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Where to Find Printable Reading Worksheets

Teaching children to read is an important skill they’ll use for the rest of their lives. When children need extra practice using their reading skills, it helps to have worksheets available. You can find an assortment of printable reading worksheets for free and for sale on several websites.

Teacher Websites

There are several teacher websites where you can download reading comprehension worksheets they created for their classrooms. One advantage of using these worksheets is that they are designed for specific reading levels and have been tested in a classroom. Many follow the formats used on state and local tests that measure reading ability. The teachers sometimes include anecdotal notes and tips for making the worksheets more effective.

Publisher Websites

Publishers of textbooks, education research and professional development books sometimes offer worksheets on their websites. These worksheets usually are samples from the books they publish so that you can preview the content. Book publishers sometimes produce worksheets to pair with their books. If you’re looking for additional practice while reading a specific book, check out their websites for graphic organizers and comprehension questions.

You also can purchase collections of traditional and homeschool worksheets in digital books arranged by reading level. Many of these collections are themed by genre or subject matter. This makes it easy to select worksheets that match the child’s interest or to build background knowledge in specific areas.

Teacher Resource Sites

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, teacher resource websites are another option for finding reading worksheets. Some sites like Teachers Pay Teachers let teachers upload worksheets they’ve created and offer them for sale. Others are more collaborative and give teachers a place to share best practices and materials with others. If you’re looking for materials to use in a homeschool setting or for after-school practice, check out these sites. In addition to the worksheets, you get access to a community of educators who can help you find the right materials for your children.

Literacy Programs

Even for-profit literacy programs offer free worksheets for parents and teachers. Although they’re usually designed for use with the company’s program, you can use them for other lessons. For example, the company Reading Horizons has downloadable phonics worksheets that work with its digital phonics program and face-to-face lessons. English learner sites are other good sources. Because these programs are geared toward children learning the English language, they incorporate social studies and science lessons along with the reading skills.

Nonprofit Literacy Groups

Organizations like ReadWorks and edHelper have reading comprehension worksheets available on their websites. You can find reading passages with question sets and vocabulary support to help children practice and improve their reading skills. On the ReadWorks website, you can search for worksheets by grade level, text type and topic. This makes it easy to find worksheets that meet the child’s specific needs.


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Social Media

Marketing resources.

We’ve all said it at one time or another, “Everyone is on Facebook so I need to be too.” That's not really an accurate statement though. Using social media as a communication tool requires assessment, planning, goal setting, reporting (analytics), and monitoring. The audience you want to reach may not favor Facebook primarily. Until you align your strategy  with your tactics, your efforts may be unfruitful.

In our social media efforts, we strive to be credible thought leaders who encourage authentic conversations, promote online visibility, and convert online activities to on-campus participation.

The Social Media Manager is available as a resource, strategist, and promoter of your program’s social media efforts to accomplish those goals.

What Social Media Looks Like at Concordia

At Concordia we practice the hub and spoke model for social media. This model allows for a centralized position (Social Media Manager) to be cross-functional using Social Media Community Managers to promote Concordia's brand . Social Media Community Managers are staff or faculty members across campus who represent a Concordia community using social media. It is their responsibility to manage, engage, promote and advocate their expertise on social media site(s) specifically designed for their department.

Visit our Social Media information page for a complete list of Concordia University Irvine's social media accounts, contests, and guidelines.

Creating A Social Media Presence

Ready to begin a social media initiative for your department? Here are the key steps of how to get started.

  • Review and fill out the Social Media Assessment Worksheet .
  • Meet with the Social Media Manager for Concordia Social Media Policy training.
  • Along with the Social Media Manager create a strategy .
  • Follow the social media Guidelines and Best Practices and get started!

Concordia University Irvine prohibits the creation of unofficial social media pages that:

  • Appear to represent the university.
  • “CUI", “CU Irvine". “ConcordiaIrvine", “Concordia Irvine”, “Concordia University Irvine", “Concordia University, Irvine”, “Concordia University in Irvine”, “Concordia University California”
  • Impersonate the university in any way.

If you have questions about social media, submissions, or would like to start your channel, please contact the Social Media Manager, Jennifer Harmell, at [email protected] . She would be happy to discuss strategies with you.

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marketing worksheet concordia


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