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I want to ban all homework. We already have to do 6-7 hours of work at school and we are supposed to relax when we get home, but no the schools just want to make our lives miserable. And all the schools are on about mental health when doing homework actually just destroys our mental health.

The reason I want the government to ban all homework is because the schools are always on about mental health and talk about this talk about that when homework completely destroys our mental health makes us tired six to seven hours after school work when we are supposed to be relaxing and it just stress as out to the point where a lot of people shut down and then as a result get a detention for not actually being able to do it.

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Ban homework except for GCSE coursework: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/637387

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  • Date submitted 29 September 2023

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petition to get rid of homework

BAN HOMEWORK! (or at least make less of it)

A petition to get rid of homework and give children their lives back., send messages to congress now.

petition to get rid of homework


  • by:  Angel Humenik
  • recipient: District 204 School Board

Students in many other countries have little to no homework, as many countries have started to realize that students spend most of their day in school. Educators and the board of education in other countries have found that homework is unnecessary and actually causes more stress in students. Homework, as many believe is pointless, as explained. Teaching and learning is meant to stay in the school place setting. The home; as many researchers and educators have explained, is meant to be used to be with family, spend time on outside activities and a bit of studying time. But with homework in America many children and teens experience breakdowns from the amount of stress they experience doing homework for long periods of time. The average high school student gets less than 5 hours of sleep a night. elementary school students get frustrated and even have panic attacks over school assignments. With lack of sleep a student cannot properly learn in school, let alone pass exams, and finish the newly assigned homework. Yet the board of education in America believe that students need homework and turn a blind eye towards the people who are suffering the consequences the most. All of which are students. Students should not be forced to do homework, I believe homework should be optional and if the student chooses not to do such assignment that pupil should not be punished/penelized.

Thank you for signing this petition, as you have read students are over whelmed and actually causes literacy rates to fall. Grades are slipping and so are test scores. This causes a great amount of issues within the school and home setting as there is no time for families and outside activities and worst of all little to no sleep.

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Ban Homework in England

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I believe that homework should be banned. Schools shouldn't force students to do extra work in there own time this can be tiring for them and make students extremely stressed. After and before school should be a time to realx and enjoy being a kid not extra time to be stressing over school work.the guardian asked some students about stress and how this affects them there responses where alarming: “GCSEs have been a horrible experience,” says one 16-year-old. “I have suffered from panic attacks and a high increase in anxiety. It’s quite scary how as a student I find it normal to see my peers break down in lessons as they are scared of what’s going to happen to them in the future if they fail.” This is how much stress students are under and with all the extra work outside of school, students are struggling to cope. And this is why im on a mission to ban homework to hopefully help students get through there school life a little bit easier. And let them enjoy being Teens.

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petition to get rid of homework

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The student news site of James Bowie High School

The Dispatch

Students petition for homework reform.


Cade Spencer and Reagan Zuniga

A SEA OF PAPER: Senior Elizabeth Cluchey poses as a student overwhelmed by hoards of test preparation, work, and study material. Substantial workloads are a driving cause behind student movements for homework restrictions and policy reforms.

Cade Spencer , Managing Editor November 13, 2019

petition to get rid of homework

Although hefty workloads can cause students to feel overwhelmed and fatigued, it is their perception of the work that can create the most stress. With hours of work, students commonly see their homework as meaningless busy work, a belief that has caused some teenagers to call for homework restrictions.

As of October 25, a Change.org petition hosted by Dripping Springs junior Ian Stinson had 5,258 virtual signatures in support of implementing new limitations on homework.

“My teacher asked us to write a Ted Talk, so my friend and I wrote an abridged version of what is in the petition and presented it in her class,” Stinson said. “I went home and revised the Ted Talk into the petition as a protest to the large amount of work we were receiving.”

Stinson posted his petition on Change.org, a website that allows individuals to create petitions concerning any subject they care about, such as reforms in homework policy.

“Homework is beneficial because it lets you practice skills you need for tests,” junior Alex Johnson said. “However, it harms students by taking too much of their free time with work that is sometimes unnecessary.”

In order to promote change in the community, the petition has been addressed to Governor Greg Abbott and the City of Austin.

“The absence of repetitive homework would grow student’s love of learning,” Stinson said in his petition summary. “They would be able to pursue their own interests, help out with their family chores/responsibilities, and grow up in a healthy way without homework.”

As a consequence of a substantial workload, senior Sarah Israel spends about two hours and thirty minutes on homework every night.

“I think homework can add unnecessary stress when I’m given busy work,” Israel said. “I think the most effective form is any interactive assignment because it makes learning fun and helps you retain stuff better.”

As a teacher of three Pre-AP math classes, Jeff Henson is familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of homework.

“I understand where students are coming from because there are a lot of assignments given in high school that could be perceived as busy work,” Henson said. “We try to keep homework manageable, but there are the topics we cover in Algebra II that require practice.”

After three years of high school, Israel has found that homework is more beneficial when used in certain academic settings.

“I think math should have homework every night because that’s something you have to continually practice to get good at,” Israel said. “In [other classes], studying the way you feel is best for you should be your homework.”

Shari Blevins, who teaches Academic English I, uses independent reading and reflection assignments as activities to improve students’ reading and writing abilities.

“When you do English homework, you are building collections of writing and skills in order to create larger pieces such as essays,” Blevins said. “If you were to eliminate homework, I would worry how those [skills] would be developed because there is simply not enough time in class.”

Math teacher Kelly Flickinger wants to change how students perceive work.

“I want students to use homework as a place to figure out what they know, what they don’t know, and where to go from there,” Flickinger said. “If I can have students say that homework is meaningful and a safe place to fail, then we know we are doing something right.”

If there is reform in the district homework policy, Israel believes that students should have at most one hour and thirty minutes of homework a night.

“I had a project in anatomy that involved making a poster, looking up pictures, and presenting to the class,” Israel said. “I thought it was beneficial because I had to teach my class about it, and I had to make pictures and research a topic.”

As a result of potential homework limitations, Johnson believes that high schoolers could achieve balance in their AP and Pre-AP classes.

“I personally think schools should mostly make homework optional,” Johnson said. “If schools do this, the work would be meaningful for students because they are doing it by choice, and the overall workload would be more meaningful for all.”

When considering a universal homework policy, Henson acknowledges that individual student’s needs would make it difficult to develop a plan that benefits and serves all.

“In my class, we try to walk a fine line between not giving too much and just enough work to where we feel kids can practice the skills they need to know,” Henson said. “I want homework to be a place where students feel safe to make mistakes and learn from them.”

As students from around Austin sign the petition, it has an end goal of 10,000 signatures.

“I don’t think I would sign a petition like that because I think in certain situations homework can be a useful tool,” Johnson said. “I definitely agree that homework needs to be decreased, and I would sign a petition to place limitations on the quantity of assignments each class can give.”

Despite his desire for homework reform, Stinson realizes that such change would require curriculum adjustments at all levels of education.

“Logistically, homework expedites learning, allowing for fewer years of schooling and more efficient class time, and if it was used correctly and in moderation, it would not be as troublesome,” Stinson said. “That being said, I would not protest not having homework.”

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Rise in underage sports betting • 567 Views

ENSURING SAFETY: Assistant Principal Hector Munoz checks student ID’s as students enter the campus in the morning to ensure school safety. Every morning, a few administrators stand outside the front doors to check every students ID. If the student doesnt have their ID, they can have a temporary one made for them.

Threat causes ID badge polices to be enforced • 548 Views

On August 13, the Bowie campus was told that theater director Diane “Betsy” Cornwell had passed away. Cornwell worked in Austin ISD for more than 40 years and spent more than 30 of those years at Bowie.

Theater director "Betsy" Cornwell's death shocks student body • 242 Views

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New dance class strengthens Bowie athletes

ENSURING SAFETY: Assistant Principal Hector Munoz checks student ID’s as students enter the campus in the morning to ensure school safety. Every morning, a few administrators stand outside the front doors to check every students ID. If the student doesnt have their ID, they can have a temporary one made for them.

Threat causes ID badge polices to be enforced

Abby Laine hydrating in the shade before practice.

AISD enforces guidelines to prevent heat sickness

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SIMPLE EXCHANGE: The chromebook room in A117 is not only home to technology support for students, but is also a place to purchasing a new ID. A student is given a new ID badge by Tonya Snow before classes begin.

Updated ID policies are implemented

Every year Bowie takes in several exchange students from various countries around the world. These students come to America, and to Bowie, for many different reasons.

New year, new exchange students

HB114 redirects students into a District Alternative Education Program (DAEP) if they are caught under the influence on or near campus. They will also be sent to a DAEP for selling and delivering addictive products on, or around, campus.

State law introduces new vape policy

The student news site of James Bowie High School

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Petition to ban homework across the UK launched by pupil

Schoolchildren 'should be able to relax' says Lee, who says he has no time to socialise with his friends

  • 15:37, 8 JAN 2018

petition to get rid of homework

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A UK-wide ban on homework for all secondary school pupils is the demand in an online petition set up by a schoolboy.

Lee Sibley, who likes to go fishing, says he has little time for his hobbies or to chat to pals because of his homework workload.

His petition at change.org has had 186 people sign up since it was launched in August.

The 15-year-old pupil says he is having to complete three to four hours of homework each night, reveals Gloucestershirelive.

He said: “Students go to school about 30 hours a week and spend more hours doing homework.

“They should be able to relax their brains and have a break, not work all the time.”

The aspiring politician was dismayed to receive 10 pieces of homework during his week-long half-term break in October.

“I can’t socialise with my friends and family because of all this homework,” he said.

“I haven’t been able to play tennis or badminton as much recently, or go fishing.”

Lee Sibley, 15, has started an online petition to ban homework

The petition from the pupil who goes to Severn Vale School in Quedgeley, Gloucestershire, is addressed to Prime Minister Theresa May, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the UK Parliament, Gloucester MP Richard Graham and Severn Vale head teacher Richard Johnson.

In a school trip to the Houses of Parliament, Lee broached the issue with Mr Graham, but was told he should discuss the matter with his school.

He is happy that the petition has been signed by classmates, friends, family members and some strangers.

Lee says he gets two pieces of homework per week in each of his subjects, which are politics, history, English, maths, geography, and science.

His mother Nicky, 43, said: “When I got home from school, I couldn’t wait to get out and play.

“Now they have stress and too much homework. Lee suffers from anxiety.

“He gets very anxious about it. He is committed and willing to learn but sometimes it is too much.”

Lee, who has learning difficulties, muscle problems and hyper mobile joints, says he needs a word processor to type out his work at school, because he struggles to write.

Lee Sibley and mother Nicky

Mrs Springfield criticised Severn Vale for not having provided him with a word processor yet, despite promising to do so last year, she claims.

She also says the school pledged to help Lee with homework in lunchtime sessions, but no teachers have been present when he has gone to the allocated room.

The housewife claims the school promised Lee would get special attention from an extra teacher in classes, but this has not been provided.

A spokesman for Severn Vale said: "Severn Vale School has extremely high expectations of our students as learners and expect them to take personal responsibility for their learning as well as benefiting from the expertise of our highly skilled staff.

"Extensive academic research - from the Sutton Trust amongst others - evidences that regular completion of homework increases levels of both attainment and achievement across all subject areas.

"Much homework for GCSE students is revision which is an ongoing process given the demands of the new GCSE subjects. A recent feedback session with a panel of students from across the school showed that this is extremely popular.

"We have two rooms available after school for students to complete homework in and these sessions are well attended and are open for all students to use"

The change.org petition is here.

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