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excuses for late assignment submission

20 Good Excuses for Late Assignment Submission Your Teacher won’t Refuse

The topmost priority for any student is to stay up-to-date with their studies and assignments. Failing to submit work by the allotted time is a constant dread during the academic years. While students try their best to keep up with their studies, sometimes certain unfortunate occurrences can force them to go off-track.  

There are times when the stress of keeping up with everything can prevent them from meeting assignment deadlines. Often enough this is also the result of being careless but there are genuine cases when a student is unable to finish his or her work on time. In such a scenario the student can request for an extension. Though, the reason for the delay in submission has to be substantial in order to get the necessary extension period.

Be careful about making excuses for late assignment submission as it has to be backed by good reasoning. Often students actually end up forgetting when the submission was due and turn up at the last moment with lame reasons. You can avoid that situation by writing a proper application for late submission. This creates a good impression in the eyes of the professor and shows your sincerity towards the task at hand.  

In case you are wondering, ‘what I can say when I did not meet the deadline to submit assignment’ then here are some genuine reason to convince your teacher to accept your late work.

1. I got my backpack stolen:  use rampant crime among high school students to your advantage. No teacher in his right mind would expect you to turn in that big assignment if it got stolen the very day it was due. Although most teachers won’t follow through, filing a missing backpack report might not be a bad idea. 

excuse for submitting assignment late

2. My mom and dad got in a huge fight last night  and the cops came and I couldn’t concentrate on the assignment: Domestic violence isn’t something to lie about…unless it’s done to save your grade. This excuse works on so many levels: (1) Your teacher will never bring this up to your parents; and (2) you will garner sympathy for the rest of the year. The only way this could go wrong is if your teacher reports this to your guidance counselor and your counselor contacts your parents. That’s probably not going to happen. 

3. I stayed at my dad’s this weekend  and left it there and my mom refuses to let me go back and get it: Teachers are suckers for dysfunctional family stories. This is an all time classic. 

4. I left my binder in my mom’s car and she’s at work across town:  This is a twist on the easy to see through “I left it at home” excuse. A teacher can reasonably expect someone from home to bring your homework, but not even the meanest teacher would expect your mom to leave work. 

5. I was really sick yesterday and unable to do anything.  The only reason I came is because I didn’t want to miss any more work: Teachers will admire your perseverance and give you the extra day. 

6. It’s that “time of the month”:  If you’re a boy, don’t try this. This only works for females on male teachers. 

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7. Grandma died:  Even if the teacher doubts the veracity of your grandma’s death, he’s not gonna call you out on it just in case it’s true. There are obvious problems with this excuse, including the guilt you’ll feel if your grandma does die that week. 

8. My dog died  and I was too upset to do my homework: This is rarely used, but effective, especially if your teacher has a dog. Only a heartless task master would not cut you a break over losing your best friend. 

9. I had to take care of my baby sister who was up last night throwing up:  Another underused classic. Be careful your teacher isn’t an e-mailer or he just might e-mail your parents for an update on your baby sister who doesn’t exist. 

10. Tell the truth:  This is a revolutionary excuse. Often if you just go to your teacher in the morning and tell him or her the truth, you’ll get some additional time.

11. Your Team Members screwed you Over in a Group Assessment.

Teachers  hate  group work assignments, too. We usually set them because we have to embed it into a degree as an ‘employability skill’.

12. You’ve had Writer’s Block

This extension excuse gets points for honesty. If you come to your teacher and say “Look, I’ve read  all  of the readings, but the creativity just hasn’t come” then your teacher might just give you a little extra time.

13. Work called you in for Extra Shifts

When explaining that work has called you in for extra shifts, make sure your teacher knows you needed that money. You don’t need to cry poor or ask for the sympathy card. But let them know: I pay my own way through life, so the extra money meant a lot to me.

14. Computer Issues

convince teacher for late assignment submission

This can get an eye roll.

Blaming technology issues is a cliché excuse that teachers tend not to take too seriously.

It’s used too often and we expect that more often than not it’s a lie rather than a genuine problem.

If you want to get sympathy for this excuse, provide evidence. Here’s some valuable forms of evidence, in order from best to worst:

  • A receipt or quote from a computer repairman that contains the current date;
  • Evidence you’ve been to see the university’s IT department to see if your data can be recovered;
  • A photograph of the broken computer equipment.

These are some additional excuses you can give.

15. Illness : In case you genuinely are not physically fit to do your homework. This reasoning must be authentic and you are required to provide your doctor’s note. Even in case if someone in your family needs your immediate attention or the student has had a mental breakdown. All of them can be strong reasons to ask for an extension in submission date.

16. Other paper due:  In case the student has to prepare for another important paper in the same time frame, he or she can take it up with the professor and request for a late submission. This makes for a valid reason and one can put in an application informing the teacher about the circumstances.  

17. Job interview : If a student has to appear for a job that is directly related to their subject or area of study then they can be excused for late submission.  

18. You have a Learning Disability

If you have a learning disability, you need to tell your university in advance. There’s really no other way around this one.

Nearly every university these days has support plans for students with learning disabilities.

The most common one is dyslexia. This is the condition in which students struggle with accurate and speedy reading and spelling. It can make university really tough, but universities try to be accommodating for students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia.

19. You are a carer

Something that has blown me away as a university teacher is just how many students care for their chronically sick or disabled parents, partners or children.

Carers are, frankly, inspiring people, and you’ll get sympathy from your teacher.

I’d recommend letting your teacher know in advance about your situation.

20. Others : There are other unforeseen circumstances that can range from a natural disaster or even an unfortunate incident like an accident. In all such scenarios, students are excused.  

Although Late submission is a common situation during school or college days, there must be a good excuse for the same. Here is an email (or application) format you can use to request your teacher to accept your late submission.

A sample apology letter for being late in assignment submission

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is to present my sincere apologies for late submission of my assignment that was due (Insert Date). I understand the inconveniences my lateness might have caused you.

The delay occurred because (Insert your excuse for lateness). I have completed my assignment and can guarantee you that no such mistake will ever happen.

Please accept my sincere apologies.

(Student Name)

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Late Assignment Excuses That Don’t Fail

late assignment excuses

Students need late assignment excuses all the time. Ideally, it’s common for learners to fail to submit their assignments within the duration the educator stipulates. For instance, the stress of keeping up with everything that happens to the student’s academic life can hinder them from meeting the deadlines.

Although some learners are careless, some cases are genuine, and educators consider them. However, a learner must request a submission deadline extension. Also, the teacher expects a substantial reason for delaying the assignment submission. This article highlights some of the homework excuses that students give for late assignment submission or law assignment help .

Table of Contents

Top reasons for late submission of assignments, what to do when handing in a late paper, how to ask for an extension, consequences for late assignment submission.

Something simple like the inability to keep up with the environment can be a reason for late submission. Ideally, a learner can develop stress that prevents them from keeping up with the assignment deadlines. However, a student must analyze their scenario carefully to determine whether they should request a deadline extension. That’s because educators expect students to provide compelling reasons for turning in assignments late in college, university, or high school. Here are the primary reasons students give for assignments’ late submission.

  • Lost Homework Losing homework is a common reason that some learners give for not submitting their assignments on time. For instance, a learner can claim that somebody stole the work from their bag. Crime is rampant among college and high school students. And you can blame this on your inability to meet the assignment submission deadline. If somebody stole your assignment, the teacher may allow you to submit it late, provided your case seems genuine.
  • I Forgot to Submit My Assignment You can tell the teacher that you didn’t remember to submit the assignment on time, but you have already done it. For instance, you can tell the educator that you had many things going on in your life and forgot to bring the assignment to class or their office. That way, the educator might allow you to submit the work at a later date or time. Some students give this excuse when they are yet to finish the assignment, but they can complete it within the allowed extension.
  • Domestic Violence Domestic violence is typical in modern marriages. Since this is a sensitive issue, most educators consider it when learners blame it for late submission. However, your teacher might bring the subject up to your parents or guardians. Additionally, the educator might report the issue to the guidance and counseling office. Consequently, the office can contact your guardians or parents to discuss the ordeals. And this will ensure that your parents understand the effects of their actions on your school life.
  • Blame it on Sickness Sickness is something natural, and it can happen to anyone at an unexpected time. Ideally, avoiding an illness is almost impossible. A sick student might lack the emotional and physical strength to work on their homework or assignment. Therefore, the disease is one of the good excuses for late homework submission. However, ensure that you have a good backing for this excuse. For instance, you can provide a doctor’s note when using this excuse. Also, you can give this excuse if it’s your immediate family member that was ill, thereby hindering you from completing the assignment. For instance, you might not write your assignment if you have a highly sick sister or parent. You can even stop working on your academic task to take care of your loved one. And that’s a solid reason to compel the educator to extend your assignment submission deadline.
  • Writer’s Block When working on homework, a student might read several books, leading to writer’s block. This situation can be overwhelming, and it may affect the student’s productivity. Even after taking short breaks, the leader might still find the assignment almost impossible to complete. Most teachers listen to students that fail to submit assignments due to writer’s block. The educator might even grant you a leave of several days before recollecting and working on the homework. Nevertheless, you must apologize and acknowledge your action’s consequences. Also, accept responsibility, show regret, and promise the educator that it won’t happen again.
  • Overwhelming Assignment Having too many writing assignments with tight deadlines is also among the good homework excuses. In most cases, academic papers require ample time to prepare and write. Therefore, you can request the professor to allow you more time to work on your assignments. And this is undoubtedly a valid reason for justifying late assignments. But don’t wait to request the extension at the last minute. Instead, tell the educator early that you have other projects, probably when they assign you a new task.
  • Job Interview Perhaps, you’re applying for a job while pursuing your education, and you’re lucky to land an interview. In that case, you can request an extension for your assignment deadline. Your educator will listen and most likely accept your apology. They will also grant you ample time to prepare for the interview and attend it on the specified date. After that, you can submit the assignment late without penalties.
  • My Computer Crashed Maybe the educator specified that you should type and print your assignment. Some schools also require learners to submit homework via web-based platforms. In that case, you can blame a crashed computer for a late assignment. That’s because a computer can crash with your complete homework in it. Also, you can tell the educator that your younger siblings or pets broke your laptop. You can even say power failure or hackers damaged your computer. And this is a reasonable excuse for not turning in homework, especially for a serial assignment offender. The teacher might contend that you might have used other methods like loading the assignment to a USB, but you can say that the incident happened abruptly.

late assignment excuses

On realizing that you will miss the assignment deadline, prepare to submit it late without facing disciplinary actions from your educator or use college homework help . If you don’t acknowledge and apologize, the educator can even penalize you on the ground that you submitted assignment 1 minute late. Therefore, don’t panic or ignore your delay in handing in the homework late. Instead, follow these steps to handle the situation safely.

Talk to the educator early: Telling your professor or teacher that you can’t complete the homework on time shows that you’re not a lazy student waiting to give late submission excuses at the last minute. The educator will appreciate your efforts to share the unforeseen problems with them beforehand. Meet with the educator: Be calm and try everything possible to convince the educator of the validity of your reason to be late with your assignment. Also, show the educator that you won’t be late due to lack of motivation or laziness. Email your professor or teacher: If the assignment’s due date is very close, write your professor an email. In the email, explain your circumstance, the reason for your situation, and apologize for the delay. Take responsibility: No professor likes students that keep requesting deadline extensions. But if your situation hinders you from meeting the deadline, request its extension and take responsibility. Don’t blame your school or the teacher for providing insufficient time. Instead, be mature and explain why you can’t meet the deadline. Promise the educator that it won’t happen again: You won’t be lucky whenever you fail to submit your assignment within the deadline the educator stipulates. Nevertheless, promise the educator that this won’t happen in the future and follow through.

Follow these steps, and your educator might accept your excuses for not doing homework within the stipulated timeframe.

Even if you have the best homework excuses, the educator might ask you to write an apology letter or email. In some institutions, students fill out a deadline extension form to apply for a new one. If this is an option in your school, consider it if you have a genuine reason. But if the educator asks you to write an apology letter or an email requesting a deadline extension, take the time to do it.

In your late assignment email, express your remorse or regret for the inability to submit the work on time. Also, explain how you found yourself in the situation. Additionally, promise the educator that this won’t happen in the future.

Here is a late assignment submission email sample to guide you:

Ref: Late Assignment Submission (Full name and class) Dear Sir/Madam, I’m contacting you because I won’t manage to submit my (assignment title) on (date) due to (give reasons). I undoubtedly understand my mistake, and I sincerely apologize. I should have been meticulous in the first place. I kindly request you allow me to hand it in on (date). I sincerely apologize for this, and it won’t happen again. Warm regards, (Your name and class)

Your email to professor about late assignment should be formal. Thus, don’t sound like you’re addressing a family member or friend. Instead, be polite, mature, and official in your email. Also, keep it brief.

Even after providing late excuses in your email, your professor could penalize you for missing the deadline. Different learning institutions deal with assignment extension excuses uniquely. For instance, most universities penalize learners by taking off 5% of the assignment’s marks. After seven days, the professor won’t accept your request again. What’s more, different universities have measures for deterring lateness among students.

If you continue being late with assignments, the university can postpone your studies. Failure to submit work within your semester’s schedule can also prevent the faculty from compiling your marks. Thus, you will not appear in the graduation list if in the final year.

In some cases, failure to submit the assignment on time can lead to expulsion or suspension. Therefore, understand the individual policies that govern assignment submission when joining a learning institution.

Get Professional Homework Help

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What is the best excuse for late homework?

The best excuse for late homework are: “I got my backpack with my homework on it stolen”; “I left the binder in my parent’s car, and they are at work”; “I was not feeling well;” “My printer was damaged;” and “My laptop got stolen.” However, ensure that you deliver the excuse properly and be convincing.

How do I excuse a late submission of an assignment?

The best way to excuse a late submission of your assignment is to communicate with the professor. Ensure you have a good excuse for the delay and request an alternative deadline. If possible, offer evidence that will support your excuse.

What is the best reason for late submission?

One of the best reasons for late submission is being ill. That’s because it is easy for lecturers to understand illness as a reason for late submission since it can impact students’ ability to complete their projects on time.

should there be less homework

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excuse for submitting assignment late


10 Best Excuses for Not Completing Your Assignment

10 Best Excuses for Not Completing Your Assignment

Have you ever woken up one day and realised it’s already Thursday, but your brain feels like it’s only Tuesday? The assignment you thought you had two more days to complete, was already due. What is there left to do? Go to the nearby clinic, feign a cold, get a medical certificate to weasel your way out of attending class today, and then use the day to complete the assignment? It sounds pretty feasible but is it worth it to miss class and also spend money visiting the doctor for a cold you don’t have? Why not give our 10 best excuses for not completing your assignment a shot, you might just get yourself out of trouble successfully and get a deadline extension! 

1. The “I Lost My Backpack” 

You spent hours completing the assignment last weekend at a neighbourhood Starbucks, you were knackered and fell asleep on the taxi ride home. The taxi screeched to a halt and you were jolted awake when the car got to your block, you alighted in a rush and your backpack which contains your assignment is now sitting at the lost and found centre at the taxi company’s headquarters. 

“I will go get my bag after class and submit it next lesson, I promise!” – Will your lecturer say no?

Difficulty level: ⅖

2. The “My Computer Crashed”

A classic excuse, but challenging to pull off. Might not guarantee results, but if you bring along a spoilt laptop as evidence, you are good to go. 

Difficulty level: ⅘

3. The “A Close Relative Died” 

Grief is intangible and most importantly, immeasurable. Your lecturer or teacher can never doubt your grief or how “close” this relative is to you, so this excuse is almost fullproof. Embellish the sob story with some anecdotes or memories with your “close relative”, plus points if you shed some real tears.

Difficulty level: ⅗ (without tears)

4. The “I Forgot About It” 

It is only human for people to forget sometimes, simply explain to your lecturer that you are working full-time and your boss is much scarier than her and doesn’t give any leeway for your other commitments. 

“Prof… You are more understanding than my boss, right?”

5. The “I Left It At Home” 

We are sure you have used this excuse before in secondary school, it felt fullproof as there would almost be no chance our teachers would send us home to get our assignments. However, university lecturers might just call your bluff on this flimsy excuse, so proceed with caution.

6. The “I Didn’t Know How to Do It” 

This only works for assignments with a short lead time (preferably less than 3 days). Do not use this excuse only to have your professor rebuke you for having no initiative to ask for help during the past week. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to be punished twice for one assignment. 

7. The “I Had Conflicting Work Deadlines” 

The only other deadlines that students fear apart from school deadlines are work deadlines. Since bosses are usually stricter and more rigid on their employees than teachers are with students, it will be easy to convince your lecturer. 

8. The “I Was On MC”

Nobody falls sick on purpose, as long as you have a valid medical certificate, we are sure that your professor will agree to extend the deadline for you for as long as you were sick for. If you have a flair for the theatrics or an existing medical condition, you can even try getting a 10-day hospital leave from the hospital. 

Difficulty level: ⅕ (for medical certificate)

9. Just Tell The Truth

More often than not, teachers and lecturers respect students who are brave enough to be honest with them. If you were swamped at work and had no time to complete your school assignment , let your lecturer know that you need some help with the deadline. Ensure that they are aware of any struggles you are facing, and they might just go easy on you. Furthermore, it might not be worth it to ruin your teacher’s impression of you over an assignment.

Difficulty level: ⅗ 

10. Let inkmypapers Get You Sorted

If you are not the type to lie through your teeth to get out of trouble in school, simply approach our team at inkmypapers to get help with last-minute assignments . Not only do we provide stellar service, but we also guarantee that your grades will be top-notch as well. Contact us today on our website for dissertation , coursework and essay writing services .

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Best Late Assignment Excuses That You Can Use

Trainees need late project excuses all the time. Ideally, it’s common for students to fall short to submit their projects within the teacher stipulates—for example, the tension of staying on par with everything in the trainee’s academic life.

Although some students are careless, some situations are genuine, and also teachers consider them. However, a learner needs to request an entry deadline expansion. Also, the educator anticipates a significant factor for delaying the project submission. This write-up highlights a few homework excuses pupils provide for late task submission.

Table of Contents

Leading Reasons for Late Entry of Assignments

Something simple like the failure to stay up to date with the setting can be a factor for late entry. Ideally, learners can develop anxiety that stops them from staying on top of the task deadlines. However, a trainee should evaluate their circumstance carefully to identify whether they must request a due date expansion. That’s because educators anticipate trainees to supply engaging factors for kipping down assignments late in university, college, or secondary school. Here are the primary reasons students offer jobs’ late submission.

Late Assignment Excuses : Lost Homework

Shedding homework is a typical reason some learners offer for not submitting their tasks on schedule. Crime is rampant amongst college and senior high school trainees. And you can condemn this on your failure to meet the project entry target date. If someone swiped your job, the teacher might permit you to send it late, offered your instance appears natural.

Late Assignment Excuses : I Failed to Send My Project

You can inform the trainer that you didn’t bear to send the job on schedule; however, you have already done it. As an example, you can tell the educator that you had many points taking place in your life and neglected to bring the project to class or their office. By doing this, the instructor might enable you to send the operation at a later day or time. Some pupils offer this reason when they are yet to finish the project, but they can complete it within the permitted extension.

Late Assignment Excuses: Domestic Violence

Residential physical violence is usual in contemporary marital relationships. Considering that this is a sensitive issue, many instructors think it when students criticize it for a late submission. Nevertheless, your educator might bring the subject to approximately your moms and dads or guardians.

Additionally, the teacher may report the concern to the support and therapy office. Consequently, the workplace can call your guardians or moms and dads to review the challenges. And also, this will undoubtedly make sure that your moms and dads comprehend the impacts of their actions on your college life.

Late Assignment Excuses: Blame it on Sickness

Illness is something natural, and it can occur to any individual at an unexpected time. Ideally, preventing a health problem is nearly difficult. An unwell trainee might not have the emotional and physical strength to work with their homework or project. As a result, the condition is one of the excellent excuses for late homework entry.

However, make sure that you have an excellent backing for this excuse. For example, you can provide a doctor’s note when using this justification. Likewise, you can give this justification if it’s your instant relative that was ill, therefore hindering you from completing the job.

For instance, you might not create your job if you have a very sick sis or parent. You can also stop working on your academic career to deal with your enjoyed one, which’s a solid reason for the instructor to expand your project submission target date.

Late Assignment Excuses: Writer’s Block

When working with research, a pupil could read numerous books, bring about author’s block. This situation can be frustrating and might impact the trainee’s efficiency. Even after taking time-outs, the leader may still find the project virtually impossible to complete.

Many teachers listen to trainees who fail to submit tasks because of writer’s block. The teacher could even give you a leave of several days before remembering and working on the research. However, you have to ask forgiveness and acknowledge your action’s effects. Likewise, accept the obligation, reveal remorse, and promise the teacher that it will not happen again.

Late Assignment Excuses: Overwhelming Job

Too many writing jobs with limited deadlines are likewise among the significant homework justifications. Most of the time, academic documents require enough time to prepare and create. Consequently, you can request the professor to permit you more time to deal with your tasks.

As well, this is undoubtedly a legitimate reason for warranting late tasks. Yet don’t wait to request the expansion in the nick of time. Instead, notify the instructor early that you have various other tasks, probably when assigning you a new job.

Late Assignment Excuses: Job Interview

You’re possibly making an application for a task while seeking your education, and you’re also lucky to land a meeting. In that instance, you can request an extension for your job target date. Your educator will undoubtedly pay attention as well as probably approve your apology. They will certainly additionally give you sufficient time to plan for the interview and attend it on the specified date. Afterwards, you can send the task late without penalties.

Late Assignment Excuses: My Computer system Collapsed

Perhaps the instructor specified that you should type and print your task. Some institutions likewise require students to send research using web-based systems. Because situation, you can blame a collapsed computer system for a late project. That’s because a computer system can crash with your complete homework in it.

Additionally, you can inform the teacher that your younger brother or sisters or pets damaged your laptop. You can even state power failure or hackers harmed your computer. And also, this is a practical reason for not turning in homework, specifically for a serial task wrongdoer. The educator might compete that you could have used various other techniques like filling the task to a USB, yet you can claim that the event occurred abruptly.

What to Do When Submitting In a Late Paper

On realizing that you will undoubtedly miss out on the task target date, prepare to send it late without dealing with corrective actions from your instructor. If you don’t acknowledge and ask forgiveness, the teacher can penalize you because you sent the assignment 1 min late. For that reason, don’t stress or ignore your hold-up in handing in the homework late. Instead, adhere to these steps to manage the circumstance securely.

Talk with the teacher early:

Informing your teacher or teacher that you cannot finish the homework promptly reveals that you’re not a lazy pupil waiting to provide late entry justifications at the last minute. The teacher will appreciate your efforts to share the unpredicted problems with them ahead of time.

Meet with the teacher:

Be tranquil and attempt whatever is feasible to convince the teacher of the legitimacy of your factor to be late with your project. Likewise, reveal to the instructor that you will not be late due to the absence of inspiration or idleness.

Email your professor or educator:

If the paper’s due date is very close, create your professor an email. In the email, describe your scenario, the factor for your system, and excuse the delay.

No teacher likes pupils that keep asking for target-date extensions. But if your circumstance hinders you from satisfying the due date, demand its expansion and take obligation. Do not condemn your school or the instructor for giving bad times. Instead, be fully grown and clarify why you cannot fulfil the deadline.

Guarantee the teacher that it will not take place once more: You will not be fortunate whenever you stop working to send your project within the due date the instructor stipulates. However, assure the educator that this will not occur in the future and follow through.

Exactly how to Ask for an Extension

Even if you have the very best homework, the teacher could ask you to write an apology letter or email. In some establishments, trainees complete a deadline expansion type to apply for a new one. If this is a choice in your school, consider it if you have a genuine factor. But if the educator asks you to create an apology letter or an email asking for the extension, take the time to do it.

In your late assignment email, express your remorse or remorse for the lack of ability to submit the work on time. Likewise, discuss exactly how you found yourself in the scenario. Furthermore, assure the educator that this won’t occur in the future.

Late Assignment Excuses

Here is a late task submission email sample to guide you:.

Ref: Late Job Submission (Full name and class).

Precious Sir/Madam.

I’m calling you because I will not manage to send my (task title) on (date) because of (offer reasons).

I comprehend my blunder, and also I apologize. I must have been meticulous in the first place.

Kindly request you permit me to hand it knows (day).

I truly excuse this, and it won’t take place once again.

Cozy pertains to.

( Your name and also class).

Your email to the teacher concerning a late job needs to be formal. Therefore, do not seem like you’re resolving a member of the family or buddy. Instead, be courteous, mature, and official in your email. Also, maintain it short.

Effects for Late Assignment Entry.

Even after offering late reasons in your email, your teacher can punish you for missing the due date. Different understanding establishments manage task expansion excuses distinctively. For example, most universities punish students by removing 5% of the project’s marks. After seven days, the teacher will not approve your demand again. What’s more, different universities have procedures for deterring lateness among trainees.

If you continue being late with assignments, the university can delay your studies. Failure to send work within your semester’s schedule can prevent the professors from assembling your marks. Hence, you will not show up on the graduation list last year.

In many cases, failing to submit the task promptly can lead to expulsion or suspension. As a result, understand the individual plans that control task entry when joining a discovering organization.

Get Specialist Research Aid.

You do not have to wait till the instructor decides to punish you when you can seek aid with your job. Our staff makes up knowledgeable project helpers with a reputation for offering the best online class aid to learners at various academic levels. We offer credible, dependable, and top quality aid to students from all parts of the globe. Our indigenous authors will assist you with a problem with a term paper, essay, or any other assignment. We offer convenient services to learners and ensure they send one hundred per cent one-of-a-kind documents. Contact us now!

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Do Assignment Help Blog

excuse for submitting assignment late

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excuse for submitting assignment late

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Excuse Letter

Late For Assignment Submission? Here’s How to Write a Perfect Excuse Letter!

Perfect Excuse Letter : Are you struggling to work on your academic assignments? Do you find it hard to manage your studies and other academic activities? Then, you are not alone! These are some common issues that students face during their learning years. The term papers, routine homework tasks, extra-curricular activities, and even part-time jobs keep students occupied.

“Never make excuses. Your friends don’t need them and your foes won’t believe them.” ―John Wooden

As a result, they fail to meet the deadlines and receive poor marks. Nowadays, hiring  assignment   help professionals is one of the best ways to handle this problem.

However, if you are running behind the assignment submission date due to a valid reason then you can request a deadline extension. It is done by filling out a form specifically for this purpose. You need to have a valid, acceptable reason, such as a medical emergency to back up the extension of the submission date.

Despite applying for an extension, it is always best to attach an excuse letter while submitting the assignment. It includes a well-written, meaningful apology for being late. This helps students in leaving a positive impression on the assignor’s mind since it is a respectful and good gesture.

Even if you are requesting  assignment help  last minute due to inability to meet the deadline, learning how to write an excuse letter could restore your image in the teacher’s eyes.

Table of Contents

Craft A Well-Structured Excuse Letter

Well Structured Excuse Letter

1. Address The Person In The Frame

The foremost thing to consider is to identify and understand the authority you are writing to. The letter could be addressed to the Head of the Department or any other University Administration member. Moreover, verify that the e-mail address you mention is correct. You may check it on the University’s website.

While writing the letter, keep the language courteous. For instance, begin the letter with respectful phrases. Mention the name or designation. Also, specify your personal details and the department. You may take assistance from  assignment help  experts in drafting the letter copy.

2. Be Direct

Your letter should not really seem like an excuse, but more like an apology. The authorities do not like to go through, wordy letters that may eat up a lot of their time.

Hence, the best way to write an excuse letter is to come directly to the point. Instead of writing a lengthy story, come straight to the reason for the late submission. In the beginning, apologize as you are behind the schedule. Then, show acceptance for your fault. The idea is to turn the excuse into a valid problem. Else, it would seem insincere on your part.

Start off by giving a brief self-introduction and then own up to your fault. You must send the letter as soon as possible.

3. Sound Responsible

There is no doubt that late assignment submission hampers a student’s academic scores, as well as the image in the teacher’s eyes. You do not want to aggravate the situation by writing the letter casually by including your irrelevant excuses. This is the time to act responsibly.

Always mention an authentic reason in case you missed the deadline. Show acceptance when your academic tasks get delayed. Writing an excuse letter is not merely a solution. It is essential to ensure the teachers perceive you as a responsible student who is serious about their studies and academic goals. You may also get in touch with  assignment help  services to get your work done quickly.

4. Explain Your “Acceptable” Reasons

Since the letter concerns late assignment submission, surpassing the allotted time frame, you must give a valid reason. Furthermore, elaborate on the cause sensibly. Your point must seem logical, and acceptable.

Several reasons may lead to a late assignment submission in college and universities. Here are some of the reasons you can include in your letter.

  • Health issues
  • Family emergency
  • Death of a family member
  • Part-time jobs making it hard to manage time
  • You met with an accident
  • Your PC/ laptop got damaged accidentally
  • You need some additional time to research the topic

Always make sure to be specific, and precise for being late. Avoid over-justifying your situation, as that may seem you are trying too hard to convince the professor. Be genuine, and explain your problem while requesting an extension. Keep things transparent and adhere to honesty.

5. Couple-Up The Evidence With Letter

It would be highly beneficial if you could attach the evidence to make sure your teacher understands your reason is valid. For instance, attach the doctor’s prescription or employer’s letter for the part-time job. If you want to save yourself from all these hassles then hire an  assignment   help  specialist to complete your tasks on time.

Format For Writing An Excuse Letter

Writing An Excuse Letter

  • Address The Recipient:  Write the professor’s name and designation.
  • A Strong Subject : The subject line includes details such as your full name, class, section.
  • The Opening:  This begins with introducing yourself and being apologetic for your setback. In this part, mention your full name, course, department, and batch details. Once it is done, write about the assignment you are late for. Here you have to be specific so write the assignment name, code, and title. Keep this part crisp, and brief.
  • Main Body:  It’s time to mention the reason and be genuine. This part must be written in a serious tone, elaborating on the causes. Do not forget to maintain a formal and polite tone. Choose the words carefully and sound authentic. Attach the relevant documents as evidence. Doing this will verify your reasons for a late submission.
  • Conclusion : Wrap up your excuse letter by restating your apology . Be thankful to the teacher for being considerate of your request and accepting it. Ensure them that you will be mindful of the future assignments and won’t repeat the mistake.

Hire A Professional Assignment Help Expert

If you struggle with writing formal applications, the  assignment help  services could guide you with the same. You can also look for samples online, or get help from an expert. This will guarantee high levels of satisfaction among the concerned authority.

Final Words

The late submission of assignments is one of the common issues students often face. Regardless of the reason, it is always a good idea to inform the teachers about your problem. This will not only buy you some extra time to work on the tasks, but also prevent the authority’s confidence in you from falling apart.

Here are some quick tips to write an effective excuse letter to the school or university head. You may also hire a specialist in online assignment help services to ensure quality outcomes.

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6 Excuses For Making Late Submissions

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How to Email Professor About Late Work

Last Updated: October 6, 2023 Fact Checked

This article was co-authored by Alexander Ruiz, M.Ed. and by wikiHow staff writer, Caroline Heiderscheit . Alexander Ruiz is an Educational Consultant and the Educational Director of Link Educational Institute, a tutoring business based in Claremont, California that provides customizable educational plans, subject and test prep tutoring, and college application consulting. With over a decade and a half of experience in the education industry, Alexander coaches students to increase their self-awareness and emotional intelligence while achieving skills and the goal of achieving skills and higher education. He holds a BA in Psychology from Florida International University and an MA in Education from Georgia Southern University. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 106,708 times.

With deadlines, jobs, activities, and relationships to juggle, managing your schedule as a student can be tough. If you’ve realized you’re going to miss a deadline (we’ve all been there), you might be wondering how to email your professor for an extension, to apologize, or to limit any late penalties. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Below, we'll walk you through how to email your professor, plus we'll give you some sample emails to inspire you, too. To learn how to email your professor about late work, read on!

Tips For Late Work Emails

Step 1 Keep your email concise.

  • Don’t say: “I’m just genuinely so, so sorry. I can’t believe I turned this in late, and you have no idea how long I prepped for this assignment. I really am so sorry that I missed the deadline, and you should know that I will do my best in the future, even when I have tech issues, to not let this happen again.”
  • Instead say: “I apologize for turning in this assignment late. Know that I take my work seriously and I’ll do my best to avoid this in the future.”

Step 2 Include a subject line that's clear and detailed.

  • Don’t say: “Message from a student in Psych 104,” “Need an extension,” or “Hello from Randy Bernard!”
  • Instead say: “Extension Request for Psych104, Paper 2: Randy Bernard”

Step 3 Use a professional tone and be polite.

  • Use a formal greeting. “Dear Professor James,” and “Professor James,” are perfect. “Hey,” and “Hi,” are too informal and should be avoided.
  • Same goes for your signoff—choose a formal phrase. “Best,” and “Sincerely,” are great picks.
  • If you’re asking your professor for something, be sure to ask, not demand. Instead of saying “I need” an extension, say that an extension would be extremely helpful to you.
  • Remember to use “Please” and “Thank you," too!

Step 4 Apologize for your late assignment.

  • This could hurt your relationship and increase penalties on your assignment.
  • So instead, say you're sorry: “I apologize for my late assignment. I know you're busy, and I don’t want to waste your time.”
  • “I’m sorry for this late paper, especially because it communicates a lack of care and concern for my grades that I don't feel is accurate.”

Step 5 Ask for an extension if relevant.

  • “If I had an extra 48 hours to complete this assignment, I’d be able to fully explore and structure my insights for this term paper.”
  • “I would greatly appreciate an extension on this project. With a little more time, I could turn in my very best work and learn even more from this assignment."

Step 6 Include helpful context.

  • “Last night, my dog had a bar of chocolate without me realizing. I’ve spent the entire evening with her at the vet.”
  • "To be entirely honest, I've been dealing with some mental health issues that are seriously affecting my schoolwork."
  • If you can, avoid lying. If you're granted an extension and the truth comes out later on, you could face major consequences.

Step 7 Take responsibility instead of avoiding blame.

  • Don’t say: “Honestly, it was out of my hands entirely. I’m a victim of circumstance, and that’s why my assignment is late.”
  • Instead say: “It's true that I didn’t plan for this to happen. That being said, if I’d started earlier, this wouldn’t have been an issue. So I know, ultimately, this is my fault. I take full responsibility.”

Step 8 Say that it won’t happen again and you take school seriously.

  • “This isn’t like me, and in the future, I promise to do better.”
  • “I take my schoolwork very seriously. If it weren’t for my dog’s illness, I would have made getting this assignment in my top priority.”

Step 9 Attach relevant documents.

Sample Emails

Step 1

Why You Should Email Your Professor About Late Work

Step 1 You could get a deadline extension for your assignment.

  • Policies around extensions differ from school to school, but by writing an A+ email, you can only help your chances.
  • Generally, professors only give you an extension under extenuating circumstances, like a major accident. They're going to be less inclined to extend an assignment if you had competing priorities, like work.
  • Professors are people too, and they want to help! Especially if you don’t have a history of late work, when you plead your case, they may be more forgiving than you’d expect.

Step 2 You might limit the number of points docked on your assignment.

  • Especially if you had a major, unforeseen factor pop up in the final moments before submitting your assignment, you may be able to explain and limit your punishment.

Step 3 Your professor will know that you take school seriously.

  • By offering a respectful and honest apology for your late assignment, you can improve your relationship with your professor, earn their respect, and possibly limit your late assignment’s penalties.

Expert Q&A

Alexander Ruiz, M.Ed.

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How to Write an Application to Ask My Professor to Accept a Late Assignment?

How to Write an Application to Ask My Professor to Accept a Late Assignment?

Find sample late submission assignment letters here!

Late submission of assignments is something that many college students go through. Emergencies happen, students go through heartbreaks, work and study schedules clash, and student-athletes and artists get busy with their practice. Sometimes, students become tardy. Sometimes, they fall ill. Sometimes, they become careless and forget about an assignment. 

However, most students with genuine reasons for submitting an assignment late manage to get an extension from their professors – as they request it ‘before’ the deadline. Most teachers understand students’ predicaments. If they deem that a student has a valid reason for submitting an assignment late, they grant him or her an extension of 2-7 days.

The problem arises when you delay submitting an assignment even though you have NOT been granted an extension. In such a case, the professor may refuse to accept your assignment and award you an F (fail) grade in the assignment. Or they may accept the assignment and give you penalty marks.

In the age of online assignment submissions, almost 65% of college students submit their assignments at the last minute. And then, there are 10% of students who submit assignments late with predictable excuses like:

My laptop/device developed a technical glitch.

Professors hear these excuses as:

  • I have been lazy and failed to do my homework on time.
  • I am so tech-tardy that I failed to ask for online assignment help and find a way to do it on time.
  • I am so lazy that I couldn’t even find a better and novel excuse for late assignment submission.

At GoAssignmentHelp , we often receive requests from students across the US to write effective and convincing applications for late assignment submissions or how to apologize for a late assignment.

You may also check out:   How To Ask For Assignment Extension With Request Letter Sample?

Different reasons why students submit assignments late (and sample late submission applications)

A study by Megal Nieberding and Andrew F. Heckler published in June 2021 found that students who procrastinate in writing assignments have lower course grades. The study also found that 90% of students do not delay completion of an assignment intentionally, and those who did were two to three times more likely to earn D or E grades.

Another study published by Mehmet Kokoc et al found that students’ online assignment submission behaviour does not change semester after semester. One can predict their end-of-term academic performance depending on their assignment submission behaviour at the beginning of the semester. GoAssignmentHelp’s assignment assistance experts aim to provide appropriate intervention to students on a timely basis.

How to apologize for a late assignment when you forget the submission deadline?

A 2015 research by Keith Gregory and Sue Morgan revealed that if an assignment has a long deadline, more students submit it late. In such cases, students tend to forget when they have to turn in the assignment. If you also forgot to do a task assigned by your professor long ago, you may write the following email for late assignment submission:

Dear [Sir or Ma’am],

I sincerely apologize for the late submission of my assignment [assignment number/topic/question]. I am so sorry for causing you inconvenience and hope that you wouldn’t have to change your schedule when you accept this assignment.

I [fell sick/had to attend my sister’s wedding/broke my leg/or any other excuse] and that’s why my assignment submission got delayed. This is my first mistake and I hope you could excuse me this time. I did not procrastinate intentionally and promise never to submit my assignment late again.

Please accept my assignment along with my heartfelt apology. I am attaching my completed assignment here.

Best Regards,

Attaching a doctor’s prescription to prove that you really had an accident or fell sick, or a signed letter from your parents to prove that you had a family emergency could increase your chances of getting your assignment accepted when you submit it late.

Late submission email to a professor when you have valid academic reasons

Sometimes, students need more time to research a topic some more to analyze it better and to provide a better piece of work. Students who ask teachers time to improve the quality and substance of their writing are rare – and often teachers’ favourites. The chances of their late assignments being accepted are quite high.

Here’s a sample apology email to the professor for late submission because you needed more time for research or analysis:

I am sorry for turning in my [thesis/essay/assignment] on [Topic] late. As I was working on my assignment, I found a few sources [list of sources] which I thought were critical to my research. It took more time than expected to examine them and use them while doing my research.

I understand that I should have approached you earlier to get an extension on the assignment submission deadline but I miscalculated the time I would need to complete my research work and write my assignment. I apologize for not planning my assignment work better but I assure you that I was late only because I wanted to do my best while writing it.

I hope you will be able to review my assignment without much inconvenience. I’ve spent a lot of time on it and am looking forward to your feedback and recommendations on it.

Warm Regards,

You may also want to seek assignment help from our assignment writing service experts to get high-quality answers and academic essays written within time to avoid such a situation.

How to apologize to a professor for a late assignment?

 An apology letter to the professor for late submission must include these three things:

  • A Plausible, Believable Excuse:   Experienced professors know all the commonplace excuses students use to get out of tight spots when it comes to submitting assignments on time. But if you give a creative and credible excuse, the chances of it getting accepted increase.
  • A Sincere Apology:  Teachers and professors have busy schedules. Apart from giving lectures in class, they have to prepare curriculum, class activities, prepare notes, and go through a pile of assignments, academic essays, dissertations and theses. Assignment submission deadlines are their way to make time to correct your assignment. When you submit an assignment late, you inconvenience them by disturbing their entire schedule. So, they are justified in feeling irritated. Hence, if you submit an assignment late, you owe them a sincere apology.
  • A Promise of Being More Cautious in the Future:  You can never take a teacher’s acceptance of your apology for granted. With the late assignment email, you must always include a promise never to repeat that mistake. Remember, such apology letters or emails work their magic only once. If you repeat them too often, they lose their power.

Need help with an application for late submission of assignments?

You can use these samples to officially apologize for submitting assignments late. An apology letter or email also serves as a reminder to the instructor of the date on which you submitted the assignment. Assignment writers on our leading online assignment help platform help students across Canada , including those in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Quebec City, and more.

Besides these late assignment submission email samples, there are tons of different ways to apologize to the professor for a late assignment. If you are wondering how to write an email for a late assignment that works, get help from GoAssignmentHelp experts.

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Submitted Assignment Minutes Late: Escape late submission penalty

excuse for submitting assignment late

Escape late submission penalty if Submitted Assignment Minutes Late

All deadlines usually arrive faster than expected. It is, therefore, understandable if you have submitted an assignment a few minutes late. If you have not completed the assignment, buying time is the only option you have to escape a late submission penalty.

To avoid late assignment submission penalties, use our Assignment Help service and earn the grades with timely delivered essays and papers. However, if you are late, the following are some of the methods you can use to buy time.

excuse for submitting assignment late

How to Escape Late Submission Penalties for Late Assignments?

If you submitted your assignment minutes late, you could escape any late submission penalty by giving a valid excuse, explaining yourself, negotiating a new deadline, or asking your professor for a time extension prior to submission.

Let us explain each of these methods in detail below;

1. Asking your instructor for an Extension

You must meet face-to-face with your instructor and explain why you need the extension. Avoid lies when talking face to face because most instructors can tell when you are saying the truth. Follow the following process to ask for an extension.

Immediately you realize that you will not complete your assignment per the set deadline, and that is when you should ask for a deadline extension. Sometimes you can strain to complete the work, but it will probably be poor and cost you good grades.

How to ask for an Extension on a Paper?

Decide to ask for an extension as early as possible. When you ask for an extension on the deadline day, instructors will likely conclude that you avoided doing the assignment or even forgot about it.

1. First, identify an appropriate time

Late Assignment deadline extension

You can’t meet your instructor anytime you feel like. For college students, office hours of the instructor are the right time.

For high school students, you can meet your instructor after class or set up an appropriate meeting time with them.

2. Explain the situation

Be specific with your reasons for needing an extension. Explain your situation in detail for it to be legitimate and more persuasive.

3. Request for an extension

After you finish explaining yourself, ask for an extension. Do not ask for too long. You might make the instructor change his mind.

How to Write your Time Extension Request – Template email

The most preferable way to ask for an extension is to meet your instructor face to face. It is also ok and more mature when you ask for an extension in writing before the assignment’s due date.

The written request also is the best option if your instructor is not easily reachable. You can send him a message through Canvas. If you use that, check out our post on Canvas late submission trick and see if it is applicable.

In cases where you prefer meeting the instructor face to face, be cautious of your language. Be confident, humble, and truthful. It is the only way that you can easily convince your instructor.

A short email example of how to request an extension

2. Admit and Explain your Lateness with no Excuses

The way you explain your reasons to the instructor determines whether or not you will receive an extension.

Late assignment extension request

It might be true that you are experiencing a lot of challenges, and the instructor may sympathize with you, but that is not your aim.

Sometimes, the instructor is only interested in briefly explaining why the deadline was not met.

He doesn’t want to read a whole paragraph of you explaining your misfortunes.

Do not forget to highlight what you are doing differently to make sure that you will not be late again.

Always use polite language when writing or addressing the instructor to increase your chances of getting the extension.

3. Negotiate a new Late Assignment Deadline

Considering all the excuses you have provided, set a new date that you think that you will be able to complete the assignment within.

You should assure the instructor that you have a plan that will enable you to finish the assignment on time.

However, you should always note that the final decision lies with the instructor. The instructor can opt to reduce the time you have asked for if they think it is too much.

Finally, you should motivate yourself to do some extra work to make up for your lateness.

4. Find a Late Submission Excuse

Some excuses can convince instructors to offer you additional time to do your assignment. You can blame the technology.

Late assignment submission penalty

In addition, you can argue that you experienced problems with using computers or printers that delayed you from finishing the work.

In extreme cases, you can also argue that you lacked the resources or the necessary materials.

If the materials to be used were not available in your institution, you can blame the late delivery of the material for your delay.

You can also argue that you provide for yourself and don’t rely on anyone.

The instructor can have mercy on you and add you extra time to complete your assignment.

If explained well, fake emergencies can also buy you time to complete your assignment. Read on for a list of 20 late submission excuses to buy you time and avoid the late submission penalty for your assignments.

Late Submission Penalties in Selected Universities

Common excuses if you submitted assignment minutes late, 1. you have a full-time job.

Full-time jobs are big commitments, and instructors can consider your extension easily.

Excuses if you Submitted Assignment Minutes Late

2. Other Papers are due on the same Date

Instructors can extend the deadline by a few hours if you argue that you have other papers to submit on the same date.

3. Severe weather

Your teacher can grant you an extension if the weather hinders you from delivering your assignment.

4. You are Preparing for a Standardized Test

Most instructors are likely to grant you an extension under these circumstances. They know that these tests require a lot of physical and mental preparation.

This should be a lengthy illness. Remember to attach the doctor’s note for evidence.

6. Family Illness

If a member of your family is ill and you are the only available caregiver, an extension can be granted to you.

Students who have proven they can’t get to school on time to hand in their assignments can be granted extensions.

8. Mental Health

Stress is common among students. It may result in anxiety or panic attacks. Just like illness, you will need the doctor’s note for approval of the extension.

Some students are not able to afford money to print assignments. Not affording basic needs can lead to stress too.

10. Miscommunication

For an extension to be granted, students must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they were not informed.

11. Unavailable Resources

You can argue that there were no right materials to handle the assignment. You can argue for late deliveries if it is true.

12. Moving House

If there were evictions from your area of residence, you could flash that cad. This way, you can have a guaranteed extension from instructors if it is unexpected.

13. Job Interviews

If you are in for an interview on the day you are submitting assignments, you are granted an extension, more so if the job is course related.

14. Academic Difficulty

If the instructor is aware that you struggle with assignments, he or she can grant you an extension.

15. Pregnancy and Childbirth

Most institutions have formal procedures that allow longer extensions to all those in these circumstances.

16. IT Problems

If your computer or printer didn’t work, sympathetic instructors can add you a few hours after the deadline to complete the work.

17. Divorce and Separation

If you are a victim of divorce and separation, you may be granted an extension until you come into terms with the situation.

18. Political Violence

If you risk your life going to school to deliver papers due to political violence, you can be granted an extension.

19. Industrial Strikes

Industrial strikes may sometimes be very serious and can block roads or risk people’s lives. This can be a good reason to get an extension from your instructor.

20. Unavoidable Family Events

These are a range of different types of unavoidable family events that relate to your student life. Your teacher can grant you an extension in the case of unavoidable events such as weddings and funerals.

While you can try these hacks and tips, you need to use them wisely by first knowing your professor. Every student should note that extensions lie at the discretion of the instructor or institution.

Always strive to complete and hand in your assignment within the set deadline. Do not forget to keep your assignments within the allowed plagiarism rates for essays and papers by your university.

In case of unavoidable circumstances that may lead to delays, make sure you follow the right protocol to ask for extensions. Extensions should only be approved by your instructor.

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Jessica Smart

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