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Here we provide a selection of homework assignments templates and examples for school, college and university use. These often include a question and answer section already set out, along with space for the student name, course title, date and any other required information. Teachers and lecturers may also find these templates useful for preparing material for their classes.


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Assignments, also known as homework, are usually given to school or university students to reinforce their knowledge of a subject and aid in learning. They are typically structured in question and answer form to be completed by the student consecutively.

latex homework header

fphw Assignment

This template is for formatting assignments or homework in a clear and simple way. The title section at the top of the first page clearly displays the assignment, student and class information. This information also appears in the headers and footers of subsequent pages. Questions in the assignment are clearly demarcated and appear inside boxes to focus attention. The template features examples of including images, tables, equations and code listings for covering virtually all common assignment information. Multi-part questions and answers are shown for more complex questions.

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Wenneker Assignment

This template can be used by teachers or students for school or university assignments. It contains a clear title section at the start to specify the assignment class, title, date and teacher/student name. The template supports up to 4 levels of sections to structure the assignment into sections, questions, subquestions and bonus content. Examples of common assignment content are included: figure, equations, lists, table, code and paragraphs of text.

Lachaise Assignment

This template is for teachers/instructors/educators to create assignments/homework for their students. It includes a clear title on the first page for the course, assignment and teacher’s name, as well as the institution and date. Sets of questions can be grouped by headings and the template includes examples of unnumbered and numbered sections, and numbered subsections (for longer assignments). Amongst the description text for each question, examples are provided for virtually any subject matter, including: equations, algorithms, code and command line outputs.

Cleese Assignment

This template comes in two versions, one for teachers/instructors/educators to create assignments/homework for their students to fill out by hand, and another for students proficient in LaTeX to answer questions posed to them at school or university/college. Both versions contain simple environments for each question and subquestion within, and allow answer boxes to be created with either an answer or blank for space to write an answer. Sets of questions can be grouped by headings and the template includes examples of including an image, table, equation and code within questions.

latex homework header

LaTeX Templates Information

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LaTeX Templates is developed in New Zealand

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LaTeX Example :: Homework Assignments (and Similar)

All of the writing that I do in graduate school is done in LaTeX and typeset in TeX . In order to rapidly learn LaTeX , I decided to submit all of my homework assignments using it. At first, this made assignments take a little longer, but once I got used to it, there were lots of benefits, and, of course, I definitely learned a lot about LaTeX and TeX .

During this time, I put together a LaTeX template for homework assignments (and other similar papers). I'm posting that here in the hope that it will make it easier for others to get started using LaTeX in their homeworks (and then hopefully also in their research publications).

In the templates posted below, I use Stephen Riehm's bracketing rules to mark places where user text should be merged into the template. In other words, wherever you see a <+ place holder +> , replace it with the appropriate text. Example text will be given in the caption of the place holder. If you are like me and use VIM , then you should be able to use <C-j> to move from place holder to place holder. (just like moving from bullet to bullet with <C-space> in WinEdt ; in fact, I used to use bullets in these files instead, but I started using VIM more than WinEdt, and VIM place holders are more descriptive than WinEdt bullets)

  • homework_tex.ascii – click here to view homework.tex in browser
  • homework_tex_example_tex.ascii – click here to view homework_tex_example.tex in browser
  • homework_tex_example.pdf – a pdf rendered from the example

NEW!!  – I have made two additional similar homework templates that may also be helpful. Both of these include a subtitle that will be excluded if the subtitle is left blank. Both also include a \matlabscript and a \scalefig macro for including MATLAB scripts and figures easily. Otherwise, the first is almost identical to the original template. The second uses a different type of homeworkProblem that is a macro rather than an environment. This macro allows for subtitles to be used on each homework problem. The titles of the homework problem will be included in the header and footer information while the subtitles will only be shown at the beginning of each problem.

There are comments within the templates that explain the usage of the new macros. See the simple examples for more help. The examples make use of \matlabscript and \scalefig .

  • homework_new_tex.ascii – click here to view homework_new.tex in browser
  • homework_new_example_tex.ascii – click here to view homework_new_example.tex in browser
  • homework_new_example.pdf – a pdf rendered from the example
  • NOTE: This example shows a subtitle being used and a caption on the MATLAB script.
  • homework_type_2_tex.ascii – click here to view homework_type_2.tex in browser
  • homework_example.m file used in source: (.m file)   (.ascii file for browser)
  • homework_type_2_example_tex.ascii – click here to view homework_new_example.tex in browser
  • homework_type_2_example.pdf – a pdf rendered from the example
  • NOTE: This example shows the use of no subtitle and no MATLAB script caption.

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LaTeX Homework Template for Submitting Online

This simple LaTeX homework template consists of a class file and shortcut package that contain best-practice document style settings and shortcut commands (respectively). Designed specifically for typesetting solutions to math and computer science problem sets that will be graded online, this homework template is intended to make typing solutions as quick, painless, and visually consistent as possible.

In particular, the class is designed to be consistent with best-practices from the authoritative Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst . By default, the text is set in the Palatino typeface, created by the late Hermann Zapf (who worked with Don Knuth to create some of the first digital typefaces for setting mathematics ). Palatino (via the mathpazo package with the osf option) was chosen specifically because it uses old-style figures for numbers outside of math mode, as opposed to the typical—improper—lining figures, which should ideally be exclusively reserved for setting math. It also contains tasteful small caps for setting the section headers that title each problem. Moreover, Palatino is a splendid face for digital reading in general.

Online Optimizations

At the time of this template's release, university classes are primarily being conducted remotely. As such, homework submission and grading are primarily performed digitally. This template includes a number of typographic optimizations that make homework assignments easy to read and grade using online platforms such as Gradescope:

  • Header with student information is included on every page for quick reference
  • Palatino typeface is optimized for digital reading at various sizes, unlike Computer Modern, the default LaTeX font
  • Page layout such that a moderately-sized solution can fit on a single page, set on letter paper
  • PDF metadata is automatically included
  • Microtype is employed to improve numerous typographic aspects of the text, maximizing readability and compactness

Minimal Example

The included example.tex utilizes some of the macros included in the class. The generated example.pdf provides a sample of what a multi-page typeset assignment might look like. Alternatively, open the example in Overleaf

Single-page example

Local Installation

  • Clone the repository and navigate to the proper directory.
  • Use the builtin Makefile target to try and install the class in a folder accessible to the local TeX distribution.
  • If the previous steps did not work, consult the sage wisdom of Stack Exchange for where to install the .cls and .sty files. In particular, this answer may be helpful. Note that both the homework.cls and hw-shortcuts.sty files should be moved to the same directory to make them accessible.

Overleaf & ShareLaTeX

Instead of using the template with a local tex installation, it is also possible to use the template with Overleaf/ShareLaTeX.

Download the repository as a zip file by clicking here , or by using the green "Clone" button near the top-right of this page.

Create a new project on Overleaf/ShareLaTeX and upload the zip file there.

Either create a new tex file, or overwrite the contents of the example.tex file to typeset your document.

The template is currently in the process of being added to the Overleaf gallery, after which a link will be available that allows for streamlined cloning and use. In the meantime, it may be possible to copy the project from this Overleaf project .

Usage & Notes

Once the installed, using the template is as simple as invoking homework as the designated document class and including some additional options. For example:

Document Class Options

The following key-value parameters are accepted by the document class at declaration.

  • name (required) – name of the student typing the assignment
  • num (required) – homework assignment number
  • course (required) – course identifier
  • andrewid (required) – Student ID (used for student email)
  • type (optional) – assignment type; defaults to "Homework"
  • emaildomain (optional) – email address domain to be used with student ID; defaults to cmu.edu

Math Shortcuts

To use the custom math shortcuts, use the hw-shortcuts package. This package does not take any parameters. The contents of the shortcuts package will likely change significantly over time as I add macros based on what is required for my homework. Most users will likely not want to use the math shortcuts without amendment, because they are fairly specific to the homework I have been doing.

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Latex problem set template, page actions.

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Here's a basic template that makes typesetting those problem sets in LaTeX a breeze. Comes with a "problem" environment with section dividers. Nothing fancy but it is not too difficult to customize.

Problem Set Template

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