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make up work significado español

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make up work significado español

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make up work significado español


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make up work significado español

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Significado de make something up en inglés

Make something up.

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  • lie All she does is lie - you can't believe a word she says.
  • tell a lie I cannot tell a lie: I chopped down the cherry tree.
  • lie through your teeth He lied through his teeth that he didn't go to the cinema, though he was still holding the ticket stub in his hand as he said it.
  • fib I don't like fibbing, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings by saying his gift was awful.
  • mislead I'm afraid you've been misled. She is, in fact, married.
  • delude He's deluding himself if he thinks that he's getting that promotion.
  • They made up an excuse not to go to the meeting .
  • She told us stories about her family , but they were all made up.
  • There was no fire - he made it all up.
  • If you can't think what to write, just make something up.
  • I made up a few words about his role in the company .
  • a pack of lies idiom
  • black is white idiom
  • falsification
  • feed someone a line idiom
  • mythologically
  • mythologize
  • someone can talk! idiom
  • weasel words


  • batten down the hatches idiom
  • break someone in
  • bug-out bag
  • build (someone/something) up
  • get/have your ducks in a row idiom
  • gird your self idiom
  • preparation
  • roll up your sleeves idiom
  • set something up
  • set the scene/stage idiom

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  • box ticking
  • brick something up
  • pack something/somewhere out
  • squeeze (someone/something) in/squeeze (someone/something) into something
  • supersaturated


  • make someone/something up
  • aesthetician
  • beauty salon
  • electrolysis
  • exfoliation
  • French manicure
  • microneedling
  • make up something
  • composition
  • compositional
  • compositionally
  • consist in something
  • consist of something
  • constituent
  • constitution
  • constitutive
  • multi-component
  • apologetically
  • atone for something
  • conciliatory
  • crawl back (to someone ) idiom
  • forge ahead
  • sink your differences idiom
  • sorry to bother you

make-up noun [U] ( FOR FACE )

  • Minor skin imperfections can usually be disguised with a spot of make-up.
  • Who's doing your make-up for the wedding ?
  • With his make-up and strange clothes , he looked like nothing on earth .
  • She fritters so much money away on expensive make-up.
  • Ten-year-olds have started wearing lipstick and make-up in imitation of the older girls .
  • Don't cry , or your make-up will run .
  • alpha-hydroxy acid
  • anti-wrinkle
  • greasepaint
  • suntan lotion

make-up noun [U] ( PARTS )

Make up something | diccionario de inglés americano, ( do later ), ( provide ), ( become friends ), make up sth | inglés de negocios.

  • make up sth

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something you shout when you want people to move out of your way

Innovation and social justice: talking about sustainability

Innovation and social justice: talking about sustainability

make up work significado español

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  • make something up (INVENT)
  • make something up (PREPARE)
  • make something up (COMPLETE)
  • make something up (REPLACE)
  • make-up (FOR FACE)
  • make-up (PARTS)
  • make up something (FORM)
  • make up something (DO LATER)
  • make up something (PROVIDE)
  • make up something (PREPARE)
  • make up something (INVENT)
  • make up (BECOME FRIENDS)
  • make up the time
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Consulta alfabética makeup

  • makeshift shack
  • makeshift shelter
  • makeshift stretcher
  • makeup artist
  • makeup water
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  • apply make-up
  • eye make-up
  • eye make-up remover
  • make-up artist
  • make-up bag
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  1. Makeup work in Spanish

    1. (general) a. las tareas atrasadas. (F) If you miss class, you will have to do makeup work.Si faltas a clase, tendrás que hacer tareas atrasadas. b. los deberes atrasados. (M) I have to do a ton of makeup work because I had the flu for two weeks. Tengo que hacer un montón de deberes atrasados porque tuve gripe dos semanas.

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    El servicio de Google, que se ofrece sin coste económico, traduce al instante palabras, frases y páginas web a más de 100 idiomas.

  3. make up

    Español: make up for [sth] vtr phrasal insep (compensate) compensar⇒ vtr : reparar⇒ vtr : She made up for being rude to me yesterday by inviting me out for coffee. Compensó haber sido grosera conmigo ayer invitándome un café. make up for [sth] vtr phrasal insep (counter, outweigh) compensar⇒ vtr : He'll never be able to make up for ...

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    El servicio de Google, que se ofrece sin costo, traduce al instante palabras, frases y páginas web del inglés a más de 100 idiomas.

  5. make-up

    traducir make-up: maquillaje, inventar, formar, compensar, hacer las paces. Más información en el diccionario inglés-español.

  6. Make up in Spanish

    transitive verb phrase. 1. (to invent) a. inventar. We found out that her story was all made up.Descubrimos que se había inventado toda la historia. 2. (to constitute) a. componer. Water makes up 60% of the human body.El 60% del cuerpo humano está compuesto de agua. b. formar.

  7. makeup

    Español: makeup, also UK: make-up n (cosmetics) maquillaje nm : cosméticos nmpl (MX) pinturas nfpl : She carries every kind of makeup in her handbag. Lleva todo tipo de maquillaje en su bolso. makeup, also UK: make-up n (constitution, composition) constitución nf : composición nf : conformación nf : The makeup of the committee should ...

  8. Make up

    Traduce make up. Mira 14 traducciones acreditadas de make up en español con oraciones de ejemplo y pronunciación de audio. Aprender inglés. Traductor. Vocabulario. Pronunciación. Acceder ... Una frase idiomatica cuyo significado no es deducible si se traduce palabra por palabra.

  9. Traducción make-up al Español

    make-up. a n. 1 (=cosmetics) maquillaje m , pintura f. she touched up her make-up se retocó el maquillaje. she was wearing hardly any make-up llevaba muy poco maquillaje, iba casi sin maquillar. to put on one's make-up maquillarse, pintarse. 2 (=composition) composición f. (=structure) estructura f. (=character) carácter m , modo m de ser.

  10. traducción al español de "make up"

    Español Traducción de "MAKE UP" | El Collins Diccionario inglés-español en línea oficial. Más de 100.000 traducciones español de inglés palabras y frases. ... At least the make-up department wouldn't have had much work to do. Val McDermid DEAD BEAT (2002) SHE WAS IN THE BEDROOM when he got back, sitting at the mirror and putting on ...

  11. WORK

    traducir WORK: trabajo, trabajo, trabajo, obra, cirugía estética, funcionar, trabajar, hacer trabajar, funcionar…. Más información en el diccionario inglés ...

  12. work

    work [sth] vtr. (fashion by work) trabajar ⇒ vtr. The carpenter works the pieces into a table. El carpintero trabaja las piezas para hacer una mesa. work [sb] ⇒ vtr. (keep at work) hacer trabajar loc verb. Note: Ante complemento directo de persona debe usarse la preposición «a».

  13. Traducción make up al Español

    The chain and the leather strap together make up a beautiful bracelet.: La cadena y la correa de cuero juntos conforman una hermosa pulsera.: The three groups make up what is known as the cetacean species.: Los tres grupos conforman lo que se conoce como las especies de cetáceos.: Zoe's father wants me to help him make up with Jeremy.: El padre de Zoe quiere que le ayude... a componer con Jeremy.

  14. make

    Español: apply makeup, apply make-up vtr + n (put on cosmetics) maquillarse⇒ v prnl : I don't have the time to apply makeup, so it's lucky I have nice skin! No tengo tiempo de maquillarme, así que tengo suerte de tener buena piel. clench your fist, make a fist v expr (make fist with one hand) cerrar el puño loc verb: curdle your blood ...

  15. Traducción makeup al Español

    Diccionario colaborativo Inglés-Español. best makeup Oscar. n. el Óscar al mejor maquillaje. computer aided page makeup. n. el diseño de página automatizado. [INFO]

  16. make-up

    No es que de repente me siento más guapa sin mi maquillaje. Not wear eye make-up for a couple of days before surgery. No use maquillaje por un par de días antes de la cirugía. Gently and easily removes make-up from the eyes, without rubbing. Elimina fácilmente el maquillaje de la zona de los ojos sin frotar.

  17. work up

    Español: work [sb] up, work up [sb] vtr phrasal sep (annoy or excite) (pasión, ánimo) exaltar a vtr + prep (ira, enfado) enfadar a, enojar a vtr + prep (ansiedad, inquietud) poner nervioso a vtr + adj : The politician's speech worked the crowd up. The boss was worked up because I was five minutes late. Su discurso exaltó a la multitud. work ...

  18. MAKEUP

    makeup Significado, definición, qué es makeup: 1. colored substances used on your face to improve or change your appearance: 2. The makeup of…. Aprender más.

  19. MAKE UP definición y significado

    the manner of arrangement of the parts or qualities of someone or something. 4. the arrangement of type matter and illustrations on a page or in a book. 5. mental or physical constitution. verbo make up (adverb) 6. (transitive) to form or constitute. these arguments make up the case for the defence.

  20. make up for

    In the English description: bronzer - eye shadow - eyebrow pencil - recover. Spanish: compensar - resarcir - suplir - compensación - subsanar - recuperar. Synonyms: compensate, offset, more... Forum discussions with the word (s) "make up for" in the title: An eyelid doubling make-up aid for your wide-eyed charming look.

  21. Significado de make something up en inglés

    make something up significado, definición, qué es make something up: 1. to invent something, such as an excuse or a story, often in order to deceive: 2. to prepare or…. Saber más.

  22. MAKEUP definición y significado

    the total ensemble of cosmetics, wigs, costumes, etc., used by an actor or other performer. 6. the manner of being made up or put together; composition. the makeup of a team. the makeup of a situation. 7. physical or mental constitution. the makeup of a criminal. 8.