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How does smodin omni work.

Smodin Omni first searches for your homework question across the we and our large database of questions to see if your question has been answered. If your question is still not answered, Smodin Omni will attempt to answer your question using large machine learning models that understand various school subjects in depth.

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Smodin Omni is designed for students that want instantaneous answers to homework problems. It is designed for students who want to see related information on problems to their homework they cannot easily get from searching on the web. Smodin Omni is also designed to be a replacement for most tutor related needs. Smodin Omni can easily answer questions while you"re in class, in a study session, or any where else you need fast answers to homework questions. Smodin Omni was specifically designed for languages that don't have as many resources available on the web. It can help popular languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Arabic, German, French, Norwegian, and many other languages. Smodin is on a mission to provide useful tools to every language, and Smodin Omni is part of that mission.

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A student's grades are one of the most important factors that determine his or her future opportunities. Having higher grades in school can help a student get into a good university, thus getting a better job after graduation. Trying to get better grades can be very hard at times, especially when the workload is too heavy and there is not enough time to study properly. The main problem of many students is that they lack time for studying due to their other priorities. Studying for hours on end is pointless if you don't understand the material. Students need to be able to absorb information quickly and easily so that they can focus on other aspects of school life. A student homework answer generator can help students learn different subjects more efficiently, which will lead to improved grades across all subjects. Students can use AI learning assistants during their free time while commuting or during breaks at school. These programs make it possible to learn new concepts even when there isn't a lot of time available. In addition, the use of an AI assistant makes it possible for students to learn without having to spend money on additional tutoring or educational courses.

An Answer Generator Enhances the Learning Experience

Tools like our AI student answer generator can help students review material more effectively and efficiently. They can also provide students with automatic feedback and suggestions that they should incorporate into their work or study practices. When used correctly, these tools are invaluable in helping students improve their learning curves and produce better quality work. Students can use them as self-help tools to complete projects on their own.

Smodin Omni Helps You Retain More Information

While the Internet is a great source of information, students often have limited time to retain information. As a result, they need to review their notes and textbooks repeatedly. An answer generator makes it easy to save time finding the right answer. Smodin Omni helps students retain information by offering answers to questions instantaneously leading to greater subject matter retention.

Student Answer Generators Provide an Equal Education Opportunity

The students who have the most trouble with their studies are those in rural and inner-city schools, as well as those in underprivileged neighborhoods. All these students are often at a disadvantage because they lack the resources for individual tutoring time or time with their professors. With Smodin Omni, an artificial intelligence answer generator, students of all backgrounds can spend time understanding their curriculum by receiving answers to all their questions instantly. This can help students reach his or her full potential and succeed in school.

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On Slader, every user is a contributor to the site. Contributing solutions to a textbook or discussing The Great Gatsby improves skills and understanding, as well as providing positive reinforcement. Slader believes in rewarding the community for its involvement and participation. Users who contribute original content share in the revenue generated by their solution. Anyone can contribute to Slader. It’s the pay-off for getting involved in your education.

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5 Ways To Unblur Chegg Answers Without Homeworkify

  • Tom Clayton
  • March 7, 2023

Ways To Unblur Chegg Answers Without Homeworkify

Chegg is an American company that provides online educational materials and services including answers to questions, textbooks, tutoring solutions, and homework help . However, because Chegg may be too expensive for some people, they opt to use Homeworkify to unblur answers in Chegg.

However, Homeworkify is not the only platform to rely on. Other ways to unblur Chegg answers include using sites like Course Hero , Quizlet , Quizplus , Crazy for Study , and SolutionInn .

1. Course Hero

3. quizplus, 4. crazy for study, 5. solutioninn, wrapping up.

Though Homeworkify is most commonly used but sometimes, it suffers from outages too.

Homeworkify may also not have a comprehensive list of services, features, and functions to help learners get the information they need to excel in their various fields of study.

That is why it may be necessary to have a look at other ways to unblur Chegg answers without using Homeworkify, but also get additional services and materials for studies .

Let’s look at these alternative ways in detail. They will help you to unblur answers in Chegg without Homeworkify.

Ways to Unblur Answers in Chegg Without Homeworkify

One of the best ways to get answers to the questions you may otherwise not be able to access through Chegg is by utilizing the resources available on the Course Hero website. The site has a massive database of common homework and textbook solutions to suit people of different levels of learning.

Course Hero handles just about any subject you can think of including Math , Engineering, Technology, Science, History, Arts, Business, and Social Science, among others.

One of the best things about this platform is that it makes it possible for different people to upload their study materials and allow others to have a look. You can find the answers to your questions by narrowing down your searches to subjects, textbooks, or even institutions.

To find the answer to the question you may have entered into the Chegg website, all you have to do is copy and paste it into Course Hero’s search bar.

This will bring up a similar answer to the one that is available on Chegg. That is because both websites use the same formulas or methods to come up with answers to different questions.

Course Hero provides step-by-step explanations to questions that are raised within its system. In fact, you can even find informative answers in the form of video explanations and not only in written format.

Course Hero has a simple interface with clearly marked sections so you can navigate from one point to another with relative ease.

For instance, the search bar is located right at the top of the home page so you can simply copy and paste your question from Chegg and find the answer within a few seconds.

There is a section to search through study resources on the site and another to find textbooks & solutions. Additionally, there is a section for 24/7 homework help with answers generated within 15 to 30 minutes.

This site also connects you to expert tutors who can provide the personalized help you may need to sharpen your skills in any subject. Course Hero charges a fee before granting access to the content available on the site.

However, you can bypass the payment issue by uploading a few of your study materials as that earns you free limited-time access to the content on the site.

Another way you can unblur Chegg answers without Homeworkify is by signing up for a Quizlet account. The good news is that there is an option for you to sign up for a free or paid account.

Of course, the paid account gives you access to more features and functions but the free account can also be an excellent alternative, especially if you only want to look up a few answers.

Once you have an account, simply copy the question from Chegg and paste it into the Quizlet search bar. This action is likely to bring up an answer that is similar to the one that is blurred on the Chegg website.

One of the best things about Quizlet is that it provides step-by-step explanations for various questions. This makes it easy for learners to grasp fundamental concepts and formulas so that they can apply them to similar situations and come up with the correct solutions.

Quizlet has a comprehensive database of information and study materials which is why it has grown to become one of the most popular websites for students and teachers who want to increase their knowledge .

It covers a variety of subjects including Math , Science, Business, History, Philosophy, Music, Engineering, and Language. The site makes learning interesting by incorporating things such as games, flashcards, and tests .

These things can be crucial in lowering tension in students and helping them learn while also having some fun. Another thing you should know about Quizlet is that it comes with mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

This makes it possible for students and teachers to keep learning on the go . The best part of the app is that it works even when you are offline.

Additionally, it can sync with the website so that you can retrieve all your study materials and access bookmarks on the app.

homework help unblocked

Another alternative to Homeworkify you can use to unblur Chegg answers is Quizplus. This particular website has a database of over 300,000 unique quizzes .

It also contains over 20 million questions and answers. Like the other alternatives on this list, Quizplus covers a wide range of subjects including Math , Science, Trades, Technology, Nursing, Computing, and Engineering.

It also boasts of having a simple interface which makes it easy for just about anyone to navigate to the sections they want. The Search bar at the top of the website facilitates quick searches for answers to any questions you may have.

To unblur an answer from Chegg, you’ll have to copy and paste the question from Chegg into the Quizplus search bar. Once you hit the enter button, the system will bring up an answer that is most likely going to be similar to the one blurred in Chegg.

This site also offers personalized tutoring solutions to help learners improve their knowledge. For instance, if you are struggling with textbook problems, you can sign up for an account and request an expert to provide a personalized teaching solution.

In case you just want to find answers to a few questions, you can opt to sign up for the free account offered by this site. However, if you are keen on continuing with your studies, you should consider subscribing to a premium plan.

Paid plans unlock more learning materials, comprehensive answers, and priority customer support. The process of signing up for this site is quite simple since you can use your current email or social media credentials to create an account.

Crazy for Study is another alternative to Homeworkify you can use to unblur questions in Chegg. This particular academic search engine contains over 50 million homework questions.

It also provides 100% accurate answers, which is why it has become one of the most reliable and trustworthy places to go. To unblur any question in Chegg, simply copy and paste the question into this site’s search bar and hit the enter button.

It will almost always bring a similar answer to that in Chegg. However, you must note that the wording of the answers may differ slightly because they are developed by different people.

This site features a simple interface with minimal writing and sections so that you won’t be overwhelmed when trying to use it. Its search bar lets you filter results according to the name of the textbook, ISBN, or individual questions.

It is another website that provides step-by-step explanations to different questions and that makes it easy for learners to grasp the key points . Some of the topics you can search through this site include Science, Math , Engineering, Law, Business, Social Science, and Music, among others.

The site allows you to sign up and have a free account for as long as you want. However, a free account comes with its limitations.

For instance, you can only ask up to 50 custom questions with a free account. After that, you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan to keep enjoying the benefits that the site has to offer.

Crazy for Study has a mobile application compatible with Android and iOS devices. The app makes it easier for learners to access answers and other study materials on the go.

homework help unblocked

SolutionInn is another excellent way you can unblur answers in Chegg without Homeworkify. This particular website has a database with over 2.5 million textbook solutions.

The site boasts a simple layout making it possible for people of different skill levels and educational backgrounds to quickly get acquainted and start using it. To unblur an answer in Chegg, you’ll need to type it out into SolutionInn’s search bar.

Alternatively, you can copy the question from Chegg and paste it into this site’s search bar, and then hit the enter button on your keyboard. This should bring up a list of relevant answers with the top one likely to be similar to the blurred answer in Chegg.

As always, different sites often have different wordings for the same answer. The site allows you to narrow down your searches to textbook questions, tutors, and books.

One of the best things about this site is that it even provides free textbooks. That can help any student or teacher acquire the learning materials they need to increase their knowledge.

Another thing to note about this site is that it allows you to ask custom questions and set a time limit over which you expect to get an answer. You will then receive a detailed answer to your question within the set time.

Of course, that service is offered to users who subscribe to the premium plan. In fact, you can even get an online tutor with expertise in the subject of your interest to walk you through different concepts and even help you with your homework.

SolutionInn has a free trial version that allows you to ask up to 15 free questions and get free video consultations with online tutors.

Chegg has a database of educational questions and learning materials that can be helpful to any learner.

However, accessing the information may prove difficult for those who cannot access the site because of financial constraints or other issues.

Relying on sites that offer similar services and solutions can be critical in ensuring that learners find the solutions they need in a timely manner.

The above-listed alternatives offer the best ways to unblur the answers in Chegg and give learners a chance to acquire the knowledge they need .

homework help unblocked

Tom loves to write on technology, e-commerce & internet marketing. I started my first e-commerce company in college, designing and selling t-shirts for my campus bar crawl using print-on-demand. Having successfully established multiple 6 & 7-figure e-commerce businesses (in women’s fashion and hiking gear), I think I can share a tip or 2 to help you succeed.

homework help unblocked

Homework Helper

homework help unblocked

The news site of Evanston Township High School's student newspaper

The Evanstonian

Opinion | eths should unblock vital homework help sites.

Christopher Vye , Staff Writer March 4, 2021

Slader, SparkNotes, Brainly. Try to access them on ETHS-issued Chromebooks, and you’ll get the same result: Restricted.

Too often, these websites and others like them are talked about as if they belong to the dark web, leading to a common belief that using them is tantamount to cheating. However, if one was to just play around on these websites for even the shortest period of time, that person would realize that there is nothing sinister about them. Rather, they are valuable resources that students can use to help improve their understanding of course material independently. It is long overdue that ETHS administrators realize this and unblock such websites in accordance.

Never once did the developers behind any of the aforementioned websites intend to create a tool students could use to cheat. In actuality, their purpose was to create an online community where people could share their ideas with one another because that is how they believed they could help students learn best. 

“We’re here to help you learn, not to help you cheat,” states the about page of the SparkNotes website.

 So let’s get it straight. These websites are not meant to help you cheat; they’re meant to give you the resources you need to still complete your homework even if you get stuck and prevent the crying at the kitchen table. Duly, these websites work best when used in such situations, reserved for times when simply grinding things out over and over again has failed. ETHS students are responsible enough to know this and refrain from using them on occasions when they don’t really need to.

With all the assistance some of these websites can provide though, it may very well seem as if they are just warehouses full of cheating materials and that their presence alone encourages deviance. Again, however, this is just not the case. If a student is overdependent on websites like these, they won’t be prepared to succeed during assessments, and their grades will fall consequently. The advent of online plagiarism scanners also discourages overindulgence, disincentivizing students to not simply copy what they find on sites if they have to write academic papers.

Additionally, the amount of aid these websites can provide is not revolutionary. So, frequently, teachers provide written examples of claims, evidence and reasoning whenever it comes time to write big papers, and textbooks generally have the answers to odd-numbered problems in the back. Most of these blocked homework help websites provide similar things, and if they go beyond what typical classroom resources can provide, that doesn’t make it easier for a student to cheat so much as it makes it easier for them to further their understanding of the material. It doesn’t make sense to tell a student that they are cheating just because the source of the help they are receiving happens to be a website as opposed to a teacher, textbook or worksheet.

Besides, these websites have their limits too. Sometimes, the explanations they provide can be just as confusing as the problems themselves. Even if these websites are unblocked, students will still have to go to their teachers for help, probably at the same rates they already are.

Now, while cheating concerns do seem to be the most apparent reason why websites like these are blocked, there is a chance that their blockage is more so due to something else; it’s possible that they have been blocked in order to encourage students to go to their teachers for help first rather than the internet. If this is the case, though, it just creates an inconvenient situation for both parties. Sometimes, a question just isn’t big enough to warrant a trip to A.M. support or Wildkit Academy, especially when plenty of teachers have a combined total of over 100 different students in their classes. 

And at the end of the day, it’s not as if these resources aren’t already being used by students on their personal technology. Looking at this issue from an equity standpoint, since blocked homework help websites are never able to be accessed on any ETHS-issued technology ever, that means that those who are more dependent on the school Chromebooks are put at an unfair disadvantage against their peers who are fortunate enough to have their own computers and WiFi networks at home, where they can access them freely. Yes, a vast majority of ETHS students may have smartphones, but they are nowhere near as optimal of educational devices as computers are due to their smaller screens and lack of keyboards. If these websites were to be unblocked, however, this discrepancy would be eliminated, and everyone would be put on a more level playing field when it comes to accessibility of online studying resources.

ETHS, the time is now. If our school is truly committed to increasing student’s understanding of course material, lowering stress levels and maintaining academic equity, then unblocking websites like Slader, SparkNotes and Brainly that have so long been unfairly branded as cheating resources is a change that needs to be made.

Your donation will support the student journalists of the Evanstonian. We are planning a big trip to the Journalism Educators Association conference in Boston in November 2022, and any support will go towards making that trip a reality. Contributions will appear as a charge from SNOSite. Donations are NOT tax-deductible.

Photo of Christopher Vye

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ETHS student athletes prepare for the upcoming winter season.

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Opinion | Blinded by the light

ETHS and The Evanstonian need to work harder to make our communities more equitable for everyone.

Toward a full reflection

Opinion | Fumbling into friendship

Opinion | Fumbling into friendship

Editorial cartoon | What is safety worth sacrificing?

Editorial cartoon | What is safety worth sacrificing?

Opinion | Doc V’s commitment to ending famine in Malawi

Opinion | Doc V’s commitment to ending famine in Malawi

Letter from your student rep | Student Voice Forum

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Opinion | ETHS students deserve a fresh start with tardies

Opinion | ETHS students deserve a fresh start with tardies

The news site of Evanston Township High School's student newspaper

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Exclusive: OpenAI wants ChatGPT in classrooms

Illustration shows ChatGPT logo

[1/2] ChatGPT logo is seen in this illustration taken September 28, 2023. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo Acquire Licensing Rights

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 16 (Reuters) - OpenAI, whose generative AI products initially raised fears of widespread cheating on homework, is now exploring how it can get its popular ChatGPT chatbot into classrooms, according to a senior executive.

OpenAI's chief operating officer, Brad Lightcap, said at a conference in San Francisco that the company will form a team to explore educational applications of a technology that has threatened to upend industries, stoked new legislation and become a popular learning tool.

“Most teachers are trying to figure out ways to incorporate (ChatGPT) into the curriculum and into the way they teach,” Lightcap said at the INSEAD Americas Conference last week. “We at OpenAI are trying to help them think through the problem and we probably next year will establish a team with the sole intent of doing that.”

Lightcap's comments were previously unreported. INSEAD is a global business school.

Backed by billions of dollars from Microsoft (MSFT.O) , OpenAI kicked off the generative AI craze last November by releasing its ChatGPT chatbot, which became one of the world's fastest-growing applications. Trained on reams of data, generative AI can create brand-new humanlike content, helping users spin up term papers, complete science homework and even write entire novels . After ChatGPT's launch, regulators scrambled to catch up: the European Union revised its AI Act and the U.S. kicked off AI regulation efforts.

The launch - in the middle of the school year - also caught teachers off-guard when they realized it could be used as a cheating and plagiarism tool, which then sparked a backlash and school bans .

“Teachers thought it was the worst thing that had ever happened,” Lightcap said.

But within a few months, teachers started seeing how ChatGPT could be beneficial, he said.

A new team at OpenAI would be an extension of the work the company has already done to integrate its technology into the classroom. "“We see AI as an impactful tool that can assist with learning and education, and we’re encouraged by the ways educators have been ideating on how tools like ChatGPT can be useful," a spokesperson wrote in an emailed statement. "We are engaging with educators across the country to inform them of ChatGPT’s capabilities and our ongoing work to improve it.

"This is an important conversation to have so that they are aware of the potential benefits and misuse of AI, and so they understand how they might apply it to their classrooms."

OpenAI has established partnerships with education groups such as Khan Academy to create an AI-powered tutor and with Schmidt Futures to give grants to education groups in underserved communities.

The market is large: global education and training expenditures will reach $10 trillion by 2030, estimates Sydney-based research firm HolonIQ.

There are myriad ways to use ChatGPT in classrooms, said Andrew Mayne, a former OpenAI employee who works with educators through his AI consulting firm Interdimensional. For students, it could be a tutor or it can tailor content for different learning styles. For teachers, it can assist with curriculum writing or be a creative classroom aide, for instance creating introductions in Old English during a class on medieval times.

“ChatGPT doesn’t judge you,” he said. “Students are afraid to ask questions in class.”

Others see a potential quagmire of children’s privacy issues if the chatbot's use is promoted in schools. In many countries, different online privacy laws apply to children. While users must be over 13 to use ChatGPT and parents must give permission if the users are aged 13 to 18, there is no age verification in place in most countries.

Reporting by Anna Tong in San Francisco Editing by Kenneth Li and Matthew Lewis

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Thomson Reuters

Anna Tong is a correspondent for Reuters based in San Francisco, where she reports on the technology industry. She joined Reuters in 2023 after working at the San Francisco Standard as a data editor. Tong previously worked at technology startups as a product manager and at Google where she worked in user insights and helped run a call center. Tong graduated from Harvard University. Contact:4152373211

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ChatGPT was tipped to cause widespread cheating. Here's what students say happened

Science ChatGPT was tipped to cause widespread cheating. Here's what students say happened

High school students sitting in a classroom using laptops

As teachers met before the start of the 2023 school year, there was one big topic of conversation: ChatGPT.

Education departments banned students from accessing the artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool, which could produce essays, complete homework, and cheat on take-home assignments.

Some experts said schools would be swamped by a wave of cheating.

And then? Well, school continued.

The expected wave never broke. Or if it did, it was difficult to detect.

Many teachers said they strongly suspected students were cheating, but it was hard to tell for sure. 

Meanwhile, some schools went in the opposite direction, embracing the new AI tools. Principals said students needed to learn how to use a technology that would probably define their futures.

But there was one perspective missing in all this: that of the students themselves.

As the school year drew to a close, we spoke to Year 11 and 12 students about how they actually ended up using generative AI tools.

Overall, these are stories from a historic moment, and an insight into the future of education. This is the first year where high school students could easily access high quality AI writing tools.

Here's what they had to say.

'The chatbot could smash it out in seconds'

Some were initially curious, but also cautious.

Some used it once then stopped. Others kept going.

Some got caught, but many didn't.

A woman sits in front of a computer open to a screen showing purple and green colours

For Eric, who asked to remain anonymous, the arrival of ChatGPT in the summer of 2022–23 was a mixed blessing.

To stop students using AI to cheat on take-home assignments, his school switched to more in-class assessments.

But Eric, who has ADHD, struggles to concentrate in exams.

"That sort of crippled my chances at doing great in school," he says.

"Exams are the death of me."

But the new AI writing tool had its uses. In term one, he experimented with cheating, using ChatGPT to write a take-home geography assignment (though it didn't count towards his HSC).

He wasn't caught and got a decent grade.

Next, he gave ChatGPT his homework. 

"It's just meaningless, monotonous work. And, you know, the chatbot could just smash it out in seconds."

Eric estimates that, over the course of 2023, ChatGPT wrote most of his homework.

"So around 60 per cent of my homework was written by ChatGPT," he says.

AI cheating creates divide among classmates

Students at other schools told similar stories.

Chrysoula, a Year 11 student in Sydney, initially used ChatGPT "very often to complete homework I deemed just tedious".

A lot of her classmates were doing the same, she says.

"Any time someone read a good answer out in class discussions, there was someone leaning over whispering 'Chat[GPT]?'

"Everyone doubted the authenticity of everyone's answers."

But as the year drew on, Chrysoula found her "critical and analytical thinking was slightly impaired".

"I was beginning to form a dependence on the AI to feed me the knowledge to rote learn."

Worried about AI harming her learning abilities, Chrysoula blocked herself from accessing the ChatGPT website.

The students who are still cheating are easy to spot, she says.

They often waste time in class and leave coursework to complete at home, when they can access AI tools. Their essays overuse words that ChatGPT favours, like "profound", or "metaphors for things like tapestries".

"They even hand in entire assessments written entirely by AI."

Phil, a Year 12 student at a different high school, also sees a divide that's formed among his classmates, based on how much each student uses AI to do their coursework.

His school allows students to use ChatGPT for ideas and research but not to directly write assessments.

But many students still cheat on take-home assignments, Phil says. He's worried they "aren't learning anything" and their poor performance in the HSC exams will ultimately hurt his ATAR.

"There's a significant population of the school who just aren't doing any work, and that drives us down because of how the ATAR system works."

Harry, a Year 11 student at another school, uses ChatGPT for some homework, but not for assignments.

His reason? The AI's answers aren't good enough.

"When you want to get the top marks, I'd say that's when you do want to use your own brain and you do want to critically think."

How common is AI cheating in schools?

Many of the high school students we spoke with weren't using AI to cheat, even though they could get away with it.

Whether this is representative of students in general is hard to say, as there's very little reliable data on cheating rates.

But at least one survey suggests that rates of AI cheating among students may be lower than generally assumed.

In mid-2023, the Centre for Democracy and Technology asked US high school students how much they used generative AI tools to do their coursework, and then compared this with the estimates of teachers and parents.

Two boys sitting in a classrooms with one hand raised, and the teacher in the background.

Kristin Woelfel, a co-author of the report , says teachers and parents consistently overestimate how many students use AI to cheat.

"While 58 per cent of students report having used generative AI in the past year, only 19 per cent of that group reports using it to write and submit papers," she says.

She says the survey data doesn't support the inflammatory predictions about cheating made at the start of the year.

"Students are primarily using generative AI for personal reasons rather than academic."

But Kane Murdoch, head of academic integrity at Macquarie University, says that even if the rate of AI cheating is low now, it's likely to go up.

He believes students will gain confidence, and learn how to use AI to automate more of their coursework.

"It could be 2023 was the year they dipped their toe in the water, but 2024 and moving ahead you’ll get increasingly large body parts into the pool.

"And soon enough they’ll be in the deep end."

Banning AI cheating hasn't worked

Many of the students we spoke to say teachers have little power to stop them from using AI tools for homework or assignments.

The past year proved blocking access to AI tools, as well as detecting AI-written coursework, was ineffective.

Students described numerous ways of evading the blocks on accessing ChatGPT on school computers, or through a school's Wi-Fi network.

They also told how they copied their ChatGPT-written answers into other AI tools, designed to confuse the schools' AI-detection software.

"Nearly every AI detector I've come across is inaccurate," Chrysoula says.

Mr Murdoch agrees.

"There's lot of skepticism about the efficacy of detection — and I'm among those who are skeptical."

He says educators were reluctant to rely on flawed plagiarism-detection tools to accuse a student of cheating.

"As an investigator [of cheating] I'm unwilling to accept the detectors word on it," he says.

ChatGPT-maker OpenAI has warned that there is no reliable way for educators to work out if students are using ChatGPT.

Several major universities in the US have turned off AI detection software, citing concerns over accuracy and a fear of falsely accusing students of using AI to cheat.

Mr Murdoch says Australian universities are also wary of relying on detection software.

But they disagree over what to do next. Some believe that better detection is the answer, while others are pushing for a change to the way learning is assessed.

"Programmatic" assessment, such as interviews and practical exams, may be one answer.

"It would mean we don't assess as much, and what we do assess we can actually hang our hat on," Mr Murdoch says.

"It's more like turning the ship in a very different direction rather than a slight course change.

"It's a much more difficult thing to grapple with."

Schools may go from banning bots to letting them teach

While the impact of AI on students has won most of the public attention, some education experts say the bigger story of 2023 may be how this technology changes the work of teaching.

Over the course of the year, schools have broadly gone from banning the technology to cautiously embracing it.

In February, state and federal education ministers slapped a year-long ban on student use of AI at state- and government-run schools.

Then, in October, the ministers agreed to lift the ban from term one next year.

The announcement brought public schools more in line with the approach of private and Catholic schools.

Federal education minister Jason Clare said at the time that "ChatGPT was not going away".

"We've got to learn how to use it," he said.

"Kids are using it right across the country ... we're playing catch-up."

But some observers are worried this new embrace of AI will replace in-person, teacher-led instruction.

The education industry is now promoting an idea of "platformisation", says Lucinda McKnight, a digital literacy expert at Deakin University.

"This is the idea that bots deliver education. The teacher shortage is solved by generative AI."

Custom-built chatbots, personalised for each student and loaded with the relevant curriculum, would teach, encourage and assess. Teachers would be experts in teaching , rather than the subject being taught.

But robo-classrooms like this have their drawbacks, Dr McKnight says.

Interacting with (human) teachers plays an important part in a child's emotional and social development.

"It's not the robots that are the problem, it's the fact students are going to be treated like robots," she says.

Macquarie University's Kane Murdoch says education institutions made a series of kneejerk reactions and false starts, such as the ChatGPT ban, in response to emergent AI technology in 2023.

Next year will see them make big changes, he predicts.

He's concerned that AI cheating will ultimately devalue educational qualifications.

"We can't expect this to go away. It is a game changer — it is existential," he says.

"If the public lose faith in what we do, we lose."

Student accounts suggest that, although not all want to cheat when they can, many are happy to automate tasks they see as rote learning rather than true tests of knowledge.

For Eric, who used ChatGPT to do most of his homework this year, the AI tool provided a shortcut through an already flawed system.

"I would have had such a worse time this year if ChatGPT wasn't prominent," he says.

"I think it would be very difficult for you to find a student that was sitting the HSC right now that hasn't used it for something."

Listen to the full story of how students used AI in 2023 and subscribe to RN Science Friction .

Science in your inbox

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    Opinion | ETHS should unblock vital homework help sites. Christopher Vye, Staff Writer. March 4, 2021. Slader, SparkNotes, Brainly. Try to access them on ETHS-issued Chromebooks, and you'll get the same result: Restricted. Too often, these websites and others like them are talked about as if they belong to the dark web, leading to a common ...

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  23. ChatGPT was tipped to cause widespread cheating. Here's what students

    For Eric, who asked to remain anonymous, the arrival of ChatGPT in the summer of 2022-23 was a mixed blessing. To stop students using AI to cheat on take-home assignments, his school switched to ...

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