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homework help with statistic

Step-by-Step Statistics Solutions

Get help on your statistics homework with our easy-to-use statistics calculators.

Here, you will find all the help you need to be successful in your statistics class. Check out our statistics calculators to get step-by-step solutions to almost any statistics problem. Choose from topics such as numerical summary, confidence interval, hypothesis testing, simple regression and more.

homework help with statistic

Statistics Calculators

Table and graph, numerical summary, basic probability, discrete distribution, continuous distribution, sampling distribution, confidence interval, hypothesis testing, two population, population variance, goodness of fit, analysis of variance, simple regression, multiple regression, time series analysis.

Teach yourself statistics

Statistics and Probability

This website provides training and tools to help you solve statistics problems quickly, easily, and accurately - without having to ask anyone for help.

Online Tutorials

Learn at your own pace. Free online tutorials cover statistics, probability, regression, analysis of variance, survey sampling, and matrix algebra - all explained in plain English.

  • Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics . Full coverage of the AP Statistics curriculum.
  • Probability . Fundamentals of probability. Clear explanations with pages of solved problems.
  • Linear Regression . Regression analysis with one or more independent variables.
  • ANOVA . Analysis of variance made easy. How to collect, analyze, and interpret data.
  • Survey Sampling . How to conduct a statistical survey and analyze survey data.
  • Matrix Algebra . Easy-to-understand introduction to matrix algebra.

Practice and review questions reinforce key points. Online calculators take the drudgery out of computation. Perfect for self-study.

AP Statistics

Here is your blueprint for test success on the AP Statistics exam.

  • AP Tutorial : Study our free, AP statistics tutorial to improve your skills in all test areas.
  • Practice exam : Test your understanding of key topics, through sample problems with detailed solutions.

Be prepared. Get the score that you want on the AP Statistics test.

Random Number Generator

Produce a list of random numbers, based on your specifications.

  • Control list size (generate up to 10,000 random numbers).
  • Specify the range of values that appear in your list.
  • Permit or prevent duplicate entries.

Free and easy to use.

Sample Size Calculator

Create powerful, cost-effective survey sampling plans.

  • Find the optimum design (most precision, least cost).
  • See how sample size affects cost and precision.
  • Compare different survey sampling methods.
  • Assess statistical power and Type II errors.

Tailor your sampling plan to your research needs.

Stat Toolbox

Check out our statistical tables and online calculators - fast, accurate, and user-friendly.

Discrete probability distributions

  • Hypergeometric
  • Multinomial
  • Negative binomial
  • Poisson distribution

Continuous probability distributions

  • f-Distribution
  • Normal distribution
  • t-Distribution

Special-purpose calculators

  • Bayes Rule Calculator
  • Combination-Permutation
  • Event Counter
  • Factorial Calculator
  • Bartlett's Test Calculator
  • Statistics Calculator
  • Probability Calculator

Each calculator features clear instructions, answers to frequently-asked questions, and a one or more problems with solutions to illustrate calculator use.

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AP®︎/College Statistics

Unit 1: exploring categorical data, unit 2: exploring one-variable quantitative data: displaying and describing, unit 3: exploring one-variable quantitative data: summary statistics, unit 4: exploring one-variable quantitative data: percentiles, z-scores, and the normal distribution, unit 5: exploring two-variable quantitative data, unit 6: collecting data, unit 7: probability, unit 8: random variables and probability distributions, unit 9: sampling distributions, unit 10: inference for categorical data: proportions, unit 11: inference for quantitative data: means, unit 12: inference for categorical data: chi-square, unit 13: inference for quantitative data: slopes, unit 14: prepare for the 2022 ap®︎ statistics exam.

homework help with statistic

  • > Statistics

Statistics Help & Practice

Our Statistics tutors have you covered with our complete stats help – be it Introduction to Statistics, Probability and Statistics, Elementary Statistics, or Business Statistics. Learn stats with ease!

Just like your Statistics class or textbook, our comprehensive stats help includes topics such as Descriptive Statistics, Inferential Statistics, Hypothesis testing, Probability, Regression, Correlation, Empirical rule, T-test, Standard deviation, and more. Learn the concepts with our stats tutorials that show you step-by-step solutions to even the hardest statistics problems. Then, strengthen your understanding with tons of statistics practice.

All our lessons are taught by experienced Statistics teachers. Let's finish your homework in no time, and ACE that final.

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homework help with statistic

Make math click 💡 and get better grades! Join for Free

Currently learning, become a member to get more, practice results, suggested tasks, 1 basic concepts , 2 data representation, 3 data interpretation, 4 discrete probabilities, 5 normal distribution and z-score, 6 confidence intervals, 7 combinatorics, 8 probability, 9 set theory, 10 hypothesis testing, free to join, easily see your progress.

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What are statistics.

Statistics – the math and science of data collection, analysis, visualization, and interpretation. Typically paired with the study of probability, the study of likelihoods for a particular event, statistics can also be described as the study of events given a series of probabilities. A statistic on the other hand, is the result that is yielded after data is analysed. A statistic can be described as descriptive or inferential. Descriptive statistics provide general summaries such as the distribution, spread and centre of a dataset. Inferential statistics involves data analysis on just a sample of the population to make inferences on the larger population as a whole.

As suggested by Wells, Statistics math and probability math are both important topics you will likely encounter or require further on in life. At the very least, statistics are paramount in helping make major decisions that will have some effect on you. Governments are frequently tasked with collecting statistics from the population to inform them on the status of issues and how they can better serve the public. Academically speaking, be it in this course, an introduction to statistics course, probability and statistics or introduction to probability class, the purpose and study of statistics is to equip with you with strong mathematical induction and deduction skills when faced with data. Furthermore through exposure of the best practices in data collection, data analysis, data representation, and interpretation, the study of statistics aims to improve your analytical and problem-solving skills.

How to learn statistics?

Learning statistics begins here and now at StudyPug ! We cover topics that span first and second year statistics courses, business statistics, probability and statistics for engineering and statistics, and even stats for dummies. Learning stats online has never been more easier!

Begin by following along our many statistics videos and let our expert statistics tutor guide you through statistics examples and similar statistical math problems you need help with for that stats homework. Work side by side these statistics tutorials, pause, jump back, or jump ahead - our lessons are available to you 24/7! Some lessons are built on preceding lessons or core concepts, so be sure to build a strong foundation on these fundamental principals. Once you feel confident that you have grasped the essence of the lessons, take your learning a step further by practicing with our inventory of questions! We offer up to 208 unique, mathematical statistics practice questions for this course so take your time in your own convenience of practicing whenever or wherever you may be! This final step is best way to solidify and reinforce your learning so we highly recommend not skipping this last step!

Remember that our lessons and tutors are always there for you – experiencing difficulty in solving a specific question? Revisit the topic lesson, revise the different examples and go through the steps in solving similar problems. Learn the key tidbits and pointers to help you remember how to tackle similar questions effortlessly!

Looking for a specific Statistics Course or topic?

While there are a lot of Statistics topics covered here, some may be out of the scope of your current stats class. Visit us here at our Statistics Help page where we have listed ALL things statistical just for you!

Is statistics hard?

Here at StudyPug we do our best to give you all the stats help you need because we know that statistics can be hard. Perhaps you have already become aware that statistics is still math and you are no good at math. Therefore you have already come to the conclusion that statistics is hard and that this is going to be a tedious and painful experience. But just like Geometry, Calculus, Abstract Algebra, or Trigonometry, there are challenges and topics that are going to be more difficult than others.

The good news for you is that our stats tutors have ensured that statistics made easy is a reality here at StudyPug! With our stats study guide, we have all levels of statistics covered starting from basic statistics, stats for dummies all the way up to advanced university statistics! Use our resources to clear up your confusions with confidence intervals, distinguish between permutations and combinations, identify different types of distributions in statistics, and know the importance of hypothesis testing. Leave with no question unanswered and discover new study skills and tips to maximize your time revising!

Never fret over troubling statistic questions again and receive statistics homework help instantly with our stats tutors always at the ready! Missed statistics class? We have you covered - take on that test, quiz, or homework assignment with confidence and learn statistics online with us. Trust us to take you through the most challenging topics and come out of our lessons a master of statistics and with a renewed attitude towards statistics!

How to pass statistics?

So you have made it this far in the course and need help with that upcoming midterm, or exam. Fear not, StudyPug can get you up to speed with our comprehensive statistics review regime! Our stats tutors are well acquainted with how to help students with their statistics exam prep. With a wealth of testing experience under their belts, our tutors are well informed as to what to expect in your upcoming exam, and how to prepare for it. A stats test can be overwhelming and intimidating with all the material that needs to be covered, so be sure to plan and exercise statistics revision habits well in advance!

Revise statistics topics that you need help with by watching or re-watching our video lessons. With over 1000's of lessons and step-by-step examples, we have made easy practice out of statistics for you! Quickly refresh your memory on concepts, learn and understand the steps required to solve your statistical problems. Don't stop at watching video lessons, as practice is quintessential for you to pass statistics! By practicing you are actually testing your knowledge and understanding of the topics, so consider this as a practice test! Do as many questions you can and exhaust our supply of practice questions! Our tutors, in helping you prepare for that exam, quiz, or test, have handpicked these questions and identified these questions as the same kinds to expect in your upcoming assessments! With our 24/7 help and 24/7 online statistics course access, revise up till the very end if you have to! Our short yet all encompassing video lessons will give you all the statistics help you need and meet your crash course statistics needs. Never lose sleep again over worrying about how to pass statistics, let us help you put that fear to rest and ace that test!

My Statistics textbook is called The Practice of Statistics . Can your statistics math course help?

Yes! We cover all the topics in your textbook. Our statistics class also contains help on all materials you will find in other common textbooks, such as Mathematical Statistics with Applications , Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers , Elementary Statistics , and Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists .

I'm taking Business Statistics in a college. Is this the right course for me?

Our College Statistics help contains lessons covering materials from basic statistics to college statistics. We have video tutorials on any topics from first and up to second year stats courses!

What are the prerequisites for Statistics?

A prerequisite for this course is either Algebra 2 or Precalculus , and after you mastered Statistics, your follow up course should be either Calculus 1 or AP Calculus AB.

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Students and parents love our math help, but don't take our word for it….

homework help with statistic

When we saw our son's grades we looked online for a convenient, affordable and effective solution. StudyPug has been a great investment.

This website saved my butt last semester. I am using it againthis semester. Dennis is the best online tutor... I also like that I can watch videos over and over until I really understand the concept. If you want to save time, sign up...it's only ten bucks and it saved me hours of study time. Thanks, Dennis!

I get a whole library of videos that covers everything from basic to complex mathematics for a very low monthly price. Excellent videos, easy-to-understand and most of all they work. My math test results are 10 points higher than last semester.

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24/7 Statistics Help

Tell us your statistics question, and we’ll connect you with an online tutor in seconds. Get expert statistics help anytime, anywhere.


How Our Statistics Tutors Can Help

Whatever you're working on, your online tutor will walk you step-by-step through the problem and the solution. Check homework answers, solve a question you're stuck on, or let us help you study for your next statistics test.  Watch how it works.  

Raise Your Statistics Grade

96% of students say they improved their grades with Princeton Review tutors.* Our online classroom is equipped with all the tools you need for homework success. Upload a problem set, practice drawing distribution curves on the interactive whiteboard, and chat with your tutor until your statistics question is answered.

math stats homework help

Your Statistics Tutor is Waiting

Get 24/7 statistics help—no appointment needed. Our statistics tutors are online now.

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homework help with statistic

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Statistics Homework Help 24/7

Whether you’re studying statistics at the high school or at intro college-level, you can always get expert help at Tutor. Our statistics tutors are available 24/7—no appointments needed. Just tell us what type of statistics homework problem you’re working on, and we’ll match you to the best tutor to help.

Statistics Tutors Online Now

Our stats tutors are the best. And, they are online right now, ready to help with everything from correlations to probabilities to permutations. They’ll help you solve tough statistics homework problems, double check your answers and make sure you understand key concepts before the next test. These are just a few of the topics a tutor can help you master:

  • Least squares
  • Statistical significance
  • Bayes’ Theorem
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Prediction Interval
  • Combinations
  • Expectation values

One-to-One Statistics Tutoring

We believe in one-to-one, personalized tutoring. Our students agree. Ninety percent of students who use Tutor report better grades and completing homework on time. That’s why every session you have with us is one-to-one and personalized to you.

You’ll work with a statistics tutor in our online classroom. Find the right equations and work through calculations on our interactive whiteboard. Your tutor can also help you find worksheets and practice problems to further hone your skills.

Start Getting Better Grades in Stats

Find a statistics tutor now and start getting better grades in statistics. Tutors are online 24/7—no appointments needed!

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Pay us to help with statistics homework, current order activity, pay for online stats homework help from experienced statistics homework helpers and statistics tutors.

We offer the fastest statistics homework help for any deadlince. Simply get help by clicking on the button to request a quote,negotiate your homework price, pay for the task and wait for the statistics solutions.

Whether you are studying statistics at an advanced level or basic level, our statistics tutors can answer your “do my statistics homework ” request better than anyone else can. Wondering what makes us unique? We offer a variety or services ranging from statistics help for college students, statistics help for dissertation, help with statistics online class at any academic level among other services

Sometimes you want to solve your statistics homework problems but have no clue how to do so. Our writers ensure that they provide a detailed breakdown of how the solution was obtained for easy follow up whenever necessary.To top it all up, our prices are affordable for all students in all parts of the globe.

homework help with statistic

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RELATED Services

  • Hire a Statistician


  • What is statistics
  • Analytical software used in statistics
  • Branches of statistics
  • Limitations of statistics
  • Functions of statistics in real life situations
  • Application of statistics
  • Understanding probability distribution
  • Historical development of statistics
  • Understanding measures of variability
  • Statistical hypothesis testing
  • Differences between descriptive and inferential statistics

Why you should hire us to do your statistics assignment today!

There are a number of reasons why we are the most preferred paid homework help service for college students. Besides wide coverage that offers statistics help for students completing dissertations,here is a list of why we remain the best statistics homework solvers.

Deliver 100% correct solutions 98% of the time

Unlike essays or research papers, it is possible to score 100% after solving statistical problems. For such performance, accuracy and competence are key. Through several hours of practice our writers have perfected their statistical skills. They can handle tasks in any level of complexity and score amazing results.

Deliver all tasks assigned within the deadline

We can handle assignments within any deadline. It does not matter if your assignment is due in 2 weeks or a few hours, our assignment helpers can deliver last minute answers and still score 100%.

24/ 7 Availability - no appointments needed

Its does not matter if it is 3 A.M in the morning, our statisticians can provide " homework help answers " as needed. Simply contact us via any of the options listed here and a support representative will answer your call immediately. You can also order directly by placing an order at our order page .

Get statistics math help online in all topics from our tested statistics homework helpers

Statistics is a broad subject with various topics. some of the topics that you can secure help with include:.

  • Least squares
  • Chi-squared tests
  • Correlation coefficients
  • Binomial distribution
  • Statistical significance
  • Bayes’ Theorem
  • Normal Distribution
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Prediction Interval
  • Poisson distribution
  • Combinations
  • Expectation values

Our "Do my statistics homework for money" services are very broad

We handle all other topics related to statistics that may not be listed above. For instance, we also offer statistics project help services. In addition, we can help you conduct analysis on any data using different software. Some of of the software related requests that we receive from most students include:

  • Spss assignment help
  • Stata assignment help
  • R programming assignment help
  • Statcrunch assignment help
  • Matlab homework help

How do we price our online Statistics project help services?

When customers come to us and tell us "do my statistics homework for me online", they often need help with a range of services that includes simple questions to detailed statistical projects. For us to render the best statistics services, there are a number of factors that we bear in mind as we determine the price for the order. These include:

How difficult or complex the statistics assignment is.

Your current level of study, the deadline before submission, the number of problems to be solved, who offers statistics assignment help in australia, uk, us or india.

A student could be worried that their psychology assignment is a little too complex that friends and classmates can’t comfortably help? This is not a concern when they choose us, as their requirements won’t be handled by just anyone but a qualified professional whose primary task is to help them score good grades. We recruit the most experienced professionals in the market, capable of handling any assignment. We also match your advanced assignment needs to the most qualified and experienced assignment doers to ensure our clients receive quality help.

We are online! This means that whether a student is in Sydney, Miami, or any other geographical location, they get a chance to access our fast and experienced experts’ help. It gets better; since they don’t have to leave their room, and we are available around the clock, they enjoy the convenience of receiving our help wherever and whenever they need it. This is unlike soliciting help from friends as they have to wait for them to be available to accommodate their request, not to mention that they might be challenged by the assignment as well.

Can I pay someone for dissertation statistics help as well?

Yes, you can. You can pay us to solve your dissertation problems at an affordable fee. With our services, you won’t gamble with your grades while wasting your hard-earned cash as we offer the cheapest rates in the market, but don’t confuse it with low-quality output. We tirelessly work to consistently deliver top-notch statistics help, to the point of offering service guarantee to showcase how serious we take our endeavors. With our money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that you are only paying for nothing short of the best.

Is online college statistics help for students safe?

The best part about online statistics help is that your geographical location does not limit you as you can access it, whether you are in the UK, Asia, or the USA, among other regions. You could, however, be concerned by how safe it is to hire an online tutor. With our services, you can rest assured that your information is safe, as we implement rigorous safety measures to caution against cyber threats. We also utilize reputable payment gateways to ensure that you only use options you are most comfortable with.

Is psychology statistics help worth my money?

Yes,it is. Psychology statistics is one of the most commonly tested statistics fields globally. Consequently, we have curated a well trained group of experts in this area who will see to it that you score nothing short of a B in your statistics tasks. As an additional bonus, we ensure all our writers can explain their thoughts cohelently for you to follow through. This ensures, faced by a similar task in future, you can confidently handle it on your own.

What are the benefits of using our "statistics project help" services ?

Improving their grades is the top benefit any student, regardless of their course or academic level, enjoys from our services. If you are worried that your skills are not at par with what is expected, then your pursuit of our help is well-informed. We hire the best and experienced experts, ensuring that your statistics project is thoroughly addressed, guaranteeing that you impress your professor and score good grades. Another benefit is that we help you to improve your skills at your pace. Our personalized help lets you learn at your pace and comfortably hone your skills without risking your grades, as would be the case if you submitted substandard statistics project and learn from your professor's remarks. In addition to being a valuable learning tool, enlisting our professional statistics project services helps you to manage your time. We save you considerable time that you could use to explore other interests, ensuring you get the most out of your schooling period.

What our customers say:

We have offered chemistry homework help to 10,000+ students to date. Here is what a few of them think about the services that we offer

I have realized different essay companies perform different for various fields. This is the best company for assignments. They are fast, neat and accurate.

homework help with statistic

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I tried this website after being referred by a friend. So far, they have completed over 10 assignments for me. Am glad I found them

United States

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Dont compromise on quality Our assignment helpers can solve all your assignment problems perfectly.

Statistics Assignment Help


homework help with statistic


We provide assistance with almost every topic in the field of statistics starting from basic school level to post graduation level. Whether its probability theory, distribution functions, random variables, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, Regression, tests or statistical analysis help in various statistics softwares like SAS, R, EXCEL, MINITAB, MATLAB, SPSS, STATA, PYTHON, E-VIEWS, JMP etc.

Comprehensive Reporting

Extensive, Explanatory and well formatted statistical report writing with graphs and software outputs.

Latest Statistical Softwares

Application and practice of latest statistical softwares like sas, spss, minitab, matlab, stata, python etc.

Outputs and Codes

Exhaustive & analytical assignment solutions accompanied by statistical software codes, plots and outputs.

Accurate Analysis

Precise and thorough analysis of your statistical data with right interpretation and conclusion.

Plagiarism-Free Solution

Plagiarism free university standard solutions with post delivery clarifications and amendments if necessary.

High Quality Guaranteed

Guaranteed superior quality statistical analysis and reports in accordance with global university standards.

Step By Step Solutions

Detailed step by step solutions for mathematical statistics problems for easy understanding & learning.

Availability & Support

Round the clock availability of services through livechat, whatsapp and email for a stress free communication.

Exam Assistance

Assistance with online quizzes, weekly assignments, tests, discussion questions and exam preparation with A-grade assurance.


Use promo code "shdmenew", statistics assignment help.

Statistics Help Desk is a team of accredited and seasoned experts in the field of statistics dedicated to providing valuable assistance to statistics students and scholars worldwide. We have specialized tutors and experts available 24X7 to assist students in statistical problem solving and tutoring. We are committed to maintaining a qualitative and transparent approach when delivering our core services like statistics assignment help, statistics homework help, Statistical data analysis and assistance in projects, dissertations and research. We have a competitive advantage of a group of expert tutors with extensive academic as well as industrial experience. We provide personalized, customized and tailored solutions for all the help you need in statistics subject.

Wondering how to do my statistics homework ?

Simply submit your statistics homework and we will solve it for you. Upload here or email us at [email protected]


homework help with statistic

I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the wonderful service you provide. I have used this service three times each time I have got back exactly what I asked for, so efficient with deadlines got two assignment back early and best of all top grades. I would highly recommend this service. Definitely 5* for quality.

homework help with statistic

I received your mail and gone through the results of the assignment. I am really amazed with the results and about the incredible work you guys did for me? Thank you again, awesome job!

homework help with statistic

Thank you so very much for your precise, thorough, and outstanding responses to my questions. the best part of all is I actually got to know what you guyz did and why you did it!!! I am very grateful and will recommend you to all my Statistics deficient friends and aquaintances.


We provide assistance with tasks involving the application of latest statistical softwares

sas homework help

Use SA10RAM to get 10%* Discount.


Other Services

Statistics homework help get a+ grade statistics homework solution guaranteed.

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  • Please select a deadline that is feasible to work on. Sometimes low deadlines lead to low-quality or no work. Hence, please choose a reasonable deadline for everyone to take care of.

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  • Please Upload all instruction files and if possible some relevant material.
  • Please avoid attaching duplicate files .
  • In case of a larger file size(>25MB), please send it through the public drive link.

Statistics Homework Help Reviews

Statistics homework help.

homework help with statistic

Henrietta Terry


Caesar Rice

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There are many students nowadays who are getting frustrated and searching for the best Statistics Homework Help. We know students face many issues with statistics. So we are here to provide you with help in statistics. We always deliver what students want with guidelines provided by their universities. Many students struggle with the concepts of mathematics. That is why they are unable to write effective answers to their statistics homework questions. As a result, they found statistics to be a nightmare. But not anymore! We are here with the best statistics homework helpers.

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Our statistics homework helps here to give you full satisfaction and also helps you with other additional services. Provide the necessary details to us and let our experts answer your statistics queries in the best way. So without wasting more time on search quality statistics homework help, get in touch with us now for statistics help. Besides this, students can take our statisticians' help from anywhere. We offer our service in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and more from native experts. If you have any queries feel free to contact our experts. We are available 24/7 to support you here with the best help in statistics.

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Getting an A+ grade in Statistics homework (or assignments) is a challenging task for most students. It requires a massive amount of time, along with the focus and advanced knowledge of statistics topics. Many students don't have enough time to do their homework because they already have a hectic schedule for other subjects. Statistics also contains a variety of complex topics. That is why sometimes students wouldn't be able to do their statistics homework and have to seek the best statistics helper or statistics homework help provider.

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If you want to know why we are the best option for your statistics homework help, then there are multiple reasons to cover this statement. First of all, we have been providing statistics homework help since 2012. As a result, from 2012 till now we have successfully delivered more than 20,000 solved homework. Secondly, we have dedicated teams of experts and all have minimum experience of more than 2 to 3 years. Thirdly, those homework/assignments provided by us are 100% plagiarism/error free, which means that you can easily submit your homework without any doubt.

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What Is Statistics?

Statistics is a branch of applied mathematics Statistics is used in many different fields to help make decisions. Several statistical methods are used to get the conclusion for organized data (mainly numerical data) and make the best visualization of this data. The primary purpose of statistics is to make the raw or displayed data more useful for the statisticians.

Let's get some more details about statistics

Statistics are used in almost every scientific system, including the physical and social sciences, business, the humanities, government, and manufacturing. Statistics is an applied mathematics branch (students can take applied statistics assignment help from us) that evolved from calculus and linear algebra to probability theory. Statistics is the concept that we may learn about the features of large groups of objects or events (a population) by examining the characteristics of a smaller number of similar things or events (a sample). Because, in many circumstances, acquiring complete data about an entire population is too expensive, impractical, or impossible.

Example Of Statistics

Suppose that you want to calculate the average number of students who got below 50% in their final exams. You also have to calculate the difference between their marks with other students' marks. We can solve this complex problem with statistical reports. Our experts will provide you with various examples in statistics help service so that you can easily understand all the statistical concepts.

What are the Two Major Branches Of Statistics?

Descriptive statistics.

A short descriptive coefficient summarizes the data set, which can be either a team of the entire or a sample of the population. It is the measure of central tendencies and variable measures. Descriptive statistics are concerned primarily with the central tendency, variability, and distribution of sample data.

The estimate of the features, a specific aspect of a sample or population, is referred to as central tendency, and it comprises descriptive statistics such as mean, median, and mode.

Types of descriptive statistics

  • Central tendency measures
  • Measures of Central Tendency include Mean, Median, and Mode. It is used to find the center point value of the numerical dataset.
  • Variability measures

Inferential Statistics

Inferential statistics is a set of assumptions that are made based on information found by Descriptive Statistics. This type of statistics takes a random sample of data taken from a population to describe and make deductions about that population. Inferential statistics are tools used by statisticians to draw inferences about the characteristics of a population-based on the features of a sample and determine how certain they may be about the reliability of those findings.

Statistics, which quantify the central tendency, variability, distribution, and correlations between attributes within a data sample, can provide an accurate picture of the corresponding parameters of the entire population from which the sample is drawn based on sample size and distribution.

Types of inferential statistics

  • Regression analysis
  • Analysis of variance (ANOVA)
  • Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA)
  • Statistical significance (t-test)

Difference Between Descriptive Statistics And Inferential Statistics

Descriptive statistics are used to characterize or summarize a sample's properties or data collection, such as the mean, standard deviation, or frequency of a variable. In contrast, inferential statistics uses various approaches to relate variables in a data set to one another, such as correlation or regression analysis. These can then be utilized to make predictions or infer causality.

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Students find statistics homework is always complex in nature and need help with statistics. Therefore, the students can have some concerns with their homework. To overcome their concern, they search on the internet to do my statistics homework help online. But having these kinds of services is always challenging for the students. The best way to find out the help is to search over the internet with the term like do my statistics homework for me. Whenever you search with this term, then you get plenty of results. We would recommend you to go with the top ones. And then cross-check the experts' credibility with reviews websites. In this way, you can find Statistics help as the solution to your problem, i.e., who can do my statistics homework easily.

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Yes, you can. You should follow some steps and then pay someone to do my stats homework. The first one is to take the help of your fellows. Apart from that, you can also ask your seniors for your help. They can suggest to you the most reliable experts all because of their experience. You can search over the internet with terms like I need someone to do my statistics homework and you will get plenty of results. You can check their reviews and ask them for their previous work sample to cross-verify the experts. Keep in mind that you should be careful to hire and pay someone to do statistics homework. Our Experts are always ready to give you help in statistics questions.

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Statistics is a field of mathematics that students are disclosed to mostly in middle school. The subject teaches students how to create graphs and charts to express mathematical data statistically. It mostly works with numerical numbers and uses charts and graphs to concisely display a large amount of information. It also necessitates the memorization of formulas in order for students to solve arithmetic problems.

Despite the fact that statistics is a highly scientific topic, many students hate it and are unable to get the concepts and basics of this subject, which is heavily used by bankers and others in charge of keeping records. You just can't wish away statistics tasks given by your teacher at school. Thankfully, many statistics homework solvers offer help to students struggling with this topic. Therefore, it is also beneficial to consider our experts and get the best and easiest solutions to learn the concepts of statistics.

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Statistics can be a complex subject for students, especially if they do not have a background in mathematics. However, it is a critical subject that is essential in many fields, such as business, social sciences, and engineering. If you are struggling with statistics homework, it is essential to seek help from experts. Here are some reasons why you should get statistics homework help online from dedicated experts:

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Lastly, getting statistics homework help online from dedicated experts is wise. So, what are you waiting for get the best statistics homework help now!

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Our professional statistics homework helpers provide students the best homework help service. Most of our experts are Ph.D. scholars or retired professors, and they have the experience to deal with complicated statistics problems. So, don't take any stress regarding your statistics homework.

There are numerous help providers on the internet available for students to help with statistics. But they charge too much from students for a single homework assignment. However, some students are not able to take help from them due to their high-price services. But now you have come to the right place where you will get valuable and relevant solutions for your payings. We charge a very nominal cost for students to do their homework. Thousands of students worldwide have become our regular customers only because they get a satisfying value here for their investment. So, don't waste your precious time anymore, and contact us and get the best college homework help for statistics.

We offer qualitative statistics help for students over quantitative

Too much statistics homework may be hectic; this always leads to searching for the best statistics help for students. Yes, there are several resources that can help students with their statistics homework. You may go to a number of these websites and narrow down your choices based on customer comments and reviews. You can also compare our service with others, and finally find our statistics homework help is the best.

After registering as a student with our website that offers help with statistics homework, all you have to do is post your query on the website and wait for responses through email and the live chat option. Our websites have many statisticians, and you may get responses to your inquiries in as little as 2 minutes.

Once you pay us token money, we immediately start working on your homework queries. We always deliver the best service that recognizes for its qualitative work instead of quantitative work. This always helps us confidently say that we are the best service in the world. So, just get in touch with our statisticians by today!

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Have you ever thought about what makes someone an expert? You may be thinking that the experience of someone makes them experts. But this is not a complete truth. Nowadays, the experts are less experienced but highly skilled. Here at Statanalytica, each of our statistics experts is highly skilled. In a short time, they have solved many statistics homework. Because of their efforts and skills, we are offering the best help with statistics homework online.

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List Of Statistics Projects That You Can Take From Our Statistics Experts

If you have any pending statistics projects, then don't worry. Here is a list of statistics projects that you can take from our statistic experts in order to achieve A+ grades in your statistics project:

College statistics homework help

It involves advanced statistics that require lots of skills to solve the questions. We know that the students don’t have enough time to sharpen their skills. Therefore the students are looking for the best college statistics help to submit their homework with the given deadline. If you are also looking for the same help, then you are in the right place.

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Psychology students are also required to do psychology statistics homework. But the psychology students are not ready to solve the complicated statistics homework. Therefore they search for the best Psychology statistics assignment help from the experts.

Business statistics assignment help

Business statistics homework involves intermediate-level statistics. Business statistics is one of the crucial parts of business studies. It is quite helpful to solve the majority of business problems. Therefore it is included in the business studies courses. Most business studies students don’t have time to solve the statistics homework. Thus they search for business statistics homework help.

Elementary statistics homework help

For students, elementary statistics is a critical subject. Many students face difficulties while trying to complete their elementary statistics homework. So they want elementary statistics homework help from experienced experts. To learn the introduction of statistics and the advanced level of statistics, you may go through our best elementary statistics homework help. Get elementary statistics homework help here. Post your elementary statistics homework questions and get answers from qualified and experienced experts.

Probability assignment help

Sometimes, the students need to have the probability and statistics homework help. Advanced probability and advanced statistics are useful for business and computer science students.

AP statistics homework help

AP statistics stands for advanced placement statistics. It is useful for college-level students. Before the placement of the students, they need to submit the AP homework to the college. Therefore they need to have the best Help with AP statistics homework to get the best placement.

CPM statistics homework help

CPM statistics homework is for those students who want to learn everything about statistics. Most of the students who wish to become a statistician require to submit that statistics homework. We are helping those students with the help of our CPM statistics help.

Check The Sample Question Submitted By Our Experts For Statistics Homework

The following histogram displays the difference between the actual and “ideal” weights distribution for 119 female students.

statistics sample question

What is the shape of the distribution (approx)?

  • Nearly symmetric.
  • Skewed to the right.
  • Skewed to the left.

The median of the distribution is (approx):

  • -10 pounds.

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Samples are the reflection of the solutions provided by the homework help providers. That is why for your ease, we have provided the sample solutions. Check it once and place your order after your satisfaction.

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Here, we have answered the students' queries (asked by them to our customer support executives) regarding our solutions' quality, delivery, privacy, plagiarism, experts, and more. Go through each FAQ for a better understanding of our service.

Yes, you can. We have a live chat option on our official website. You can contact us and get in touch with our support team members, who are available 24*7.

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How to be successful in studying when there are other activities and duties that take your time and prevent you from finishing workload? The answer is simple! Get help of professionals who can solve all the tasks for you. Whether you need math homework help, or any other subject, there are plenty of online specialists ready to assist. It's not shameful for ask for help. Modern people fill their schedule with numerous tasks that sometimes can't even cope with them. Students can be working, might have kids or parents to look after, or just be tired of constant routine. College homework help was created for all these purposes, and for one main reason: to give student some free time. You can join help server and there will be plenty of people like you looking for assistance in foreign languages, science, statistics and other subjects. For that a special website was created. It's called homework help discord server, where you share ideas and conclusions online. After joining community you choose the subject you need and can start conversation with other people.

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How often do use assistance of the Internet in doing your homework? We bet, it's your daily routine to open a browser and start looking for solutions. Do you think the strangers on the other side of the screen will provide necessary information for your math homework help? Unlikely! After one successful task there might be a sad outcome. We want you to be cautious about the websites you look for assistance, that's why we have gathered the disadvantages of asking Google for free homework help.

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When a student is looking for help he always (no exaggeration!) expects it to be free. Of course, being a college student always means being tight on budget and looking for the ways to save money even more. But it should be related to college homework help. Sadly, there are thousands of examples when a bad homework resulted in bad grades, and a poor student had to learn more to pass the exam. That's why we don't recommend to look for answers on the websites like Reddit or Chegg. Why? We explain below.

Chegg homework help is a paid service. You need to buy a monthly subscription to use it. Is it worth it? Depends on your professor. If the tasks you get are strictly from a textbook, then it might be good. To cope with a creative teachers this website has nothing to offer.

The same goes for Reddit homework help. It might be useful when you're looking for solutions on a standard task, the one that dozens of people are struggling with as well. There's nothing these services can offer if you're homework is unique and created by a teacher himself. What to do in this case? Read our recommendations below.

We recommend to try it!

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Statistics Homework help services

Statistics homework help – our expert guidance from basic to complex, be open-minded give us a chance to serve you..

Seek for Expert Statistics Homework Help at Statistics Explained. The term ‘Statistics’ is not unheard of!

So, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that it is ‘Statistics’ that attaches meaning to any data. We can extract meaningful information from databases with the help of statistics. The use of statistical tools to evaluate, analyze, and interpret the data, has been instrumental in supplementing our reasoning abilities, ultimately leading to the development of insightful findings.

It would be immaterial to think of the world without core ‘Statistics’ in the present day. The acquisition of statistical knowledge is the need of the hour. However, is acquiring and nurturing skills relating to a distinct field of study, such as statistics at all easy?

Well, we will leave that for you to answer!

We can begin by laying undiluted emphasis on the critical aspects of statistics, which might help you reach your ‘eye-opening moment.’

  • Given the upsurging needs of Statistics in academics and all fields, Statistics must be well integrated with the school curriculum like any other basic subjects.
  • Promoting critical thinking and reasoning abilities at a nascent stage is the first step to attaining statistical literacy.
  • Concept clarity does not happen overnight. It is a stage-wise process, involving a systematic and strategic approach to teach the subject better.

An outpour of statistical information begins at tender academic levels, then why deprives ourselves of statistical knowledge?

Here we are, bringing to you our unbeatable and inarguably the best online expert homework help services at StatisticsExplained!

How do we bridge this gap?

We bridge this gap for you! Don’t believe us? StatisticsExplained fills in the gap!

What does that mean?

Attention students, research scholars, and academicians! You can now quickly seek for expert statistics homework help online at StatisticsExplained. With StatisticsExplained, seek for comprehensive and meaningful assistance for those mega statistics assignments you have been putting off for a long time. We ignite within you love for the subject to maximum levels through our best in practice adopted methods and approaches.

StatisticsExplained does everything you will ever need to ease your way with the subject. Having the experience and supreme expertise of catering to a large section of students, their difficulties with the paper are known to us very well.  Students’ dropping out of the course is a common phenomenon. The apparent reason being it is a harsh discipline of study. However, the unnoticed reason remains, an overload of assignments, gripping the students, way too early, even before they get well familiar with concepts. The hectic and pressurizing nature overshadows your capabilities, and you quit. Seek our help and turn the table!

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Get into the action with StatisticsExplained!

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  • State-of-the-art technologies, statistical tools, and applications are used, such that, the students quickly gain command over the subject.
  • Accuracy in findings, irrespective of the degree of complexity.
  • Quality content providers, be it for a comprehensive report analysis, statistical software application, analytical studies, illustrations, etc.
  • Enablement of students and scholars to see through statistical concepts, gain a higher perspective on statistical methods, tools, techniques, software application, and make their way to a contributory conclusion.

Business statistics homework help

The world of business is a booming world of information. Information up-gradation, in the dynamic world of business, leaves businesses on the lookout for the most relevant information. For businesses, the game is all about making the right decision. One wrong decision and your business are doomed. Decision making also involves the predictive analysis of upcoming events, market conditions, organizational structure, and employee dynamics. Business statistics is a vital determinant of organizational complexities and managerial inefficiencies. Here at StatisticsExplained , our galaxy of Statistics maestros enable you to take up heavy data work, but not the burden that comes along with it.

  • We help you assess the data and derive relevant information out of it.
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  • We leave no stone unturned to cover all topics under business statistics, banking related, finance-related, and economics-related. Understand solutions on your own, we make it a walk in the park for you.

Hurry! Avail the help of the best business statistics homework help provider online and reap all the benefits.

College Statistics Homework Help

At StatisticsExplained , with their in-house team of geniuses, offer professional services beyond measures, combining, learning, understanding, acquiring skills, and solving problems. The smart move to save time while learning to excel at the subject lies with Statistics Explained.

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11 Surprising Homework Statistics, Facts & Data

homework pros and cons

The age-old question of whether homework is good or bad for students is unanswerable because there are so many “ it depends ” factors.

For example, it depends on the age of the child, the type of homework being assigned, and even the child’s needs.

There are also many conflicting reports on whether homework is good or bad. This is a topic that largely relies on data interpretation for the researcher to come to their conclusions.

To cut through some of the fog, below I’ve outlined some great homework statistics that can help us understand the effects of homework on children.

Homework Statistics List

1. 45% of parents think homework is too easy for their children.

A study by the Center for American Progress found that parents are almost twice as likely to believe their children’s homework is too easy than to disagree with that statement.

Here are the figures for math homework:

  • 46% of parents think their child’s math homework is too easy.
  • 25% of parents think their child’s math homework is not too easy.
  • 29% of parents offered no opinion.

Here are the figures for language arts homework:

  • 44% of parents think their child’s language arts homework is too easy.
  • 28% of parents think their child’s language arts homework is not too easy.
  • 28% of parents offered no opinion.

These findings are based on online surveys of 372 parents of school-aged children conducted in 2018.

2. 93% of Fourth Grade Children Worldwide are Assigned Homework

The prestigious worldwide math assessment Trends in International Maths and Science Study (TIMSS) took a survey of worldwide homework trends in 2007. Their study concluded that 93% of fourth-grade children are regularly assigned homework, while just 7% never or rarely have homework assigned.

3. 17% of Teens Regularly Miss Homework due to Lack of High-Speed Internet Access

A 2018 Pew Research poll of 743 US teens found that 17%, or almost 2 in every 5 students, regularly struggled to complete homework because they didn’t have reliable access to the internet.

This figure rose to 25% of Black American teens and 24% of teens whose families have an income of less than $30,000 per year.

4. Parents Spend 6.7 Hours Per Week on their Children’s Homework

A 2018 study of 27,500 parents around the world found that the average amount of time parents spend on homework with their child is 6.7 hours per week. Furthermore, 25% of parents spend more than 7 hours per week on their child’s homework.

American parents spend slightly below average at 6.2 hours per week, while Indian parents spend 12 hours per week and Japanese parents spend 2.6 hours per week.

5. Students in High-Performing High Schools Spend on Average 3.1 Hours per night Doing Homework

A study by Galloway, Conner & Pope (2013) conducted a sample of 4,317 students from 10 high-performing high schools in upper-middle-class California. 

Across these high-performing schools, students self-reported that they did 3.1 hours per night of homework.

Graduates from those schools also ended up going on to college 93% of the time.

6. One to Two Hours is the Optimal Duration for Homework

A 2012 peer-reviewed study in the High School Journal found that students who conducted between one and two hours achieved higher results in tests than any other group.

However, the authors were quick to highlight that this “t is an oversimplification of a much more complex problem.” I’m inclined to agree. The greater variable is likely the quality of the homework than time spent on it.

Nevertheless, one result was unequivocal: that some homework is better than none at all : “students who complete any amount of homework earn higher test scores than their peers who do not complete homework.”

7. 74% of Teens cite Homework as a Source of Stress

A study by the Better Sleep Council found that homework is a source of stress for 74% of students. Only school grades, at 75%, rated higher in the study.

That figure rises for girls, with 80% of girls citing homework as a source of stress.

Similarly, the study by Galloway, Conner & Pope (2013) found that 56% of students cite homework as a “primary stressor” in their lives.

8. US Teens Spend more than 15 Hours per Week on Homework

The same study by the Better Sleep Council also found that US teens spend over 2 hours per school night on homework, and overall this added up to over 15 hours per week.

Surprisingly, 4% of US teens say they do more than 6 hours of homework per night. That’s almost as much homework as there are hours in the school day.

The only activity that teens self-reported as doing more than homework was engaging in electronics, which included using phones, playing video games, and watching TV.

9. The 10-Minute Rule

The National Education Association (USA) endorses the concept of doing 10 minutes of homework per night per grade.

For example, if you are in 3rd grade, you should do 30 minutes of homework per night. If you are in 4th grade, you should do 40 minutes of homework per night.

However, this ‘rule’ appears not to be based in sound research. Nevertheless, it is true that homework benefits (no matter the quality of the homework) will likely wane after 2 hours (120 minutes) per night, which would be the NEA guidelines’ peak in grade 12.

10. 21.9% of Parents are Too Busy for their Children’s Homework

An online poll of nearly 300 parents found that 21.9% are too busy to review their children’s homework. On top of this, 31.6% of parents do not look at their children’s homework because their children do not want their help. For these parents, their children’s unwillingness to accept their support is a key source of frustration.

11. 46.5% of Parents find Homework too Hard

The same online poll of parents of children from grades 1 to 12 also found that many parents struggle to help their children with homework because parents find it confusing themselves. Unfortunately, the study did not ask the age of the students so more data is required here to get a full picture of the issue.

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Interpreting the Data

Unfortunately, homework is one of those topics that can be interpreted by different people pursuing differing agendas. All studies of homework have a wide range of variables, such as:

  • What age were the children in the study?
  • What was the homework they were assigned?
  • What tools were available to them?
  • What were the cultural attitudes to homework and how did they impact the study?
  • Is the study replicable?

The more questions we ask about the data, the more we realize that it’s hard to come to firm conclusions about the pros and cons of homework .

Furthermore, questions about the opportunity cost of homework remain. Even if homework is good for children’s test scores, is it worthwhile if the children consequently do less exercise or experience more stress?

Thus, this ends up becoming a largely qualitative exercise. If parents and teachers zoom in on an individual child’s needs, they’ll be able to more effectively understand how much homework a child needs as well as the type of homework they should be assigned.

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The debate over whether homework should be banned will not be resolved with these homework statistics. But, these facts and figures can help you to pursue a position in a school debate on the topic – and with that, I hope your debate goes well and you develop some great debating skills!


Chris Drew (PhD)

Dr. Chris Drew is the founder of the Helpful Professor. He holds a PhD in education and has published over 20 articles in scholarly journals. He is the former editor of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education. [Image Descriptor: Photo of Chris]

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National Statistical

News and insight from the office for national statistics, health data: preparing for the next global pandemic.

  • Statistically Speaking
  • November 20, 2023

homework help with statistic

The ONS led the way informing the UK response to the Coronavirus pandemic, but looking beyond our shores, how well equipped is the world to spot and monitor emerging infections?     

In the latest episode of Statistically Speaking we explore how pandemic preparedness has been the driving force behind two important pieces of work.    

Joining podcast host Miles Fletcher are Josie Golding of the Wellcome Trust, who’ll share how even weather events like El Niño could affect the spread of viruses, and ONS colleague Joy Preece to tell us all about the ‘pandemic preparedness toolkit’, a five-year project backed by Wellcome to create and develop resources that will help countries with health surveillance in the event of future pandemics.    

Closer to home, a new UK winter surveillance study to gather vital data on COVID-19 is now well underway. Jo Evans, its head of operations, explains:  

“ We know that the NHS really suffers through the winter with increased pressures , and this is all about understanding what’s happening in the community, and the impact that is having on our healthcare services.”  

Around 145,000 people will take part, and remarkably we got halfway to that target within the first 48 hours, that’s how keen people are to take part in this study and help us to get on the front foot of potential future outbreaks.”    

Click here to listen to the full episode now or find it on your podcast app of choice.

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Amazon Redshift announces integration with AWS Glue column-level statistics

Posted On: Nov 20, 2023

Amazon Redshift can now leverage the column-level statistics stored in AWS Glue Data Catalog to improve data lake query performance by generating optimized query plans. 

AWS Glue supports column-level statistics in the AWS Glue Data Catalog, which allows customers to store statistical information such as minimum and maximum values and number of distinct values for each column. Amazon Redshift now automatically retrieves this information from AWS Glue, then optimize query plans using statistics and provide performance improvements for your data lake queries. With the recently introduced AWS Glue capability of generating column-level statistics, you can automatically collect statistical information from your data lake tables and update the column-level statistics instead of populating this information manually.

To get started, you can use AWS Glue Console or AWS Glue APIs to generate column statistics for your data lake tables, and then you can run queries on these tables in Redshift using auto-mounted Glue catalog or external schemas. 

Amazon Redshift data lake query plan optimizations using AWS Glue column-level statistics is generally available in all AWS Regions where Amazon Redshift Spectrum or Amazon Redshift Serverless are available. To learn more visit the Amazon Redshift Database Developer Guide and AWS Glue documentation .

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