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Unconstrained Power Management Algorithm for Green Cloud Computing

Green cloud computing-oriented algorithmic approach-based virtual machine consolidation, green-cloud computing (g-cc) data center and its architecture toward efficient usage of energy, a new metaheuristic‐based method for solving the virtual machines migration problem in the green cloud computing, mapping and consolidation of vms using locust-inspired algorithms for green cloud computing, enabling rank-based distribution of microservices among containers for green cloud computing environment, an optimized vm placement approach to reduce energy consumption in green cloud computing, investigation study on secured data communication with blockchain and iot in green cloud computing, energy aware load balancing algorithm for upgraded effectiveness in green cloud computing, study on green cloud computing—a review, export citation format, share document.

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research papers on green cloud computing

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Volume 5 Issue 3 March-2018 eISSN: 2349-5162

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research papers on green cloud computing

  • Manjinder Kaur

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research papers on green cloud computing

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research papers on green cloud computing

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research papers on green cloud computing

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    research papers on green cloud computing

  2. Green Cloud Computing

    research papers on green cloud computing


    research papers on green cloud computing

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    research papers on green cloud computing

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    research papers on green cloud computing

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    research papers on green cloud computing


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