How to Find Free Printable Worksheets for Kids

Finding free printable worksheets is an excellent way for teachers and homeschooling parents to save on their budgets. It’s also a great way for parents to get in extra practice with their children over the summer, or when they’re struggling. Here are ways to find printable worksheets for kids.

Visiting parenting blogs and websites offers you a variety of opportunities for finding free printable worksheets for kids. In addition to offering printable coloring pages, many of these sites present educational printables for free as well. Many of these blogs and websites cater to children of all ages, but some of them are age specific. Be sure you’re looking in the right place when you’re searching for free-to-print worksheets to ensure they’re age appropriate.

Look at Educational Websites and Blogs

There are a broad range of educational websites and blogs catering to teachers, homeschooling parents and parents who want to help their children with advancement or overcoming struggles. Many of these sites are age specific, but there are others that offer materials for children of all ages. You’ll find worksheet that include ABC letters to print for free, as well as math sheets to print out. These sites also include printables for learning about science, history and reading comprehension.

Check Out Book- or Publishing-Related Websites

Book- and publishing-related websites will often offer free printable worksheets. For example, if they print workbooks or other types of reading materials for educators, homeschooling parents or parents who participate in summer bridge learning programs, you could find award certificates to print and other free worksheets to support your curriculum on these websites. They might also provide free coloring pages, puzzles and other fun activities.

Don’t Forget Your School

Sometimes a school website will post a blog or feature information on their library’s website that includes free printable worksheets. Under some circumstances, teachers will also operate individual webpages that offer free printable worksheets to help their students engage in fun activities when they’re not in the classroom, or so they can continue learning throughout the summer. If your school doesn’t have this information, search other school websites to see what they’re offering.

Use a Traditional Search Engine

When you input phases such as “free printable worksheets” or something similar into the search bar of your favorite search engine, you’ll receive results directing you to a broad range of sites offering printables for free. If you refine your search to include a specific type of worksheet (like learning to print the alphabet), your search results will produce free worksheets specifically for that task. You can also refine your search so it includes age, grade level and subject.

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  • Kindergarten Christmas Worksheets

Embrace the Spirit of Learning with Christmas Printables

Explore a delightful collection of Christmas-themed kindergarten worksheets that offer engaging and educational activities for young learners. From improving spelling by tracing festive words to enhancing number recognition through color-by-number exercises, these worksheets provide a variety of interactive challenges. Children can enjoy counting, coloring, reading comprehension, addition, measurement, phonics, mazes, spot-the-difference, and more while embracing the holiday spirit. With a range of activities designed to develop math, literacy, spatial awareness, and problem-solving skills, these worksheets offer a fun and festive way to learn and play during the Christmas season.

Please share our free worksheets. Thank you!

Free Christmas Worksheets

Christmas Addition Worksheet

Flexible Options: Download, Print, or Use Our Free Christmas Worksheets Online

  • Printable Worksheets - Effortlessly Print from Your Web Browser
  • PDF Worksheets - Easily Download and Access Files Anytime
  • Interactive Digital Worksheets - Enjoy an Engaging Online Experience

Our Christmas worksheets are designed to be convenient for educators and families. We offer three options to access our free worksheets. You can download the PDF file, print it from your browser, or use the online version of our kindergarten worksheets. These options allow you to save, print, or complete our worksheets directly on our website. By providing these flexible options, we aim to make learning Christmas accessible, convenient, and engaging for teachers, parents, and kids.

Free Kindergarten Worksheets

  • Christmas Color by Addition Worksheet
  • Christmas Tree Coloring Worksheet
  • Christmas Word Search Worksheet
  • Christmas Spot the Difference Worksheet
  • Santa Maze Activity Worksheet
  • Santa Counting Worksheet
  • Counting Candy Canes Worksheet
  • Christmas Subtraction Worksheet
  • Christmas Spelling Worksheet
  • Christmas Reading Worksheet
  • Christmas Phonics Worksheet
  • Christmas Maze Worksheet
  • Christmas Bar Graph Worksheet
  • Christmas Counting Worksheet
  • Christmas Cookie Patterns Worksheet
  • Christmas Color by Number Worksheet
  • Santa's Workshop Classification Worksheet
  • Christmas Measurement Worksheet
  • Christmas Addition Worksheet
  • Christmas Prepositions Worksheet
  • Kindergarten Holiday Worksheets
  • Kindergarten Easter Worksheets
  • Kindergarten Halloween Worksheets
  • Kindergarten Thanksgiving Worksheets
  • Kindergarten Valentine's Day Worksheets
  • Kindergarten St. Patrick's Day Worksheets
  • Holiday Worksheets by Month

Main Categories of Kindergarten Worksheets

  • Kindergarten Math Worksheets
  • Kindergarten English Worksheets
  • Learning About Our World
  • Kindergarten Seasons Worksheets

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Reading & Math Workbooks for K-5

Download & Print From Only $1.79

Christmas Worksheets

Ho, ho, ho! Who wants some Christmas worksheets?

Pumpkin, spice and everything nice includes our Christmas worksheets covering all kinds of reading, math and science topics for kids in kindergarten to grade 5.

free printable worksheets for kindergarten christmas

Christmas tracing

We love it when candy canes are in mint condition . The same goes for these tracing worksheets.

Christmas mazes

If you're good, Santa Claus will grace you with his presents . Whilst you wait, help Santa find the presents in these mazes.

Christmas coloring

Time to spruce things up with some fun coloring pages.

Christmas crosswords

A round of Santa-plause , please, for these crossword puzzles.

Christmas word search

These word search worksheets are snow joke .

Christmas vocabulary

We're feeling pine about the vocabulary worksheets.

Christmas spelling

We hope completing these spelling worksheets give your kids high elf-esteem .

Christmas letters & alphabet

Have your elf a merry little Christmas with these alphabet worksheets.

Christmas writing

We had fun fir sure creating the Christmas writing worksheets.

Christmas patterns

Take a Santa Pause with these patterns worksheets.

Christmas geometry

But wait, there's myrrh . Try these geometry worksheets.

Christmas numbers & counting

Your kids will never fir-get how to count once they've completed these worksheets.

Christmas math

Last, but not least, our best in snow math worksheets.

Have a tree-mendous Christmas. It’s time for us to go ho ho ho-me!

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free printable worksheets for kindergarten christmas

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free printable worksheets for kindergarten christmas

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Check out our collection of printable Christmas worksheets for Kids. These Christmas worksheets are perfect for teaching kids in the classroom or homeschooling. Younger children will love the counting practice and word to picture matching worksheets, while slightly older kids will enjoy the missing letter and word scramble worksheets. Many worksheets include fun graphics of all the favorite Christmas related things like Santa, presents, reindeer and much more!

Christmas color by numbers worksheet

Christmas themed numbers 1 - 10 worksheet

Christmas color by number worksheet.

christmas secret message puzzle

Christmas Puzzle Worksheet - Decode the Christmas Message

Christmas Reading Worksheet

Christmas Reading Worksheet

counting by tens worksheet

Christmas Find and Count Worksheet

Find and count the stockings, presents, ornamen...

Christmas  Read and Write Worksheet

Christmas Read and Write Worksheet

Read each of the sentences and fill in the blan...

Christmas Cut and Paste Letter Matching Worksheet

Christmas Cut and Paste Letter Matching Worksheet

Cut out the lowercase letters A, J, C, X, Z, M,...

Christmas Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Christmas Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Read this short Christmas story and answer a fe...

Christmas Color by Number

Christmas Color by Number

Use the key to color the picture of the Christm...

Christmas Maze

Christmas Maze

Find your way through the maze to help the kids...

christmas word search

Christmas Word Search

counting by tens worksheet

Christmas Count and Color Worksheet

Count and color the correct number of presents,...

Christmas Cut and Paste Missing Letters Worksheet

Christmas Cut and Paste Missing Letters Worksheet

Cut and paste the stocking with the correct let...

christmas reading worksheet

Christmas Beginning Letters Worksheet

Color in the correct first letter and write it ...

Christmas Cut and Paste Patterns Worksheet

Christmas Cut and Paste Patterns Worksheet

Cut out the snowflake, ornament, stocking and p...

Christmas Number Matching Worksheet

Christmas Number Matching Worksheet

Draw a line to match the Santas, Christmas tree...

Christmas Read and Color Worksheet

Christmas Read and Color Worksheet

Read the directions and color the stocking, Chr...

christmas tracing zig zag lines worksheet

Christmas Tracing Zig Zag Lines Worksheet

Christmas Missing Letters Worksheet

Christmas Missing Letters Worksheet

Fill in the missing letters in each stocking to...

christmas matching worksheet

Christmas Pictures Matching Worksheet

Christmas Missing Addends Worksheet

Christmas Missing Addends Worksheet

Fill in each present and ornament with the corr...

Christmas Cutting Worksheet

Christmas Cutting Worksheet

Cut out the ornaments and decorate the Christma...

What's Wrong with the Picture - Christmas

What's Wrong with the Picture - Christmas

Circle the things that are out of place in this...

christmas tracing lines worksheet

Christmas Tracing Lines Worksheet

Christmas Before and After Worksheet

Christmas Before and After Worksheet

Fill in the numbers that come before and after ...

christmas worksheet handwriting

Christmas Worksheet - Handwriting

Christmas Missing Numbers Worksheet

Christmas Missing Numbers Worksheet

Fill in the missing numbers in each of the stoc...

christmas word matching worksheet

Christmas Word Matching Worksheet

about me cursive writing practice worksheet

I Like Christmas Writing Worksheet

Draw a picture and write about why you like Chr...

Christmas Word Scramble Worksheet

Christmas Word Scramble Worksheet

Unscramble the words stocking, Santa, snow, tre...

bar graph worksheet colors

Christmas Bar Graph Worksheet

Use the bar graph to answer the questions about...

christmas counting practice worksheet

Christmas Worksheet - Counting Practice

christmas word scramble worksheet

Christmas Graphing Worksheet

Count the snowflakes, Christmas trees, Santas a...

Christmas Before and After Alphabet Worksheet

Christmas Before and After Alphabet Worksheet

Fill in the missing letters before and after th...

christmas words worksheet

Christmas Words Worksheet for Kids - Missing Vowels

Christmas Left and Right Worksheet

Christmas Left and Right Worksheet

Follow the directions and color the correct Chr...

christmas addition worksheet

Addition Worksheet - Christmas Theme

Christmas Beginning Sounds Worksheet

Christmas Beginning Sounds Worksheet

Look at each Christmas thing and circle the let...

same size worksheet

Christmas Same Size Worksheet

Identify the presents, stockings, ornaments and...

greater than less than picture comparison worksheet

Christmas Greater, Less Than Coloring Worksheet

Follow the instructions and color the stockings...

christmas beginning sounds worksheet

Beginning Sounds Worksheet

about me cursive writing practice worksheet

Christmas Acrostic Poem Worksheet

Write an acrostic poem about Christmas using th...

Christmas Lowercase Letters Worksheet

Christmas Lowercase Letters Worksheet

Christmas themed lowercase alphabet worksheet

christmas beginning letters worksheet

Christmas Color the Patterns Worksheet

Follow the directions and color the presents, s...

Christmas Uppercase Letters Worksheet

Christmas Uppercase Letters Worksheet

Christmas themed uppercase alphabet worksheet

christmas spelling worksheet

Christmas Worksheet - Spelling Practice

Printable December Calendar with Christmas Theme

Printable December Calendar with Christmas Theme

Fill in the dates for December of this year.

christmas worksheet alphabetical order

Christmas Worksheet - Alphabetical Order

christmas worksheet count

Christmas Worksheet - Counting

christmas scissor skills worksheet

Christmas Scissor Skills Worksheet

Christmas Number Line Worksheet

Christmas Number Line Worksheet

Fill in the missing numbers on each of the numb...

christmas different worksheet

Christmas Worksheet - Recognize Different Things

christmas favorite thing worksheet

Favorite Thing About Christmas Worksheet

christmas counting to eight

Christmas Counting Worksheet - Number Eight

christmas counting to five

Christmas Counting Worksheet - Number Five

christmas subtraction worksheet

Subtraction Worksheet - Christmas Theme

christmas syllables worksheet

Christmas Worksheet - Syllables

christmas worksheet same

Christmas Worksheet - Recognize Same Things

christmas cutting lines worksheet

Christmas Cutting Lines Worksheet

Christmas Rounding Worksheet

Christmas Rounding Worksheet

Practice rounding with a fun Christmas theme.

christmas cutting zig zag lines worksheet

Christmas Scissor Skills Worksheet - Zig Zag Lines

christmas counting to twelve

Christmas Counting Worksheet - Number Twelve

Christmas Letter Matching Worksheet

Christmas Letter Matching Worksheet

Draw a line to match the uppercase and lowercas...

Christmas Expanded Form Worksheet

Christmas Expanded Form Worksheet

Break apart the numbers in each present and wri...

christmas counting to eighteen

Christmas Counting Worksheet - Number Eighteen

christmas counting to three

Christmas Counting Worksheet - Number Three

Christmas Activities Worksheet

Christmas Activities Worksheet

Several Christmas themed language arts activities

christmas counting to fifteen

Christmas Counting Worksheet - Number Fifteen

Christmas Number Line Worksheet with Decimals

Christmas Number Line Worksheet with Decimals

Christmas Adjectives Worksheet

Christmas Adjectives Worksheet

Think of adjectives to describe the objects lis...

christmas spelling worksheet

Christmas Spelling Worksheet

Christmas Addition and Subtraction with Pictures Worksheet

Christmas Addition and Subtraction with Pictures Worksheet

Christmas themed worksheet where kids add or su...

Christmas Addition and Subtraction Drawing Worksheet

Christmas Addition and Subtraction Drawing Worksheet

Draw the correct number of Christmas items to c...

preschool letter to santa worksheet

Letters to Santa

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Christmas Preschool & Kindergarten Worksheets You Can Print

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Published Dec 06, 2022

Updated Nov 13, 2023

There are a million reasons to need Christmas Preschool worksheets or Christmas Kindergarten worksheets you can quickly download and print. These simple Christmas themed worksheets make learning fun and festive at home or in the classroom. These printable Christmas activity sheets are great for kids ages 3-8.

Preschool Christmas printable worksheets and Christmas Kindergarten worksheets to print and play - 5 are shows with various games

Preschool & Kindergarten Christmas Worksheets

At my house we like to use printable themed worksheets as boredom busters, learning boosts and something super quick and easy to hand to a kid at a moment’s notice.  These make a really simple after preschool or after Kindergarten Christmas activity. Click red button to download the Christmas worksheets pdf:

The Christmas season is full of quiet moments that having an easy preschool worksheet to hand a preschooler or a simple Kindergarten worksheet to hand a Kindergartner will be a life-saver! 

Related: More printable Christmas worksheets

My favorite are the Christmas tree worksheets…but you decide!  Wait, I really like the Christmas search and find worksheet too…

Christmas Printable Worksheets for Kids Printable Pack

  • Christmas Worksheet #1: There’s one fun color by number page – can you tell what the Christmas themed hidden picture is?
  • Christmas Worksheet #2 : There’s a Christmas tree dot-to-dot page that can also double up as a coloring page once finished.
  • Christmas Worksheet #3: You’ll also find a fun count and color practice page in this pack where preschoolers and Kindergartners can count presents or Christmas trees.
  • Christmas Worksheet #4: My favorite is the Christmas maze to get Santa to the presents.
  • Christmas Worksheet #5: Last but not least there’s also a simple word search puzzle with a holiday theme using words like: Rudolph, Santa, Tree

christmas worksheet activity packet - 10 worksheets for pre-k and kindergarten themed christmas

Free Christmas Preschool Worksheets

Since kids are always at different levels, we put this printable worksheet package for Christmas together with both preschool and Kindergarten age kids in mind (ages 3-6).  When using these with preschool kids, pages like the maze, color-by-number and count and color will be right on target for their skill level.  If they are just entering preschool, you may want to print just those pages.

For the more complicated pages, you may want to assist them or create a learning experience together.  The Christmas tree dot-to-dot is a fun place to practice number recognition…even if they can’t count and recognize the number that high.  And the Christmas word search is challenging, but word searches are simply letter pattern recognition skills.  You may be surprised at how well they do if you work on one word at a time.

Free Christmas Kindergarten Worksheets

For kindergartners, these worksheets will likely be devoured quickly!  They have seen all of these worksheet types and are probably familiar with the rules of each Christmas activity.  Encourage kids to decorate the Christmas tree dot-to-dot with some ornaments they create themselves.  And if the Christmas word search is challenging, do it together.

Download & Print Christmas Worksheet pdf Files Here

More free christmas worksheets you can print at home.

  • This fun and engaging Pre-K and K printable packet of Preschool Christmas activities has 10 pages of activities to include:
  • Color by Letters
  • Letter Tracing
  • Image Recognition
  • Line Drawing
  • Number Recognition
  • Number Tracing
  • Letter Recognition
  • Early Phonics
  • These easy Christmas math worksheets are perfect for pre-K.
  • Kids will have fun with these letter and  Christmas writing  worksheets.
  • This  Christmas themed dot to dot worksheet preschool  is so fun!

Looking for even more Christmas printable fun?

  • Check out these 70 free Christmas printables . Here you will find anything from Christmas coloring pages to Reindeer Vocabulary Cards.
  • Grab our printable Christmas coloring pages
  • Or our free Christmas coloring pages for kids
  • These super easy Christmas coloring pages have a Baby Shark theme
  • Or try these easy Christmas coloring pages
  • Harry Potter Christmas coloring pages are lots of fun to download
  • Christian Christmas coloring pages for kids
  • Download and print our Christmas coloring book
  • Check out our Christmas writing worksheets!
  • Don’t miss our ideas for spreading Christmas Kindness this year!

How are you using the Christmas worksheets for preschool & Kindergarten?

Christmas Activities Christmas Coloring Pages Christmas Ideas Coloring Pages for Kids Holiday Learning Activities Preschool Activities Printable Library Worksheets

free printable worksheets for kindergarten christmas

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Black and white printable envelope template with a Christmas theme on top of blue-green and purple sheets with assorted crayons on a dark grey background. printed pdf version from Kids activities blog.

Regular & Festive Printable Envelope Template

free printable worksheets for kindergarten christmas

Cozy Up With This Winter Felt Play Activity


Free Printable Christmas Writing Practice Worksheets

25 days of Christmas activities for kids collage - Kids Activities Blog

25 Days of Christmas Activities for Kids w/ Printable Calendar

free printable worksheets for kindergarten christmas

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free printable worksheets for kindergarten christmas

25 Free Christmas Kindergarten Worksheets (Printables)

Holiday Printables


Table of Contents

  • 1 Christmas Coloring Pages
  • 2 Free Christmas Worksheets for Sight Words
  • 3 Free Christmas Literacy Worksheets for Kindergarten
  • 4 Free Christmas Math Pages

Let’s kick off the holiday season with some free Christmas kindergarten worksheets. Here, you will find a variety of worksheets and educational activities that are great for kindergarten and 1st grade.

At the bottom of the post, you will find a text link to other popular themed activities, such as Polar Express.


Combined, the following activities are great for Christmas break work.

It’s the time of the year when we can keep learning fun with Christmas activities such as these, and take a break from the traditional classroom routine or homeschool curriculum.

Christmas Coloring Pages

Each of the following free Christmas coloring pages were created by different teacher-authors.

Be sure to check out their terms of use before distributing.

  • Christmas Color by Number, Addition & Subtraction Within 10
  • Christmas Around the World Coloring Page : As you’re gearing up for the holiday festivities in your classroom, this free resource will help you keep all of your fun Holidays Around the World activities together!
  • English and Spanish Free Christmas Coloring Pages : A drawing colored by the kids is always a very nice gift they can give to their grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, or teachers.
  • Kaleidoscope Christmas Themes Color Worksheets
  • Reindeer and Christmas Tree worksheets for coloring : These free coloring pages would be great in a writing center, indoor recess, fun Fridays, Christmas break, and more!
  • Snowman, Gingerbread Man, and Christmas Coloring Pages : There are 8 pages of Christmas theme printables included in this freebie.
  • Coloring Joke Book for the Christmas Season : This fun 10 page packet is just what you need for rainy (or snowy!) recess days or for downtime. It will keep your little ones busy and thinking – and laughing!


Free Christmas Worksheets for Sight Words

  • Color and Write Sight Words Holiday Worksheets
  • Christmas Lights Sight Word Book : This sight word book is a great way to get your students reading sight words in a fun, festive way. Included in the book, are 7 pages of Christmas lights to read and color.
  • Candy Canes, Ornaments, Roll and Color printable activities: Here are four Christmas themed sight word activities that your class will love! There is a painting activity, candy cane craft, color by sight word, and a Christmas list to write down sight words. The candy canes are editable.
  • Literacy Sight Word Tree: Practice sight words with an easy sight word tree cut and paste worksheet. Students can build, glue, and read. A fun, easy reading craft perfect for the chaos of December in the classroom!
  • Roll, Read, and Color Sight Word Game : This EDITABLE sight word game in completely auto-fill. Just type in the words on the first page and this worksheet is INSTANTLY produced using the words YOU chose. The amount of variations of this worksheet you can create are ENDLESS!


Free Christmas Literacy Worksheets for Kindergarten

  • Christmas Beginning Sound Center : Practice alphabet letters and sounds with these free printable Christmas worksheets. This includes 35 pages of a Christmas theme beginning sounds Literacy Center. Print and laminate pages and then use as a file folder game, with velcro dots, or by itself.
  • Word Family Stockings : These Christmas printables are fun as morning work, early finisher games, and more. Students use a pencil and a paperclip to make a spinner. Then they spin, read, and color word families! All word families are printed in lowercase letters. There are 15 word families represented – 3 for each short vowel.
  • Alphabetical Order (ABC Order) Christmas Writing Worksheets
  • Gingerbread Man Line Tracing worksheets: These printable worksheets are for young learners who need practice with fine motor, or early writing skills.
  • Free Christmas Word Search for Kindergarten and First Grade : Word searches are a fun way for the students’ minds to take a break from the traditional literacy activities.
  • My Book of Christmas Words Activity Book : Simple Christmas fun with themed images and themed words to build vocabulary during the holiday season.


Free Christmas Math Pages

  • Santa’s Sleigh Drop Subtraction within 10 : Santa has loaded his sleigh! Once he is flying, he has trouble keeping all the gifts on-board! Oh dear! He is dropping his gifts out of his sleigh. Help Santa determine how many gifts he has left on his sleigh. This file contains the pages you need to make game boards, question cards and worksheets. Practice simple addition in a fun way!
  • No-Prep Christmas Worksheets : Free worksheets for place value, addition, and subtraction to stay in the holiday spirit.
  • December Math Center for Number Identification : These fun Christmas time activities are perfect for the little ones needing number recognition practice. Preschool worksheets and games are a fun way to offer intervention to the kids that need more practice. Use kids tweezers to place cotton balls onto Santa’s beard to build the child’s fine motor skills.
  • Christmas Measurement Math : The FREE Christmas Measurement Math
  • Center provides children with the opportunity to practice measuring Christmas objects using non-standard units of measurement. The fun games include 6 colorful measuring cards and a worksheet for recording answers. Whether it’s your kindergartener or first grader, this is a fun way to build math skills.
  • Santa Claus Race and Trace : This number worksheet is so much fun for kindergarten students, and the older kids, too. Get extra practice identifying teen numbers and writing numbers 0-20.
  • Gingerbread Tally Marks Clip Cards : This packet includes 21 clip cards to help students count, recognize tally marks, skip counting, counting on, and identifying numbers. Aligned with the common core standards.

Before you leave, here are more Christmas themed posts you will enjoy:

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free printable worksheets for kindergarten christmas

free printable worksheets for kindergarten christmas

Free Christmas Printables for Kids

FREE Christmas printables for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten. Large collection of activities including Elf on the Shelf, playdough mats, do-a-dot marker sheets, q-tip painting, tracing, reading, writing, coloring, matching, sorting, cutting and more!


Viviana is a blogging mom to a toddler, a preschooler, and a kindergartner, sharing ideas and resources for early education. She specializes in unique, hands-on printable activities that are educational, fun and inspire creativity in young minds.


Thank you! I just absolutely love your stuff! :)

free printable worksheets for kindergarten christmas

Thank you for your comment! You're very welcome. Happy Holidays! :)

free printable worksheets for kindergarten christmas

I have typed in my email but am not receiving the christmas printables. Please help!

I absolutely LOVE all of your printables and so do my 4 little daughters! Thank you SO much for creating these, they definitely come in handy now that I homeschool my girls. Merry Christmas! :)

Hi Patricia, You're welcome! I am so glad to help. Merry Christmas!

This is incredible. I love it. Merry Christmas.

Thank you for all of your wonderful printable activities. My kids had a blast and did a lot of learning with the Christmas activities above!

Hi Shaina, Thank you for your comment. That is great to hear!

Love your activities! My preschoolers have really enjoyed the Christmas ones!! Happy Holidays!!

Your activities really interest and engage my child, and its nice to find them all in one place. Keep up the good work, and thank you!

Thank you these are amazing! My kids are going to love them. Happy Holidays!

Just Awesome. Just What i needed to teach my 3yr old son.

Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your dahlin' printables. Can't wait to use them with my kids in pre-k!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

What a great collection of resources ! thank you




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