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The 6 Best Homework Apps to Help Students (and Parents)

These apps won't do all the work for them

best app for homework reddit

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Getting homework done can be difficult. While the information might make sense in the classroom , some students don't retain that knowledge. When your child needs extra help, there are apps to help with homework. These solutions help both students and parents succeed.

The apps in this article are free to download, and some may include in-app purchases .

Easy to use with over 30 languages to learn.

ESL courses to strengthen English skills.

The interface can be clunky at times.

It has a limited vocabulary.

This popular language-learning app sits at the top of both the iOS and Android app stores as an excellent solution to strengthen foreign language skills. Whether your child wants to learn outside of their curriculum or wishes to practice what they learned in class, Duolingo is an excellent addition to any digital device.

With over thirty languages to choose, your child can practice German, Italian, Spanish, French, or dozens of other languages. If your student is currently enrolled in ESL courses, they can strengthen their English skills from the bottom-up.

Unlike other language learning solutions that focus on memorizing vocabulary, Duolingo uses a combination of reading, writing, and speaking exercises to create a more natural learning experience.

Download For :

It's great for helping math students who fall behind.

The built-in calculator allows for smart, on-the-fly calculations and 2D graph plotting.

It's somewhat limited depth. Wrong answers don't provide much room for learning why an answer is incorrect.

Mathematics can be one of the most challenging courses for students, with complicated steps that are quickly forgotten after a long school day. Especially challenging is that many parents struggle to help their children with subject matter that they haven't been acquainted with for years. Photomath is an excellent solution for struggling mathematicians.

Children can scan complex or simple math problems, learning how to solve them with step-by-step instructions. A built-in calculator improves the experience, allowing for smart, on-the-fly calculations and 2D graph plotting abilities. Linear equations, logarithms, trigonometry, functions, and basic algebraic expressions are only a few of Photomath's vast capabilities.

Great music learning app with tools for learning and practicing guitar, bass, piano, and more.

Voice-overs and instructional design lack the human touch that helps when learning an instrument.

One school subject that is sadly overlooked is music. Music is an area of study that has been proven to increase a child's language and reasoning skills, fine-tune their motor skills, and decrease stress levels. So, if your child is trying to learn a musical instrument and struggling, consider investing in Yousician. This app allows students to practice guitar, bass, piano, or ukulele.

Students can practice their instruments along with the charts and diagrams that display on the screen. They'll receive real-time feedback when they miss a note or fall out of tune. Included step-by-step video tutorials are available to show your child how to be proficient in a specific skill set. Practicing an instrument has never seemed so natural. With different genres of music available, your child can quickly sort out their favorites.

Khan Academy

A range of subjects, from kindergarten mathematics to advanced placement physics.

More than 150,000 interactive exercises.

There's not much room for creativity, collaboration, or alternative teaching styles.

Ready to increase your knowledge in math, science, computing, history, economics, and more? Whether as an educational tool for your child, or an extra app for a parent to enjoy in their free time, everyone can use Khan Academy to unlock a world of education. Children can practice anything from kindergarten mathematics to advanced placement physics. Quickly access a collection of portable courses on-the-go or on your computer.

The Khan Academy app offers over 150,000 interactive exercises to strengthen old or new skills. Additionally, you can download content for offline study so that you have access to it no matter where you are. Parents wishing to learn something new can jump into advanced high school courses or enjoy courses on entrepreneurship and career-building. Khan Academy offers solutions for all ages and skill ranges.

Quizlet Flashcards

A digital flashcard mobile platform that's suitable for all ages.

The focus on memorization is ideal for studying.

The ad-supported platform may be distracting.

User-generated content means some content may be inaccurate.

Do you remember studying for exams and creating piles of flashcards to memorize facts and details? While flashcards can be an excellent method for analyzing new material, they use a large amount of paper that is eventually thrown in the trash. Learn new topics while also saving trees with the Quizlet Flashcards application. Study from existing flashcard sets or create your own.

Quizlet digital flashcards allow students of all ages to practice and excel at various topics using their smartphones. In addition to basic flashcards, Quizlet offers multiple modes to encourage different methods of memorization. If your child attends the same class as another student using Quizlet, the two can share flashcards. Those who use the app to study foreign languages can hear keywords spoken to them in over 18 languages.


Allows parents and guardians to keep tabs on their child's education.

Access classroom handouts, attendance records, school bulletins, and more.

The complicated interface makes for a rather steep learning curve.

Here's an app that both children and parents can enjoy: PowerSchool Mobile. Many school districts use the PowerSchool system to manage grades and reports. If your child's school is a participant, you can use the mobile app to keep a close eye on your child's educational progress. Depending on how a teacher chooses to use the tool in their classroom, you may also have access to handouts, attendance records, school bulletins, and more.

While not every school offers support for the PowerSchool Mobile application, it is worth checking with your child's teacher to see if the option is available. Sorry kids, but it isn't possible to hide report cards with the PowerSchool app. Parents can manage what push and email notifications they receive from the child's school. You'll become more involved and aware of your child's school performance with this simple mobile app.

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7 Apps That Can Do Your Homework Much Faster Than You

best app for homework reddit

In the field of educational technology, some apps might be getting too smart.

More and more apps are delivering on-demand homework help to students, who can easily re-purpose the learning tools to obtain not just assistance, but also answers. Whether or not that’s cheating—and how to stop it—is one of the concerns surrounding a new app that can solve math equations with the snap of a camera . While the software has inspired teachers to create real-world homework problems that can’t be automatically solved , that strategy doesn’t hold up to other apps that tap into real-life brains for solutions.

Here’s a look at 7 apps that can do your homework for you, and what they have to say about cheating:

Price : Free Availability : iOS, Android app coming in early 2015

The new, seemingly magic app allows users to take pictures of typed equations, and then outputs a step-by-step solution. As of Wednesday, the app is the number one free app on the App Store. But the biggest issue, one teacher argues , isn’t if students will use the app to cheat, because many will. Rather, it’s about how teachers will adapt. A PhotoMath spokeswoman said educators have welcomed the app with positive reviews, but the software remains “quite controversial.”

“We didn’t develop PhotoMath as a cheating tool. We really wanted kids to learn,” said Tijana Zganec, a sales and marketing associate at tech company MicroBlink, which created PhotoMath. “If you want to cheat, you will find a way to cheat. But if you want to learn, you can use PhotoMath for that.”

Whether you’re a high schooler with eight periods of classes or a college student tackling dozens of credits, there’s one thing you’ve got for sure: a mess of assignments. iHomework can help you keep track of all your work, slicing and dicing it in a variety of ways. Sorting it by due date, week, month, or by course, the app is more organized than a Trapper Keeper. And in integrating data from Questia, you can link your reading material to your assignments so you don’t have to dig through a pile of papers to find the right information.

A scheduling feature can help you keep track of those random bi-weekly Thursday labs, and you can even mark the location of your courses on a map so you don’t end up on the wrong side of campus. And finally, with iCloud syncing, you can access all this information on whatever Apple-compatible device you’re using at the moment — no need to dig for your iPad.

Google Apps for Education

Taking the search giant’s suite of free browser-based apps and sandboxing them so they are safe for school use, Google Apps for Education is an excellent alternative to the mainstream installable productivity software, but this one has a perk that almost school board will love—it’s free. Packaging together favorites like Gmail, Hangouts, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Drive with Classroom, a digital hub for organizing assignments and sending feedback, the goal of this collection is to make learning a more collaborative process.

Though Google Apps for Education is cloud-hosted, the programs can be used offline, ideal for when your student needs to escape the internet and work distraction-free. And since it works on any device, it also helps students avoid buying overly expensive hardware. That means more money for extracurricular activities.

Price: Free, but some homework services require payment Availability: iOS and Android

HwPic is a tutoring service that allows students to take send pictures of their homework to tutors, who will then respond within minutes to your questions with a step-by-step solution. There’s even an option to expedite the answers if a student is in a hurry. HwPic Co-Founder Tiklat Issa said that the app was initially rejected by Apple’s App Store, which believed it would promote cheating, but he successfully argued that just because someone uses the app in a way that it’s not meant to be used doesn’t mean the app should be punished.

Issa added that HwPic prohibits cheating in its terms and conditions. Tutors don’t solve homework that has words like “Quiz” or “Exam,” and they often know if a student is sending a photo during a test if they’ve paid for expedited answers, and if the photo is dim, blurry and taken under a desk. “We’ve minimized cheating,” said Issa. “We haven’t eliminated it. That’s kind of unrealistic.”

Wolfram Alpha

Price : $2.99 Availability : iOS and Android

Wolfram Alpha is similar to PhotoMath, only that it targets older students studying high levels of math and doesn’t support photos. The service also outputs step-by-step solutions to topics as advanced as vector calculus and differential equations, making it a popular tool for college students.

“It’s cheating not doing computer-based math, because we’re cheating students out of real conceptual understanding and an ability to drive much further forward in the math they can do, to cover much more conceptual ground. And in turn, that’s cheating our economies,” said Conrad Wolfram, Wolfram Research’s Director of Strategic Development, in a TEDx Talk . “People talk about the knowledge economy. I think we’re moving forward to what we’re calling the computational knowledge economy.”

Homework Helper

Price: Free Availability: iOS and Android

Chinese Internet search company Baidu launched an app called Homework Helper this year with which students can crowdsource help or answers to homework. Users post a picture or type their homework questions onto online forums, and those who answer the questions can win e-coins that can be used to buy electronics like iPhones and laptops.

The app has logged 5 million downloads, much to the dismay of many some parents who argue that the students spend less time thinking about challenging problems. A Homework Helper staffer admitted to Quartz , “I think this is a kind of cheating.”

Price: Free, but some homework services require payment Availability: iOS

Slader is a crowdsourcing app for high school and college students to post and answer questions in math and science. While students can post original homework for help, many questions in popular textbooks have already been answered on the app, according to Fast Company . An Illinois high school said earlier this year that it suspected students were using the service to cheat on their math homework.

Slader argues that it’s “challenging traditional ideas about math and education,” and said that the ideas behind its app “aren’t a write-off to teachers,” according to its blog . Slader told San Francisco media outlet KQED that it shouldn’t be dismissed as a cheating tool, but rather considered a way for students to access real-time help.

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best app for homework reddit


Choose Your Test

Sat / act prep online guides and tips, the 5 best homework help websites (free and paid).

author image

Other High School , General Education


Listen: we know homework isn’t fun, but it is a good way to reinforce the ideas and concepts you’ve learned in class. But what if you’re really struggling with your homework assignments? 

If you’ve looked online for a little extra help with your take-home assignments, you’ve probably stumbled across websites claiming to provide the homework help and answers students need to succeed . But can homework help sites really make a difference? And if so, which are the best homework help websites you can use? 

Below, we answer these questions and more about homework help websites–free and paid. We’ll go over: 

  • The basics of homework help websites 
  • The cost of homework help websites 
  • The five best homework websites out there 
  • The pros and cons of using these websites for homework help 
  • The line between “learning” and “cheating” when using online homework help 
  • Tips for getting the most out of a homework help website

So let’s get started! 


The Basics About Homework Help Websites–Free and Paid

Homework help websites are designed to help you complete your homework assignments, plain and simple. 

What Makes a Homework Help Site Worth Using

Most of the best sites allow users to ask questions and then provide an answer (or multiple possible answers) and explanation in seconds. In some instances, you can even send a photo of a particular assignment or problem instead of typing the whole thing out! 

Homework help sites also offer more than just help answering homework questions. Common services provided are Q&A with experts, educational videos, lectures, practice tests and quizzes, learning modules, math solving tools, and proofreading help. Homework help sites can also provide textbook solutions (i.e. answers to problems in tons of different textbooks your school might be using), one-on-one tutoring, and peer-to-peer platforms that allow you to discuss subjects you’re learning about with your fellow students. 

And best of all, nearly all of them offer their services 24/7, including tutoring! 

What You Should Should Look Out For

When it comes to homework help, there are lots–and we mean lots –of scam sites out there willing to prey on desperate students. Before you sign up for any service, make sure you read reviews to ensure you’re working with a legitimate company. 

A word to the wise: the more a company advertises help that veers into the territory of cheating, the more likely it is to be a scam. The best homework help websites are going to help you learn the concepts you’ll need to successfully complete your homework on your own. (We’ll go over the difference between “homework help” and “cheating” a little later!) 


You don't need a golden piggy bank to use homework help websites. Some provide low or no cost help for students like you!

How Expensive Are the Best Homework Help Websites?

First of all, just because a homework help site costs money doesn’t mean it’s a good service. Likewise, just because a homework help website is free doesn’t mean the help isn’t high quality. To find the best websites, you have to take a close look at the quality and types of information they provide! 

When it comes to paid homework help services, the prices vary pretty widely depending on the amount of services you want to subscribe to. Subscriptions can cost anywhere from $2 to $150 dollars per month, with the most expensive services offering several hours of one-on-one tutoring with a subject expert per month.

The 5 Best Homework Help Websites 

So, what is the best homework help website you can use? The answer is that it depends on what you need help with. 

The best homework help websites are the ones that are reliable and help you learn the material. They don’t just provide answers to homework questions–they actually help you learn the material. 

That’s why we’ve broken down our favorite websites into categories based on who they’re best for . For instance, the best website for people struggling with math might not work for someone who needs a little extra help with science, and vice versa. 

Keep reading to find the best homework help website for you! 

Best Free Homework Help Site: Khan Academy

  • Price: Free!
  • Best for: Practicing tough material 

Not only is Khan Academy free, but it’s full of information and can be personalized to suit your needs. When you set up your account , you choose which courses you need to study, and Khan Academy sets up a personal dashboard of instructional videos, practice exercises, and quizzes –with both correct and incorrect answer explanations–so you can learn at your own pace. 

As an added bonus, it covers more course topics than many other homework help sites, including several AP classes.

Runner Up: Brainly.com offers a free service that allows you to type in questions and get answers and explanations from experts. The downside is that you’re limited to two answers per question and have to watch ads. 

Best Paid Homework Help Site: Chegg

  • Price: $14.95 to $19.95 per month
  • Best for: 24/7 homework assistance  

This service has three main parts . The first is Chegg Study, which includes textbook solutions, Q&A with subject experts, flashcards, video explanations, a math solver, and writing help. The resources are thorough, and reviewers state that Chegg answers homework questions quickly and accurately no matter when you submit them.  

Chegg also offers textbook rentals for students who need access to textbooks outside of their classroom. Finally, Chegg offers Internship and Career Advice for students who are preparing to graduate and may need a little extra help with the transition out of high school. 

Another great feature Chegg provides is a selection of free articles geared towards helping with general life skills, like coping with stress and saving money. Chegg’s learning modules are comprehensive, and they feature solutions to the problems in tons of different textbooks in a wide variety of subjects. 

Runner Up: Bartleby offers basically the same services as Chegg for $14.99 per month. The reason it didn’t rank as the best is based on customer reviews that say user questions aren’t answered quite as quickly on this site as on Chegg. Otherwise, this is also a solid choice!


Best Site for Math Homework Help: Photomath

  • Price: Free (or $59.99 per year for premium services) 
  • Best for: Explaining solutions to math problems

This site allows you to t ake a picture of a math problem, and instantly pulls up a step-by-step solution, as well as a detailed explanation of the concept. Photomath also includes animated videos that break down mathematical concepts to help you better understand and remember them. 

The basic service is free, but for an additional fee you can get extra study tools and learn additional strategies for solving common math problems.

Runner Up: KhanAcademy offers in-depth tutorials that cover complex math topics for free, but you won’t get the same tailored help (and answers!) that Photomath offers. 

Best Site for English Homework Help: Princeton Review Academic Tutoring

  • Price: $40 to $153 per month, depending on how many hours of tutoring you want 
  • Best for: Comprehensive and personalized reading and writing help 

While sites like Grammarly and Sparknotes help you by either proofreading what you write via an algorithm or providing book summaries, Princeton Review’s tutors provide in-depth help with vocabulary, literature, essay writing and development, proofreading, and reading comprehension. And unlike other services, you’ll have the chance to work with a real person to get help. 

The best part is that you can get on-demand English (and ESL) tutoring from experts 24/7. That means you can get help whenever you need it, even if you’re pulling an all-nighter! 

This is by far the most expensive homework site on this list, so you’ll need to really think about what you need out of a homework help website before you commit. One added benefit is that the subscription covers over 80 other subjects, including AP classes, which can make it a good value if you need lots of help!  


Best Site for STEM Homework Help: Studypool

  • Best for: Science homework help
  • Price: Varies; you’ll pay for each question you submit

When it comes to science homework help, there aren’t a ton of great resources out there. The best of the bunch is Studypool, and while it has great reviews, there are some downsides as well. 

Let’s start with the good stuff. Studypool offers an interesting twist on the homework help formula. After you create a free account, you can submit your homework help questions, and tutors will submit bids to answer your questions. You’ll be able to select the tutor–and price point–that works for you, then you’ll pay to have your homework question answered. You can also pay a small fee to access notes, lectures, and other documents that top tutors have uploaded. 

The downside to Studypool is that the pricing is not transparent . There’s no way to plan for how much your homework help will cost, especially if you have lots of questions! Additionally, it’s not clear how tutors are selected, so you’ll need to be cautious when you choose who you’d like to answer your homework questions.  


What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Homework Help Sites?

Homework help websites can be a great resource if you’re struggling in a subject, or even if you just want to make sure that you’re really learning and understanding topics and ideas that you’re interested in. But, there are some possible drawbacks if you don’t use these sites responsibly. 

We’ll go over the good–and the not-so-good–aspects of getting online homework help below. 

3 Pros of Using Homework Help Websites 

First, let’s take a look at the benefits. 

#1: Better Grades Beyond Homework

This is a big one! Getting outside help with your studies can improve your understanding of concepts that you’re learning, which translates into better grades when you take tests or write essays. 

Remember: homework is designed to help reinforce the concepts you learned in class. If you just get easy answers without learning the material behind the problems, you may not have the tools you need to be successful on your class exams…or even standardized tests you’ll need to take for college. 

#2: Convenience

One of the main reasons that online homework help is appealing is because it’s flexible and convenient. You don’t have to go to a specific tutoring center while they’re open or stay after school to speak with your teacher. Instead, you can access helpful resources wherever you can access the internet, whenever you need them.

This is especially true if you tend to study at off hours because of your extracurriculars, work schedule, or family obligations. Sites that offer 24/7 tutoring can give you the extra help you need if you can’t access the free resources that are available at your school. 

#3: Variety

Not everyone learns the same way. Maybe you’re more of a visual learner, but your teacher mostly does lectures. Or maybe you learn best by listening and taking notes, but you’re expected to learn something just from reading the textbook . 

One of the best things about online homework help is that it comes in a variety of forms. The best homework help sites offer resources for all types of learners, including videos, practice activities, and even one-on-one discussions with real-life experts. 

This variety can also be a good thing if you just don’t really resonate with the way a concept is being explained (looking at you, math textbooks!).


Not so fast. There are cons to homework help websites, too. Get to know them below!

3 Cons of Using Homework Help Websites 

Now, let’s take a look at the drawbacks of online homework help. 

#1: Unreliable Info

This can be a real problem. In addition to all the really good homework help sites, there are a whole lot of disreputable or unreliable sites out there. The fact of the matter is that some homework help sites don’t necessarily hire people who are experts in the subjects they’re talking about. In those cases, you may not be getting the accurate, up-to-date, and thorough information you need.

Additionally, even the great sites may not be able to answer all of your homework questions. This is especially true if the site uses an algorithm or chatbot to help students…or if you’re enrolled in an advanced or college-level course. In these cases, working with your teacher or school-provided tutors are probably your best option. 

#2: No Clarification

This depends on the service you use, of course. But the majority of them provide free or low-cost help through pre-recorded videos. Watching videos or reading info online can definitely help you with your homework… but you can’t ask questions or get immediate feedback if you need it .

#3: Potential For Scamming 

Like we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of homework help websites out there, and lots of them are scams. The review comments we read covered everything from outdated or wrong information, to misleading claims about the help provided, to not allowing people to cancel their service after signing up. 

No matter which site you choose to use, make sure you research and read reviews before you sign up–especially if it’s a paid service! 


When Does “Help” Become “Cheating”?

Admittedly, whether using homework help websites constitutes cheating is a bit of a grey area. For instance, is it “help” when a friend reads your essay for history class and corrects your grammar, or is it “cheating”? The truth is, not everyone agrees on when “help” crosses the line into “cheating .” When in doubt, it can be a good idea to check with your teacher to see what they think about a particular type of help you want to get. 

That said, a general rule of thumb to keep in mind is to make sure that the assignment you turn in for credit is authentically yours . It needs to demonstrate your own thoughts and your own current abilities. Remember: the point of every homework assignment is to 1) help you learn something, and 2) show what you’ve learned. 

So if a service answers questions or writes essays for you, there’s a good chance using it constitutes cheating. 

Here’s an example that might help clarify the difference for you. Brainstorming essay ideas with others or looking online for inspiration is “help” as long as you write the essay yourself. Having someone read it and give you feedback about what you need to change is also help, provided you’re the one that makes the changes later. 

But copying all or part of an essay you find online or having someone write (or rewrite) the whole thing for you would be “cheating.” The same is true for other subjects. Ultimately, if you’re not generating your own work or your own answers, it’s probably cheating.


5 Tips for Finding the Best Homework Help Websites for You

Now that you know some of our favorite homework help websites, free and paid, you can start doing some additional research on your own to decide which services might work best for you! Here are some top tips for choosing a homework help website. 

Tip 1: Decide How You Learn Best 

Before you decide which site or sites you’re going to use for homework help, y ou should figure out what kind of learning style works for you the most. Are you a visual learner? Then choose a site that uses lots of videos to help explain concepts. If you know you learn best by actually doing tasks, choose a site that provides lots of practice exercises.

Tip 2: Determine Which Subjects You Need Help With

Just because a homework help site is good overall doesn’t mean that it’s equally good for every subject. If you only need help in math, choose a site that specializes in that area. But if history is where you’re struggling, a site that specializes in math won’t be much help. So make sure to choose a site that you know provides high-quality help in the areas you need it most. 

Tip 3: Decide How Much One-On-One Help You Need 

This is really about cost-effectiveness. If you learn well on your own by reading and watching videos, a free site like Khan Academy is a good choice. But if you need actual tutoring, or to be able to ask questions and get personalized answers from experts, a paid site that provides that kind of service may be a better option.

Tip 4: Set a Budget 

If you decide you want to go with a paid homework help website, set a budget first . The prices for sites vary wildly, and the cost to use them can add up quick. 

Tip 5: Read the Reviews

Finally, it’s always a good idea to read actual reviews written by the people using these homework sites. You’ll learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of what the users’ experiences have been. This is especially true if you intend to subscribe to a paid service. You’ll want to make sure that users think it’s worth the price overall!


What’s Next?

If you want to get good grades on your homework, it’s a good idea to learn how to tackle it strategically. Our expert tips will help you get the most out of each assignment…and boost your grades in the process. 

Doing well on homework assignments is just one part of getting good grades. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about getting great grades in high school in this article. 

Of course, test grades can make or break your GPA, too. Here are 17 expert tips that’ll help you get the most out of your study prep before you take an exam. 

Need more help? Check out Tutorbase!

Our vetted tutor database includes a range of experienced educators who can help you polish an essay for English or explain how derivatives work for Calculus. You can use dozens of filters and search criteria to find the perfect person for your needs.

Connect With a Tutor Now

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The 15 best study apps and homework apps for android.

Best myHomework alternatives

Technology has entered every span of our life in this modern era. You can find technical support in almost every aspect of your life. So, why not use it in making your study plan? A study planner app can make your learning period more enjoyable than before. MyHomework is one of the best study apps. It has become very much popular since 2009. But some other myHomework alternatives can be your best study companion. If you are new to using apps that help you study, this article will be worth reading. Here I will show you the best Homework Apps like myHomework Student Planner .

What is myHomework Planner?

“ myhomeworkapp.com ” is one of the best Homework apps. It helps you to organize your study materials. It is trendy among English-speaking students. We can use this highly-rated app quickly. The free version of the myHomework app offers to organize your homework.

MyHomework app also helps to make your study schedule, maintain a homework calendar, etc. You can access other advanced features by buying the premium version at $4.99 annually. It will provide you with sharing options too. You may import homework and add accessible features to it.

MyHomework also accesses the external calendar option, attaches files with your study plan, etc. This app can sync between several devices. It shows you the upcoming homework widgets. But nowadays, the myHomework app is losing its efficiency. So, the users want to find other apps that can serve their purposes. 

How Do You Use myHomework as a Student Planner?

MyHomework study planner app does not require any advanced knowledge to use it. Students can download this app from Google Play for their Android. Create an account using your email address to sign up. You should turn on the location of your device. It requires an internet connection to sync with the official website. 

MyHomework Study Planner helps to design your study plan more precisely. After using the myHomework app, you will never have to waste your time remembering your to-do list. It will convert the premium version into a free version when the premium time expires. 

How Can an Android App Help My Study?

There are many reasons a person cannot achieve maximum success in his study area. Lack of organizing quality is a common reason for it. You have to plan your academic activities properly to achieve maximum success. Laziness is a barrier to making correct plans. You may also face time managing problems while making a study plan.

A homework app can reduce this burden of your life. It can give you a well-organized plan for your study life. It is also easy to maintain a connection between the teachers, students, and parents. A digital app that helps you in your Study may offer incredible benefits. Those benefits can increase the outcome of your learning process to times more. 

Significant Benefits of Using a Study App

1. Improving the organizing capacity: A study planner app makes you confident about organizing your study plan. Such an app can help you to track your classes and assignments. It can also remind you of the deadlines and take notes on necessary matters. 

2. Increasing responsibility: A homework tool will make you responsible for completing the tasks you have planned in the application. The app can develop your commitment level. This app makes you accountable for working according to your study plan. 

3. The achievement-tracking process: The best study planner apps will help you track your achievements. Those apps encourage a lot in your study area. This skill will help you to gain success throughout your whole life. 

4. Creating Communication-line: A study planner significantly reduces the communication gap between teachers and parents. 

5. Alternative to traditional study plan: A digital app can change your study planning experience. It will record your activities and help you to carry on your consistency. It also increases your concentration level. A study planner app gives you the motivation to study harder too.

Why Do You Need a myHomework Alternative?

MyHomework Student Planner app has some drawbacks, so we feel the requirements of some alternatives. The app is not working according to the desire of the users. There is a crashing problem in the app. Users are also facing problems in using this app on their Android devices. In some cases, the app is not easy to handle. Most of the users opined that this app was a great one when it arrived. But unfortunately, the myHomework Student Planner app has lost its previous glory and efficiency.

Best 15 Study Apps As myHomework Alternatives

MyHomework is undoubtedly one of the best study planner apps. But recently, there have been some terrible reviews of this app. So, users are now searching for some myHomework alternatives to get their work done. I’m here to inform you about the best study planner apps available for Android. 

1. School Planner Pro- Best Homework App

You can trust School Planner Pro to find your study-related activities systematically. It is one of the best myHomework alternatives that will organize your study plan according to your wish. School Planner Pro is very suitable for teachers, parents, and students. This app works as a timely reminder. It notifies you about all your tasks. You can also determine your next lesson plan using the app. 

School Planner Pro- Best homework app

The School Planner Pro app is free of cost. No advertisement will annoy you while using it. This app keeps a record of all your assignments and exams. The School Planner Pro offers a sharing option too. The app gives you an overview of what has happened recently and which event is nearby. This homework app also informs you of the essential notices of your school regarding tests, classes, etc. 

Key Features

  • School Planner Pro shows you detailed information about your school, including classes, tasks, assignments, exam results, etc.
  • This app summarizes the most important events of your study plan. 
  • It is a great time management app for students. 
  • School Planner Pro can schedule all your tasks and never allows you to forget that. 

2. My Study Life- School Planner

My Study Life- School Planner

My Study Life is a free homework app similar to the myHomework app. More than that, it has a storage feature. This allows you to access your classes and other records from anywhere. 

My Study Life offers you to sync your data on different devices. My Study Life is one of the best study apps that work as a great supporting hand in achieving the best result. The app is perfect for parents to track their child’s progress. There is no complaint about crashing the app while using it. My Study Life app integrates all the aspects of your academic life easier. 

  • My Study Life keeps track of your assignments, classes, and other school activities and keeps them safe in the cloud or other online drives.
  • It also stores your essential exams, including revision tasks.
  • This app manages your classes and helps you to follow the Timetable. 
  • It is one of the best apps, like myHomework that notify you about all your study events. 

Chipper best homework app

You can track your study plan here by importing items from Google Calendar. Chipper also has the option of setting a timer for your study period. But recently, a bug has been showing an empty event in the app. When the user clicks on that event, the app crashes. There is also an issue with the widget display. 

  • Chipper provides you with Study organizing plans by using a homework calendar.
  • It reminds you to complete homework in due time.
  • This app offers an effective learning process by helping to improve your study focus. 
  • The app contains a to-do list feature to track your daily progress. 
  • Chipper also motivates you to utilize your time through its ‘earning’ feature.  

4. Class Timetable

Are you facing problems in maintaining your time? If yes, then Class Timetable can be the best app for you. This app is one of the best time management apps for students. Class Timetable offers your multi-week support along with homework planning features. It can help you track classes and assignments with no mistakes. This app also makes a schedule that you can follow easily. 

Class Timetable best timetable app

Class Timetable contains an excellent color-filled interface. This feature removes the boredom of studying. The app also supports dark mode and home screen widgets. It contains data import and export options too. We can download the class Timetable free from Google Play. 

  • Class Timetable is one of the best-scheduled apps for school, college, and university students. 
  • It keeps track of your homework to organize your Study.
  • This app notifies you about class time.
  •  Class Timetable reminds you to finish your home tasks and helps you to reach your goal. 

5. Any.do – The to-do list, planner & Calendar

Any.do – To-do list, planner & calendar

Any. do is a great planner app. It organizes your daily activities and gives you a precise plan of what you must do. You can find your daily activities according to your preference list. 

Any. do app can play a significant role as your project tracker. This homework app will remind you of every pending work on your list. It improves its working capacity. They integrated this app with popular sites like Outlook, Google Calendaetcat App, Google Task, and Gmailetcty. Any.do app also contains note-taking facilities. This single app can re-organize your puzzled life planning and helps you to get the best result in your studies.

  • Any. do app contains an advanced tracking calendar and reminder features.
  • It offers sync facilities between different devices.
  • This app provides you with an organized study plan.
  • This app has a collaboration option with other friends about your Study. 
  • Any. do app Increases your productivity by working as an all-in-one planner. 

6. Bartleby: Best Study App

Bartleby- apps that help you study

This is one of the best study apps to solve problems using the question/answers feature. The app will assist you in studying Math , Social Science, Science, Engineering, Business, and the branches of these heads. You can find answers to your questions 24/7 using this app’s ‘digital key’ feature. This free app offers the fastest online service to solve your academic problems. 

  • Homework Helper & Homework Answers app solves the textbook Math problems using Bartleby’s math answer scanner and calculator.
  • It can find the Bartleby homework helper’s answers to the History, Science, Engineering, and Business-related questions.
  • This app offers you 24/7 online support to help you finish your learning. 
  • It supports the fastest reply features.
  • The app provides you with an easy search option on their digital database.  

7. Todoist: Best Homework App for Android

Todoist: Best Homework App for Android

The Todoist Android app focuses on essential features like capturing and organizing the events in your mind, creating the study plan according to your priority level, fixing a due date to finish your task, etc. 

Todoist is one of the best study apps to recognize your needs by typing simple info. This app can personalize your study plan. It is integrated with tools like Google Calendar, Amazon Alexa, Gmail, etc. The app offers syncing options between other devices. You can get a lock screen widget, quick add title, assistance, and notifications while using it in Androids. 

  • Todoist tracks your study progress and personalizes plans to record productivity.
  • It organizes your activities very systematically.
  • This app contains a collaborating option that helps you to share your plan with others.
  • Todoist helps you to complete your tasks within the due date.
  • It offers you an easily functional homework-tracking system. 

8. Power Planner: Homework/Grades

Power Planner can take the place of one of the best myHomework alternative apps. This app is perfectly made for middle school, high school, or University students. Power Planner helps you to track your daily lessons. It also makes you aware of completing your assignments or homework. This app manages all your essential Study matters like semester plans, study schedules, etc. 

Power Planner-apps that help you study

Power Planner has enhanced its effectiveness by integrating with Google Calendar. This app made your study planning task easier. The widgets of this application allow you to know about your upcoming homework. You can also pin a widget for your convenience.

The Power Planner app supports grade and GPA calculations. Power Planner requires an online account. The paid version of this study planner app allows more advanced functions like adding over five grades per class, using multiple semesters, and so on. 

  • Power Planner manages your daily study plan effectively.
  • It notifies you about upcoming home tasks.
  • This app uses Google Calendar to track your activities.
  • The app calculates Grades and GPAs perfectly. 
  • Power Planner offers an online sync option. 

9. Easy Study

Easy Study- time management apps for students

The Easy Study app can be one of the best apps like myHomework as it contains even better features than myHomework. Easy Study will organize your study plan in cycles. This feature facilitates you to review the subjects. The app effectively prepares students for a particular school, college, or higher studies exam. 

  • Easy Study offers a plan of the subjects you must study every day.
  • This app contains an option to make a to-do list related to each study session.
  • You can track the record of your study history (courses, duration of the Study, etc.) for each day, week, month, and so on. 
  • The app notifies the summary of your daily study plan.
  • Easy Study allows you to customize your subjects with different colors mentioning the time you need to spend on each. 

10. Student Calendar

 Student Calendar myHomework alternative

The Student Calendar will track your study activities. It reminds you to finish your homework within the due time. By using the app, you will never miss a deadline for submission. It is like embedding Google Calender but for your studies. 

The Student Calendar app makes a to-do list of your daily studies and highlights the important ones. When you complete the task, it will no longer remain highlighted. This app also groups your past and future study activities to help you to maintain the Timetable. This light-weighted, straightforward app can make your study life more organized and stress-free.

Student Calendar can be an alternative to the myHomework student planner app. Users can download the app from Google Play for free, but it also offers in-app purchases.

  • Student Calendar proves its efficiency in managing your study timetable.
  • The notification option of this app never allows forgetting your deadlines.
  • This app creates a schedule for your study-related events and maintains a calendar.
  • It also records the marks you have obtained in your exams. 
  • Student Calendar designs your plan according to the order by day, month, or year. 

11. Task Agenda: Organize and Remember Your Tasks!

Task Agenda: myHomework alternative

Task Agenda will turn your unsystematic study life into a well-organized one. It will show you ways to remember your daily tasks efficiently. 

Task Agenda Personalize your routine with your favorite colors and widgets. It also notifies the work which you have finished. The app straightforwardly manages your activities. But this free app lacks in setting time duration for a task. Sometimes it doesn’t show all the events put there by the user. Still, the app is considered one of the best apps like myHomework.

  • Task Agenda enables you to maintain your time in an organized way.
  • It helps you to remember all your daily academic events and tasks.
  • This app offers a personalized customizing option for your plan.
  • The app is free of complexity, and everyone can use it. 

Todait - study planner

Today app increases the productivity of your Study and makes you more confident. It helps to organize your substantial study materials and complete those systematically. 

Today provides a study routine that lets you figure out which course you should start reading. It creates your habit regarding a routine-based study plan and remaining accountable to your academic plans. You must let the app know how many hours you want to spend studying each course a week.

Todait will divide your study materials and organize them according to your time. It is one of the best study apps available for free on Google Play, containing an in-app purchase option. 

  • Today app emphasizes more on your Study rather than planning for it. 
  • It shows your weekly study progress and manages your time perfectly. 
  • The app uses a calendar to track your activities.
  • Maintaining a study diary and checking your activity list is an option. 
  • Today reminds you to finish your tasks and prevents you from being distracted by notifications from other apps using the ‘lockout mode.’

13. StudySmarter: Flashcards, Notes, Quizzes & Planner

StudySmarter: Flashcards, Notes, Quizzes & Planner Trello: myHomework alternative

You can access various online and offline study materials in this app. Study Smarter also provides sketch features to make hand notes and create a comprehensive study plan. 

Study Smarter provides different features for three different categories of people- University students, School/college-going students, and one for everyone. It acts as an aid to study and helps you achieve the best result in your academic life. You can sign in free from different devices to use this app. This app offers an in-app purchase option too.  

  • Study Smarter helps you to create goals, make a routine, and track your progress using artificial intelligence. 
  • It provides your study statistics and summarizes the report.
  • The app shares PDF files, class notes, lecture notes, flashcards, etc., to make your Study easier. 
  • It provides all the necessary tools to make you prepared for your exam. 
  • This app offers a sharing option that helps you learn more from the other students. 
  • Study Smarter also allows taking hand notes and sketches. 

14. Egenda – School Planner & Assistant

Egenda – School Planner & Assistant

Egenda offers the easiest way to record and find your study activities quickly. Add some classes in the app, add your assignment lists, and complete your home tasks. This app will manage your study materials perfectly. Egenda is an app requiring no subscription fee. After adding a task in the app, there is no option to delete and repeat it the following week. This issue might bother you a little. 

  • Egenda offers you a well-featured homework management option
  • This app has a note-adding option. 
  • It sorts your assignments by order of classes, due date, and completion. 
  • The app always reminds you to finish your tasks in due time. 

15. Trello: Study Apps

Trello: myHomework alternative

Trello can be an excellent companion in your academic life. The app minimizes your mental stress by making you an easy study plan. It records all your necessary articles and reduces your tension in remembering them. This free app also notifies you of your pending and completed tasks. It would have worked better to add a calendar for tracking activities. 

  • Trello offers you an easily maintainable study plan.
  • This app Keeps a record of your study progress.
  • It reminds you about critical academic events and deadlines.
  • Trello offers an offline working facility.

Final Thoughts

So, after going through this article, I’m sure you will use an app that helps you study. You don’t have to worry about choosing any myHomework alternative now. This article will help you select the best Homework Apps to serve your needs. Don’t forget to share your feedback! And I hope you can solve your study problems with the help of these apps and reach the desired goal in your life.


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8 Handy Homework & Study Apps

From forgotten assignments to after-school distractions, daily homework is derailed in so many ways. download these tools designed to help students organize forgotten assignments, stay on task even through distracting daydreams, and avoid common homework obstacles..

Boy with ADHD wearing glasses using tablet in elementary school class

What Are the Best Homework Apps?

After a long day at school, the last thing any child with ADHD wants to do is a mountain of homework — especially if he can't sit still at the computer or forgot to write down the assignment! Here, our top picks for homework and study apps to keep your kid organized, focused, and ready to work.

[ Free Download: Teacher-Approved Apps & Tools for School ]

MyHomework is a great study app for students with ADHD

For students who forget to write down assignments or turn them in on time, there's the free myHomework (iOS, Android; free). It tracks class schedules, homework assignments, and upcoming tests — and notifies your child when something is due. If your school chooses to participate, the app can also alert you to school announcements or let you download documents the school has shared — so no more lost permission slips!

Flashcards Deluxe is a great app for students with ADHD

Flashcards Deluxe

Kids with ADHD who struggle with working memory will love this user-friendly flashcard app (iOS, Android; $3.99) that's infinitely customizable — and easy to use. Create your own flashcards, or download pre-made sets from a library of more than 4 million. Then program the app to focus on the cards you're stumbling over or remove cards from the rotation once you’ve mastered them.

[ Make Life Easier: 15 Back-to-School Apps Your Student Needs ]

StudyBlue is a great app for students with ADHD

StudyBlue (iOS, Android; free) is the ultimate study tool! It has tons of different study modes, so your kid can take quizzes, go over review sheets, or flip through flashcards. The app also boasts a built-in content library so your child can search related material and learn more about the topic at hand.

Evernote is a great app for students with ADHD

If you struggle to organize notes and papers, use Evernote (iOS, Android; free for Lite version) to capture everything that matters in one convenient place. You can store online articles, handwritten notes, even photos — and search everything to find exactly what you need immediately. Tag things to group them together by project. The app can even help your child turn his notes into easy-to-follow presentations.

[ Stay Focused & Finish Your Homework with These 3 Apps ]

Popplet is a great app for students with ADHD

A lot of kids with ADHD are visual learners for whom traditional outlining techniques for essays or large projects may not work. Enter Popplet (iOS; $4.99); the brainstorming app built for visual learners. Your child can make mind maps, diagrams, “mood boards” — anything that helps her organize her thoughts in a more cohesive way. The simple interface keeps up with her racing brain, making outlining essays and projects much less stressful!

Documents to Go is a great app for students with ADHD

Documents To Go

Does your child struggle to sit still at the computer while typing up a long book report? Does he prefer to do his work sitting under the table or laying on the floor? Now you can bring the book report to him — wherever he works best — with Documents To Go ! (iOS; $16.99; Android; $14.99) Any Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF file can be transferred to your tablet, so your kid can work on his homework wherever he feels most productive.

Stay on Task is a great app for students with ADHD

StayOnTask (Android; free) is a simple app that can work wonders for children with ADHD who drift off during homework time. The app will periodically “check in” with your child to make sure he’s doing his work and not messing around. It’s random, so users can’t predict when it will check up on them. If he’s off task when the app checks in, it provides a gentle reminder to put his mind back on his math homework.

30/30 is a great app for students with ADHD

For help breaking down homework into management chunks, try 30/30 (iOS; free). The app's simple interface allows you to set up a list of tasks and an amount of time needed for each one. Your child can use it to check in and easily figure out what she's supposed to be doing and how much time she needs to do it.

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  • Top 9 Smart Apps to Do Math Homework with Ease

Top 9 Smart Apps to Do Math Homework with Ease


Myscript calculator, hiper scientific calculator, scientific calculator, graphing calculator, geometry solver ‪².

If you talk to your parents about how they did math homework when they were students, they may tell about some guidebooks that helped them. It was an absolute disaster for some learners. They had to do all the calculations manually and suffered from having no sleep because of solving math problems.  You're lucky to have smartphones with specifically designed programs access that make your life much easier. We've prepared an overview of the top programs helpful for any student to do their homework with ease. Below you can see the list of best math apps available in AppStore, Google Play, or online. Those apps will help students find a solution to their problems or questions. Check them out or head to our order form and leave ' do my homework ' request to get professional help. 

Photomath is one of the most popular programs available for iOS and Android users. Augmented reality helps learners do their homework by simply solving the task after catching it with the cameras. This program is suitable for solving some basic math tasks and algebraic equations. It shows the results of calculations on the screen with the steps that lead to it. You can view the logs and see how some tasks were solved in the past to help do your homework in the future the same way. This is a nice tip on how to get homewrok done fast . There's one drawback – this application cannot recognize handwriting. There is no option of doing homework with it if you need to solve quadratic equations, functional equations, or other complex tasks. However, it can perfectly deal with any printed text.

This Math answers app for iOS and Android devices is also suitable for solving equations. There is a free version with basic functionality. Or it offers in-app purchases to access all the features. This app for students grants a possibility to solve a wider variety of tasks if we compare it with Photomath. There's a drawback here – this math app doesn't recognize equations if one tries catching it with the camera. You will have to enter this data manually to do your homework.

MyScript Calculator  can recognize handwriting, so it allows drawing equations on the screen to get the task solved. It offers solutions for your homework with some basic tasks, square and cube roots, trigonometry, percentages, and logarithms. Even if you type in something like "3+?=10", this app will provide the correct answer. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Be ready to let the app recognize your handwriting a few times to solve one task. It rarely recognizes what's written the wrong way.

PCalc  is a homework app with the most attractive interface. Here we have a nice-looking widget for notifications. To make the app solve the task, swipe from top to bottom of your screen, and the process will start. This app is available only for iOS devices. 

How to do Algebra more efficiently? Download Solve4x ! It is a math equation solver that will help high school and college students, but not university students. This application helps solve relatively simple equations. There are two options available. You can either take a picture of your equation or type it manually. Also note, this application does not solve equations with brackets. 

And this app is available for homework help only on Android devices.  Hiper Scientific Calculator helps with solving tasks that are related to logarithms, trigonometry, etc. You can view the history of operations to see how some specific functions in the past were solved. It's comfortable to do homework because of highlighted syntax.  This application will also help with your homework on engineering and scientific calculations – they are available as separate modes. Even though this app is free, you will not see any ads inside.

No, we didn't make a mistake – Scientific Calculator  is another app for those looking for homework help websites . But this version of the program is compatible only with Windows. It has a nice-looking old-school interface. This math app will help you solve trigonometric and logarithmic functions, etc. It grants access to the previously solved tasks, so you may use those ways for your homework in future.  

This app has a high rating of almost five stars. You can do homework using such features as equation solving, unit and currency exchangers, and graphing calculations. This app is available only for Android phones. 

One may have different types of math tasks to complete as homework tasks. And they can be either printed or handwritten. Most of the apps may fail to try recognizing what is written on a piece of paper. It may not be easy to enter all the data manually. Therefore, we have created a list of the best math apps that you can trust. Using an app to do your homework is awesome. Still, sometimes one may not be able to access it due to various reasons. Suppose you are overloaded with assignments, pressed for time, or have no idea how to complete a particular job. In that case, you might need professional academic help. Let us know whether you need any math help, and we'll gladly assist right away. 

It's not a secret that modern students have a pile of various assignments, and it's quite hard to organize those stuff even in the paper notebook.Modern technologies don't sleep! If you are looking for a reliable homework app to manage your studying, read this article right away.We have gathered 10 ...

Using free homework help websites is not embarassing. According to recent surveys, around 64% of people involved in the academic field do online tutoring and provide academic assistance, and 30% plan to join them. While some people insist that online college homework help site is the root of all evi...

Cheating on homework is much easier and popular than cheating on in-class assignments. The teacher cannot control the actions of his/her students outside the class. It provides students with the certain benefits. In the age of modern technologies, it is simple to learn how to cheat on homework of an...

The 5 Best Homework Planner Apps For Students

' src=

We’ve listed the best homework planner apps for Android and iOS that will help you manage and track your homework, tasks, assignments, and classes with very easy-to-use personal calendars, widgets, reminders, and many other helpful features.

Before we move on to our first homework planner app, I’d like to remind you that while you can download and use note taking apps with the same purpose, these apps we’re about to introduce you only focus on homework and school planning.

You can also check out The Best Educational Apps article to increase your skills in such fields such as science, art, and engineering. If you want to improve yourself in a specific field such as chemistry and coding, don’t forget to take a look at the list at the bottom of our article!

My Study Life – School Planner

Let’s begin with My Study Life, one of the best study planner apps for Android and iOS with over 1 million app installs. As well as students, it is also widely used by teachers and lecturers.

My Study Life makes it quite simple to organize homework, exams, and classes and store them in the cloud to access them on any device of yours. With this very easy-to-use school planner app, you can track your tasks including your homework and assignments with notifications and reminders, store your exams and revision tasks, and manage your classes with lifesaver timetables and various tools. 

And My Study Life is completely free!

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myHomework Student Planner

best app for homework reddit

Let’s continue with myHomework, our second best student planner app suggestion for Android and iOS users. It’s been downloaded over 1 million times since its release in 2016.

The beautiful design and simple interface of myHomework Student Planner makes it very easy to track your homework, tests, assignments and classes whenever and wherever you want. It also offers upcoming homework widgets and due date reminders that make it even easier to keep up with your lessons. 

This free homework planner app also offers a premium subscription which provides access to all the add-free premium themes, enhanced app widgets, external calendars, the ability to file attachments and import homework, and many other advanced features. 

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School Planner

best app for homework reddit

Our next app is School Planner by Andrea Dal Cin which is among the best study planner apps for Android with over 5 million downloads on Google Play Store. It’s not available on the App Store. If you’re an iOS user, you can move on to the next best homework planner app. 

The School Planner app enables users to easily add their homework and tests to their personal agenda, create timetables and plan their schedule, manage their tasks and events with helpful tools and built-in calendar, place highly helpful widgets on their home screens, receive reminders and notifications, record their lectures and back up on their Google Drive accounts. Its fast interface will help you make the most of your time.

The Homework App – Your School Schedule & Planner

best app for homework reddit

Let’s move on to The Homework App which is only available on the App Store. This free homework planner app allows you to add, view, and complete all of your homework in a very easy way with an in-app calendar that shows you your tasks on a daily, monthly & yearly basis and sends you notifications & reminders. 

Its premium subscription options which are available for 1 month, 6 months and 12 months, allow you to use the app without ads, add subtasks to manage your tasks with multiple steps, color code your homework, take and attach photos, add details about your instructor and even get help for your homework. 

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B4Grad: Homework Planner App

best app for homework reddit

Our last homework planner app is B4Grad. Just like The Homework App, it is only available on Apple’s App Store. 

B4Grad is an interactive app that uses machine learning to help you easily organize your school life, track your classes, get productive and never procrastinate on your homework again. Its beautiful, friendly, and customizable interface will give you a premium user experience.  

You can download and start using B4Grad for free. However, in order to get the most out of this best student planner app, you’re recommended to get its premium subscription.

In today’s blog post, we talked about the best homework apps for Android and iOS users. As promised at the beginning of the article, below you can find the list of articles we have created for students who want to improve themselves in certain fields.

Best Apps for Self Improvement in Specific Fields

+ The 7 Best Chemistry Apps

+ The Best Math Solver Apps for Android and iPhone

+ The 9 Best Apps to Learn Coding

+ The 6 Best Apps to Learn Mandarin Chinese

+ The 8 Best Language Learning Apps

+ The 7 Best Science Apps for iPhone and Android

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best app for homework reddit

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best app for homework reddit

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Homeworkify Alternatives: Top 20 Apps & Websites List - 2023

author photo

Struggling with your homework? Need an efficient study tool that caters to your needs beyond Homeworkify? You've come to the right place. Despite its success as a trusted educational search engine, Homeworkify has its limitations. From the Homeworkify.eu website to the app, its services may not cover all your study requirements. This article introduces you to a selection of superb alternatives to Homeworkify, tools that complement its services to help you ace your studies. Dive in and explore the world of practical study aids beyond Homeworkify, curated just for you.

Why is Homeworkify So Popular?

For students around the world, balancing studies, chores, and extracurricular activities is a challenging task. Sometimes, students need some help with homework. As a result, Homeworkify is here. It is a reliable educational tool and search engine that helps students study more efficiently and submit assignments on time. In addition, due to its further combination with AI, it makes the correct use of this tool to learn an efficient and innovative way of learning.

Notably, the most prevalent Homeworkify services include the Homeworkify.eu website and the Homeworkify app, each providing distinct functionalities.

Homeworkify.eu Features

Homeworkify.eu is a student-friendly platform that offers free services to its users globally. It enables students to search for questions and receive immediate answers. Users can copy and paste the problem link into the website's search box, and Homeworkify.eu's search engine will instantly locate the solutions.

Homeworkify EU Banner

Moreover, Homeworkify.eu supports students struggling with their homework by providing comprehensive, step-by-step answers to the questions they've been trying to solve. This efficient platform offers various services, from homework assistance and essay writing to test preparation, making it an invaluable tool for students across all academic levels.

Homeworkify App Features

On the other hand, the Homeworkify app, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), is a virtual assistant for students to manage their academic assignments efficiently. Its features include a Homework Solver, which provides comprehensive solutions and explanations for subjects like Math, Science, and History.

Homeworkify Google Banner

In addition to the Homework Solver, the app's AI-powered teacher offers an interactive learning experience, detailed feedback, and preparation for language proficiency tests such as IELTS, GRE, PTE, and TOEFL. The Homeworkify app also includes an Essay Assistant to guide students through the writing process and a Study Planner to create personalized study schedules. For an enhanced learning experience, students can upgrade to Homeworkify Premium, which offers live tutoring sessions with expert AI tutors.

Both of the aforementioned Homeworkify tools are great helpers. But some of their shortcomings have gradually been discovered. For example, Homeworkify.eu can only recognize links, or you need to pay to unlock usage limits, etc. So I've rounded up the following platforms that offer everything from homework assistants to study tools to help you lower the cost of using them and get more options to help you with your homework.

Websites Like Homeworkify.eu

Website: [ https://brainly.com/ ]

Brainly is a community-driven online platform designed for students to help each other with schoolwork. With users worldwide, Brainly encourages students to learn collaboratively and assist each other with queries across many subjects. By leveraging collective intelligence, students can quickly find solutions to even the most challenging problems.

Brainly Banner

Free version available;

Semi-annual subscription plan: $18, or $3 per month; Annual subscription plan: $24, with an average cost of $2 per month. Subscription plans are billed annually unless canceled.

2. Symbolab

Website: [ https://www.symbolab.com/ ]

Symbolab is an advanced math solver, delivering step-by-step solutions across various topics from basic mathematics to advanced calculus and trigonometry. Its user-friendly interface will help you readily access detailed explanations and learn the underlying concepts behind the problems.

Symbolab App Banner

Weekly ($1.99), monthly ($4.99), or yearly ($29.99) to view step-by-step solutions.

3. Quizplus

Website: [ https://www.quizplus.com/ ]

Quizplus provides a comprehensive collection of study resources across numerous subjects, from psychology to physics. The platform features a plethora of quizzes, practice tests, study guides, and solutions, allowing students to learn at their own pace and master their academic content.

Quizplus Banner

Free trial plan for a few days; 

Annual: $10/month billed annually, $120/Year;

Monthly: $25/month.

4. Studypool

Website: [ https://www.studypool.com/ ]

Studypool is a micro-tutoring platform that connects students with tutors to help answer specific academic questions. Moreover, its 24/7 service is designed to assist students with customized support. Therefore, you can seek detailed answers to complex questions or ask help for extensive projects or assignments.

Studypool Banner

5. Khan Academy

Website: [ https://www.khanacademy.org/ ]

Khan Academy is a globally recognized educational platform that provides free, high-quality educational resources for all age groups. It offers interactive exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empowers learners to study at their own pace across various subjects.

Khan Academy Banner

Price: free

6. Chegg.com

Website: [https://www.chegg.com/]

Chegg is renowned for providing various academic services, including digital and physical textbook rentals, online tutoring, scholarship searches, and more. Its Chegg Study services provide a massive database of textbook solutions and expert Q&A. WIth this; students can learn different subjects together and become excelled in their studies.

Chegg Banner

Price: no free trial.

best app for homework reddit

7. Crazy for Study

Website: https://www.crazyforstudy.com/  

Crazy for Study, a comprehensive online study tool, gives you access to solutions for over 50 million homework questions and college textbooks. Students can directly ask up to 50 new homework questions to experts, besides gaining unlimited access to Q&A solutions and textbook solutions. The website's solutions are handcrafted by experienced subject matter experts, helping students grasp complex concepts effortlessly. To make learning more efficient and hassle-free, Crazy for Study is certainly worth a try.

Crazy for Study Banner

Price: At a monthly subscription of as low as $6.5 (cancel anytime)

Crazy for Study Price

Website: https://quizlet.com/en-gb  

Quizlet, a favorite among over 60 million students worldwide, transforms how you study. It allows students to create, share and study from many study materials, such as flashcards and quizzes. Leveraging the power of digital flashcards, Quizlet makes cumbersome subjects easier to comprehend. Its unique features include customizable tests, a smart grading feature, and a 'Learn' mode that reinforces learning through diverse question types. You can also download its app on iOS and Android to carry study material wherever you go and study even offline.

Quizlet Banner

Pay annually: Billed annually at US$39.99, like US$3.33/month, Start with a free 7-day trial.  

Pay monthly: The amount billed today is US$8.99/month. Recurring billing. Cancel any time.

9. Wolfram Alpha

Website: https://www.wolframalpha.com/  

Presenting the powerhouse of computational intelligence: Wolfram Alpha. From math, science, and engineering, Wolfram Alpha simplifies complex questions across various subjects and provides step-by-step solutions. It boasts an expansive collection of algorithms and data to generate answers and reports instantly. You can upgrade to the Wolfram Alpha Pro subscription to unlock more features. Moreover, it can work with Apple's Siri assistant, making Wolfram Alpha a valuable addition to your study tools.

Wolframalpha Banner

Price: Wolfram Alpha Pro subscription: $9.99 monthly or up to $59.99 yearly.

Website: [https://www.paperhelp.org/]

PaperHelp is an online academic writing service that assists students with writing assignments, offering custom essays, research papers, dissertations, and more. Its team of experienced writers, alongside professional editors and proofreaders, ensures each assignment adheres to the highest quality standards.

Paperhelp Banner

Not free, depending on your task and page.

Paperhelp Prices

Website: [ https://www.mathpapa.com/ ]

MathPapa is an online tool that offers an algebra calculator to solve algebra problems step-by-step. In addition to its calculator, MathPapa provides algebra lessons and practice exercises, allowing students to master algebra concepts at their own pace.

Mathpapa Banner

Price: All plans include Algebra Calculator, Lessons, Practice, and No Ads.

Monthly: $9.99 /month

Yearly: $4.99 /month

Wolfram MathWorld

Website: [ https://mathworld.wolfram.com/ ]

Wolfram MathWorld is a comprehensive and interactive mathematics encyclopedia. This resource-rich platform covers various mathematical topics and provides users with detailed explanations, making it a valuable tool for learners and educators alike.

Wolfram Mathworld

Website: [ https://www.justanswer.com/ ]

JustAnswer is an online platform that provides expert professional advice to users worldwide. It covers various fields, including law, medicine, mechanics, and more. Users can ask questions and get immediate, personalized responses from verified experts, thus making it a practical tool for instant problem-solving.

Justanswer Banner

Price: depending on your choice.

Justanswer Pricing

Apps Like Homeworkify App

In this part of this AI-aided education journey, we look at how apps like Homeworkify, Socratic, StudyCards, Shortify, Chegg, TutorAI, Numerade, Mathly, Photomath, and Symbolab make learning accessible and personalized, powered by artificial intelligence.

Google Socratic

Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.socratic&hl=en_US&gl=US

A Google AI-powered learning app designed for high school and university students, Socratic uses AI to connect students to a wide array of educational resources online. It covers various subjects, including Science, Math, Literature, and Social Studies.

Google Socratic App Banner

Pricing:  free

Website: https://shortifyapp.com/

This app uses AI to summarize articles, YouTube videos, PDFs, and other content across all your apps. It's designed to save you time and increase productivity by offering summarized content at your fingertips.

Shortify Banner

Pricing:   100 Shorts for free, then you pay for what you use.  

Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chegg  

Chegg Study app helps students with personalized support for their courses, offering millions of fully explained, step-by-step solutions and flashcards for subjects ranging from Math to English and Physics. It also has a question scanner feature to provide detailed solutions to homework questions.

Chegg App Banner


Chegg Pricing Plan

Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.munoncode.ai_tutor_app&hl=en&gl=US

Tutor AI lets you create personalized AI tutors for any subject. You can customize your AI tutors, add subject-specific knowledge, and get instant support with your homework. It's designed to make learning more efficient and accessible.

Tutorai App Banner

A freemium model with access to basic features and three free queries.

Premium plan: $10 per month.

Website: https://www.numerade.com/

Numerade provides access to over 3 million step-by-step video solutions and unlimited Q&A with expert STEM educators. It offers video solutions to the exact textbooks used in STEM-related classes and covers a broad range of subjects, including Physics, Calculus, Chemistry, and more.

Numerade Banner

Free Trial: You can try it for free for 7 days.

Monthly @ $18.99/mo [billed monthly]

Annual @ $179.89/mo [billed annually]

Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smartxItsolutions.mathlearn

By Disha Solution, Mathly generates personalized explanations adjusted to your learning style. You can ask Mathly questions, and it answers them, creates similar problems for you to solve, and explains the solutions.

Mathly Banner

Pricing: not disclosed.

Website: https://photomath.com/

Photomath provides step-by-step explanations to help you master math from arithmetic to calculus. You can either use the Photomath app to scan a tricky problem or manually input problems using their smart calculator.

In-app purchases, a one-month subscription plan costs $2.99 and 19.99 with varied additional features, and the yearly plan costs $59.99.

Photomath Banner

Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.devsense.symbolab

Symbolab also has a mobile app.

In conclusion, the use of AI in education is transforming the learning landscape, democratizing education, and making it more personalized and accessible. These AI-powered apps offer various tools and features that cater to different learning styles and paces, creating a more inclusive learning environment.  

However, over-reliance on such tools can lead to serious consequences, reducing your ability to complete tasks independently or affecting your mastery of knowledge. Therefore, remember that it can only be used as an auxiliary, and using it to promote our learning success is the ultimate goal.

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to more possibilities brought by the power of artificial intelligence!

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15 Best Apps For Homework Answers 2023

  • Tom Clayton
  • April 27, 2023

best apps for homework answers

Completing some homework tasks can be quite frustrating. Especially if you did not grasp certain fundamentals during class or completely missed the class altogether.

That is why you may need some assistance in handling such tasks. However, in most cases, there is no one to assist, and even if there is, sometimes they just don’t know the answers to the homework questions you are dealing with.

That is why it may be prudent to consider using modern apps to help you get answers and expand your knowledge on different subject matters. We have compiled a list of the best apps for homework answers and general study. Some good options are Socratic by Google , Brainly , PhotoStudy and several others.

However, the best apps for homework answers are Chegg and Course Hero . Not only do you get abundant of course materials here but top-notch assistance for your homework and assignments.

Let’s learn more about these app in the list below.

1. Socratic by Google

3. course hero, 5. photostudy, 6. answers – homework help, 7. studypool, 8. khan academy, 9. photomath, 10. mathsgee, 12. wolframalpha, 13. symbolab, 15. mathway, wrapping up, best apps for homework answers.

best app for homework reddit

Socratic by Google is one of the best apps you can turn to when you want to find homework answers. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

One thing that makes it stand out is that it is available to download and install completely free of charge. It comes in a relatively lightweight package and takes up little space on your device so you won’t have to worry about a lag in speeds even when multitasking.

This application avails resources for learning in almost every subject including chemistry, physics, biology, literature, math , and history. To find an answer to something you are dealing with, simply launch the app and type the question in the relevant section.

You can also use your device’s camera to take a snap of the question and let the app dig up the answers. Finally, you can use your speech to activate the app’s AI functions.

Immediately you initiate an action, the app’s smart AI will dig up different types of materials for you to check out. These may include educational videos and books.

You can also expect to find simple tutorials and guides with detailed explanations regarding different concepts. This app is not only helpful in finding quick answers, but it can also be a great place for you to go when you need to increase your knowledge in just about any subject.

The Chegg app has become one the most popular for students of different academic levels. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

There is also a web-based version that allows users to access the answers they need from any modern browser. Chegg is not a free application so if you want to unlock its full potential, you’ll need to subscribe to one of its paid plans.

If you are just looking for quick answers to a few of the homework questions, you can go ahead and join the free trial. Chegg has a vast database of educational material which is why you can almost be certain to find the answers you are seeking.

It includes textbooks, video content, voice notes, and written resources to help you study. Like most apps on this list, Chegg lets you snap a picture of the question and allow its AI to look up relevant answers.

Alternatively, you can type your question directly into the system and then go over the list of results availed. Some of the subjects covered within this system include algebra, social studies, history, chemistry, biology, engineering, and business.

Another outstanding feature of Chegg is that it has a section where you can find real tutors. These educators can help you learn and grasp important concepts easily.

Explore the best alternatives to Chegg here.

Course Hero is another excellent application you should consider. Like others on this list, you can find it on the App Store or Google Play.

Another interesting thing about it is that it has an extension you can add to Chrome for convenience. In case you are not a big fan of the Chrome browser, you can still access the online version directly from your favorite browser.

Course Hero is rich in materials from a variety of subjects including math, science, engineering, social science, business, history, and foreign language. It has a simple sign-up process so you won’t spend too long setting up an account.

You can then gain free access to educational material provided you share your own original works. Your work can be in the form of an essay, dissertation, mathematical calculation, or any other thing that can help advance education.

In case you do not have any original material but still want to get homework answers from the app, you’ll need to subscribe to one of its premium plans. The good news is that there is a relatively affordable plan that goes at $9.95 per month.

To find answers to any questions, all you have to do is enter the written text in the search box and hit enter. This will bring up a list of answers for you to go through.

The app includes tutorials and guides that can help you grasp important concepts in any field of study. You also get access to experts on different subjects for a more personalized experience.

Find out the best alternatives to Course Hero in this post.

best app for homework reddit

The next app to consider when looking for homework answers is Brainly. It is a lightweight option that will quickly download and install on your mobile device.

In case you do not have a mobile device, you can always access it directly from your favorite browser. But first, you’ll need to sign up for a free account.

The good news is that the process of signing up and creating a profile takes a few minutes only. After that, you can start entering the questions you need answers to directly into the search bar.

This app also includes a smart AI that allows you to take snaps of questions and then receive relevant answers within a few seconds.

In case you need a deeper explanation of any concepts or questions, you can always raise your question in the community forum and have other students and experts help you.

There are over 350 million people connected to the app so you can be sure to find someone to form a strong partnership with when studying. There is also the option of subscribing to the Live Tutor plan where you get your own personal teacher to help you out.

The Brainly app is one of the most helpful when it comes to solving math problems. It includes state-of-the-art calculators and step-by-step guides to help you understand things better.

Of course, there are also plenty of study materials for other subjects so you’ll probably be set to take on your next homework or exam without having to stress it out.

Next up on this list of the best apps for homework answers is PhotoStudy. It is compatible with iPod touch, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

As the name suggests, this application takes a slightly different approach when it comes to helping students find answers. Instead of having a database of answers that can be retrieved, this app focuses on providing a personalized experience to each student.

That means the student simply has to take a photo of the question they are dealing with and upload it into the system. Within a few minutes, a real tutor will join the live chat and provide a step-by-step explanation of how to arrive at the answer.

In most cases, explanations tend to last for less than 10 minutes and the tutor ensures that the student has grasped every aspect of the issues raised. The student will have access to an archived file of the answers they receive so they can always go back and check at a later time.

This application does not deal with all subjects. Instead, it focuses on math, physics, and chemistry . Another exciting thing about this app is that it includes a section known as PhotoStudy Academy.

Here, students gain access to over 750 lessons covering different topics in the subjects noted earlier. These lessons are conducted by an AI bot by the name of Sally.

The lessons take the format of text chats rather than live speeches. This makes it possible for the learner to go back one step or ask for deeper explanations as they progress.

Answers – Homework Help is another app you can use for homework answers thanks to its simplicity in design. You can install the app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Once you activate it on your device, you are free to enter any question into the system and then have a look at the list of answers that come up. All answers are related to your question and are similar with the exception of the words used.

In case you ask a question and no answer comes up, the app will display the question to the community of students and teachers that are using the app. This ensures that someone with expertise in the field will provide the necessary answer.

The application supports a variety of subjects including math, science, literature, history, and business, among others. It has a simple layout so you’ll find that navigating from one point to another is relatively easy.

It has over 100 million questions and answers so chances are that you will find exactly what you are looking for within a few seconds of searching.

Answers – Homework Help is completely free of charge and does not include any annoying ads that may compromise your experience.

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Studypool is another impressive app you can install on your mobile device and use to get homework answers. It is an excellent choice if you want something that pays a lot of attention to science.

However, you can also search for homework answers regarding virtually any subject on Earth. Some of the subjects covered include programming, humanities, economics, engineering, law, foreign languages, and mathematics .

Once you post a question on the app, a real tutor will respond in a matter of minutes with a detailed explanation for your question.

This can be a good way not only to get the answers you need but also to ensure that you understand the fundamentals related to the topic you are dealing with.

The app includes over 20 million study documents you can use to sharpen your knowledge in different fields of study. This app also allows you to sell your study documents online so you can make some income as you improve your education.

Another app you can turn to when in need of homework answers is Khan Academy. It is quite popular because of the different approaches it takes to provide solutions to teachers and learners.

For starters, the application can be installed on both Android and iOS devices. It is also full of material for all levels of study.

That means learners from pre-K to 8th grade can find something helpful for them. It also caters to students and teachers in middle school, high school, college, and university.

One thing that makes it stand out is that all the materials available are accessible completely free of charge. All you have to do is create an account and start using it to solve your homework problems while also increasing your knowledge of other subjects.

Find out similar platforms to Khan Academy here.

Photomath comes across as one of the best apps for homework answers, especially within the mathematics field. It features a variety of calculators to help you solve different math problems that range from simple arithmetic to complex calculus.

To start using this app, you’ll need to visit the App Store or Google Play and search for its name. Initiate the download process and wait a moment for the installation to complete.

Create your profile and then input the math problem in one of the calculators related to your topic. In case you just want a quick answer, simply scan the problem using your device and let the AI bring up the answer.

Photomath includes a step-by-step explanation to help you understand the process of arriving at an answer. Some of the topics you can expect to find using this app include elementary math, geometry, word problems, algebra, and statistics, among others.

The app supports a variety of languages so that users from different backgrounds can find it easy to solve math problems. There is a free Photomath version with limited features for casual use and two premium plans with highly helpful features for dedicated learners.

Explore the best apps like Photomath in this article.

MathsGee does not focus on one subject only. Instead, you can expect to find answers to just about any question you can think of.

From academic questions to general knowledge, the app has everything. One of the reasons why it is becoming a popular option to find answers is that anyone can ask any question on the platform and other people in the community will respond.

The best answer will be upvoted so that it is the one that you view first. Before you start using the app, you’ll need to create an account and then log in whenever you want to find an answer.

In case the answers available are not satisfactory, you have the option to request an expert to give you personalized assistance. However, that will come at a cost since the expert is lending professional services.

You can enter questions into the system manually by writing out the full details or taking a picture on your mobile device and uploading it. This app also utilizes AI to search and find appropriate answers to questions.

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The next application you can download on your mobile device and use to find homework answers is Cymath. It also has a web-based version so you can use it in your favorite browser as well.

It has a simple interface which is an added advantage because you’ll get acquainted with how it works pretty fast. As soon as you land on the home page, you’ll find a search bar where you can input your question, specify the subject, and then hit enter.

This process brings up a list of the most relevant answers. The application also includes a calculator right underneath the search bar so you can enter math problems and find solutions quickly.

Cymath provides a detailed report on how to arrive at any answer in any field of mathematics for both high school and college students. It also supports multiple languages making it easy for students from different nationalities to benefit.

Check Out : Symbolab vs Mathway

WolframAlpha is the next app you can rely on when trying to find homework answers. It has a simple interface so you’ll find it easy to start using.

The application is compatible with Android and iOS devices but also works seamlessly on most modern browsers. Additionally, there is an application for the Windows system and an extension for the Chrome browser.

Some of the subjects covered within this app include science & technology, mathematics , society & culture, and general knowledge. You can sign up and use the app for free with limited features or upgrade to a paid plan for more features and functions.

Symbolab is another excellent app you can use to find answers to your homework questions. It is designed to help individuals work out problems within the subject of mathematics .

With this application, you can find step-by-step solutions to word problems that may seem difficult. There are also tools for graphing that you can use to plot and analyze functions and equations.

The app also includes a variety of calculators for different problems. Additionally, it is among the few that offer a notebook where you can write down important information for future reference.

If you subscribe to a premium plan, you can be sure to find personalized exercises and quizzes to help you improve your knowledge of math fundamentals and concepts. There is also a dashboard where you can track your performance through reports and analytics.

Kadama is a good place to visit if you want to get homework answers and help. The app is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.

Once you sign up for an account, you’ll need to pay for whatever you need. That is because the app connects you to tutors who can help you deal with every problem in a personalized manner.

The good news is that there is no general payment plan. Instead, you only pay whenever you need some help and the cost also depends on the complexity of the issue you are dealing with.

It has vetted experts in almost all subjects so you can be sure to find the answers you need regardless of the subject in question. Another impressive thing about the app is that it has a section with hundreds of tips to help you make it through school.

Additionally, there are general life hacks you can use to simplify a lot of things that may otherwise seem tedious and time-consuming. Tutors are available to assist 24/7.

Also Read : Best Wolframalpha Alternatives

Finally, we have Mathway. As the name suggests it is designed to help users solve different math problems .

It is compatible with mobile devices but also works seamlessly as a web-based application. It boasts a simple interface with clearly marked sections so you won’t have to worry about getting overwhelmed as a new user.

There is a drop-down menu at the top left corner where you can go and specify the topic you want to deal with. Some of the topics available include basic math, pre-algebra, calculus, physics, statistics, chemistry, graphing, and finite math.

One of the best things about this app is that it is available free of charge and you can start using it even without signing up. However, you’ll need to sign up and log in to enjoy its full potential.

While there are many apps for homework answers, not all of them are affordable. There are also some that include many advertisements which can end up compromising your learning experience.

The apps listed above stand out as the best because they are either available completely free or charge a reasonable fee. They also offer some of the best homework answers and learning materials.

If you want quick homework answers at no cost, go for apps such as Socratic by Google and Answers. Whereas apps like Chegg and Course Hero are best for study material.

best app for homework reddit

Tom loves to write on technology, e-commerce & internet marketing. I started my first e-commerce company in college, designing and selling t-shirts for my campus bar crawl using print-on-demand. Having successfully established multiple 6 & 7-figure e-commerce businesses (in women’s fashion and hiking gear), I think I can share a tip or 2 to help you succeed.

Homework help

The downsides of free homework help..

How often do use assistance of the Internet in doing your homework? We bet, it's your daily routine to open a browser and start looking for solutions. Do you think the strangers on the other side of the screen will provide necessary information for your math homework help? Unlikely! After one successful task there might be a sad outcome. We want you to be cautious about the websites you look for assistance, that's why we have gathered the disadvantages of asking Google for free homework help.

First, and the main downside is the inability to check the result. People helping you with your task might not know the answers themselves. And what assistance would you get in this case? Wrong answers!

Second, it's the proficiency of the strangers on the other side of the screen. Who are they? College professors who came to provide homework help for free? Or just students like you who might not be able to cope with a simple task. They might not now anything about the subject, or might be way too self-confident and give you wrong answers.

Think twice before using the help from these people. In the next part of the article we describe the most popular sources of homework assistance and give our honest opinion about them.

The best websites for homework help.

When a student is looking for help he always (no exaggeration!) expects it to be free. Of course, being a college student always means being tight on budget and looking for the ways to save money even more. But it should be related to college homework help. Sadly, there are thousands of examples when a bad homework resulted in bad grades, and a poor student had to learn more to pass the exam. That's why we don't recommend to look for answers on the websites like Reddit or Chegg. Why? We explain below.

Chegg homework help is a paid service. You need to buy a monthly subscription to use it. Is it worth it? Depends on your professor. If the tasks you get are strictly from a textbook, then it might be good. To cope with a creative teachers this website has nothing to offer.

The same goes for Reddit homework help. It might be useful when you're looking for solutions on a standard task, the one that dozens of people are struggling with as well. There's nothing these services can offer if you're homework is unique and created by a teacher himself. What to do in this case? Read our recommendations below.

We recommend to try it!

There's an easy and cheap solution that will help you succeed in your studies. A personal assistance with homework created just for your tasks. No need to scroll pages looking for similar tasks and subjects, no need to copy from the screen and guess, if the results are correct. Professionals will perform the task for you! All you have to do is to provide it and enjoy a personalized approach and high quality service. After that you'll never come back to Reddit in search of answers!

Study Abroad: Best Universities To Study In The UK

The rankings in 2024 include 1,904 universities across 108 countries and regions..

Study Abroad: Best Universities To Study In The UK

United Kingdom's University of Oxford has been topping the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking for eight consecutive years. The rankings in 2024 include 1,904 universities across 108 countries and regions. This year's ranking analysed more than 134 million citations across 16.5 million research publications and included survey responses from 68,402 scholars globally. 

The other top ranking universities from the United Kingdom are- 

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London
  • University of Edinburgh
  • King's College London
  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • University of Manchester
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Southampton
  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Sheffield
  • University of Warwick
  • University of Leeds
  • University of Nottingham
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • University of York
  • Lancaster University
  • University of Liverpool
  • Newcastle University
  • Durham University
  • University of Exeter
  • Cardiff University
  • University of St Andrews

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    For it's current price, absolutely. The 5700 XT is still a very capable card for 1080p and some light-medium 1440p gaming. RTX 3060 levels of performance for $100 is nothing to scoff at. Just be aware it doesn't have mesh shaders which may become important later on, e.g. Alan wake 2 without mesh shaders runs terribly.

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