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Aiou ma urdu solved assignments, spring 2023 free download.

July 2, 2023 admin AIOU ASSIGNMENTS 1

AIOU MA Urdu Solved Assignments , Spring 2023 Free Download from this page. Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is a famous educational institution in Pakistan. Known for its commitment to providing quality education to students across the country. Among its many academic programs, the MA Urdu program offered by AIOU is particularly popular. Among students interested in Urdu literature and language.

AIOU MA Urdu Program is a two-year degree program aimed at equipping students with a deep understanding of the Urdu language, literature, and culture. This program is designed for students who want to gain careers in teaching, research, journalism, or any other field that requires a strong command of the Urdu language.

A major advantage of the AIOU MA Urdu program is that it provides students with an opportunity. To interact with scholars and experts in the field of Urdu literature and language. The university regularly hosts seminars and conferences. Where students can meet and learn from leading academics and authors in the field. This exposure can be invaluable to students who want to pursue a career in academia or research. AIOU MA Urdu Solved Assignments Spring 2023 is available here.

AIOU offers various resources to help students complete their assignments, including guidance from their course instructors and academic advisors. Additionally, there are many online resources available, such as writing centers and academic support services. That can help students improve their writing and analytical skills.

AIOU Admissions 2023

Ma urdu solved assignments spring 2023.

AIOU’s Solved Assignments for MA Urdu Program help students deepen their understanding of the Urdu language. And literature by engaging with the course content and applying their knowledge to real-world situations is made. These assignments cover a wide range of topics related to the Urdu language. And literature, including poetry, prose, grammar, literary criticism, and linguistics.

Completing these assignments is an integral part of the MA Urdu program . As they help students develop their critical thinking and analytical skills, and enable them to apply their knowledge in practical ways. AIOU provides a variety of resources to help students complete their assignments. Including guidance from course instructors, academic advisors, and online support services.

MA Urdu 1 st  Semester

Ma urdu 2 nd  semester, ma urdu 3rd semester, ma urdu 4 th  semester.

  • MA urdu solved assignments

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Aiou solved assignments B.A Code 1431 Basics of ICT (Urdu)


 Allama Iqbal Open University Aiou solved assignments B.A spring 2021 Code 1431 Basics of ICT (Urdu)


Aiou Solved Assignments B.A Code 1431

AIOU Allama Iqbal Open University B.A Solved Assignments  Code 1431 Basics of ICT (Urdu) Download in PDF. Are you Looking for AIOU Allama Iqbal Open University B.A Solved Assignment you come to the best place?

About Website: is the leading website for all types of Aiou All classes pdf books  Solved assignments, past papers results, date sheet, etc download free from here. If you need any book in pdf just text us we search for your desire book and send via your whats app or another source of medium available.


I hope you like the Aiou solved assignments B.A spring 2021 Code 1431 Basics of ICT (Urdu) and share it with your Facebook friends and family members who are studying at  Aiou Allama Iqbal Open University. If you wish, you can subscribe to our website to get updates related to Aiou Allama Iqbal Open University all the latest news about exams, date sheets, results, solved assignments, past papers, etc

Aiou B.A solved Assignment spring 2021 download pdf

Assignments No.1

Assignments No.2

Read More: Aiou Solved Assignments Code 1431 Basics of ICT English

Aiou solved assignment spring 2021 pdf b.a

Aiou solved assignments B.A Code 1431 Basics of ICT (Urdu)

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allama iqbal open university urdu assignments

4131 solved assignment autumn 2021 pdf

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Urdu-II Code 364 Assignments of Spring 2023

Urdu-ii code 364 assignment number 1.

Download Assignment

Urdu-II Code 364 Assignment Number 2

  • Important Note:

1. Allama Iqbal Open University ASSIGNMENTS :-

First and foremost Assignments are an essential part of the students. Because this plays a very important role, moreover , you can’t clear your semester without assignments. Most Importantly send your assignments on time. However, you can not pass exams without assignments. In other words, your attendance in exams is wasteless.

2. Assignments Recommendation:-

You will be considered to fail without submitting your assignment. In other words, even if you get 95% marks in the examination you will be considered as fail. If you clear your assignments, you have the chance to appear in the examination. Therefore you can have 3 attempts to appear.

Following are the passing marks for each assignment

  • 1st Assignment must have at least 50% marks.
  • 2nd Assignment must have at least 50% marks.
  • 3rd Assignment must have at least 50% marks.
  • 4th Assignment must have at least 50% marks.

In contrast, subjects having 2 assignments follow the same percentage.

Above All AIOU Master Academy strives to help AIOU students. Moreover, we provide exam preparation notes like Key books ,  Guess papers , and  5 years papers.

3. Academy Mission:-

First of all our mission is to educate our young generation. Secondly Academy tries its best to build civilized and sophisticated mankind in our country. besides, we are not indulged in any kind of miscellaneous activity that detracts students to take any shortcut in their education. subsequently, we always promote legal education as a priority, as well as help students self-learning and build skills to perform best in the future.

4. Earnings:-

Our basic earnings are from selling hardcopy notes like Key books ,  Guess papers , and 5 years’ Papers to students at a very reasonable price. The Academy doesn’t earn by providing any kind of consultancy services. We assist students on Call  or  WhatsApp nor do we have premium support like others to earn money from needy students.

5. Free Notes:-

We also provide free  Guess Papers ,  5 Years Papers , and Soft Copy of  Assignments to students on our website. Assignments are only available on the website for guidelines and awareness about the conten t and pattern of related courses.

6. Online Earning:-

Despite this, our earnings are from the Internet, YouTube ,  and  Google . Similarly, They pay us because of the ads they publish on our YouTube channel or on our website.

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02. promise

The University exclusively focuses on enhancing female literacy ratio in the country so that women can perform their vital role in the process of national progress and development. The university takes same special initiatives for the underprivileged and marginalized segments of the society not only for their economic empowerment but also for poverty alleviation in the country.

03. core values

The main objectives of the University as enunciated in the Act are as under:

  • To provide educational facilities to people who cannot leave their homes and jobs in such manner as it may determine.
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allama iqbal open university urdu assignments



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Sta630 mega file – papers (mid/final) – solution vu, aiou solved assignments 2 code 8610 autumn & spring 2023, aiou solved assignments 2 code 8606 autumn & spring 2023, aiou solved assignments 2 code 8604 autumn & spring 2023, spring 2023 aiou solved assignment matric, fia new update 2023 || fia most important information 2023, aiou solved assignments 2 code 8603 autumn & spring 2023, aiou assignments || aiou solved assignments 2023.

  • AIOU Solved Assignments Autumn & Spring 2023-2024

AIOU solved assignments of spring 2023 and autumn 2024 are available of Matric, FA, BA, BS (Old), Associate Degree, BSc, B.Ed, MA, MSc, and M.Ed levels. Any student can download AIOU solved assignment  from here. Click on the concerned level for the download assignment.

AIOU Solved Assignments of Autumn & Spring 2023-24

Since the day Allama Iqbal Open University was established, it has been striving to provide quality education to its students. Today, the university is not only recognized in Pakistan but also across the globe. It is the largest distance learning institution in Asia and offers more than 700 programs to its students. One of the advantages of studying at AIOU is that the university provides solved assignments to its students. These assignments are a great resource for students as they help them prepare for their exams and improve their grades. In this blog post, we will be providing you with a list of AIOU solved assignments for Autumn & Spring 2023-24. We hope that these assignments will be of help to you as you prepare for your examinations.

What is AIOU Solved Assignment?

AIOU solved assignment is the solution of a particular problem that has been assigned to a student by his/her instructor. The solution is written in detail and is provided to the student so that he/she can understand the concept behind the problem and how to solve it.

There are many benefits of using AIOU solved assignments. Firstly, it saves a lot of time as the student does not have to figure out the solution on his/her own. Secondly, it helps the student understand the material better as the solutions are usually explained in detail. Thirdly, it provides a sense of direction to the student as to how he/she should approach similar problems in future. Lastly, it also reduces stress levels as the student knows that someone has already figured out the solution and he/she just has to follow the steps.

Calculadora   Alicia By AIOU

Calculadora  de  Alicia  es una herramienta en línea que te permite realizar cálculos matemáticos de manera rápida y sencilla. Calculadora Alicia  is an education app developed by CDM DEV. The APK has been available since September 2022.  Calculadora Alicia has been used By 100k+ users monthly here You go for Calculadora Alicia .

AIOU Solved Assignment Matric To Masters

When students of Allama Iqbal Open University are searching for solved assignments of AIOU, they always type “AIOU Solved Assignment Matric To Masters” in Google.

There are different websites which provides solved assignments of AIOU but the problem is that most of these websites provides old and outdated solved assignments. Now the question is that from where students can get updated and latest solved assignments of AIOU? The answer is very simple, they can get it from here.

Yes, you have heard it right! We are providing latest and up to date solved assignments of Allama Iqbal Open University for all classes i.e Matric to Masters level. So if you are also looking for AIOU Solved Assignment Matric To Masters then you are at right place because we are going to provide you latest solved assignments of Autumn & Spring 2024.

You just need to send us email at [email protected] with your name, code number and address and we will send you required assignment(s) on your address via Pakistan post within 2 to 3 working days.

How To Submit AIOU Solved Assignment

Assuming that you have already downloaded and installed the Allama Iqbal Open University assignment submission form from their website, we will now move on to filling it out. The first thing you need to do is take a look at the solved assignment and find out which course it is for. Each solved assignment has a title page with this information.

In the “1” box on the submission form, you will need to write the code of the course for which you are submitting the solved assignment. In the “2” box, write the semester in which you took the course. For example, if you are submitting a solved assignment for a course you took in Spring 2024, then you would write “Spring 2023” in this box.

In the “3” box, write your name as it appears on your student ID card. In the “4” box, write your student ID number. In the “5” box, write your complete mailing address including your city and postal code.

At the bottom of the form, there is a section for attaching documents. You will need to attach your solved assignment here. Once you have done that, simply click on the “Submit” button and your assignment will be sent off to Allama Iqbal Open University!

How To Download Aiou Solved Assignment

There are generally two ways by which students can get their hands on AIOU solved assignments. The first is to buy them from external sources, and the second is to download them from the official website of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU).

If you want to purchase the solved assignments from an external source, then you will need to make sure that the seller is reliable and has a good reputation. You can check this by reading customer reviews or asking for recommendations from friends or family members. Once you have found a reliable seller, you can proceed with making your purchase.

If you would rather download the solved assignments from AIOU’s website, then you will first need to create an account on the site. Once you have done this, you will be able to log in and access all of the resources that are available to students. In order to find the solved assignment that you are looking for, simply use the search function on the site. Once you have found the assignment that you need, simply click on the “Download” button and follow the instructions provided.

Importance of AIOU Assignments 2023 – 2024

Aiou assignments are too much important for the students. Furthermore, without submitting  solved assignments  you can’t get passed your semester. Because of some issue, you don’t submit  a solved assignment  you’ll declare Failed. Even you attend your exams and got 90% marks doesn’t matter. So Assignment submission is compulsory.

People also ask: qdownloader

AIOU Solved Assignments Autumn & Spring Last Date 2023

AIOU announces the last date of  solved assignments  at the start of the semester. The Assignments are based on your course know you want to know what it means. Like some of your books have 2 assignments and some books have 4 assignments. So you don’t get worried about the assignments just focused on solved assignments and submit them.

Where TO Submit Aiou Solved Assignments 2023-2024

When you solved your assignments the main thing is to submit. Most students have a question we solved our assignments but know what to do. Students when you join aiou they will announce tutors every semester and you’ll get your Tutors Letter At home. After SOlving Assignments submit them to your AIOU Tutors they’ll check your assignments and submit your AIOU Solved Assignments Marks to the university.

AIOU HSSC (F.A) Solved Assignments Autumn & Spring 2023-24

We All know that there are many courses/degrees offered by aiou at this level e.g., F.A, ICS, and i. Com! These are also too difficult to solve assignments at this level due to the lack of inflexibility of new subjects. We have uploaded too few solved assignments for this level at this time. You can also buy  solved assignments  from us.

Bachelor (B.A) Aiou Solved Assignments Autumn & Spring 2023-24

Bachelor (B.a) level is an easy one for those who already attend F.a Degree from Allama Iqbal open university. Do you know why I say it easy for old students? if not then you may know that old students at any college or university are well known about the Institute Rule’s and study system. A lot of  Aiou Solved Assignments were already uploaded to the site. if you didn’t found your required one then you can contact us to buy aiou solved assignment .

AIOU Solved Assignment 2024?

Bachelor (B.a) level is an easy one for those who already attend F.a Degree from Allama Iqbal open university. Do you know why I say it easy for old students? If not then you may know that old students at any college or university are well known about the Institute Rule’s and study system. A lot of  Solved Assignment  were already uploaded to the site. If you didn’t found your required one then you can contact us to buy  aiou solved assignment 2024 .

AIOU Matric Solved Assignments Autumn & Spring 2023 Download Free

AIOU Small Degree program is Matric. Many of the aiou matric students don’t know how to download matric aiou solved assignments from the sites on google. They just search their codes and the open site even they have no content or they are paid but. EDUCATION TUTORS providing aiou solved assignments free of cost no single penny. ALLAH Says that “I’ll give you that of course what that you have tried to get” Check Also:  AIOU Tutor 2023

AIOU Solved Assignment Autumn & Spring HSSC (I.COM, FA, ICS “All Intermediate Courses”)

The other and the bigger degree program after Metric is HSSC. AIOU has many courses in HSSC like ICOM FA FA IT ICS and others. As well as we are also providing HSSC solved assignments to all our Brother and sister they are getting an education from aiou. We update our solved assignments session at the start of every new semester in spring and autumn. SO if you want solved assignments then GET in touch with us.

AIOU Solved Assignments For Becholer’s & Master’s level

aiou solved assignments

AIOU Solved Assignments

How To Submit AIOU Solved Assignment 2023 To AIOU Tutors

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AIOU Assignment Schedule Autumn Semester 2023

Aiou matric assignment schedule 2023 download.

Allama Iqbal Open University Matric Assignments Schedule Autumn Semester 2023 has been issued for the students of the 9 th and 10 th class matriculation Part I & II can free downloaded at

Each semester-wise program the institute announcements the last submission date for that people can know about the end time of the piece of work given to the children who are taking AIOU Admission 2023  for getting the degree in the various programs.

Allama Iqbal Open University Assignment Schedule 2023

When you can receive him then the further procedure is writing and then start uploading assignments on Aaghi LMS Portal is a build-up for the easiness of the children.

Matric AIOU Assignment Schedule 2023 Download

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AIOU FA Assignment Schedule Spring 2023

The Open University of Allama Iqbal FA Assignments Schedule 2023 for the Spring Semester has been published for the people who can check the dates when the final date is closing to submit the homework.

For the intermediate students of the dar Se Nizami, arts general group, commerce, and science for FSC, ICS, and F.A the same submission date is all of them are provided by the Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad.

So that doesn’t worry to feel hesitate for knowing the ending date is sharing with you the latest information about their individual and whole people when and where meaning that AIOU Tutors Letter.

We are provided the information of their course codes subject teachers’ contact mobile number and address where you can send it before the red time. All the 11 th and 12 th class students to ready for preparation if you can’t see any dream that the AIOU assignment spring 2023 date extended or not that’s happening with him.

allama iqbal open university urdu assignments

AIOU BA Assignment Schedule 2023

It is not easy to know the last date of assignment submission aiou spring 2023 ba but we will inform you on this webpage for that purpose you can visit our site at is uploading the updated news about the task being completed.

Here we are also giving him a positive way to Download AIOU Solved Assignments for spring 2023 fa therefore that in this post you can get the link where is uploading all program courses and diploma certificate assignments Allama Iqbal Open University for the candidates of this institution.

The candidates of the Allama Iqbal University are so lucky that AIOU MA Assignments Schedule 2023 is announced online on the official website. The best unique study point is giving a lot of knowledge and becoming a professional person through the platform of education. Daily thousands of persons are checked AIOU Admission Fee Structure 2023 for admission to this institution.

AIOU Assignment Schedule Spring 2023 for the whole students can online view and free downloading here without paying any cost because we are sharing with you the newest assignment schedule ba AIOU .

AIOU BA Assignment Schedule 2023 Check

AIOU B.Ed BS  Assignments Schedule 2023 ATTC, BBA

Now in Lastly, we will upload the AIOU Assignment Schedule 2023 Spring & Autumn Semester Programs for B.ED 1.5, 02, 2.5, and 04 Years the students can free download easily early soon here without any problem.

AIOU B.ED Assignment Schedule Spring Semester 2023

AIOU PGD MED MA MSC (OLD) Assignment Schedule 2023

Allama Iqbal Open University MA Assignment Schedule 2023

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Aiou assignment marks 2023 check autumn/spring semesters, aiou principles of commerce solved assignments 2023, aiou code 342 solved assignments 2023, aiou 301 code daftri urdu solved assignments 2023 download, aiou fa 341 code solved assignment 2023 get here for inter, aiou code 316 islamiat compulsory solved assignments 2024, leave a reply cancel reply.

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Search 2024 upcoming jobs for Allama Iqbal Open University Assignment Jobs 2023 from all Pakistani Newspapers and Newspaper Jobs . We have new November 2023 Allama Iqbal Open University Assignment Jobs , October 2023 and September 2023 jobs from all cities including Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad, Quetta, Peshawar, Gujrat, Sahiwal, Gujranwala, Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan, AJK etc. Allama Iqbal Open University Assignment Jobs are for fresh, trainees and experienced workers. See complete jobs description, salary details, education, training, courses and skills requirement, experience details for Allama Iqbal Open University Assignment Jobs today in govt and private, which are for matric, inter, graduate, master level and above.

Latest Allama Iqbal Open University Assignment Jobs 2023

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Allama Iqbal Open University BA Urdu-404 Past Papers Urdu

allama iqbal open university urdu assignments

Past Papers 2016 Allama Iqbal Open University BA Urdu 404

Institute : Allama Iqbal Open University

  • Subject : Urdu-404
  • Qualification : BA/BSc (Combine)

allama iqbal open university urdu assignments

Past Papers 2015 Allama Iqbal Open University BA Urdu 404

allama iqbal open university urdu assignments

Past Papers 2014 Allama Iqbal Open University BA Urdu 404

allama iqbal open university urdu assignments

Past Papers 2013 Allama Iqbal Open University BA Urdu 404

allama iqbal open university urdu assignments

Past Papers 2012 Allama Iqbal Open University BA Urdu 404

allama iqbal open university urdu assignments

Past Papers 2011 Allama Iqbal Open University BA Urdu 404

allama iqbal open university urdu assignments

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