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From key cases to activity packs and practice papers , your A Level Law students will acquire the knowledge, skills and motivation they need to excel in their new-specification exams.

Our aim is to empower the lawmakers of tomorrow with the knowledge of today. Every resource has been meticulously planned, thoroughly researched and quality checked. Ellena Heywood, Law Editor
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An excellent resource providing a variety of questions and the ability of learners to practice their assessment skills and be self-reflective with the in-depth mark scheme! J Watkinson, Teacher of Law and Peer Reviewer
Every Law teachers and students dream... This resource is essential. L Amparbeng, Head of Law and Peer Reviewer

btec law resources

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btec law resources

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A-Level and BTEC Law Halloween Quiz

Quizzes & Activities

Was Kevin Spacey too close to the jurors in his case?

2nd October 2023

First Woman Appointed to Lead the Judiciary

25th September 2023

Martyn's Law Faces Criticism at Committee Stage

18th September 2023

Classroom Posters for Law

Should universities owe students a duty of care.

11th September 2023

Statute Update: Public Order Act 2023

4th September 2023

Should defendants have to appear in court for their sentencing?

1st September 2023

Legal System

Law making, equality, diversity and inclusion calendar poster set for law.

Poster / Student Handout

Introduction to Law: Teacher Induction Activities

Teaching Activities

Student Activity: Law Summer Project

Aqa a-level law topic revision checklists - all papers.

Exam Support

OCR A-Level Law Topic Revision Checklists - All Papers

The courtroom battles of colin, percy & the light up gin bottle.

Study Notes

Law in the News: Will We Exit the European Convention on Human Rights?

Magistrates sentencing powers increase u-turn, juries: to keep or not to keep that is the question, the illegal migration bill: the most controversial & illegal law ever, this cab is not for hire: challenging the cab rank rule, magistrates, the sentencing act 2020, case update: trustees of the barry congregation of jehovah’s witnesses v bxb (2023), key case law developments in vicarious liability.

26th February 2023

A new era of Private Nuisance? Fearn and Others v Board of Trustees of the Tate Gallery (2023)

25th February 2023

btec law resources

Key Case Focus: Gross Negligence Manslaughter – R v Broughton (2020)

8th February 2023

Key Case in Focus: Criminal Law – R v Barton and Booth (2020)

7th February 2023

Key Case Law Focus: Negligence - Robinson v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire (2018)

6th February 2023

Alec Baldwin Manslaughter Case - Would it pass the legal tests in England and Wales?

5th February 2023

Unlawful Act Manslaughter

Constructive manslaughter, criminal law, gross negligence manslaughter, human rights, what impact will the proposed anti-strike legislation have on workers human rights, ''pepsi, where's my jet'' and english contract law.

13th January 2023

Contract Law

Law careers, legal professionals, women in the legal profession.

12th January 2023

Festive Quiz 2022: A-Level Law

10th December 2022

Law and British Values - Classroom Posters or Student Handout

Retired judges returning to courtrooms.

24th November 2022

Is This the End of Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) Sentences?

31st October 2022

Law in the News: UK Bill of Rights stopped in its tracks

30th October 2022

Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE)... One year on.

26th October 2022

R V Dawes (2013)

Key case | r v dawes (2013) | loss of control – qualifying triggers, key case | barnett v chelsea and kensington hospitals (1969), key case | r v dytham (1979) | actus reus – duty to act due to public duty from an official position, r v dytham (1979), ocr a-level law student handbook, aqa a-level law student handbook, case: r v hayward (1908), case: r v holland (1841), case: r v dear (1991), case: r v roberts (1991), case: r v malcherek & steel (1981), case: r v cheshire (1991), case: r v smith (1959), case: r v pagett (1983), case: r v white (1910), case: r v kimsey (1996), case: r v willoughby (2005), case: r v evans (2009), case: r v instan (1893), case: r v gibbins and proctor (1918), case: r v adamako (1994), case: winzar v chief constable of kent (1983), case: hill v baxter (1958), legal causation, factual causation, result crime, conduct crime, the positive action principle, state of affairs offences, the voluntary principle, actus reus, diminished responsibility, types of contract | bilateral and unilateral, formation of contract, introduction to contract law, aqa a-level law guide to question format | classroom poster / student handout set, criminal law and lay people | classroom poster / student handout set, tort law | classroom poster / student handout set, case: household fire v grant (1879), key case | household fire v grant (1879) | formation of contract - postal acceptance, case: yates v pulleyn (1975), key case | yates v pulleyn (1975) | formation of contract - method of acceptance, case: northern foods v focal foods (2001), key case | northern foods v focal foods (2001) | formation of contract - acceptance of conduct, case: dickinson v dodds (1876), key case | dickinson v dodds (1876) | formation of contract - revocation of an offer, our subjects.

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  • Applied Law


Latest uploads for Applied Law at PEARSON (PEARSON). Looking for Applied Law notes at PEARSON (PEARSON)? We have lots of notes, study guides and revision notes available for Applied Law at PEARSON (PEARSON).

  • 309 Documents
  • 0 Flashcards
  • 26 Package deal

Modules Applied Law at PEARSON (PEARSON)

Notes available for the following courses of Applied Law at PEARSON (PEARSON)

  • Applied Law Dispute solving in civil law 1
  • Applying the Law 1
  • D1: Critically analyse the role of lay personnel within the court system of England and Wales 1
  • Law making process inside and outside of court 1
  • Liability for Psychiatric injury and economic loss 2
  • Unit 1 - Dispute Solving in Civil Law 2
  • Unit 1 - Dispute Solving in the Legal System Outline how advice and representation can be funded (P5) Explain Ways of funding advice and representation (M3) 99
  • Unit 1 Dispute Solving in the Legal System 1
  • Unit 1 P5 M3 D3 1
  • Unit 2 - Investigating Aspects of Criminal Law and the Legal System 2
  • Unit 2 - Understanding Law Making 81
  • Unit 2: Assignment 2 - Learning Aim C law101 1
  • Unit 2: Assignment 2 - Learning Aim C and D law101 1
  • Unit 3 - Applying the Law 13
  • Unit 3 - Aspects of Legal Liability 31
  • Unit 4 - Unlawful Homicide and Police Powers P4 - Arrest and Detention 30
  • Unit 5 - Aspects of Property Offences and Police Powers Explain the powers of search of people and premises (P4) 20
  • Unit 6 - Contract Law 4
  • Unit 7 - Aspects of Tort 3
  • Unit 7 - Consumer Law Explain how consumers are protected in contracts for the supply of goods and/or services (P2) 7
  • Unit 8 - Aspects of the Law of Tort 6
  • Unit 9 - Aspects of Employment Law 1

Popular books PEARSON (PEARSON) • Applied Law

btec law resources

ISBN 9781136217760

btec law resources

Jacqueline Martin, Richard Wortley • ISBN 9781510401747

btec law resources

Cecil t. Carr • ISBN 9781316606902

btec law resources

Sally Russell • ISBN 9781502345745

btec law resources

Lana Law Books, Norma\'S Big Law Books • ISBN 9781505567182

Latest notes & summaries PEARSON (PEARSON) • Applied Law

btec law resources

this is the full assignment your teacher may only give you sections to complete on a weekly basis so make sure you check you've got the right i got a merit in this it was very close to a distinction if you put time aside and add more detail it will deffo be a distinction this assignment includes response to clients the clients names may be different in the assignment brief but the scenarios will be the same so you will have to keep an eye out and change the names

  •  • 19 pages's • 
  • by anisah1  • 
  • uploaded  21-09-2023

PEARSON  •  law making process inside and outside of court

Preview 3 out of 19 pages

btec law resources

This coursework contains all the work needed to obtain a p5 , p6, M4, &D2 for learning aim C which is about legal personnel ( barrister , solicitors , legal executives magistrates & juries. As well as learning aim D

  •  • 17 pages's • 
  • by ashantinkale  • 
  • uploaded  18-09-2023

PEARSON  •  Unit 2: Assignment 2 - Learning Aim C

Preview 3 out of 17 pages

btec law resources

This coursework assignment is what needed to obtain a distinction grade in Unit 2 of Applied Law.

PEARSON  •  Unit 2: Assignment 2 - Learning Aim C and D

btec law resources

Aspects of tort Applied law coursework that received Distinction

  •  • 23 pages's • 
  • by ryanmuscovitch  • 
  • uploaded  27-08-2023

PEARSON  •  Unit 8 - Aspects of the Law of Tort

Preview 3 out of 23 pages

btec law resources

This document explains the definition of murder the actus Reus and men’s rea of murder including case law.

  •  • 0 pages's • 
  • by lillyannbishton  • 
  • uploaded  09-08-2023

PEARSON  •  Unit 4 - Unlawful Homicide and Police Powers

Preview 0 out of 0 pages

btec law resources

Here is an exam structure which can help when answering the Unit 1 exam.

  •  • 3 pages's • 
  • by BusinessPlus  • 
  • uploaded  07-08-2023

PEARSON  •  Unit 1 Dispute Solving in the Legal System

Preview 1 out of 3 pages

btec law resources

This document was used has study notes to take into the exam where it covers all aspects of the questions I needed to answer

  • Exam (elaborations)
  • by owenjordan365  • 
  • uploaded  25-07-2023

PEARSON  •  Unit 2 - Understanding Law Making

btec law resources

Merit almost distinction

  •  • 4 pages's • 
  • by sasaarabian  • 
  • uploaded  04-07-2023

PEARSON  •  Liability for Psychiatric injury and economic loss

Preview 1 out of 4 pages

btec law resources

Very well written coursework for 2022/2023. Part a and b of unit 7. Gives very good example to how coursework should be written and uses real questions

  •  • 14 pages's • 
  • uploaded  14-06-2023

Preview 2 out of 14 pages

btec law resources

Complete essay for Applied Law Unit 1: EU law. Received a Merit

  •  • 5 pages's • 
  • by trbillingham  • 
  • uploaded  18-05-2023

PEARSON  •  Unit 1 - Dispute Solving in the Legal System

Preview 2 out of 5 pages

resources School and College Resources

Here are some resources that teachers can use in class, or that students can use at home to enrich their learning.

International Women’s Day

While there is still some way to go to achieve true equality for all genders, incredible strides have been made by pioneers all over the world.

The resources below provide an introduction to some key issues and champions within women’s rights. They would suit being used in PSHE classes or being set as independent tasks.

Classroom resources

Our introductory slide deck is designed to be delivered by tutors/advisors with all the information you’ll need to introduce your students to Women’s Rights and celebrate International Women’s Day.

This sessions is ideal for raising awareness but also great for students looking to progress into Law and want do show further development in an area other than crime.

The accompanying handout can be used during the lesson or set as an independent learning task.

Further reading

We have a series of blog posts relating to women’s rights. Why not have a read and expand your understanding of the topic?

Interview with inspiring women

Hear from three inspiring women in the fields of Law and Business, including our own Vice-Chancellor and CEO Andrea Nollent.

Laws made by women or for women

Find out about five laws that mark significant victories for women in the UK.

Barrister and Women’s Equality Party co-leader

Hear from Harini Iyengar, an inspiring woman who co-leads the Women’s Equality Party (WEP).

Useful Links

Below are links to just a few brilliant resources for gender quality.

International Women’s Day

Equality Now

United Nations

LGBTQ+ and Law

The LGBTQ+ community and law has a varied past. Until recently this included Human Rights violations within many legal system (and still continues). Luckily there are a lot of champions within the legal community paving the way to reform and equality.

The resources below provide an introduction to the wide scope of rights and legal landmarks, which can be used in PSHE classes, Law classes or set as independent study tasks.

Our introductory slide deck is designed to be delivered by tutors/advisors with all the information you’ll need to introduce your students to LGBTQ+ and Law. This is designed to introduce some of the Human Rights issues the LGBTQ+ need support with but also celebrate the break-through legal moments in history.

We have a series of Blog posts about LGBTQ+ and Law. These are a nice way to spend a few minutes learning a little bit more about your Human Rights passion. Why not start with the below?

Sexuality in Law

Find out more about the legal profession and what Law firms are doing to make LGBTQ+ become more inclusive within the firms culture.

Read Sexuality in Law

Interview with Helen Randall

An Interview with Senior equity partner and Diversity & Inclusion Champion at Trowers & Hamlins LLP, and Law Society’s LGBT Lawyers’ Division Committee member.

Read an Interview with Helen Randall

Pride in a Pandemic

Find out about the history of Pride, pride in a pandemic, and how pride traces its roots in the rights we have today and for the inequalities we still see.

Read Pride in a Pandemic

Useful links

Below are a few useful links to organisations that work in and support the LGBTQ+ community.

Mermaids UK

Gender intelligence

Mind out UK

scales of justice

Human Rights

Human rights are an individual’s rights and freedoms, which form the basis for the relationship between the government and the individual.

The resources below provide an introduction to the wide scope of Human Rights, which can be used in PSHE classes or set as independent study tasks.

Our introductory slide deck is designed to be delivered by tutors/advisors with all the information you’ll need to introduce your students to Human Rights. The accompanying handout can be used during the lesson or set as an independent learning task.

Podcast and activities

We’ve created a series of podcasts with an accompanying handout. Take a listen to these podcasts to understand a little more about different areas of human rights from experts.

Listen to Human Rights introduction

Listen to Black Women in the UK Justice System

Listen to Anti-LGBTQ+ Hate crimes

The activities on the following worksheet are a good way for you to expand on what you have heard and develop your skills and knowledge.

Download supporting Worksheet

Video: Human Rights lecture

The following 15 minute video is a highlights package of our incredibly successful Human Rights lecture series. This video contains a series of short introductions to Human Rights topics including;

Intro to Human Rights: Rik Palmer (00:00) Black women and the Uk Prison system: Angela Charles (03:00) Anti LGBTQ+ Hate crimes: Luke Hubbard (06:00) Amnesty International: Shaimaa Hassan (09:00) Q&A With presenters (12:00)

We have a series of Blog posts about Human rights issues. These are a nice way to spend a few minutes learning a little bit more about your Human Rights passion. Why not start with the below?

Women’s Equality Campaigner

Representing Death Row

Below are a few useful links to organisations that work in and support Human Rights.

Human Rights World

Amnesty international

cogs with human rights text

resources Career Podcast Series

Listen along to our podcasts with host Rik Palmer to learn more about different careers and get top tips from professionals.

Includes activities to convert these podcasts into practical lesson add-ons or independent research tasks.

A group of secondary school students in a classroom

Career guides For students in Years 10-13

These handy careers guides include employability tips, examples of different jobs in each sector, and related course information. Find out about the two different types of lawyer, different areas of law, jobs within business such as Human Resources and Marketing, and much more.

FlippedLaw and the University of Law partnership

FlippedLaw logo

The University of Law is delighted to announce our exclusive partnership with FlippedLaw. FlippedLaw provide high-quality, engaging, student friendly video lessons and worksheets to a growing audience of schools, colleges and students nationwide.

The partnership will allow students who want to study law the opportunity to receive support and assistance either whilst they are currently studying law or offering them support in applying to study law at University.

FlippedLaw is an ideal resource for students and teachers of A Level and BTEC Law alike, covering all A Level exam boards. It’s also very useful as a primer for those who are new to the subject and are considering studying Law at degree level.

Our detailed and accurate mini-lessons are a great way to get to grips with the complexities of the subject. Each video is accompanied by a worksheet designed to elicit understanding of the key points, and includes suggestions for wider reading to stretch and challenge students.

FlippedLaw is ideal for use by students prior to class, for consolidating a topic or for revision purposes.

To find out more, go to www.flippedlaw.com or email us at [email protected]

an image of a document with instructions on how to use the text in this article

BTEC Level 3 Applied Law: Unit 1 Dispute Solving in Civil Law Workbook


Edu Courseware Logo

Law: Teaching & Learning Resources

Our Law Teacher Resources offers an extensive range of Case Studies, Revision Guides and Past Papers to help students understand the principles and practices of law and succeed in their studies.

A Level, OCR, AQA, BTEC Nationals and more…

  • Description

Welcome to Educourseware, where our commitment to providing educators with engaging Law teaching resources continues. As one of the pillars of modern society, legal studies equips students with an in-depth knowledge of legal principles, regulations and the justice system while honing critical thinking, analytical reasoning and effective communication abilities. So that we may assist educators in cultivating essential competencies among their students, we have carefully assembled a collection of Law Teaching Resources tailored specifically for modern educators’ needs. These materials cover aspects such as criminal law, civil law, constitutional law, international law and legal ethics education.

Our comprehensive library features carefully constructed lesson plans, engaging interactive activities, and thought-provoking multimedia content designed to foster in-depth knowledge of law’s structure, principles, and practical applications. These resources encourage active learning strategies like problem-solving while inspiring students to gain greater insights into its nuances from multiple viewpoints.

At Educourseware, we understand the challenges educators face when trying to engage and motivate their students with law study. Therefore, our resources include real-life context, historical analysis, and case studies in their design to make learning enjoyable yet impactful for every learner – regardless of learning style and ability – making sure every child finds success on their legal education journey.

No matter whether you teach Law at secondary or tertiary levels, our resources can help create an engaging learning experience. By equipping students with the tools necessary for navigating this complex world of law, they will become well-rounded individuals capable of leading successful lives with social responsibility.

Educourseware’s mission is to assist your pursuit of academic excellence with top-of-the-line resources that foster curiosity, legal understanding, and encourage lifelong learning among your students. Explore possibilities and elevate your teaching experience using our unparalleled Law Teaching Resources.

54 resources available in the following categories:

A Level (2020 specifications) OCR Practice Papers The Key Cases Activity Packs Topic Tests Revision Guides

A Level (Legacy Spec) OCR Amazing Powerpoints Revision Guides Crosswords Student Guides

A Level (2017 specifications) AQA Practice Papers The Key Cases Topic Tests

A Level (Legacy) AQA (A2) Course Companions Revision Guides Activity Packs

BTEC Nationals (2017 Spec) Course Companions Topic Tests

WJEC Criminology (2015 Spec) New Learning Grids Topic Tests Practice Papers

Available as: Photocopiable Pages, PDF or Editable Word

For A-Level and BTEC teachers, having access to the right resources can make all the difference in student success. Among the essential materials are exam practice papers, revision guides, and case studies. These resources can help to reinforce key concepts, ensure students are well-prepared for assessments and exams, and encourage critical thinking and analysis. With exam boards such as AQA, OCR, and BTEC offering a range of courses in The Legal System, Criminal Law, Law Making, and Human Rights, it’s crucial that teachers have access to resources tailored to these topics in order to provide the best possible learning experience for their students.

A Level Law: Case Studies

Our Case Studies for OCR & AQA Law at AS and A Level provide a bank of stimulating topic-by-topic activities to help students boost their exam recall. Covering the key Acts of Parliament and cases that will enable them to achieve the best possible grades, these resources also equip teachers with an array of skills-focused activities. Learning Grids help students to recognize outcomes and significance of each case, increasing understanding; ‘Match-up’ and ‘Dominoes’ offer a useful bank of starter and plenary tasks to reinforce knowledge; and ‘Flash cards’ and ‘make your own glossary’ are ideal for revision. The Revision CD includes Match-up Dominoes and Flash Card PDFs. As such, these resources provide clear summaries making cases easier to recall in an exam, promote active learning through structured activities and support weaker students in achieving success.

AQA & OCR A Level Case Studies

  • A Level OCR Law Case Studies
  • A Level AQA Law Case Studies

A-Level AQA

Our Law Teacher Resources for A Level Law AQA provide a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of law. Learners can develop an understanding of the relationship between the Rule of Law and Parliamentary Sovereignty, how laws are made by Parliament and Appeal Courts, the core legal institutions such as Civil & Criminal Courts and personnel who practice law. In addition, learners can explore Fatal (Murder and Man Slaughter etc.) and Non-Fatal (Assault and Grievous Bodily Harm etc.) Offences against the Person, Tort Law (the Law of Wrong Doing) which deals with Negligence and Private Nuisance and its associated concepts such as Liability and Remedy in the courts. Finally, learners can choose between two optional topics: Human Rights or Contract Law to explore either the historical development of human rights or the various components of the contract including offer acceptance, consideration, and intention.

A-Level OCR

Law Teacher Resources for A Level Law OCR provide teachers with comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of law. They can help learners understand the Legal System and Criminal Law, Law Making and the Law of Tort, as well as The Nature of law & Human rights and The Nature of law & Law of contract. Additionally, teachers can provide guidance on various case studies and revision guides to help prepare students for exams, as well as access to past papers to allow them to apply their knowledge in a practical setting.

BTEC Nationals

The BTEC Nationals Law resources for teachers provide in-depth knowledge of the principles and practices of law, such as Applied Law and Dispute Solving in Civil Law. On top of that, Course Companions and Topic Tests are provided to allow learners to develop a deeper understanding of legal concepts. These resources equip teachers with activities which can be used to enhance their students’ understanding and help them to prepare for their future career aspirations.

WJEC Criminology

NEW: Our WJEC Level 3 Certificate/Diploma in Criminology resources for teachers are specifically designed to help students develop an understanding of key elements from Applied Law and other related topics. To facilitate learning, the resources provide Learning Grids, Practice Papers and Topic Tests to ensure learners have a solid comprehension of criminological principles. Additionally, these teachers’ resources are designed to equip teachers with meaningful activities that can be used to impart knowledge, develop skills required by the course and foster successful application of learnt concepts.

Law course teaching resources include materials used by instructors to assist their students with understanding the principles and practice of law. Such materials could include textbooks, study guides, online courses, lectures, handouts, or any other study materials used during law classes.

When it comes to A-level Law courses, one of the most invaluable teaching resources for exam preparation is AQA's exam preparation material - such as past papers and mark schemes. This allows students to become accustomed to what type of questions may appear during exams as well as understand which answers must be provided for good grades. Other exam boards such as OCR and BTEC also provide significant amounts of practice papers, revision notes and tests available before sitting real examinations.

Alongside exam prep material, there are also websites offering access to legal journals at no or low cost that give students an insight into contemporary issues such as commercial law, human rights law and employment law. Furthermore, many universities also maintain large online libraries which contain useful research material - all available right from home!

As anyone studying Law or considering it as a field should realize, using online forums as part of your studies is invaluable! Take advantage of them by posting questions directly to experienced attorneys or searching for up-to-date legal info!

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    Finding an in-law suite for rent can be a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right resources and knowledge, you can find the perfect in-law suite that meets your needs and budget. Here are some tips on how to find an in-...

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    Find resources for students from years 9 -13 including guides on law, business, criminology and policing.

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    Discover the significance of Armitage's 'Chainsaw Vs the Pampas Grass' for post-modern society and teach it effectively using this complete resource. With a 32

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    Teacher Resources for Law: Educational Courseware. A Level, OCR, AQA, BTEC Nationals, Case Studies, Revision Notes, Past Papers, contract law, criminal law