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This Robot Will Do Your Homework


With more than 8GB of storage space, Homework Helper records audio and video, takes notes and will even do your homework for you.

The best part? Homework Helper has already been approved by the Teachers Society of America . So you can put it to work immediately.

Sound to good to be true? That’s because it is.

April Fools!

This prank first appeared in the April issue of Boys’ Life magazine. Take a look at the full page below:


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u got me on this 1 i read it in mag.

it can do my homework to you no

Once it said it was approved by the Teachers Society of America, I just knew it. 😉

Nice! Make it for real and it’ll be better!**

if they make it real we will become lazy ok

If this was real, no kid will ever do homework again!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS FOR SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heh I soooooooooooooooooo want that homework robot

THAT’S COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. AND THAT IS NOT HOW YOU SPELL STARTA. [S-T-A-R-T-!!!!!!!!] YOU IS A NERD

Actually, is is spelled Sparta. STARTA is the acronym for a bus service in Massilon, Ohio.

I really need this little guy!!!!!

Its you are not u is

1 day robots will rule the world. 😮

Not that is going to be a good thing.



Humans…they are such a stupid species.Thy think robots will rule the world but we are going to destroy it!!!

From Another Species from Mars

The robot is awsom

that is not how u spell awsom, this is how u spell awsom. awesome.

that is awsom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, awesome.

How do I get one

If they had actual made this we would all be dumber 🙂

Lol I knew it would be fake because I had just looked at the statue of liberty thing.

This is crule

Forget the robot! I saw the star wars prank and thought it was for real! I have bashed disney so much thinking they were going to screw up star wars VII , so wasn’t surprised when they said disney came out with such a stupid idea. I read the robot part and didn’t even register that its fake 😀


you got to be kidding me!!!!! you know what, i am just going to stop reading this darn thing!!! (just kidding!)

cool beans… wait, it’s fake >:(

Can it get me an A !!!!! lol

r there only boys here? cuz I a girl

Yeah… It’s kinda in the name of the website…

i really wanted one of those thanks a lot cause i have school ’till june 7th

GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEEEEEEEED THAT THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

where i will get my answer???????????

where i will get my answer??????????? plz inform me


MAKE IT EXIST YOU JERKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want that robot

It is so epic

Make it real and shoot im your first costumer and help what do i do and act around my girlfriend comment plz need help

Am I the only girl here?!?!?!


I knew the star wars was fake cause Anakin built c3p-o

That is awesome!!!!!!! I need to get that



THANKS FOR CRUSHING MY HOPES OF GETTING OUT OF SCHOOL FOR A WHOLE SCHOOL YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to make so much money when my future corporation makes one of these.


We are only kids that need help with homework! Make it happen!!

yeah, make it happen!

I wish it was real…. I need help with home work so much…. I almost cried when i found out it was a prank


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This AI Robot Will Do Your Homework All Year Long For Less Than $100


It's no secret that artificial intelligence is slowly taking over.

Just kidding, sort of...

But what if AI could really do your homework; have we reached that point yet?

Many people laugh at the idea of a robot that could do your homework for you.

Others are terrified by the ideas.

No matter how you feel about it, homework doing robots are here!

Now, of course this doesn't mean you should use a writing robot to do your homework; only that you could. You know, hypothetically...

how to make a robot to do your homework

So, does the homework bot really work?

Yes, this writing bot really can do all your homework for you. Literally all you need to do is give the homework instructions to the robot, and it will complete the assignment for you in a matter of minutes! Don't believe it? Just watch the video above, and see the homework bot in action for yourself!

The way it works is simple. After you give the robot a topic, it uses artificial intelligence to write 250 words at a time. Then, you just give it a few more brief instructions, and it spits out another 250 words! Forget about staring at a blank screen for hours, or staying up all night before your next paper is due. Instead, imagine finishing that huge assignment the night it was assigned in less than an hour, and passing your class with flying colors.

Again, not that you should let a robot do all of your writing homework....

Education is important, ok?!

How are you going to learn anything if a robot is doing all of your homework? The truth is, that is none of my business. I just wanted to show you that a homework doing robot exists. What you do with that knowledge is between you and the robot!

how to make a robot to do your homework

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how to make a robot to do your homework

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Do your homework

Chat GPT

Are your students using AI bots to do theirs? After all, AI is readily available and capable as we found out

We gave ChatGPT a prompt to ‘write an editorial (300 words) for a readership of teachers on the danger of students using AI bots to do their homework for them’. This what it produced:

A cartoon of a projection of a robot coming from a laptop

Source: © Shutterstock

Could you spot a chemistry homework written by an AI bot?

As teachers, we have all seen the impact that technology can have on the classroom. From smartphones and tablets to educational software and online resources, there are countless tools that can help our students learn and grow. However, there is also a dark side to technology in education, and it is something that we need to be aware of and address.

One of the biggest concerns is the use of AI bots to do students’ homework for them. With the rise of artificial intelligence and the increasing availability of AI-powered tools, it is becoming easier and easier for students to use these bots to complete their assignments without actually learning the material.

We need to make it clear that cheating is unacceptable

On the surface, this may seem like a harmless way for students to save time and effort, but it is actually a serious problem for several reasons. First and foremost, using AI bots to do homework undermines the entire purpose of education. The goal of homework is to reinforce the concepts that students are learning in class, not to simply churn out answers without understanding them. By using AI bots to do their homework, students are cheating themselves out of a valuable learning opportunity.

Furthermore, using AI bots to do homework sets a dangerous precedent. It teaches students that they can take shortcuts and cheat their way through school, rather than putting in the hard work and effort that are necessary for success. This attitude can carry over into other areas of their lives, leading to a lack of motivation and a lack of real-world skills.

As teachers, it is our responsibility to educate our students about the dangers of using AI bots to do their homework. We need to make it clear that cheating is unacceptable and that the only way to truly learn and grow is through hard work and dedication. By taking a strong stance on this issue, we can help our students develop the skills and values that will serve them well throughout their lives. 

Chat GPT

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how to make a robot to do your homework

Homework Writing Robot With Python ( Python Program That Writes Assignment / Homework in Your Handwriting)


Introduction: Homework Writing Robot With Python ( Python Program That Writes Assignment / Homework in Your Handwriting)

Homework Writing Robot With Python ( Python Program That Writes Assignment / Homework in Your Handwriting)

A students life is full of assignments and homework. Every student gets assignment from their school and colleges, that they have to submit on time. These assignments don't add any productive value to student. Student does not learn anything by writing assignments. They just copies it from their friend's.

By doing so they are wasting their valuable time, that they can spend to do some innovative thing. They can learn something new and productive in that time rather than copying.

So, I decided to to make a Computer Program that will help them writing assignments faster . I made a program which will write assignments for the student in his/her own handwriting . They just need to paste the question and answer in a text file. And, after running the code, the assignment image will be generated . This image will have the assignment content in student's handwriting . This image can be easily shared and submitted .

Student will be able to complete one page of assignment in less than a minute .

  • Software/Application to Crop Images

Step 1: Collecting Your Handwriting Images

Collecting Your Handwriting Images

You need to write all the alphabets, numbers and symbols.

  • Write all the possible special characters like " ' , . ? ! = + - * etc.

Step 2: Processing Handwriting Images

Processing Handwriting Images

Use any document scanner or editor to :

  • Make background white and homogeneous.

Step 3: Cropping Individual Characters

Cropping Individual Characters

Now you have crop each character.

So, select any image size (dimensions height x width) and keep it fix for entire duration. I used 60x40 image size.

Adjust the cropping window such that, the character should be at exactly center of the cropped image.

Save these all images in a separate folder . The will be accessed in the code with the path to folder.

Name the cropped images as per the character they contain. For example :- image for ' a ' can be named as a.png whereas image for ' A ' can be named as ' a_capital ' or ' a_c ', so it will be easy to access them in code.

Step 4: Adding Content in a TEXT File

Adding Content in a TEXT File

The content that needs to be written must be pasted in a text file. This content will be as it is converted to your handwriting . So, go through the file and correct all spelling mistakes and punctuation errors .

The path to this text file will be used in the code.

Step 5: Open Python IDLE/IDE

Open Python IDLE/IDE

Import the following libraries.

We will be using only these three libraries. Of which os comes preinstalled with python.

Step 6: Opening File

Opening File

use open function to open the text file

Step 7: Read Image

Read Image

Use the following code to read or open the image. Here i used "a.png" image which was in the same folder, you can provide path to the image you want.

Step 8: Concatenate Horizontally

Concatenate Horizontally

hconcat joins two or more images horizontally i.e. side by side. The images to be concatenated need to be passed in the form of list . Concatenated image is generated and stored in variable imgh.

Step 9: Concatenate Vertically

Concatenate Vertically

vconcat joins two or more images vertically i.e. one above another . The images to be concatenated need to be passed in the form of list . Concatenated image is generated and stored in variable imgv.

Step 10: Display Image

Display Image

imshow - shows or displays the image 'i mg ' with the name ' Image name ' in the output .

Step 11: Storing the Final Result Image

Storing the Final Result Image

imwrite - stores the image ' img ' with the name provided at the the provided path.

Step 12: Input


This was the provided input to the code.

The content that need to be generated as assignment is pasted in the text file. Now onwards you don't need to waste time in writing useless assignments. Just copy it from somewhere, paste here in text file. And your homework will be done by this program,

Provide path to this text file in code.

All this text need to be converted into the handwriting of student.

Step 13: Output


This is the output we got.

The text is converted to handwriting without touching pen and paper. It is like magic.

The computer wrote homework/ assignment for us in out handwriting. It is like homework writing robot. That converts text to my handwriting without my intervention. That to within seconds. Copy your friends assignment without touching pen and paper.

No need of pen and paper. All writing work is done by computer. Automatic Writing Machine. This is a homework doing robot., made in python language. We used python code to do all of this.

Python code to write assignments. Python automates homework assignment. this is an Auto writing software which can write any thing. you just need to paste the text in the text file. it will automatically generate assignment for you. Robot writes assignment and robot do the homework. Robot copies my handwriting.

Complete assignment automatically. complete assignment without writing actually. someone writes homework for you. do homework without touching pen and paper. homework doing machine or writing machine. best for engineering students to write assignments. this is an Auto Assignment Writer for you. Best for essay competition 2021. Computer robot program generates and replicates handwriting. Do my homework robot. This robot will do homework for you.

For more details watch video : Explanation with code

Python Everyday!!!

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Participated in the DIY Summer Camp Contest

how to make a robot to do your homework

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This is really cool. If you wanted to make the letters look different, you could take multiple samples of your handwriting and have some sort of way that randomises what comes out.

Python EveryDay

Reply 1 year ago

Yes, it has endless possibilites.


2 years ago

Good Job #######%%%%%!!!

The Tech Edvocate

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The Best Age Magic Black Friday Deals

Thriving after making bad grades, 4 misunderstandings about multiple-choice questions, advice from college admissions officers, how to save your gpa, instructional design 101 for beginners, how to make getting into college easier, why the dimo autopi is the perfect holiday gift, what part do grades play in college admissions, questions that high school students have about college admissions, why do homework, when you can make a robot do it.

how to make a robot to do your homework

Robots are infiltrating our daily lives. They are cleaning our floors, driving us around on campus or the golf course, operating on people, flipping hamburgers, and they’re teaching children in Asia. There are even robots like mBot that teaches kids about robotics.

Robots are meant to automate repetitive tasks, leaving humans free for more creative and rewarding endeavors. And what is more repetitive than having to copy text from a book several times?

The writing robot that can copy texts for students

Enter a very enterprising young Chinese teen. She used the money she received over Chinese New Year to buy a so-called copying robot to do her homework for her. In all fairness, the homework, in this case, was to copy passages from a textbook. Chinese teachers give this kind of homework, even during the Lunar Year holidays, so students can practice the thousands of Chinese characters that make up Mandarin Chinese.

The device, a metal frame, and pen comes with the marketing message that it could “imitate all sorts of handwriting”. In her case, the device performed perfectly, finishing all her homework in record time and in her handwriting. The incident was reported , including the destruction of the device by the girl’s mother. Far from being criticized for her dishonesty, the girl was praised by netizens for her initiative and the company that manufactures the writing robot has been inundated with inquiries ever since.

In an investigation, the South China Morning Post found several entries for a so-called “copying robot” on the e-commerce platform Taobao. It seems like a good idea to let a robot do something for you that is boring and repetitive, but you have to ask yourself if that’s a sensible thing to do. Surely you miss out on a learning opportunity if you let a robot do your work for you.

That doesn’t mean that robots cannot be useful when it comes to school homework. Rather than doing the work for you, your robot can help you to do the work and master the concepts in the curriculum. 

The robot that can do math homework

For kids who might feel burdened by too much homework, the future holds much promise. Christopher Yan and Derek He have come up with a concept of a homework-solving robot. Their prototype can solve math homework. What’s more, when it’s completed, the robot will be able to write the answers according to the user’s handwriting, so a teacher won’t suspect that the work was not done by the student. Their project known as Homework Help , picked up the top honors at this year’s PennApps, one of the largest student hackathons in the world, held at University of Pennsylvania.

It seems there is a need for robots that can help students with their homework. Scientists have noticed that children form close emotional bonds with social robots. It is not yet clear why this is so, but educators can exploit this to help students with their studies. Robots can, and do, add a fun aspect to learning. They can also add a fun aspect to homework.

Harnassing Edtech’s Disruptive Power

Technology collaboration results in improved success.

' src=

Matthew Lynch

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