow throughout school and into adulthood. Our programs provide outstanding books at the right level challenge, plus the skill development and structure necessary to establish a reading habit. There’s no better way to ensure your child’s lasting success.

What is the Parent's Role in the Program?

Our program provides a hassle-free way to improve reading skills. You'll make sure your child attends class and provide support and encouragement. He or she will complete independent practice, reading, and writing assignments. We'll do the rest.

Enrolling in our program will show your middle schooler that reading is important, all year round.

Your son or daughter will only be in 6th grade once. Make it a big success!

Give Your Child the Reading Advantage

Plus $39 Materials & Shipping

A Lifetime of Limitless Benefits

Our students discover that the rewards of being a reader go well beyond school. Reading expands children’s horizons and gives them access to an endless source of inspiration and wisdom. As they imagine new possibilities, their dreams take flight. And best of all, reading empowers them to make these dreams come true.

Questions? We're an open book.

Let's discuss your child's reading development. Call today to speak with an Institute of Reading Development Program Advisor.

(800) 470-2891

[email protected]

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Middle School Summer Reading: 6th Grade Summer Reading

  • 5th Grade Summer Reading
  • 6th Grade Summer Reading
  • 7th and 8th Grade Summer Reading
  • Greengate Summer Reading


Sixth grade summer reading.

Summer reading is very important!  Randolph’s curriculum works best when it builds upon what parents are doing at home.  We want our children to return after the summer ready to read, write, and learn.  Research shows that the child who does not read 20 minutes every day all summer loses reading and cognitive skills they developed in the previous school year.  This “summer slide” is cumulative and children do not catch up in the fall. 

Students who love to read will see success in school.  This begins at home where students are encouraged to read, their parents set an example of reading in front of them, and their parents read aloud to them.  Becoming a good reader takes practice.  Offer your children quiet times and good places to enjoy reading.  Read aloud to them on a regular basis - students whose parents do so perform better on standardized tests, have a decided advantage in terms of vocabulary and grammar development, and find more success in all subjects. 

Summer reading requirements for rising sixth grade:

One non-fiction book of your choice

One fiction book of your choice

Two other books of your choice of any genre

For ALL books read over the summer, even ones that go above and beyond the Randolph requirement:

  • You are asked to fill out a chart on a sheet of paper giving the name of the book, its author, and signed and pledged by both you and a parent that you finished the book and that you had not read it before. You will be able to include these three for your “40 Book Challenge” in 6 th grade! This will be turned in on the first day of school.
  • Choose your favorite book and write me a friendly letter telling me about your book and what you liked about it.  Make sure it is written neatly so I can read it easily.  You can mail this letter any time after June 1, but please mail it by August 1.  You can also include fun things about you and your summer, or anything you might want me to know for next year.  Feel free to ask me questions, too!  I just might write back 😊 .  

                              Randolph School

                             Attn: Nikki Cornelison

                            1005 Drake Avenue

                             Huntsville, AL 35802

  • Use the templates below (one for a fiction book of your choice and one for a nonfiction book of your choice) to gather and organize important information as you read. You will turn in both charts at the start of school.
  • Click here for a print version of the templates.

The 40 Book Challenge

Sixth graders will be challenged to read 40 books during the course of the school year. They will get more information about the Challenge when school starts. The purpose is to introduce students to a variety of books from different genres and to instill a love of reading. The required summer reading will count towards the 40 Book Challenge, so all students will start the year with four books already finished. The suggested reading list below is divided by genre and is a resource that parents and students can use throughout the year to find books that meet the genre requirements of the Challenge.   

Non-fiction Suggested Reading

summer reading 6th grade

Historical Fiction

summer reading 6th grade

Realistic Fiction

summer reading 6th grade

Graphic Novels

summer reading 6th grade

Science Fiction

summer reading 6th grade

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Trickum Middle School

Ensuring Learning for All

  • Summer Reading

Page Navigation

6th grade summer reading.


Please note that this page is for the 2023-2024 school year. 

At Trickum our students are required to read throughout the school year and over the summer. Below is a suggested list of novels. Students may choose a book not listed below as well!

Directions : Write your first and last name, the books’ titles, and the authors’ names on the top of each activity. This assignment is due August 18, 2023 for a grade!

  • Read ONE book.
  • Complete FOUR activities for the book you read.
  • You will have a total of FOUR activities from the choice boards.
  • Each activity is worth 25 points.

Extension Activities

  • Read more books by participating in the TMS Summer Reading Celebration using GCPL’s Beanstack program. (There will be a celebration!)


6th Books and Assignments

Suggested novels.

  • As Brave As You , Jason Reynolds - Realistic Fiction
  • Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky , Kwame Mbalia - Fantasy
  • Lost Boys , Darcey Rosenblatt - Historical Fiction
  • Amal Unbound , Aisha Saeed - Realistic Fiction
  • The Crossover , Kwame Alexander - Verse
  • The Canyons Edge , Dusti Bowling - Realistic Fiction
  • When the World Turned Upside Down , K. Ibura - Realistic Fiction
  • Us, In Progress: Short Stories About Young Latinos , Lulu Delacre - Short Stories
  • Marley Dias Gets it Done: And So Can You! Marley Dias - Autobiography
  • This Kid Can Fly: It’s About Ability (Not Disability) , Aaron Philip - Memoir
  • Classic Novels ( Anne of Green Gables , A Wrinkle in Time , The Giver , Little Women , etc.)

Fiction Assignment Choices

  • Choose an exciting chapter from the book you read and draw a comic strip illustrating each event. Your comic strip must include at least 4 events.
  • Create a group chat between the protagonist and antagonist. Include at least 10 back and forth responses.
  • Create a timeline sequencing important events from the story. Label and illustrate each event. Include at least 7 events and explanations in your timeline.
  • Reflect in writing on what frustrates or confuses you about a chapter? Why? (Be sure to cite evidence from the text and explain your reflections.)
  • List 3 conflicts (problems) and their resolutions from the book. Explain how the conflicts could have ended another way if the characters had made different choices.
  • Write a journal response to one of the chapters focusing on the importance of the chapter. Use the questions to prompt your thinking. (1) What is the main idea of the chapter? (2) Why is it important? (3) How might you use the information presented in the chapter to become a more thoughtful reader?
  • Create a collage of images and symbols around one of the themes in the story. Explain your choice of images in one paragraph.
  • Pretend you are going to interview one of the characters from the novel. Write 6 questions you would like to ask them. THEN, predict what their answers might be, based on what you’ve read in the story.

Nonfiction Assignment Choices

  • What is the main idea of what you read? Provide at least 3 details from the text that support the main idea you identified.
  • What are 3 important facts or pieces of new information from your text? What are 2 opinions you have about the topic?
  • Identify at least 4 text features you noticed in the text. Describe or explain the purpose of each text feature. What text feature would you add and why?
  • What are 3 reasons others should read this book? Write 2 sentences to support each of your reasons.
  • Create a 10 question quiz about the book you read. Your questions can be a combination of multiple choice questions, true or false, fill-in-the-blank, and/or constructed response. Be sure to include an answer key to go along with your quiz.
  • Using what you learned while reading, create a song or poem to explain your topic.
  • After reading the text, what are 4 things you want to learn more about? Research those questions and/or topics and write about what you learn. Include at least 2-3 sentences for each new thing you learn from your research.
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  • Web Community Manager Privacy Policy (Updated) |


Summer Reading: Rising Sixth Grade

  • Summer Reading Publication (PDF) to Print
  • Purchasing Information 2023
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  • Rising Sixth Grade
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  • Rising Upper School
  • Senior Favorites from the Class of 2023
  • Faculty & Staff Favorites 2023
  • Parent Resources
  • STEAM Titles for Our Families to Enjoy Together
  • Library Wish List
  • Message from the English Department


Cover Art

Requirements: (total of 4 books)

  • Wonder  by R. J. Palacio
  • Two books from this list.
  • One book of choice.

If students have a book they would prefer to read that is not on the list, they need to have permission from their English teacher.


For  Wonder , students should use the form included below. 

For the two books from this list and one book of choice, students should complete a Middle School Summer Reading Form.  

During the first weeks of school, there will be graded assignments on  Wonder . One the first day of school, students should bring their three completed Middle School Summer Reading Forms; their completed form for  Wonder;  and their copy of  Wonder .

  • Wonder - Summer Reading Form
  • Middle School Summer Reading Form

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Cover Art

Short Stories

Cover Art

Historical Fiction

Cover Art

Realistic Fiction

Cover Art

Modern Classics

Cover Art

Books in Verse/Poetry

Cover Art


Cover Art

Nonfiction/Narrative Nonfiction

Cover Art

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Veritas Et Sapientia - Truth & Wisdom

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Suggested summer reading 2023.

For students entering 1st grade  |  For students entering 2nd grade  |  For students entering 3rd grade  |  For students entering 4th grade  |  For students entering 5th grade  |  For students entering 6th grade  (headed to the Middle School) Summer 2023 Dear Parents, 

Summer is a great time for your child to practice what he/she has learned throughout the school year.  There is no better activity for your child than to engage in reading for enjoyment.  Not only will your child discover the joy of being lost in a book, he/she will practice the many skills and strategies he/she has learned all year.

Teachers and other educators identify summer learning loss as a major challenge when starting off the new school year.  However, students who read over the summer return to school ready to continue their learning with little or no learning loss.   

Summer reading is meant to be enjoyable and we do not want students to have to struggle; we want reading to be fun and relaxing. The important thing is that students read, read, read! We hope everyone has a chance to visit their local library throughout the summer and find books they want to read.  

Ellicott Elementary Reading Committee

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    Suggested Summer Reading 2023. For students entering 1st grade | For students entering 2nd grade | For students entering 3rd grade | For students entering 4th grade | For students entering 5th grade | For students entering 6th grade (headed to the Middle School) Summer 2023 Dear Parents, Summer is a great time for your child to practice what he/she has learned throughout the school year.