How Does Insurance Work?

Insurance is one of the most crucial things to have. Having insurance can protect you and your family from surprises that could make you broke. Because of this, everyone should have insurance. However, many people can be confused by the different types of and how it works. Insurance is essentially the guarantee of compensation if something valuable is lost. Learning more about how insurance works can help you make the right choices when choosing a plan.

The most important aspect of any kind of insurance is to protect your assets. With homeowners insurance you are protecting your home and property. With car insurance you are protecting your car and liability in an accident. Health insurance is a bit different, but the goal is to protect your assets in case you have any health issues. All types of insurance have one goal in mind and that is protecting you and your assets. Without insurance, you can suffer a financial burden if an accident happens. This is why insurance is crucial for everyone to have. Not having one can make you go bankrupt.

How Do Premiums Work?

A premium is an amount to be paid to ensure that you have insurance coverage. Premiums are not like monthly fees as they can change based on your risk. For example, someone with a lot of car accidents will have a high risk and a high premium. When you sign up for insurance, you’ll get a premium that is for a certain period of time, usually six months. You can pay it off at once or choose a monthly payment plan, sometimes with an additional fee. So your premium will need to be divided by six or twelve to calculate what you would pay per month.

Determining Coverage

There are several steps to determine the type of coverage you need. The first step is to check how much you can comfortably pay for insurance. While it’s important to protect your belongings, full coverage can be expensive and counter-intuitive if your assets aren’t worth much. Once you budget how much you can pay, you need to find what type of coverage and what deductible best suits you. If your property is brand new, getting maximum coverage is best if you can afford it. Older cars and homes should have deductibles that are cheaper than the total price of the car and not cost more than the property itself.

Getting a Quote

Getting a quote for insurance is the easiest part of the process if done correctly. The most popular way is to go online and get multiple quotes from several providers. Insurance quotes can vary greatly, so getting a couple can save you the most money. Some insurance companies also offer discounts such as good student discounts, senior discounts, homeowner discounts and even discounts for military service. Always get at least five different quotes before choosing a provider and choose the one that offers the best price. After all, insurance is a long term commitment.

Filing a Claim

If you have suffered some sort of damage or loss of property, filing a claim can get you back on track and help you spend little money to fix your damaged goods. Once you have a claim to file you need to contact your agent who will help guide you through the process. If you are in a car accident, you would file a claim and give them the accident details. This could be pictures, videos and a police report. An insurance agent will check if you are liable or not and send you someone who can repair your damaged goods.

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make up work out

Workout Makeup 101: Can You Wear Makeup While You Exercise?

When it comes to workout makeup, everyone knows THAT person: the one on Insta or E! or The Bachelor who’s knocking out 15 burpees with a flawless face of makeup and full set of lashes. 

Real talk: Some look great! But is wearing makeup while you exercise healthy for your skin? And if you do want to wear workout makeup, what’s the best way to do it? 

Here’s everything you need to know — from the science to the sweat-proof makeup tips — to get a healthy glow while you glisten. 

Q: Is working out while wearing makeup healthy for your skin?

A: Not really — sorry!

Don’t shoot the messenger! 😳😳😳 We got the deets straight from the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), mmmkay? And it doesn’t get more legit than that.

Here’s the deal: Working out can cause excessive sweating, as well as a buildup of oil, dirt and bacteria on your skin. If your skin’s already covered in product, your sweat and your makeup will mix, and your skin can’t breathe as well as it should. That clogs your pores, which leads to a whole mess of problems including acne , redness, dry skin and excessive oil . Clogged pores = Biggest #GYMFAIL of all. 

Q: Okay, so what’s the right way to handle workout makeup?

A: Thx for asking!

Before your workout

—   Clean your face with an oil-free makeup remover towelette.

—   Put on clean workout clothes. Doubling up, even for a day, can stir up dead skin cells, bacteria and oils on unwashed clothes — all of which will clog pores.

—   If you’re exercising outside, apply sunscreen that is:

—   SPF 30 or higher

—   Broad spectrum (protects you from UVA and UVB rays)

—   Water-resistant

—   Oil-free (so it won’t clog pores)

If you need extra incentive to hit up that SPF, try this on for size: Did you know that the sun can actually cause breakouts? True fact. The AAD says that happens because the sun dries out your skin, which causes your body to produce more oil, clogging pores and causing acne.

Pro tip: Use a Beautyblender to apply sunscreen! Haven’t you heard? It’s just one of 10 New Uses For A Beautyblender Sponge .

During your workout

—  Use a clean towel — again, one that’s been washed since it was used! — to gently pat sweat from your skin.

—  Don’t rub! Rubbing can cause acne to flare.

—  Don’t share equipment like helmets, pads or yoga mats, which can be full of breakout-causing bacteria.

—  Wipe off shared equipment before you use it for all the same acne-preventing reasons. 

After your workout

—  Shower or wash your face with a mild, oil-free cleanser.

—  If you’re not showering, change out of your workout clothes and wipe sensitive skin — not just on your face! — with pads that contain salicylic acid to prevent clogged pores.

—  Be gentle! Apply cleanser with a light touch and rinse it off with warm water. Rubbing or using hot water can aggravate sensitive skin . 

Again, this is a great time to reach for your trusty Beautyblender ! And if you want to keep things extra mild, try out our new Bio Pure blender , a *supes* soft and natural blender made with a breakthrough renewable plant base.  

View this post on Instagram A post shared by beautyblender (@beautyblender)

Q: Okay, but what if I just can’t face the gym with a bare face?

A: Don’t sweat it! (See what we did there?)

Some days you just can’t face Zoom pilates or the rest of your IronTribe without a little concealer! Getting motivated to workout is hard enough without bringing self consciousness into the equation.

A few key workout makeup tips

—  Use tinted moisturizer or a light anti-redness cream. That can help you cover problem areas without overwhelming your skin. 

—  Be strategic with concealer. If dark circles are your personal demon, dab on a little BOUNCE Airbrush Liquid Whip Concealer . Our light, whipped formula won’t be as heavy on your pores as a full foundation regimen, but it’s still smart to avoid acne-prone areas and save that Full Face for post-workout.  

—  Focus on your beautiful brows! When it comes to eyebrows, you don’t need a bunch of pore-clogging product to get a flawless result . 

—  Glide on some gloss. If bare lips aren’t your bag, swipe on a nourishing lip product and a few dabs of Glass Glow Crystal Clear Shinelighter to make it pop. 

—  Try out waterproof mascara! Long, luscious lashes may be all you need to give you the sweat-proof makeup boost you seek. Plus, it won’t clog your pores — as long as you don’t cake it on at the lash line. 

Once you’ve sufficiently felt the burn, follow our post-sweat makeup tips above. Apply a fierce face of your choice, and keep that gorgeous glow going with t he best makeup setting spray for glowing skin all day long .

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Skin Type 101: How to Tell What Kind of Skin You Have

How to find your face shape: round, oval, square, rectangle, heart or diamond, what is exfoliation how to exfoliate skin in 5 steps + tips for your skin type, plant-based makeup minute: what’s the buzz on bio pure eco-friendly makeup sponge, 10 makeup mistakes that make you look older (and how to avoid them), shop by category.

make up work out

3 Top Tips for Wearing Makeup to the Gym (without damaging your skin!)

make up work out

With the amount of gym memberships increasing by a huge 44% over the past couple of years, it’s clear more people than ever are taking their fitness seriously and sweating it out at the gym.

But, whilst this is certainly a good thing, with today’s society being consistently influenced with gorgeous-looking celebrities who always appear to look perfect, many women can feel self-conscious when visiting the gym.

The solution?

Many use makeup for an instant boost of confidence – and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, whilst covering imperfections with foundation might make you feel great, it’s certainly not great when exercising.

The combination of sweat and heavy makeup is simply disastrous for the skin, significantly increasing the risk of breakouts and pimples. But, confidence is also important too – especially when working out in front of strangers.

So, to ensure you remain fierce and confident without damaging your skin, here’s some tips on how to safely wear makeup to the gym.

1. Spot-correct

Whilst foundation is one of the most commonly-used makeup items, it’s simply too heavy for the gym. In combination with sweat, foundation will do nothing but clog your pores and look streaky – it will be extremely difficult to find a foundation that doesn’t do this!

It’s highly unlikely your entire face will be covered with pimples and redness so, when going to the gym, only cover necessary areas.

Use a matte concealer that won’t slide off with sweat, and spot-correct dark circles, acne or discolouration you’re unhappy with – and let the rest of your face breathe.

2. Use waterproof mascara

Mascara is a surprisingly good option to wear in the gym. It doesn’t go directly onto your skin, and works absolute wonders in making your eyelashes look long and fluttery – a real confidence booster!

But mascara will only work if it’s waterproof. Otherwise, when haphazardly wiping sweat from your eye, it will smear and you’ll look like a panda.

Trial and error is key here, as some waterproof mascaras are better than others. Try out a few until you find one that works for your eyes, and you’ll have sweat-proof, luscious eyelashes that will last throughout your workout.

3. Use matte products

Looking shiny in the gym is virtually inevitable. After all, if you’re not sweating, are you really working hard enough?

But, by using a product like blotting sheets directly after your workout, your skin will simply look dewy and healthy instead. Don’t bother applying a powder before you start, as it will simply slide off with sweat – swipe a blotting sheet over your face once your workout is done, and your skin will instantly look more matte with shine significantly reduced.

Wearing makeup to the gym is fine, but only if you keep it light and fresh. Heavy makeup will simply cause more harm than good in the long-run, creating acne-like blemishes that will likely decrease confidence even further.

Here at A New You, we offer a variety of skin-boosting treatments specifically designed to tackle a wide range of skin issues. Your skin will both look and feel clearer, allowing you to head to the gym with just a mascara in your pocket – or even makeup free!

Get in touch with one of our skincare experts via our contact page to discuss the best treatment options for your skin type.

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make up work out

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What Really Happens to Your Body When You Exercise With Makeup On

mixed media graphic showing woman looking into a compact mirror and applying mascara on a blue background

What Really Happens to Your Body When examines the head-to-toe effects of common behaviors, actions and habits in your everyday life.

Your skin is quite the undercover loan shark. Remember when you forgot to bring a makeup wipe to spin class last night? Or the time you were too lazy to wash off your foundation before the gym? Well, your skin sure didn't forget, which is why you may have found a brand new zit on your forehead.


Despite your favorite concealer's acne-free promises, your skin probably won't respond well to a combo of sweat and makeup. Read on to learn what really happens to your body when you exercise with makeup.

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Your Pores Get Clogged

Woman picking her skin and acne in front of bathroom mirror

If you're going for an easy walk or stretch session , you may be able to get away with wearing makeup during your workout. But any sweat-inducing workout probably warrants a makeup wipe.

When you exercise, your internal temperature rises, which causes your body to sweat in an effort to stay cool, explains Lucy Chen, MD, FAAD , a board-certified dermatologist at Riverchase Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery. Heat opens up the tiny openings, aka your pores, all over your skin, which are responsible for releasing oil and sweat.

Once the pores are opened up, they can become clogged with bacteria or pollutants that may already be on your skin, according to Dr. Chen. Clogged pores can cause redness and irritation.

"Adding makeup to this equation heightens the odds of having those adverse effects because makeup can suffocate the skin and lock the sweat glands, trapping dirt and other irritants inside the pores," Dr. Chen says. But pores across your neck, arms, chest and upper back can become clogged and irritated, too, which is why some people may see acne on other parts of their body after working out.

Due to the nature of exercise, this isn't too shocking. After all, how often do you find yourself sitting on machines or lying on mats at the gym? Shared equipment can be full of acne-causing oils and bacteria, according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AADA). It's crucial that you disinfect and wipe equipment before and after use.

Washing your face before your workout (if you're wearing makeup) as well as after your workout is the best way to cleanse the skin.

"Make sure to wash your face right after working out to minimize your chances of breaking out," says Joshua Zeichner, MD , director of cosmetic & clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. "A double cleanse is often useful here, too, starting with an oil-based cleanser to remove the makeup followed by a water-based cleanser to finish the job."

To prevent body acne, look for workout clothing that's lightweight and breathable, recommends the AADA . Other types of clothing that are not suited for working out can cause acne to thrive, as they tend to trap heat and sweat on your skin. So, look for lighter layers that can help wick sweat off the body.

Also, be sure to change out of wet or sweaty clothes ASAP after working out.

Your Skin Becomes More Acne-Prone

Skincare product line-up on bathroom counter

Unfortunately, makeup-clogged pores and acne tend to go hand-in-hand. When your pores are clogged with makeup, trapped bacteria grows pretty quickly in the glands, according to the Center for Young Women's Health .

Eventually, the trapped bacteria will cause the clogged pore to burst. The bacteria can spread to other areas of the face, potentially leading to different types of acne, such as whiteheads, blackheads and cyst-like pimples, per the Center for Young Women's Health.

Different parts of your face are also more and less prone to blemishes . "The forehead and cheeks may be more prone to acne as there is a greater density of oil glands here," Dr. Chen says. "So, acne and skin inflammations are the biggest worries here."

Generally, moisturizers and sunscreen won't cause you to break out if you're wearing the type that's best for your skin. For instance, if your skin is generally sensitive and prone to irritation or breakouts, make sure that your moisturizer is hypoallergenic or fragrance-free, the Mayo Clinic recommends.

If your skin is oily, the last thing you want is an oily or greasy moisturizer and sunscreen. Instead, look for a water-based option, as these are less likely to irritate acne-prone skin or breakouts. Keep an eye out for an oil-free sunscreen, too.

Always wear sunscreen , whether you're exercising outside or not. The AADA recommends you choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. But if you have generally oily skin, you can use an oil-free sunscreen solution, the Center for Young Women's Health recommends.

Your Eyes Will Get Irritated

Young woman applying mascara with a compact mirror

Your eyes and eyelids are a pretty sensitive part of your face and can become easily red or irritated when you work out with makeup. Like the rest of your face, your eyelids have pores, which are responsible for releasing healthy lubricating oils, according to Harvard Health Publishing .

If you exercise with makeup on your eyelids, these glands can become clogged, causing your skin to become red and dry. This can also lead to blepharitis, or inflammation of the eyelids. Without enough lubrication from natural oils, your tears can also evaporate too quickly, which leads to eye irritation, per Harvard Health Publishing.

Wearing eye makeup while working out may also make you prone to styes, which is an infection that develops in the eyelash follicle or tear gland, according to the Cleveland Clinic . Styes can form on the eyelid or under the eyelid by the lash line.

If makeup or bacteria blocks a follicle or gland in the eye area, it can turn into a stye. While it might be tempting to pop a stye like a pimple, you should avoid touching it at all costs and allow it heal on its own.

That said, Dr. Chen recommends you refrain from wearing eye makeup, including eyeliner, mascara and eye shadows, during exercise completely, and make sure to thoroughly remove eye makeup with a cleansing wipe before your workout.

"Sweat and heat can cause eyeliner and mascaras to filter into the eye, causing a great deal of irritation," Dr. Chen says. "Acne can also occur. The eyelids are thin but sensitive, and any irritation in the area can be unnecessarily uncomfortable."

The Verdict on Makeup and Exercise

To keep your skin looking and feeling its best, you'll want to wash your face before and after you exercise , Dr. Chen recommends. Even just wiping your face with an oil-free makeup wipe will do the trick — you don't need to launch into your 10-step skincare routine in the locker room, per the Center for Young Women's Health.

If you prefer wearing a little something to cover up a scar or blemish, choose your products wisely. Dr. Chen suggests you stick to lightweight, mineral-based foundations, concealers or tinted moisturizers. Look for makeup that's non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn't clog the pores, and try to limit it to small areas.

It's best not to cover an active acne spot with makeup. Instead, you can try a pimple patch and even apply makeup over that if you like, but the makeup might not stay stuck when you're sweating.

Set on using a liquid foundation? Consider one that contains a low level of salicylic acid, Dr. Zeichner recommends. Salicylic acid can help remove dead cells and excess oil from the surface of the skin, helping keep the pores clear.

For your eyes, Dr. Chen suggests you stick to water-proof formulas. Although these products are a little pricier and harder to remove, a water-proof mascara or eyeliner will minimize sweat-induced irritation. When removing the mascara, use a cleanser made with oil or micellar water to make sure it is removed effectively.

You also want to avoid touching your face as much as possible while working out. Wash your hands as soon as you're done with your workout and wash your face once you get home with a cleanser that matches your skin type (oily, dry or combination).

If you're breaking out, avoid using cleansers that are too harsh or acidic because they can irritate the skin even more, per the Center for Young Women's Health. Keeping your hair clean and out of your face may also help reduce the likelihood of clogged pores.

  • American Academy of Dermatology Association: "Is Your Workout Causing Your Acne?"
  • Center for Young Women's Health: "Acne"
  • Harvard Health Publishing: "On Call: Eyelid Inflammation"
  • Mayo Clinic: "Moisturizers: Options for Softer Skin"
  • American Academy of Dermatology Association: "Is Sports Equipment Causing Your Acne?"
  • Cleveland Clinic: "Styes: How You Can Avoid Them and Best Treatment Options"

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How to Wear Makeup While Working Out (If You Must)

By Renee Trilivas

Track and field star Jessica Ennis, currently in training for the London 2012 Olympics, recently admitted that she always competes in a full face of makeup. While this sounds like a typical trip to Pilates class for a Kardashian, I have to admit that I found it a little surprising for a serious athlete—but then again, I've never had millions of people worldwide watch me exert myself on TV. And Ennis's explanation of her race ritual to The Daily Mail certainly makes sense: "I definitely think if I feel I look good, it makes me feel more confident," she told the London paper.

Her story also made me wonder exactly what effect makeup could have on your complexion if you are really sweating up a storm. "Wearing makeup while working out can hinder some of the natural ways your skin adjusts to exertion, like sweating and dilating pores," says New York City dermatologist Erin Gilbert. "This can be a disaster as it often leads to clogged pores and breakouts." Here, she shares her tips on how to protect your skin while you sweat, if you are like Ennis and feel the need to not go bare-faced.

Be prepared. For oily or acne-prone skin, Gilbert recommends washing your face with an oil-free cleanser before working out to get rid of any bacteria that might be tempted to invade your soon-to-be open pores. If you have sensitive skin that tends to experience a burning sensation from sweat, apply a protective layer of a gentle moisturizer like CeraVe , but always skip heavy moisturizers with thickening agents like dimenthicone that can clog pores.

Be smart. Thick, oily foundations or anything that comes in a solid compacts is the worst choice during exercise because they block sweat and sebum from leaving the skin, which in turn leads to blackheads and acne," Gilbert explains. Instead, try a water-based foundation or mineral makeup that is less likely to clog pores.

Clean it up. Washing off excess makeup, sweat, and dirt after a workout is essential," Gilbert says—and the sooner the better. She recommends washing with a mild cleanser like Cetaphil post-workout or throwing a cleansing wipe in your gym bag to get the job done if you're somewhere without a locker room. Follow with moisturizer but remember, your skin can be more sensitive after exercising, so stick to gentle products.


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Is It Really That Bad to Work Out In Makeup?

We asked the pros.

Face, Hair, Skin, Eyebrow, Beauty, Hairstyle, Chin, Head, Forehead, Lip,

Be honest: When you hit the gym, do you work out with foundation, concealer, or even a *little bit* of CC cream on your face? NBD, right? Think again. We asked experts to weigh in on what happens to your skin when you continuously exercise with makeup on. Hint: It's not pretty.

Yes, it’s that bad to work out with makeup on. Here's why .

Ear, Skin, Chin, Shoulder, Joint, Chest, Undershirt, Sleeveless shirt, Elbow, Wrist,

"If you work out at the end of the day, it's no longer just makeup on your face," says Sejal Shah , MD, a dermatologist at Smarter Skin Dermatology in New York City. "You also have micro-particles and environmental pollutants that are sticking to the layer of makeup on your skin." All of this combined can equal clogged pores, overall dullness, and acne flare-ups.

Image no longer available

Exactly how to cleanse your skin pre-workout

Because it's not as simple as using whatever face wash they have in the locker room, here are a few things to keep in mind.

🚫 Avoid gel cleansers, which tend to contain more harsh detergents (such as sodium lauryl sulfate) and skip exfoliating ingredients like salicylic acid, even if you have acne-prone skin.

Use a gentle creamy formula that won't strip natural oils and leave your skin super dry. We like Olay Total Effects Revitalizing Foaming Cleanser because it contains glycerin and is able to completely remove makeup easily and gently.

💦 If you prefer an on-the-go option, throw some makeup removing cloths that replenish while cleansing into your gym bag.

We like Olay Daily Facials 5-in-1 Cleansing Cloths , which contain hydrating glycerin. The super soft dry cloths easily lather when you add water and don't leave behind any pore-clogging residue (which pre-moistened kinds sometimes do).

A model using a cleansing cloth

☀️ Heading outside to work out? Be sure to put on some SPF post-cleanse. To avoid clogged pores, look for a super light texture that easily absorbs into skin and has a barely-there feel, such as Olay Sun Facial Sunscreen + Antioxidants Broad Spectrum SPF 35 Lotion Shine Control .

Your Pre-Workout Skincare Kit

Total Effects Revitalizing Foaming Cleanser

Olay Total Effects Revitalizing Foaming Cleanser

Daily Facials 5-in-1 Cleansing Cloths

Olay Daily Facials 5-in-1 Cleansing Cloths

Sun Facial Sunscreen + Antioxidants Broad Spectrum SPF 35 Lotion Shine Control

Olay Sun Facial Sunscreen + Antioxidants Broad Spectrum SPF 35 Lotion Shine Control

PRO TIP: If you wear a lot of makeup or have sensitive skin, you may need to double cleanse. "Start with a gentle cleanser to remove makeup, then follow it with a water cleanser to wipe away residual makeup or impurities," says Joshua Zeichner , MD, a dermatologist at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. Try Olay Daily Facials 5-in-Cleansing Cloths first, then Olay Sensitive Hungarian Water Calming Cleansing Water Fragrance Free .

BTW, washing your face after you work out is equally important. Here's why .

First, you want to get rid of all the sweat and oil that's now on your skin. Second, gyms and workout studios are not the cleanest places on the planet—and the equipment that you're coming in contact with every time you pick up a weight or up your treadmill speed is covered in bacteria.

Since the average person touches their face around 2,000 times per day, these microbes are one hundred percent on your skin.

And take note: If you left your makeup on and worked out, all that stuff has something to stick to. (Yes, it's gross.)

Face, Hair, Skin, Eyebrow, Beauty, Chin, Hairstyle, Forehead, Head, Lip,

Exactly how to cleanse your skin post-workout

Because your skin is already makeup-free, you don't have to do a deep clean. "Use a cleansing water or a non-lathering cleanser to remove superficial impurities," says Dr. Zeichner. Soak a cotton pad with Olay Sensitive Hungarian Water Essence Calming Cleansing Water Fragrance Free which contains extracts of aloe, cucumber, and green tea to cleanse and rebalance skin.

Face, Skin, Nose, Eyebrow, Facial expression, Cheek, Forehead, Head, Wrinkle, Chin,

Or try a super gentle lotion-like cleanser such as Olay Sensitive Hungarian Water Essence Calming Liquid Cleanser that has hydrating glycerin as well as petrolatum, which strengthen skin's barrier function.

Is your skin on the dry side or easily gets pink (or straight up red) from products? If so, take your gentle cleansing to the next level and try a fragrance-free formula such as Olay Sensitive Calming Liquid Cleanser Fragrance Free .

Your Post-Workout Skincare Kit

Sensitive Hungarian Water Essence Calming Water

Olay Sensitive Hungarian Water Essence Calming Water

Sensitive Hungarian Water Essence Calming Liquid Cleanser

Olay Sensitive Hungarian Water Essence Calming Liquid Cleanser

Sensitive Fragrance Free Calming Liquid Cleanser

Olay Sensitive Fragrance Free Calming Liquid Cleanser

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8 Tips For Gym Makeup: The Stronghold Look

8 Tips for Gym Makeup: The Stronghold Look

Does going to the gym bare-faced scare the living daylights out of you? Whether you are worried about bumping into someone known, self-conscious about that nasty blemish, or simply love makeup as much as we do, we respect your right to sweat however you like. While wearing makeup to the gym is not advisable, you can cut yourself some slack by incorporating these simple tricks to gym-proof your makeup and look flawless even while working out! 

Gym makeup looks – the basics

8 tips for stronghold gym makeup looks, use cc cream, opt for a face cream, define your eyebrows, opt for lip and cheek stains, switch to tinted chapstick, use waterproof mascara, waterproof eyeliners only.

Gym makeup looks – the basics

Wearing makeup to the gym is something more and more women are doing. After all, we can still look pretty while trying to get that dream bod. But that being said, a full makeup look can cause harm to your skin and clog your pores since you sweat profusely while working out. So, here are some makeup tips that are subtle and safe to be worn in gym, zumba or yoga classes. 

8 Tips for stronghold gym makeup looks

Never skip the primer 

Going to the gym obviously means that you are going to sweat. This is why it is extremely important that you start by priming your skin with a matte finish primer to minimise sebum production. When you’re sweating, primer acts as a barrier between your makeup and the skin, reducing the possibility of your makeup melting. We’d suggest going for the Lakme Absolute Blur Primer . This waterproof primer not only blurs blemishes but is also lightweight. Exactly what you need when you are busy on a cardio day. 

Use CC cream

It is advisable to ditch your foundation while exercising and switch to a lighter, waterproof BB or CC cream. Heavy, cakey makeup when mixed with sweat puts you at great risk of your skin looking streaky and patchy. Our pick for the gym is the Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream . Loaded with SPF 30, it works well outdoors and moisturises dry skin as well. It offers complete and smooth coverage without making your skin suffer from a heavy, cakey texture that could get worse in the middle of your set. 

Opt for a face cream

Another alternative to foundation is a lightweight cream. Go for an oil-control face cream such as the Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Day Crem e. It suits all skin types, absorbs easily and does not make your skin look greasy. It gives you a natural glow as it is loaded with vitamins and microcrystals making you ace that no-makeup look effortlessly.

Define your eyebrows

When wearing makeup to the gym, one of the best ways to instantly make your face look polished is by defining your brows. Fill sparse spots if any using the Lakme Eyebrow Pencil . Its water-resistant formula will stay put during your sweat session. You can easily get a bold and dramatic look without worrying about touching up or it melting off when you wipe your face. 

Opt for lip and cheek stains

Heavy, matte and full-coverage lipsticks or powder blushes tend to look very over the top when you are simply hitting the gym. Instead of these, you can pick a hydrating lip and cheek stain that not only provides just the right hint of colour but also prevent your lips from drying out. The Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Lip and Cheek Color is as its name suggests, light and weightless. In 10 light and dark shades, you can easily sport a matte and subtle look to give just enough colour to your face. 

Switch to tinted chapstick

But if lip tints or gloss is not your thing, you can simply moisturise your lips with a dash of colour with a tinted chapstick. Skip your bold colours and opt for a tinted lip balm like the Lakme Lip Love Chapstick . It hydrates, soothes and offers your lips a subtle tint making it perfect for the gym. Whether you are out running under the sun or busy with an intense zumba routine, this chapstick stays on thanks to its SPF 15 formula that also moisturises your lips for 22 hours. 

Use waterproof mascara

There is one thing you must never forget when it comes to mascaras: WATERPROOF. You do not want the nightmare of mascara running down your cheeks. Simply apply a coat or two of the Lakme Eyeconic Volume Mascara to lift your lashes and you’re good to go. This smudge-proof and waterproof mascara won’t budge while you’re burning calories. 

Waterproof eyeliners only

Again remember—waterproof! Eyeliners when mixed with sweat tend to either run down your face or simply start disappearing in patches. Hence picking up a lightweight and waterproof formula such as the Lakme Eyeconic Liquid Eyeliner and applying it as close to the lash line as possible makes sure that you are the only one running. It dries instantly so that you can easily get well-defined eyes without worrying about it smudging. 

No more compromising. If you love wearing makeup to the gym then go ahead. Stick to waterproof and lightweight products and you are good to go! 

Lopa K

Written by Lopa K on Oct 21, 2022

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The workout-friendly makeup you need to know about

The workout-friendly makeup you need to know about

At long last, we have workout-friendly makeup that's sweat-proof, non-comedogenic and long-lasting. No, you’re not dreaming. Changing the way beauty looks, Skin in Motion's makeup is specifically designed for exercise, bringing you the benefits of makeup without damaging your skin. Founded by the celebrity makeup artist, Gia Mills, this range introduces new possibilities for beauty.

You no longer have to choose between coverage and clogging your pores, Gia’s workout-friendly makeup will see you through the day from sunrise to sunset. Designed for those with exercise filled lives, these fuss-free formulas can be worn for your morning meeting, exercise class and dinner party. As if that wasn’t ground-breaking enough, each formula comes is a minimally designed bottle to reduce plastic waste, as well as being 100% recyclable.

1. Start with a brea thable, sweat-proof base

If you want to have coverage during your workouts without damaging your skin, Skin in Motion’s Tinted Moisturiser has got you covered. Specially designed for exercise, this tinted moisturiser stays firmly in place against sweat and humidity. Long wearing and non-comedogenic, the formula offers flawless coverage without triggering a breakout. Thanks to the lightweight consistency, this advanced formula provides sweat-proof coverage while still letting your skin breathe.

Why not try:

2. Go in with a waterproof mascara

Once your base is set in place, you can open and define the eyes with a waterproof mascara and/or eyeliner. The Eyeko Sport Waterproof Duo contains both the brands trusty Waterproof Mascara and Waterproof Eyeliner that will  protect you from panda eyes. The completely water and sweat resistant formulas offer an intense black pigment that coats and lifts the lashes and enhances your natural eye shape to add that subtle touch definition whilst you workout.

Gia’s Top Tip:

“If lifting your lashes is something you like to do along with lifting weights, but hate getting that panda eye look, here is my top tip. Before you workout, or even at the start of the day, give your eyes a jolly good lash curl.”

Gia Recommends:

Why not try: 

3. Protect and hydrate lips with a tinted balm

Lips need protection, too! Sweat can dry out the delicate skin on the lips along with the sun, therefore protection is key to keep your pout plump. Running outdoors also exposes your skin to the elements, so it’s best to use a nourishing and SPF enriched balm to shield it.

With a tinted lip balm, not only do you give the lips the moisture they need, you also benefit from a subtle pop of colour. The Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Lip Cream SPF15 comes in 11 stunning shades, including clear, coating the lips with a lightweight, luxurious formula. A blend of  Tucuma, Cupuaçu and Murumuru Butter softens and conditions the lips whilst essential fatty acids and SPF 15 keep them protected from external aggessors and damaging UV rays.

“As a makeup artist, I see many people at this time of year with super chapped lips. Exercise and the cold can dehydrate and crack lips, so protection is key. Pre sweating, use a longwearing moisturising lip balm, ideally with an SPF to protect your pout.”

4. Post-workout, refresh the skin with a cooling mist

Through sweat, the skin can lose a lot of its essential moisture and become dry, so it’s important to rehydrate. Immediately applying moisturiser post-workout can lead to breakouts, so it's better to go in with something a little more lightweight. A cooling mist effortlessly boosts your moisture levels, quenching the skin without clogging the pores. The Cool It Mist uses Hyaluronic Acid to draw and lock moisture into the complexion, while Glicirretic Acid calms, helping to reduce the post-workout redness.

“Loss of water and hydration during and after exercising is the number one skin damager. But applying any form of cream or gel moisturiser is not easy with hot sweaty skin. Instead, try a super hydrating cooling mist. Think of them as a drink of water for the face, moisture in a mist.”


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