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TUI Destination Jobs

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Life in our TUI destinations is everything you’d hoped it would be – exciting, inspiring, and transformational. But don’t just take our word for it. Come and see for yourself! The warmest TUI welcome awaits you. 

There’s no time like the present!

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Reps and Airport Reps

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Kids Club and Childcare

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Fitness, Swim and Football Coaches

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Contact Centre

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How We Employ

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Life At TUI

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The Recruitment Process

jobs abroad holiday rep


We believe that everyone should experience the wonders that the world has to offer – and that’s not just our customers. Find your dream career abroad when you join TUI. You’ll be given a flexible contract to work abroad in countries such as Spain, Greece & Turkey – but this path could take you anywhere. You must be an EU National or British* National to apply

*See the specific Job Adverts for details.  


Is it true that no-one knows a place better than those who live there? Let’s find out! When you join as a TUI, you’ll inspire people with specialist knowledge of incredible places, surprising facts and unique activities that are the true essence of your destination. If you’ve got the right documents for the country listed in the job description, apply here! 

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Welcome to Jet2careers

Overseas roles in destination

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The friendly face of Jet2holidays

Our customers look to our Overseas team to make sure their holiday runs smoothly. From greeting them at the airport to solving problems, these roles work to one common goal – creating great memories for our customers. On top of that, you’ll have the opportunity to live and work abroad in some stunning destinations. Find out more about our Overseas positions below.

Latest opportunities

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Airport Representative - Antalya, Side, Belek, Lara Beach

Airport representative - bodrum, milas, guvercinlik, didim, resort representative - alanya.

jobs abroad holiday rep

Our Customer Helpers will be there to help our customers throughout their holiday, whilst our Resort Flight Check-in® team will transport your baggage safely from the hotel to the aircraft, all while delivering our famous VIP service.

jobs abroad holiday rep

In the airport

From greeting customers in the arrivals hall, ensuring a smooth transfer to their hotel or to seeing them off when they head home, you’ll be a friendly face offering a helping hand.

jobs abroad holiday rep

Destination Management

You’ll oversee your destination, ensuring everyone’s working as One Team to Create Memories for our customers.

jobs abroad holiday rep

Right to Work

As we employ on local contracts, you will need to prove you have the Right to Work in the country you have applied for. Please click on this link to see a list of required documents per country.

Country Requirements

jobs abroad holiday rep

My First Season

jobs abroad holiday rep

Meet Lee – GM – Overseas Operations

Watch video

jobs abroad holiday rep

Resort Customer Helper

jobs abroad holiday rep

Resort Team Leader

jobs abroad holiday rep

Airport Customer Helper

jobs abroad holiday rep

Airport Team Leader

jobs abroad holiday rep

Destination Manager

jobs abroad holiday rep

Career opportunities and Jet2holidays are on the rise, and we’re dedicated to taking our colleagues with us too. As we grow, you can too, and there are always opportunities to develop you career within our overseas team.

Search jobs

Amazing stats

jobs abroad holiday rep

800+ colleagues overseas in Summer 2021

jobs abroad holiday rep

15 million+ customers since Jet2holidays launched in 2007

jobs abroad holiday rep

70+ destinations

jobs abroad holiday rep

2nd largest UK package holiday company

jobs abroad holiday rep

4,600+ 2-5* hotels in our ever expanding portfolio

jobs abroad holiday rep

At and Jet2holidays we strive to recognise exceptional work and offer our colleagues a range of rewards.

Explore more

jobs abroad holiday rep

We want you to feel comfortable and confident, which is why we offer training to our Overseas team.

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Seasonal Jobs Abroad

Holiday Rep Jobs

Holiday rep jobs

Bored of working a normal 9-5 job? Open to the idea of living overseas? Keen to help people enjoy the best holiday fo their live? Consider working as a holiday or tour representative around the world. 

Top Reasons to Work as a Holiday Rep

Working as a holiday rep can be very hard work with long hours and days. But, it can be a life changing job where you will get to live in spectacular locations, meet new people, form lifelong friendship with people from all over the world, gain new skills, improve your language skills and travel and see more of the world.

What Does a Holiday or Tour Rep Do?

As a holiday rep your responsibilities include helping people to enjoy an amazing and stress free holiday. The role can include:

• arrange transportation • picking people up from the airport • help with questions and problems • offering tourist advice and arranging excursions and trips • dealing with accommodation providers, coach operators and tour operators  • helping with any medical emergencies

Popular Places to Work

You can find positions all around the world with holiday companies, hotels ,  campsites and holiday parks , travel agents, sporting and sailing clubs and coach operators. Most travel companies hire staff to work in Europe in some of most popular tourism destinations. Places you could be based include: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Malta, Spain and Turkey. 


For most positions you will need to put together a strong CV and go through a formal application process. Some companies hold recruitment days/fairs where they hire hundreds of staff. Competition for roles can be very high.

You will need to be a friendly, positive, outgoing person who is confident, a good communicator and a fast learner. If you relish working in teams, have leadership skills, a good sense of humour and are energetic, this also helps.

Most positions do not require a degree, HND or any formal qualifications but having previous customer service experience really helps your employability prospects. If you have taken any courses in travel, leisure or tourism, or have an Early Years Educator (EYE) Level 3 (or equivalent) in childcare, this is also beneficial.

You will also have to be able to deal with the pressures of working for some of the largest leisure, travel and tourism companies in the world in a job that can be stressful, have long hours and everyday can have different challenges. If you know any foreign languages this will really boost your chances of gaining employment but usually isn’t a necessity.

Due to Brexit and the UK departing the European Union, some holiday companies who recruit staff to work in Europe are now only hiring people with EU nationalities / passports due to the complications with visas and paperwork. This varies depending on the company.

Working hours This really isn’t a normal 8 hour 9-5 job, hours can vary and something you can be on call 24 hours a day. There is no typical day, and it really depends on what happens day to day, from arranging trips, to dealing with complaints, helping with accommodation, illnesses, accidents and more.

Is working as a holiday rep right for me? Working as a rep can be an amazing experience but there are some things to be aware of. This job is very hard work and it really isn’t a holiday. Sometimes accommodation can be very basic or shared with other staff and if you aren’t used to being away from family and friends for long periods, homesickness can be an issue. Being around the same people 24/7, in resort, same daily routines can get a bit repetitive. Also there isn’t much job security as most contracts are seasonal and short term. An alternative but similar career is to  work as a tour guide .

Salaries Wonder how much holiday reps make? What you get paid really depends on the company, role, experience and destination. Working as a holiday rep won’t make you rich, you can expect to earn about £500 – £1000 per month. This might seem low but there are lots of added benefits including free flights and free accommodation. Sometimes you also get free food and or a clothing and food allowance.

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Working Abroad Magazine

Work, Travel, and Live Abroad

Holiday Representative Jobs

Enterprising, organising, extremely sociable yet responsible, mediating, innovating, reassuring, never boring, meeting, greeting, entertaining and not complaining – the life of holiday rep is an exhilarating experience!

Holiday reps are essential members of staff for family-holiday tour operators. These are the people who meet new arrivals at the airport, oversee their hotel transfers, inform them about the country and hotel, organise trips during their stay and often provide the evenings entertainment. Holiday reps look after children, recommend local attractions, resolve disputes and generally ensure the customers have a good holiday. If reps are bad timekeepers, cannot cope with pressure or overindulge during evening festivities, the repercussions can include customer complaints, refusal to travel with the tour operator and potentially redundancy. It’s a big responsibility.

Work as a Holiday Rep Abroad - Cosmos

Work as a Holiday Rep Abroad - Cosmos

At the same time, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Hundreds of wannabe holiday reps apply each year to travel companies, desperate to work a season abroad. The diversity of roles can sometimes be forgotten – the popularity of package holidays offers many different positions, even within the definition of ‘holiday rep.’ As already mentioned, you could become a child rep, working in the ubiquitous children’s clubs that are so essential for exhausted parents. Focusing on their parents is another obvious choice. Alternatively, you could focus on older customers – retirees who need a change of scenery and finally have time to enjoy themselves. If you prefer to be around young adults, there are several brands reinventing themselves to offer more than a fortnights’ worth of liver poisoning. If you are a sports enthusiast then working on a ski resort or active watersports resort may sound appealing, and repping on a luxury resort in an exotic location would be ideal if you like a different experience to the norm. The possibilities are endless!

Although job descriptions will vary according to resort, employer and position, there are some qualities that all holiday reps require. Motivation, social skills and enthusiasm are vital, and sales experience would be useful as many reps make commission from selling excursions. As with many hospitality jobs, the wages are not fantastic, but the general agreement amongst casual staff is that you do it for the experience as much as for the money.

Tour operator Cosmos employs between 30 and 50 reps on six month seasonal contracts each year to work at its family-friendly resorts. Most reps work in the Mediterranean but there is a chance of going to Egypt, Goa or the Gambia, or even Finnish Lapland over Christmas.

Overseas Area Manager Emma Robson said: “There is no typical day overseas, you don’t know what’s around the corner. You might start your day carrying out welcome meetings in your hotels, have to visit a guest in the hospital when you have finished, go back to your hotels in the afternoon for general visits and follow up sales and then guide an excursion such as a Greek night in the evening. The following day you might be backwards and forwards to and from the airport all day doing transfers.”

Experience and attitude is vital to securing a job with Cosmos, although a tourism qualification is handy. No official qualification apart from a driving licence is necessary but Emma said: “We look for any customer service experience, good written English skills and people that show a passion for travel. A covering letter that shows a genuine desire for the job is also good. Ideally reps should be flexible, enthusiastic, organised, offer excellent customer service, be able to work as part of a team and also as an individual, be confident in speaking to large groups of people on a microphone, friendly, caring, an generally a good all-rounder.”

Reps share a studio or hotel room with colleagues and get a monthly wage paid into their UK bank account. Commission on excursion sales is paid in cash on resort, and reps also get company transport so your expenditure is minimal.  A huge variety of people choose to work as a rep whether for one season or many years, and those who take to the life can work up the career ladder to management and head office positions.

Emma said: “The best aspects of working overseas are being able to experience so many different cultures, meeting lots of new people, every day is different and usually you are working in the sunshine! For me, the worst aspect is saying goodbye; you build some great relationships and friendships and at the end of the season people go their separate ways.”

Candidates can apply to Cosmos online at or post their CV with a covering letter to the overseas department in the Cosmos head office. Their main recruitment period is December/January for the following summer.

Holiday Travel Jobs =>

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Company Profile Page

  • [email protected]
  • Visit the TUI website

Holiday Rep – Thomson & First Choice, Abroad (High Season)

Holiday Rep – Thomson & First Choice, Abroad (High Season)

Job Details

Working abroad as a Holiday Rep, we will help you become a destination expert to provide contemporary service, plus recommend and sell in-resort products to a range of our European customers. You will put all customers at the heart of our business and constantly ‘go the extra smile’ by creating unforgettable holiday experiences that make us famous for service and create customers for life.

TUI Group is one of the world’s leading leisure travel groups. Right now, we are building an international customer facing team that will deliver a consistent, contemporary service to every single customer from all of our European countries. Joining us will not only provide opportunities for you to grow your career, but the benefits of being part of an exciting multi-cultural and united team.


As an In-Resort Services Rep you will help to create unforgettable holiday experiences for all of our European customers with your personality, professionalism and personalised service. You will understand our customers and adapt your style using information provided to help you find ways to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Your knowledge will help us collaborate internationally, answering questions for our international colleagues and customers.

There will be modern technology to work with so you can discuss, recommend and sell suitable products and services, and where appropriate, promote and assist our customers to self-serve online. You will inspire and respect your international colleagues whilst sharing a great amount of fun. If things do not go quite right, you will be pro-active and confident to investigate and resolve every question or complaint straight away.

You will enjoy change and challenges; taking opportunities to assist with international incidents and emergencies day and night, but regardless you will always ‘go the extra smile’. Your desire to achieve will lead you to exceed all company, sales and service targets. Responsibilities also include the guiding of excursions, accurate weekly accounting and compliance against In-Resort Services procedures. 


• A customer driven and positive individual with a passion for delivering contemporary service

• Confident and fun personality with a strong commitment to achieve targets and overcome challenges

• Willing to engage and collaborate at all times with customers and colleagues of varying nationalities

• Strong communication and presentation skills

• The highest personal standards and pride in attitudes and behaviours displayed

• A passion to work within tourism and actively grow and share knowledge

 • Very efficient with the ability to prioritise yet consistently deliver with attention to detail

• Willing to adapt to regular business change and new technology  

• Able to work alone or in a team with a work ethic that comes from customers being on holiday 24/7

• Willing to participate in helping to deliver sustainable holidays

• Reasonable mathematical ability, strong verbal & written English

• Additional European languages advantageous

Job Information 

  • Company: TUI
  • Vacancy: Holiday Rep – Thomson & First Choice, Abroad (High Season)
  • Category: Tour Guiding Work, Customer Services Work, Sales Jobs
  • Dates: July or August

Vacancies with TUI

  • 1 (current)

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Summer Takeover

Holiday Rep Jobs Abroad

Want to learn more about how to apply for holiday rep jobs abroad? Our guide will give you all the information you need including salaries, working hours, what to expect and how to apply.

  • Summer Jobs Abroad
  • Holiday Rep Jobs

What is a holiday rep?

A holiday rep is a person who is hired to work at a resort or hotel during the holiday season. They often work in customer service or sales roles, and may be responsible for greeting guests, answering questions, and helping to ensure that everyone has a good time.

The role will often involve helping to organise and run holiday activities. This may include providing information to tourists, arranging excursions or acting as a tour guide.

How much does a holiday rep get paid?

How much a holiday rep gets paid can vary greatly depending on the company you work for. Some companies may offer lower salaries with commissions, while others may offer higher salaries. Typically, a holiday rep will make around £20-50 an hour, this can vary depending on your experience and qualifications. Some companies may also offer bonuses or other financial compensation for exceptional work.

WWe recommend reaching out to one of our Summer Takeover reps, who can provide more information on the salaries in each of our 10 resorts.

Do I need qualifications or experience to become a holiday rep?

No specific qualifications or experience are required to become a holiday rep although it is beneficial if you have some customer service experience. Many holiday reps start out as cabin crew or in other customer-facing roles. Reputable companies will provide you with full training and support so you can deliver an excellent service to their customers.

How do I become a holiday rep?

If you want to apply for Holiday Rep roles abroad, Summer Takeover provide working holiday packages to: Ibiza , Magaluf , Ayia Napa , Zante, Kavos , Malia , Tenerife , Benidorm , Marbella , Sunny Beach

Holiday Rep

Holiday Rep

Club PR

A club or bar PR is responsible for getting people in and keeping the crowds moving. They may do this by offering promotional drinks or discounts to those who visit the bar. By creating a fun and exciting atmosphere, they can encourage people to keep coming back. It is important for a PR to be personable and engaging, in order to create a welcoming environment for guests. They must also be able to manage crowds effectively, in order to avoid any problems that may arise.

Glass Collector

Glass Collector

The role of a Glass Collector is an important one. They are responsible for keeping the bar tidy and ensuring that all the glasses are clean and in good condition. They work closely with the bartender to make sure that everyone has a drink when they need it. They also keep track of inventory and order new glasses when necessary. The role can also be very social making conversation with customers and helping out with any special requests.


Working in some of the world's most famous nightclubs and bars, you'll be on stage or up on a podium, dancing your heart out to the latest beats. You'll need to be fit, energetic and have buckets of personality, as you'll be the focal point of the evening. With experience under your belt, you'll find it much easier to land work in places like Ibiza, where dancers are in high demand.

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jobs abroad holiday rep

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Holiday Rep Jobs

Home » Summer Jobs Abroad » Holiday Rep Jobs

Holiday Rep Jobs Abroad

Find holiday rep job vacancies with Ace

Our reps will help you find a type of job to suit and arrange job trials in the resort.

Holiday Rep Jobs Ibiza

Holiday Rep Jobs Magaluf

Holiday Rep Jobs Malia

Holiday Rep Jobs Zante

Holiday Rep Jobs Ayia Napa

Holiday Rep Jobs Kavos

Holiday Rep Jobs Tenerife

Hotels, Airport and Holiday Rep Guides

There are a variety of sub-roles within the general holiday rep position. They all require you to take care of guests from the moment they book their holiday or land their chosen destination. Sometimes you will be required to meet them at the airport and guide them to their transfers.

Gain travel industry expertise and a new career

The duties of a your Job as a holiday rep depend on the company you are employed by. Large providers such as TUI and Jet2 will employ their own reps, and some hotel chains will also have an in-house team. Some of the every day tasks include:

  • Meet & Greet at the airport.
  • Help with Transfers and checking into hotels.
  • You will be a local knowledge guide for guests.
  • Handle any complaints with professionalism.
  • Help with lost baggage & general enquiries.

Working Hours

Shifts often vary as a holiday rep due to the early and late arrival times of flights. You may be required to do split shifts and may get one or 2 days off per week.

Average Salary

Salaries vary dependant on resort but are generally between 50 and 70 Euros per day.

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Workers Accommodation

How to Apply

How to Apply

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Summer Jobs In Cyprus

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Are you ready to join thousands of other Ace workers for the Summer of a lifetime!?

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Party Hard Travel

Making a Group Booking? If you�re travelling in a group of 6+ you can unlock exclusive benefits. Group Booking Request


jobs abroad holiday rep

Overseas Resort Rep

We are Party Hard Travel, the market leader in youth travel.


We can keep this nice and simple, our mission is to give young people the best week of their lives.

Party hard travel was born because our founders experienced what they called an ‘inbetweeners’ style holiday in Ayia Napa and our goal is to never let that happen again.

Tight budget? We have you covered as we want to ensure that everyone can experience the best the resorts have to offer, and ultimately have the best week of their lives !

We have been doing this for 10 YEARS so we can truly say we are the experts when it comes to pulling all the best events in Europe together and putting them all in one place – our famous Ultimate events packages .


Our main focus is customer safety and experience. This comes down to three main areas that we really zone in on and keep fresh and updated every summer.

PRODUCT QUALITY CHECKS : We are always ensuring we review our products making sure they are good enough and ultimately what the people want. If this isn’t the case we will always look into new ways to improve.

RISK AND SAFETY : We have a full safety management system in place to ensure all of our events are safe and all of our customers are happy and well looked after. These systems run 24/7 in the destinations we operate in and are evaluated and improved every summer.

OUR TEAM : From our UK office support network to our in destination rep teams (you guys). We ensure all of you have the tools to deliver the highest level of customer service to ensure we reach our mission of giving young people the best week of their lives! This all goes hand in hand with the 5 star reviews we generate from our customers, if they’re giving us 5 stars, then we know we are doing it right!


We have been operating for the last 10 years, learning each year and growing at a minimum of 50% passenger increase year on year. Summer 2023 was our biggest summer to date and Summer 2024 will be even bigger and we want you to be a part of it!! Whether that be as part of our UK office support team or our in-destination rep team. We need you to ensure our customers have the best time of their lives.

The Job Role

We are Party Hard Travel, but that doesn’t mean we are just looking for people who can ‘Party Hard’. We want you to see this as the exciting and valuable opportunity it is. We need our team to understand how much of a key player they are in our brand reputation, continued growth, customer experience and safety.

THE FACE OF PARTY HARD TRAVEL: You will be responsible for ensuring you represent the brand at all times in front of: -Guests -Suppliers -Hoteliers -Tour operators -Tourists board -The local community -Potential future customers -Embassy members  -And more. 


Booze Cruise DJ showing off his athletic talent during event

Ensuring Customers Have The Best Time

Our customers look forward to their holiday all year. You will need to ensure that you are able to deliver your customer service duties at all times – if you may have had a few too many the night before you have to fix that smile on your face and be there to welcome our new arrivals daily!

jobs abroad holiday rep

Event Operations

We operate many events, sometimes one a day, sometimes three a day. You will ensure that: ✅Guests arrive at the venues safely.

✅They have a great and safe experience whilst there. ✅Any production/deliverables whilst at the event are executed to a high standard.

ibiza, ibiza rocks hotel

Customer Safety

You will be responsible for following our safety management systems to ensure customer safety on their holidays. Not just physical safety but you will also need to be there for emotional support and mental well being.


Due to the nature of the role we ask you to consider the responsibilities that come with it before you jump into the application. The role involves a lot of hard work and responsibility but we have a massive support network and training programme to ensure you are able to deliver all of the responsibilities to the best of your ability. Also know that if you take the challenge on and do it well you will have the best summer of your life! You will make memories and friends for life and you’ll be able to add this highly valued achievement to your CV and LinkedIn. 

So now you’ve made it through the ins and outs of the role it’s now time to apply! What are you waiting for?

Further Information and Tips

Our company values are part of everything we do and we expect you to be able to live by these while working with us

In this type of role things are constantly changing. Due to the environment and external factors things can often change at the last minute. With this in mind you will need to be able to use your common sense and quick thinking in order to come up with solutions to ensure our 5* Customer experience is always being delivered. 

We expect our staff to want to return year on year. With this in mind we review our employment opportunities at the end of each summer. At the end of each Summer we offer all Uk office roles to the best performing reps before putting them public, therefore, we are looking for you to have a hunger for growth and see the longevity in the position. Added to this we also have post-grad positions, internships and placement years available for rep teams.

quayside pool

Dos and Donts (Application)

  • Do make sure your CV is relevant and up to date
  • Do make sure you read the job description and what we are looking for
  • Do include relevant work experience (REMEMBER we specialise in customer service)
  • Do Keep your answers concise and to the point
  • Do remain professional, this is a job application after all
  • Do show us don’t tell us – If you are wanting to let us know something particular then back it up with evidence. For example, ‘I would consider myself hardworking because I managed three years at University, kept up to date on my work, whilst having a part time job and being an active member at my sports club’.
  • Do stand out! We receive hundreds of applications every year. Try to avoid generic statements like ‘I am a highly motivated individual who works well with others’.
  • Don’t think we are looking for people who just want to party. The role will require you to go above and beyond and deliver the best customer service to ensure guests have the best week of their lives.

paint glow party ayia napa working abroad

Dos and Donts (As a Team Member)

  • Don’t drive or ride on any scooter, quad bike, moped, buggy or similar vehicle in the destination.
  • Don’t work for another company that can cause a conflict of interest (including pyramid schemes).
  • Don’t do drugs. We do not tolerate drug use. Drug use will result in immediate dismissal.
  • Don’t display any behaviours or undertake any actions that will cause defamation to the brand and business.
  • Don’t have intimate relations with other team members that will affect the working environment and your ability to do your job.
  • Do drink responsibly (remember you are representing the brand all the time! When on shift you are responsible for people’s safety and have a duty of care to our guests).

What We Give To You

Every year we receive thousands of applications for the 30 roles we have available as these positions are a dream job and an amazing opportunity to gain real experience and have the best time of your life.

We will give you a real experience for you to learn, grow and achieve great skills which are adaptable across any job, enhancing your CV

We give you the chance to live and be in an amazing, sunny resort by the sea for the summer – cost free!

You will create memories and friendships for yourself and have the satisfaction of being a part of and creating the best week of your guests lives.

As part of our give more, get more value you will be well looked after by us, our suppliers, local clubs, bars and restaurants, living the ultimate lifestyle but working hard for it… work hard, Party Hard!

What’s included: 

Basic salary


Meal allowances (dependant on destination)

Drink allowances (dependant on destination)

Flight reimbursement (at the end of the contracted period)

Team fun days

Commission for online sales

Target based bonus 

Training program

Reunion trip included for all staff (that complete the contracted period)

Holiday blues commission (based on rebookers)

The Role Outlined

Customer service

Delivery of 5* service to all Party Hard customers

Welcome meetings daily for new arrivals

Party Hard app daily updates

In destination main call line

Customer service at all programmed events

Destination management communications (Jet 2, bed banks)

Events management  

RFID wristband app operations

Supplier communications

Décor & production

Sustainability management system

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Most Popular Expat Jobs in Moscow

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Moscow, Russia is still an exciting destination for expats. The city is the largest in Europe with a population close to 15 million. Unfortunately, the economic situation has made it difficult for expats and many have left since the political standoff with Ukraine began in 2014. That being said, there are still many expat jobs in Moscow and new expats are arriving daily. 

Here is a look at the most popular expat jobs in Moscow.  

English Teacher

Teaching English is one of the most popular expat jobs in Moscow. It makes sense, Russia is a massive country with low levels of English proficiency. Unfortunately, long gone are the days when you could just show up in Moscow and have wealthy private students willing to pay unthinkable sums of money for English lessons. That doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities though for those who are ready to look for private students. 

Salaries for English teachers can vary significantly in Moscow. The average salary for native English teachers at a reputable school is around $1500 or 90,000 rubles. Of course, there are many schools, which will offer less than $1000 per month so know what your value is when looking for a job. Most English teachers will supplement their income with private lessons. This is where the real money can be made if you are outgoing and willing to market yourself a bit. If you are teaching private lessons, depending on the student, you can ask for anywhere from 1500 rubles ($25) to 3500 rubles ($55) per hour. 

If you are looking to land a job teaching English abroad, Moscow is an excellent, yet often overlooked destination. Due to the incredibly high demand for English teachers in Moscow, many English schools are willing to hire native-English speakers without much experience and sometimes even without any qualifications. Generally, if you come from a native English speaking country and have a bachelor’s degree, you can find a job at a language school in Moscow with ease. If you have a TEFL certificate, you will find more opportunities. 

For more specific information on teaching English in Russia, check out our Ultimate Guide to Teaching English in Russia . You can read about the qualifications required, types of schools, and where to look for jobs. Expatriant Jobs is also a great place to look for English teaching jobs.

International Business Development

One of the most common professional expat jobs in Moscow is business development. Many Russian and Western companies are actively looking to expand their client base internationally and this offers an opportunity for business development professionals in Moscow. A common industry where it is common to see expat managers working in business development is professional services. The tech sector is also common. If the company is looking to market its products or services to clients who are in the United States or Western Europe, they will likely be using business development professionals from those countries. If you do not have much experience, this is also a relatively easy field to break into if you are willing to work hard, just know that business development roles often involve commission-based salaries.

Business development salaries for expats in Moscow can vary drastically, but it is quite common if you have a few years of experience to be sponsored by a company for a highly-qualified specialist visa. You can read more about visas in our Ultimate Guide to Russian visas , but essentially, a highly-qualified specialist must be paid over 167,000 rubles ($2700) a month. This is actually a high salary in Russia when compared to the cost of living. The average Moscow expat salary in business development is probably between 240,000 and 300,000 rubles ($4000 and $5000). 

The best place to look for business development expat jobs in Moscow is Expatriant Jobs and if you want to learn more about working in business development abroad more generally, check out our article . 

English Editor

Another common expat job in Moscow is an English editor. Again, due to relatively low levels of English proficiency in Russia, and the global nature of business in Moscow, English editors are in high demand in many sectors. Companies looking to market their products and services internationally need flawless English and only a qualified, native-English speaker is capable of providing editing services. 

Editing can be a demanding job believe it or not, especially at some of the elite professional service firms like law firms, the big four, or investment banks. These jobs typically involve working with consultants who serve demanding international clients. 

Common companies that regularly hire English editors include:

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Russia Today
  • Thomson Reuters

Salaries as an English editor in Moscow can vary drastically based on the company where you work and your experience. Certain sectors like professional services or investment banks typically pay the highest salaries, but that isn’t always true. If you are working as an English editor, you can expect a salary of around 100,000 – 120,000 ($1700 – $2000) a month in Moscow at most companies. Of course, if you are at a top law firm, the salaries can be higher, especially with some experience. 

Check out Expatriant Jobs for up to date expat jobs in Moscow. At any given time there are usually a few companies, which are looking for English editors. 

Native English speakers who speak and understand Russian well and have translation experience are in high demand in Russia. There are very few native English speaking translators in Moscow, and anyone who works in the translation field knows that a great translator can only translate to their native language. Russian to English translators who have legal, technical, or finance knowledge should be able to find a translation job quite easily in Moscow. 

A number of international law firms and consulting companies employ native English speaking translators to translate internal and client documents. 

Salaries as a translator in Russia can vary drastically, even for native English speakers. A typical translator at a large Russian media outlet is typically around 120,000 rubles ($2000) a month. Many translators who have industry experience in law or engineering will find that the best option is to work as a freelance translator. For example, it is not uncommon to charge $50 an hour as a legal translator in Moscow. Many law firms will pay these rates and charge their clients double.

If you are looking for a job as a translator, check out Expatriant Jobs . Translation jobs come up for native speakers quite often in Moscow. If you are looking for freelance work, it makes sense to contact translation bureaus in Russia. One great example is Eclectic Translations . 

Despite Russia’s reputation for repressive media, there are still many foreign media outlets that are accredited in Russia (as of December 2018, there were 298). In addition to foreign media outlets, there are many Russian media outlets that produce news in English as well as other world languages. Fortunately, for a career in journalism in Moscow, you do not need a degree in journalism, but of course, it won’t hurt. That being said, one of the top requirements to land a good journalism job in Moscow is the ability to speak Russian. Yes, you will be writing your stories in English, but you will need to interview Russians. Additionally, to keep up with current events in Russia, you will need to understand Russian. Many of the native English speaking journalists in Moscow do not speak Russian very well so this will give you a huge advantage.

Salaries in journalism are better than teaching, but unless you have considerable international experience, it won’t make you rich. That being said, you can certainly work your way up the ladder in Moscow much faster than you could at home. The typical salary for someone with no experience is between 120,000 and 150,000 rubles ($2000 – $2500) per month. If you are working at one of the top international newspapers like the Wall Street Journal or Thomson Reuters and have a few years of experience you can likely command a salary of around 250,000 and 300,000 rubles ($4500 – $5000) per month. 

Besides media outlets, there are a number of trade publications, which also hire native English speaking journalists from time to time. 

If you are interested in working as a journalist in Moscow, check Expatriant Jobs .  

Au Pair/Governess/Nanny

It may come as a surprise, but working as an au pair, governess, or nanny is one of the highest-paid expat jobs in Moscow. It changes every year, but the concentration of wealthy people in Moscow is one of the highest in the world. Moscow is also a competitive world city and wealthy Russians are always trying to give their children the most opportunities. One of the best opportunities a child can have in Russia is being a native English speaker, and wealthy Russian families are happy to pay very high salaries for nannies from the UK or US. 

Typically, wealthy Russians live in large houses in the suburbs of Moscow, and it isn’t uncommon for them to have a large staff to cook, clean, and take care of the children. In many instances, a native English speaking nanny may be working alongside a Russian nanny. 

Salaries for native English speaking nannies start at about $1500 per week. Yes, you read that right, most nannies make in excess of $6000 per month. When you compare this to the cost of living, nannies have incredible earning potential in Moscow. In addition to a high salary, the family usually also provides the nannies with accommodation either at a guest house or an apartment in Moscow as well as all expenses paid international travel with the family. 

It is important to note that while nannies are typically female, there are many males working in the profession in Moscow and if you are great with children, your gender shouldn’t stop you from checking out a career or a year as a nanny in Russia. 

Expatriant Jobs is a great source of opportunities for these types of positions. 

If you are just starting your Moscow Job search, Expatriant is the number one resource for up to date information on expat jobs in Moscow. Expatriant Jobs is the only job board on the internet with only expat jobs in Moscow. For exhaustive resources on everything related to job searching in Moscow, check out our guide to  moving to Russia as an expat . We also offer customized career consulting for those of you who want a trusted advisor for your job search in Moscow.  

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The Cost of Living in Moscow As Told by Expats

Expatriant is the definitive source for everything related to being an expat abroad. We have the most detailed guides in English on how to obtain a residence permits, open a small business, finding jobs abroad, and much more.

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Working in Moscow

Learn what it’s like to be an expat living and working in Moscow, Russia, from Malcolm Constable of Boston, Massachusetts.

Did you go through a work abroad program or figure it out yourself? Why did you do it that way? How did you decide where you wanted to go?

No program. I knew that I wanted to go to Moscow because I loved the history, culture, and language of Russia, as well as the idea of working in an emerging economy with tons of existing human and natural resources.

I was also attracted by the idea of doing something different than my peers, working extensively abroad, and testing my resiliency to the unknown.

What was your job in Moscow? Did you like it? Plusses and minuses?

I worked as a junior consultant for a Russian firm. I wore many hats, as it was my first real job after college. I did a lot of market research, editing (I was an English major) and writing of white papers. My job turned into more of a public relations role as I was the liaison between our firm and the Communications company we used for our oil / gas and intellectual property rights clients. It was great working for a Russian company because people actually spoke a lot of Russian in the office. My language skills grew a great deal. The only really bad thing about my job is that increasingly each day, I noticed that the way people were doing business was shall we say…ethically gray?

What was your accommodation overseas? How did you find it? How was it?

The son of the CEO of the consulting firm where I had previously interned was head of asset management for a Russian investment bank. He was my contact in Moscow. I lived with him and his family for the first two months while I found a job and my own apartment. He introduced me to many of the ‘right people’.

How about transport? Did you buy a car? Use public transportation? How did you organize your initial flight?

Moscow has a phenomenally beautiful and efficient metro system so I had no need for a car. I bought my flight online, and got my visa through a NYC based private transit company.

What did you think of your job abroad experience overall? What did you gain from it? What were the best/hardest parts?

I could easily write a novel trying to answer these questions, but I will just say that it was a life altering experience that I would not give up for the world. To a certain extent I had to start my business career over when I returned to the States, because one has to earn one’s stripes in the western world before being accepted as a competent business person. The business and communication skills I learned were dwarfed by the growth I experienced internally.

When I arrived at Sheremetova in the north of Moscow my flight was 4 hours late, my ride had long since left, I didn’t speak the language, and there were a two dark Russians getting cuffed and thrown into the back of a tinted BMW. I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. After 20 months in Moscow I returned home unafraid of taking on new things.

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Awara Russian Labor Law Guide: Holidays, Weekly Breaks and Vacations (Chapters 11-12)

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jobs abroad holiday rep

  • Jon Hellevig
  • December 5, 2014

This article is an excerpt from Awara Russian Labor Law Guide written by our leading labor law lawyers. It gives a description and analysis of major legal issues that may affect those who want to conduct a business in Russia. This Guide will certainly serve as a reliable aid in going through this maze of regulative acts and decisions and help the reader to avoid gross mistakes that might result in significant but quite unnecessary losses.

  • Overview of Russian Labor Laws and Regulations
  • Basic Principles of Russian Labor Law
  • Different Forms of Employment (Part 1)
  • Different Forms of Employment (Part 2)
  • Foreign Employees
  • Labor contracts
  • Termination of Labor Contracts. Working time
  • Holidays, Weekly Breaks and Vacations
  • Overtime Work and Administration Issues in Russian Labor Law
  • Labor guide: disciplinary issues, liability issues, disputes

Sundays and National Holidays

Sunday is a general holiday for all employees in Russia. The other weekly holiday (in a 5-day week) can be set locally in the internal working rules or collective agreement. Both holidays should, as a rule , be granted in a row one after the other (Art 111 Labor Code). The working schedule will have to foresee a weekly break of a minimum uninterrupted duration of 42 hours (Art 110 Labor Code).

If suspension of work on the weekend is impossible due to production and technical-organizational conditions, days off can be made available on different days of the week for each group of employees under the rules of the internal working rules.

Certain categories of workers, according to law, must be given extra days off. For example, 4 additional paid days off per month for the care of children with disabilities are provided one of the parents; one unpaid day off per month is given to women working in rural areas (Art 262 Labor Code). One unpaid day off per month may also be granted to one parent working in the Far North and comparable areas, who has a child under the age of 16 years (Art 319 Labor Code). Additional days off can be provided in the main job, and in combined work [1] .

The National Holidays (Art 112 Labor Code)

National holidays (Non-Working or Bank holidays) in Russia are:

  • January 1-8 New – Year Holidays and Orthodox Christmas
  • February 22-23 – Day of the Defender of the Country
  • March 8 – International Women’s Day
  • May 1-3 – Springtime and Labor Day
  • May 8-10 – Victory Day
  • June 12-14 – Day of Russia
  • November 4-5 – Day of People’s Unity
  • December 31 – New Year Holidays

When a national holiday occurs on a Saturday or Sunday, those days are compensated by extra holidays on the following day after the national holiday.

The Russian Government has the right, which it frequently exercises, to announce a Saturday and Sunday (two days) as workdays and to compensate this by announcing any workdays as a holiday in order to allow for longer leaves in connection with a national holiday. This decision of the Government to move days off to other days in the next calendar year shall be officially published not later than one month before the relevant calendar year (Art 112 Labor Code).

Moving days off applies to all workers, regardless of various modes of work schedule and time off. However, for employers for whom the suspension of work on non-working holidays is not possible for production and technical-organizational reasons (e.g., continuously operating production, daily servicing of the population, etc.), moving of days off is not carried out [2] .

For employees receiving salary, full payment of salary is preserved, regardless of the number of public holidays in the month, while under another system of labor remuneration employees receive additional compensation for non-working public holidays in which they were not required to work.

Work on Sundays, national holidays and other regular days off is prohibited according to the general rule. In exceptional cases, the employer is entitled to require the employee to work on weekends and public holidays without his consent (for example, to prevent a disaster), or with his consent in the case of having to perform unforeseen work where the future normal operation of the organization depends on its urgent implementation (Art 113 Labor Code).

Requiring weekend and public holiday work by employees with disabilities, and women with children under the age of three years, is permitted only on the condition that it is not harmful to them for health reasons. Also, they must be informed, against signature, of their right to refuse such work.

Working a weekend day or public holiday is paid at least double the usual amount (Art 153 Labor Code), or can be compensated by giving the employee another day off at the request of the employee. In this case, the employee is provided a full day off, and not time off in proportion to the number of hours of time worked during the weekend or non-working holiday [3] .

For employees who have entered into a labor contract for a period of up to two months, only one form of compensation for work on weekends or non-working holiday is provided for – pay of at least double the usual amount (Part 2, Art 290 Labor Code).

In the case of granting another day off for working on a weekend or non-working holiday, pay is at the normal rate, and the day off is not compensated. A collective agreement, local act, or labor contract may increase compensation for work on weekends and public holidays (Art 153 Labor Code).

The requirement to work is carried out by written instruction of the employer.

Annual Leave (Vacation)

General information on vacation.

Vacation or annual leave can be granted to the employee once a year. There are no legislative prescriptions as to the time of the year when the vacation must be granted and used.

The right to full vacation is acquired by working a full year (or, to be more precise, 11 months). It entitles the employee to 28 vacation days. Weekends are included in this number. National holidays during the vacation are not included, nor are they paid for, thus extending the actual vacation period (Art 120 Labor Code).

Additional vacations may be granted voluntarily by the employer or under special mandatory provisions of the law (Arts 116, 120 Labor Code). Under such special provisions additional time off is granted to:

  • Employees working under harmful (level 2-4 of harmfulness) or hazardous conditions, determined as a result of special evaluation of the workplace, Art 117 Labor Code. The minimum number of additional days off is 7;
  • Special categories of workers (list of eligible professions and length of additional vacation is set by the federal government), Art 118 Labor Code;
  • Employees with irregular working hours (Arts 116, 119 Labor Code) The minimum number of additional days off is 3;
  • Employees working in the Far North and regions with similar conditions have the right to 24 and 16 additional days off, respectively;
  • In other cases provided for by the Labor Code and special legislation.

The procedure for granting additional time off should be set out in the internal working rules.

If an employer independently and voluntarily establishes additional holidays, the procedure and terms of their provision are determined by collective agreements or local acts (Art 116 Labor Code).

Despite the general rule that an annual paid vacation can only be granted after six months of work, the employee is entitled to 2.33 vacation days for every month of work. So, if a labor contract is terminated before the vacation starts, compensation for the unused vacation must be calculated and paid to the employee.

Employees who have entered into a labor contract for a term of up to two months, as well as seasonal employees, receive two days of paid leave for each working month (Arts 291, 295 Labor Code).

The right to take paid annual leave for the first year of work is granted to the employee after six months of continuous work. The employer, with the consent of the employee, may grant vacation earlier (Art 122 Labor Code). In certain cases, the employer even has an obligation to grant vacation before completion of the 6-month period upon request by the employee (see sections on Women and Youth Labor).

As the vacations of all employees for each calendar year are determined by a vacation schedule adopted according to a special procedure (Art 123 Labor Code), an employee who began working for the employer during the calendar year, in practice, is often deprived of a vacation. In accordance with Art 123 Labor Code, the employee is entitled to request leave after 6 months of work, regardless of the vacation schedule.

Vacation in subsequent years may be granted anytime during the year, even before the vacation days have been formally earned, according to a vacation schedule set by the employer.

The right to vacation is calculated in accordance with all actual workdays. The law provides some additional clarifications regarding what time is to be included in the calculation (Art 121 Labor Code):

  • Time of actual work.
  • The time when the employee did not work, but his position was reserved for him, including the time of his annual paid leave and other appropriate leisure time.
  • Absence due to disputed termination of the labor contract after reinstatement of employee to his job.
  • Periods of the employee’s suspension from work as a result of his failure to pass mandatory medical inspection, but not through his own fault.
  • Time provided at the request of the employee for leave without pay not exceeding 14 calendar days during the work year.

The law also gives specific guidance as to which time does not count towards cumulative right to vacation. Such time includes:

  • Absence without a valid reason.
  • Time for parental leave until the child reaches the age set by law.

 Postponement and Prolongation of Vacation

Under Art 124 Labor Code, the annual vacation (vacations) can be shifted to the following year in “exceptional cases” when the regular vacation may be detrimental for the work of the organization. The employee’s consent for this is necessary. The vacation shifted thus must be granted during the next work year, not later (work year is individual for every worker and starts with the beginning of his work in the company).

It is prohibited not to grant a vacation for two years in a row. But this means that the vacation from the 1 st year can be shifted to the 2 nd year, whereas the vacation earned during the 2 nd year can be shifted to the 3 rd , and so on. The situation, in fact, is the same as if the week from the first year was shifted directly to the third. In this manner, the employer may transfer the days of vacation and enjoy greater flexibility, but the employee’s consent is necessary at every step. The resulting rule is this: the employer may transfer and accumulate days up to a certain level, but he must be careful that in the current year the employee would have no fewer the number of actual vacation days than the number of days which had been saved from the previous year. In this case, the employer would always be in a position to claim that the days saved in the previous year have been used by the employee in the current year. Evidently, under this system the total number of days saved from previous years cannot exceed the statutory number (28) without risk of finding oneself on the wrong side of the law.

An employee under 18 years old and employees working in harmful and hazardous conditions must be granted annual vacation in any event – no transfer is possible.

The employer has an obligation to prolong or transfer the vacation time taking into account the wishes of the employee under certain circumstances. These are:

  • Sickness during vacation. The vacation time shall be extended automatically depending on the number of days shown in the medical certificate.
  • When the employee carries out state duties during vacation, if it involves exemption from work in accordance with the Labor Code.
  • Other instances according to special provisions of law or internal rules.

In the case of illness of an employee who is on vacation with subsequent dismissal, leave is not extended [4] .

If an employee was not paid timely during annual paid leave (three days prior to its beginning) or the employee has been advised of the start of the holiday later than 2 weeks prior to its beginning, the employer upon written request of the employee is required to move the paid annual leave to another period agreed upon with the employee (Art 124 Labor Code).

The employee may be recalled from vacation only with his consent (Art 125 Labor Code).The following categories of employees may not be recalled: persons under the age of 18, pregnant women, and persons working in harmful or hazardous conditions. The unused part of the vacation must be offered, at the choice of the employee, at a convenient time during the current business year, or added to the vacation of the next business year.

Employee’s refusal to comply with employer’s demand to discontinue the vacation irrespective of the reason may not be regarded as a violation of labor discipline.

If the employee is not satisfied with the timing of the vacation set in the vacation schedule, he or she may request the employer to change the date of the vacation by submitting a written request. However, the provision of vacation on a different date is a right of the employer, not an obligation [5] .

An employee who left work without obtaining the consent of the employer and before the issuance of an order granting leave may be subject to disciplinary action up to dismissal for absenteeism [6] even if the leave was provided for in the vacation schedule [7] .

Administrative Rules – Vacation Schedule

The employer has a duty to publish a vacation schedule, setting the dates of paid annual leave for all employees. The vacation schedule must be published not later than two weeks before the end of the calendar year (Art 123 Labor Code). Both the employer and the employee will have to adhere to the vacation schedule.

As a rule, the employer creates the vacation schedule after polling employees as to convenient times for them to take leave, but the law does not provide for such an obligation. In the absence of a vacation schedule for an organization the employer may be subject to a penalty in accordance with Art 5.27 Code of Administrative Offences.

The employer has an additional obligation to remind the employee of the start of regular vacation two weeks in advance by issuing an Order and acquainting the employee with it (Art 123 Labor Code). Common Russian practice of an employee’s writing an additional application for regular leave immediately before going on such a leave is a bureaucratic custom, not a requirement of labor law.

The Labor Code specifies certain categories of workers who may choose their vacation time irrespective of the time they have worked for the employer. The vacation is to be granted to:

  • A husband whose wife is on maternity leave (Art 123 Labor Code);
  • A woman prior to her maternity leave or following her childcare leave (Art 260 Labor Code);
  • An employee under 18 years old (Art 122 Labor Code);
  • An employee who has adopted a child under 3 months old (Art 122 Labor Code);
  • In the case of being offered a vacation after having been called back from vacation early (Art 125 Labor Code);
  • In the case of vacation from combined jobs, the employee shall be offered vacation to coincide with vacation from the main job.

Federal laws may grant to some other employees the right to choose by themselves the time of vacation. For example, for spouses of military personnel leave shall be granted simultaneously with the release of the military personnel [8] .

The employer has an obligation to pay vacation salary no later than 3 days prior to the beginning of the vacation (part 9, Art 136 Labor Code). Failure to pay in time and to remind of the start of the vacation gives the right to the employee to change the date for his annual leave.

Division of Vacation Time

By agreement between the employer and the employee the time of the annual leave may be divided into parts. However, at least one part of the vacation must be of a minimum duration of 14 calendar days (Art 125 Labor Code). Although this rule is often neglected without consequences (sometimes at the employee’s initiative), it is advisable not to depart from it. For violation of this obligation the employer may be subject to administrative proceedings (Art 5.27 Code of Administrative Offences).

The law does not contain clear rules as to how Sundays and Saturdays should be taken into consideration in connection with granting vacation periods consisting of less than a whole week. We recommend that the employer consider this in the internal working rules.

Compensation for Unused Annual Leave

Unused vacation may be compensated in money for the part that exceeds the normal 28 vacation days. This can be done only upon written application of the employee if the employer agrees to this. However, in respect to pregnant women, youth (regarding the principal paid leave and additional annual paid leave) and persons working in harmful and hazardous conditions (regarding additional annual paid leave) no commutation of unused vacation into financial compensation is possible (Art 126 Labor Code).

In the case of summation of annual paid leave or postponement of the annual paid leave to the next business year, monetary compensation may be substituted for the portion of paid annual leave in excess of 28 calendar days, or any number of days of this part (Art 126 Labor Code).

In connection with termination of a Labor Contract the employee has the right to receive monetary compensation for unused vacation. In accordance with paragraph 28 of the Rules of regular and additional leave [9] for employees who have worked for 11 months, they are entitled to compensation for the full year [10] .

The employee may also request in writing that the accumulated vacation days be granted to him ahead of termination of the contract. In this case the last vacation day will be the day of termination of the employment unless the termination is based on the employee’s guilty actions (Art 127 Labor Code). In that case, the last day of work is not the day of discharge (the last day of the vacation), but the day before the first day of the vacation [11] . Provision of such leave is the employer’s right, not an obligation.

In regard to fixed term contracts, the vacation may also be granted at termination beyond the period of the fixed term (Art 127 Labor Code).

In granting leave followed by dismissal upon the dissolution of the labor contract by the employee, the employee is entitled to withdraw his resignation before the first day of the leave, if another employee has not been invited to transfer to his position (Art 127 Labor Code).

Calculations of Vacation Salary and Compensations

The salary for vacation time is calculated as a daily average of the salary earned during the last 12 calendar months (average daily rate) under Art 139 of the Labor Code (see also the Decree of Russian Government dated December 24, 2007, No. 922, as amended). It is calculated according to the following formula:

Step 1. The total salary during the last 12 calendar months (“accounting period”) is divided by 12, thus giving the average monthly salary.

Step 2. The average monthly salary is then divided by 29.3 [12] (the average number of days in a month), giving the average daily rate.

Step 3. The average daily rate is then multiplied by the number of calendar days of vacation to give the total amount of compensation for the vacation.

Along with the standard salary, additional payments (bonuses and the like) are to be included in the calculation (see Decree of Russian Government of December 24, 2007 No. 922). The Decree, however, contains special rules on calculating such payments:

– Monthly bonuses and remunerations – only one payment is included for the same activities for each month of the accounting period;

– Bonuses and remunerations for a longer period – only one payment for the same activities in the amount of the monthly part for each month of the accounting period;

– Remuneration following the results of the year, etc. – regardless of the moment of payment.

The average daily salary for the purposes of payment for vacations is measured in workdays and for the purpose of compensating for unused vacation is calculated by dividing the earned salary by the number of workdays according to calendar six-day workweeks (including Saturdays) (Art 139 (5) Labor Guide).

Unpaid Leave

The employer may grant unpaid leave to an employee upon his request in writing because of family or domestic circumstances or other justified reasons. The employer independently assesses how justified the reason is and may refuse the leave. However, in the case of dismissal for absenteeism a court can verify whether a reason was valid [13] . In certain cases according to the law the employer has the obligation to grant such unpaid vacation upon the employee’s written request (Art 128 Labor Code).

  • War veterans;
  • Old-age pensioners still working;
  • Working invalids;
  • Parents and spouses of civil servants who were killed or died as a result of injury, concussion or maiming suffered in the performance of duties, or because of a disease associated with serving;
  • Employees in the events of childbirth, marriage or death of a relative;
  • In other cases stipulated by the Labor Code, other federal laws or a collective agreement.

In addition, teachers are entitled to twelve months’ leave (sabbatical) every 10 years (Art 335 Labor Code). The law does not say whether it is paid or not. In practice, it is usually unpaid and rarely requested.

[1] Resolution of the Federal CC of the North-West District dated 03.03.2011 in case No. A13-1168/2010 // ATP ConsultantPlus. 2014.

[2] Order of the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation dated 13.08.2009 No. 588n // ATP ConsultantPlus. 2014.

[3] Rostrud Letter dated 17.03.2010 No. 731-6-1 // ATP ConsultantPlus. 2014.

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[6] Appellate Ruling of the Moscow City Court dated 20.02.2013 in the case of No. 11-5857 // ATP ConsultantPlus. 2014.

[7] Appellate Ruling of the Moscow City Court dated 22.06.2012 in the case of No. 11-11089/2012 // ATP ConsultantPlus. 2014.

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[9] Rules for Regular and Additional Leave (approved by People’s Commissariat of Labor USSR 30.04.1930 No. 169) // Proceedings of the PCL USSR, No. 13, 10.5.1930.

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[11] Ruling of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation dated 25.01.2007 No. 131-O-O // ATP ConsultantPlus. 2014.

[12] Until 04/02/2014, this coefficient was 29.4, but was changed by the Federal Law dated 02.04.2014 No. 55-FZ “On Amending Article 10 of the Law of the Russian Federation “On State Guarantees and Compensations for People Working and Living in the Far North and Comparable Regions” and the Labor Code of the Russian Federation” // Collected Legislation of the Russian Federation.2014. No. 14. Art 1547.

[13] Determination of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation dated 19.02.2009 No. 75-O-O // ATP ConsultantPlus. 2014.

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The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal

America’s Top Diplomat in Russia Has One of the World’s Toughest Jobs

Posted: October 27, 2023 | Last updated: October 27, 2023

The moment when ambassadors present their credentials to their hosts is usually a staid affair. There could be a little chitchat. Some courtesies might be exchanged.

When the U.S. ambassador presented herself at the Kremlin in April, Russian President Vladimir Putin railed at Washington during the televised ceremony, accusing it of sparking the war in Ukraine. With Putin set off behind a podium at the other end of the Alexander Hall, there was no way for Lynne Tracy or the other new ambassadors to respond.

It was, she thought, a glimpse of how hard her new job might be.

“I think it’s a larger reflection of where we are these days in Russia that there is almost absolutely no space for dissent,” said Tracy, a career diplomat whose assignments in Russia with the State Department date back to the 1980s. “What we’ve seen is unfortunately Russia going backward. Where we are now feels like a level of repression that I certainly don’t recall seeing in the times or the experience that I’ve had with Russia or the Soviet Union.”

The Russian government didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Relations between the U.S. and Moscow have rarely been as tense as they are now. Not since the worst days of the Cold War has there been as much animosity. Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February last year, the U.S. has imposed sanctions, export controls, oil embargoes and price caps to deter the Kremlin from pursuing its campaign.

“The very difficult state of the U.S.-Russia relationship, really the deterioration, is directly attributable to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine,” Tracy said, speaking in a recent interview from Moscow.

Russia has responded to the U.S. measures by accusing the West of forcing the conflict by pushing the enlargement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization up to Russia’s borders. At home, dissidents have been convicted on what critics say are phony charges and sentenced to lengthy terms. Journalists have been arrested, including The Wall Street Journal’s Evan Gershkovich, a U.S. citizen accredited to work in Russia who was detained on an espionage charge during a reporting trip in March. He, the Journal and the U.S. government vehemently deny the allegation.

A week after Tracy began her posting in January, the Russian Foreign Ministry sent her a note demanding that the U.S. Embassy stop interfering in Russia’s internal affairs. The state news agency, TASS, reported that the ministry warned American diplomats against “attempts to carry out subversive work, recruiting agents of influence, with the aim of sowing discord in Russian society, and inciting anti-state protests.”

Two weeks later, the ministry summoned Tracy to protest the U.S.’s move to provide weapons to the government in Kyiv and demand the U.S. and NATO withdraw from Ukraine, according to the foreign ministry website.

Tracy has been summoned to the Foreign Ministry at various other times since then, notably after she condemned the 25-year prison sentence given to dissident and journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza, a dual Russian-British national, and, according to the ministry’s website, voiced support for his right to disagree with the Russian government.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Russian authorities have moved quickly to tamp down any criticism, often branding opposition groups or anyone else speaking out as “foreign agents” or “undesirables” for receiving overseas funding or support. Independent media has largely been shut down while prominent figures already in jail, notably opposition politician Alexei Navalny, have been sentenced to longer prison terms.

“It’s just a sign of weakness to shut down voices of disagreement—honest disagreement, constructive disagreement, disagreement that is guaranteed [under] freedom of speech,” Tracy said in the interview with the Journal.

Her outspokenness has ruffled feathers at times. In April, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told the Moscow city government-owned weekly newspaper, Argumenty i Fakty, that dialogue with the U.S. Embassy was difficult, with very few areas of consensus, “if they exist at all.”

“Tussling, exchanging jabs and mutual grievances are now the norm,” Ryabkov said. “We clash both publicly and behind closed doors.”

But he gave Tracy credit for having “relevant experience” of working in Russia. She first worked as a contractor in the embassy’s consular section in the late 1980s during the Soviet era, later returning as deputy chief of mission between 2014 and 2017. She has been a senior adviser for Russia affairs in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, and most recently she served as ambassador to Armenia, a former Soviet republic.

Still, tasks as seemingly mundane as ensuring adequate staffing at the embassy or simply traveling around Russia—the basic mechanics of diplomatic work—are a challenge.

Tit-for-tat expulsions have reduced staffing numbers of diplomats in both Moscow and Washington. Tracy wouldn’t divulge the number of employees currently at the U.S. mission in Moscow. Her predecessor, John Sullivan, said in May last year that around 130 personnel remained, compared with some 1,200 five years prior, and that almost half of those remaining were U.S. Marines and other security staff.

Tracy has also found it difficult to go out and meet ordinary Russians, something she sees as an important part of her work.

She recalled how when she served as the embassy’s deputy chief of mission, she traveled extensively, including to the cities of St. Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Vladivostok, Sakhalin Island and Yakutsk.

She managed to return to Yakutsk, in eastern Siberia, in March this year, where she was hosted by the local Rotary Club, she said. But such trips are now few and far between. In the past year or so, the Russians have increasingly been making it difficult for embassy personnel to travel, “not just officially, but even for personal travel,” she said.

An embassy spokesman said that while Tracy doesn’t have specific travel restrictions as ambassador, the embassy staffers who would typically facilitate the connections outside Moscow, or who support Tracy while she travels, are under constraints. They need to get approval from the Russian Foreign Ministry to go beyond a 25-mile radius from the Kremlin and such travel requests are often denied, he said. Russian diplomats in the U.S. face similar restrictions, he said.

“Sadly, in the present climate, the restrictions on travel and the environment of repression make that kind of trip and contact almost unimaginable and really underscores what is being lost as the Russian government seems determined to isolate its citizens and take them backward rather than forward,” Tracy said, referring to her recent Yakutsk trip.

Other bones of contention have included access to detained Americans, including two whom the U.S. government considers to be wrongfully detained: the Journal reporter, Gershkovich, and businessman Paul Whelan, who is serving a 16-year sentence on an espionage conviction that he, his family and the U.S. government say is bogus.

Tracy said the situation regarding consular access is improving, at least for Gershkovich, who is being held in pretrial detention at Lefortovo prison in Moscow until at least Nov. 30.

“I would say we have settled into a fairly regular rhythm of once a month and fairly good notification about or confirmation of our access being granted,” Tracy said.

Still, she said the jailing of Gershkovich and Whelan shows Russia is willing to use innocent civilians as leverage.

“I think what’s sad is that we see Russia treating these citizens, ordinary citizens, as pawns in some larger game that they’re playing, but it’s no game,” Tracy said. “These are their lives. I think this is really a strategy, an approach of desperation when you’re out nabbing an innocent journalist or throwing into jail a businessman who was here on just more or less a holiday.”

Another American journalist, dual U.S.-Russian national Alsu Kurmasheva, was arrested this month. An editor with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty who normally lives in Prague, Kurmasheva was detained on Oct. 18 during a family visit to Russia. Her employer said she was held for failing to register as a foreign agent, and she was formally arrested on Oct. 23 and ordered to remain in pretrial detention until Dec. 5.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has rejected the assertion that Russia is playing politics with innocent Americans and intentionally targeting U.S. nationals.

Following Kurmasheva’s detention, he told reporters that appropriate measures are taken against those who violate the law. Russia’s Foreign Ministry has said that Russia adheres to its legal system when dealing with detainees, no matter their nationality.

As the friction points multiply, though, arguably the biggest task facing Tracy is to keep the door open for dialogue.

That can be easier said than done. Expulsions of lower-ranked diplomatic staff from both sides have been relatively commonplace over the years, while at times both the U.S. and Russia have recalled their ambassadors. America pulled its representative out of Moscow in 1980 after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Russia withdrew its ambassador from Washington after U.S. airstrikes on Iraq in 1998, and in 2021, after the U.S. accused Moscow of interfering in the 2020 presidential election.

“The importance of maintaining a channel of communication remains one of our highest priorities here,” Tracy said. “It is very focused on topics of the most immediate concern. But the channel of communication is there and we want to keep it open just to ensure that we don’t misunderstand each other or miscalculate.”

Write to Ann M. Simmons at [email protected]

America’s Top Diplomat in Russia Has One of the World’s Toughest Jobs

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Morning Bid: Markets in a holiday mood

Traders work on the floor of the NYSE in New York

Macy's Santa Claus, appears on the trading floor to celebrate the 97th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York City, U.S., November 22, 2023. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid Acquire Licensing Rights

Nov 23 (Reuters) - A look at the day ahead in Asian markets from Lewis Krauskopf, markets correspondent.

Markets were buoyant ahead of Asia trading and the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. , with stocks resuming their massive rally this month that has been fueled by hopes of a more benign interest rate backdrop .

Wall Street's benchmark S&P 500 (.SPX) closed up 0.4%, and was nearing a fresh high for 2023. The S&P 500 and MSCI's all-country index (.MIWD00000PUS) are both up over 8% this month alone, with the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite (.IXIC) up 11%.

Markets were still digesting minutes from the Federal Reserve's latest meeting, which revealed that central bank officials agreed they would proceed carefully and only raise interest rates if progress in controlling inflation faltered.

Indeed, many investors now seem confident the Fed may be done raising rates for this cycle, and are eyeing the middle of next year for when the central bank may start to make cuts.

Even Nvidia's (NVDA.O) selloff following its results couldn't dampen Wednesday's mood. After soaring well over 200% this year, Nvidia shares ended down 2.5% on Wednesday amid fears that widening U.S. chip curbs would sap growth in China.

Aside from Nvidia, other members of the Magnificent Seven megacap group rallied on Wednesday, with Amazon (AMZN.O) gaining nearly 2% and Alphabet (GOOGL.O) and Microsoft (MSFT.O) up over 1%.

A Reuters poll of stock market experts found most key global stock indexes are forecast to rise modestly over the coming year.

Japanese markets were also set to be closed for a national holiday on Thursday. On Wednesday, the Nikkei .N225 edged up 0.3% , putting the Japanese index near a fresh three-decade high.

Also in Wednesday's session, China stocks slid as market participants awaited more stimulus for the Chinese economy. The blue-chip CSI 300 Index (.CSI300) sank 1%.

Reuters reported that Chinese government advisers will recommend economic growth targets for next year ranging from 4.5% to 5.5% to an annual policymakers' meeting, as Beijing seeks to create jobs and keep long-term development goals on track.

Meanwhile, the dollar index rose, bouncing back from a 2-1/2 month low. Economic data showed the number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits fell more than expected last week.

The yen weakened on Wednesday, trading at around 150 per dollar. While speculation that the Bank of Japan could exit from negative interest rates early next year stands to help stabilize the yen, the Japanese currency still faces strong headwinds.

Oil prices dropped as OPEC+ producers unexpectedly delayed a meeting on production cuts.

Trading volumes were set to be subdued for the rest of the week with markets in the U.S. closed on Thursday.

Here are key developments that could provide more direction to markets on Thursday:

- Singapore CPI

- Indonesia Central Bank meeting

- Euro zone flash PMIs

Jobless claims

Reporting by Lewis Krauskopf; Editing by Josie Kao

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

Employees work at a factory in Zunyi

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