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chemistry puzzle worksheet

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A primary school child raises their hand in a classroom

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Gridlocks: 101 printable chemistry puzzles

  • 2 Puzzles for 11-14 year olds: from acids to states of matter
  • 3 Puzzles for 14-16 year olds: from atoms to units of volume
  • 4 Puzzles for 16-18 year olds: from aqueous ions to subshells

Puzzles for 11-14 year olds: from acids to states of matter

  • Five out of five

28 sudoku-style chemistry puzzles to help 11–14 year olds consolidate their understanding of key ideas, with printable worksheets and answers

Stimulate and challenge your students using these printable ‘gridlock’ puzzles based on sudoku. From common compounds to the periodic table, each puzzle focuses on a particular topic suitable for 11–14 year olds. Students begin by reviewing relationships between key chemical ideas and data, before using this information to complete a series of grids according to the rules provided.

Download the puzzles

Download and print the puzzles below. Each PDF features a series of gridlock puzzles based on a specific topic, with a printable student worksheet and answers.

How do the puzzles work?

To find out more about the rules and how you can use the puzzles in your teaching, see the Gridlocks overview .

Acids and salts

Acids and alkalis, alkalis and salts, apparatus diagrams 1, apparatus diagrams 2, apparatus diagrams 3, apparatus diagrams 4, common compounds, compounds ending in -ate, everyday chemicals (11-14), extraction of copper, formulas of compounds, hazard signs and symbols, naming binary compounds, periodic table 1, periodic table 2, pollutants in the air (11-14), rock types 1, rock types 2, states of matter 1, states of matter 2, structure of the earth, testing for gases, additional information.

These resources were originally part of the Gridlocks website, produced by the Royal Society of Chemistry with support from the Wolfson Foundation.

A collage of screenshots of completed gridlock puzzles

Puzzles for 14-16 year olds: from atoms to units of volume

A screenshot showing a completed gridlock puzzle, with a grid containing information about hybrid orbitals in molecular geometry

Puzzles for 16-18 year olds: from aqueous ions to subshells

  • 11-14 years
  • Practical skills and safety
  • Elements and the periodic table
  • Earth science
  • Acids and bases
  • Equations, formulas and nomenclature


  • (a) the large scale structure of the Earth in terms of solid iron core, molten iron outer core, mantle and crust
  • 3. Illustrate how earth processes and human factors influence Earth’s climate, evaluate effects of climate change and initiatives that attempt to address those effects.
  • 4. Classify substances as elements, compounds, mixtures, metals, non-metals, solids, liquids, gases and solutions.
  • 7. Investigate the effect of a number of variables on the rate of chemical reactions including the production of common gases and biochemical reactions.
  • Matter is composed of particles, which may be atoms, molecules or ions.
  • Elements. Symbols of elements 1 - 36
  • The periodic table as a list of elements arranged so as to demonstrate trends in their physical and chemical properties.
  • Brief statement of the principal resemblances of elements within each main group, in particular alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, halogens and noble gases.
  • Ionic materials in everyday life (two uses, e.g. salt tablets to replace salt lost by sweating).
  • Polar and non-polar materials in everyday life (two examples of each).
  • Compounds. Simple chemical formulas.
  • Using the octet rule to predict the formulas of simple compounds - binary compounds of the first 36 elements (excluding d-block elements) and the hydroxides, carbonates, nitrates, hydrocarbonates, sulfites and sulfates of these elements (where such…
  • Household acids and bases (two examples of each).
  • Everyday examples of neutralisation, e.g. use of lime in agriculture, use of stomach powders for acid indigestion.
  • Acids, bases and salts. Neutralisation - formation of a salt from an acid and a base.
  • Apparatus used in volumetric analysis.
  • Coal, natural gas and petroleum as sources of hydrocarbons.
  • Reactions of carboxylic acids with magnesium, with sodium hydroxide and with sodium carbonate.
  • Ethanol as a solvent.
  • pH scale. Use of universal indicator paper or solution. Limitations of the pH scale - usefulness confined to dilute aqueous solutions.
  • Acid rain and its effects on the environment.
  • Oxides of nitrogen and sulfur: sources of pollution (natural, domestic, industrial, internal combustion engine).
  • Greenhouse gases and their relative effects [especially carbon dioxide and water vapour; also methane, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)].
  • Steels as alloys of iron.

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Nanomaterials index image

Nanomaterials and the nanoscale: structure strip | 14–16 years

By Kristy Turner

Develop your learners’ literacy skills with this scaffolded writing support on nanomaterials

Science students

Using the problems | Creative problem-solving in chemistry

An introduction as to how to use the problems included in our creative problem-solving collection.

Problem 10 cover

Patient prognosis | Problem based practical activities

By Catherine Smith

Dilution, colorimetry and observation skills come together to get students to adapt their chemical knowledge to support medicine.

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Periodic Table Puzzle Worksheets

These puzzle worksheets are fun to work with and test students’ knowledge of the elements of the periodic table. Students are expected to crack the given clues and solve the puzzle.

Suitable for:  Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11

Periodic Table Puzzle Worksheet

Download PDF

Periodic Table Puzzle Worksheet with Answers

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chemistry crossword

Chemistry Themed Crossword Puzzle

Test your chemistry knowledge with this crossword puzzle. Recommended for 5th grade and up.

View some of our others here or check out our unique children’s puzzle book, Learning through Puzzles

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Chemistry - Crossword Puzzle Worksheet Activity (Printable)

Chemistry - Crossword Puzzle Worksheet Activity (Printable)

Subject: Chemistry

Age range: 7-11

Resource type: Game/puzzle/quiz

Science Worksheets Ays

Last updated

24 August 2023

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chemistry puzzle worksheet

This crossword puzzle is a fun and perfect way for helping your students review Chemistry.

The vocabulary words covered in this crossword are: Chemistry, Matter, Element, Molecule, Mixture, Compound, Acid, Base, Heat, Atom, Proton, Neutron, Electron, Ion, Chemical reaction, Periodic table, Ionic bond, Covalent bond

Answer key included.

Creative Commons "Sharealike"

Get this resource as part of a bundle and save up to 51%

A bundle is a package of resources grouped together to teach a particular topic, or a series of lessons, in one place.

Chemistry - Crossword Puzzle Worksheets Bundle (No Prep Printables)

Are you looking for no prep, printable, engaging, and fun Chemistry Puzzles for students to practice Chemistry vocabulary knowledge? These puzzles are a great way for students to review Chemistry Vocabulary throughout the school year in many units and chapters. These puzzles can be used at various times throughout the year such as back to school, holidays, and the end of the school year! These puzzles are also great for assessing science concepts and encouraging problem-solving ability.

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chemistry puzzle worksheet

Chemistry Coloring Puzzle Activity Bundle

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Chemistry Puzzle : Color by Valence Electron Number

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Three Elements of the Periodic Table Chemistry Crossword Puzzles

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Thanksgiving Color by Number Turkey by Valence Electrons Puzzle Chemistry

chemistry puzzle worksheet

  • Word Document File

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Chemistry Puzzle : Color by Element Type - Metal, Nonmetal, Metalloid

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Halloween Color By Number Chemistry Puzzle Valence electrons

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Periodic Table of Elements - Chemistry Terms Domino Puzzle

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Atoms Mixture Solution Elements Chemistry Word Search Puzzle Activity Worksheet

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Chemistry Puzzle : Color by Solubility Rules Fun Activity

chemistry puzzle worksheet

An Entire Year of High School Chemistry Crossword Puzzles (22 Crosswords!)

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Chemistry Puzzles : Logic, Jokes & More

chemistry puzzle worksheet

  • Google Drive™ folder
  • Easel Activity

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Chemistry Gas Laws Matching Puzzle

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Chemistry of Love: A fun Valentine's Day Puzzle Activity Worksheet High School

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Chemistry Puzzle Color by Number Intermolecular Forces

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Chemistry Coloring Pages - Growing Bundle of Puzzles

chemistry puzzle worksheet

CHEMISTRY BUNDLE - Crossword, Word Search & Scramble Puzzle Worksheets

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Back to School/1st Day Activity: Chemistry Mystery Puzzles BUNDLE

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Chemistry Puzzle : Color by Acids/Bases: Weak and Strong Acid / Base

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Chemistry Electron Configuration Puzzle

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Chemistry : Sig Figs Task Puzzle Print & Digital

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Chemistry Puzzle Color by Number Molecular Geometry

chemistry puzzle worksheet


chemistry puzzle worksheet

Periodic Table Cloze Reading + Puzzles Easy Sub Plan || Chemistry Review Day

chemistry puzzle worksheet

Chemistry Coloring Puzzle Activities - One topic per holiday!

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    Gridlocks are a fun and stimulating way for students to learn the facts they need in chemistry. Discover 101 printable puzzles with answer sheets

  5. 28 chemistry puzzles for 11-14 years

    Try these sudoku-style chemistry puzzles for 11–14 year olds to reinforce your students' understanding of key ideas, featuring printable worksheets and

  6. Chemistry puzzles

    Chemistry Puzzle : Color by Ion Charge · Triominos Puzzle ~GAS LAWS REVIEW~ Chemistry ~FREEBIE~ · Chemistry - Word Search Puzzle Worksheet

  7. Free Printable Periodic Table Puzzle Worksheets

    These puzzle worksheets are fun to work with and test students' knowledge of the elements of the periodic table. Students are expected to crack the given

  8. Periodic Table Puzzles Name___________________ CHEMISTRY

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  9. Chemistry Themed Crossword Puzzle

    Test your chemistry knowledge with this crossword puzzle. Recommended for 5th grade and up. Download Printable PDF. View some of our others here or check

  10. Chemistry

    This crossword puzzle is a fun and perfect way for helping your students review Chemistry. The vocabulary words covered in this crossword

  11. Chemistry puzzles

    Science With Mrs Lau. This chemistry puzzle bundle contains six puzzles ... Worksheet. Created by. Printables and Worksheets. #WordSearch

  12. Chemistry Crossword Puzzle: The periodic table (Includes answer key)

    Periodic Table Puzzle Worksheet Answers Luxury Atom And Periodic Table Crossword Puzzle And Key By - Chessmuseum Template Library. Periodic Table Puzzle

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    Jul 31, 2020 - Periodic Table Puzzle Answer Key Chemistry If8767 from periodic table puzzle worksheet answers , image source:

  14. Science Week Periodic Table Puzzle Worksheet

    Test yourself with this Periodic Table Puzzle Worksheet! There are 15 crossword clues to solve, each describing a chemical element.