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Activity Calendars for Assisted Living

Need some ideas for your assisted living activity calendars we offer two different ways for you to gather ideas for your monthly senior calendars:, 1. the not just bingo membership (membership calendars).

If you need fun activity ideas to spruce up your monthly activity calendars for your assisted living facility, then make sure to sign up for the Not Just Bingo membership to find fun activities!

With the membership, you’ll have access to ideas in these 4 activity calendars:

Assisted living activity calendar with elderly couple cartoon

Specialized Activity Calendar   (with membership)

Assisted Living Activity Calendar

Schedule fun activities that work well for your general population that allow you to celebrate unique observances, like hosting a Girls’ Crafting Party on National Girlfriends Day, organizing a Lighthouse Painting Class on National Lighthouse Day, or even scheduling a Left-Handed Pictionary activity on International Left-Handers Day.

Dementia Activity Calendar with cartoon of elderly couple

Dementia Activity Calendar

Provide specialized activities for your residents with dementia that are fun, yet meaningful. For instance, as a fun craft activity, invite residents to assemble Sweet Hershey’s Kisses Angels on Be an Angel Day, or as a bedside activity, use a tablet to take your resident on a fun Virtual Coaster to celebrate National Roller Coaster Day.

Men's Activity Calendar with elderly men with dog cartoon

Specialized Activity Calendar  (with membership)

Men’s Activity Calendar

Don’t forget about the men in your facility. For instance, organize interesting discussions, like a discussion asking Should Organ Donation Be Compulsory? during National Minority Donor Awareness Week. In addition, provide unique special events for the men, like coordinating with Dining Services to host a Bow Tie Dinner on National Bow Tie Day. 

Weekly-Themed Activity Calendar with cartoon of elderly couple with a cat

Weekly-Themed Activity Calendar

Create fun activities for your assisted living residents by providing weekly themes. For example, during Let’s Color! Week, as a lower-functioning activity, invite residents to create Crayon Abstract Art using crayons and canvases, or during Beach Crafts Week, host a competitive special event for residents to make Sandcastles .

2. Observance Calendars

If you’d rather come up with your own assisted living activity calendar ideas from scratch, then check out our observance calendars to find daily, weekly, and monthly observances that you can use to gather inspiration!

November activity calendar for activity directors

General Monthly Observances   (no membership needed)

November Observances for Activity Calendars

Plan fun activities for November like a Wine Tasting on International Merlot Day (November 7), a Dance Contest on National Jukebox Day (November 22), or an intergenerational activity with the grandchildren, like a Baking With Grandma activity on National Vanilla Cupcake Day (November 10).

December activities for seniors in assisted living facilities, like for Christmas and Hanukkah

December Observances for Activity Calendars

Have fun this month with your residents by hosting a Zoom Mentoring Session where residents can mentor kids at a neighboring Boys’ and Girls’ Club on International Volunteer Day (December 5), or organizing a fun Game Night activity for residents on National Dice Day (December 4).

January activities for seniors in assisted living facilities, like for New Year's Day, MLK Day, and the new year

January Observances for Activity Calendars

Celebrate the month of January by scheduling fun parties for your residents to enjoy throughout the month, like hosting a Big Band Listening Party on National Disc Jockey Day (January 20) or organizing a Pie Tasting Party on National Pie Day (January 23).

One of the easiest ways to come up with new and fresh ideas for your assisted living activity calendars each month is to relate your activities to specific observances or happenings for the month. 

Sunset Senior Living - Quincy IL

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Balloon Activity

Sunset Senior Living Calendar

Staying active, having fun, being engaged….it all contributes to a better quality of life! At Sunset Senior Living, we offer a wide range of creative and stimulating activities that appeal to many different people. We post our monthly calendar of events here, and if you have suggestions or ideas of other activities, please share them with us!

Activity Calendars

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Schooner Estates Senior Living Community

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November 2023 Activity Calendar

November 3, 2023

activity calendar for seniors

October 2023 Activity Calendar

October 3, 2023

activity calendar for seniors

September 2023 Activity Calendar

August 31, 2023

activity calendar for seniors

August 2023 Activity Calendar

August 1, 2023

activity calendar for seniors

July 2023 Activity Calendar

July 5, 2023

activity calendar for seniors

June 2023 Activity Calendar

June 2, 2023

activity calendar for seniors

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