The Negative Effects Of Homework

There needs to be a time to pay attention to the activities we love weather it be friends, family, or hobbies. But, Homework robs us from everything we know and love. It takes our time away and leaves no more for us to use. Students should not receive homework as it will take away time and cause stress/ worry. It will only cause negative outcomes on the pupils performance. Teachers should not assign homework to students as it will cause negative changes in the academic performances. Kids should not have to do homework, as homework can lower test scores, have no effect on academic performances, and cause stress/ worry. To begin with students should have non homework as it can lower test scores. Richard Walker, an educational psychologist at Sydney University states,” Data shows that in countries when more time is spent on homework students score lower on Standardized testing.” This leads to show that homework is not beneficial to students, rather the opposite. It will only cause negative outcomes. The effect of this is that in both situations it is a loss. Students will worry and panic when they have homework, and that results to show academic performances drop. Unquestionably, teachers should not assign homework to students as it will lower test scores. In addition, students should have no homework as it has no effect on academic performances. Walker, a researcher, explorer, and author of books relating to the bond between kids and homework, such as one of his books

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The Pros And Cons Of Paying College Athletes

To conclude, studies have shown that homework has little to no effect on test scores, and excessive homework even decreased test scores. Some teachers have stopped giving homework and see no downside, only upside (“Homework

Why Is Homework Necessary Essay

After a eight hour long day of working at school, all of the kids get released to go back to their houses. What most kids do is they get home and they relax and do other activities that they want to do. But later that day most people have extensive amounts of homework that they have to do. On Wednesdays kids may have religion and other things like sports to do and when people have a lot of homework like Brayden and Prescott have to deal with homework from Religion and School it can be stressful.

Summary: Down With Homework

The school use to start at 9am and it gets over at 3pm and then there is a tutoring program which running from 5pm to 8pm. The homework isn’t to bad because sometimes the teachers make us do it during class time and working on the homework with friends as a team work use to be fun. In the article “Down With Homework” the author says “Overwhelms struggling kids and removes joy for high achievers” I disagree on this statement because homework is a part of confidence and helps us to improve in our daily basis studies and keeps us on track. The idea that overall about homework it helps children to learn better and give them a better understanding of what they are learning in the daily

Why Kids Should Have Homework

In conclusion, kids should have homework. Paragraph Two - Reason One On http://blog.eskool.ca/parenting/why-homework-is-important/ its says in its first column that having homework can improve a child´s thinking and memory skills. This is important because

Argumentative Essay: Should Schools Assign Homework?

The effect of this is that homework does not increase the understanding of the material in class. Clearly, schools should not assign homework, since it can lead to problems at the other end of the

Homework Should Not Be Banned Essay

Regardless, most students are still doing excellent on their tests and scoring well in the class. As a result, homework should not be taken for a grade in schools since it may negatively affect the students. A recent survey taken by the

Persuasive Essay: Why Homework Is Important For Students

Everyone goes to school, everyone has homework. Homework has been a topic of interest for a very long time. Many students think that homework is not beneficial. However, without homework people wouldn’t remember what they learned in class. Homework gives kids the chance to prove what they have learned.

Persuasive Essay For Students: No Homework For Students

Sounds like an ideal afternoon right? If only all schools never gave homework. Homework is used in a lot of countries and in others there isn’t any. Some people believe it helps improve grades and scores. Others think kids should not have homework because it doesn’t help them and use standardized tests to support them.

Importance Of Homework Essay

According to John Bishop, “School and homework show students the important life lessons, such as how to read and communicate with others, that they will use as an adult.” Students can learn how important planning, staying organized and taking action is just from doing homework. Homework gives the students an opportunity to learn how to work independently. Although I understand that assigning homework is not beneficial at times, I still believe that assigning homework can teach students many skills and even help teachers. Assigning homework to students is constructive, therefore teachers should assign homework because it allows students to gain responsibility, time-management, perseverance, self-esteem, homework also gives students a chance to review the class material, and it also helps teachers determine how well the lessons and materials are being understood by their students.

Persuasive Essay: Why Homework Should Not Be Necessary?

An average student would spend hours on schoolwork a day, which can be very stressful. A high school student will use half of their day around school relation. Almost all elementary to high school students will likely to agree that homework should not be assigned. The majority of students complain about homework yet teachers don’t usually understand why. While homework gives benefits to students, unnecessary homework should not be assigned due to the fact that there are enough school hours, it consumes time, and the development of poor health is encouraged.

Essay On Homework Becoming Too Much

Is homework becoming too much? Every day students spend hours upon hours doing homework every night and stressing out if they aren't able to finish it. The first form of homework was given as a punishment to the kids that would act up in class. The teacher would give them extra school work to take home and do instead of being able to go home relax and have fun.

Argumentative Essay Homework

Homework is an on-going topic of debate that has been being questioned for decades. In my opinion, I don’t think that homework is essential to students due to the effect it has on your mental and eventually your physical health and it is starting to affect their school life. Is the amount of work we get actually helpful to students? Is it too much for students? How is homework affecting my child?

Persuasive Essay: Why Homework Is Bad To Redress Students

But this does not mean that they should be given endless stacks of homework. By this, I mean when they are given a lot of homework for the next day, the student will gets upset and do not want to go to school because he doesn 't want punishment for what he couldn 't do. This is my personal opinion. Homework is a never-ending conflict at school, the students want less homework but the teachers have to give them the homework, so they can study at home. Lastly, I would say a student needs time to learn but also time to play and relax and to enjoy life with his family and

Homework Should Be Banned Essay

Homework. It’s arguably the thing children dread the most. Children go to school for eight hours a day and then are expected to come home and do school work. Kids hate it, and parents hate arguing with their children to do their homework, but is it really all bad? James Atwater is of the opinion that homework should be banned.

The Negative Benefits Of Homework In Schools

Homework is like a boat with a hole in its side if there is a leak in the boat then the boat is useless. The water will rush in and fill the boat with cold, dark water. The same goes for homework, it is useless. All the nights kids spend with hours and hours of homework, all the tears and stress are not helping kids in school. Numerous amounts of today's kids have excessive amounts of homework.

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Effects Of Homework Essay

Homework: because 7 hours of school isn’t already enough essay.

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In addition to sleep deprivation, homework-related stress can lead to serious, long-term psychological health problems for some hard-working students. While short periods of stress are meant to

Why We Shouldn T Have Homework

I believe, as a student, that homework is just a tool that teachers use to keep us busy. Being a student who has received homework for various years, I have found that homework causes me a lot of stress (Ethos). Homework causes kids to get very stressed out, it causes stress in their families, and studies show that it does not improve test scores. Harris Cooper, a worker at Duke University (Ethos), found out that, doing more than 60 to 90 minute of homework in middle school and more than 2 hours in high school is associated with much lower scores (Logos). This just shows that homework is a useless item that students are forced to do. Firstly, students have to wake up from seven until two o'clock everyday,

Cause Of Homework

Having too much homework causes students large amounts of stress and lack of sleep that can cause health problems. On a survey that Stanford researchers tested on 4317 students, fifty-six percent of the students considered homework a primary source of stress, forty-three percent of the students viewed tests as a primary stressor, thirty-three percent put pressure to get good grades in that category (Parker). Less than one percent of the students said that homework was not a stressor (Parker). That means that about 4273 students considered homeword a stressor, while less than 50 out of 4317 students believed homework to not be a stressor. Out of the students surveyed, the average amount of homework was three hours and six minutes of homework (Greicius). The large amount of homework causes large amounts of stress, but it also causes sleep deprivation and other health problems such as headaches, exhaustion, sleep deprivation,

Pros And Cons Of Homework

Not only does homework help student but also it creates interaction between teens and parents. However, statics has shown that even though homework is a way to refresh what students have learned, it also create stress for students. Homework has shown its benefits for student but most of the time when student is given a homework it’s likely he/she will not do it. They believe it’s stressful,and when they can’t get the right answer, they gave up instantly instead of keep practicing. According to researchers, they believe that when student do more homework they get better grades and do well on the test/quizzes that were given. Even though homework has many advantage toward students, it also has disadvantage. Which include having too much homework and these things could lead to mental health issue toward students.

Why There Should Be No Homework Essay

Have you ever wanted to just shred up your homework or throw it out the window and have no consequences? Kids are assigned daily homework from the time they start kindergarten at the ripe young age of five. Is it really necessary? Does it even help better learning or even higher test scores? The amount of homework we do wastes time, money, paper, and trees because it’s practically the exact same thing we did in class that day. Homework causes kid’s and teen’s frustration, tiredness, little time for other activities and possibly even a loss of interest in their education. It also keeps everyone up; it has kids and teens staying up until they finish it, the parents trying to help them and the teachers grading it. So, I think that homework is

Why Kids Should Not Have Homework

In an article by Marzano and Pickering it states that homework may no be an effective in educational tool. Homework is just busy work most of the time. Therefore, the extra homework doesn't help with student achievement. Inappropriate homework may produce little or no benefit, it might even decrease achievement, according to Marzano and Pickering. Homework can cause stress and when they're stressed all the homework they have doesn’t help. Let's imagine that you have homework for every class due the next day and sports as soon as you get home from school; it's a lot of stress. Marzano and Pickering say , teachers aren't well trained in how to assign homework. Moat teachers hand out mainly busy work, and aren't trained well enough to zhand out propor

The BCCS Middle School Get's Too Much Homework

Having a lot of homework put a lot of stress on kids. It puts a lot of stress on kids because their grades

When Homework Takes Over Analysis

In the article “ When Homework Takes Over,” by Merri Rosenberg, she quotes ‘ A new study finds that heavy homework takes negative impacts on the lives of high school students, resulting excess stress, physical problems, and little time for leisure. This shows that excessive homework can lead to high stress levels and physical problems for teens and children. Rosenberg also states ‘Teachers handing out more assignments than ever is making kids stressed, their sleep

Essay about The Harmful Effects of Homework

High school students feel more stress than working adults, and children are beginning to feel aversion towards learning. Both adolescents and children are at risk of health issues due to anxiety and less time is spent with family, playing, and sleeping. The cause for all of this is too much homework that is suffocating students. Homework causes students to sleep less, have more stress, and even forces students to give up extracurricular activities. These negative results can be improved by reducing the homework load.

Why School Should Have No Homework

When lots of homework is given to an student it can cause stress because not all students understand all the homework given. This also happens because some students don't pay attention in class to understand how to even do homework. Something else that causes this to happen is that some students wait for last minute to do homework because they don't understand it. Stress isn't good for students body because when it came to stress, more than 70 percent of students said they were “often or always stressed over schoolwork,” with 56 percent listing homework as a primary stressor. Another reason why HOMEWORK GIVES STUDENTS STRESS is because a group of Australian researchers found that when more time was spent on homework students were getting lower scores. My last reason why HOMEWORK GIVES STUDENTS STRESS because the group of Australian researchers also found that too much homework can also cause lead pupils to begin suffering from depression. This is why HOMEWORK GIVES HOMEWORK

Stress In Schools Of America

Nowadays there are so many problem in the schools of America. The biggest problem school faces is stress. Stress is a state of mental emotional strain or tension on the brain or body. One of the ways kids usually get stressed is from homework. Teachers today assign about one homework sheet for each class which means we get at least seven items of homework to take home a day. Another area of stress for students is grades. Students feel a lot of pressure from their parents and teachers to get good grades. If students don’t get passing grades, they have to redo the classes and this is very stressful. Finally, kids feel stressed because of all the pressure they get on the end of trimester or semester, all the teachers telling if you don’t

The Pros and Cons of Homework Essay

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When a class is almost over and a teacher starts assigning homework, every student's heart drops. When students have an excess of homework, they do not do as well. Even though homework is a good tool to help teachers teach students subjects, teachers should give less homework because too much homework causes mental health issues in students and less homework helps improve test scores.

The Importance of Homework Essay

Students spend hours doing it, teachers spend hours checking it. Homework is sometimes a burden to teachers and students but still it is necessary. Some people doubt homework's effectiveness, but teachers and researchers agree homework is essential. Homework helps students get better grades in school.

Persuasive Essay : Should Students Get Less Homework?

Stress and anxiety in students is mainly caused by homework (Galloway 3). Excessive Homework can cause a variety of health problems and “Studies that have explored the relation between homework and well-being indicate that number of hours of homework is negatively associated with psychological well-being, physical health symptoms, and sleep.” and these health issues can be very detrimental to students (Galloway 4). According to Galloway a “study of 1,457 students…found that academic demands [were the main reason] students gave for their sleep-deprivation.” and a lack of sleep can be detrimental to learning and engagement in school. A study of Australian high school students showed that doing more homework led to “more mood disturbance (…and fatigue) (Galloway 4). More time spent doing homework, the

Should Homework In School Systems Be Stopped?

The general arguments given by teachers and some parents are that homework increases the overall grade averages, sharpens study habits, and helps students become more prepared for college work. Along with that, it helps students learn responsibility for life in the work field of the real work. Although these arguments are valid, there are arguments against homework as well. Homework causes students to be stressed out when there is too much to be done by a certain deadline and takes away the free time of students. Some of the work that students are assigned isn't relevant to what they are studying. Worst of all, it causes that struggling student to lose interest in the study of that subject ("Students and Homework"). While it does have negative outcomes, homework also has it's perks.

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Negative Essay: The Effects Of Homework Has On Students

Currently, a common belief exists that homework is not beneficial to students. One aspect of this mindset focuses on the effect homework has on students. Studies have observed that homework causes stress which can lead to depression and anxiety. Another position considers that homework demotivates students and lessens their desire to learn. In spite of the advantageous features of homework , many believe its disadvantages outweigh the benefits - it creates stress and demotivation - inadequately promoting student achievement. Homework is a cause of stress for countless students as it leads to both mental and physical symptoms of depression and anxiety. These specific illnesses directly affect a student’s productivity and academic growth. Panahi …show more content…

As the long list of homework assignments grows throughout each school day, students become more and more overwhelmed with the task to complete them. Attending approximately seven to nine classes each day, teachers can assign up to a total of 5 hours of homework assignments each night. A study was done to examine the amount of students who felt stressed by homework and, “Less than 1 percent said homework was not a stressor, and 56 percent indicated homework is a primary cause of stress” (Strauss, 2014, pg. 2). After spending a long 8 hours at school, students are forced to continue by completing multiple hours of homework. Parents believe this is why such a large amount of students become depressed or have anxiety -- they spend nearly three fourths of their waking hours on schoolwork every day. The amount of time that should be spent simply being a kid, is taken up by the elongated hours needed to finish homework. Students become stressed because they have such little time to finish such large amounts of work, while still attempting to make time for extracurricular activities. Panahi (2014) explains, “Stress is a child’s worst enemy. It releases chemicals their brains are not mature enough to cope with” (pg. 3). With little time to generate work of high

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that homework isn't beneficial to students because it causes stress and demotivates students, which can lead to depression and anxiety.
  • Explains that homework is a cause of stress for countless students as it leads to both mental and physical symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Explains that stress is a child's worst enemy and overtakes many students, leading to depression and anxiety. parents believe that homework should be eliminated, since it brings hopelessness, loss of concentration, thoughts of suicide, and general discontent.
  • Explains that homework leads to stress and disinterest in students regarding their education. students are unable to get help from their teachers outside of the regular school day.
  • Explains that too much homework can detach students from the excitement of learning.

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The Case Against Homework: How Much is Too Much Homework

When you think about school one of the first things that pops into people’s mind is homework. Basically if you have asked your parents or your grandparents they would say that they remember the homework load. Now we all know that homework can be beneficial but also can be very unhealthy with all of the stress that it causes. Over the years the homework load has increased because of the fact that schools think that they need to try to keep up with other countries in academics. And will doing all of this homework now be all for nothing later? The homework load has increased these past couple of years and it is causing a lot of stress on kids and overall is not helping their academics in the long run.

Homework is Silly

Homework has been an integral part of education since children started to be educated. Recently however, homework has begun to be assigned more and more often to students, especially in the United States, as it has begun to fall further and further behind countries like China, Singapore, and Japan. Homework is anything assigned by teachers to be completed by the students either at home, or just on their own time. The workload for students has gotten to the point where more and more parents are starting to notice the load for their kids has gotten to be too much. Many kids in high school, even 9th and 10th graders, can have 3 or even 4 hours of homework every night. In the past couple years, homework has gotten so out of control that parents are starting to speak out, and protest the amount of homework that students get each night (Marzano). In addition, studies have been done to determine the value of homework, but overall, the results are mixed at best (Kohn). Even studies that show a positive relationship between homework and test scores, among other things, show that homework is only effective when assigned in a moderate amount. Too much homework can be counter-productive, or have adverse effects on students. Students with too much homework can perform worse on tests, and develop serious physical and mental health problems from too much stress or lack of sleep.

The Pros and Cons of Homework

Incorporating homework into the average student’s life can significantly improve academic achievement, the understanding of lifelong study skills, and school appreciation. In order for students to solidify their understanding of certain topics, homework is required since it enables students to retrieve what they have learned outside of school and learning skills can be improved. “For example, Cooper summarizes many of the positive outcomes homework has on students’ lives. Cooper categorizes these outcomes into four sections: immediate achievement and learning, long-term academic benefits, non-academic benefits, and greater parental appreciation of and involvement in school. Under the first section, Cooper explains that one’s learning can progress rapidly since there will be increased understanding, better critical thinking, retention of factual knowledge, greater concept formation, information processing, and curriculum enrichment for a student in the learning process.

Homework, SIRS Discoverer

Homework can prevent students from discovering what they really enjoy doing. There is no time for them to read about interesting topics, or think about their own ideas, because they are too busy trying to keep up with their homework. By the time they are finished, they are too tired to do anything else.

High School Homework: Are American Students Overworked?

High school is another vast world where one can explore the depths of the teenage experience: the hell that lies in the dark, bottomless abyss and the ominous heaven with everlasting light and everything else in between. On top of this perpetual rollercoaster of emotions, there’s this other dark force that looms over the head of every student, the beast that devours all happiness in life: homework. Assignments can be tedious and are stacked on top of a student’s busy lifestyle, leading to sleepless nights and weariness. Homework causes an epidemic of stress and sleep deprivation resulting in overwhelming fatigue and ultimately deemed unneccessary for success.

Too Much, in Too Little: The Unimportance of Homework

When a teacher always calls out that word terrifying word “homework”, moans and groans fill the classroom. Students start to slouch and lie their heads back, as teachers start to feel guilty for what they have done. You might say that homework will help teens and children to drill in the knowledge they’ve learned in school today, and help these kids learn some study habits. But let’s face it. The truth is that no student in any school loves homework. They have already spent their time in school focusing and learning for nothing, since homework is...

Homework Should Never Be Assigned to Students

First, homework can have detrimental effects on a student’s life. A student can become stressed or overwhelmed with homework. In fact, Ethnographic research shows that an extreme amount of assignments can play a major role in people who become dropouts (Buell). In particular, statistics show that about 21.8 % of students will not graduate high school due to incompletion of homework or failing out of a class (Americas). Next, students can become disgruntled with school and can lose the motive to do their homework. Particularly, some students believe that their intelligence plays a major role in motivation. If a student does not understand the assignment, then it is likely that he or she will not complete the work (Explore). Another example, illustrates that homework is a big factor of childhood obesity. Students are practically forced to reside in their rooms and finish work. Large...

The Truth About Homework, By Alfie Kohn

The amount of homework assigned has dramatically increased over the past few years. With new state standards and standardized testings, teachers are beginning to put more pressure on children. They are being sent home with six page packets and vocabulary words that are due the next day. Most children do not have the time or help to complete this much homework. Alfie Kohn’s The Truth About Homework states “Homework continues to be assigned - in ever greater quantities - despite the absence of evidence that it is necessary or even helpful in most cases.” Not only is all of this homework unnecessary, but it can have negative effects on the children as well.

Kids Have Too Much Homework Research Paper

As Kelly Wallace mentions in her article “Kids Have Three Times Too Much Homework, Study Finds; What’s the Cost?" that homework is a reason for damaging students; homework causes a lot of stress, effect of physical health such as ulcers, migraines, lack of sleep, and weight loss. The writer thinks too much homework is actually harmful for students. Additionally, a majority of high school students thinks excessive homework is not beneficial to their academic achievement or GPA, and there is some of evidence that it’s harmful to other aspects such as school attitude, grade, self-confidence, social skills, and quality of life. Besides, some of students are not focused and miss the main point of assignments which are given by teachers. Sometimes the assignment instructions are unclear, so students have a hard time understanding the task and therefore it takes longer to finish the work. Particularly for some foreign students whose first language is not English, this situation happens quite often. Thus, all of students would hate to do homework and it is easy to lose the joy in

Controversy Over Homework

The stressful school year has begun and the homework immediately starts to pile up. Some people might think hours of homework every night is necessary in helping students continue to learn and progress in that specific subject. “...homework can ensure that they are learning well morning, noon and night”, understanding that some adults want students to learn every night to ensure they know the material, however in most cases the overloading of homework tends to do the opposite. The rising problem starts to surface a lot during the years of fifth grade to high school. Complaining of homework starts to be the regular topic of interest in every conversation. Understanding that this can also be seen as students being lazy and not wanting to work, but the excessive amount every night in every subject

Homework: Is It Beneficial or Harmful to Students?

Although homework may seem like drudgery, the hard work that is put into homework may pay off in the long run. In the article, “Does homework really work for students?” Jacqueline Carey, the mother of seventh grade student Micah Carey, stated that “homework gives [students] a good foundation for when they move on further in school” (Johnson). Not only that but according to Donyall Dickey, principle at Murray Hill Middle School, “if students do not acquire things in class, they will acquire them through homework” (Johnson). As we can see homework helps and prepares us for higher grade levels while in primary school that can possibly prepare us for college. It also helps us to remember the materials that were taught in class. Another reason homework can be beneficial is the fact that it can prepare us for tests and the dreadful pop-quiz that a teacher may randomly give us. This fact was proven, according to a 2006 study by Harris Cooper, director of Duke University’s Program in education, in the article “Homework or Not? That is the (Research) Question”. The studies instituted that “students who had homework performed better on class tests compared to those who did not” (DeNisco). Another compelling thing about homework, are the qualities a skills th...

Personal Opinion Essay: Homework Should be Banned

One of the reasons homework should be banned is because of the unnecessary stress and strain it creates for students. Many students are left pulling their hair out at homework time. Students struggle with homework for different reasons. Some of which are because they do not understand the assigned homework, or they are not being challenged, and quite possibly because they have hit their daily threshold for learning and have no more to give. Furthermore, students who struggle academically will likely require extra assistance to do their homework. Students are therefore tasked with finding a qualified person to assist them with homework. Students are not only under the stress of homework, but now they are under additional stress to find a qualified person that can assist them. Unfortunately, some students may not be able to obtain the help they need with their homework. Consequently and to no fault of their own their grades may be affected inaccurat...

The Benefits of Homework

Homework offers multiple benefits for real life. One benefit of homework is that it helps the student develop essential skills. While homework may seem like a tedious task, it can help a student comprehend the material. Homework is necessary for more than just a grade; it is an assignment that teaches you valuable life skills. According to “Do students have too much homework?”, homework should lead students to be better at taking what they know and applying it to a certain task. Students tend to portray homework as something that they have to get done without knowing the value that lies behind it. Homework enables the student to recall a certain problem and apply it to another distinctive situation. According to “Do students have too much homework?”, applying knowledge is the most important. Learning is definitely important but what students do with the facts that they learned is essential as well. Applying knowledge allows the students to take a simple fact and relate it to a grander scheme of things. Relating what they know will enhance their creativity and let them see behind the lines of how everything connects.

Today's Homework Stress

In today’s world, education is more important than ever, and with education comes homework. However, many teachers give too much homework, which makes students extremely stressed. In addition, some are into sports or after school activities, and some have part time jobs they have to work at, which adds additional stress to the already overworked students. Mounds of homework can cause students to be under so much stress that it affects them mentally, physically, and emotionally. Stress can make students sick with colds, stomach aches, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, and/or anxiety disorders (Menninger and Dugan).

Why Homework Should be Banned

Harris Cooper, a researcher on homework from Duke University, claims that too much homework causes stress. In this I paper will talk about the damaging effects homework has on a child, how homework causes students to dropout of school, and some ideas for an alternative to homework.

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Effects Of Homework

bad effects of homework essay

Show More Homework should be reduced because it affects parents more in many aspects. Parents are the staple in any child 's life. They hold together the bulk of everything and are responsible for a whole lot. Homework does not only take a large toll for children parent’s suffer from the large amount students get also. Parents have a ton of responsibility, their child 's homework should not create bigger problems for them. Household and parents stress levels are affected maining because of homework. This is a good example of how homework is stressful for parents. “As well, homework can cause stress within households now that work and family arrangements are so much more complicated for many than they were a generation or two ago. As the brief notes, …show more content… A time to do other things that don 't cause students so much stress is really important. Whether it 's a sport or a club, or just time to detach from school all together is really important. But, the constant thought of an assignment that is due soon being in the back of thier mind stops them from totally being able to detach and live it. Also some kids are not even able to do the simple things like hang out with friends because of the amount of homework the receive. Homework now a days has pushed passed friends on the list. Homework affects personal time and activities. For example this g helps that statement. “Indeed, most children have much better things to do than several hours of homework, critics say, including things as simple as spending time with their friends and family, reading for pleasure, or playing sports. Enforced homework assignments not only do not help children learn, opponents contend, but also largely destroy their love of learning.” ("Infobase Learning Login"). Students should not have to deal with several hours of homework every night. Students need to focus on more important things such as friends, family, reading for pleasure, or playing sports. The work that is assigned most of the time is busy work and is not helping the child. Students deserve to not have learning become a bad thing because of the fact that the things that are really important to them are being limited. Homework should be banned because it is starting to affect what kids love. Students are pushed to get involved in things like clubs, sports and other extra activities. Most children want to do everything possible but more of the time parents deny them the chance to try new things or do more than one activity at a time. The most common reason is because of school and they know their child will have no time to get the homework done. If homework was just 15 minutes students

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Why kids should not have homework.

New York Times states, “Homework takes away from everything the kids used to do.” With all of the homework that the kids get they don’t get to do what they love! New York Times states, “Homework can dominate over evenings” I believe that schools should not give students homework because homework takes time away from important activities, and can cause stress and other health problems. Some people believe that homework teaches discipline.…

No Homework Policy

In Jodi Meltzer Darter’s very direct and informative Huffington Post article “No Homework Policy Lets Elementary School Kids Be Kids”, Darter informs the reader that before her children's school changed to a ‘No Homework Policy’, her children would get off the bus and immediately start an hours worth of homework. She acknowledged that she has always been a critic of the demands of elementary school children. Darter then goes into details, explaining that her kids don’t really get the chance to expel their energy during school other than the 20 minute recess. Because of the ‘No Homework Policy’ now implemented at her children's school, Darter then concludes that her children have better grades, they have the chance to be who they want to be,…

Should Homework Be Allowed In Schools

In an seven or eight hour school day one would hope an extensive amount of lessons would be accomplished. Homework stresses kids out because after spending one third of their day in a school building, they are greeted home with more work to do. A psychology professor, Harris Cooper, from Duke University conducted a study on how much homework should be given to a student each night. “"The bottom line really is all kids should be doing homework, but the amount and type should vary according to their developmental level and home circumstances. ”(duke.edu).…

Hunger In America

First of all, homework causes stress on students. We may as well just spend all day at school if we are having school at home…

Does Homework Negatively Affect Kids?

Homework, it was believed, could accelerate knowledge acquisition” (Gavani). The more modern idea of homework began in the 1950’s as a result of the Russian Satellite Sputnik. As time went on, parents became worried that homework drowned out social experiences and outdoor and creative activities. Parents at the time understood the negative effects of homework. Nevertheless, homework has managed to stayed an active part in every child’s life up to this point in history.…

First of all, homework causes stress on students. We may as well just spend all day at school if we are having school at home anyways. Students should go to school, work on “school” work, then come home and not do “school” work at home. This would increase the productivity and attitudes of students. I, for one, would be in a much better mood concerning school if I knew that I didn’t have to look forward to coming home to more school work.…

Limiting Homework

According to U.S News, high school students with five different classes spend on average 17.5 hours on homework per week. Mountains of homework tend to put immense amounts of pressure on the students causing anxiety, depression, and a lack of sleep. Craig Canapari states that a teenager requires 8-9.5 hours of sleep; not to mention that most only get 6-7 hours of sleep due to staying up late finishing their assignments. Throughout history time spent on homework has nearly doubled. The quality of homework is changing due to teachers assigning long term projects students must complete on their own time.…

Is Homework Affecting America

By giving homework to k-12 students, their school and home life is miserably the same as schools have not researched enough about the effects of homework in the U.S., homework is creating health problems, and research shows there is no improvement with more homework.…

Why Is Homework Important

According to Jenn Atkinson, homework helps rise state testing scores as well. Parents engaging and experiencing what their child is learning in school is important for them to know. Homework creates opportunities for students to interact more with their parents and take time…

No Proven Benefits By Alfie Kohn

Homework absolutely needs to be abolished. This stuff has no positive benefits, it’s mentally and physically harmful, and it causes atrocious grades. Do you want this to happen to your kids? Stand up and say something, get homework banned before your kids get…

Free Time Persuasive Speech

You wake up at six in the morning, get dressed, brush your teeth, and eat breakfast. Your eyes droop as you try to sit through the seven hour school day. Teachers constantly nag at you to stay awake and at the end of the day, assign two to three hours of homework assignments. After an unpleasant day at school you have to go to soccer practice. The coach yells at you because you don 't look alive.…

Homework Should Be Banned Essay

Time that can be better spent is with family and having fun participating in extracurricular activities. Eliminating homework allows students the reward of free time and the invaluable time spent with family. Homework creates unnecessary stress and strain for parents and students alike. Also, homework allows teachers to pawn off their own teaching responsibilities to students and parents with hours of homework. Homework is not beneficial and it should be banned for students Kindergarten thru 8th…

Should Homework Be Abolished Essay

56% of people say that homework should be abolished while 44% say it shouldn 't be (Suhay). Majority parents want their child to have a free lifestyle with an education. Abolishing homework would not only make the students happy, but the parents because they expect their children to be doing well while being able to hang out with their family and friends. Homework from elementary to middle school has increased an hour more and has students staying up late. Parents noticed that their children have been bringing in about 2 or 3 hours.…

Argumentative Essay: Should There Be Less Homework?

With all of the stress that is already coming from school, homework only emphasizes that. There should be less homework because it takes up students time, causes a lot of stress, and causes many personal and social problems. A primary reason that students have less free time is that teachers assign an excessive amount of homework. Some students have said “Homework is all I have time for; there’s never…

Argumentative Essay About Homework

There are so many reasons people are pro homework. People say “it helps them become smarter or helps them on test,” But there is a lack of evidence where it actually supports their claims, that it helps students at all especially at such a young age. with Alfie Khon “The positive effects of homework are largely mythical.”(Khon). It also seems that homework is being forced onto younger students more often than the older ones. I remember getting tons of homework in Elementary school, and not having the time to play outside, the stress, and my parents struggling to help me on problems I didn’t know.…

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Too much homework 2 Pages 590 Words

             An excessive amount of homework has a negative effect on students' well being. Homework is defined as tasks assigned to students by school teachers that are meant to be carried out during non-school hours. Students who spend a great deal of time on their homework and don't have enough free time for them to relax is considered having too much homework. Satiation, denial of leisure time and community activities, parental interference, and cheating are the negative effects from excessive amount of homework. They can affect the well being of students, which can bring down their happiness, comfort and motivation.              The negative effects on students due to excessive amount of homework are satiation, denial of leisure time and activities, parental interference and cheating. Requiring students to devote too much time to a subject can result in the student's lost of interest in academic material. A student becomes more frustrated with his/her extensive homework that often require constant parental assistance, he/she will loose respect for the value of school and will not look forward to it because of both tiredness and low morale. Students often lose their motivation in school due to repetition of material from homework. Too much homework also generates physical and emotional exhaustion. This can explain their denied access to free time and other extra-curricular activities. Homework limits the time students can spend on leisure time and community activities that can impart important lessons, both academic and nonacademic. Students are so busy doing their homework that they don't have enough free time to relax. Excessive homework can also give students more pressure from parental interference. Parental interference may exert an unhealthy amount of stress on students to complete assignments and perform well, and that may sometimes employ confusing instructional techniques. Too much homework can also lead to undesirable behavi...

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Letters to the Next President

Students are given too much Homework Leading to Negative Effects

This essay is about all the negative impacts on students of all grades who are given too much homework during the school year.

Throughout the school year, student’s live by a strict schedule that consists of school, extracurricular activities and homework. The amount of homework has intensified, students are getting less sleep during school nights, and the level of stress is at its highest peak. American teenagers are given too much homework during the school year, thus leading to unfavorable impacts mentally and physically. I have experienced in the past 2 years the stress, tiredness and isolation from family events due to being in high school. The load of homework I have received is ridiculous I have to miss family dinners and supporting my sister at her soccer and basketball games. I get about half the amount of sleep I used to get and my acne has gotten worse from all the stress. I feel that I’m not fully living my life and that I’m restricted by homework.

First of all, American teenagers are getting too much homework leading to unfavorable impacts mentally and physically such as spending less time with the people who are most important to you in life. A survey by the University of Phoenix in 2013 states “high school students had an average of 17.5 hours of homework every week and 3.5 hours from each teacher per week”. Considering if we go to school all day and have extracurricular activities then it leaves us very little time to spend with family and friends, causing us to miss the most important high school memories. The smallest moments when either you’re little sister or brother started talking or maybe your sister or brother shot the winning basket. Still you are stuck at home doing work, missing those priceless moments. The American College Health Association found, “the suicide rate among young adults, ages 15-24, has tripled since the 1950s and suicide is currently the second most common cause of death among students, these young people are often away from home”. School makes it very hard to spend any time with family because we either have presentations or essays to write. While these students are at school and are away from their family for too long they start to show signs of depression. Students with depression often turn to suicide to make everything go away and not have to deal with the stress anymore. At the same time that I believe having homework is good practice to learn the material. I believe that when every teacher gives out homework for practice it starts to piles up for the students. Moments in life should be cherished except for students who have too much homework they don’t get to cherish them, so many unfavorable impact mentally and physically cause students make them not enjoy life fully.

Secondly, American teenagers have too much homework that cause unfavorable impacts mentally and physically. Unfavorable impacts include the loss a lot of sleep for many students. I argue that students are losing sleep due to having a lot of homework. Supported by new research showing that “with lack of sleep students have a limited ability to learn, to listen, to concentrate and to solve problems”. Those are the basic principles of school this means it’s harder for us to do what is expected. The expectations are that we do all our homework no matter how much it must be done. Thus leading us to staying up late trying to finish the homework in order to succeed in the course. The school's new way of teaching is to get us to think about problems and solve without a guide. However with lack of sleep it isn’t easy to comprehend the task at hand if I’m so exhausted all the time. Data shows that “38% of teens have trouble falling asleep at night”. Moreover your mind doesn’t stop thinking right after you finish homework. Your mind is not relaxed which makes it hard to go to bed. Sleep is essential for the human body and with all of this homework students are getting it's hard for them to get the full 8 ½ hours they need to function. A lot of homework is a leading cause in having unfavorable impact mentally such as loss of sleep for students.

Furthermore, too much homework is given to American teenagers that causes unfavorable impacts mentally and physically. For instance the stress level has escalated in the past few years. The results of a survey by psychologist Norman Anderson showed,“the stress level between students a 5.8 out of 10 and adults with a 5.1 out of 10, that a 0.6 difference”. This shows just how stressed out we are today. We should be able to live life without being tied down because we are trying to finish homework late at night and causing a lot of stress. We also have pressure and expectations to finish our homework and turn it in when it’s due. “Factors that cause stress include academics, social pressure, post-secondary plans, family issues and finance”. Notice how the first two causes are school related such as finishing homework and the pressure of looking presentable. The social pressure that is put on girls to always look decent causes stress and then leads to acne. Stress causes acne for girls especially. This because we are supposed to have good skin otherwise we are not pretty and we stress out about our faces on top of everything else. This shows the unnecessary stress that we have on ourselves as students. Parents think that our lives aren’t as stressful compared to their lives such as dealing with bills and housework but recently experts suggest that school for us has increasingly become much more stressful. With all the expectations that students have today we put too much pressure on ourselves and cause us to be stressed out. Unfavorable impacts include stress and pressure about their academics and finishing homework on students isn’t good for their mental health.

To conclude, although teachers give too much homework may seem trivial, it is in fact crucial in terms of today’s concern over teen’s physiological and physical health. Some impacts include spending less time with family and friends while missing the important memories. Losing a lot of sleep making it harder to focus and learn. The level of stress has increased rapidly through the years. American teenagers are given too much homework during the school year has many unfavorable impacts mentally and physically.

Bidwell, Allie. "Students Spend More Time on Homework." US News. U.S.News & World Report, 27 Feb. 2014. Web. 30 Oct. 2016.

Burden, Tanya. "Homework Anxiety: Survey Reveals How Much Homework K-12 Students Are Assigned and Why Teachers Deem It Beneficial." Homework Anxiety: Survey Reveals How Much Homework K-12 Students Are Assigned and Why Teachers Deem It Beneficial. University of Phoenix, 25 Feb. 2014. Web. 30 Oct. 2016.

Burrell, Jackie. "College and Teen Suicide Statistics: What You Should Know." About.com Parenting. About, Inc, 15 Dec. 2014. Web. 30 Oct. 2016.

Jayson, Sharon. "Teens Feeling Stressed, and Many Not Managing It Well." USA Today. Gannett, 11 Feb. 2014. Web. 30 Oct. 2016.

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@PsychToday. "Teen Stress: How Much Is Too Much?" Psychology Today. Sussex Publishers, 30 Sept. 2014. Web. 30 Oct. 2016.

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